Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Who is "Forever"? Part II - Analysis of "Forever" posting

I hope the readers already read the translation of Forever's post. If you haven't, read it first before proceeding further.

So here is the big question that everyone was asking:

"Who is Forever?"

Well, sorry to disappoint you, but the answer is: I don't know.

I know many of you were expecting me to tell you more about the person in detail, and I apologize for raising your expectations, but that's just how it is. The only information I or anyone else have that's directly linked to Forever is that one article posted on June 26, 2009, and that is it. Nothing else, Nada, Zilch. The blog at is still there, but there's no post, and even that famous posting was deleted.

Then why are some people making such a big deal about her? Why some people claim that they know who she is, and what are the evidences or reasoning behind their claims?

I do not know who Forever is, but I am going to explain why "Forever" was made to be so big, and that was the whole purpose of the series of articles about "Forever".

First, here's my take on the Forever's article.

I. Analysis of "the Article"

I've noticed from the comments posted on the first article that everyone had somewhat different view about the article and who Forever might be, which is understandable since the article doesn't say anything about the poster herself.

Many of you probably read articles explaining about Forever elsewhere or heard someone else's claim who Forever might be, and it probably influenced you to form certain opinions about her without even realizing it, but I read Forever's article before reading any other explanation about her, and the first impression I got was that Forever was a fan of TVXQ. Remember, there was no HoMin fan, JYJ fan or OT5 fan during that time. There were only TVXQ fans and individual fans, and she was definitely a TVXQ fan.

As we all know, majority of TVXQ fans are female, someone we all know quoted 3.25% of TVXQ fans are men, so if I had to bet my money on it, Forever is most likely a female.

In her article, she is clearly talking about the plots and rumors generated from the 6.25 meeting. It is highly possible that she was actually in the meeting with other ChunJaeSu's fansite admins because of her detailed knowledge of the rumors and the plots from the meeting to frame HoMin for the breakup of TVXQ so it appears that she was rather close to the CJS fans.

I'm assuming that she did not address any of the members or their parents directly to avoid implicating them, but she is clearly sending her message to those CJS fans who are spreading and fabricating the rumors and also to the fans who are being swayed by those rumors. As you've all seen from my "CJS fans in action part I and II" article, more rumors were already fabricated by some fans right after the 6.25 meeting, and there were new rumors in the Forever's post as well so I think there's a good chance that she witnessed the scene of generating new rumors as well. It almost feel like she's actually from CJS' side who figured out what was going on and knew what was right thing to do for TVXQ.

To summarize her post, she was asking the fans to stop spreading rumors and justifying CJS leaving the band, and warned the fans that it will eventually lead to TVXQ's breakup which unfortunately was exactly how it happened. One thing she did get wrong was about Avex. Contrary to Forever's belief, Avex ended up signing the 3 separately and suspended TVXQ's activities in Japan.

So if that single post was the only evidence available about Forever, then where did all those wild claims about her came from and why?

II. Claims about Forever

There were many things said about Forever, but don't you think it's strange that none of those claims are actually backed by any proofs or evidences directly linked to Forever? All those people with claims about Forever are just listing some events that happened around June 25, then just flat out states that those events are started by Forever without backing up their claims, and most of those events are nothing more than some rumors and screen caps of chatting sessions/PM's.

So let's go over those proofs that are supposed to be supporting their claims. 

Claim: Forever's post contains "insider" knowledge

Without showing the actual article, the Forever accusers claim that she had knowledge of information only the insiders know. They claim the 13 year contract and plans for overseas activities were inside info, but many fans already knew of those. Remember the resolution the parents signed in 2004? The resolution did mention about the overseas plans and the length of the contract, so any knowledgeable fan who followed TVXQ closely should know about them. How about the information about Avex owning 20% share of SM Entertainment? SM is a public company, and it's pretty easy to get that information as well. If you think about it, if I didn't provide the sources on any of my posts, many of you would've thought I was an insider too. Oh wait, I'm still considered an insider by some despite providing links to my sources.

* Forever was the mastermind behind the rumors including Crebeau

This claim is totally baseless. People claim that Forever was behind spreading info about Crebeau, but there's not a single word about Crebeau or cosmetics in Forever's article. They bring up some personal messages and chatting records as proofs, but there's absolutely nothing that shows those are related to Forever. Also, it wasn't a secret that the 3 were involved in the cosmetics, and there were already rumors about the breakup because of Crebeau. Other rumors mentioned are not in Forever's post either, so their claims are totally baseless. Now you know why they never show the actual article. 

* Forever's post was preplanned by Forever and Yunho's fans to be spread

This is another accusation about her Post that does not really make sense. They are saying her post was planned ahead for Yunho's fan page admins to grab it as soon as it was posted to be spread around. Their reasoning is that because any new article posted on the doesn't get searched for the first 24 hours, Yunho's fans must have been waiting for the article to be posted with prior knowledge about it. It is a true that the first blogger who saw the article got it 13 minutes after the original article was posted and because of that, she was as the "the woman of 13 minutes." That fan's blog is still active, and here's her explanation of how she managed to copy Forever's post in such a short time from a blog site that does not have a search function for new posts. Here's the link to her blog with the entry explaining about what happened.

This is the summary of her explanation.
" has a function that displays most recent entries in real time, and she happened to see Forever's post after lunch while glancing through Egloos. She already saw some posts bashing Yunho early morning, and she noticed Forever's post right away so she moved the post to her blog."

I read the comments from the above post, and some antis were calling her "Forever" or Yunho. It's laughable that they call anyone who make posts that opposes CJS "Forever".

After she posted the article, many Yunho fans, who were already on alert because of the rumors already spreading from the 6.25 meeting, copied the post on their blog, and that's how the "legend of Forever" was born.

III. Reason for exaggerating Forever

Everyone who read Forever's post can see that she didn't mean any harm or include any malicious rumors in her post contrary to many claims, then why are some people making such a big deal out of her even after over 1 1/2 years? Even if you don't agree with her post, it's just a single post from a blogger, so why so much exaggeration?

My guess is that in the beginning, they needed a common enemy, a target. By working up this mystical "Forever" figure who's supposedly a mastermind working behind the scenes to harm their "oppas", they could get the CJS' supporters to unite to fight against the "evil" force and instill axiety that their idols are being attacked. This is actually a pretty common strategy used everywhere. By making a real or imaginary goal, people will act in unison, more effectively.

Time to time I meet some people who claims that the truth will be revealed once they catch Forever, and most of them don't even know anything about her post itself. First of all, it's been over 1 1/2 years since that post, and if they were going to find her, they probably did already considering how good at some people are at finding people's personal info. But even if they do find her, what is going to be revealed? Is she going to tell that 6.25 meeting happened or rumors were fabricated to blame HoMin? But we already have the voice recording of the meeting and know everything that's posted by Forever and more. Maybe they are going to sue her for defamation, but I have no clue what good she is going to be for them even if they find her. It should be TVXQ fans that should be looking for her since she was most likely a whistle-blower from CJS side. Maybe she can tell us who the actual participants of the 6.25 meeting are, so I personally want to see her found too.

These days, most people are using Forever to justify the 6.25 meeting. They claim (again without any proof) that she masterminded spreading of malicious rumors starting in 6.23, thus forcing the parents of CJS to hold the 6.25 meeting, and that's what I am going to write about next.