Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Who is "Forever"? Part II - Analysis of "Forever" posting

I hope the readers already read the translation of Forever's post. If you haven't, read it first before proceeding further.

So here is the big question that everyone was asking:

"Who is Forever?"

Well, sorry to disappoint you, but the answer is: I don't know.

I know many of you were expecting me to tell you more about the person in detail, and I apologize for raising your expectations, but that's just how it is. The only information I or anyone else have that's directly linked to Forever is that one article posted on June 26, 2009, and that is it. Nothing else, Nada, Zilch. The blog at is still there, but there's no post, and even that famous posting was deleted.

Then why are some people making such a big deal about her? Why some people claim that they know who she is, and what are the evidences or reasoning behind their claims?

I do not know who Forever is, but I am going to explain why "Forever" was made to be so big, and that was the whole purpose of the series of articles about "Forever".

First, here's my take on the Forever's article.

I. Analysis of "the Article"

I've noticed from the comments posted on the first article that everyone had somewhat different view about the article and who Forever might be, which is understandable since the article doesn't say anything about the poster herself.

Many of you probably read articles explaining about Forever elsewhere or heard someone else's claim who Forever might be, and it probably influenced you to form certain opinions about her without even realizing it, but I read Forever's article before reading any other explanation about her, and the first impression I got was that Forever was a fan of TVXQ. Remember, there was no HoMin fan, JYJ fan or OT5 fan during that time. There were only TVXQ fans and individual fans, and she was definitely a TVXQ fan.

As we all know, majority of TVXQ fans are female, someone we all know quoted 3.25% of TVXQ fans are men, so if I had to bet my money on it, Forever is most likely a female.

In her article, she is clearly talking about the plots and rumors generated from the 6.25 meeting. It is highly possible that she was actually in the meeting with other ChunJaeSu's fansite admins because of her detailed knowledge of the rumors and the plots from the meeting to frame HoMin for the breakup of TVXQ so it appears that she was rather close to the CJS fans.

I'm assuming that she did not address any of the members or their parents directly to avoid implicating them, but she is clearly sending her message to those CJS fans who are spreading and fabricating the rumors and also to the fans who are being swayed by those rumors. As you've all seen from my "CJS fans in action part I and II" article, more rumors were already fabricated by some fans right after the 6.25 meeting, and there were new rumors in the Forever's post as well so I think there's a good chance that she witnessed the scene of generating new rumors as well. It almost feel like she's actually from CJS' side who figured out what was going on and knew what was right thing to do for TVXQ.

To summarize her post, she was asking the fans to stop spreading rumors and justifying CJS leaving the band, and warned the fans that it will eventually lead to TVXQ's breakup which unfortunately was exactly how it happened. One thing she did get wrong was about Avex. Contrary to Forever's belief, Avex ended up signing the 3 separately and suspended TVXQ's activities in Japan.

So if that single post was the only evidence available about Forever, then where did all those wild claims about her came from and why?

II. Claims about Forever

There were many things said about Forever, but don't you think it's strange that none of those claims are actually backed by any proofs or evidences directly linked to Forever? All those people with claims about Forever are just listing some events that happened around June 25, then just flat out states that those events are started by Forever without backing up their claims, and most of those events are nothing more than some rumors and screen caps of chatting sessions/PM's.

So let's go over those proofs that are supposed to be supporting their claims. 

Claim: Forever's post contains "insider" knowledge

Without showing the actual article, the Forever accusers claim that she had knowledge of information only the insiders know. They claim the 13 year contract and plans for overseas activities were inside info, but many fans already knew of those. Remember the resolution the parents signed in 2004? The resolution did mention about the overseas plans and the length of the contract, so any knowledgeable fan who followed TVXQ closely should know about them. How about the information about Avex owning 20% share of SM Entertainment? SM is a public company, and it's pretty easy to get that information as well. If you think about it, if I didn't provide the sources on any of my posts, many of you would've thought I was an insider too. Oh wait, I'm still considered an insider by some despite providing links to my sources.

* Forever was the mastermind behind the rumors including Crebeau

This claim is totally baseless. People claim that Forever was behind spreading info about Crebeau, but there's not a single word about Crebeau or cosmetics in Forever's article. They bring up some personal messages and chatting records as proofs, but there's absolutely nothing that shows those are related to Forever. Also, it wasn't a secret that the 3 were involved in the cosmetics, and there were already rumors about the breakup because of Crebeau. Other rumors mentioned are not in Forever's post either, so their claims are totally baseless. Now you know why they never show the actual article. 

* Forever's post was preplanned by Forever and Yunho's fans to be spread

This is another accusation about her Post that does not really make sense. They are saying her post was planned ahead for Yunho's fan page admins to grab it as soon as it was posted to be spread around. Their reasoning is that because any new article posted on the doesn't get searched for the first 24 hours, Yunho's fans must have been waiting for the article to be posted with prior knowledge about it. It is a true that the first blogger who saw the article got it 13 minutes after the original article was posted and because of that, she was as the "the woman of 13 minutes." That fan's blog is still active, and here's her explanation of how she managed to copy Forever's post in such a short time from a blog site that does not have a search function for new posts. Here's the link to her blog with the entry explaining about what happened.

This is the summary of her explanation.
" has a function that displays most recent entries in real time, and she happened to see Forever's post after lunch while glancing through Egloos. She already saw some posts bashing Yunho early morning, and she noticed Forever's post right away so she moved the post to her blog."

I read the comments from the above post, and some antis were calling her "Forever" or Yunho. It's laughable that they call anyone who make posts that opposes CJS "Forever".

After she posted the article, many Yunho fans, who were already on alert because of the rumors already spreading from the 6.25 meeting, copied the post on their blog, and that's how the "legend of Forever" was born.

III. Reason for exaggerating Forever

Everyone who read Forever's post can see that she didn't mean any harm or include any malicious rumors in her post contrary to many claims, then why are some people making such a big deal out of her even after over 1 1/2 years? Even if you don't agree with her post, it's just a single post from a blogger, so why so much exaggeration?

My guess is that in the beginning, they needed a common enemy, a target. By working up this mystical "Forever" figure who's supposedly a mastermind working behind the scenes to harm their "oppas", they could get the CJS' supporters to unite to fight against the "evil" force and instill axiety that their idols are being attacked. This is actually a pretty common strategy used everywhere. By making a real or imaginary goal, people will act in unison, more effectively.

Time to time I meet some people who claims that the truth will be revealed once they catch Forever, and most of them don't even know anything about her post itself. First of all, it's been over 1 1/2 years since that post, and if they were going to find her, they probably did already considering how good at some people are at finding people's personal info. But even if they do find her, what is going to be revealed? Is she going to tell that 6.25 meeting happened or rumors were fabricated to blame HoMin? But we already have the voice recording of the meeting and know everything that's posted by Forever and more. Maybe they are going to sue her for defamation, but I have no clue what good she is going to be for them even if they find her. It should be TVXQ fans that should be looking for her since she was most likely a whistle-blower from CJS side. Maybe she can tell us who the actual participants of the 6.25 meeting are, so I personally want to see her found too.

These days, most people are using Forever to justify the 6.25 meeting. They claim (again without any proof) that she masterminded spreading of malicious rumors starting in 6.23, thus forcing the parents of CJS to hold the 6.25 meeting, and that's what I am going to write about next.


  1. When I first found out about your blog, I read comments and saw the people mentioned Forever, wondered what/who is it? Since the other side accused this person strongly I guess she must say something disadvance for CSJ but when I saw "Who is Forever" post, it's surprised me.

    Like I already commented in ur post, what she did is nothing but believed in TVXQ and want to stop the fake rumour could harm Homin and cause the break up.

  2. After follow ur blog and read some fake TVXQ5 fans, it seems reasonable CSJ fans made a big deal about her. They called people who not say good thing about their oppas is anti, call our critical opinion is bashing (while they themselves trend Yunho with disrespectful names, insulted him for years,etc...) then of course Forever post seems like a anti thing for their oppas.

    About the totally lack of proof from their accusation... well, nothing new here :)

    Sorry for divide my comment but ur blog rejects its whole length LOL

  3. Might be not relevant, but I found this today, JJ interview with PRAIN : “We were working without even time to rest in Japan, but there was a time when there was a one-day vacation, just one day. So, in order to meet with the former members, I asked in the middle through a friend to arrange a meeting, and I came to Korea. It was a vacation of just one day. The vacation was going to be over just by coming in and going out of the country, but despite that, in order to see them without fail, I came to Korea by plane, without even sleeping. But, ultimately, they would not meet with me, and I went back to Japan again.”

    Any idea? thought?
    Honestly...those 3 people should move on..and I don't like the fact that they are playingthier victim cards again and again.. aiish...

  4. @ Precious,

    I suspect forever was at the 6.25 meeting. All she wanted was for the five to work out their differences and not break up as they unfortunately did. She could see what some fans were doing to spread false rumors out there and wanted it to stop. She knew from the meeting that they wanted to destroy homin's reputation which they did. I don't see it as malicious at all. If anyone read the article they wouldn't come to that conclusion. Thanks again Precious.

    @ YJF Team,

    Cjs always want to appear as the ones who have tried every which way to get in touch with homin, and homin are the ones who want nothing to do with them. Yet they don't give any reasons why homin don't want to meet them. If homin refused to meet them, then there are many reasons why. I don't think Changmin and Yunho are the kind of people who would cut off contact with someone for no reason especially very close friends who they lived and worked with for years. When they make comments like that they are inadvertently saying that we want to have a relationship with them but they are the ones who don't want to. Homin then get bashed because they appear unfriendly and unforgiving. Cjs then get all the sympathy because they are suffering and want a relationship with homin but if only homin can stop all this hatred everything would be perfect. If their fans can't see through those tactics, they deserve them. He also says they are former members. When tvxq were making a comeback cjs said they will always be part of tvxq despite the fact that when they formed jyj they said they were ex tvxq members and during that period of time did not want to be associated with tvxq at all. I wonder what changed their minds later on. They should stop playing the victim card, its getting tedious.

  5. @YJF Team

    When is the interview published?

  6. @Precious,

    First of all, I will have to tell you how much I respect you for admitting that you don't know. For me, it is only a person who knows enough to be able to realize that they don't know something. Hats off for another great post.

    I will say, even when I haven't been a fan for a long time, I can relate to Forever. She has nothing against the three, she loves them so very much that it is destroying to see a group of people spreading malicious rumors about 2 of the 5 people they were supposed to support and love equally. I see thing myself, firsthand, how a group of fans, taking upon themselves a title of 'oppas defender' spending more of their time on twitter calling Yunho and Changmin a bad name, rather than just spazzing about their oppas. If these are the fans that Yunho and Changmin lost with the whole incident, well, I can't say I am sorry things are the way they are, because TVXQ definitely doesn't need 'fans' who spend their time hating other idols.

  7. @YJF Team

    I am curious to what your name stands for, the first thing that came to mind is YunJae Forever, hahaahha...

    It is very sad to hear that story, but I will share with you my own questions about the snippet you gave:

    1. When was this? Who were the 'former members'? Doesn't by saying 'former members' he is admitting that there was a 'former group'? Considering JJ was active in Japan up to October 2010-ish, it must be before TVXQ's comeback. So does this mean he is admitting that at that time, for him, these 'people' he wanted to meet were already 'former members' signifying something that is no longer there? You should check the translation, because for me, reading him use the word 'former' is not consistent with his statements of 'TVXQ' still being intact.

    2. He said he wanted to meet these 'former members', but he didn't state WHY he wanted to meet them. To say Hi? To ask for the underwear one of the borrowed? To return an underwear he borrowed? I am sure as a fan the first thing that came to our mind is 'he want to clear up what happened so they can be five again', but isn't that an assumption with no factual base whatsoever? In that interview, did he mention about him doing that to bring the group back together? But doesn't that mean the group has separated/split up, especially if he uses 'former members'?

    3. He said that he asked for a friend's help to arrange a meeting. Did the 'former members' had confirmed that they will want to meet? There are too many reasons why he didn't get to meet them. Maybe they are recording a new album, maybe they are in LA for SMtown, maybe they are sick, maybe the friend forgot to tell them. Again, doesn't this would lead only to more assumptions, with no base whatsoever?

    The only reason people make assumptions is because they don't know exactly what's going on. As fans, are we goddesses that can read the members' minds? Are we the one experiencing their lives? No, we are all making assumptions here. So for me, I have no idea what Jaejoong meant, I have no clue what he was thinking and feeling when he was giving the interview. I can, however, admits that he had put in a great effort to try and meet the 'former members', and to not accomplishing what he had set out to do must be frustrating, but other than that, I can't say anything for sure.

  8. @YJF Team

    Yeah it isn't relevant. It would've been nice though if JJ addressed those "former members" by name. Like how YH addressed them in KDG. Oh wait, aren't they the former members?


    @Precious - i was really hoping for a surprise revelation because...well, just because lol I had fun reading the speculations in the other post but tbh, like you I was also of the opinion that Forever was just a fan who was probably present during that 6.25 meeting. She sounded nothing but a very concerned fan.

    Ah, this whole fiasco is so complicated. It wasn't suppose to be so given that the lawsuit was just to nullify the contract. Misled fans made it all the more complicated.

    Thank you for sharing this. Can't wait to read more.

    *eats popcorn with "BUG" playing in the background*

  9. People forget that idols are not angels-this cult mindset that some fans have to glorify their idols has lead to this hunting for a scapegoat-"anybody but their oppa's"-I wish somebody with a right mind had listened to "forever"-so we wouldn't have had to see this kind of madness:
    About the Ceo's interview-from the get go it seems like he is trying to paint Jae as an angel and stir up more trouble for HoMin-why would you even disclose a personal convo b/w two people to fans-this seems very convoluted and fishy-and if Jae did try to meet them, I am sure HoMin must have had some reason not to take him up on that offer-so am not even going to pay credence to such news-its another stupid tactics on part their PR people to glorify thair clients!

  10. @Precious
    what an anti-climax. and here i was thinking all along that i've been talking to Yunho, or Yunho's father at least. meh. jk. simply put, Forever is like the cyber version of Homin: both were made scapegoats in this whole mess.
    when i started reading up on the case, one of the first things i came across is the legendary Forever and his hoard of followers the HoTel girls, and how they're an organized group from Yunho's camp who targets JYJ by slandering them online. so for some months i was brainwashed into believing this nonsense, which is easy when you're in that "JYJ are victims" mindset until you actually try to see things from another perspective.

    @YJF Team
    yay, another wave of Homin bashing brought to us by who else. i'm confused if he's just an emotional person who does things on a whim with little or no thought to how his actions affect Homin, or if he's just a great manipulator. it's pretty obvious that Homin are angry and if this is true i'm not surprised that they refused to see him. who wouldn't be pissed off crippled for a year, so-called brothers not lifting a finger to defend them. Yunho is a guy who treasures his friends as we all know so for him to refuse contact with JJ says a lot. (or maybe Homin were locked in SM's secret dungeon that time?)

  11. @ shanancelice

    Lack of evidence is an understatement LOL. Their claims about Forever are simply lies. She never said anything about Crebeau, CJ or other things they claim she said in her post. Nothing new there either.

    @ apooli
    I think she was at the meeting too. She was probably one of the very few who was not blind. :)

    @ hyeonmu
    Yup, Forever really cared for the group. You can just see her frustration how things were panning out during that time.

    @ all
    The article about Jaejoong trying to meet the "former members" was not even an interview. The article was posted by the CEO of Prain on (I don't know if it's the company official site or his personal site), and the part about Jaejoong was just the CEO's recollection of overhearing Jaejoong talking to a reporter so it's basically a hearsay.

    To be honest, I highly doubt it actually happened. It's just another attempt at riling up the fans by playing victim. There's just no end to this ridiculous games.

  12. "Who is Forever?
    Well, sorry to disappoint you, but the answer is: I don't know."
    that totally made my day lol, don't mind me ...
    so... all you can actually say about her is that she knew what was going to happen, almost everything and well she probably was at th 6.25 meeting is the only way she could know all that stuff.

    Right now I just want them to stop suffering about the past and live the present. Sadly it's never going to be the same even if the five of them stand up in the same stage... oh, that hurts..

    I reaally want to see the whole interview with Yunho and Changmin in "Taxi" they just have the right to talk, and I love to listen to them... gotta find subs for that.. why do I not know korean D:?

    btw, am pichiruchi just changed my name, nevermind lol

  13. Precious, Thanks!
    btw, i saw your comment in another post that you're working on last court hearing.So you already get the full recording version ? Don't work too hard,take good care of yourself. We can wait ^__^

    As Fan, i understand very well the Love they have to the boys but what i don't understand ... what's the need to sacrifice themselve excessively doing bad thing to the others this way...

    I think another drama episode is coming because HoMin will appear as first guest in new Taxi and .. yes, JJ just changed his Twitter Bio again! i really wonder how many Bio he could think of every time HoMin is going to say something in public. LOL

  14. @ natend,

    What has jj changed his bio to this time?

  15. He changed his bio to JYJ from 東方神起 always keep the faith.

  16. @apooli
    jj wrote jyj from tvxq always keep the faith :)

  17. Thanks Justice and Ranon. I wonder why he keeps changing his bio. I think he just confuses the fans when he does that because they don't know what he's thinking. I wonder what it means exactly.

  18. @apooli: I always feel amongst the three Jae may have some regrets as to what has happened-i dunno just a feeling-the other two have been more vocal about their past unhappiness-but no one really knows
    what he means by his tweets-even some JYJ stans seemed confused with his "JYJ from TVXQ" tweet

  19. @ apooli
    Maybe it's to give false hope to OT5 fans and hanging onto them? I wonder what JYJ fans who have been calling OT5 fans delusional would say now? Are they going to call Jaejoong delusional too?

    @ natend
    Yes, I found 3 complete versions of the court sessions. I need to decide which one to translate because they're all slightly different. I'm not in a rush to translate that because the summary version had a lot of info already.

    @ chibbi
    Yup, that's only thing that you can say about her. Nobody knows who she is contrary to what antis want you to believe. It's really fascinating that so many fans would just believe those claims without any evidence to back them up.

  20. thankyou for the translation precious ^^
    i'm looking fwd for the next post :D

  21. Thank you so much Precious, I was reading the claims about FOREVER from the "other side", they are so funny, LOL "Forever finally came out of the shadows". About JYJ maybe they want to come back to SM or is just another game.
    AKTF is so boring, poor fans, JJ quit playing games with your fans.
    Thank you Precious (your nickname reminds me to Lord of the Rings).
    Have a nice weekend!!!!!

  22. Thanks Precious.
    As expected... Forever simply looks like TVXQ fan. Nothing more than that. Never understand the exaggeration from the other side towards her. Seems to me Forever is just a patsy to cover 625 meeting.

    So will this post be the last installation of 'Forever Saga' or will there be more abt Forever? :P What's ur next post dear Precious? I cant wait ^^


  23. @ sofly ,

    AKTF really a nothing for me,

    it seems like somebody(JYJ) broke a precious pottery(TVXQ5) , but scare will blame or punish by the owner(fans) , so they try to get a super glue(AKTF) to cohere back it ???

    so , AKTF = useless super glue ??? maybe

  24. @ verachan
    Next post is coming soon. :)

    @ sofly
    Yeah, there are far more convincing conspiracy theories out there than theirs.

    @ ayoepan
    Next will be about the 6.23 meeting. Forever will probably be briefly mentioned on the next one.

    @ jinjungsu
    That's a pretty good analogy except they're using some scotch tapes to put back the pieces. LOL
    Actually AKTF is just a buzzword to give the fans false hope.

  25. I don't hate Jaejoong but I can't help rolling my eyes again when he tweeted that. "JYJ from TVXQ"... trying to have one feet in two boats?

    If he really means it... then why not JYJ just return to TVXQ?

    Even if JYJ doesn't regret leaving TVXQ, I regret it in their place every single day.

  26. i just want to thank you all specially Precious for all the updates and for all the clarifications you've posted here. I am a silent reader, can't comment much since i am a new fan, and don't really know much about TVXQ then and i would say even now. Reading this blog and the comments made me learn more about my new favorite group. Although sometimes the news of what the other three, who are (were?) their friends been doing to Yunho and Changmin really don't make good impression on the other three. Really sad that there are such friends. This maybe harsh but i would think that the other three could might as well ask the other two to just go and perish, since they have ruined their future, ruined their dreams, ruined their families, ruined their careers and most specially ruined/crushed/trampled their names. Your name is your pride, having it maligned is tantamount to assaulting you as a person. I just hope they still have a little love left in their hearts to think about their (former?) friends. Thanks again everyone, and Precious you are doing a mighty fine job here, please take care, we now worry about your safety. If this post is too harsh, it's ok if you want to delete this. Looking forward to your next post.

  27. @ dAra
    Remember the timing of that change of the bio. It was right after the news of cancellation of their shows in Indonesia. I think it was just a diversion tactic.

    @ alu
    Compared what HoMin went through, your post is really tame. LOL

  28. I go over to JJ's twitter and see him have his bio as JYJ from TVXQ Always Keep the faith.
    Lol, faith in what really? Is he trying to imply that TVXQ will become the 5 member group they once were?
    I cannot believe that he had the audacity to post that as his bio.
    And isn't AKTF something that Yoouchun came up with before/during JYJ's first album? Correct me if I'm wrong. If it is then it's funny how Cassies who protect the TVXQ5 have made it their official slogan or something. W/E.

  29. yeah!!!its totally annoying..he want fan to keep AKTF..he want fan always wait and trust them..but then nothing he had done to end the waiting..forever playing the victim card..wondering about this..

  30. At first, JJ's bio was "JYJ from TVXQ"; later on, he changed it to "JYJ from TVXQ always keep the faith". I wonder why does he need to do that after everything happened? They even proudly said they are JYJ now, why bother to add TVXQ next to JYJ.

    I understand they came from TVXQ but under the names of Hero JJ, Xiah JS, Micky YC. I don't remember seeing any JYJ under TVXQ's name. Everytime the fandom was just about to get some peace, they started a new wave that could make them more pitiful, more miserable by writing such nonsense words. I can accept if he says "JJ, YC, JS from TVXQ" because it'll make me remember them as TVXQ's members, but don't ever tell me it's a fact when he said "JYJ from TVXQ". JYJ is JYJ, TVXQ is TVXQ. What are they trying to cling on? The name that made them famous? The fans that could forget them? Or the friends that they abandoned? Don't play victim card anymore; it's getting more and more tedious and annoyed nowadays.

  31. Thanks, Precious, for another excellent post! I have been wondering what the fuzz 'Forever' is about? It turns out to be one single post that obviously was written by a fan of TVXQ5. I haven't read much about 'Forever' from JYJ's side. From what I read, there are only a few screen snapshots of a chat room. The snapshots are not legible at all. Yet they claimed that it was Forever and the contents were about conspiracy of rumors against JYJ. I don't understand how this can be used as evidence that one can't even recognize the ID or the content of discussion in the chat room. Now you made it clear that Forever actually only posted one blog and that's all. As a person who knows very little about Forever, I arrived at the same conclusion as you did - she sounds like exactly a fan of TVXQ5 and is most likely in the meeting as well.

    I would also like to ask you to look at screenshots on this Chinese blog!SezTAfKeEQc1rvFnk2JnpPRo/article?mid=19954.
    The screenshots were internal discussion of admins of 20cassie. You mentioned that you would cover more about DNBN and 20cassie in the future. Could you help translate them as well when you do? I know there must be a long queue for you to write about. It's OK if it's low priority.

    Thanks for your hard work! Whatever you are busy with, good luck with it!

  32. @auxiliary_124

    I spent a couple minutes to go over the link you provided. So that's what the JJ's new bio is about:
    "I didn’t put any other special meaning into it (T/N: changing his profile to “JYJ from TVXQ”). On posting the (tweet) that read “JYJ,” it was because upon waking up in the morning I all of a sudden felt that the whole of my life was “JYJ.” The period (at the end)? Um, that really had no particular meaning… Haha.”

    That's hilarious! Now his bio is "JYJ from TVXQ always keep the faith". If there is another interview, would he say "it's really nothing special to AKTF"? That must hurt.

  33. @auxiliary_124

    thanks for the link! What the hell... but okay, since he is saying that his whole life is now JYJ, so he should be separating JYJ from TVXQ already, isn't it?


    oh I see... I'm not updated of their activities, just that when he changed his profile suddenly a lot of people were reposting it again and again and saying things like "aw this is why i'll always keep the faith", "T_T" etc, etc.


    Anyway, how come they are always cancelling their concerts?

  34. Eh, I guess I'm a little late. Whoever this Forever is, all we know is that she is fan of TVXQ(5). Really, there isn't much info.

    So I'm not the only who laughed when I saw JJ's Bio? Seriously, what is he implying? That there is actually a chance for TVXQ to become all 5 again? AKTF is like seriously getting old. This stupid mind game is like never going to end.

  35. @ wakeupgogo

    I checked out the link you posted, and I know what the first screencap is, but the screencaps of 20Cassies (Akadong) cafe is not legible, but I think I now what they are. I'll probably go over them in the future.

    @ dAra
    You'll have to ask that to C-Jes, but according to the Indonesian promoter, they made unreasonable request at the last minute, most likely more money.

    @ ini9515
    Yup. The game still goes on... It would be much better for everyone if they can just concentrate on their career instead of hanging onto TVXQ name every chance they get.

  36. @dAra

    According to Indonesia promoter, 'Dream Catcher Indonesia', the reason JYJ cancel their Indonesia concert is because C-Jes asked additional fee for production at last minute. C-Jes demanded the 'fee' to Indonesia promoter. According to Indonesia promoter, they were simply unable to fulfill the request. The 'fee' was simply unreasonable. Since the 'additional fee' wasn't written in the contract, the Indonesia promoter rejected the request.

    The Indonesia promoter also said that they followed the decision that C-Jes announced on C-Jes website to cancel the concert.

    To be honest, I prefer to believe what Indonesia promoter said rather than C-Jes said. I seriously believe C-Jes is lying about the reason since C-Jes CEO is ex-convict & this is not the first concert they canceled.

  37. Precious, thank you very much. The story about Forever is really interesting but due to the fact that we know only so little, there is only a little to tell about this user. And since we can only assume who Forever may be, there are not much chances to catch her. Besides the fact that Forever would get bricked by antis, I think it would be a good thing to be able to ask her some questions. Maybe she know more than we do and could answer them.

    @dAra: I know, right. Many concerts from JYJ get cancelled or cause major problems to the band and their agency. But I think we must not forget, that CjeS is only a very young, unexperienced company but they are trying to do very big projects here. So no wonder why many things go wrong and concerts need to be cancelled in the end. (I’m not trying to defend the company, cuz I don’t like their strategy as well, I’m just putting all facts we have together)

    continue …

  38. … continue

    Concerning the concert cancellation with Dream Catcher Indonesia, all I know is that it is a company with less experiences than other Indonesian companies as well. So CjeS gave the concert organisation in the hands of a company which might be overextended with the dimension of the concert CjeS wanted them to organize. Then there was the “more money fact” added, which DCI claimed that CjeS demanded unreasonably but CjeS claimed to be penalty fees for DCI because of the bad organisation of the concert and other bad claims were added as well by both sides. We already know that CjeS cancelled some concerts but we also need to know that DCI also cancelled two concerts of K-Pop artists (one of them FTIsland) in the past.
    In my opinion both sides must have made major mistakes due to their inexpertness and the dimension of the concert. It is only natural that they put all the blame completely to the other side to not receive the anger of the fans.

  39. doesn't this just prove that you can have all the talent in the world, but if you don't have a professional, capable, and highly competent management backing you up, you are ultimately doomed to get screwed over.

    about: Forever: fansite admins probably know or has a clue at least who this person is. but at the end of the day, whatever the identity of this person, it does not change the heart of the message that was written.

  40. I've been a silent reader for months now, and everytime I read a new article I wonder how what I've read from others sites can be so different from what I read here altough it's about the same problem.

    I truly want to thank you Precious, thanks to you I got to learn more information about the lawsuit. Once again thank you

    BTW, do you know in some sites they compare you to Forever, saying things like if Forever is the Korean anti JYJ then you are the American version LOL

  41. @Precious,

    Thanks for looking into it. The screenshot is about 20cassie admin. They had called for a charity donation in the name of TVXQ. It was at the end of 2009. 20Cassie is still fan site of all 5. When a fan asked them if it's appropriate to spend money on JYJ when it's a donation in the name of 5. The screencap is the discussion between admins regarding the fan question. It's really astonishing to read. If you could cover this when you write your future posts about fan sites, that'll be great. I am curious about those Korean fan sites.

    Regarding Forever, what I am still confused about is that why JYJ stans are so pissed off by her blog. As I read it, I don't see anything offensive towards the 5 members. Sure, she talked about one parent directed a fan to prepare an excel file and one Mom spreading lies about contract. Well, we might not be able to verify the first inference. But the contract, isn't it true in 6.25 meeting that Junsu's Dad confirmed it that all 5 signed same term, 13 years, with same conditions. Even if they don't know then, after trials, this is a well-known fact among JYJ fans. Then why are they still so pissed off? I am so confused.

  42. @kirsch87 @pfau @precious

    Thank you for your replies.

    I realise that they do cancel quite a bit of concerts and just think that if fans have already bought the tickets, it's quite mean of them.

    If I don't remember wrongly, near the end of last year, they were supposed to have a concert in Hawaii but they kept changing venues and eventually cancelled it. Way to go. I think some fans might even have booked plane tickets to fly to the concert, not to mention already buy the tickets... so I think what is wrong with them?! Why must they cancel it?

    If it's just because some management companies cannot fulfil some fee request or whatever... then that's just horrible of them.


    I agree with you that a professional company is important but not only does JYJ seem to lack one, they have cornered themselves into a dead end by pissing off big companies and no one dares to work with them. They can't even perform in their native country.

    Yet they still want to be greedy.

    I think that even if they concur a little loss in the concerts, they should still do it if they truly care for their fans and are the artists they claim to be.

  43. Word from KJJ himself
    source: hankook ilbo -2011/04/11 interview
    trans by: jyj3

    Inside Kim Jaejoong’s words were complexity. He wrote on his twitter profile “JYJ from TVXQ,” and on the day of the interview he posted a tweet reading “JYJ.” Could it be that the past and the present, the dream and the reality are muddled together?

    “That TVXQ is my beginning is obvious and is unchanging. I didn’t put any other special meaning into it (T/N: changing his profile to “JYJ from TVXQ”). On posting the (tweet) that read “JYJ,” it was because upon waking up in the morning I all of a sudden felt that the whole of my life was “JYJ.” The period (at the end)? Um, that really had no particular meaning… Haha.”

    Read carefully the last sentence, hopefully OT5 fans will wake up and realize that CJS will never be TVXQ again. Since OT5 fans believe almost everything said by CJS, they should take what JJ said in this interview seriously. He said the time as TVXQ had no particular meaning to him, his whole life is JYJ, OT5 fans better believe him.

    But JYJ NOT FROM TVXQ, JJ made a mistake (maybe on purpose ?) he can say KJJ, PYC, KJS were originally from TVXQ, but JYJ is a new group name which has no relation with TVXQ. As much as JYJ members love to use twitter to create topics and gather attention, they ought to know there are negative effects .

    You work has helped a lot of people to clear their doubt and misunderstanding about TVXQ split. Thank you so much. BTW, i agree with your analysis about Who is Forever,
    it is very obvious, CJS fans afraid of people might believe what mentioned by Forever or even take interest to read Forever's blog, hence, they have to discredit Forever immediately and label her as their enemy.

    Just like what jyj3 did, they have to label you as American version of Forever and tell everyone should not bother to read your blog.

  44. Just heard that the charity concert in Japan might get cancelled because the major concert venues has rejected the boy's application for the venue. Many are putting the blame on Avex and once again. Jaejoong is on twitter, seemingly to try to invoke some pity.

  45. @ justine can you tell me where you heard this from? Can you provide a link please? I wasn't aware they were going to perform at a charity concert in japan.

  46. the news stated due to the fact that the artist that was scheduled to perform is currently facing contractual issues, please be notified that it was decided that it would not be appropriate to approve this application.

    for them, everything that is bad that happened to those three are always SM and Avex fault or sometimes even TVXQ fault...LOL

    There stated clearly it was because of the CONTRACTUAL issues =) it's obvious my oe most country,if someone facing this kind of problem,there will be much difficulties on the person's carrier..emmm maybe because of reputation?or credibility?dunno...but these always happen when the people have this kind of problems.

    I'm wondering are they really thought that SM and Avex are that free?keep tracking what those three's plan and block block block them?lol..i don't think so...i don't think these companies care about what those three are doing.There are no profit for them doing these XD They will just focus on their own company's artists for more profits. If i'm dealing with this business,profit n my company's artists are much more important than doing something that i myself cant get anything from what im doing. And would these companies spend money just to block them? sure NO..cause the money should be spent on their own artists for better music and for better profit.This is serious business and they are affecting others reputation.This is not a blaming game that played by children that have 0% damage.

    I just don't know what those fans are thinking.Can't they think properly rather than blaming everything on others? =|

  47. @ juntine, apooli

    Was the concert even officially confirmed? All I saw was some news articles about the charity concert, but were the tickets even sold to the public? They've been touting that the tickets were sold out, but even that claim seemed ridiculous considering the venue wasn't even booked and no promotion was done on the concert.

    @ Jjooyn

    Ur right. It's not like Avex and SM really care what they do. It's rather them trying to appeal to the fans by directing the blame on everything they mess up to their former company. Wasn't there a blog entry from their DVD staff blaming Avex for blocking the concert, then that entry was deleted right away? It's always been them making loud noises with blame games... I wonder why?

  48. @apooli @Precious
    Here is the link to the official announcement released by the Concert Venue (in Japanese). It says what @Jjooyn wrote.

    And this is the HP of the ticket agency (in Japanese).

    The tickets have already been sold out. So they may change the venues or may cancel the event.

  49. @ Lisalio
    Got it. Thanks for the links.

  50. [Correction]
    Advance tickets have already been sold out. Sorry~.

    "Wasn't there a blog entry from their DVD staff blaming Avex for blocking the concert, then that entry was deleted right away?"

    And today, the staff wrote ‘the venue withdrew a permission’, while the venue states they haven’t gave permission.

  51. @ lisalio thanks for the links. I try not to read any news about jyj because all the blame goes to sm or in this case both sm and avex when anything goes wrong with them. I suppose at the moment people are weary of working with them because of all the problems they have with their companies. Its about business and they are not going to risk working with jyj so the record companies don't use them anymore. They need the business from the record labels its as simple as that.

    I often wonder what will happen to jyj if they win the lawsuit againist sm with avex. will avex let them back in or will the same problems they had before with them still be there?

  52. @ apooli
    as far as I know Avex abandoned their activities with JYJ because of the CEO of their Korean management company (CJeS), he was imprisoned for having connections to the mafia in the past and for blackmailing (if I remember correctly). Avex didn't want one of their artists having contracts with companies which have a CEO like that.
    Well, the CEO of CJeS will be still the same person after the lawsuit. So I don't think Avex would take them back. Plus, JYJ played the same blaming game, they did to SM before, with Avex (in a smaller scale though) and Japanese + Avex didn't like it at all, so I think it is the same as for SME: even if they COULD have them back, I'm not sure if they WANT to have them back.

  53. @pfau
    Avex will not take them back. This is not just about him being being an ex-convict this about him up until a year ago being investigated for running an extortion ring.Also he was not imprisoned for having mafia connections he was imprisoned for blackmailing his artist into a exclusive contract.But there was proof he had mafia connections. The fact is that at first Avex knew that he was an ex-convict and continued to work with them but being very cautious about it. Then they found out about the extortion ring investigation and dropped em. They can make all the excuses they want but I did my internship there and I still have friends there and it had nothing to do with SM. There are rumors around that the guy tried to push his weight around without realizing he had none and pissed off some very important people at the company. JYJ keeps blaming anyone but the people who are actually the problem. They signed to a company registered by an ex-convict and everyone knows why he was in jail. No one wants to ruin there reputation by working with him. It's just very funny. Remember when they were gonna come to America it ended up falling through and they did the shows for free. All the fans blamed the promotions company when in fact it's your management company ie Cjes who is supposed to get your visas. The company promoting and booking your shows give the information to your management company then they apply for your entertainment visa. That is how it works trust me I have had to do it before. There company sucks and people can blame everyone they want but it does not change the fact that they are ill equipped to handle there career.

  54. Sorry for my harsh reply I am just very upset at people for blaming everything on people who have nothing to do with it. There problems are all of there own making no one else. It's sad really because JYJ fanatics never use common sense and think that SME influences stretches farther then it really does. That fact is because JYJ keeps pushing on people that SME is the devil regardless of the fact that without them they would not have a career or the fan's emotions to play with.

  55. @pfau
    I have to change some statements from my comments. About them dropping because of the extortion ring. Avex did know that he was an ex convict when they continued to work with JYJ. But afterward a lot of other information began to come out about him being investigated for leading a blackmail and extortion ring. Also further information about his mafia ties and that led Avex to take a closer look at the guy. Sorry just had further what I was talking about there so no one misinterprets what I am saying.

  56. @LadyYejin

    JYJ managed to book concert venue at Olympic park in Seoul and yet jyj fans said SME cockblock JYJ in Korea. Now in Japan, the authority rejected their concert venue application due to contractual dispute. I will laugh my head off if jyj fans say "this is SM's doing" SM let them do concert in Korea freely but block them in Japan? huh!

    Can I say the unwritten rules in Korea entertainment is more linear than in Japan? Is it true that in Japan, the artist will be "blacklisted" until the dispute between agency/artist has been resolved? There are rules in every industry. Has jyj settled the issue of contract signed with Avex? Do jyj fans know what kind of contract jyj have signed with Avex? Anyway, it is none of our business, its just irritate me whenever they play the blaming game and once again our poor Homin and SME will take the blame.

  57. This is seriously the limit. I read JJ's interview and this is what I came across.
    "I thought: How nice it would have been if the other two had also been, wouldn’t we had made better music."

    Really now? I cant even..
    Obviously now all fans are talking about how they want to crawl under a rock and bawl their hearts out -_-

  58. @ka1230

    It's really interesting to see if we list these incidents in sequence.

    1. Before JYJ concert in Thailand and after two con are cancelled, JJ changed his bio on twitter to "JYJ from TVXQ".
    2. In a few days, his bio is changed again "JYJ from TVXQ always keep the faith".
    3. After Thailand concert and two more concerts are made up in Beijing and Taiwan, JJ said in his interview that his whole life is JYJ and "JYJ from TVXQ" doesn't have any particular meaning.
    4. Now Beijing concert started the ticket selling and JYJ's charity concert in Japan stuck with venue application, JJ said that how nice it would have been if the other two had also been.

    I bet after the Beijing concert and (if) Japan charity concert gets resolved, he will tell people that 'always keep the faith' had no particular meanings either. Obviously he just randomly burst out words that will have big impact on the sales. But those words bear no weight in his reality.

    Feel lucky that I stop buying his words a couple months ago.

  59. that staff blog post, in the translation i read it said the permit was cancelled, but how can a permit be cancelled if it was never granted in the first place? how unnecessarily dramatic (as usual). i'm sorry but in the real world there are certain industry rules, and just because it's a charity concert doesn't mean the arena management can ignore facts such as there is a lawsuit pending with the artists, CJes had just cancelled some concerts elsewhere, and that the agency itself is shady.

    unfortunately it's not just JYJ fanatics but casual K-pop fans who get lured into this SM IS EVIL thinking. read any article in AKP that's related to TVXQ, SM, AVEX, or just do a random search on twitter and it's amazing what kind of ignorant comments one will find. it's just really sheep following the herd. some of these people are very young and don't bother with rational thinking and then they comment or tweet something and their friends pick it up and do the same and the cycle goes on. i don't think even half of them really knows what's going on.

    JJ says that and fans go "AKTF!!" or "aww he loves Homin". Yunho says in Taxi that they were worried how they will be received prior to their comeback, and i read comments like how come they are only thinking of themselves and not of the other three. did i miss something, because didn't this whole lawsuit happen because three people were thinking about themselves? i guess that's the difference between them, Yunho and Changmin doesn't say things that people want to hear, they just say things as they are and we're not left confused about what they say vs. what they do.

  60. Hey..I'm SG Hanna. I'm a blogger..view this

    Before you read it..hope you see my profile..I dont want you misunderstand!

  61. Wish they would stop hurting YunHo and ChangMin , they've had enough bs thrown at them.

  62. every time I read your recent posts
    I feel grateful, you opened my eyes wider to see what really happened
    tell me things that I don't know at all
    I can't say anymore ..
    thanks a lot precious ..

    or maybe .. the next forever hehehe
    looks like that site over there claims you like how korean JYJ fans claims forever..

    fighting ^^
    n again.. thank you so much...

  63. guys..what is the deal with max matsuura twitter news that I heard today?that he tweet the fancam for angel price where there is only few presents of fan..what is his intention and all..sorry i DO NOT HAVE TWITTER,JUST READ FROM SOOMPI..

  64. @bubba,

    i just read Max M's tweets on a fansite and then saw the fancam on yt. but, did Max M really tweet the fancam b/c that doesn't make much sense since in his tweets, he criticized cjes not TVXQ.

    and on continuetvxq, an english speaking fan living in korea was trying to get TVXQ tickets for the Angel Price Music Festival but she said that the tickets were all sold out. so, it sounds like something fishy went down w/ the ticket holders just not showing up to the event (intentionally(?)

    but, i wouldn't worry too much about it. just one event doesn't say anything about TVXQ's popularity. just the other day, wasn't there a huge mob of ppl in the streets of Korea when TVXQ showed up to film the show TAXI. that was an unannounced event and still, ppl were going nuts trying to see TVXQ.

  65. @Crheem

    It is possible an intentional no show from ticket holders. Plus the venue was so small tickets were really limited.

    By the way Max tweet to KJJ asked him to wake up ... blah blah blah. Max's tweets sounded like a warning.

  66. @ all

    I've been extremely busy lately, and didn't have any time to follow the news regarding TVXQ, so I don't know too much about what went on with Max and others. I just heard that he tweeted something? Also, I heard that the trial session was postponed for some sort of adjustment/settlement? Don't know too much detail about it.

    I was almost done with my next post last week, but couldn't finish it up. Will get to it probably tomorrow and hopefully post within 2-3 days.

  67. Here is the trans of his tweet.

    +++ycdycd: Anyway, please stop interfering with JYJ's Charity Concert! Charity is a good thing so please don't step on it!

    +++masatomatsuura: It's not interfering. It's a matter of contract. In other words, it's a matter of promise.

    I haven't done anything to be ashamed of. No matter what you say.

    I understand the feeling of trusting the people you love. But if you trust that boss to that extent then I have nothing to say. They believe in that boss but that boss can't help them. In that case, I have nothing to say.

    @mjjeje wake up

    We can't reveal anything related to the contract's content.

    We are not fools. We don't do things that don't stand a chance.

    Source: @masatomatsuura
    Translation: linhkawaii @

    My t-list was hysterical after his tweet with so many cursing and swearing at him. Some even scold off people for siding with him. I did not see what was wrong with what he tweeted. If the boys could openly express their feelings and displeasure about stuff, why can't he ?

    I could tell that he really cares for jaejoong, and I think he's trying to get jaejoong back to DBSK/THSK.

    I guess all we can do now is continue to watch as more drama unfolds.

  68. @crheem
    aside from the ticketing fiasco and the event being badly handled by the organizers, i think antis might have had a hand at the empty seats incident. it's easy to buy off rows of tickets to sabotage the event for tvxq. tvxq fans always come to support Homin in everything so it's strange that on this one paid event, this happened. just my thoughts.

    they are livid because CEO Max RT'ed something about CJes intentionally cancelling the Japan charity concert so they could collect the cancellation fee. (sth of the sort...) i understand being angry and upset but most of their tweets to Max consist of highly disturbing death threats and curses.

    take your time!

  69. Hello @precious...i'm creating my own blog, and i want to ask you a favor...i'd like to translate (spanish)some articles that you wrote...i'll give the credit properly. Protecting DBSK is my priority, so please, i'll be so thankful!!

  70. @bubba
    I read all the tweets he posted yesterday. If I didn’t miss any, Max didn't mention anything about TVXQ (HoMin), except when someone asked him "Were you shocked to see the 2nd act of TVXQ failed”. Max answered "Did they fail?" (Some fans tweeted back to the someone ‘they had great success.')
    As far as I know, most of the tweets were about JYJ’s charity concert

    That’s what happened about the Yunho's MJ tribute concert, isn’t it?. Many Japanese fans were there, and according to them, about 3000 seats were cancelled immediately before the opening. I don’t know who did that or whether it was intentional or accidental, though.

    "They believe in that boss but that boss can't help them. In that case, I have nothing to say."

    Max’s expression was very ambiguous and equivocal, so I'm not sure but in my opinion he meant
    “It wouldn’t be possible to save the boys who believe in the boss (if you are like this). In that case, I have nothing to say.”

    Don't push yourself. You need a break from time to time.:)

  71. Here is an excerpt of the conversations that Matsuura had with some of the Japanese fans on twitter:

    RT @JJONMA:Does this mean there is someone behind all this?? Possibly by SM?? (reply): This is where everyone is mistaken. There is nothing going on between Avex and SM. That would be unbelievable. If that were the case, it would probably lead to a fight. IF that were the case. But it’s not.

    I like the three of them. However….

    I want to let all of you know the truth, but if I tell you here there is the possibility of putting family members at risk too. If there are people that understand, that’s all I need.

    RT @ycdycd: Anyway! Please stop interfering with JYJ’s charity event! Don’t stop on the good intentions of charity! (reply): It’s not interference. It’s a problem with contract. Meaning, it’s with the matters of a promise.

    I haven’t done anything to be embarrassed about. No matter what people say.

    I understand the feelings of people who want to believe in the people that they like. But if they want to believe the boss of these people, that can’t be helped. If they can’t deny the boss, it won’t be possible to save the three of them. If this is how it is, I have nothing more to say.

    @mjjeje Wake up (T/N: Open your eyes to reality)

    If the details of the contract were revealed, no one would be able to say anything…

    We’re not idiots. We wouldn’t do anything that leads to a no win situation.

    I’m tired of twitter, and now I’ve realized that I’m not the one who should be coming out in front like this in the first place. Seriously it’s not that I hate the three of them. But, it’s tough being a president. If the company’s concepts and my own thoughts come into conflict, as a president, it is my responsibility to comply with the company.

    This somehow clearly shows that there is definitely something fishy about JYJ's leaving SM and that the fans were being mislead so far.

  72. @precious take your time and thank you for your effort~

    JYJ fans really need to calm down...wth with attacking everyone that didn't put the praise word in the same sentences with JYJ...ughhh


  73. @lisalio
    During MJ tribute concert 3000 seats were cancelled right before the opening?

    You mean people cancelled pre-book ticket at last minute? 3000 is a lot, I don't think this could happen by chance, it is more likely a sabotage.

    Just to share with you all, chinese fans found out JYJ fanatic bought ticket to SMT Shanghai just to show 'red X sign" to Homin. That fanatic fan is the admin of 3hreevoices tiebar, she told people what she did and Homin fans manage to screen capture that.

    Anybody know Who's Family Members was Max referred to?

    [[ I want to let all of you know the truth, but if I tell you here there is the possibility of putting family members(????) at risk too. If there are people that understand, that’s all I need.]]

  74. @Karen

    Wow, I did not know about the Shanghai Concert incident. :(
    It’s so sad that JYJ fans do not hesitate to spread word about unfair thing that happen to CJS (even if it’s rediculous) but if something unfair happens to HoMin somehow it is really hard to find out about it.
    About the family members, I don't know which word he used in his original tweet but I think he means family memberst of avex family. There is the option that he's talking about his own family members, though. I'm not sure and I don't think anyone can say for sure what he means...

    About Matsuura’s twitter updates, he said that the charity concert in Saitama is a misappropriation/embezzlement that just pretends to be charity. And elsewhere I read that the concert was actually cancelled by CjeS itselfe to get the cancellation fees.
    I don’t know what to think about it… at the one hand there are already so many JYJ concerts which got cancelled and there is no way that SME or Avex have to do something with ALL of them, but at the other hand it seems to be too much that CjeS cancelled the concert intentionally…

  75. @Karen wow the things that the fans do just to bring down dbsk/homin...It's really saddening for me that they (JYJ fans)forgot that Homin has nothing to do with all JYJ drama/mess...It's the fight between them and SME...but then again there's no point in arguing with a fool

  76. I dont know its getting frustrating to the point that I just want to get a twitter account to rant on these anti's-what the heck have the two innocent boys ever done to these fans that they are out to destroy them-i am so hoping that HoMin never give up and continue singing and staying happy!!

  77. @Karen
    Yeah, 3000 is a lot…. too many…. I may have the number wrong:-(. But it was quite a lot to the extent they needed to reduce the venue size just before the opening.
    About the family members, I read the original tweet in Japanese again and am pretty sure he meant his own family members.;)

  78. @all

    do you guys have a twitter...I would love to talk to more homin fans about this...I just found this site accidentally few weeks ago and I would love to talk to someone about this matter...thank you~

    you guys are wonderful and I love reading the post and comments in here~ ^__^

  79. @ Lisalio, said...

    I read all the tweets he posted yesterday. If I didn’t miss any, Max didn't mention anything about TVXQ (HoMin), except when someone asked him "Were you shocked to see the 2nd act of TVXQ failed”. Max answered "Did they fail?" (Some fans tweeted back to the someone ‘they had great success.')

    ha ha ha this twit epic...
    how can they say TVXQ comeback failed.. with KYHD? they still sleep or what? KYHD? is the most epic song i ever heard from all TVXQ's song

  80. @dhanirahman52: Was it a joke? TVXQ comeback failed? That was the funniest thing I've ever heard. Those people really have to wash their brain.

  81. @dhanirahman52
    How are they a fail??In Japan JYJ's record the beginning only sold like 60 000 while TVXQ KYHD sold 280 000. Where exactly is the fail?? People really need to look at there numbers before they start spouting that kind of crap. It really is sad that JYJ fanatics are bent on destroying TVXQ. Yes I sad TVXQ cause while they only think they are doing it to Homin they are destroying the name that all 5 built together. While there are many Homin fans who have done the same thing the malicious intent has not been as vicious. Not only that but if you notice most JYJ fans were TVXQ gaining new fans has been a little hard for them because of the fandom that they carry along with them. If any bad word is said they immediately jump on you like attack dogs. For me it's hard to side with someone who has aired all there dirty laundry to the world without thinking at all about what you are saying or who it will effect. After all they apparently lied to us for years about being happy so who's to say they aren't lieing now. They continue to hurt the two they used to call brothers without even thinking of anyone but themselves I can't help but be put off a little by them and there rabid fans. Who apparently they they can do no wrong but everything out of the other two's mouth is a lie. Again I have worked in this business in Asia and all the things I have heard from friends and just open information on the net just spells that these 3 wanted something more then any company would have been willing to give them. In this business like in any other you pay your dues and earn respect only then will you end up like BoA and Kangta but it seems they thought they deserved more then what they really did and now a whole fandom is split and a friendship most likely destroyed.

  82. @jaemin my twitter acc is my username here :)

    @Lisalio: Thanks hun for the explanation. As for Matsuura-san tweets, I actually feel indifferent. As long as he did not bother HoMin, I wont care much. But his tweets are pretty amusing to read. A slap for butt hurt jyj stans.

    As for concert sabotage...
    Antis really active spreading hate for TVXQ. I feel pity for them, they spend time and money hating people for NOTHING. Like HoMin will break down... In their dreams! Eventually their efforts are futile. Like pushing a ball into water, in the end the ball will bounce back.

    @Precious take ur time. You have ur own priority.

  83. @ Andy

    Sure, go ahead. I have no problem with TVXQ fans translating my articles in their native languages.

    @ Lisalio

    From what I was told (I actually asked a person who was at the MJ tribute concert), some tickets became available at the venue on the day of the concert, but it was eventually sold out (not sure if completely or almost). I'm guessing the 3000 figure was greatly exaggerated by some antis to discredit the event, just like some people are doing these days to discredit TVXQ's success. (TVXQ failed? LOL)

  84. @Precious...thank you so much!!! you're awesome and I really appreciate your hard work!!

  85. @LadyYejin
    yea i dont understand why some people talk behind that TVXQ comeback is failed.
    no 1 oricon chart in the first day their album release.. its not failed at all.
    i just thinking maybe old fans seems so sure that because they didnt buy album so TVXQ will down.
    ahaaaaaa they forget KYHD too epic .. a lot of new fans who bought their album. TVXQ Fighting !!!

  86. @yunme
    yea i guess it was an unfunny jokes ^o^
    whatever ppl said. they cant stop TVXQ comeback
    they cant stop Yunho and Changmin who always gaves us the best they can.

    BTW Before U Go song is supper hot .. kyaaaaa
    dont forget to save the earth before you go he he he
    TVXQ I Love Ypu

  87. @ Precious
    Btw im waiting your post about Hotel Girls
    im not curious too much before. but since a lot of rumor fly around fans. I hope i can read your post about that.

  88. @ dhanirahman52

    "Hotel" girls? That word is used by the antis to label TVXQ fans or anyone who sides against CJS. I wouldn't use that word to describe TVXQ fans because it is used to ridicule anyone against CJS.

  89. @Precious
    Thank you for your posts, do have a question: why do so many people assume Forever is a male? And where did that come from? (I can kinda guess, maybe, but curious for your take.) After reading your trans. of Forever's blog post (which btw I've never seen even excerpts or screenshots of before, so thank you again for that), I got the distinct impression it was written by a female fan. Despite being under the assumption that Forever was a male before reading it. xP

  90. Guyssss
    TVXQ Rising sun and KYHD today is AWESOME

  91. @dhanirahman52

    I KNOOOOO. I actually didn't expect TVXQ to appear (kuku me), so when the music for KYHD began (actually when Taewoo shouted "Cassiopeia!") I was like WUT. They both looked so sexy! Their tight pants...

    And then they performed Rising Sun. OMG. I was clapping. If I were there irl, I will clap as loud as I can because I want them to know that there are fans who think that TVXQ now is just perfect. They are always giving their best and still so gracious when they lost to CNBLUE last week!

  92. @dhanirahman

    yeah...i watched was really AWESOME
    i wanna watched it again after the show finished so i went into youtube and i felt dizzy there @@ those comments
    why cant those ppl jz say something to encourage the boys?why cant they just listen and clap for the awesomeness?

    those OT5 sometimes are really annoying.keep saying it would be better if the 3 were there or they missed those three.if they miss them y don they just go to the old RS live or go to JYJ videos and say that they miss them there.frustrated, annoyed with ppl keep mentioning those 3 in tvxq videos.

    However, for me, since purple line (still an OT5 tat time), i had always wish that, for TVXQ strong beat song, there will be no JJ or YC inside, i always felt that they ruined their strong beat song.their dance ><. For mirotic and P.line, JJ sang the 1st line.i always found it weird during their live for strong beat songs bcz of JJ's voice is too soft.For example, if i wanted to introduce a song fr tvxq to my brother, i will definitely skip YC n JJ voice.their voice are not powerful enough to attract my brother.i don care about JS,i hv 2 admit tat he can do everything well.

    finally i can listen to wat i want today.just the powerful voice of tvxq to sing the old SMP.but...the comments...i feel im bad for thinking that way.i think i had offended ot5 n jyj fans T.T sorry..but that was my true i really need POWERFUL voice for strong beat song.sorry....

  93. @ biathanatos_

    They wanted fans to believe that Forever was some sort of a conspirator from HoMin's side. There were rumors that Forever was Yunho's father, SM insider or Yunho himself so they presented Forever as a male to subtly reinforce those rumors. They wanted fans to believe those rumors, so Forever had to be a male. That's probably one of the reason why Forever's article was never shown.

  94. does anyone know anything about the april 19th 2011 hearing for JYJ and what happened?


  95. @Precious,

    I heard a rumor that JYJ was filing an injunction against Avex in Japan. Do you know anything about it?

    Also, jyj3 is spreading rumors about 'Hotel' again. She/he said that Korean 'Hotel' girls are spreading rumors about last year's JYJ US showcase that the tickets were sold along with frying pans in the supermarkets. I am pretty sure that I have seen the pictures of tickets with frying pans before. But I couldn't find it anymore. what's more, the show case was free. So what's the difference how the tickets were distributed? I don't see the point that jyj3 made it like a deal other than to set up rumors about 'Hotel' again. Really what's with them against the so-called 'Hotel' girls except to discredit anyone telling the truth about CJS that they don't want JYJ fans to hear.

  96. I finally heard the term "Hotel Girls" at allkpop. It was a term used by a poster to call people/fans who thought Rising Sun v2 was great. It's ridiculous. I guess they are throwing these accusatory remarks cos they knew deep in their hearts that the performance was great and the thought of them (HoMin) pulling it off despite lacking 3 voices makes it even better. *le sigh*

  97. @ kiwi

    The hearing was postponed for mediation. I don't know which side requested it though.

    @ wakeupgogo

    I heard about JYJ's injunction too, but from what I've seen, the only source of that news was from a Japanese tabloid paper, so I don't know if it's 100% accurate, but then again, even a tabloid won't print something about a lawsuit without dependable source, so maybe they did.

    As for the "frying pan" tickets, it was posted by a person who lives in Vegas. According to her, she went to a Korean market and bought a frying pan (and other stuff I'm sure), and the cashier put a couple of tickets in her bag, and when she came back home she found out they were JYJ World Tour tickets. The reason it matters is because they touted the tour to be something big and the reality was that they were giving them out in a grocery market to anyone buying stuff. I'll be writing about that tour briefly in the future as well. Only if I had time...

    @ macachangmin
    I know you're frustrated with some fans, but let's be civil about it. :)

    @ girlpower
    It's a new disease spreading in the fandom since TVXQ's comeback. It's called "TVXQ Envy". One of the symptom is just blabbering "Hotel" whenever they can.

  98. "It's a new disease spreading in the fandom since TVXQ's comeback. It's called "TVXQ Envy". One of the symptom is just blabbering "Hotel" whenever they can."

    Hahah!! hope it's not contagious. shouldn't these ppl be quarantined?

    (oops. did my non classy side come out? sorry! delete if you must :)

  99. @presious
    I'm a big follower your blog, but never post anywords.
    I love your words "TVXQ Envy" too much.
    Caused what happen this day, come from this words.

    you're the best TVXQ protecter, love you too.

  100. @ crheem, nonxxtrmesass

    You liked it huh? :)

    If only the other fans can just let go of the TVXQ and just support JYJ, which they're supposed to be doing, none of this nonsense would be happening.

  101. It's really good to see many people recommending your blog to others. It's nice to know that so many are aware of it. But I'm not happy when people say that it is extremely biased especially when you give us the links to verify for ourselves and tell us to take the news with a pinch of salt.Many messages that talk about this blog have been flagged for spam on youtube. :/ I really hope that people will see what's actually going on.Although I must add that many are now sensible enough to see that DBSK is only Yunho+ Changmin and not the others included.
    Plus, I saw the Rising Sun perf. and can say that I'm extremely happy to see them perform that song. To me that was a 'breaking out' of sorts if you get what I mean.Many talk about how it isn't the same without the other three to which i'll partly agree coz we are so used to listening to RS by the 5. If it were originally part of KYHD then things would've been different. Anyway, I'm just happy to see them go on.But sad that they had their goodbye stage recently. Can't wait for their next.

  102. @Precious

    I'm worry about the mediation thing. What if they are talking about letting CJS go back to SM, although i know it is highly unlikely because CJes's Pek will not let go of CJS. Oh God, please don't let it happen, it will be my worst nightmare.

  103. @Precious:

    "It's a new disease spreading in the fandom since TVXQ's comeback. It's called "TVXQ Envy".

    LOL, and in my pov, mixing with the envy is the angry seeing that the tree they have tried to destroyed for years doesn't die but grow up more strongly :)

  104. @karenteh

    i don't get this mediation thing, i read (from JYJ side) that this means the judge will be making the decision based on presented evidence and if neither party appeals in 2 weeks then the case is closed. (HUH??) i don't get it. i also don't know how accurate this info is.

    yeah CJS going back to work with TVXQ is like every Homin fan's worst nightmare. ugh.

  105. I really don't want cjs going back to tvxq. They hurt and continue to hurt homin in so many untold ways. I don't think it can happen anyway because homin and sm would have to agree to it which I highly doubt they want to. What they've been through because of their 'so called friends' is too much. They are still picking themselves up from that let alone think of getting back together with the very people who hurt them so deeply. I wonder which side called for the mediation. Why couldn't they mediate before things got as bad as they did. What prompted the mediation? I suppose we'll have to wait for some of news to know what is really going on.

  106. We must all remember, the lawsuit stance of SME is that the 'exclusive contract between SME/JYJ is valid' it would be hypocritical of SME to back out on that stance now.

    I don't know if this 'mediation' news was the result of the delay in the hearing. From what I remember is that the judge (not sure if it's the current judge) of the case wanted 'reconciliation' of both parties from the very beginning, something that SME was never against in the first place. Further news of the 3 members of KARA reconcile with DSP Ent maybe was the influence of such 'mediation'.

    A lot of HoMin fans that I know are nervous with mix feelings of accepting JYJ back into the fold as TVXQ, but I believe of all people, SME must in the end (even though they don't have to), consult with HoMin. Because if JYJ were to be under TVXQ once again, it will only be at the heartfelt forgiveness and of humbled hearts of HoMin to accept them back.

    Yet, at the same time I do feel this situation of them coming back to TVXQ is very unlikely.

  107. @Precious: thanks again for keeping us updated about the truths.
    and please anyone quotes me any sites about the 'mediation' please? I havent really heard anything about this.

  108. @cat1177

    I read it at another blog, briefly mentioned they postponed the trial this month for mediation. Well mediation is the way to settle civil case out of court. Personally I don't think it was SM who made this request as SM witness from Japan is ready to testify. Anyway, this is just an unconfirmed info and i can't trust what the other side said.

  109. @ karenteh, cat1177, cutebabyboo

    Like karenteh said, nothing is really confirmed. I don't have any info regarding the mediation. I know the session was postponed because of it, but I have no idea, and I don't think anyone else besides the directly involved parties has any idea who requested it. I was looking forward to hear what Nam Soyoung had to say, but we'll have to wait and see.

  110. @NoName: As same as you, I don't think it's possible to be united again under TVXQ. They made it too far, now they can't go back. People have to face the reality: TVXQ now is Yunho and Changmin. Beside Cass, the boys also have their own fans, HoMin fans. I don't think they'll be happy if the others come back.

    Let's wait for the mediation.

  111. Much as i love the other 3 boys as well, I do not want them back as 5 and enjoy the labour of HoMin's hard work as DBSK. Yes, it might be true that DBSK2 did not do as well as DBSK5, but its the same for CJS. 

    I still find it difficult to understand why the 3 seems so reluctant to let go of their identities as DBSK. Perhaps jaejoong more than the other 2, I could give him the benefit of the doubt that perhaps he never really wanted to leave HoMin. But honestly enough is enough, I just hope everyone moves on and get on with their own lives. 

  112. @justine
    They can't let go of their identities as DBSK because they want the benefit of that= more fame=more work= more money and about "JJ never really wanted to leave HoMin", I am sorry but life is not about good intentions but facts. He left HOMIN, that's all, perhaps he had good intentions but not good actions, and actions speak louder than words, however if they ask for forgiveness and they earn it, in that moment I will start to believe in them.
    Agree with you, I hope everyone moves on and get on with their own lives. CH and YH worked so hard and it will be unfair for them if JYJ come back, besides it will look fake.
    Sorry my english.

  113. @apooli

    In my POV, it doesn't matter who called for mediation. But more important thing is that JYJ side had changed their stance regarding mediation. They have been refused to mediate with SM from the beginning. I am disappointed as well. I want to hear the SM Japan CEO's testimony. I also hope that the tabloid about the injunction in Japan against Avex is real, as I also want to learn what's between Avex and CJS in Japan. Remember Max said on twitter a few days ago not disclosing contract to anyone? I think that he is mocking CJS as he knows that the contract will do a big damage to them.

    On the other hand, I still think that CJS doesn't want to come back. The mediation is probably for the purpose to close the case so that JYJ can appear on TVs again. On 4/23 Taibei con, on his way back to backstage at last, Park Yoochun shouted 'start over' in Korean to the audience.

    @ justine, Sofly
    About JJ, let's not forget that his tatoo on his back after they left SM. His new tatoo had only two names: Yoochun and Junsu. Also when the 5th TVXQ album is released, instead of 'JYJ from TVXQ', his twitter said 'Keep you heads up and your mind open'. People, we are far from knowing him or what he wanted. When cassie was touched by his performance of 'W' in dome, all the tears coming into his eyes, go watch the rehearsal video that he was so happy when singing this song. I would rather trust Park Yoochun than him.

  114. @sofly @wakeupgogo
    Perhaps being a yunjae fangirl, I guess i will always have this soft spot for Jaejoong, which makes me want to believe there's still some hope in this whole matter. But what both of you said is true as well, action does speak louder than words. By doing things that appear to give everyone hope, it's actually much more damaging than not saying much sans the nameless song (aka Park Yoochun) or outright criticizing Yunho & SM (aka Kim Junsu).

  115. I also think that the mediation is to relax the ban on the three to appear on TV programs in Korea-As for JJ, I dont know anymore-he seems like the more emo. of the three but his actions are always suspect-he has never said anything in support of HoMin-his words are either catering to OT5 emotions or very subtly putting HoMin down(as in the Keep Your Head Up/publicly calling out Yunho for the phone call)-but hey that's his prerogative-I actually feel that YooSu are more consistent in their stance be it against SM or as in Junsu's case his rant against Yunho. All I want is Homin be left in peace-it doesn't matter if they did as well as when DBSK was 5-they did a lot better than anticipated-their album is in the top three albums for this year and they have broken records in Japan-what more can we want!

  116. @wakeupgogo:
    Since you bring it up, I have always felt that the whole Tokyo Dome emotional performance was not because they were missing HoMin as most fans believe-I think the tears were more because they might not have anticipated the huge support the Japanese fans gave them-Its just a feeling I have considering how quickly they moved forward with their new group, album tours etc.

  117. @ Reema,

    I don't know why people think the 3 were crying about Yunho & Changmin @ Tokyo Dome either. All I saw were the 3 being emo because of the fans.

    It's always been about the fans, even from the beginning (6.25). Remember the audio of JJ drunk (if it's real), he was saying he is nothing w/out Cassies, not Yunho & Changmin. And, everything that he has DONE supports this. Words are empty without actions to back it up. I can say that I support Yunho & Changmin but if I boycott their album or bash on SM, these actions will hurt them.

    One thing is clear about JJ, he knows his fans. He knows just what to say and do to make them follow him. Everyone thinks him as the emotional, caring, motherly figure but I see duplicity. And frankly, with his NEED for his fans and seeing the manipulation of his words and tweets, make me very wary of him as a person.

  118. It's kinda interesting..
    Yoochun --> Hate SME (unnamed song), don't care about Homin (questioning Junsu's complain twitter)
    Junsu --> Hate SME, disturbing (dislike?) Homin
    Jaejoong --> Hate SME, but AKTF

    They have same opinion about SME, but (seems/possibly) different about Homin.

  119. @crheem

    Well,among those 3, only JJ who doesn't have solo career. That may be the reason he tries so hard to keep his fans.

  120. @kirsch87

    "They have same opinion about SME, but (seems/possibly) different about Homin."

    For me they r the same :) their words do nothing more than bring them sympathy and cause trouble for Yunho and Changmin, they do the method differently because there are different fans.

    People who hate Homin use Yoosu words to diss Hm, people hate SM uses JYJ accusion to call it evil, OT5 uses JJ words to keep hoping :) (but to be honest, JJ is the one I think is most enthusiastic about the whole thing, he does all the methods: hating SM, cause trouble for HM (phoncall stuff, comment on their comeback, and of course, raising false hope)

    Maybe like u say, he wants to keep fans the most compare to other 2 :)

  121. @kirsch87

    "Well,among those 3, only JJ who doesn't have solo career. That may be the reason he tries so hard to keep his fans."

    although if what he says in his interviews are to be believed, he has been getting tons of offers and is just trying to be picky with his solo project.

    whatever his reasons for trying so hard to keep his fans, he sure isn't letting his "brotherly love" for Yunho and Changmin get in the way.

  122. does any one know about this i just read it on Yoochun Hospitalized news the article sayes that
    ""JYJ also recently had legal issues with SM Entertainment, and the court battles ended with SM Entertainment having to pay fines for interference in the past, and also for any interferences in the future.""

    wasnt the court were postponed !! how come they say in ended!!!

  123. @ ranon

    I didn't read the article, but if it's a news article from a reporter, just remember that some of the so called reporters are more clueless than general fans so you need to take it with a (huge) grain of salt. As far as I know, SM didn't pay any fine either. The judge ruled that SM needs to pay fine for any future interference. Also, we know that JYJ's recent legal troubles are almost 2 years old. I sometimes wonder how some of those reporters got a job in the first place.

  124. @ all

    I highly doubt the 3 will come back to TVXQ. Yunho, Changming and SM worked so hard for the comeback and built new generation of fans who liked the current version of the band, and if the 3 came back, those new fans will not accept them. Some new fans don't even know the old TVXQ songs unless TVXQ perform them. (e.g. Mirotic, Rising Sun etc.), and they prefer the Duo's version of the songs over the old performances so it doesn't really benefit HoMin and SM to accept the 3 back. There will be some backlash (potentially huge) if the 3 came back. I also highly doubt C-Jes will let the 3 go back to SM.

    I believe the purpose of this mediation is just to end the lawsuit and prevent any further damaging facts towards JYJ from being revealed.

  125. @ ranon
    where did you see that news? All i read are just abt yoochun hospitalized.

    This may be off topic that i read a news abt junho contracting with Avex. The moment i read it, i really can't stop laughing: Whats makes him to sign with "evil Avex"? Is he going to be the PR between CJS and Avex?

    Anyway, i wonder why matsuura contract with him.

  126. @oopapi

    i read it on soompi her is the link :)

    @ Precious
    thanx for the info those so called reporters really need to write the facts more than seeking for actions ..

  127. @ Precious,

    So they don't want damaging facts about cjs to come out but they didn't mind when they almost completely destroyed homin's reputation. I think cjs' side is the one that called for mediation because the ceo of sm japan was definitely going to provide informatin that was damaging to them. They refused any kind of mediation with sm when they felt they didn't need them and now after all the chaos, the lies and heartache they've caused homin and sm they remember mediation? lol. Everything is about them, they really don't care about homin do they? Whether they like it or not those facts will still come out, its really just a matter of when. I hope this lawsuit ends with sm having the upper hand.

  128. [ I believe the purpose of this mediation is just to end the lawsuit and prevent any further damaging facts towards JYJ from being revealed. ]

    @ Precious

    Yes, this is what I think as well.

    Mrs. Nam the former SM Director, now the CEO of SM Japan, was about to open a can of worms on JYJ, with legal binding statements and etc. To which, SM lawyers was about to slice and dice with very damaging questions that will hold JYJ accountable.

    So, in the end it might very well be to not have Nam testify. I don't know, just my intuition and guess.

    I really don't care anymore, it's too late, damage has been done, HoMin has moved on.

  129. The damage is already done. Actually, JYJ do not only damage Homin+SME, but also themselves. Public/Fans' support already goes to Homin. TVXQ sold the most albums in the first quarter of 2011, but JYJ's album isn't even on top 10. Unless JYJ's album isn't included in Gaon's list, isn't this mean something?

  130. @Precious

    The injunction against Avex in Japan seems to be real. The official announcement from Avex is here:

    In above announcement, Avex called for JYJ to come back after resolving the lawsuits in Korea.

    If it's real that the case with SM is ended, they would be able to promote JYJ on Korean TVs? So why would they file injunction in Japan now?

    And for your entertainment, when Zak filed the application for the Arena for charity concert, they listed a band named 'unlimited boys'. Then after got the approval (not official approval yet), Zak moved forward with ticketing selling with JYJ's name. I guess that's why the arena came to realize that 'unlimited boys' = 'JYJ'. LOL. Aren't CJes and Zak just hilarious? Here is the link.

  131. @wakeupgogo

    I read the blog. They are blaming Avex when they are the one who bring themselves a trouble by never tried to ask permission from Avex first & used real name for application. Now, it confirmed my believe that JYJ is destined to doom as long as they are with CJes.

  132. @wakeupgogo @kirsch87
    I read the magazine (Weekly Asahi), too.

    According to the Weekly Asahi,
    1 April 2011,
    ZAK applied for use of Saitama Super Arena. The application form only included the names of Unlimited Boys and other Korean artists. SSA was considering the application positively (not yet approved).
    5 April, 2011,
    ZAK notified SSA of participation of JYJ in the charity concert, and immediately started selling tickets, although SSA hadn’t granted permission.
    11 April 2011,
    SSA notified ZAK of denial of the application.

    14 April 2011,
    SSA announced they hadn’t granted them permission on their website.
    15 April 2011
    ZAK stated they sold the tickets after getting approval from SSA on their website.
    28 April 2011
    Avex & Cjes made announcements about this issue.

    On 22 March 2011, Daily Sports reported JYJ was planning to have a charity concert at Yokohama arena on 7 June 2011.
    Some JYJ fans seem to have asked Cjes about that. According to their twitters, Cjes said “we’ve never heard of the event”, “there’s no such plan”, “JYJ was having a concert in Korean around that day”. etc
    Then the Daily Sports’ article was deleted.

    I really really hope this move won’t influence Homin….:(

  133. @ Lisalio

    Thanks for your thorough coverage on the article. Has anyone ever heard of a Korean band named 'Unlimited boys'? ^^

    I intend to believe that the injunction against Avex might bring sympathy on HoMin. I got the feeling that the contract between Avex and JYJ is a secret and probably consists of big damages to HoMin (e.g in Korean court Avex had testified through paper that CJes had requested Avex to cut all the relationships with SM if Avex wants to sign a contract with JYJ.). If their contract ever gets revealed, I am sure that it will tell a lot of inside stories. Maybe I am just being skeptical, I think that CJS have something to hide in Japan. Of course, if Avex revealed such contract, it might damage its own reputation as well.

    The injunction is probably CJS's only choice provided how hopeless JYJ is in Korea. According to the news, HoMin will focus on Japanese market since this May. JYJ seems already losing Korean market given the high volumn of TVXQ 5th album on the quarterly Gaon chart. They had to do something before HoMin take over Japanese market, I guess. Even though they can't promote themselves, they strive to keep themselves in the same picture during HoMin's promotion, even in the form of background noise (remember the twitters and boycott during HoMin's comeback in Korea? Remember their fanmeeting right after HoMin's successful fan meeting in Japan?).

  134. @ wakeupgogo

    "" JYJ seems already losing Korean market given the high volumn of TVXQ 5th album on the quarterly Gaon chart. They had to do something before HoMin take over Japanese market, I guess. Even though they can't promote themselves, they strive to keep themselves in the same picture during HoMin's promotion, even in the form of background noise (remember the twitters and boycott during HoMin's comeback in Korea? Remember their fanmeeting right after HoMin's successful fan meeting in Japan?). ""

    you really making a good point here before i wasnt that interested in CJS's (jyj) lawsuit against avex as long it doesnt hurt homin but after reading ur post now im starting to feel the same pattern that happening every time homin have some kind of activity going around still cant forget matsu word for jj when he sayes in his tweet wake up jj he seems to know things that will shocked every body i just hope homin dont get into this jyj miss cuz the boys r working so hard to move forward & they r doing just fine

  135. @wakeupgogo
    I don't know about the boy band, but they seem to belong to avex.

    Good point! But this time, avex seems not to let media report this mess so much (or media just are not interested in this?). In my opinion, this would be good for Cjes & JYJ, since people tend to think JYJ sued avex although actually CJes did and a lawsuit can destroy their image in Japan. I don’t want to see that.....

  136. First of all, thank you for another very informative post.

    About the CJes vs Avex lawsuit, I think the reason is CJes using "attack" as defense method. They pretty much tried to restart JYJ's career in Japan through the back door (so to speak), i.e. they knew it would look bad if a charity concert was blocked so they tried to cheat SSA into hosting a JYJ concert. But selling tickets before having actual confirmation from the arena is something that could damage their reputation in Japan forever so they have to "fight back" with the lawsuits.
    As far as I'm concerned the mere fact that they sold tickets for this concert before everything was finalized should be the last straw for JYJ fans. But I guess their fans would forgive them anything.
    I don't believe for a second that JYJ don't know what CJes is doing (which Avex's statement implied). CJes works for them and on behalf of them and they know their manager's past very well. They also allow their staff to tell their fans things like "if you love JYJ you will love/trust their manager too" which shows JYJ don't have a problem with their team emotionally blackmailing the fans.
    If this story becomes bigger in Japan (which will happen if it goes to court) people will inevitably make the Cjes=JYJ connection.

    @Kirsch87, I saw JYJ fans claim that their korean album isn't in the top ten because it's listed as a book and not as a CD and that most fans bought it from bookstores. But I find it hard to believe because I remember it was in the Hanteo charts when it was first released so it couldn't be considered as only a book. Also, the Gaon chart includes retail sales from all sources, i.e. international sales from Yesasia, etc. And it wasn't sold as a book internationally, I remember I was seeing it as a CD in HMV and Amazon when I was looking to buy music.

    Lastly, I don't think current TVXQ fans have any reason to worry JYJ will return to HoMin. SM has spent much money and HoMin worked very hard to establish TVXQ as a duo. And it looks like it has worked. HoMin have made it clear that they consider TVXQ5 a thing of the past. Even if JYJ decide to disappoint their hardcore fans by asking to return to TVXQ they will find the doors closed. The only thing about JYJ that is of interest to SM now is to somehow prove through the court that the company is not a slave master, in sort it's a matter of pride and nothing else.
    I actually used to feel sorry for OT5 fans but I don't anymore because they are insulting HoMin and their hard work repeatedly, a lot of them not even realizing it. I don't even dare to read youtube comments anymore. They also choose to believe the OT5 PR that a certain member of JYJ often does over the honest talk that HoMin, Changmin especially, do. And they get extremely excited about unimportant or unproven stuff (like how they are getting excited now about Yunho laughing when he heard the ringtone of some girl at the Thai press conference and teasing her about her phone ringing. Of course Yunho was being cute as usual with the fan and he probably doesn't even know that the ringtone was of a JYJ song). As a result, the next time (and every time) HoMin or SM will speak clearly about the real situation with TVXQ the fans will blame them again for being "mean".

  137. @vicky
    Thanks for the info. At least now we know to who the support goes. I always think that JYJ has enough supporter domestically and internationally. Apparently, it doesn't seem so, at least not domestically. Also, the one you called OT5 is obviously JYJ only fans. If they are OT5, they (at least) won't trust that kind of rumor.

    It seems JYJ's fans trust CJeS 100%, not Avex, which is unbelievable. Avex is much older than CJeS & has good reputation. Now, I see at allkpop that JYJ's fans make petition to Avex asking to let JYJ perform at charity concert as schedule. CJeS already declared that JYJ's charity concert is starting signal for JYJ's promotion activity in Japan. Since it's like this, I don't think Avex will easily let JYJ perform. I have mixed feeling about this since it is charity concert.
    However, I believe Avex will win the lawsuit.

  138. Continue...

    After all, what CJeS was doing is wrong. I still can't comprehend that after all the problems that JYJ receives + knowing the background of CJeS' CEO, JYJ's fans still believe this company 100%??? They even still think that SME keeps blocking JYJ's activity even though SME is a publicly list company at KOSDAQ in which they can read the report about where SME's money goes. And here they say SME is money hungry but they blame all JYJ's difficulty to SME. What a contradiction.
    And why JYJ signed with CJeS in the first place. Didn't they know the CEO reputation? Or was it because no one accept them? Or was it because of money again? Or were they blackmailed?

  139. continue...

    Avex said they got pressure from antisocial force(their official statement). Is that what it means or do I understand wrongly? What does that mean? Is there anyone know? Sorry for ranting so much.

  140. To he honest, I don't think the lawsuit against Avex will do them any good, because Avex enjoys very good reputation among Japanese music fans and JYJ blaming the company for unfairness last September made their reputation already crack a bit, cuz Japanese trust Avex, a legal Japanese corporation way more than three Korean singers. So I don't dare to imagine what ordinary Japanese housewife fans (which used to be the majority of 5Thohoshinki's fanbase in Japan)will think of JYJ after the lawsuit thingy gets real big...

    As far as I know Junsu's father was and still is a shareholder / investor of CJeS, even before JYJ went to that company. So it is not much surprising that they choose this company as their new management agency.

  141. @vicky
    so the ringtone really was "Be My Girl"? i read this comment on youtube and thought it was a joke (or ot5 fantasy). Yunho probably doesn't even know what JYJ songs sounds like. he did look like he was being cute with the person and asking her to pick up cos obviously it was interrupting Changmin. ok now that i think about it, if it was really a JYJ song i hope that person didn't do it on purpose.

    no matter how you look at it, an artist/group riddled with lawsuits and accusations and petitions and shady management is never a good thing. no matter how neutral you are at some point you will have to wonder why all this is stuff is happening to them. something is very wrong and it boggles my mind why their fans can't see what that is and keep flinging the blame elsewhere.

    like a lot of people i can;t imagine those 3 coming back to TVXQ. what are they gonna do, pretend nothing ever happened? it's ironic that many hardcore "ot5" fans who are hating on SM because of how they were treated as commodities and not humans with feelings are doing the exact same thing now. they won't patch things up and get back together for your entertainment, even if you lock them together in a room for a week precisely because they are not robots but real people with pain and resentment, and saying they should get back together because they were perfect together and ignoring all that went on between them is childish. also i don't think YC and JS want to, they're done with it and it shows. Homin are focused on being a duo too which is also very obvious. while the 3 do have some advocates who are vocal about their fight like on twitter and such, i believe that generally the industry's sympathy and respect lies with Homin not just as artists but as people. my hope now is that they reach some kind of settlement through this mediation, for the 3 to pay up and buy themselves out of their contract somehow, and for SM to let them go.

  142. @Kirsch87, antisocial forces means mafia basically. The fact that Avex is talking about mafia and blackmail when JYJ's manager has been long rumored for the former and gone to jail for the latter is very important. If JYJ's manager is using blackmail again and Avex has evidence of it then this story will become much bigger in future.

    Cat1177, I don't know if it's the JYJ song. I even saw some JYJ fans having difficulty recognizing it but OT5 fans are so sure that Yunho would?
    I agree with what you said. They want their OT5 back and don't care about the boys feelings (just like they pressure HoMin to get twitter accounts and don't care about the hate comments they will get). Changmin showed clearly that he is happier now than the last times he was with JYJ. It's like they don't respect HoMin and completely disregard the opinions they have expressed as words that SM made them say. They also allow JYJ to play them like puppets in regards to TVXQ name. JYJ were all "we are better now, we like the songs we sing now more, TVXQ is past" when they wanted to establish themselves as JYJ but remembered how they are still TVXQ when HoMin made their comeback. HoMin naturally said that you can't just leave a team that others created for you but insist to call yourself a member of the team at the same time. But OT5 ignore that and believe only what the good JYJ say.
    I also can't feel but feel insulted when OT5 fans call HoMin only or JYJ only fans "stans", to imply that they as OT5 are fans (therefore better) while non OT5 fans are "stans" (so inferior). They probably don't even know what stan means. Stan means stalker fan and is used as a joke by people about someone who is a hardcore fan. So if we are HoMin stans then they are OT5 stans. HoMin fans especially are far less obsessive in my opinion than the OT5 fans who attack anyone who doesn't agree with them so if someone deserves the term "stan" I think it's more they than us.

  143. By the way, about Avex. I am sure a lot of us are amused by the way JYJ fans are disappointed at Junsu's brother deciding to debut under Avex. It's the same as those SM artists who said they aren't slaves, anyone who makes JYJ claims look invalid is the "enemy".

  144. I love reading all the comments besides precious post in here...everything becomes clearer with each step that JYJ takes...I couldn't understand why their fans failed to see the logic here with the cases...

    I do not hope the lawsuit end with mediation though, because if there's something that JYJ was hiding or whether they were lying, I just want to know the truth...

  145. @vicky
    another ridiculous thing that some ot5 stans are pushing is the idea that "Homin" is a TVXQ "sub-unit" like how JYJ supposedly is. which is the stupidest thing i've ever heard because Homin are people who make up the group TVXQ, while JYJ is an entirely different group not affiliated with SM...TVXQ works for SM so how can an outsider group be a TVXQ sub-unit?
    obviously fans make this up to make themselves feel better about the split but they don't realize how this is very disrespectful to Homin and all their efforts and hard work for the current TVXQ.

    fans should know the truth especially when it's been dragged out to this scale, but at this point i'm only thinking of the best possible way for this to end without causing any more harm to Homin. they've been put through enough crap already.

  146. "another ridiculous thing that some ot5 stans are pushing is the idea that "Homin" is a TVXQ "sub-unit" like how JYJ supposedly is"
    This so much!!!!!
    I remember when TVXQ comeback was announced I saw some comments by OT5 fans hating SM and when people were saying to them "but JYJ have formed a new band already" their answer was "no, JYJ is just a sub-unit". Keeping the faith is one thing but completely altering reality to what you want it to be is another (by the way, one more reason I think OT5 fans are disrespectful to HoMin is that they keep throwing "AKTF" to them when the phrase was clearly said about JaeChun not about TVXQ5. How would HoMin feel when their supposed fans pressure them with a phrase that was said by those who they have described as ex bandmates?).

    I have come to expect seeing disrespectful comments about HoMin by JYJ fans (although I am starting to feel a bit sorry for them because they seem confused by JYJ's , and JJ's especially, change of attitude regarding the "TVXQ" issue. JYJ fans made big effort to convince people to give credit to JYJ as a new band, a new beginning as "real' and "free" artists away from the TVXQ past. And then JYJ changed their PR , in an obvious attempt to not be left out of the TVXQ name, and their fans seemed very confused).
    But what OT5 fans say sometimes is equally disrespectful. I actually saw someone commenting "I can't wait for TVXQ to comeback with their 5th album" on the last performances HoMin did recently. And when someone pointed out that KYHD is TVXQ's 5th album the answer was a very patronising "you know what I mean dear. The actual 5th album that all Cassies are waiting for".

  147. "As far as I know Junsu's father was and still is a shareholder / investor of CJeS, even before JYJ went to that company."

    WHAT?! Was this common knowledge? Why am I just hearing about this? WOW! My head is spinning! First, JYJ suing Avex, then Junho's Avex contract and now this? What is going on?

    Is anyone BigEast here? I wanted to know what BigEast's stance is re: JYJ? I saw the petition from JYJ fans in Japan but don't know if they are a big % of BigEast. (Starting to worry about TVXQ's Japan activities and a little peeved at how it seems JYJ starts something to detract the attention away from TVXQ's efforts). Also, I read a while ago that it was a well known fact amongst BigEast that JYJ demanded Avex drop YH & CM when they signed with them. Anyone know if there is any truth to this?

    Sorry for so many questions.

    And I have to agree with everything that was said re: OT5's rhetoric and misguided thinking. The sad thing is, they really think they are supporting both sides and it's impossible to tell them that despite their best intentions, they are not. sigh.

  148. @crheem
    And here OT5 said AKTF! But it's common knowledge JYJ demanded Avex to drop Homin. This OT5 fans sure have great filter in their brain.

    Yoochun & Junsu practically said they had enough with TVXQ & Changmin said he had enough with JYJ. And OT5 fans are expecting them to be together again & releasing TVXQ '5th album'? Thinking JYJ & new TVXQ as sub-unit? Great brain filter. Like vicky said, they are not OT5 fans' dolls. Oh, they also starts expecting Avex to force those 5 work together (I read in Allkpop forum). Kinda awkward but OT5 fans want to see them together, so they don't care????

  149. @vicky
    So now CJeS tried to use blackmailed. I wonder if they hold Avex's weakness or something. However, I'm sure Avex isn't stupid. So Avex may try to get evidence of the blackmailed & send those responsible at CJeS to jail. After this get big, JYJ can say goodbye to their career in Japan. South Korea public support is already given to Homin. Gaon charts are the proof that JYJ isn't selling in South Korea anymore. It's no wonder if they want to start their career in Japan no matter what they should do.

  150. When Kara's filed lawsuit, I remember thinking that when parents involved, thing can get messy. Though in Kara's parents case, they seem to act for their daughter sake, I don't see that from Junsu's father. He practically try to milk so much from his son career. Sorry, but I seriously think that he is the ringleader behind that stupid investment, 6.25 meeting, & CJeS. Now, Junsu's father make his son+2others career at edge. Jaejoong + Yoochun side was crazy to ever agree to follow Junsu side in the first place. They currently need to prepare to say goodbye to their Japan's career, along with Korea's career.

  151. continue...

    If JYJ really pay certain amount of money to buy themselves out & SME announce it, it's obvious to people who is in the wrong here although JYJ fans will forgive JYJ no matter what & some OT5 fans will keep themselves blind as always.

    I should always say some OT5 because I don't think all OT5 that blind. Sorry for ranting again...

  152. @Vicky
    this so much...I;m so sick with the AKTF thing...they just don't know when to stop...just keep the AKTF to your beloved oppas, there's no need to rub it on others people face..

    they demanded Avex to drop homin? OMG I didn't know this..although I got a feeling something wasn't right when they started their career as JYJ with Avex...

    and I never knew that Junsu's father is a shareholder in CJeS...I think so too..that Junsu's father was the main character behind all this...from the start, he used Junsu to gain profit..there's nothing wrong with using your famous son to promote your restaurant, but when you became too greedy, that's another story...

  153. I'm a Yunjae fan caught in this whirlpool of controversies.I personally trust whatever is on this blog and I got to know about the 'ringtone' incident today and here.

    And then I see this.Em, what do I even say?
    (I hope its okay posting links here)
    I was cynical about the whole incident after reading the comments from here first and after seeing this video I tried to pay close attention to every second of the video to find a fault but whaddya know? It matches perfectly.
    Maybe Yunho knows the song,we never know. I think he may have pointed the finger to tell the reporter to pick up the phone but it matches the other situation. Huge coincidence, I'm guessing.
    Lol,IDEK why I'm posting it here but I just felt like. Feel free to remove this if its inappropriate.
    P.S: They mentioned this blog too on that video about the comments here.

  154. @Devika: I know what you mean-For the longest time i was a fan of yunjae, but that went out the door with jae's tweets about KYHD and publicly ratting out Yunho for the phone calls-
    Honestly I feel the sweet guy that Yunho is he was acting all cutesy about the ringtone-i have my doubts if he knows its a JYJ song-
    Also can anyone tell me if Junho has already indeed signed with Avex-Its really mind boggling how JYJ and their fans rant against Avex and here his brother is signing up with them-I also heard that Junsu's fans have become his brother's anti's-God save him from crazies.
    Also I think I am tired of AKTF, tired of how OT5's stay in their utopian world of everything is OK with the 5-I just know that finally Yunho and Changmin can smile, have seen success again, and moving forward, so let them be and let them go!

  155. lol, OT5 stans (this is how I will call them from now on since they deserve the title "stan") are surprised or making fun of the comments we made here about the "ringtone" drama? It's funny how even JYJ or OT5 fans who knew the song had difficulty recognizing it and were saying that after listening it to 10 times they became sure it's the JYJ song. Yet the OT5 stans are so sure that Yunho instantly recognized the song by hearing a few seconds of the music and a voice that is barely heard because Yunho "wouldn't be heartless like that to not know JYJ songs or not recognize Junsu's voice".
    These stans have always been arrogant like that, the irony is that non DBSK fans who are neutral to the issue are laughing at them all the time and yet they think they are more clever than everyone else and make fun of people who are telling them to open their eyes and see reality or not jump to conclusions.
    If Yunho speaks openly about this and declares his fanboying over JYJ's songs then I'll understand if these stans will celebrate (although it still wouldn't mean TVXQ5 will happen again because HoMin have made their position clear about how TVXQ must continue through SM). Anything other than that is speculation turned into facts by desperate people.

    I think it's only the international fans who still insist on TVXQ5 though. From what I have seen in the korean communities the division has happened (apart from few exceptions) and the current TVXQ supporters are like "what the hell?" when they see comments by OT5 fans on youtube, etc.
    Japanese fans seem to not like drama and controversies in general and just enjoy divided TVXQ5 like they enjoyed them when they were together.

    Junho has singed with Avex, his profile is in RythmZone's site and it says he will debut soon, etc (Rythmzone is owned by Avex. From what I saw a japanese fan say, Junho had started negotiating with Avex before the trouble with JYJ happened but recently officially signed with them. The fact that Junsu's own brother signed with Avex will make the arguments of JYJ fans about how "evil" the company is look invalid to the general public (if this story becomes big) so it's understandable they are stressed about it.

  156. About Junsu's father being a shareholder at CJes, is there any evidence of that? I don't trust the man at all because he proved to be unreliable with the way he behaved and was contradicting himself at the 6.25 meeting but I don't think we should consider the Cjes thing anything more than a rumor for now.

    Also, that JYJ asked Avex to stop any relationship with SM I believe was said in court but has it been 100% confirmed?

  157. For entertainment purpose, you might want to read this insider information under all spoiler button:
    She (I believe the writer is a woman) wrote around 5 or 6 rants about JYJ/SME. It's a rant so you might want to take with a grain of salt.

  158. @vicky
    It may be just a rumor about Junsu's father is CJeS's shareholder. However, after 6.25 meeting & Crebeau, I do believe he is the ringleader of this drama. That's why it's believable for me if Junsu's father may be a shareholder or (at least) has connection with CJeS. If it's true, it explains why JYJ with this shady company, with ex-convicted CEO, which bring problems (canceled concerts, questionable promoter, & Avex) to JYJ.

  159. @vicky
    There might be no way to confirm that JYJ asked Avex to stop any relationship with SME. It may just another rumor. But there are reasons that make me believe the rumor. 1st, Avex sold all SME shares that they has. 2nd, SNSD (arguably the biggest current SME artists) Japan debut isn't under Avex, even though SME let Avex takes care their artists' Japan activities. 3rd, after Avex suspended JYJ, 3 SME's artists suddenly signed with Avex. Aren't all this telling something? Another reason, there would be awkward situation if JYJ & SME' artists (especially Homin) work together under same company since they will meet/bump to each other from time to time. That's why I don't think it's strange if JYJ did request that.

  160. sadly i have to say that i feel only cuteness because i dont know JYJ songs until i read comment here >.<.
    I read there is project from ot5 fansite --> project for JYJ NJ only. when i read this like... hmm Only? why only?. they should change their name to Ot3 or dont use name xxxTVXQ again.
    I dont see ot5 is good as their word. love all member? the they love is wierd. is not love at all.
    we need bigger fandom who strong and can protect Yunho and Changmin. sorry but i have to say this we still not united.
    TVXQ Fandom is cassiopeia but where is red ocean? gladly KYHD album sales is good. im sure there a lot of new fans out side who didnt like use cassiopeia label. like me. pls welcome us.

  161. I just read that some Hatayo (I don't know who he is but its all over twitter) guy blogged about how CJes was formed by JYJ and they are the owners-@Precious, do you know anything about this-If true I don't know what to think of CJS-its shocking!

  162. @ all

    JYJ owning C-Jes is a news to me, and also Junsu's father investing in C-Jes is also something I've never heard of. Who knows what kind of deal the 3 have with C-Jes? Maybe they're part owners of the company or maybe not. If CJS are part owners of C-Jes, I think that's a direct violation of the terms of the injunction, so even if they are involved, I highly doubt they would've left any paper tracks. C-Jes is supposed to be just an agency for JYJ.

    As for Yunho knowing JYJ song, I really don't see any significance. Who knows? Maybe he checked the songs out just for the curiosity, or somebody played the songs to him, we'll never know. It's also possible that he had no clue about the song. There's no way to tell what exactly happened just by looking at the clip, but again, some people are interpreting an incident out of proportion just to satisfy their own fantasy.

  163. @Reema
    That's an assumption that many JYJ fans have been harboring basically since the beginning. It simply isn't true CJes was registered as a company back in 2009 by the current ceo. If JYJ did own it why did it take nearly half a year after it came about for there to be any affiliation between the 2?? Although it is true JYJ were CJes first client and there only up until recently when they signed Mickey's brother which is probably why the rumor came about. People probably want to believe it so the affiliation with the convicted felon would be easier to cover up. If they own it then he's just a worker but sorry to say it isn't so. In all honesty though I kind of feel bad for the 3 because signing with them has obviously hurt there career considering everything that has gone on.

  164. @Reema. @Precious @ LadyYejin

    Hayato is a self-claimed JYJ’s DVD staff.
    (He knows a lot about inside story, and seems to be a staff)

    On 2 May 2011, he wrote in his blog
    “C-Jes is a company formed by 3 JYJ members (note: It’s not something written on paper)
    They are bound by strong emotional ties.”

    [Original Japanese text]

    He is the person who blamed avex for interfering with the charity concert in his blog on 6 April 2011, the day after the tickets for the concert was sold. The post has been deleted.

  165. @Lisalio
    I'm really curious what the meaning behind Hayato's word is. He has to be careful ... he's skating on thin ice.
    I find him strange anyway. Dunno if he's really a staff or not but this guy seems to have insider info?

    What i find strange is that the fans of JYJ throwing a online party and are happy at all how great it is that JYJ owns CJES. Hmmm.

    Hayato sounds like a preacher of a sect when i read lines like:

    "If we don’t do something right now, nothing will happen." or

    "Fans of Japan… Please let’s rise up now. Let’s make this wind bring waves and bring a heaving sea and finally change the world for JYJ."

    "If you like the three of JYJ, you must trust the three.

    If you trust the three of JYJ, you must trust everything that they trust.

    If you want to love the three of JYJ, you must love everything that they love."


    If you look from a psychological aspect, JYJ fandom operates with a lot of peer pressure and emotional blackmailing like if you really love xxx you have to ... or you are not xxx if you don't ....

    Fans are stressed (especially the younger ones) because you can't question ANYTHING and if you have sympathy for the "other side" you're a betrayer like they are. Most of them won't risk or dare to say things loud because they fear to be attacked and bashed.

    Actually i have to say a lot more but since my english is really limited i won't say anything furthermore.

    Let's wait and see what will happen in future.

  166. @Justice --> If you look from a psychological aspect, JYJ fandom operates with a lot of peer pressure and emotional blackmailing like if you really love xxx you have to ... or you are not xxx if you don't .... is this true ??? aww scary

  167. I hope that the whole cjes = jyj turns out not to be true. The implications are a bit horrifying. Not only did they trample over Homin as jyj, but as cjes, they have made a lot of mistakes in detriment of their own fans (and themselves lol). Then again, jyj fans will forgive anything.

    Hayato is a creeper, he makes the jyj fandom look like a cult. Who is he again?

  168. I don't believe that CJeS = JYJ, but I do believe there might be some connection. If there's no connection, why JYJ signed to this company (which bring problems) in the first place?

    Hayato is scary. Next time, s/he will make 10 commandments for JYJ's fandom.

  169. somehow i got the feeling CJeS = JYJ might be true..the name itself CJeS = CJS (JYJ), have anyone heard other artis under CJeS beside JYJ?

  170. There were some commotion on twitter yesterday or was it the day before about Jaejoong's tattoo, apparently some people were saying the yoosu tattoo is no longer where it used to be. Anyone heard about it ? I can't be too sure because honestly I have never paid any attention to it at all.

  171. @Justine: I saw some pics and looks like either its been erased or was well covered-coz the last time the tattoo made news on AKP there was like a humongous Mickey and Junsu written on Jae's back.

  172. @reema
    Thanks for explaining. I've heard about the tattoos previously but had always thought that it was at his chest together with his always keep the faith tattoo. I am kind of curious now what happened to it. :)

    Is your next post going to be up anytime soon ? It's been a fairly long wait .

  173. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  174. by the way Now they have own fandom everywhere. at face book at twitter. dont you think we have to make too. I mean outside Cassiopeia. cassiopeia is hard to describe as TVXQ's fandom anymore.
    and I found so many JYJ stan annoyed by OT5 action. so they attackin OT5 too and of course Homin always put in it.
    fake OT5 is the most annoyed fans on earth.
    why Homin;s fan so much mature fans >.< sometime i feel despreate with Homin's fans too. quite when hear they bashing homin. i know fanwar is not good but i hope they more strict. and some of homin's can be honest to them self that they are more love homin.
    my friend didnt want to know as Homin's fan because she afraid will lose all her friend.

  175. Has anyone read this as well ?

  176. that article/blog entry disturbed me.

    "Our oppas are gods. We have to believe . Gods will never fail."

    WUT?!?! it's a religious call. and just like most cults, it's a call for blindly follow. Don't question, just believe! *shivers*

  177. believe them*
    to blindly follow*

    sorry for the typos.

    hope no one took that fan article seriously Dx Normally, I would just shrug that off. But after getting into kpop fandom and seeing fan reactions to this (tvxq's) issue, i sometimes fear for the future. where has critical thinking gone?

  178. This comment has been removed by the author.

  179. @girlpower
    Honestly it seems like just another fanatic making up lies to keep pandering fake heartfelt emotions to others. In fact they even make it obvious when they plead for us to believe in the oppas but then at the end saying they are not Cassiopeia. So your just some random fan who was moved by what A or B said. Please I hardly believe that, you had to have cared in the first place to even get that kind of information.What bothers me the most is that I have worked in this industry for almost 7 years and generally if an artist trust's you enough to tell you that information it is not something you would freely tell to others. Not only that but information like that would hardly be known by just anyone they don't just go telling it to everyone and there brother. But if these children and that is what I am calling them children believe that crap there is nothing anyone can do. It did bring a bit of a good laugh though.
    Warning to everyone don't go around believing every insider cause most of it are far fetched lies made up by others just to f**k with people.Especially if they only use person a or b and are extremely vague. Anyone can makeup a rumor and claim to be an insider. When you work in this industry you gain a certain sort of mutual respect and you hardly go around spreading other people's lives around. If we lost there trust it would be extremely hard to work with anyone. So we would not want to screw that up. Not only that but always read the stories very carefully there are usually clues to it's lies right there. Also you know if it was someone who was actually in the industry that was releasing this information and it was true there butts would be sued. Almost everyone who works closely with artists sign confidentiality agreements and can't just go throwing around information unless they are having to testify or something. Even if they don't have to sign a confidentiality agreement it could mean being fired. So take that to mind before you believe all these stories that have no facts to back them up.

  180. It is indeed a cult following that spews venom and is always looking for how to tread the path of hatred-Earlier I just read such horrible things that are being said about Yunho on twitter-Each time i come across something like this, I cringe and my heart breaks again and again for this man who is being picked on and degraded at every step-really sometimes I feel like running so far away from this fandom

  181. @ Precious its been a while since we heard from you. Are you okay? I hope everything is well with you.

  182. @ apooli

    I'm perfectly fine. It's just lately, I've been extremely busy with work and just didn't have much time to post.

    @ all

    I probably won't be able to write articles as often as I used to for some time, but once I get some spare time, I will do my best to post more stuff. I think I did cover a lot of important subjects already. I wish I had 48hrs a day. :)

  183. Hey Precious,

    I thought I'd take this time to say thank you. I don't know where a lot of us would have ended up if it weren't for this site. You helped so many of us, not only by showing us the true facts but also by handling the situation calmly and with restrain. This site could easily have become the same cesspool as the other side's but it didn't. You showed patience even with the most ignorant haters. Because of that, I think most of us tried to follow likewise.

    We would love for you to continue but obviously, we want you to take care of your stuff first.

    I'll still check this site obsessively and even if you can't post, hope you pop in from time to time to let us know you are doing OK.

    Thanks again!

  184. Dear Precious:

    I'd like to say thank you too. Crheem is right, you did a great work, I truly believe in this site not only b/c the info but b/c you expressed politeness in every comment/post you made, that says a lot for me, hope you are doing great, I also think you did cover a lot of important subjects already, if I were HOMIN I will pay you for sure haha but anyways I just can say: THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  185. @ crheem, sofly

    Thank you for kind words. They mean a lot to me. I already know what I am going to post in the future. I just need to sit down and do it. Once everything settles down a bit, I will continue posting.

  186. @Precious:

    Hey, thank u for informing us about it, we know u r busy (u have ur own life too ^^) and ur post always nicely organizined so of course we'll wait patiently.

    I agree with other readers :), just last year, I still blamed everything on SM but after the comeback, I start to think again and reading ur blog (together with the additional informations some readers provided in their comments) I began seeing things clearer ^_^

  187. Have all of you read about the KBS-JYJ problem?I saw this on allkpop. KBS has released an official statement telling why they are barring JYJ from appearing on their channel and CJes has countered that with their statement.
    KBS say that they are barring JYJ due to the dual contracts that they are under, namely SM's and Cjes' contracts.
    CJes countered that by saying that the contract with SM has been nullified and has been deemed as an unfair one last Feb.
    Am I missing out on something? I'm still not quite sure about the 'nullification' part. Could someone please explain.

  188. it's pretty amusing reading all JYJs' stan comments in allkpop ..

  189. Oh, and one more thing. Many JYJ fans are 'aware' that JYJ 'owns CJes, hence they cannot be under two contracts.'(in the words of a JYJ fan) Lol.
    I'm not being all bitchy and stuff but it clearly occurred to me that JYJ fans tend to blissfully forget things for their own convenience. Jus' sayin'.

  190. @Devika

    There's no nullification. The contract hasn't nullified yet, the lawsuit is still ongoing, the decision hasn't come out yet. They are assuming that the contract has already nullified just because the court basically asked SME to respect the injunction.

    For me the funny thing is that CJes doesn't deny the contract with JYJ which put JYJ & CJes position at the similar level as JYJ & SME. I mean I thought CJes is hired as 'an agent' (JYJ is the boss not vice versa). So it's true that JYJ is currently on dual contract. CJes doesn't deny it so I believe there's possibility.

  191. @ Freya87,

    I have never thought about it like that at all. I don't remember c-jes deny that jyj have a contract with them. Even their reply to kbs is all about the court judgements but yeah that's a good point.

  192. @Freya87

    Thanks, that really cleared up a lot of things. Such blatant lies then, from CJes' part, when they say that the contracts have already been nullified. It's sad that fans are buying whatever they say and have their own different conclusions.
    KBS removing their statements have only added the fuel to the stans' fire.

  193. I'm confused about this whole lawsuit thing...why did CJeS make a statement sounding like they already won the lawsuit? how can they say something like that while the lawsuit is still going on?

  194. @jaemin

    Because they believe they already won, they are funny, they should consult a lawyer before making such statements, the contract was temporarily suspended and not entirely. I wish my english wasn't that bad to explain you more about this but I will try:
    SM filed a petition to void exclusive contract between JYJ and CJeS, Court didn't find JYJ being on dual contract, it doesn't mean they are not, once again Court said evidence was lacking and due to the judgement for injunctive relief, the petition was out of place, again Court dismissed it. KBS made a mistake to make those statements but I think KBS has the right to suspend JYJ broadcast appearances but shouldn't make those statements, once again JYJ is playing the victim card and they even said they were appointed as honorary ambassadors for World OKTA, KBS has to be careful because JYJ/CJeS have sued SM and Avex already.
    Hope it helps.

  195. @softly

    Thank you for your explanation, your English is fine...mine is worst...I get it now and about KBS, why did they make a statement and then removed it so suddenly, it's just make thing worse...
    playing a victim card is their specialty, they've done it for so long that they already mastered the skills of being a victim. well if they sue KBS, that will be like the new episode for their never ending drama..

  196. I guess I'm just waiting for their lawsuit against the whole Korean entertainment circle to happen seeing that not only KBS is barring them.

    Truth be told, I just want all these to end once and for all, whether JYJ or SME wins, I can't be bothered anymore.

  197. Have you watch Yunho in Kiss & Cry? He is so cool!!!

  198. @ justine..
    "I guess I'm just waiting for their lawsuit against the whole Korean entertainment circle to happen"
    lol hahahaha xD xD

    Cjes is mastered for suing everyone who against him,
    JYJ is mastered for making a super confusing situation between "we are JYJ" n "we are TVXQ too"
    n their fans is mastered for making petition ..


    n here we are, TVXQ n TVXQ's fans.. enjoying kiss n cry ;D

  199. Can i talk about Dream concert here? I am so sad, too sad.
    Im so glad that night cassies were shouted loudly, i lurve their scream and grateful with that. But what? Can i call that red ocean? No, that was just red river. Look back to 2008 DC.
    I read in fan account that cassies were given 3 lots only (its ended up with 5 and half). What? 3 lots? Even 2pm and Kara got more lots. Is it the organizer think that TVXQ lack of popularity? They think TVXQ is a "past tense"? Aren't they underestimate the boys' popularity?
    Anyway, i have to admit its a fact that tVXQ is no longer as popular as the past. However, I still expect they can get a red ocean again this year since this is a concert in their motherland, since they have good selling. I thought the boycott is nothing. But no, no more red ocean in Korea. it seems to me they can only get more support from Bigeast.
    These few months, with all the good news (best selling in 1st quarter etc), my wound start to heal, start to be optimistic, start to think positively. But the DC totally wake me up----TVXQ is really a broken cup, no more turning back.