Sunday, March 20, 2011

[Translation] Before U go MV Full 16 minute version

I figured many of the readers would want to know what the characters are saying in the video so here is the translation of the video.

"I'll do it. Whoever the target is."

Phone: "Blocked Number"

CM: "He's doing it again?"
YH: "Whew... It's been always like that..."

"They're leaving now."

"Got it."

"I'm not gonna be able to do this any longer."

"Stick it out? How do you expect me to keep doing this?"

CM: "I knew something was fishy."
"I had no choice."
CM: "Is that an excuse? Yunho is wounded, YOUR FRIEND GOT HURT!!!"

"If you were me, could you have done nothing?"
CM: "Say it again. SAY IT AGAIN!!!"

"Yunho was unlucky. Yunho JUST DIDN'T HAVE ANY LUCK!!!"

CM: "Go.... GO!!!"   "WHY????"

1 year later

Girl: "Hi brother. How come you're not dropping by? I miss you. (asking someone next to her) This is being sent to my brother, right? "
Deep Voice: "97, 29, 6, 99, 30... (Girl screams).. (more numbers)"

Voice: "Take care of everything by today. This is your last chance."

CM: "Tonight a 0 hr, we're going to run an operation to bust a drug-ring while pretending to be making deals."

"Take care of everything by today. This is your last chance."

"This really is the last time."

"Let's see the stuff."

CM: "WTH are you doing?"
"I'm sorry. This really is the last time."

CM: "How can you do this to me? HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME?"
"I just need you to die! DIE! DIE!"

"Put it away."
YH: "Is there any way for you... to stop?"

YH: "Why? WHY ON EARTH DID YOU..!!!???"

"What do you guys know? My sister is dying. MY SISTER IS DYING, YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING!!!"

CM: "Was our friendship worth only this much to you?"
YH: "You...don't exist any more."




    You are precious xDDD

  2. MARAMING SALAMAT..!!! thank you.. ^^


  4. Thanks Precious! Makes a lot more sense now with your translations.

    It's sad that Jongyoon didn't confide to his friends about his situation because I'm sure they will do their best to help him out.

    A pity Ara's character didn't stand out apart from being the only female in NDI and Yoonho's girlfriend in this MV.

  5. thanks a bunch..i think the mv potrayed their true character in real is so yunho to value friendship..and love angry changmin..

  6. "Yunho was unlucky. Yunho JUST DIDN'T HAVE ANY LUCK!!!"

    ikr? xP

    Thanks for the translations!

  7. Thanks for the translations!

    "Was our friendship worth only this much to you?" - That just made me think of their real life current situation.
    But I don't want to thank to much about it.

    Thanks again!

  8. Thank u precious for the translations

  9. omg! thank you!


    i already read a stan whining about the (5 minute) video on youtube, about the theme of friendship and betrayal and how it alludes to JYJ. i was like, ROFL! JYJ were the last thing i thought of when i watched this. apparently, Homin's world only revolves around JYJ.

  10. Thank you so much Precious.,.
    terima kasih banyak <3 <3

  11. Thank you really much for the translation Precious. I appreciate it very much.

  12. @Precious
    i posted your translation in soompi with proper credits to you and this site. hope it's ok!

  13. Thank you so much, Precious.
    I LOVE it.
    Looks like SM really wants to make up for the long wait and the mess of the last two years and I bet Changmin and Yunho enjoy to be in the spotlight again. =)

  14. Oh, and I hope it will quiten all antis who are like "SM wants to abadon HoMin like they did with The Trax and The Grace, cuz they are worthless for SM now." kkk sure...

  15.'s so kind of you. I don't know why watched this MV i felt warm inside my heart. It seems the storyline tells about TVXQ's story themselves. At the end only Yunho and Changmin left. Anyway, thank you so much, Precious.

  16. Precious, if you don't mind i want to ask your permission to use your translation to sub the Music video. I would give a proper credit.

  17. when yunho also saw the cctv camera & found out that it was his friend, he just delete the video right?

    so he actually knows that it was his friend who shot him & betrayed the team but he's pretending like nothing happened... He even think about protecting the guy that hurt him (delete the video)...

    love the storyline~ love the full version MV ^^ precious, thanks a lot for the translation :)

  18. @ sunshine dreamer

    did you do this one? if not, someone already did it-credit precious

    Thanks Precious!

  19. Thank you so much for the translation! Wow this MV does bring about some emotion in me. Feel bad for all the characters here.

    Anws, I do feel like a parrot to post a comment here again to say pls vote for TVXQ here!

    I can't stand to see them lose ;_; It's really a fierce fight between them and Big Bang.

  20. @ Sunshine Dreamer

    That's fine. Go ahead. :)

  21. @ cat1177

    That's cool. Thanks. :)

  22. @cat1177
    Actually I was the same. When I first saw that video, I didn't give a thought to JYJ(I mean how can anyone? My mind was filled with HoMin's hotness and the video's epicness.)
    It was only when I saw that single translation, that I had ever thought of JYJ because I felt like I had to ask them that. Right now, I don't really care anymore.

  23. thanks :DDDD I was really interested in CM's and the other guy (don't remember his name lol) scene at the rooftop~ thank u ^^

  24. @precious

    Thank you! You work lightning speed!

    @nini9515 & @cat1177

    I also read some people saying it is another diss for JYJ... in other words, they're saying they believe JYJ actually betrayed HoMin, get Yunho hurt in the process and tried to hurt Changmin as well?

    Funny thing is... as someone who is quite protective of HoMin, JYJ didn't even enter my mind until I saw someone commenting the song and the MV was a diss...

    Some people just can't let it go, eh?

  25. @Hyeonmu

    TVXQ could be singing a lullaby, and jyj fans would somehow still find fault and say it was a diss song, they're persistent and single-minded little buggers like that.

  26. @Jessica

    LOL... true that... I guess maybe their lives are really boring if they need to bug other fandoms constantly ^___^

  27. Thanks Precious.^^

  28. @ precious
    i have something to ask
    is there're any change in the boycott thing? the reason dnbn boycott is because they assume KYHD was dissing JYJ, now BUG has nothing to do with JYJ anymore, they still boycott HM or what???

  29. @ kenda

    I think DNBN is still boycotting SM. The boycott wasn't because of KYHD. They were already doing it, I believe it started after SM released their statement on Nov 2009. They used KYHD and TVXQ's comeback as an excuse to support only JYJ and abandon HoMin. I don't think it really matters though. They are not as big as before. It looks like only the extreme fans are left there.

  30. @kenda : Afterall, DNDB is only a fansite, they boycott HM or not, it's not the big deal realy. I mean who want to buy and support HoMin, they will keep doing that. And i hear that DNDB annouced they only support JYJ now, so to HoMin, DNDB is the same as other fandoms, don't have any relations with TVXQ anymore, they're JYJ bias site, that's all.

    But i'm pissed off when they used Cassiopeia name to ruin HoMin's image when they ban and boycott HoMin under Cassiopeia name. They still keep writing articles based on the rumors were spread in 625. They make the public think Cassies are against HoMin. SM can be evil, but they are the hypocrites who are fighting for their oppas's human right, to them, it seems only their oppas have enought right to be human, oh sr, their oppas are angels, not human lol

  31. @yunogaichiban

    jyj cray crays still call themselves Cassiopeia? that ain't right.

  32. @Hyeonmu
    It's true that some people just won't let it go. Really, I find nothing about this song and MV that has a single thing to do with JYJ.

  33. i can say they work really hard to find a way to bash HoMin!
    and now they(DNBN) just came up with new bashing(but non sense as always)
    They're now saying HoMin switch their stance because in KDG HoMin didn't said that the Cosmetic Business is the reason the three filed the lawsuit as stated in HoMin&Their father letters!!! Anyone.. tell me, do they want HoMin say the reason for TVXQ break-up because of Cosmetic business, the three are greedy in TV broadcast program???? Are people around JYJ used to with making friend-like-brother humiliated this way?
    OOO__ooo im speechless!what they use to feed their moral brains?

    @nini Yes, i think they hardly let go of HoMin actually! But don't accept that they need them! lol

    sorry for grumbling(again.....nn)!

  34. @precious
    thanks for translation

    The MV is awesome but i love the song most than the MV it self.
    Im in love with the song and their voice.
    like changmin said. the song's lyric is all lie. we cant assume it as their real life.
    but still i'll *Wink* to Homin for the MV.
    deep inside my heart i can freely assume or judge the lyric and mv's 16 min translation *wink* again to Homin.
    My Boys really suffer before and now. but i dont agree yunho didnt have any lucky thing in his life. Now they both *sparkling*

  35. @natend

    Yunho always chooses his words wisely and if he had instead gone on an elaborate explanation on national television about all the shit that went down, they'd still raise hell. when Yunho said in Strong Heart that he does the thumbs up in memory of his grandfather, a lot of the antis pointed out that in an old variety show Yunho had said that it was because it looked cool. so further proof that Yunho indeed is a liar (rofl). because he's stupid enough to incriminate himself on national television of the very thing his antis accuse him of. shisus i think these people creepstalk Yunho's every move more than his actual fans.

    i really wouldn't worry about it, they sound pretty desperate.

  36. a lot of the antis pointed out that in an old variety show Yunho had said that it was because it looked cool >> i just remembered that they came out with a similar "bulletin" listing all of Yunho's inconsistencies, including this one. do they really want to talk about who's consistent and who's not?

  37. Thanks Precious for the translations-The song is beautiful more so than the MV-and their voices sound heavenly-I am so hoping they keep smiling and singing and are left alone in peace-and the systematic effort to pull them down esp. what Yunho is subjected to on a daily basis stops-leave HoMin alone and let us enjoy their awesomeness that they give us through their music!

  38. Precious! What's been up with you?

    I think because Homin are doing so well the fandom has been happily putting the drama behind us and just enjoying their immense success, but I wanted to thank you again for giving us almost a beacon of hope and light during that dark period, rampant with doubts. It was a pretty noble undertake on your part, and I for one breathed a huge sigh of relief after coming upon your blog.

    Anyway, if you have more evidence on the matter, I'm sure everyone would still love to see it! The lawsuit still isn't over, so who knows what drama might turn up later? I do hope you'll be staying with us fangirls and fanboys, and with Yunho and Changmin!

    Thanks again!
    P.S. Get a twitter? We all miss you!

  39. @ S
    I've got plenty of subjects to write about, but I have been busy lately, so I just haven't been posting much. They're coming though. I don't want to get a twitter account. I'm already spending too much time with this blog LOL. Maybe after I'm done with the blog (whenever that may be), I'll open an account. :)

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  41. can you also put subtitles of Shoes by Seeya?... please?.. from part 1-3... :)thanks a lot..