This page explains terms, names and acronyms used in my posts.The list will expand as I add more items, and some of them will have links to my posts.

aka DBSK, Dong Bang Shin Ki (Korea), Tohoshinki (Japan), Tong Vfang Xien Qi (China)
Considered to be one of the biggest and most popular musical act in Asia.
Current members: U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin
Management Company: S.M. Entertainment

Jung Yun Ho
Leader of the TVXQ. His stage name is "U-Know YunHo".

Shim Chang Min
The member of the TVXQ. His stage name is "Max ChangMin".
The shortened name used when referring to both members of TVXQ.

S.M. Entertainment
(aka SM, SME)
One of the biggest entertainment company in Korea who produced H.O.T., S.E.S. and Shinhwa.
Current artists are: TVXQ, BOA, Kangta, SNSD (Girls Generation), Super Junior, Shinee, f(x), Trax, The Grace etc.

Rest of the terms in Alphabetical order:

6.23 Meeting
A meeting fabricated by JYJ fans to cover up and justify the 6.25 meeting. Unlike 6.25 meeting, there's no detail about it nor a voice recording.

6.25 Meeting/Voice Recording
A secret meeting held by the guardians of the 3 members who filed the lawsuit with fan site admins of the three members.

The percentage of the cosmetics company owned by the 3 members and their families.
That makes them the "majority owner" of the company, not "simple investors" like they claim.

It is what TVXQ wasn't according to Yuchun. (See Also: Idols)

One of the biggest entertainment company in Japan. Current distributor of TVXQ album in Japan.
Used to be in charge of TVXQ's management in Japan.

Baek Chang Ju
CEO of C-Jes Entertainment. Served time in Jail for crime for blackmailing and threatening Korean actor Kwon Sang Woo.

The name of the official TVXQ's Japanese fan club. The fan club rebooted to accept only the members who support Yunho and Changmin's TVXQ.

The most popular weapon used by some JYJ fans along with the Petition. Their primary target is SM, but its effectiveness is in question considering the recent success of many SM artists including TVXQ. Their boycotts recently expanded to KBS, Missha cosmetics products, and even KB Korean Bank, but their largest target was the Republic of Korea itself.

The name of the official TVXQ fan club. Current members support Yunho and Changmin, but some fans of the ex-members of TVXQ just cannot let go of the name because of envy. The name was given by Yunho because the constellation Cassiopeia can be seen all year long in Korea. The members call themselves Cassies.

New company CJS signed with. CEO is Baek Chang Ju.

Chicken Rib (Marinated Spicy Chicken)
The food that makes TVXQ fans' blood boil. HoMin antis were claiming that the two were eating chicken while the 3 were accepting 2009 MAMA Best Asian Star Award, bashing HoMin for being heartless. See MAMA Asian Star Award.

aka ChunJaeSu, JYJ, JJY
Abbreviation for the 3 members who filed a lawsuit. Currently member of JYJ.

The name of the cosmetics company the 3 were involved with. It's not clear if they still are doing the business. This whole crisis was caused by the business.

Crying Elephant
When JYJ is written in lower case jyj, it resembles an elephant crying. In Korean, crying elephant translates to 'Wooneun Kokiri', so in short, Korean fans call JYJ "WooKo".

Examples of a Wooko

DC TVXQ gallery
An open forum dominated by JYJ fans. They refuse to move to the JYJ gallery. It seems like they want to spread rumors and lies to unsuspecting fans and non-fans visiting the gallery to get information about TVXQ. The place is a hub for TVXQ bashing as well.

DNBN (Dong-Nae-Bang-Nae)
Used to be the most famous TVXQ fan site in Korea. Used to suppport all 5, but since the 6.25 meeting, the site was taken over by CJS fans, and only supported the 3 while claiming to support all 5. Recently, they showed their true color and announced that they'd only support JYJ.

A TVXQ fan who pleaded to fans to not be swayed by the rumors and protect TVXQ. She was turned into some sort of cult like figure by CJS fans, but the only thing she did was writing one article on her blog.

This is what TVXQ was according to Yuchun. He stated that he does not want to go back to the idol days.
(See also: Artist)

JYJ (Kim JunSu, Park YuChun & Kim JeJung)
A new group formed by the 3 ex-members of TVXQ. Named after their initials just like JTL did when they formed a new band after HOT. Unlike JYJ, JTL members all finished out their contract terms, and never filed a lawsuit.

A term JYJ and their fans started to use in order to cling onto TVXQ's fame after TVXQ's comeback. They must feel JYJ name alone is lacking even though they claim they are big enough to sell out international tours.

theJYJFiles (
A JYJ fan blog. Polar opposite of TrueTVXQ blog. The fans should read both blogs to hear both sides' arguments and decide for themselves who's right.

The animal used for something that didn't fit TVXQ's image.

MAMA(Mnet Asian Music Award) Asian Star Award (2009)
The award TVXQ received from Mnet. There was power struggle between SM and Mnet for the distribution of songs, but the 3 appeared and accepted the award for TVXQ. Jaejoong's famous comment "In case the two friends are watching, I want to tell them I love them" caused the fans to furiously bash Yunho and Changmin for eating chicken. (See Chicken Rib) That statement was made after the 6.25 meeting and after the 3 already planned to work in Japan all by themselves.

The fans who still support all 5 members or who want to see the 5 come back together again. Some of them are accused of being delusional by both JYJ and TVXQ fans, but while it's rare, not all of them are. Many JYJ fans are disguised as OT5 in order to lure true OT5 fans into bashing HoMin and SM, but if you look carefully, you know who they are.

Long time hobby of some JYJ fans. It's used whenever they think justice or human rights was violated. Initially it was effective, but lately, it lost its power because of abuse and lack of participants.
*Note that their scope of justice and human rights only extends to JYJ.

Pizza Daddy
Owns a Pizza restaurant. A business minded person. He sometimes drove his customers to the cosmetics store personally. He also participated in the infamous secret meeting.

The blogger running the "TrueTVXQ" blog. Despised by JYJ fans because the truth hurts.

The name TVXQ fans are calling DNBN. "Sam" means three in Korean, to mock DNBN for supporting only the 3 while claiming to support all 5 members of TVXQ. See DNBN

Slave Contract
The term used by SM bashers to describe TVXQ's contract. The usage turned every SM artists into "slaves" despite the fact that many of them expressed they are content with the contract.
See for yourself if the contract truly is a "Slave" contract.

TrueTVXQ (
A blog run by Precious to correctly inform international fans what really happened with TVXQ. Most articles are backed by reliable evidences from the sources. Some JYJ fans are so afraid of the blog, they don't even like mentioning the name of the blog in fear of fans visiting the site and finding out the truth.

The infamous communication medium the 3 like to use to manipulate their fans' emotion. It's also used to instigate the fans to bash Yunho and Changmin by constantly mentioning TVXQ. Recently, Jaejoong has been the most prominent user, but Junsu is not that far behind. Some Korean fans call JJ "Tweet Jaejoong" for that reason. There were some Tweets sent to Yunho from JJ even though Yunho does not have a Twitter account, puzzling some fans, especially with the availability of much more effective communicating device called "Cell Phone".

see "Crying Elephant"

Fans of JYJ. Synthesized by adding "Wooko" + "ppa". "ppa" is a Korean slang for "fans".