6.25 Voice File

I stated my case that the contract is not a "slave" contract bad enough to file a lawsuit.
Then I went over the issues regarding the cosmetics business, and why it was important in this crisis.

This page section is about the infamous and controversial "6.25 Voice File". Everyone heard about it and read about it, but does not have a clear idea what it is. I've transcribed it in Korean and translated the whole meeting, so read it yourself and find out what it is. I'll be discussing many issues and explain many thing about the meeting and how it affected this situation.

1. Complete transcript of 6.25 voice file in Korean
Word for word transcript of the 6.25 meeting

2. Complete translation of the 6.25 voice file
Full translation of the 6.25 meeting

3. Introduction to the 6.25 meeting
How was it like in Korea before the meeting?

4. Analyzing the 6.25 meeting
Refuting the rumors from the 6.25 meeting
5. CJS's fans in action Part I    CJS's fans in action Part II
How were the rumors spread?

6. How Yunho and Changmin were bashed
How 6.25 meeting affected the fans and the fans bashed them

7. A Japanese fan at the scene of bashing
Witness account of bashing 

8. Who is Forever? Part I
Translation of Forever's article  

9. Who is Forever? Part II
Analysis of Forever's article

10. There was a 6.23 meeting? 
What are the proofs? Did it ever happen?

11. Conclusion
Why I started this blog - Part II