Monday, February 14, 2011

CJS's fans in action part I

Towards the end of the 6.25 meeting, the participants started to discuss what to do about these "swirling" rumors.

Junsu's father starts to voice his opinions [File 4 @ 8:44]. After throwing all the blames towards HoMin and SM, he tells the fans that he does not want them to write posts like the other side, again subtly mentioning that HoMin's side is spreading the rumors, but then he throws hints that it's possible to write about the meeting if personally inclined.

"It’s possible that there are people who write something at personal level because they really don’t like seeing those (rumors), but on the home pages, (we don’t want it)"

Then [File 5 @ 2:35] Jaejoong's sister suggests that they need to "defend" the rumors. People starts to discuss about their actions, and after some discussions, Jaejoong's sister gives out specific requests. [File 5 @ 3:42] She's basically telling the fans to spread the rumors discreetly, but not officially.

"Then, since each of you guys are administrators of fan sites, don't put up on the home pages because if those are put up on the home pages, it may be, you know, for the administrators, so doing it through personal blogs (laugh) or such routes …"

After Jaejoong's sister, Yuchun's mother gives out more detailed directive. [File 5 @ 4:39] She tells the fans exactly what needs to be posted. At that point, fans were already told many times that HoMin are staying with SM because they got individual offers from SM, and Yunchun's mother wants them to write why CJS are not taking HoMin with them. Anyone can guess what that means.

"In this situation, this is what I think we should do. We need to say the 5 needs to get together, need to say things like why we are not taking Yunho and Changmin with us, I think we'll get better response if we say those. If we don't show the truth this way, that will lead to (???) from what you want. Need to worry for Yunho and Changmin so the 5 can continue together, which is true. You know that’s how it is. Yuchun exists because TVXQ is here, so I think that is better."

Finally, Junsu's father puts a last nail in the coffin with this statement. [File 5 @ 5:20]

"Do it wisely."

The purpose of the 6.25 meeting was to dispel rumors, but now the fans are asked to spread the rumors created from the meeting. The only supposed rumor they discussed that was significant was about Crebeau not having anything to do with the breakup. HoMin's betrayal, contract, SM dividing the group were all new information told by the parents, and the breakup was confirmed in the meeting, again by the parents of CJS. For the fans of CJS, those new information was the "truth" CJS asked their parents to tell the fans.

After the meeting, the fans in the meeting went into action. They started spreading the new "truth" actively.

Here's a screenshot of how they spread the rumors. Notice the date and time (June 26, 09, 2:03)

Here's the translation of the post and replies. The transcript in Korean is on the bottom of this post.


I went to Kangnam Baptist church today. (6.25 meeting was held in a church)

I'm in shock, and I'm writing all over the place, can't even type. I'll just tell you straight out.

I think it is true that the kids wanted to leave SM for some time.
It's not to break up the group. They want to stay as TVXQ together independently. It's either to gain stronger voice within the company, or if that doesn't work, they decided to leave the company and create a company or change the company. What's important here is the decision was under the condition the group was not to be broken up, and for the 5 to be together.
I don't think this was decided recently, and it looks like it was planned and discussed for a long time.
Instead of providing better activities and situation, SM made the kids work like robots, didn't even pay them enough for the work, and ignored activities and musical directions the kids wanted, using the kids like machines. (For example, the song selections for the Mirotic concert was solely decided by SM and the kids' opinions were ignored)
Anyways, the power struggles between the kids and SM became obvious since the beginning of the year, and the kids started to stand against the company and expressed strong opinions unlike before.
They are boycotting schedules and commercials, and they are boycotting SM concert and the summer album, and now those activities are becoming uncertain.
Anyways, there were troubles and disagreements with the company, but they were united tightly as 5. SM must have changed their strategy, and I think SM started to come between the members.
Another poster described the process already below.

SM only contacted Yunho, and gave him Evisu commercial and a starring role in a drama to lure him to stay in SM.

And Yunho accepted it.

Right now everyone talks about Crebeau, but the reason the kids are involved in Crebeau is to gain financial freedom so they can control TVXQ's easier, to escape from the company's control, and to stay as TVXQ forever.
But suddenly, Crebeau is used as a reason for the breakup, which is ridiculous and absurd.
The Crebeau business was offered to all 5, but Yunho did not accept it from the start.
The kids even offered to quit Crebeau if that was what's causing issues, but it looks like Yunho made up his mind already.

Even though Crebeau has nothing to do with it, rumors about the kids getting greedy for money because of Crebeau and wanting to break TVXQ started to float around the blogs and forums rapidly. Honestly, isn't it ridiculous? That's why the family of 3 gathered the fans to tell what's been happening.

I heard that the kids are really suffering, and it's hard to look at them. I heard Jaejoong kept telling his sister that he wants to die.
They want to stay as TVXQ if they only had 1% of possibility. It means they don't want to break the team. Whatever they do, they want to work as TVXQ of 5.

Replies (41) * Koreans use ㅋㅋㅋ (laughing) and ㅠㅠㅠ (tears flowing) a lot

Yunho made up his mind...ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Thanks. I wanna meet you separately. Oh I'd like to meet you with other TVXQ fans.
This is another one of those that says Yunho's a traitor..ㅠㅠ I'm confused what is the truth...
It's frustrating...
It feels like my heart's getting ripped hearing Jaejoong wants to die...
Which administrators met today?
Really, Crebeau doesn't make sense.
- What doens't make sense? I get it myself.
- I'm talking about Crebeau kids doing solo.
- I think she's talking about Yunho
- Yeah right. wanting to do solo in Japan... the kids are not fools;;
Oh Yunho
- Yunho... really....
- Yunho ㅋㅋㅋ ...... really, you ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ....

It's not out of the blue. It's real. Sorry people. But the story about the breakup is really true. I'm really nervous, I'm gonna die. Admins of Changmin and Yunho already met a while ago, and Yunchun, Jaejoong, and Junsu's admins had a meeting today.
- But why are the admins meeting? I don't even want to believe it, but why the admins are meeting for
  something like this... geez
- Not Changmin, but Yunho's admins and his dad already met a while ago. They talked about  
  influencing fan's opinions with Crebeau. It's disappointing, really.
- Huh, it may be really true. Geez, it's driving me nuts..
- Wow ㄷ ㄷ ㄷ ㄷ ㄷ ㄷ ㄷ ㄷ
- Don't you know that SM gathers fan site admins whenever there's talk of a breakup? SM had a 
  meeting when the 4th album was out saying they don't know what's going to happen if that album
  doesn't do well. Admins always hold a meeting when something like this happen. And parents (+)
  This time it wasn't SM. Anyways think of the admins as Fan club presidents. That's why they getting 
- Influencing opinion is laughable. It just looks like fan wars about rumors between individual fans
- No, this meeting was not by SM. Sooman is just drinking stupid wine --;
- I heard that too ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

But from what I heard, that wasn't the problem with Yunho.... It wasn't the drama. It was something else... I can't tell you right now in this situation.. Anyways, that drama seems to be going in a direction of canceling. He was leaning towards rejecting it when the role was offered.

It's because of who's taking the responsibility of the breakup. Yunho's side already spread rumors about Crebeau, so Jaejoong's sister must've felt urgent.



Few hours after the meeting, posts like the above started popping up in various forums. You can see the post includes what was talked about in the meeting, but then the poster manages to add a few more twists of her own. It looks like she knew what needed to be done, getting creative with the post and doing more than what was asked. Notice "And Yunho accepted it" was written all by itself to emphasize Yunho was the one who took SM's bait. This is just one example of how the rumors started to spread. I'll be posting a couple more examples of how the participants of the meeting spread the rumors systematically in my next post.

Here's the Korean transcript of the screenshot for the readers to test your favorite translator.

소행 오늘 강남 침례 교회에 다녀왔소.

지금 너무 충격이라 무챡 횡설수설 하고 글도 안써지오 그냥 대놓고 말하겠소.

애들이 예전부터 에셈을 함께 나오고자 한것은 맞는거 같소
해체를 한다는 소리가 아니라 자기들끼리 동방신기로서 쭈욱 자립적으로 서고자
다섯명이 모두 뭉쳐서 기획사 내에서 좀더 목소리를 낼 수 있는 위치를 확보하거나
그게 안되면 기획사를 나와서 기획사를 차리는쪽? 혹은 기획사를 옮기는 쪽으로
가닥을 잡고 여기에 중요한것은 절대로 해체가 아닌 동방신기 5명은 함께 한다는 전제였소.
이건 근자에 결정한게 아니라 자기들 끼리 꽤 오래동안 계획하고 논의한 일이었던거 같소.
에셈은 동방신기에게 좀더 나은 활동과 상황을 만들어 주지는 못할망정 애들을 로봇같이
돌리고 그에 상응하는 금전적인 피드백도 없고 애들이 하고 싶어 하는 활동이나 음악적인
방향을 묵살하고 오로지 기계처럼 애들을 '이용' 했다오. (한 예로 이번 미로콘 리스트도
애들의 의견이 묵살된 에셈의 일방적인 셀렉팅이었다 하오)
아무튼 애들과 에셈의 기싸움이 올해 초 부터 좀 노골적으로 있어왔꼬
애들도 전에 없이 강하게 의견을 피력하면서 기획사에 맞섰소. 들어오는 스케줄과 광고를 보이콧 하고
가까운 에셈콘이나 여름앨범도 모조리 보이콧 하고 있어서 이것도 지금
무튼 의견조율이 안되고 회사랑 좀 트러블이 많은 상황에서 다섯이서 똘똘 뭉쳐 있다가
에셈이 방향을 틀었는지 멤버들 이간질을 시작한거 같소..
그 과정은 아래 어느 햏이 써놓으신 바요.
윤호에게만 컨택을 해서 에비수를 단독 광고로 주고 드라마 주연으로 발탁 해줄터이니 너는 에셈에
남아라고 회유를 했다 하오..

그리고 윤호는 그것을 수락 했소.

지금 끄레뷰가 며칠 사이 화두로 떠올랐는데 애들이 처음에 끄레뷰를 하는 이유가
경제적인 자립성이 생기면 동방신기를 자신들이 원하는 방향의 활동으로 움직이기가 더욱 수월할 것이고
나아가 회사에 휘둘리지 않고 영원히 동방신기로서 함께 하기 위해서 였다오.
근데 갑자기 이 끄레뷰가 애들의 해체 이유로 대두 되는 상황이 참 기가 차기 그지 없고 안타깝소.
끄레뷰 사업 제의는 애들에게 다 들어 왔지만 윤호는 거절을 애초에 거절을 했었소.
일이 이렇게 되고 나서 혹시나 애들이 끄레뷰 때문에 껄끄러운것이라면 끄레뷰도 접겠다고 했으나
윤호는 이미 마음을 굳힌듯 싶소.

이렇게 끄레뷰와는 아무상관도 없는 상황에서 일주일 전부터 갑자기 끄레뷰 때문에
끄레뷰 애들이 끄레뷰 사업 욕심이 지나쳐서 동방 해체를 원한다는 소문이 블로그 와 펑 들으로
급하게 소문이 퍼져나가기 시작했소.
솔직히 기가 차지 않겠소? 그래서 지금 세사람의 가족들이 팬들을 모아놓고
그간의 상황들을 전한것이라오.

지금 애들이 너무 힘들어 해서 옆에서 보기조차 안스럽다 하오.
재중이는 계속 누님에게 죽고싶다고 한숨처럼 그소리만 한다 하오..
단 1%의 가능성이 있어도 동방신기로 함께 하고 싶어 한다 하오.
팀을 깨고 싶어 하는게 아니란 소리요. 어떤 활동을 하던지 동방신기 다섯이
함께 활동을 하고 싶어 한다 하오.

댓글 41개

윤호가 마음을 굳혀...ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
햏 일단 잘 읽었소.. 햏이랑 따로 만났음좋겠소. 아 정말 햏 동덕들이랑 같이 만났음 좋겠소
이말은 또 윤호가 배신자 얘기잖소..ㅠㅠ 뭐가 진실인지 혼란스럽소..

아 햏 진리 일순윈데 막막하오......
재중이가 죽고싶다고 한다니까 마음이 찢어질꺼 같구려.....
오늘 모인 마스터들이 어디 마스터햏들이오 근데?
솔직히 끄레뷰애들 말은 안되오 진짜;;
- 어떤게 말이 안된다는 말이오? 햏은 이해 되는데
- 끄레뷰애들이 솔로한다는 얘기가 말이안된단 얘기오..
- 아까 윤호쪽 얘기를 말씀하시는거 같소
- 아아 그렇지라.. 일본에서 솔로 하고 싶어 한다니..무슨 애들이 바보도 아니고;;

- 윤호야.....진짜.....
- 윤호 ㅋㅋㅋ ...... 너진짜 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.....

영 말없는 얘기아니오. 사실이오. 햏들 미안하오. 근데 지금 해체 얘기나오는건 진짜 사실이오. 햏 간떨려 죽겠소.
창민이윤호 마스터들은 이미 예전에 모였고. 오늘 유천재중준수 마스터들 모임갖었소
- 근데 마스터들이 왜 모이오? 믿고 싶지도 않지만 이런 일로 왜 마스터들이 모이는지 참
- 창민은 아니고 윤호 마스터들이랑 윤호아빠가 훨씬 전부터 만나고 있었더이다. 거기서 끄레뷰 얘기 물타라고 나
  왔소. 실망이오 완전.
- 엄머 사실인가봐.... 아놔 미치겠네
- 헐 ㄷ ㄷ ㄷ ㄷ ㄷ ㄷ ㄷ ㄷ ㄷ ㄷ ㄷ ㄷ
- 원래 해체얘기나올때마다 에셈에서 팬페이지 마스터들 모으는거 모르시오? 저번 4집 활동전에도 에셈에서 결집
  시켰었소. 이번 활동 잘 안되면 어떻게 될지 모른다고. 원래 이런 일 있을때마다 마스터들 모임 갖소. 부모님들
  까지 (+) 이번엔 에셈에선 모은건 아니지만 어쨌든 팬페이지 마스터햏들이 예전 팬클럽 회장쯥 생각하면 되오.
  그러니까 모인단 소리요
- 물타니 뭐니 진짜 웃기시오.. 그저 개인팬들 간의 루머 다툼으로 밖에 안보이오
- 에셈에서 모은게 아니라니까 햏. 수만이는 와인이나 쳐마시고 있소 --;
- 햏도 이 이야기 들었소 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

근데 햏.. 내가들은건 윤호가 저문제가 아니었쉬..........윤호가 드라마때문에가 아니라, 좀 다른 문제였소...
햏도들은 이야기라 이상황에서 말은 못하겠지만..하튼 좀 저 드라마는 좀 퉁친 분위기로 가는거 같았소 거절쪽에
가까운 이야기였던거같소 캐스팅 들어왔을때부터

지금 이 얘기나오는게 왜 그렇냐면 해체책임론때문에 그렇소. 얼마전에 윤호쪽에서 먼저 끄레뷰가지고 루머퍼트렸
고. 아마 그래서 재중이 누나햏이 급했던 모양이오.



  1. Oh wow. I am astonished like literally. Especially this: "We need to say the 5 needs to get together, need to say things like why we are not taking Yunho and Changmin with us, I think we'll get better response if we say those. If we don't show the truth this way, that will lead to (???) from what you want. Need to worry for Yunho and Changmin so the 5 can continue together, which is true. You know that’s how it is. Yuchun exists because TVXQ is here, so I think that is better."

    Like seriously, if I paraphrased that, it would be: "Yo, we need a plan to make us sound good! In order to protect the fame of CJS, we must protect TVXQ's brand name - so keep your HoMin bashing at a minimum. We must sound like the mature party alright?"

    I am still in awe. To think fans would believe that Yunho chose to break up TVXQ over ONE endorsement and ONE drama is unbelievable. Anyone with common sense can tell that it's not worth it, so why do people think Yunho would do it? Really, it's like believing that Yunho was offered a 'mansion' and a 'garbage can' to live in, and he chose the latter.

  2. @ Precious,

    I'm sure I'm repeating myself, but everything that was said at that meeting as we all know was hearsay. There was no evidence to prove anything at all. Why didn't the administrators of the fancafes ask for proof of what was being said in the meeting. No rumours were dispelled with except the crebeau one. Infact more rumours were created. I wonder with the exception of junsu's father, did yuchun's mother and Jaejoong's sister plan to lie or did they feel they were truly protecting their loved ones? It seems to me that they only knew what they'd been told and believed the rumours as well. I know they tell the administrators to be discreet which is questionable, but even now after everything I've found out, I don't want to believe that all three of them had planned to say all those things to destroy homin's and sm's reputations(I think they were being used by junsu's father).That's why he corrects some of the things they say in the meeting. I think they believed what they were saying but didn't really know what was going on, or think too hard about it and had no reason to question cjs because they trusted them. I'd like to believe that yuchun's mother and Jaejoong's sister are not as manipulative as we think they are. I'm the kind of person who likes to see the good in everyone no mater what. What do you think Precious? This meeting is coming back to haunt them. Can it be used as evidence in the lawsuit?

    1. I totally agree with you. I can't really bring myself to believe that JYJ actually wants to destroy the image of HoMin & SM. Now, I'm wondering if what we've seen on the shows (TV guestings/shows) are all fake? I mean, they were all together for 5+ yrs. It's impossible if they didn't built a strong (foundation of) friendship during those years. My opinion is that the parents deliberately used their sons' name (without their knowledge/permission) in order to protect them (though, in a wrong way). Or, was there really an evidence that those people were really the parents of JYJ?

      PS. I want to know everything, seriously. I'm a newbie in this fandom. I just became TVXQ's fan a week ago or so. I'm still really hoping that they'll come back as 5 again TΔT

  3. shocking!
    I can't believe that they can do something like that with my Yunnie! Oh I I can't say anything now...
    It makes me more respect Yunho for keeping silent over everything. You'are the true man.

    Thank you Precious! You have done excellent post again!

  4. @Jessica: totally agree with you. How can they (JYJ fans) believe that Yunho could choose an endorsement and a drama over TVXQ. At least please create some more sensible reason!

  5. It's sad how so many pushed the blame to yunho. Thinking yunho gave in to SM just because of Evisu & HTTG is ridiculous. Yunho would give his own life to protect DBSK and the members, what the hell got into them to believe that he would betray his beloved brothers and teammates just for something like that. I'd you had believed it, all I can think of is you have never been a cassie to begin with or u have been a fan of only a few members to start with.

    Sorry. I admit I'm yunho biased and thus it pissed me off to see this .

  6. I'm speechless... as expected and I totally agree with @Jessica. I don't understand how they willing to jump into conclusion that Yunho betraying them like that, without any suspicious or questioning the info even just a little bit. I guess at that time, the fans are quite emotional of the break up rumor (that and info on JJ wanna die and suffer) that blind them from thinking rationally.

  7. like apooli, i'd love to know too if the actions of these family members were deliberate, or did they honestly feel that they were protecting their sons and brother by using their fans as a shield? not only them but the fans as well. if you're one of the admins and you hear things like these from the family members themselves it's a natural reaction to be in a panic and have your emotions heightened by all this information coming at you all at once, so i understand how it would be impossible to be calm. was it a deliberate move to add their own assumptions, conclusions, rumors they've supposedly heard about Yunho, in their blog and forum posts?

    *mind boggled*

    thank you, Precious.

  8. @ apooli
    Most of them were fangirls of CJS and the parents of your favorite artists are talking right in front of you. Imagine yourself in that situation. Of course you'd believe them without any doubt. I'm sure not everyone believed them, but most of the attendees probably did.

    @ apooli, cat1177
    I think you're asking me these questions because you want to believe that Junsu's father is responsible for everything, but I think you already know the answers, but just don't want to acknowledge them. I know how hard it is to "accept" the truth because I read countless fanaccounts saying how difficult it was for them to realize what happened even after "knowing" the facts. It took some of them 1-2 months to accept the truth, so if you don't want to believe what you are seeing, then just take your time. It will all come to you eventually.

    If you read the 6.25 translation again carefully, all the answers are there. Also, add up everything that's happened so far: tweets, interviews, their activities, cosmetics business and lawsuits. What do you think?

    If you want my opinion, then I think everyone knew exactly what they were doing including CJS.

  9. @ apooli, cat1177

    BTW, as for the fans who were in that meeting, I'm pretty sure some knew what was going on, and some had no clue. As for their postings, I bet some intentionally added stuff for the sole purpose of protecting their "oppas". You'll see it on my next post.

  10. @ Jessica, Hotaru, Justine, nguyenphuong
    Those attending the meeting were CJS's individual fans which means their bias was towards CJS. Most fans loved all 5, but individual fancafe admins tend to have much stronger bias towards certain members. So for them, it was a choice between believing Yunho betraying CJS for a drama and a commercial, or CJS breaking up TVXQ for Crebeau. When CJS's parents are talking to you, what would you choose?

  11. I love Yunho most but if his parents said something bad about othes members I still need evidence and think logically!
    Until now I still have feelings toward Jaejoong despite of this mess.
    sorry for my bad Eng

  12. @ Precious,

    You're right the truth is before me. I just didn't want to think that all of them were spreading rumours intentionally. I don't blame everything on junsu's father, I think the lawyers or cjes or some other people we don't know planned this with them. They must have been planning this for a long time before actually leaving sm and pressured homin for quite a while as their fathers' statements mention. For homin to refuse to join cjs is something I respect them for very much. They have paid a high price for that decision though. I just can't believe cjs would do this to people they claim to love. They even sang that song w at the concert pulling at heart strings of their fans and all it was, was pr. Today I found out that yunho in an episode of strong heart said he has never cried since all the troubles began. Changmin agreed to that. I'm now worried about yunho because one of these days he will unravel. Hopefully it won't be public. He needs to deal with all that pain he's been going through. Thanks for the post Precious.

  13. Dear Precious,

    Continue with your posts! Objective I-Cassies are all behind you.

    But I regret to inform you now, that you are being labeled by people as 'an SM insider' posting false and untrue stories. Of course the people here who have been reading your blog know better.

    Truth can not be hidden, it's a light that will cast out deceit and lies.

    You've won my respect!

    :: This is coming from a fan that spread the false rumors about Yunho in 2009 ::

  14. @Precious
    actually no, i'm not in denial or anything like that because it does seem to me that Junsu's father is the instigator. what i was wondering about was, it's natural to want to protect your sons's/brother's interests, but was their move to gather the fans borne out of genuine fear for what's to come next for the 3 boys after their decision to leave, and did they actually believe that they needed to be "protected" from the possible "backlash" in this way? or was this a calculated move to manipulate the fans' opinion to get them to side with them? actually i was just wondering out loud as i don't really expect an un-biased answer to this. who could really know? both sides can argue their point regarding this.

  15. @cat1177 i understand your point of view/question :)

    But what i think is that : even though it was their (parent)instinct to want to protect their sons. They shouldn't have done it like that. Yunho & Changmin are also somebody else's son.

    If they don't want their son to be 'hurt', they shouldn't trying to 'hurt' other ppl son too.

    As yunho biased, i wanna help him/protect him/support him, but definitely not by hurting jyj~ (even tho, there are times when i really pissed off at them. Then i'm just singing KYHD out loud :D)

    But if it's the 2nd one : "this a calculated move to manipulate the fans' opinion to get them to side with them." Well, im have nothing to say then... *sigh*

  16. @NoName
    It is always very funny to see people calling precious an SM insider. Do people even know what it's like to work at an entertainment agency in Korea. I had to sign a confidentiality agreement coming in and had to sign one when I left. If it was found out that I released information on any particular artist associated with the agency I would not only be fire but sued for breach of contract. As it is if I could still get sued because of the outgoing one I signed when I quit. I don't even live in Korea anymore but I am still worried of what they could do to me. Do people really think that an employee would take the chance of being sued by like a billion dollar company just to release this information. Seriously not a chance because you know the company would win and that employee would be paying out the butt.

  17. Shocking Shocking...How could they do this to Yunho of all people-A guy who would do anything for his band-who was always happy to give the limelight to rest of the members-who embraced them in the tightest most endearing hugs after every award ceremony, who lugged them on his back when they were sick-and who's life was and is TVXQ-shame on the bunch of them-I really wish they would leave HoMin alone once for and all and enjoy the fruits of their malicious actions-This is just so wrong on so many levels its unfathomable.

  18. Wow! CJS fansite admins were so efficient, in few hours time they started telling the "story". I can see all the bullets were aiming particularly at Yunho.

    "Anyway, there were troubles and disagreements with the company, but they were united tightly as 5. SM must have changed their strategy, and I think SM started to come between the members.SM only contacted Yunho, and gave him Evisu commercial and a starring role in a drama to lure him to stay in SM. And Yunho accepted it." ------as per JJ's sister said in the meeting, 'someone get commercial and drama offer', 'SM tried talk to each member individually'-----

    "It's not out of the blue. It's real. Sorry people. But the story about the breakup is really true. I'm really nervous, I'm gonna die. Admins of Changmin and Yunho already met a while ago, and Yunchun, Jaejoong, and Junsu's admins had a meeting today." ------ just like what JJ's sister said in meeting, some parents (homin parents) already met up with fans----

    "Not Changmin, but Yunho's admins and his dad already met a while ago. They talked about influencing fan's opinions with Crebeau. It's disappointing, really." -----CJS fans accuse Yunho's father met up with admins to influence fans opinion-----

    "I heard that the kids are really suffering, and it's hard to look at them. I heard Jaejoong kept telling his sister that he wants to die.
    They want to stay as TVXQ if they only had 1% of possibility. It means they don't want to break the team. Whatever they do, they want to work as TVXQ of 5."---------exactly like what have been told in 625 meeting, JJ sister said Jeajoong wanted to die, and JS's father said 1% chance to stay as 5-----

    "But from what I heard, that wasn't the problem with Yunho.... It wasn't the drama. It was something else... I can't tell you right now in this situation.. Anyways, that drama seems to be going in a direction of canceling. He was leaning towards rejecting it when the role was offered.

    "It's because of who's taking the responsibility of the breakup. Yunho's side already spread rumors about Crebeau, so Jaejoong's sister must've felt urgent." ------again accuse Yunho's fans spreading rumors abt Crebeau-----

    Now we know the source of the NEGATIVE RUMORS, SLANDERING, MALICIOUS CLAIMS against HOMIN come from.

  19. Seriously, I've become Yunho fans more than four years, and that just ridiculous, choosing evisu n HTTG??!! It's sound funny to me really...What kind of cassies believe that?! Oh yeah, some who boycott sm and choosing sides like dnbn and akadong...
    Kcassies really piss me off...

  20. AMAZING lol
    This meeting was a session to brainwash fans lol

    Hopefully ICassies will notice this ..... shame on them and on all those who spread false rumors about SM or HoMin ....

    Eventually, you will reap what you sow!

  21. @ Precious Once again, thank you! I love your blog so much that I read every comment and post here haha! But to answer your question, even if CJS parents stood in front of me and said all that, I would be logical enough to interpret it and digest it myself. But maybe it's just me, because I don't like people feeding me information and expect me to accept it as truth. I guess for dedicated fans, it would be easier to accept things in light of their idol than to realize the brutal truth.

    @apooli I actually teared up when I watched JYJ's performance for 'W' - and for a moment, I believed that they truly miss HoMin and TVXQ5. Yet, I can't get over my rationale telling me that this may all be an act to earn sympathy. Also, Jae smiling whenever Yunho is mentioned during an interview; I can't help but think he's using Yunho~ how can Jae still smile like that to know that he hurt Yunho so badly? Sometimes it is really hard for me to understand JYJ simply because I believed in the genuine friendship amongst the five. A little part of me hopes that JYJ didn't do this at all and our interpretations were wrong, but sadly, evidence speaks its truth..

  22. "You've always believed that I'd crumble without you
    That's a misunderstanding, why would I do that? why, why, I told you I wouldn't" heh heh

    Yunho Changmin Fighting !!!!

  23. I just posted something long but it's gone lol.
    Anyway I have been a silent reader and I just want to thank you for all the posts, really, I appreciate these so much. It just make me realise how much I didnt know and how much things are twisted. And this post, Yunho is so innocent, god those people, but yeah what goes around comes around!

    Once again, thank you for the posts :)

  24. I wonder whether this people have the word 'moral' on their dictionary.

  25. Hah, I'm speechless! They blame all faults on Yunho while during those 7 years, he has been the one who led the whole group to success with tears and blood.

    And They did such unmoral act in a CHURCH! What a way to manipulate people's mind!

  26. Sigh! Speechless. How could they do that to their leader. I even can't imagine that Yunho will be so selfish like that. DBSK is his entire life, and all members are his lovers/brothers/family. About acting & CF, if I am not wrong this was the part of DBSK's members solo project.(which already decided since early 2009). As I remember when they went to Saipan (early 2009) for shooting AADBSK 3, when the members opened Yunho' bag, they found a book about how to be an actor so it means all the members already knew about Yunho solo project since the first time. Ckckck..the certain fans were too far. Just shook my head, again and again. This makes my salute & respect to Yunho higher and higher. You indeed strong man, Yunhoyah.

    Hahaha, always like that. If there's someone provided something opposite with them and made disadvantages to their oppa, they always say SM this, SM that. So what if Precious really SM insider or even SM's lawyer, what they can do? this is also human right act freedom to speak. Precious always give proofs, logical explanation, so people with open heart and good mind will accept it. He never ask the readers of his blog to hate JYJ, he just want the readers to think and see that Yunho and Changmin including SME not to be blamed all the time because of all the mess because of the DBSK's breaking up. rite Precious. Being a fan of DBSK is not easy. Hahaha...So, what's the next?

  27. Precious, sorry if my long post spamming ur inbox XDD. I really cant help it.

    Once again thanks Precious for always providing eye opener posts. One thing that I really hope from I-fans is that they stop being dictated by K-fans. This is a proof that they are not always right XDDD.

    Keep on writing Precious! ^^

  28. once again another hit shocking post Precious what can i say those biased fans of jyj sadly were aiming all the blame on the leader i wounder how could jyj who claim their love & respect to yunho approve of such sick action now i remember jae reaction when he was little upset about not being the leader of the group since he older than yunho remembring his face expression some how im not shocked about his sister act !!
    poor yunho he went through tough time & still do my respect for him gone so heigh such a true man i believe one day jyj & their families will get what they deserve since they hurt homin so much i just pray that day will come soon such a shame to be lead by greed ..

  29. Precious,thanks so much for ur hard work to translated and analized these to us-International fans (I-Cass).this blog really open my mind&help me to understand little by little what happen to this fandom.I'm not an 'old' fan of TVXQ.I knew them last year when all this mess already happen (and the seperation).I love them by their song esp voice (I must say that Junsu&Jaejung's voice is the best).all of the information about them i found on fansites or fan blogs.i can see how these fansites/blogs can influence and steer the mindset of the other fans(I-Cass).now i'm really curious if i read "omitted" in the translation..what is it actually talked about??why they didn't translated the whole news/info?

    and about the meeting place.oh my god sun..they held this in a Church??are they kidding me??agree with @Trang Tia is it a moral act??*speechless* and now they talked about moral,justice,humanity,human rights in their petition?ckckck...can't believe this.

    their(JYJ&their parents) words are not matching with their actions.really disappointed my mind,an idol should give a good example for their fan.and parent should give a good example to their children.eventhough,i believe no body is perfect.

    Jung Yunho..I admire you win my heart&respect leader-ssi.

    once again thanx Precious.i'm waiting for ur next post :D

  30. ha ha ha so funny
    yunho choose evisu & drama than TVXQ?
    not in million years

    thankyou for the translation precious!!

  31. i'm back...
    Precious,i just found this in one of my cassie group(again).i don't know if you already knew this or not(old or new) :(
    this is the reason why DNBN banned HoMin from their site :'(
    sorry Precious for bothering you, again.

  32. An endorsement that EVERY idol do and a normal drama > TVXQ,which he "values more than his life" like his father said.

    Sorry,but it just doesn't make any sense to me.

    Seriously how could those people believe that without a shadow of doubt as "Cassies" ?

  33. Even though for the sake of protecting their idols, spreading fake rumour to accuse and blame other people is a heartless and blind way of protection. Some poeple did it because they believed what JSC's family's members, but some just blindly did it even though it's clear to them that Homin was not the reason for the breaking up (seriously, who called themselves Cass and think that low of Yunho).

    Even so, that's just how most of young Kfans are, cause they are young. The sickest ones are the people who take advance of that factor. How many years old those peole who held that meeting, they were called sister and parents of a grown up man, I believe they know better way to protect their sons than that. Nothing else but malice purposes. I sadly feel that their sons are not so much better since they were the ones who being with Yunho and Changmin for more than 7 years. Assuming they didn't know what their family were doing, what to say about their actions during TVXQ comeback?

  34. @ NoName
    You mean those "C-Jes insiders" are labeling me as an "SM insider"? LOL I really don't care what they say.

    Oh, BTW, thanks for your honesty. I don't blame all the fans spreading the rumors. i-fans were denied of accurate info, so you can't really blame them. I only despise those who spread rumors knowing what actually happened, and they're still doing it blinded with their quest to justify their "oppa's" action.

    There are also many k-fans who were active in blaming HoMin, but later found out the truth and truly regretting what they did. Those fans are fully supporting TVXQ now. :)

    @ apooli
    Yes, it's not too much to assume they may be other people involved in this, but in the end, the parents held the meeting to actually do it. HoMin & CJS worked together for several more months after this meeting, so you can just imagine what the pressure was like. I'm guessing HoMin knew about this meeting too.

    @ cat1177
    I see. Sorry if I misunderstood you. The way things have happened, I can only think that everything was pre-calculated. No matter how much I try to look at the meeting positively, I can't think of creating and spreading damaging rumors to the other side as protecting their children.

    Also the fact that they brought only the fans of CJS tell a lot. If they truly wanted to protect their kids, then why not invite all the fans, and explain their position and why create rumors? They held the meeting with "targeted" audience.

    Also, look at the way CJS's parents tell the fans HOW to spread the rumors. They tell the fans to spread it discreetly.

    It looks like Junsu's father is leading the whole thing, but Jaejoong's sister is pretty active too. As matter of fact, it was her who talks about 9:1 profit split, and actively talked about how the other parents held a meeting first. Yuchun's mother doesn't talk much, but at a critical point where they talk about spreading the rumor, she speaks and gives out specific directions on how to do it so the way I look at it, they are all big part of this whole thing.

    @ Jessica
    I don't think everyone in that meeting believed them. That post is coming too. :)

    @ Freya87
    They probably do have "moral" in their dictionary. Here's their definition

    moral (noun)
    1. Protecting Oppas at any cost
    2. Lying to protect Oppas
    3. Spreading rumors to throw all the blame at HoMin
    4. Labeling anyone not agreeing with the definition 1,2, and 3 as "SM insider" or "SM employee"

    @ maemapayo
    Sorry, old news. :)
    Isn't it ridiculous that they claimed they supported all 5? I'm glad that they've shown their true color.

  35. It's really sicking to see that they decived the fans like this. How could they think that Yunho could do anything like that is beyond me. I feel really sorry for homin now to know that so many of their fans could so easily turn there backs on them over a whole bunch of lies.
    This is quite a bit of informtion to take in.

    Thank you so much for all your work

  36. I have been a silent reader for a long time, since Precious started this blog and I got to know about it through someone spreading it on YT. I really regret that I haven't comment sooner.
    First of all, @Precious, I can't express enough my admiration and respect for what you're doing and will continue to do despite hardships and bashing. Please stay strong! Precious figting!
    This is my first time posting, so I'm really sorry for my ranting. I am not a TVXQ fan originally, I'm in fact a devoted ELF. I got to know TVXQ through SuJu but I have never been a big fan until now. I just listened to their music and watched show they appeared on when I stumble upon it. However, believe it or not, I know and admire Yunho even before I know who TVXQ is. I remembered clearly that I got to know Yunho when reading an article about him. The article stated Yunho, leader of the Korean boyband TVXQ, was poisoned by an anti fanand was put to a near death experience, but this man didn't press charges against the girl simply because she's around his sister's age. That action, I say, spoke for itself about Yunho's personality. I don't know who he was or who TVXQ was back then but I respect his action. When I know about TVXQ, further knowledge about Yunho just enlarge my love and respect for this man. Call me bias, I don't care, my love and respect for him is more than other members' combined. Then, throughout all the terrible ordeals that both JYJ and those JYJ stans throw at Homin, I also came to know how great and mature Changmin is. His honest and true words in various interviews never fail to amaze me. I'm a really big fan of TVXQ now and will always be in the future. Because many insist that "you're not a Cassie if you don't support all 5" I tell you flat out that I am not a Cassie but simply a supporter of TVXQ.
    You proudly call yourselves a Cassie when you're ready to believe in claims with absolutely no grounds just like what Precious post, especially malicious, ridiculously claims agaisnt Yunho who, as a fan, you have known and loved for so many years. Enough said.
    I'm really glad that not only I found this blog, but also found so many suppoters like me, who will always love and stand together with TVXQ through thick and thin. Nice to meet you all!! And once again, thank you so much Precious!!!! You rock!!!!

  37. It's nice to know how naive CJS fans are. And they like to say that we, HoMin fans, do all the bashing and lying. How ignorant. I feel so bad for Yunho. Those naive fans called themselves Cassies? Shameful.
    @Precious Haha, I love your definition of their definition of moral.
    And did you see that article on AKP about the large campaign that overseas fans are doing for JYJ? I didn't read it, I don't even want to know what they are doing. They are too blinded to see the truth.

  38. Sorry Precious, you can remove this post if you see it as bashing or simply inappropriate to say.
    As an ELF as well as a TVXQ supporter, to all JYJ stans out there, I will tell you that all the comments that Sungmin, Shindong, Heechul, BoA, and many other SM artists voiced out about JYJ are true to the core. You know why? Not only because all those people know about this situation more than we do, but also, and mostly because JYJ's actions already spoke for themselves. You stubbornly said that Junsu just expressed his feelings, I say he vented out his anger that TVXQ come back, firmly stand and move forward as two. You don't call a mentor who help shape who you are today an enemy. You simply don't. And what's that comment JYJ make about Homin's usage of the name TVXQ: "We're a little upset because we are TVXQ too." Technically, they are because the case is not yet settled, but in reality, they are not. They chose to walk away, people, they themselves chose to call and declare themselves as JYJ. Grow up and accept it!
    You are quick to bash Yunho and Changmin base on comments and claims you heard from others and also quick to disclaim their answers about their true feelings recently because "SM is evil, SM made them say that", however, you are slow and almost not at all wanting to accept the comments and actions JYJ displayed before you as ridiculous, contradicting and simply, for self-pity purposes.
    Sorry again Precious, I'm just really disturbed for all the bashing they throw toward TVXQ. And as an ELF, I'm also angry when they badmouthing, calling names on SJ members. I mean, "SM slaves", what's up with that? And I'm more furious when reading many comments on other posts when they came and tried to discredit your hard work with absolutely no sources or evidence to back up. I'm a big fan of you too, you know! Precious fighting!!!
    TVXQ fighting! And yeah, SM and SM Town fighting!!

  39. @Sammy Ngo
    I agree with you! I'm an ELF too and I got so mad when JYJ fans were bashing SJ and BoA. And yeah they are pretty hypocritical too. When Junsu voiced out his opinion on Twitter, everyone was like "He has the right to say whatever he wants", but when Changmin said a few things in some interviews, they were all bashing him. I can no longer be neutral with JYJ and their fans.

  40. @ Penny
    About that petition, I wouldn't get bothered too much about it. I don't think they're realizing that petition is turning people off. Some Koreans think that petition is an embarrassment to the country making Korea look like some sort of a 3rd world country that abuses human rights. If you can visit Korean & Japanese sites and read replies posted on the article posted about the petition, you'd know it.

    @ Sammy Ngo
    Thanks. JYJ fans sure irked many fans of other artists. I don't think your comment was bad. Criticizing with valid reason should be ok. Groundless bashing is not.

  41. @penny i agree with you at this point i only pity jyj actions they think they are winners but deep inside them they know they did wrong look at jeajoong now see how he looks like ? all they live in self-pity over & over again im so glad that homin matured enough to know whats best for them & stick to it even if it means more bashing coming in the way they are brave enough to live as true hero`s

  42. @ Sammy Ngo
    honestly i have given up on the [ you can only be a cassie if you support all 5 talk ], i have been a cassie for the past 4 odd years and have always been supportive of all 5 members, even though my bias was Yunho. To me now, a cassies is someone who is still standing either on HoMin's side ( since cassiopeia is DBSK's fanclub and now DBSK is only HoMin ) or someone who till this day believes in all 5 ( which is gradually becoming tougher ). So i am still a cassie cause i am a HoMin supporter.

    I was also dammed pissed with those who had bashed SJ and all the othe SM pple who came out to stand up for Yunho. What i really did not like about the Junsu Twitter incident was, i am sure Junsu knew that Yunho will not say anything in regards to his(junsu) tweet due to his(yunho) character, and yet he(junsu) still decided to go ahead with it. To me, he(junsu) was just taking advantage of his(junsu)understanding of Yunho's character to his(junsu) own advantage to appear as a victim of this whole fiasco. And what's with Jaejoong's Keep Your Head up as well ? HoMin kept their cool and composure when they released The Beginning and went on a worldwide tour ( well, more like US and Asia only ), i still can not comprehend why the need to get all upset over HoMin's comeback as DBSK.

    Sorry for ranting yet again.

  43. @ranon
    Yeah, every time I look at a picture of them(though I try not to), all I think is this is what they chose be come. But I try to not bother them because they aren't worth my time anymore. I truly don't respect them.

    Oh, okay. Thanks for the info. Also I finally got myself to click on the article and it say that fans from South Korea aren't allow to participate in it, so maybe that's why? Who knows...

    Oh, this is Penny, btw. change of name :P

  44. @justine I agree with you! I am sure JYJ "were" really close friends with BoA and the SuJu members - I remember Jaejoong being really close with BoA and Junsu really close with Eunhyuk; but to see Eunhyuk and BoA supporting HoMin would actually mean something doesn't it? I mean, BoA and SuJu members would definitely know more about the story than us netizens. JYJ fans then assume BoA and SuJu only voiced out 'cause they were part of SM or they wanted to "appear in the news". I simply cannot accept how ignorant some JYJ fans are. The whole twitter incident just displayed Homin's maturity and I am so happy that HoMin has precious friends that are willing to stand up for them - because we all know HoMin would probably keep silent (Changmin will probably rage and start breaking things, but Yunho will keep it all inside).

  45. @Jessica
    Haha, I laughed at the Changmin breaking things part. But I don't know, he seems really mature and wise now, especially when he talk. It's almost like I'm listening to a philosopher, but I like it. Really, I love the SM family, because truly, they are like a REAL family and also I like seeing my favorite groups together. But that's getting off topic. Yeah, HoMin are strong and mature for keeping things silent. They rarely speak and JYJ has yet to keep quiet with their little comments here and there.

  46. @ Sammy Ngo
    Heechul's angry "Do I look like a slave to you?" series of tweets sealed my respect for him. It was to the point and so right!

    I dislike that fans are using the term 'slave contract' so carelessly nowadays. Like Heechul said, can a slave buy a car and house? Can a slave go out and meet their friends?

    Keep on preaching, Heenim!!!

  47. @shimjang: yeah Heechul'a always so straight forward and honest. If he don't mean it he won't say a word about ít.

  48. @Sammy Ngo:

    Suju was the first Kbands I know before TVXQ, I like Suju and watching Show me your love MV, I saw TVXQ. Even though TVXQ became my most fav bands, Suju is not so far behind so I do believe what Shindong, Sungmin, Heechul and other SM's artists were come for their angry, betrayed feeling and not because someone told them to do so. Since JYJ are already out from SM, their fans claimed that everything they say is true, everything said by people in SM is fake.

    Those fans want the TVXQ reunion couldn't say bad thinngs to Homin started to critized those artisrts, saying that they were not a member in that family (TVXQ) to have the right to say that about JYJ. It makes me laugh very hard. As far as I know, members in a family tend to protect each other, not harm them (and the latter is what both JYJ and their families did to Homin from the start)


    I forget to thank u. To be honest, since the comeback, I start to see the scene from sueing --> blaming Homin, but to see from the core with every small detail of how they doing that is really hurtful for me. But I really have to read everything u write for us. It's addicted. I always thought I love Homin a lot, but when the truth gradually comes out, it's not about love anymore but it's about my respect for them.

  49. JYJ fans kept ranting about SM trying to break up TVXQ, exactly as Junsu's father told them. But by looking at the post above, from a cassie who attended the meeting, isn't it obvious who is actually breaking up TVXQ?

    If this combination of drama + endorsement is not enough to lure back CJS, why on earth would a fan think that the leader will? Like you don't know what kind of person Yunho is! I feel so sorry for him. 7 years didn't prove who he is. Yet some rumors can destory cassie's trust over one night.

    Precious, this is cruel for me to read it through. I am sorry but this is the only article on your blog that I couldn't finish (those comments from the so-called cassie). I can even stand the filthy implications/accusation from CJS families. But I couldn't stand those cassie's attacks on Yunho as traitor. Even if Junsu did tell one-hour story to his Dad, the information to those commenters is already fourth-hand. When no one even bothered to verify the first-hand information, the fourth-hand information is already out :' it's real!', 'a traitor'!!!! What were they thinking?

    It's my personal feelings at stake. I don't really want to get mad at words said two years ago. I truly wish those people will feel remorse for spreading rumors of Yunho nowadays, when more truths emerged (for that, I am grateful to what you have been doing). So I might as well just skip the remaining of their comments.

    Always looking forward to your next post, Precious!

  50. thank you for yet another awesome, although urgh, disgusting/angering/just blahjahdbjs makes me want to punch something article. i rarely comment because you and most of the commeters here already took the words out of my mouth, but this article's just. hhhh, yunho is my current bias and seeing how fingers are easily pointed at him..

    i don't think i want to rant here. but yeah just saying that those who quickly believe the whole thing in those blogs right after they read it were just calling themselves cassiopeas -a true cassie is one who supports and believe all 5 --which is something that i'm not anymore.

    and lol at your reply about the petition. i already guessed the korean side would not take it as a help. even in the eyes of some international cassies it seem ridiculous.

    by the way, i was wondering if you or anyone can help explaining that recent news about the lawsuit that said the court is putting off sme's request or something? i didn't bother reading at first, but then i keep seeing the tweet being rt-ed by fansites' twitter, as how it keeps being requested by jyjfiles themselves.

  51. @shimjang
    I agree these kids using the word slave are obviously uneducated. Maybe rather then whining and annoying people they should open a book. The slaves of the past and even now I think would be pissed about the word being used to describe obviously overindulged children. These kids are not forced to do what they do they chose it. They signed a contract. Even after they left they continued to work all the time who is there slave driver now?? Generally in this industry yeah the kids work hard. But there housing is paid for, there clothes are paid for, there food is paid for, some companies even pay for there schooling. Not only that but a lot idols have someone who cleans up after them and cooks for them how is that being a slave?? On top of getting most of there stuff paid for they still earn more in a couple of years then you and I probably will in our lives. It's upsetting to see that word just being thrown around when the word originated to describe people who could be killed by there masters if they did not think they were doing a good job.

  52. Well one reason why these kids acted so stupid, is because like Heechul say, they havent gone into society/got real jobs.

    AND SERIOUSLY OMG. Even if SM gave offers/pay the boys, was that even wrong!? That's called a DEAL. And if SM were to give offers/more money, why to Yunho and Changmin, the ones who were claimed least talented? (admit it guys, that time Yunho and Changmin werent strong enough for solo)

    So it's WRONG for Homin to accept a deal from their OWN company that had TRAINED and RAISED them with staffs that had SUFFERED with them, but it's NOT WRONG to accept a deal from a newly came cosmetic company/company owned by mafia/etc wtf???


    oh and I just read confirmation from the twitter of Dream Concert 2011.

    Exactly like what we had talked before! It's not JYJ that would be in Dream Con, but TVXQ. We all know that the thing about JYJ being in Dream Con werent official yet/had no legit source, but I bet this would be Poseidon all over again.

    My words about this: Go hurt, JYJ stans. Go to the corner and be butthurt, because YES, all the things in this world revolve around JYJ. If 20 years from now Jaejoong got fatty liver or Diabetes, that's because of SM too. Because SM had given him wrong diet for 7 years.

  53. @lapis.lazuli
    It just amazes me the excuses the fanatical JYJ fans can make to make everything SME or really anyone but there idols fault. Have you seen the list of highest endorsement earners JYJ earned almost a million dollars I am interested to see what kind of spin they are going to put on it considering how much they are complaining about there lovely JYJ's inability to work.

  54. @LadyYejin
    i thought all the other expenses were taken out of the artists' pay? such as stylists, dancers, etc etc.?

    i saw the CF earnings list, also read that Yuchun bought his little brother a BMW as a gift. maybe it's not good for them to get these things publicized at this time? oh well...

    people really need to THINK before believing anything. of course it would be Homin and not JYJ in Dream Concert. if they're not being invited on weekly music shows, why on earth would they be asked to perform in Dream Concert??

  55. No matter what's the outcome of the lawsuit, I just sincerely hope that Homin will always move forward with their heads high. They will achieve what they set out to achieve with fans like us alongside. And one day, both of them will be able to cry to their heart's content. Or being able to "laugh comfortably in the distant future" (KYHD reference)

  56. Wowwww I see many new usernames here ^^ *clap clap*
    I think most of us here have a same feeling, sort o ..f bearing some feeling in mind since the lawsuit and now it’s almost 2 year so everyone get longer longer comment lately, this’s great! Let it out is somehow make me feel relaxed.
    Tks to Precious for this place and everyone … for I know I am not alone along this way.

    Aha! That blog only keep mentioning Yunho, this’s where rumor about Yunho came from! It’s funny to blame SM offered Solo project to HoMin since Jaejoong also got “Heaven’s Postman” movie as well!

    @apooli @jessica I was teary watching ‘W’ perf in Tokyo Dome! Grrr…

    @sammy ngo @penny @shanancelice glad to see ELF here, I got to know SUJU through TVXQ ^^ I have been curious since the Tweet issue how ELF would feel about coz I don’t know SUJU that much to get the feeling for their Tweet after Junsu’s, Tks for talking about it.

    @cat1177 i read the news Yoochun just bough BMW for Ricky! Yes, it’s too obvious that he’s very rich! I think he just changed his car as well, Porsche to Ferrari? Wowwww…

    Dream Concert 2011! Do JYJ stans consume too much undernourished things? if they can’t act Fairly, be still! JYJ fans are turning their back to JYJ because of JYJ stans themselves!

  57. @cat1177
    it's not really taken from the artists' pay. more like they deducted all those pays from the gross income. whatever they've earned after the deduction would be their net income. they don't have to pay their bills, rents, airfares, gas, clothes even food because everything has been taken care off.

  58. gaah, your wrecking havoc with my emotions precious. I went from being neutral, to betrayed, to disgusted, to being disappointed, and now pissed off. lol. It's like what Osaka from Secret Garden said, "It's the most scariest when a fan becomes an anti-fan", and I swear, I think I could hate JYJ.

    But anyway, thanks for keeping us posted. I was wondering if the JYJ fans are crazy enough to spam this blog until it could no longer be accessible...because I couldn't get in this morning.

    I applaud your comment!

  59. @LadyYejin I saw that article too! Well, I am glad JYJ got to satisfy their greed. I find it so ironic. Yunho supposedly betrayed JYJ for ONE endorsement and ONE drama, but look at JYJ: JYJ are doing multiple endorsements, dramas, musicals, and concerts. Haha, I guess the supposed offer of ONE endorsement and ONE drama wasn't enough to satisfy JYJ's greed and keep them in SM!

    On a side note, I am just happy that HoMin can live with respect and dignity while JYJ will live in remorse forever xD I think that penalty is cruel enough for me :) Even if JYJ become successful billionaires, I hope they will never truly be happy because they know they attained it through disrespectful ways and also exchanged their most precious friendships for it. My only wish is that JYJ leave HoMin alone and stop whining on interviews and twitter.

  60. Thank you so much for this Precious,
    @lapis.lazuli love your comment!

    some JYJ fans really are insane LOL and not to mention de "YunJae" fans i'm really sick of them
    all what they do is bashing! is the only think they know. I'm grateful with Precious, I was totally neutral but there are so many facts showing the truth that neutral is a word I won't use anymore

  61. i sense more trouble brewing, esp with the cancellation of Jaejoong's Elle Spread. I have already seen many tweets that said they are being cock-blocked ( you have no idea how much i dispise this word ) once again.

    i guess what you said about yunjae supporters is a sweeping statement, cause i am a yunjae supporter and i have yet to bash anyone, including JYJ.

  62. @ justine
    The days of 5 is over, especially with everything that happened so far. The fact that SM and HoMin decided to make a comeback with 2 shows that they've given up on the 3. If both sides were going to settle, they would have done so already.

    @ shanancelice
    Yes, as a fellow man, I have a lot of respect for them the way they are handling this matter. Not saying anything, not begging for the fans' sympathy, and just working on their career quietly.

    @ wakeupgogo
    Sorry to tell you this, but more are coming. I know it hurts, but I need to tell how HoMin were framed by the so-called fans.

    @ jaegiya
    I think you are talking about the last trial session. SM's witness could not testify, so the session was held without her testimony, but again, the other side is magnifying it to say SM is delaying the trial on purpose, when it was CJS who were delaying the trial all along. If you haven't read it, here's my post about it.

    @ adrenalinss
    Yeah, it's great to see new usernames. What was the deal with the dream concert? I guess it was Poseidon all over again. JYJ side spreading rumors to hitch a ride with TVXQ, geez.

    @ Pratheepa
    If my last post made you upset, then you should really get ready for the next couple of posts.

    @ justine
    More SM bashing's coming! :)

  63. @마리아
    umm not really. i'm a yunjae fan myself and all of my friends are either ot5 or homin supporters js. weird to make such generalization since yunjae fans usually support both sides because we have jaejoong on yunho separated.

    wait, then that thing is old news? D: i remember you mention about that, or maybe someone else. sigh i thought it's something new...

  64. @ jaegiya
    I didn't know exactly what you were referring to, but by the sound of it, I just guessed that it was. Next trial is going to be in March.

    @ justine, jaegiya, 마리아
    From what I've seen personally, YunJae fans "usually" are OT5 fans because by definition, they need to have the 5 together. Most "bashing" YunJae fans therefore just bash SM except they just don't realize bashing SM is almost same as bashing Yunho.

    Also, I've noticed there are more fans biased towards Jaejoong than Yunho among YunJae fans.

    Anyways, just like any group of people, there are many different YunJae fans. I have seen extreme YunJae fans who blames everything on Yunho and SM for YunJae's breakup, some just supports all 5 without taking sides, and some accepts what happened and quit supporting YunJae couples like the YoonJae petch admin ( did. So everyone's different.

  65. @ jaegiya
    I just searched for the news, and SM requested to postpone the trial scheduled for January 17, but it was denied and the session went on without the witness. That witness will testify on the next trial in March.

    Are they still spreading that old news? They just love rehashing old news like it's something new. It's not the first time.

  66. I just read this (Jan 31 news; I normally don't click on JYJ articles), and just wanted to share...

    "For one of the first times, Park Yoochun confessed that he fully knew that he 'might never be able to be a star again' when he decided to leave SM Entertainment, but even with this realization, he still needed to 'find happiness and leave'."

    I guess he was never happy even when SM made him one of the most popular stars in Asia.

    "Regarding this, Junsu said, 'I think that it is very weird that we cannot appear on broadcast television. I learned that it truly is difficult for a Korean singer to perform on a stage, and it is what I resent most'."

    Are they contradicting each other? So Yoochun knew that they are walking down a difficult path such that they might not be able to be a star again, but I guess he never told Junsu LOL.

  67. @Jessica
    There lawyer must have informed them that it was going to be a difficult path with all these legal proceedings going on. Although it's just another way for Junsu to pull on the heartstrings of there fans nothing new. The fact is this isn't SM banning them this is the entertainment world going we don't want to get in the middle of your lawsuit. Honestly I think the networks are worried about legal problems that could arise from letting them perform because they are in lawsuit. Also there is a certain unspoken code of respect in the Korean industry and they have clearly broken it.

  68. @ Jessica
    Once I cover the lawsuits, you'll see there are more contradictions on what they say.

    @ LadyYejin
    Who knows what's really going on in the industry, but when you break a contract you signed, you should expect some consequences.

    BTW, JYJ's lawyer Yim Sang Hyuk is taking the Kara case too, but the funny thing is that he's defending Kara's company DSP this time. Isn't it so ironic? I LOL'd when I saw that news.
    Another small but interesting twist in this case.

    His defense of DSP is very similar to SM's from last year. He must've learned something from SM's lawyers. LOL

    He was asked what the similarities are between Kara's and TVXQ's case and replied: "Two cases have lot of differences in details. I don't think it is appropriate to mention them any more." LOL I understand the lawyer supposed to do his best for whatever case his taking, but I wonder how this is going to look to the public. Interesting...

  69. @Pratheepa
    i feel the same too. i was neutral but kind of leaned more to JYJ's side of things since last year but gave Homin the benefit of the doubt. besides, even then i always saw Homin as the underdog in this situation, because JYJ have most fans' and the public's sympathy with them. and then TVXQ comeback came and i thought something was off, why are they a mix of angry (Changmin) and sad (Yunho) and indifferent to JYJ (both)? i thought i was going to see cocky and arrogant, or fake or something, i don't know. but just not this. that's when i realized there must be more to it than what i'm being fed.

    i don't really expect them to be penniless, i'm sure they're earning some money from their activities, i just don't think it's wise to get things like that publicized right now.

    i wish this could be over soon so everyone can just move on especially Homin. i think the moment Homin decided to come back as a duo and come out with a diss song (yes i do believe KYHD is a diss song), they've accepted that it's pretty much over (for now anyway...). JYJ knew what they had to face the moment they decided to leave and while i applaud their courage despite the consequences it's not fair now for some fans to resent Homin/SM for JYJ's non-appearances.

  70. @cat1177 Yea, I hope it ends soon too! I hope JYJ wins so they can have their wish and HoMin won't ever be hurt by them again. Everyone (including the fans) can move on and I no longer have to see JYJ whine again (yes, I consider tweeting about your former company as an enemy, being sad about not appearing on TV and depressed that HoMin is using the name 'TVXQ' as whining because all those words were unnecessary ESPECIALLY at a time like this). Just imagine how the JYJ fans will respond if JYJ lost. Not only so, even if SM decides to regroup TVXQ as 5, it will never be the same again - the damage to their friendship can never be repaired. And it is most likely that JYJ will never be treated the same again by the SM employees. So I always believed that TVXQ5 is over, just that fans won't admit to it (or maybe they believed JYJ when they said they wanted to be 5 again). HoMin clearly expressed that they just want JYJ to be happy and healthy, and they won't neglect the possibility of regrouping. HoMin never said they "want" to be 5 again. I personally think that JYJ are really good at saying what fans want to hear, but HoMin are blunt and honest. I really admire and prefer the honesty.

  71. @ cat1177
    KYHD may or may not be a diss song, but I don't really think it's a big deal. Even if it's a diss song, who cares? Considering what CJS did to HoMin, if they were US artists, the song would be filled with swearing and other nasty stuff. Try TVXQ's old song million man. That song actually works better than KYHD.

    @ Jessica
    If CJS wins the case, they'll have a field day with the news media, and we'll never stop hearing about how they were righteous, how justice prevailed etc. Just imagine how their fans will react to that also.

  72. if we talk about money tools and slave contract. well who is the slave and tools of moneys?
    need more lies to hidden old lies.
    use Homin to down SM. all article and statement just make everything clear all intentions is to down SM.
    "all trap come from jealousy"
    thanks to SM for a great come back of Homin.
    Thanks to Homin who always protect SM, protect all other artist and employee inside.
    I hope SM win this lawsuit.
    I will not let my time waste for hating JYJ. they outsider. another kpop artist now.
    what we feels today is same with Homin feels today.
    SM not perfect but JYJ agency is the worst company ever.

  73. @precious
    the bashings have been on since yesterday. Perhaps I'm surrounded by too many SM haters. lol. Expecting more though.

    I also agree that most yunjae supporters are jae inclined and just support yunho due to yunjae. Cause that is the case for me, only difference is I support jae because of yunjae. Yunho has been my bias from the beginning. I guess we all have to move on somehow, and what better time than now. Honestly I kind of pity jae in this whole case, like many has observed, he seems to be the saddest amongst the 3. I used to attribute it to him missing yunho ( blatant yunjae supporter. lol) but I start to realized that perhaps he wasn't a willing party but was made to join because of his family members. Just a very random thought that came to mind

  74. @ justine
    I just read someone's blog about it, but who are the fans bashing? Elle Japan is not going to publish Jaejoong's pictures after the company requested to stop them, so are they bashing C-Jes?

  75. @Jessica

    Looll u should read that one interview that Junsu said JYJ even ready to stop being singers and go to countryside to be farmers! He even said, "but when we look at again our life, did we truly happy? The answer is not. So we need to do this for our life" -- so not just Yoochun contradicted Junsu, but Junsu was contradicting himself. And now he's (and fans) being fussy for not appearing in music shows?? Hey, that's good enough for you, at least you don't become farmers!
    About the endorsement, I remember Lotte CM, the one that usually done by all 5 and suddenly the calendar and CM and etc was consisted by JYJ only -_-;; how can JYJ fans not feeling shame to see it turned out like that after they fussed abt one evisu endorsement?

    At first I don't care whoever win the case, but seeing it like this, I'll feel pity to SM artists (including Homin) if JYJ win. The term slaves will attach to them forever, and Homin would be forever claimed as "those who sided with the evil" :(

  76. @LadyYejin
    I think one of the main problem here is majority of these fans doesn't really understand the purpose of a contract and the actual implications of breaking it. I hope their own contract will be better when they going to be working adults.

    YoonJae fans are too passionate and not afraid to show it. I've learnt to ignore my YJ shipper friends when they're in the spazzy mood because deep down they are still good people.

  77. @ lapis.lazuli
    Yes, just for that reason (there are other reasons too) alone, SM must win the case. I believe whoever loses the case will appeal, so it's going to be a lengthy process.

    @ shimjang
    You may be right about the fans. Many are young, and just do not know the seriousness of breaking a contract and that's probably why they just believe what they see without actually thinking about it. But then again, there are fans in 30-40's who have no clue either so it's really hard to explain. Age and wisdom do not always go together.

  78. Another twist to Kara lawsuit! The trio fired Landmark and hired Hangeng's lawyer instead. Are they going to leave DSP for good now coz Hangeng left SME for other reasons than money (at least I don't remember Geng said anything about profit distribution in SuJu).

  79. @Precious
    Never forget, love is blind. I'm actually surprised that Yoochun's ajumma fans are just as 'crazy' as the younger ones. Eg. Message board spamming during SKKS days or when JYJ cannot appear on TV shows. I always thought that older fans are much more subtle in their support but there's something about the trio that triggered the irrational side of their fans in their support.

    Yoonho has a lot of ajumma fans too but they don't get publicity for this kind of behaviour. Whenever Yoonho fans are mentioned in articles, it because of their charity acts.

  80. @ shimjang
    The Kara trio filed a lawsuit to void the contract and distribution of profit, so that means they're leaving DSP.

    As far as I know, Hangeng just filed a lawsuit to void the contract.

  81. @precious
    they were bashing SM.I saw it this morning, i guess news about who stopping the ad was not released at that time, so naturally many were blaming SM for it.

  82. @ shimjang
    Ur probably right. Just the whole thing is very fascinating to observe as a kind of an outsider. I personally was never into any artist like this fandom. I guess I'm just too chic like Changmin. (Oh no, now I'm gonna get bashed by HoMin fans!!!) LOL

  83. @ justine
    I get the feeling even if they knew, they'd still bash SM anyways. There's always this required SM bashing on any TVXQ or JYJ related article: "Evil SM broke up TVXQ" LOLOL

  84. @ justine I agree-I am a jae supporter because of Yunho-and he does seem out of sorts now a days-In other news I just read on AKP that two injunctions that SME filed against JYJ have been dismissed by the seoul district court-Precious can you tell us what this all means-Is it a positive sign for JYJ to win the case.

  85. @Precious : Hi! Hv u read an article in AKPOP today that Seoul District Court just dismissed both SME's injuction to JYJ and the CEO of CJes said that this is the victory of the truth. I just want to know, it means JYJ already won the case and now they are really in freedom to continue their career as JYJ alone. Positively, JYJ will so much happy and won't bother to comeback or intervene TVXQ activities anymore.


    At the end of the article : "In conclusion, the exclusive contract between SM and JYJ is invalid, and JYJ’s individual activities are legal."

    I don't think the first conclusion is right, "the injunction is invalid since SM Entertainment was ordered on October 27th, 2009 that they were to not interfere with JYJ’s individual activities." So it's the injunction (by SM) that invalid, not the exclusive contract between SM and JYJ. Am i right here? or i misunderstanding?

    Btw, i didn't know that SM fill two injunction :

    1. an objection on October 27th, 2009 claiming that the Seoul Central District Court’s order to prevent them from interfering with JYJ’s individual activities was illegal.

    2. asking the court to suspend JYJ’s contract with CJES Entertainment.

    The 2nd injunction is invalid/rejected because of the 1st one is rejected. Not because the 2nd injunction proved to be wrong or something.

    That what i get from reading the article. Any thought ppl?

    [Gosh, i sincerely hope SM win the lawsuit about the contract.]

  87. @ all
    The court dismissed the objection to the injunction that SM filed against the injunction judgment, so basically the court confirmed the first injunction judgment.

    The main suit is still going on, so the result of this dismissal does not change anything. I don't know if this will effect CJS's broadcasting activities or not, also don't know if this will affect the main lawsuit.

    All the news articles are based on the press release from JYJ's law firm Sejong. Once I see the actual judgment document, I'll know more about it.

    @ slixe
    I agree with your points except 2. I think the court has recognized C-Jes is CJS's agency, but again, I need to see the actual judgment.

  88. @Precious Ah, i see.. thanks for the fast reply :)

    "The main suit is still going on, so the result of this dismissal does not change anything except for boasting rights for the JYJ fans."

    Can't agree more with Precious's statement above..

    JYJ fans.. tsk~ tsk~

  89. @slixe @ahmad

    I just read that too. I think it's not clear whether JYJ win the case or not, just SM's injustions were rejected.

    However, that article really gives bad premonition, from the court's saying it really sounds like they'll gonna make JYJ win the case. It's good that JYJ could be out of there asap, but again, I feel sorry for Homin and other SM artists.

  90. For me, what i see is, 2 businessmen A(SME) and B(JYJ). A made used of B to earn money but B feels that they dont get what they deserve. So B decied to come out its own. But A doesnt allow cuz it effects its business. So they started the war. So both side will use all stretegies to win. LOl
    I am not saying JYJ is right and SM is wrong. But before this case, I have heard rumours about entertainment companies from korea and heard some artists commit suicide cuz of this. But i think of myself "why r they so stupid to end their lives just for this? They can just simply quit from the industry" Well, now i start to realize that they might not have nother choices then...

  91. @adrenalinss:

    I never consider myself as Cass or ELF :) because I think it means my love for all members should be equal and I'm not like that LOL (in Suju, I do like all 13 members but I only bias towards half of them :D). Even so, I think the important is I know how much I love them. I'm not a teenager so even if I love TVXQ and Suju, I do not do the things like search every news, comment on every topic about them, etc... When Homin being bashed so unreasonably on the forum so called for TVXQ in my homecountry since TVXQ broke up and during the comeback (once again, who is the one choose to protect that name, I think they forget it), I felt so angry but never comment on that. Cause, what the point? Their eyes only see JYJ, and u do not speak to people who never even try to listen. That's why I'm so glad to be here.


    I agree with you about most of Yunjae shippers is biased towards Jae than Yunho. There's many kind of fans so of course I know there's neutral fans among them, but in my country, I could say 99% Yunjae shippers are Jae's fans who used to praised Yunho a lot and now insulted him like he is the worst man in the world. My friend who loves to read fanfiction LOL is a member of Jae's forum, she saw a lot of cruel and nasty comments about Yunho (during the SM town in Seoul) right on the chat box so she tried to reason to them. As a result, her nick was banned LOL.

  92. @lapis.lazuli

    But i kinda get the feeling that the court acknowledge the 'relationship' between JYJ & C-JeS Entertainment just like precious said.

    I don't know if the whole dual-contract thing (JYJ proved to be in a dual contract with SM&CJES) is an advantages/disadvantages/neutral for SM (will help SM win the main lawsuit or not).

    Annoyed by how the JYJ fans conclude that all the claim about dual contract is wrong just because the 2nd injunction dismissed.

  93. about Dream concert problem, as I know the news about Dream concert will be held at Beijing is fake, so I can't understand why JYJ fans can blame SM for that.

  94. @mee
    i think its not right if we say JYJ used by SM for money. they work there its about deal.
    Yea SM will never let JYJ go easily. that time they was 3 member of TVXQ. TVXQ is the most popular asian idol. SM got so many bad impact JYJ too and HOmin too.
    its natural if SM not let JYJ do whatever they want. SM have to think company reputation. we all know many group live under SM. we all know what happen if SM lost.
    so SM dont have any choice but fight back to JYJ.
    JYJ VS SM or SM VS CJeS or JYJ VS Homin. JYJ fans VS Homin fans. we are in war now.
    Im tired but I will fight too.
    btw why avex so silence?

  95. @ all

    Am i the only one who noticed this contradiction:

    The first injunction was dismissed because the trio didn't sign a contract with the new agency the agency was just a promoter >_> on the other hand in the second injuction the trio Said we signed a contract with the new company because the exclusive contract with SM is invalid because during their individual activities they didn't use their stage names or anything that is related to TVXQ. So, the exclusive contract with SM is not violated. Again the injunction was dismissive lol see the contradiction?

    In the first injection they said we didn't sign a contract with C-Jes ...... because they just hired it as a promoter.

    In the second injunction, they say that our contract with C-Jes doesn't violate our exclusive contract with SM.

    O_O; no comment .... btw i read both articles from AKP :D

  96. @precious
    ah sorry i forgot to link the article, but i can see you got the article right. thanks again for clarifying. (;

    and well about the yj supporters i guess i won't comment much, maybe it's the fact that my yj shippers circle has a different, let's say point of view? but i do agree about most of the fans in general, the young ones especially. even before the lawsuit they've given me so much headache.

    i'm just disappointed that maria's statement meant all yunjae fans. --i'm myself a fan of both yunho and jaejoong, was more towards jaejoong before last year shifting to yunho. even up until now i still support both of them equally.

    i seriously agree about how the article seems to state that the court is / will always side with jyj so all jyj stans need to do now is to wait for the positive final statement. --at least that's what i've been getting. well what do i expect.

    i think it's because they practically has nothing to do with it. the problem was between jyj and sme. as long as there's homin in toho's place i don't think they would complain. beside, even without homin's contribution they can still earn profit from selling or re-selling toho's items.

    i don't think i can be anymore surprised with more condradictions, but that's one of the things i'm still not clear with as well --so cjes and jyj is..?

  97. @ jaegiya

    if i am not mistaken xD

    it means that the trio ditched SM and signed contract with cjes so they can keep their
    'small' investment with that cosmetic company lol basically they lost their interests in TVXQ ~

    i think that cjes is so ok with that since they are having a win/win situation lol

  98. ah CJeS out now..
    @ pinkdreamer88
    its mean they do dual contract? but court ok it?
    Dizzy >.<

  99. @ dhanirahman52

    the court ok it because it doesn't violate the exclusive contract and because if they didn't ok it, it would mean that they have to cancel the rule that state that the trio are ok to have their own individual activities :D
    that's what i know i may be right and i may be wrong xD
    Mr. Precious should be the judge on this one LOL

    it is a net of lawsuits .... i wonder how many lawsuits that involve SM and the trio lol

  100. So even when the court finds out about the dual contract that they always denied, they find in their favour. Why does this feel like an uphill battle for sm? Why do the courts always find everything in jyj's favour? Jyj must have a really good lawyer that even when the truth comes out they make it look like they are innocent. sometimes its disheartening because it seems like they'll win no matter what. I don't know exactly the ins and outs of why they won hopefully Precious will let us know. Its not fair to sm and homin especially. I suppose its better to get this whole lawsuit over with so they can all move on with their lives. Today is hard because all the jyj fans are being arrogant at the moment and not even realizing that they were lied to about the dual contract as well. Oh well.

  101. @pinkdreamer88

    JYJ won preliminary injunction on October 27th 2009.
    Result : JYJ can do individual activities without interference from SM.

    SM 1st injunction : is an objection against JYJ's injunction (that JYJ won on oct 2009). And it dismissed.
    Meaning that the court is sticking/confirming with their first decision.

    SM 2nd injunction : to suspend the exclusive contract signed between the members of JYJ and C-JeS Entertainment. The Courts dismissed the 2nd injunction because the verdict made on October 2009 (SM must not interfere with JYJ's independent activities in the entertainment industry) is valid.

    In the first injunction (that SM filled & got dismissed by the court), there's no mentioning contract with CJES. So i don't see any contradictions. And 2nd injunction is not even being processed because it's against (not in sync with) the first one.

    SM statement :
    Representatives of SM Entertainment stated in the aftermath of the ruling, "The legal battle between SM and JYJ is not yet over. This court decision is merely regarding a preliminary injunction, this does not mean that the exclusive contract between SM and JYJ is invalid. The original lawsuit is still ongoing, and the date of pleading will be sometime in mid-March. Through the original lawsuit, the truth will be investigated, and we will be working to make sure that their contracts are still valid."

  102. I know I used the word 'won' instead of 'dismissed' at the moment it feels like they've won to me, sorry for all pessimism.

  103. @apooli

    Don't jump into the conclusion too fast :) from what i read, i think the court never ok it (dual contract). JYJ dual contract hasn't been proved true/false. I even think it has nothing to do with dual contract~

    Just like Representatives of SM Entertainment said, "This court decision is merely regarding a preliminary injunction."

    But then again, im sorry if it's turn out to be that i misinterpret the news that i read :)

  104. @ slixe

    I read this article and that's what confused me because the old one which was posted months ago states that the trio didn't sing a contract with CJeS but they hired it as a promoter.

    Now, while i was reading this new article... it made me wonder why did they focus on SM's contract with the trio if they '' did not '' sign a contract with CJeS? the contradiction that i stated is it is IMPLIED not stated that's why i was wondering if someone else noticed it.

    And what made me go O_O is this sentence:

    '' In conclusion, the exclusive contract between SM and JYJ is invalid, and JYJ’s individual activities are legal.''

    now when they say that '' the exclusive contract is invalid'' it means the trio didn't do anything that is related to TVXQ.... because TVXQ ( including the stage names) are exclusive only to SM ......

    again, i may be right and i may be wrong :D

  105. they focus on SM's contract with the trio :

    because the preliminary injunction that JYJ won on October 2009 is a temporary suspension of the contract between JYJ & SM.

    And the injunction that SM filled is too un-suspend the contract. (which got rejected~)

    Hopefully i'm seeing this right~ hehehe :)

    And yeah, i don't really understand the statement : "In conclusion, the exclusive contract between SM and JYJ is invalid, and JYJ’s individual activities are legal." too~

  106. @ mee
    Nice try using "rumors you heard" to generalize every company in the entertainment industry. It's great you've gained some "understanding" from some rumors you've heard.

    @ all
    The objection to the injunction ruling was given from the same court that gave the original injunction judgment, so it is extremely rare for the court to overturn the original judgment made initially. As for the dual contract, the injunction court interpreted the contract between C-Jes and CJS as trustee contract while the injunction judgment is in effect, also dropping that injunction.

    The main suit is still going on, so we'll see what happens there.

    BTW whoever wins the real trial, there's going to be an appeal so it's far from over.

  107. @ slixe

    xD this is fun

    While reading both articles the phrase '' exclusive contract'' was always mentioned .... in the first one the trio said that they didn't violate it because they didn't sign a contract with CJeS but they hired it so it is not an agency but then in the second injunction the trio didn't stick to this but they said that their '' contract'' with CJeS doesn't violate SM's exclusive contract because they are making activities as individuals and not as TVXQ members....

    See why i am confused? why didn't say that in the first injunction :/ and what would they say if SM filed a third one lol

    xD man i think i am thinking in weird stuff lol

  108. @pinkdreamer88 Ah now i understand your point of view..

    i didn't/haven't read when : "they said that their 'contract' with CJeS doesn't violate SM's exclusive contract because they are making activities as individuals and not as TVXQ member."

    because by that statement, they admitting that they sign a contract with CJES. I see.. i see..

    They're making two different statement. At first they said "No contract." But the 2nd time they said "There's a contract but it's ok."

    I understand now.. Hehehehe.. yeap this is fun.

    Since i'm kinda new with this whole thing *not following this case from the beginning* i think that's why there some news/statement that JYJ made in the past that i don't know :)

    sorry to bother u >.<

  109. @ slixe


    it is fun @_@

    It is ok~ i thought that what i thought of didn't make sense that's why i wanted to see if other people think the same lol i wasn't sure but it is contradicting :/
    at first they say there is no contract but then they say the contract didn't violate SM's exclusive contract .... i was like @_@ dude you have said before that there was no contract to start with lol

    i guess we will see more ~~~

  110. Well, it's not the first time we see JYJ contradicting themselves. It just verifies the fact that they are using lies to cover up more lies. If they were telling the truth from the beginning, then we would never see these contradictions. SM has been clear from the start, but you see CJes and JYJ trying to hide their true intentions: filing the injunction without the main lawsuit (clearly, if SM's contract was THAT bad, you would file these together to get out of SM), saying there's no contract between them when there is, saying Crebeau was a small investment when JYJ owns 62.5% shares, whining about everything that has happened when they clearly knew it would happen, saying they would quit Crebeau if it meant to break up TVXQ (this is a lie because if it was true, they would've ALREADY quit Crebeau when they filed the injunction to BREAK UP TVXQ just to verify the fact that Crebeau had NOTHING to do with bringing up the lawsuit). The only reason SM/HoMin/SM family are being bashed is because they're not saying what fans/general population want to hear; they don't portray themselves as "innocent angels". All I can say is I've lost respect for JYJ completely - fighting for what you deserve demonstrates courage, but obtaining it through deception, hypocrisy and treachery is frowned upon. This is one reason why I support Hangeng but not JYJ - funny thing is JYJ fans keep comparing the two cases when they are clearly not the same.

  111. @pinkdreamer88

    Do you have the link to the two articles you mentioned?

    In one of your previous posts, you quoted Junsu on how they had thought about using TVXQ vs. JYJ and you said that you believed him. Well, I guess the second injunction ruling mentioned above just proved how 'accurate' the JYJ's choice is. If they had chosed TVXQ over JYJ, then they wouldn't have been able to sign the contract with CJes, as this will be considered 'dual contracts'. Haha, after all, you still "underestimated" Junsu. In this case, I think that CJS members knew all along exactly why they couldn't use TVXQ in the first place, provided how long and how close they had been working with their lawyer by then. But I have to admit, I thought that Junsu was telling the truth as you did. I can't imagine that they said how disappointed at HoMin's comeback as TVXQ when they were fully aware of the situation. What did he try to do to HoMin? *sigh*

  112. @ wakeupgogo

    The second article is posted on AKP and can be found easily :D

    if i posted the link it will be considered spam xD

    and about the other article, it was posted before their tour in the US i guess :/
    I remember clearly that they stated that they didn't sign a contract with CJeS but hired it as a promoter :)

    I can't remember the title xD but it is posted in AKP :D

    and i totally agree with you :D
    Their lawyer knew that SM would file and injunction about their contract with CJeS that's why they didn't use the name TVXQ or their stage name because if they did it would mean that they violated SM's exclusive contract...

  113. @ wakeupgogo
    Actually, I was being sarcastic when I posted that to point out that their statements and claims contradict each other. Junsu said that he thought about using TVXQ name, but in reality, he knew CJS couldn't use it.

  114. @lapis.lazuli

    i know right? the courts decision on their case will affect everyone in the Kpop business. not just Homin. Those under SM will be greatly affected by it. i feel for them. sometimes i wonder if there was bribery involved on JYJ's side. but i doubt it. just feels like the courts are JYJ fans too. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to wish anything bad on JYJ but i somehow have more faith in SME.

  115. @Precious
    Your reply to my comment is wayyyyy up there, I'm surprised how fast this post moves. I think JCS ajumma fans are prompted by their maternal instincts and probably influenced by the JCS-biased information the first time. you have to admit there are more JYJ-biased articles floating around than the non-biased ones. Most of them noticed the trio from SKKS and even if they know the truth now, I don't think it will stop them from supporting coz the men are like their own sons now. Also, once in a while JCS always give fans sighing message via tweeter- 'It's hard', 'I feel lonely' etc... who says they don't know how to manipulate fans?

    I don't know when the official court transcription is available at the website but I will wait for your translation. It irks me that allkpoop made a 'conclusion' out of a handful short Korean articles yesterday.

    CJS fans should accept that JYJ situation =/= HOT =/= SHINHWA =/= Hangeng =/= Kara

    Anyway, I've been thinking that probably the trio's does have a personal involvement with the CJeS coz it pops out of nowhere a few months after they filed the injunction to sign an exclusive contract with AVEX and,
    Je(jung) (or J=Jae, e='et'='and' in Latin and French)
    Isn't this their current member formation too? Chun-Je-Su.

    Wah, JYJ fans who silently stalking this blog like an Interpol agent, don't you dare take this OPINION OF MINE and repost it as a rumor. This is my common sense, understand? >.>

  116. Thank you precious.

    I finally took the time to read everything, the 6.25 file and up till here. I was about to leave but honestly I can feel myself tearing up for Yunho. I was wondering if any of you also had the same reaction? Especially after the last few comments. Fans were confused about the truth and yet the administrators continued to just try and put all the blame on Yunho.

    Both him and Changmin had been keeping quiet. They did not say anything to the fans about this issue that's why most of us only know that "SM contract is slavery" and that the three of them are "suffering". I wonder if HoMin are willing to manipulate the public, then what statements would they use? It would be easier for fans to take a side instead of having to dig through all this evidence (or in this case, go through someone who has to dig through all the evidence and then translate it).

  117. I believe that in the years to come, Yunho's and Changmin's nobility will shine. They will be able to wear the truth as their "appeal" for old and new fans alike. Even though I am now more cautious of what I believe in from the media, I can't help but feel proud of Changmin and Yunho... and do such good human beings really exist? I hope more evidences of their actions come up, so we can all judge them based on the truths instead of just what others say.

  118. @ dAra Maybe I am biased, but I believe HoMin are genuinely noble. So far, I've only heard of Yunho and Changmin silently doing good deeds till stalker fans expose the news - like Changmin cleaning the beach and Yunho donating to his school. Conversely, I have yet to hear CJS do that haha.

  119. @Jessica Yes I get what you mean. Wow I can imagine Changmin cleaning up the beach and I just wish I was there! No matter, up until now, I've also got more reason to believe in the good of HoMin.

    In my opinion, as I read the Korean comments in the post on how they tried to blame Yunho, saying he was tempted to stay in SMe and break up TVXQ because of a drama role and the evisu deal, then there is a comment which says that that's not true, that Yunho was leaning to reject the role...

    I somehow find myself believing that it is really in Yunho's personality to choose to reject the role.

  120. @dAra
    even with Homin's silence, fans are thinking 1) insensitive bastards, not responding to their 3 brothers who have reached out to them time and again 2) they don't have to do any actual manipulating because SM is already doing it. damn if they do, damn if they don't!

    actually i've thought about the initials of CJeS before but wouldn't that be too blatant to do? i don't wanna believe that they would go that far and i hope there's still some sense left in them.

    thanks for pointing that out. well i definitely underestimated Junsu. i don't wanna see another angel pose in my life again.

    i don't care either that it's a diss song. i love that it's a diss song. the funny thing is JYJ fans hardly stop to think WHY people who are supposed to be traitors would come out with a diss song and angry choreography to boot. all they think is "THEY'RE ATTACKING OUR JYJ!!!" and never think that Homin might, God forbid, actually have valid reasons to be *SHOCK* angry at the other 3. all that fuss over TVXQ comeback but no one batted an eye when JYJ came out with their album called "The Beginning". oh right, i forgot it's because they can't work in Korea so they have to go international. i forgot. they raised hell with KYHD the song but Pierrot is okay apparently and is just artistic expression. double standard much? the hypocrisy is appalling.

  121. 1. using AKTF to block Homin's carrier
    2. Using SM to bashing Homin
    3. Using Homin to bashing SM
    4. Using TVXQ trademark to block homin's carrier
    5. Using petition to threatening SM. Homin, Court
    6. Using Twitter to impress the crowd xD
    7. Using many lawyer to gain more public opinion
    8. Using TVXQ to sell Creubeau product
    9. Using Fans to bashing SM and Homin
    10. Using lies to cover more lies
    11. Using Fandom to create new Fandom
    12. Using song to lie
    13. secret meeting
    14 what else?

    the root of TVXQ break up
    1 Creubeu (SM)
    2 Contract (JYJ)
    3. Contract, Homin and SM (JYJ fans)
    4. CreuBeau, Secret meeting (me)

    June 2009 - now. shhh tiring.

    Hanggeng. sue SM but leave Suju member (np for Suju)
    JYJ, Sue SM and Blocking Homin carrier (>.<)(fanwar)
    this problem not big as now if no secret meeting.
    no AKTF anymore eekkksss

  122. @wakeupgogo
    Well, I guess the second injunction ruling mentioned above just proved how 'accurate' the JYJ's choice is. If they had chosed TVXQ over JYJ, then they wouldn't have been able to sign the contract with CJes, as this will be considered 'dual contracts'. Haha, after all, you still "underestimated" Junsu. In this case, I think that CJS members knew all along exactly why they couldn't use TVXQ in the first place, provided how long and how close they had been working with their lawyer by then.

    he he i agree. i cant imagining how hard they try to make everything smooth.
    how to Free still AFTK and right by law
    how to Free but still as TVXQ and right by law
    how to Free but TVXQ's Fans still love them and right by law
    because if they didnt do that.
    they will show that all they said in secret meeting is a lie (impact = relationship with fans)
    all statement in twitter absolutely for fans not for Homin.
    girls dont leave me...

  123. @justine

    Can you explain about the JJ KYHD twitter thing? I don't remember ever hearing about that... @__@

    Anyways, I wanted to say thanks for posting all this information and for taking your time to translate, Precious! I'd be so extremely uninformed without this blog. xD

  124. the only thing i can't believe is that fans actually agreed to do this, i mean, even if they're jyj's parents, i wouldn't let them wash my brain and control my words. yeah, i would spread rumors to 'protect' jyj/tvxq (it's in a fan's mind) but i wouldn't do it for free...

  125. It's 2013 and JYJ still manipulates their fans
    It seems like TVXQ are gaining a lot more fans and supporters. They won quite a lot of awards yay for them. I'm especially proud of the Asia Model Award. Quite an honor.
    No offence but I hope JYJ would still be blocked from broadcasting stations. Don't really want to see them at all and especially bumping into TVXQ. Changmin would publicly punch them while Yunho would probably torn as to stop or let CM carry on.