Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How Yunho and Changmin were bashed

My previous two posts showed how the rumors were spread systematically by some CJS fans following the "directives" they received from the 6.25 meeting. It may be hard to believe that such things could happen, but then again, everyone reading my blog saw it first hand that it's still done today.

As soon as I posted the translation of the 6.25 meeting, it was taken without my permission, then a "summary" was added to hide the parts of the translation that some didn't want people to read, and the new masked version of the translation was all over the internet the next day. Also, as soon as an article or a news that's advantageous to CJS is released back in Korea, it spreads like a wildfire the next day to international fans. Readers have all seen it happening. Compared to that, any news article that helps HoMin or SM never gets any coverage especially to the international fans. The fact that the full version of HoMin and their parents' statements weren't available for over a year until they were posted on my blog is a good example. It's funny that people are accusing SM of spreading rumors when in reality it's exactly the opposite.

So how did their "operations" to spread the rumors work? Very well indeed.
You've all seen the same rumors spread from the meeting repeated over and over today among international fans. Some people still use the "9:1 profit share" even after the real contract was released. Obviously "facts" are not important to some as long as the info can be used to justify CJS's action whether it's true or not.

While the rumors were spreading on the blogs and forums, many fan sites were taken over by the fans supporting CJS including DNBN. I'll post a detailed account of what happened to that site, but the short version is that the original administrators were kicked out, and new admins and mods took over the site. On the surface, they claimed to support all 5, but in reality, they only supported CJS while ignoring HoMin.

Once the fan sites were taken over, it was all downhill for HoMin and their fans. Only the rumors created from the 6.25 meeting were supported as the truth, and any opinions against those were largely ignored. Any posts not suited for their agenda were deleted or ignored, and the members who posted such opinions or info were given warnings or banned. Even some HoMin fans blamed HoMin for the breakup and not leaving SM with CJS.

Remember, there weren't any evidences or facts available at that time like today, so it was hard to refute those rumors, and the fans believed them especially since fan site admins forced them to the members. The 6.25 meeting was known to some people immediately after it happened, but the actual voice file wasn't widely spread until later in the year, so CJS fans simply denied the existence of the meeting. Without any proof, there was no way to convince any fans. Those people even twist and misrepresent obvious facts, so you can imagine how a claim without solid proof would've been treated. The existence of the 6.25 meeting was also denied by international fans until I released the translation, and as soon as that happened, their strategy suddenly shifted to discrediting it as it meant nothing serious just like how it happened back in Korea.

Meanwhile, the injunction to void the contract was filed on July 31st, and all the blame for the TVXQ's breakup was solely put on HoMin for betraying CJS instead of joining the lawsuit together. Bashing HoMin and SM started to intensify from that moment, and peaked when they released the official statements.

The judgment for the injunction was given on Oct 27, 2009 allowing CJS's individual activities, and on Nov 2, 2009, HoMin and their parents released statements urging CJS to come back to keep TVXQ, and stated their position regarding the cosmetics business.

* Another warning. Ignore the rest if you don't want to get really upset.

Obviously, HoMin and their fathers were pleading to the fans hoping they'd listen, but their plea was completely ignored by the fans. Instead, the bashing increased exponentially and went out of control that resulted in the infamous 3000, 5000 replies. (삼천플, 오천플) There were thousands of replies bashing HoMin viciously. I'm just going to translate part of the replies (for an obvious reason).

I've only uploaded 2 pages, but there are more.

International fans are in a way lucky that you can't read them. There are some horrible things said to HoMin and their families in those replies. Just look at the sheer number of the pages from above link, and believe it or not, those are just part of it.

* Here are a few translations of the replies from the screen capture below.

If they're gonna split, just do it amicably. Why are even parents getting involved to bash the other 3 members? I feel sorry for the 3.

2222222 If they wanna go separate ways, they should just go. I mean, they were a team, but trying to dump the members in the mud. I really despise them. I'm not even going to look at them.

Parents are ruining their children. Parents should think about the future but they're blinded with greed right in front of them.

They don't even know how to sing.

Wishing ChunJaeSu to do well.

* and more...

Jung Yunho @#$% hate him. Not even interested in Shim Changmin.

Hey Jun Yunho ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I trusted both you and Shim Changmin until 3 o'clock today that you were going to file the lawsuit together... I thought you had an unknown reason....but after seeing your signature after 3 o'clock... I felt like a fool, and enraged with betrayal..I really @#$@ liked you... especially you, Jung Yunho...I was fan of you and Jaejoong  ... but you betray the fans and the members? .... blaming the members with cosmetics? They are the members who had hard times in Japan with you... are you happy @#@%@%?

I really thought TVXQ was meaningless without all 5.... crazy ... No, on second thought, (TVXQ) don't need you and CM. TVXQ will do well...Aren't JS and JJ more than enough for singing? YC can write songs, so don't need to worry about him... how about you?.. Fans complemented you for live performances and dancing, but you #@$@ do acting.. but your drama bombed LOL  Ur living like a loser...

Living like a loser.. so funny LOL

(username JungYunHo) You wrote exactly how I feel....I'm ashamed of my username. I'm gonna change my name you @#@#.

I'll build a tomb made of rock as big as your greed for you, so wait!

That was just a small sample of 5000 replies. There were also replies about hitting them with rocks to kill them, taunting Yunho's families' background in legal fields etc. Any reason that could be used to bash them, it was used. Those thousands of replies were all on a single post, so you can easily guess how severe the bashing got.

HoMin were labeled as "Jung, the icon of betrayal" (정윤호 배신의 아이콘),  and "Shim, the icon of bystander" (심창민 방관의 아이콘) from those replies, and antis still call them those names until today.

While all this was happening, what did CJS do? Nothing. Actually, towards the end of the month, CJS appeared on MNet's MAMA award, and accepted the "Best Asian Star" award as TVXQ. I don't know if the readers know the background, but SM was boycotting MAMA at that time, so CJS appearing on MAMA was a definite in your face move towards SM.

During the acceptance speech,  Jaejoong made this famous comment, "I'd like to tell the two friends who may be watching this that I love them."

"혹시나 보고있을 두 친구에게 사랑한단 말 전하고 싶습니다"

Guess what happened to HoMin after he made that speech? After MAMA, a rumor spread that HoMin were eating spicy chicken ribs (닭갈비) while CJS were accepting the awards, and HoMin were bashed again for that. Why? Because they were eating chicken ribs instead of watching three friends accepting awards and sending them a message of "love", that's why. Search "동방신기 닭갈비" (TVXQ chicken ribs) on a Korean search site, and you can find many blog entries bashing HoMin for that reason. Simply unbelievable and ridiculous.

There was even saying among the fans that Yunho was bashed for taking a breath.

If it weren't for the 6.25 recording, HoMin would've been labeled as "traitors" forever.


  1. I can't imagine how much HoMin had to endure during that time, luckily they're strong enough to overcome it.

    Just think of it makes me really frustrated. Those fans did very "wisely" indeed.

    Come to think of it, did the situation in Japan is the same as in Korea? I hope Bigeast who is older and more mature knows what to do than those stupid CJS fans. I don't even want to call them "Cassies"

  2. It's really scary how fans can be anti-fans in an eye blink.

    here was even saying among the fans that Yunho was bashed for taking a breath.
    I don't understand the hatred some fans harboured towards this man. What EXACTLY did he do wrong? Even KyuHyun was subjected to the similar comments. Some ELFs still cannot accept his inclusion in the group, there are still comments that they wished he died in the car accident. WTH???? A person started a petition calling for Jay Park to commit suicide when 2PM scandal happened and there are people signing it. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?

  3. I was really looking forward to this post and dreading it at the same time... ><

    I find those comments so out-of-line. Hmmm, I don't know if "hypocritical" is the right word to describe what I'm thinking about those comments right now. Basically, they're blaming it on HoMin for not joining CJS when, really, the same thing could be said towards CJS for not staying with HoMin.

    I can't even understand how some people can be so ignorant, throwing blame left and right.

    Right now I'm a bit disgusted by the fact that CJS never attempted to tell their crazy fans to stop the bashing. Would the bashing only increase if they did that? Would they get bashed, too? I wonder.

    Right now I want SM to drop the case and let CJS go, honestly. I don't see any good coming from a win from either side (especially in the long run), really. I'm pretty sure JYJ fans would be extremely upset if CJS lost the case to SM in the end-- and I don't even want to think about what they might do if that were to happen. And I don't really believe that Junsu, Yoochun, and Jae are in any position to drop the lawsuit...

    Yeah, it'd be best for everyone (especially HoMin, as everyone here's been saying) if SM were to do that, in my opinion.

    Sorry, did I ramble too much? My bad. Ah, and thank you Precious for the translations!

    (Oh, and sorry if this comment doesn't make any sense. It's 2AM and I'm really tired o_o)

  4. @ k-e-w-t
    I believe Japanese fans were more objective in this matter, and also they weren't subjected to the 6.25 manipulation as much as Korean fans were which I think was a big difference.

    @ shimjang
    He didn't, but he was framed and everyone believe the rumors. So in their eyes, he should have joined CJS's lawsuit instead of taking SM's bait.

    @ skyeshawol
    I understand what you are saying, but SM cannot just drop the case. It would be considered as admission of guilt. Also, there are many factors to consider, and it's not as simple as you think.

    Well it's almost 3AM for me, and I think I'm going to bed. :)

  5. This is rather mortifying. Obsessed people, labelling themselves as 'true fans' really don't know where to draw the line and start acting decent do they? It is common courtesy to give a person a chance to express and explain themselves before you start attacking them. But of course such respectable behaviour is foreign to many angry teenage girls with nothing better to do with their time but claim their idols were 'victimized'. So of course they run to their rescue, hurting many others in the process. I wonder what would happen if Yunho and Changmin's fans were this hateful or simply scooped down to the others' level and started bashing JYJ in return. Passion and love for your idol is one thing but when it turns into spite and aggression towards another? It just might be the time you stopped, took a breath and asked yourself - is this how I want to behave? Or do I need to be more mature and rational?
    When so many things don't add up even the biggest fan should pause and look for evidence before making a fool of themselves.

    @precious Please do keep providing screencaps and links. They are the most valuable thing on this block, even if your own input is also appreciated. You've said yourself - people need to see the facts and make up their minds then.

  6. Couldnt go through everything-How low can human beings go-I mean in my mind I have gone through so many iterations as to the possible reasons that CJS would allow this to happen-and in my mind i tried coming up with excuses but the truth is all out there-and to do it to Yunho and the youngest and the most vulnerable-its so gut wrenching-Mad respect for HoMin for having the guts to come out of it without stooping to innuendos and insinuations-have never come across any idols as dignified as HoMin!

  7. Reading this makes me respect Yunho and Changmin more and more... :)

    This antis are so blinded and obsessed with one problem they fail to see any other problems or the significance of them. They even dare enough to smear this madness with other madness (WTF with death suggestion??!!). They dare to roar about human's right for JYJ, when they themselves do not respect Homin. If they want their idols to be respected by others, try to respect other ppl first, then automatically JYJ will get some respect... actions equal to reactions.

    It's a big turn-off for me... Yaikss!

    Thanks precious ^^

  8. wow.. this is just wow.. i can't believe how those fans can say something like that to the people they love or used to love.. reading this entry made me want to cry for HoMin.. oh my god.. i think Kcassies are the worst fans out there.. throw rocks at them? what the hell.. imy respect for yunho and changmin just grew tenfold.. the pain they endured is far worst than what JYJ have felt. im a JYJ fan too.. i really am.. so hearing how JYJ fans or former TVXQ(5) fans do this to yunho and changmin is just so unacceptable..

  9. Thank goodness this is not terribly wrong... this is probably the first time I don't want to click a link you provide, ahahahaha...

    I can't fathom how these people live with themselves... Can't believe this is what they had to endure... alone and confused. No wonder they look so broken-hearted and dead during their Japanese appearances after November...

    *takes a deep breath* and most of all, I can't believe that all this is set off by inaccurate information that is confidential and not privy for public distributed carelessly by people who doesn't even want to take responsibility for their statements. I say petition them to testify for their own words. *sorry, emotional*

  10. My heart just broke, what did the 2 did to deserve it ? Each time I think of how those crazy bitches terrorized them, I just can't help crying and wanting to kill those brainless bitches.
    They can support JCS for all I care, just leave HoMin alone. I heard that the stone throwing had indeed happen and the boys suffered minor injuries because of what happened. I just hope they will fucking leave my boys alone ...
    Apologies for my language.

  11. I don't know what are they thinking now!! They bashed Homin for the lawsuit??? They are such a fool, no need to say they're a true fans!!

    They always blame Homin for everything, for not stand up for CJS, did CJS ever stand for Homin too? If CJS want to go out from SM, it's their choice, and that happen for Homin too for staying in SM. I'm Homin fan, but I am CJS fan too. I love them as 5. But I won't do such thing!! >.<

    We don't know anything, so it's better to stay quiet than open our mouth but for something we don't know the truth!!

    Anyway, thanks for the translation. :)

  12. And those people call themselves cassie, huh!!
    And those three call HoMin brothers, huh!!!!
    Ad those parents called HoMin their children, huh!!!!!

    I already don't know which is the worst among them. My respect to HoMin grows 2x-3x-100x every time I read Precious' articles & realize the truth. Though, I can still respect JYJ as singers, I can't respect them as a person. And those 3 were still trying to destroy HoMin's comeback with those complain??? Those 3 still say they want to be together?????

    I sincerely hope SME won the lawsuit to open the eyes of those fans as wide as possible & realize that JYJ are not an angel.

  13. Oh, anti Homin and anti JYJ are also STUPID! How percent information they know in this case? Or what they hear and know are just rumors? They don't know anything inside this, why are they keeping bash the person they loved? So STUPID! Hope they can return to be a true Cassiopeia, and don't do this STUPID action again

  14. this is the evidence , that you can see, you can read and it's REAL!!!
    Thank you,precious
    thank you.
    now I can call myself I'm only TVXQ's fan
    and TVXQ = Yunho + Changmin ONLY.

  15. I'm appalled at the behaviour of cjs fans. I cannot believe that they said such horrible things about homin when they didn't even know what was really going on. Even though homin were guilty of all the things they accused them of(which they are not of course), the fans still would have no right to say such things about them. Being a new fan, I had no idea that homin had been through all of this. I don't know how they managed to hold themselves together. With difficulty obviously. Some fans do not live in reality do they? They take things about people they don't know too personally and then they say the most awful things ever. And to cap it off they had no evidence to back their accusations at all.

    As for cjs how could they not stand up for their friends knowing that they were the ones responsible for living tvxq in the first place. They say they love them but their actions are contrary to what they say. As long as they got all the sympathy they didn't care what their friends were going through.

    Precious thanks but I hope it doesn't get worse than this.

  16. i know homin were having a hard time during all this lawsuit thing, but i never know.. how severe those ppl words towards them.. I.. *Loss For Words*


    now that i think about it again, their comeback.. KYHD album.. it wasn't an easy process. After fell that hard, constantly being bashed & rejected, seen as the worst person ever live. (For god's sake, what did yunho do so bad, that ppl wanna 'kill' him for just taking a breath or EAT??!)

    And yeah, those ppl talking about human right for CJS.. why don't you look at yourself first? How do you treat other human being?

    Jung Yunho, Shim Changmin. For your patient, your determination (strong will) to overcome all of this, your genuine heart, your clear conscience. I admire both of you. And stay strong~ You have ppl supporting&believe in you. Keep making music, keep stand on the stage with your head held high! <3

  17. Cant believe it, at that time, when i worried for JYJ and their lawsuit, when I thought Kcassies do their best to keep DBSK as 5, I thought all the fans love 5 members no matter what. I didn't image, never and ever, HoMin must stand the huge damage like that.

    How can ppl become evil, heartless like that? They say the same thing about SM, so what about them?????

  18. Well that sucks. I mean to hear the crap that these antis said about HoMin was really messed up. I actually heard worst ones. How can you bash and judge either side? I just don't get why so called fans would act like this. I am a International Cassie and been one for a long time. And til this day I love my Bias Yunho and I love the rest of the members. I respect all 5. Also I always been for human rights. I mean the US isn't Rainbows and Unicorns. It is a mess here as well. You see the same thing here. Bashing, fighting, taking sides. I mean you seen How they even bash the President. When this whole thing started I didn't take sides. I wanted to see both sides be strong and fight though this praying for the outcome to be good. It is so hard to judge both sides when We still don't know the full story. JYJ and HoMin haven't really spoke and you can tell they have so much to say. But they can't. And as fans we make comments, we voice our opinions, and We get confused in they end.Like everyday both HoMin and JYJ get bashed and wicked things are said about them. Their has even been a rumour about Yoochun that was being passed around. But The ones that support all 5 like I do just ignored crappy rumours. Actually Everytime I here negative news about the members I get sick and nervous. Thinking about how they are hurting and wish people would turn a blind eye to these horrible rumours and just wait for this all to end. I can go on and on about this. But I think I wrote way too much...I just want to go back to the beginning when Cassiopeia was whole and we all got along. When we all felt like a family and loved and supported each other.

  19. Mmmm... Do you think speaking about bashing will help someone? What is the main point of this article? We know that JYJ has some crazy JYJ fans, just like Homin – some crazy Hotel girls. Are you willing now to collect all negative responses from both sides and post it here, just to prove, that some fans are crazy? To bring back all hurtful words, just to point: “ – There, there! Now you see!!!” Don’t you think, that you are hurting Homin bringing all this back one more time?
    To post such article… I could only conclude, that it’s not important for you who are you hurting... Then how are you different from all these crazy fans???

  20. i dont know how to say this..i have been follow your transalation for quite a month..but i dont want to make any comment because because of this "AKTF" word..but then i think that word is nonsense..because they do not have to come back as 5 as long as the 3 do not make any official statement about the truth and ask for forgiveness from those 2(only my opinion)..no wonder another sm artist were bashing junsu after the tweet toward the duo..but they only get bashing from jyj fan that know nothing about this..the fan just act to be know everything about the truth..such a shame..
    i'm very proud of myself because has support the right one..thank you precious for this translation..but otherwise i'm also worried that the pass wanna happen again(yunho being poison by anti fan)..
    i hope that only being in my mind and never become reality..
    p/s:this only my opinion..sorry if being so mean for certain people..one more time..thank you precious for this good thing..

  21. Such a nice words those fans used, they seem reflect their angels so fine. Talking like they're right side, insult Homin while they themselves have no evidence and used such heartless words. That's just us, the international fans see though ur translation, I couldn't bring myself to think how Homin were feeling at that time when this kind of things spreading like fire in Korea. No wonder they looked liteless during those appearance in Japan before the group delayed the activities.

    Yeah~ JS and JJ are main singers, YC can composes, they are so great~ then why don't leave Homin alone, don't stop their fake, pathetic acts until now? Because Homin didn't have much part of singing in the past, it makes me surprise and proud tenfold seeing how great they improve in their comeback. Since the interview and twitt things, I so believe that those 3 never really care about what happens to Homin anymore, what they care is how to get more sympathy, more fans, create more hatre and blame on Homin and SM.

    What those fans saying again? TVXQ don't need Homin LOL. It's JSC the one who left TVXQ, if anything, it's TVXQ doesn't need them.

    1. About your comment. Do you really know both side stories. Do you know why the real reason WHY jyj and Homin did what thry did. NO!!!you all just think you know whats going in all five of there heads. You just needed to choose a side, now you have. THIS IS FOR ALL OF YOU FANS, JYJ OR HOMIN. you have chosen a side, and you will NEVER!!! Know the real reason for their dramas. None of you that have chosen a side are true fans. This article talk like jyj didn't have any crazy fan Cruse at them to. They were laughing and enjoying all of it like it was a movie. All of you disgusts me. You were never true fan, and you will mever be true fan. But I haveto say homin this have a bad time to, and I really am ashamed to call my self a fan of dbsk. I'm ashame to ever had thought you all haven't chosen a side. That you loved all of them, that you knew that you're not inside the head or private life. You all crazy and selfish. I live in the USA, and I wish that I could just make all this go away. And have all five back together. I wish you fans would think before you lay the blame on either parties. It's unfair, and stupid to think you know all. I'M NOT A JYJ FAN NOR A HOMIN. I'M A DBSK!!! FAN. hope you support all five and stop puting the blame on ones shoulder. When you just a fan, not GOD, nor THEM. YOU!!, I repeat myself, YOU DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TO LAY THE BLAME ON EITHER OF THEM. I!!REPEAT YOU ARE JUST A FAN, THAT BELIEVE WHEREVER THEY TELL YOU. YOU!!DON'T REALLY KNOW ANYTHING. A little bit of the story YES. But EVERYTHING, don't think so. But you do have the right to chose whichever one you want. Me I'm sticking with all five. Even though jaejoong is my favorite. And next come yuho because of yunjae, and then come changmin, and Xian and lastly yoochun. I LOVE THRM ALL, ALL FIVE OF MY ANGELS, I DON'T CARE IF YOU'VE CHOSEN A SIDE. CAUSE I HAVEN'T, THEY ALL TO ME, STILL THE MOST TALENTED, HANDSOMEST KOREAN GUYS ALIVE. THIS IS ALL, ENJOY A LIVE, THINKING YOU KNOW EVERYTHING. DBSK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FIGHTING. may the Good Lord be With THEM, and you. THEN, ME. DDDDDDDDDDDD. BBBBBBBBBBB. SSSSSSSSSSSSS. KKKKKKKKK. LLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEE YOU. MY BABIES.

    2. You have to clear your mind first or emotions and read from the first post. You will then, understand.

  22. @elia

    Maybe one of the main point of this article :

    is to point out the after-effect of 6.25 meeting that some people claimed to be "meant nothing serious".

    Well obviously it got quite out of control, wasn't it?

  23. my heart hurts. i want to say "scum of the earth" but i'm afraid the word "scum" might get offended.

    honestly i sympathize with you with your being a long time fan of all 5 boys (and i don't mean that in a condescending way), but i don't agree with "JYJ and HoMin haven't really spoke and you can tell they have so much to say." if you meant that they haven't spoken out about the issue, then this only applies to Homin. JYJ has had interviews all over the place and not to mention their tweets and songs. Homin only answered questions they were directly asked like in the press conference during the album's release.

  24. Even though I've come to hate JYJ now, I would never go to such an extend as to wish them dead or anything stupid like that. In a way I worried these guys might even commit suicide, knowing how popular that is among Korean celebrities..but this article just goes to show how immature and SCARY JYJ fans are...they're horrible, horrible girls. And it's just as messed up that international fans are aware of JYJ's deceit, and they continue to support them. When I read the first three comments about the fans reply to yunho and changmin's fathers statement, knowing those comments are exactly true for the other three members and their parents...well, I'm just really sorry that yunho and changmin had to deal with all this. :(

  25. Precious, this is the story that I do not want to believe it. Tsk..tsk..tsk it was so scary and really cruel. Reading all your post, no other words I can say just thank you so much Yunho & Changmin, for being so strong like now. Both of you are really the man among men. I salute & respect you. Two thumbs up!!! Whatever happened to TVXQ, both of you still TVXQ Uknow Yunho & TVXQ Choikang Changmin in our heart. Please never change, guys.

    Sigh! Sorry I have to say this, CJS, you might be won all the battle, you might be won the huge part of the fandom, you might be won the sympathy of the media but i think you already lost one the important thing as a human being..INTEGRITY!

    Thank you Precious for letting us know this issue. Take care & please be healthy. We always wait for your next posts.

    @Elia: Hi! Have u ever read all of Precious posting in this blogs? I think better you read all his posts before you post your comments here. Because all Precious posting are continuity one to another. I believe after you reading all his post you won't say comment like that. He just want to say the fact, we have to open minded and open heart to receive it. We here are not crazy fans at all I think. If you don't believe please stay longer and read one by one the posts in this blog.

  26. @elia: I am very wondering if you ask the same things with JYJ stans when they released articles about "their" HoTel girls. I agree with you, both sides have their bad things, but you are thinking just "some" JYJ or ex-Cassies did and are bashing HoMin, I have to completely disagree with you. I have been in SYC, soompi, HoMin and HoMin fans are the ones who get most bashed and blaming. Even for what they did not start, JYJ fans still blamed to us. I still remembered the time when soompi started debate about split the thread. At that time, JYJ fans were the ones who firstly gave comments for demanding split idea, and some people disagreed, some people agreed, but you know what? There were some JYJ fans starting blaming to HoMin fans because of dividing the fandom when very obviously, JYJ fans were the ones beginning the ideas of threads divide. How funny blaming game they played. Even more funny when the idea of split never raise when JYJ started their activities

    About rumors, in the past, I used to believe what JYJ and Cassies told me: there were some HoMin butthurts spreading rumors. But I started to see it was wrong when I was observing soompi, SYC, dbsknight. You know what? Most rumors I had heard were not from HoMin fans said, but from JYJ fans. How funny when they said HoMin fans were spreading rumors, but things all came from their mouths. Good strategy: create rumors, put it in paragraph along with a sentence "from HoMin stans", great skills huh, spreading rumors and blaming game 2 in 1. Not denying the fact some HoMin fans also created rumors as well, but I am more angry with JYJ stans cos' they take advantages of their numbers to play more blaming game, victim cards and rumors. Both sides are bashed, but I always see HoMin are bashed most

    And sorry if I make you mad when saying this: do you treat two sides really fair? I always see this education lesson from JYJ sides as well. Often ask HoMin "how can you post this", "can you stop spreading rumors?", "can you stop make this fandom divided more?", etc. However, never ask other side the same things when they even attack HoMin and us more. Same thing when JYJ started activites, they always blah, blah about true Cassies should support 5, etc, but when HoMin started their, they did not hestate to say themselves JYJ fans and approve boycotting HoMin. How funny they have been annoying about credits for them and JYJ in Hug Singles increase when in fact, many of JYJ stans were the one agreeing with boycotting SM products and HoMin album. How contradicting

    Sorry, Precious if I am annoying and Thank you for your works

  27. @elia
    there are more than enough JYJ biased blogs to capture all the anti JYJ comments. So no need for Precious to do it here. If you need another perspective, it will be better for you to visit the other blogs as well.

    What Precious post is up to each individual to decipher and decide what we wish to get out from it and as long as what Precious posts is not made up, he can post what he wants, isn't it ? This is his blog and he does have the freedom to post what he wants.

    i guess JYJ has said more than we want to admit. From Junsu's emotional tweet to Yoochun's lyrics to their comment about how disappointed they are that HoMin are coming back as DBSK. These are facts that we can not deny. It is quite obvious that they want to appear as the victims in this whole incident. I still want to believe that they have indeed suffered, but each time i think of how much more HoMin went through, i just cannot bring myself to pity JYJ, because they brought it upon themselves.

  28. I'm not sure how can people do that to people who live with them through thin and thick, rain and shine together for so long all.

    I'm just questioning : do CJS have the bond with HoMin to begin with ???

    One source in his blog saying that JYJ are the egoist ones. He said that their "hot & cold" character polarized over the years and the gap is too wide. Let's take a look at Yoochun's & Jaejoong's liking towards lavish & luxurious things leads them to greediness.

    Somehow I feel that it's true, that some people choose money over friendship.

  29. JJ's MAMA speech...i still can't decide if he meant it or not. either way, he did pretty good damage to Homin.

    the point of this post is to show that JYJ fanatics are not as innocent as they portray themselves to be (just like their idols). all everyone hears about from JYJ stans are HOtel girls this and Hotel girls that. but guess what, this shows that not only did JYJ fanatics do the exact same things they accused Homin fans of doing, it showed how they operated through these screen caps, what kind of insults, name-calling, and death wish they heaped upon the members that remained, and how their fellow idiot fanatic fans picked it up and picked it up and picked it up and spread it until it was out of anyone's control. yes it's bringing up hurtful comments from the past but if it means helping fans see what the situation was from Homin's side, and having more fans speak up about their support for Homin, then so be it. actually i was going to say "redemption for Homin" but i realized they don't need to redeem themselves from these psychos. if they haven't realized their mistake by now then they're not worth it.

  30. Before, I worried that Yunho and Changmin would be hurt.
    Now, I'm worrying they will be killed.

    @ochepin: you know what, I gave up on their friendship a long time ago. It started since the day I heard about HM's comeback, and then, almost at the same time, JCS's rambling stories over their hardships, their hatred, their dreams, and their being members of TVXQ bla bla bla...Then it came to JCS's silence when their so-called brothers were severely bashed by JCS FANS. They could have stopped it. I mean, they could just simply tweet, "please stop hurting people", or maybe "beloved fans, don't waste your time "...but they didn't. They even added more fuel to the fire. Urgh...brothers? Definitely not.
    Fans may think they don't have time to care what their fans are doing, but I know they did know, do know, and will always know. That's when I realize I'm disappointed, truly seriously disappointed towards the boys I used to respect a lot.
    People choose money over friendship, that is indeed reality, lol.

    And thank you my favorite author Precious again. Oh, I've read all your posts since the first day you established this blog, but I never posted any comment. My apologies :) Hope you'll keep up with the good works.

  31. @Grace: You are right-CJS could have done their part in stopping this melange of hatred and vitriol towards HoMin-What disturbs me about their behavior is that they really know how to play their cards well-Junsu's riling up the fans through his tweets and Jae of all people with "keep your head up" and calling out Yunho about texting him shows that they subtly let their fans bash HoMin just as they were making their comeback-But what gives me hope that HoMin will stand tall is the way the album has been received and all the love they have been getting from new fans and the Korean ent. family-I just hope this lawsuit ends next month and HoMin are finally rid of its awful stench!!

  32. Spicy chicken ribs............. Wait. What the hell is that!? You can't eat chicken RIBS!!

    But seriously, Yunho, Changmin, just come to me...I'll make as many chicken ribs as you want (no one should be bashed for eating!!!) You don't need those lunatics... T^T

    I know many people bash JYJ too, but here's the difference. JYJ was bashed for something they initiated themselves, while Homin was bashed for simply standing in the ground being the same people as they had been. LOL I always thought that KYHD is a diss song, but the more we know the story, the more perfect that song sounds.

  33. @Reema
    damn right. at this point i think this is what most Homin fans wish to happen, for this whole ordeal that should not have anything to do with them in the first place to be over and done with. both of them want to and is ready to move on, and they're proving just that with every performance and tv appearance and dignified answer to any JYJ/lawsuit-related questions thrown at them. and let's not forget Yunho's "TVXQ 2nd act starting now." that statement pretty much seals it for me.

  34. @lapis.lazuli
    (no one should be bashed for eating!!!) >>> i know right?? LOL LOL.

  35. im the only one here who cant digest the so suffering drama that jyj keep talking about in sm !! are`nt homin were there along with them & Tested the same Obstacles and difficulties so how come the crazy jyj fans & jyj them self keep naging over it on & on as if they were the only one`s who have been mistreaded !! their ill actions say a lot from the start of this pity drama they know how to make every thing to be in theire favorit along with the stupid fans who except to believe the whole victum drama & went to hurt homin with their harsh words who once abona time loved them & even swore to protect them but ironically they them self end up to be the one`s who hurted them the most & still do to those sick crazy fans i dont care about them cuz they were big Liars saying that they loved & care about the 5 members when they actually loved only cjs & pretend to love homin when they surly didnt this whole Incident showed the real faces of most of the so called Cassiopeia thats why sm opened anew Register membership for tvxq 2011 since they all saw the harsh Reality that happend to the fandom , no wounder cjs are so good in The field of acting after what i have soon from them & from their drama action that still going on till this minute i know they are successful actors who will do well in the acting Profession ..
    as much as i try to find Excuses for cjs actions i end up more Confused just knowing the fact that they didnt do anything to stop their crazy fans from hurting homin & trying to earn more sympathy from the media & the fans just give me stomach achesurly cjs lost their INTEGRITY,, homin i Salute you for ur hard Determination to go against all this Obstacles pls be more strong you still Have a long way to go .. thanx Precious

  36. @ Grace
    i second ur post about the so called friendship maybe it was exist in the past but not any more At present i believe homin Probably more disappointed in cjs than we are in them lets not forget they lived like a family for whole 7y the thought that all this 7y were mint nothing to cjs is a Big shock to say it out loud in iterviews & tweet that they never felt happy back then like they do now is an insult to the memories they shared with homin in the past as if they were saying that they were acting all the smiles & the Laughter that we saw in their videos not to forget to minsion their Strange silence on the actions of their ill fans Towards homin is unacceptable so as fans who only know them from far cant help feeling shocked & disappointed in cjs so how would homin feel from the so called brothers !!!

  37. @ranon
    Lol,dun worry I think many of us couldn't get it where's the suffering part (including Heechul). Say we're not in their shoes so we wouldn't understand, what about Homin? They're in their shoes. Because they were bribed? Then SM should want to bribe more for Junsu and Jaejoong, they sang more lines.

    About drama, I also think like that, lol. Heaven's postman, SKKS and Mozart were big hits while HTTG was doomed and Paradise ranch is better, but still not that great...
    And it's true, IMO Homin sucks at acting, I suffer watching them act while I take off my hat for the other 3's acting.
    I wonder if this is coincidental with the real life lol

  38. @lapis.lazuli
    i saw HTTG before i know TVXQ. I didnt know Yunho is TVXQ's member. I think nothing wrong with his acting skill. I love Bonggun.

    thanks for translation and the link. your post always make me nervous. I dont know what homin's fans will do after read this post.

    @Homin fans
    I hope we consider Homin image when we want to make any comment. we are angry but pls pls pls pls pls remember Homin.

    Big Hugs for my Yunho and Changmin. I love you both.

    @homin antis. please do your homeworks before you bashing Homin. Homin not an angel but they are better than you.

  39. @dhanirahman52
    I don't mean offense, but it's really my honest opinion... XD
    I only watched for 3 episodes (and 2 for pararanch) bec I didn't feel comfortable seeing the acting, but I don't know though maybe I'd change my mind if I watched them all.^^

    But I agree with you, maybe we should tone the harshness a bit... :/ after all this is in the past and Homin is moving on now, I start to see many smiles and laughs and less glooms... :)

  40. @lapiz.lazuli
    I think Bonggun at ep 1 - 3 = Yunho before join with SM. xDDDDD

  41. wow, I cant help but Im not amused it all. Cassiopeia OT5 dont hate me but in the end when I start to love TVXQ music and Changmin I never believe in your "OT5 love" for me was always a fake, and when the band split in 2 teams I knew it!! Cassiopeias will be show their true colours and is not red...
    Maybe exist some people who loves them "equal" so I respect those people for still support their idols even if their actions are bad.

    Why I never believe in this OT5 FOREVER LOVE? Cassiopeias in the beginning dont like Changmin, same for Jaejoong, they always makes BIG difference betweens the members and I never saw such a discrimination about one member or two in my whole life and I was been fan of others bands before.
    Another thing is that Im sick of fans using the ot5 love but they only focuz in JYJ "pain and their poor hearts" this is so fake. I wish these people stop pretending, I cant even read the phrase AKTF thats makes me want to puke lol sorry.

    lapis.lazuli: I dont think that Changmin acting is suck, he acting pretty good even better that my expectation and his drama is nice too. Hahaha sorry Im really bias when is coming about his drama XD

  42. @ all
    I know my recent posts are extremely upsetting, and I am sorry for that. There are reasons for the posts which some of you seem to know already. I'd just like to emphasize that bashing CJS & their fans is NOT one of the reason. There's a fine line between bashing and criticizing.

    I am really glad to see that those commenting here are controlled and not getting out of line even after reading this post. I really appreciate that.

    @ Michiyo.Ishimaru
    But you are already bashing me calling names without knowing anything. I don't know everything, but I think I can safely say I know more than you. I also spent time researching and analyzing what I've found out, so don't just assume that I'm running this blog blindly.

    @ Mes22
    I understand what you are saying, but you are ignoring a huge difference. HoMin was bashed because what CJS did in 6.25, and CJS bashing is their own doing. They started the cosmetics business, they file the lawsuit and broke up TVXQ, and they held the 6.25 meeting. I would've loved to get this situation turned back, but it's impossible now.

    @ elia
    Yes. I believe I am helping HoMin by posting this. It will be explained in future posts. If you cannot differentiate between posting what happened, and participating in needless bashing, then I've got nothing to say to you.

    @ ochepin
    I'd like to believe they were really friends in the beginning. People do change though, and everyone involved in this have changed.

    @ cat1177
    Think Jaejoong meant it after everything that happened until that point? Cosmetics, 6.25, lawsuit, HoMin bashing, injunction then MAMA with only 3...

    Yes, what HoMin fans want is for CJS to be JYJ, period, but you know what happened once HoMin came back as TVXQ. They just won't leave HoMin alone.

    @ lapis.lazuli
    Give Yunho a break on his acting LOL. I watched HTTG, and at first, Yunho's acting wasn't that great, but it improved a lot as the series went on. As a first time actor, I'd give him a passing grade. There are actors who did worse than YH on their first role.

    Paradise Ranch is doing pretty well, and Changmin's acting is actually pretty good. The rating went over 10%, which is not bad, and it seems like it's gaining momentum.

  43. lol thank god i've been cutting the sodium from my diet--this post would've sent my blood pressure skyrocketing

  44. @Macachangmin:

    Lol believe me before this mess happened,cassie ot5 do existed and there were lots. Me and my friends were ones of them,and I know many people that like that.we really couldn't pick out our fave from the 5... Maybe it's suitable if I said that I love the pentagram more than them as person per person.
    Usually they're people who appreciate the sounds more than idol-ness.

    When the mess started the true OT5 cass weren't vocal bec they're confuse, so lack of information, so unclear, and they usually only commented things like "pls we don't know anything" when either side was bashed (JYJ,Homin or SM). So the vocal ones are people who pretended to love the 5 "equally" but continued to bash SM without considering that Homin was on their side.

    But now? Even if (maybe) we still don't know much, JYJ's actions during Homin comeback speak for themselves. I can ignore their actions and continue to support them for their music if I like their music, but sadly I'm not,not even the way they sing now. And I'm impressed with Homin, their consistensy and guts to continue the big name, and their improvement as well.

    (Okay I'm butthurt,okay? If they (JYJ) want to leave then just leave, why should make us believe that the 7 years consisted of fakeness, as if we've been digging pleasure from their suffering!? I know many bands that disband, the personels usually left without tarnishing the memory of their hardworks and it's far more respectful for their members and fans)

  45. To Precious, I am not even sure how worrying you may feel Doing this blog but if I could beg … “please continue doing it”. I am not dare hoping for those heartless people to turn their callous mind back to HoMin after reading this post but for someone whose HEART still working properly, they should at least know what happened to HoMin after the Three left and judge all this by themselves!
    Precious … I am sure you already know how thankful we are but I want to tell again ‘your blog is truly meaningful for me’ and once again “THANK YOU”

    About the boys’ Drama: HTTG isn’t a good project for Yunho, the plot is a bit boring and I admit that his acting in HTTG wasn’t ok but that’s nothing wrong since it was his first drama, I screamed out loud with many cute acts in HTTG anyway lol he surely can do it better in the next project because he’s Jung Yunho ^^ but I think Changmin’s acting in PR is quite good!He looks so handsome in suit! >__<

  46. People, I really don't understand why you are so surprised. Did you read comments on omona, soompi, sharing, other dbsk and kpop sites? It was practical the same, yes maybe there are less open bashing(not in the yunho's dad's posts), but doesn't saying that: homin were bribed, can't speak their options, siting home waiting for JSC to free them - are bashing, sugarcoat bashing. At that time, in the beginning of lawsuit, it was hell to be homin fan(I don't want to think what it was like to be Yunho and Changmin, their families at that time).

    JYJ and AKTF fans like to say that there was bashing from both sides. Sorry, but no, it was army on one side and couple of rebels on the other side. Look how you want, it's not the same. At that time ALL(jyj fans, aktf fans, some homin fans) were saying:"SM is evil, homin are Slaves with no self respect and no power over their doing". If you dared to say:"Homin are staid, maybe SM isn't so bad", you were immediately in the NOTfan zone. Fans - AKTF, OTP5 fans turn their back at Yunho and Changmin, they didn't want to listen when boys where talking. Because if you are cassiopeia you must think that SM is bad, JYJ are right, and HoMin are puppets.

    About so called HoTel fans. You know who they are? They are true homin fans, they are one who said ENOUGH with this. They are called homin biased because they were spreading 6.25 and another documents. They're called anti 'cause they didn't want to say that sm are evil, they are called anti because they said: "HoMin are not puppets", they called anti not because they are telling only HoMin side of story, but because they showing but because they showing hidden side of jyj's story, they called anti not because they spread lies and rumors but because they didn't want to believe them.

  47. @Pichyasa

    I understand you are upset and agree with some of your point, but pls don't say 'ALL'/generalizing ^^. Those time, before and after that statement from Homin, they were always opposing comments in every post, around "but Chunjaesu have signed the contract themselves","I guess Homin just love it in SM pls respect that", and sooooo many comments asking people not to jump into conclusions about Homin or SM. Some were doubting people's claims about Homin couldn't do anything, some doubting JYJ's reason for lawsuit, some doubting that SM would go that far to block contacts.

    They were either ignored or attacked but they didnt come from exclusively Homin fans, many were OT5 fans as well.

    Those people were outnumbered but they did exist and struggled. I got attacked for saying that by bashing SM that means we're being disrespectful to Homin, and no, that time I wasn't exclusively Homin fans and knew nothing about these facts from Precious.

    So please, don't say 'ALL'.

    But I guess later as the mess started getting crazy we got tired and prefered to be out of fansites until Homin's comeback, hence why JYJ stans dominated fansites claiming self as true cassies.

    During JYJ's world tour I met groups of malaysian and singaporean fans that aren't even exclusively Homin fans, but they confessed they're upset with JYJ's decision since the beginning and didn't support it,even BEFORE that statements from Homin. (One of them cried, thinking "Why!? You're perfect with SM!", and one said, "I don't know slave contract or not but it's not far from money la~"

    Don't be sick of me, I think I've eaten too much sugar. I can't stop replying posts. But promise this will be my last lol

  48. @Preicous
    As much as this post upsets me, thank you for posting this.

    Urgh, why am I not surprised? Still, how inhumane those JYJ fans are. Due to respect I will not release my anger here. I'll just go and punch something in my house after I'm done here.
    But JYJ and their crazed fans has lost the chance of gaining back my respect.
    Thankfully, I never gave much hope in AKTF or else I would be crying at this moment.
    Really, now I want SME to win the lawsuit more than ever. Seriously, SME, you guys have to win, no matter how bias the stupid court is. Damn(please excuse this) court ignoring the truth. Now I'm off to punch something.

  49. Now I TRULY understand why it took HoMin 2 years for a comeback...because it would've took me longer if I were them. HoMin really live up to the name as 'idols' because they are role models for everyone: to be able to stand up even after encountering numerous obstacles in life! (:

    Frankly, it's like the world turned upside down for HoMin. All of a sudden, the friendships they treasured for almost half their lives weren't real at all. Then when they've come to finally accept that fact, their so-called 'brothers' use their so-called 'friendship' to gain sympathy from the world. Not only so, there are people who they entertained for 5 years that want them dead! Can life get any more cruel for them? I would be so depressed knowing that there exists people in this world that want me dead, and that the dream I had been working for most of my life just collapsed. Moreover, I would never trust in friendship again or even have the courage to stand on stage again. I am so happy that HoMin aren't like me, which makes me respect them even more.

    Thank you HoMin parents for bringing up such great children (: (though I don't think great is a good enough adjective to describe HoMin~ haha)

  50. Yeah... this post is a bigger blow to my emotion than I thought it would, I saw it myself in international fansites a few months before TVXQ's comeback how disgustingly petty some people could be. And I don't even talk about the criticizing parts, I mean, I would be the first person to say that from all 5, Yunho had the biggest challenge when it comes to singing. I mean the downright name-calling and bashing and generally just treating two young men they don't personally know in defense of three young men they don't personally know just because they chose to stay to a company... that they don't personally know either. Sometimes I wonder if they are that naive, that detached, that narrow-minded they are unable to see what they are really doing?

    And to think this comes from international fans who are 'keeping the faith' and 'support TVXQ5'.

    What disappointed me most after reading this was the fact that none of the international fansites that 'promote all 5', that 'supports HoMin and JYJ', that 'always keep the faith' even care when they have proof of how bad 2 members of the original five suffered while they spread and post anything that shows how the three of the original five suffers.

    I won't sink to these people's level, and I do hope none of us here will either. Yunho and Changmin has shown nothing but dignity, honesty and sincerity when it comes to the lawsuit and everything that follows, I hope as their fans we can follow their example.

    Don't even bother to argue with them. These people are not going to change their minds, especially when they know they are wrong, because the hardest part of being a human is to admit you made a mistake so terrible you cause other people pain.

    I will support Yunho and Changmin as two amazing human beings that has suffered but had overcame it gracefully, no matter where their path may take them when it doesn't go against my personal values, I will support them.

  51. if the glue incident scarred Yunho for life, imagine what these attacks did to him? i remember what he said in Strong Heart about the poisoning, that he asked himself "why me?". i don't want to imagine what kind of torment he and Changmin underwent at the height of these attacks.

    as for Yunho's singing, his role was clearly to be the center in their performances and he was never intended to be one of the lead singers, otherwise he would be singing every song on their albums. right now he and Changmin are stepping up to continue the TVXQ legacy and i can say that they're doing a hell of a great job. you reap what you sow, good or BAD.

    my respect for these 2 boys just grows and grows. they're as classy and honorable as much as they are talented. i love my fellow fans too! *hugs all around*

  52. All I can say is that those "cassies" who were angry at the recruiting for the new batch of fans, they deserve it because they left first. I do wish for the lawsuit to end soon so that we can get the closure that everyone needs. Because once its all over, CJS won't have any reason to call themselves TVXQ anymore and neither would the so-called fans be able to call themselves as Cassiopeia.

  53. @ krystokkers , well i hope so although i have my doubt some how the old broken track will play agin by jyj fans they will not except the fact that their beloved oopa not tvxq any more some times i feel that they are more obsessed with the name tvxq more than jyj they even fighting over the name of the fanclub some of them welling to move on esp the new fans who never known tvxq & dont care about the aktf motto but the olds one who claim they are the true cassies are the one`s who doing the battle over the tvxq name to them tvxq not exist without cjs!! but some how they didnt work their sleepy brains over who sadly walked away from the name i do want sm to win the lawsuit & jyj get what they deserve since they didnt play clean cuz either way homin will get the bashing so why not sm win & life go`s on if that happend i only hope the crazy fans dont harm homin esp yunho since he`s the most one who get the blame :(

  54. How is a person able to sink so low that they are able to intentionally hurt another person to this extent? We are not talking about a fight between high school cliques. We are talking about ruining someone's CAREER, a REPUTATION, a GOOD NAME. Both Yunho and Changmin started so young and worked so hard to get where they are. I still can't understand how greed could cloud cjs so much that they are willing to try and ruin another human being like this, let alone someone they lived with for the past 6 years, have professed their love for.

    I already knew that a lot of KCassies were doing this months ago but the anger that I felt then is nothing compared to the anger I feel now. I don't even blame the fans anymore because I see the power that cjs has over them. cjs could have stopped their fans with just one word. But, everytime they open their mouths, it's to hurt YH & CM over and over again.

    I can't express how much I admire Yunho & Changmin. I can't even understand the courage and the determination it must have taken for them to step on stage again. They will ALWAYS have me as their fan.

    Precious, thanks for all your hard work. I hope you stay strong and continue with everything you wanted to when you started this blog. And I want to especially thank you for being so calm and organized, so attentive to the details so that the antis aren't able to call you out or make fools of us who try to show those who do not know the truth. Really. Thanks.

  55. These people who would wish pain and death on another are really ugly human beings.

  56. To plan and slander two innocent people is beyond my wildest imagination-the JYJ fans talk about justice and support-I would say Yunho and Changmin are due for some, this lawsuit took everything away from them-they were forced to give up a thriving career and wait for the three to make up their minds and for what, how easily CJS forgot about them and got back into the foray with concerts albums showcases??and people talk about Yunho's voice-his is better than 80% of the idols out there and he is the whole package-a powerful performer, he owns the stage-and he has that magnetism that draws you in and consumes you-
    anyway i am digressing, but I am proud to be the fan of the two and they are nothing short of exemplary.

  57. wow...
    now I taken back..
    I support homin but I still bought JYJ album, cause I love all 5 of them.. for what??
    just to know about this??
    OMG now I regret my self.. I will never buy their album anymore..
    this is hurt!! my lord.. how come..
    I feel like killing my self..
    yunho-ya.. changmin-ah.. be strong..
    I'll be strong for you.. I'll be here for you..

  58. @ always.inluv It's okay! Don't kill yourself o.o I don't think the reason behind Precious creating this blog is to promote hatred towards JYJ. It was purely made to allow fans to realize the truth behind TVXQ's breakup (though I must say, JYJ stans overthink/exaggerate, and simply promoted this blog as a HoMin-biased place to bash JYJ - which I think is absolutely unfair to the blogger who spent so much time digging evidence to reveal the truth). And, there is nothing wrong with buying JYJ's album because I must admit that they truly possess musical talent even though they have lost my respect. On a side note, they are also very talented at being hypocrites and acting in a negative light ^^

  59. @always.inluv
    I share your feelings. I bought both The Beginning, which I only opened to take a look and regretted buying coz the songs were pretty bad and Their Rooms, which turned out to be full of angst and hatred. Just bcoz I has wanted to maintain my fairness in supporting all 5 boys, even though I am yunho biased. I never did regret parting with my hard earned money because to me, they were still DBSK, guess I was one of those delusional fan who tried to keep the faith that they will be back as 5. I guess as I've mentioned before, what really woke me up and forced me to face the music was junsu's tweet. I had chosen to side with JYJ rather than SM, when it all started and even came up with my own excuse for HoMin for not leaving. Looking back, I realized how naive I was to have believe in them.

    It's also through this split that I start to realized how fake some of my "friends" were. They claimed to be OT-5 supporters but yet, they gave their all when criticizing HoMin and gets pissed when I just mention something in regards to JYJ.

  60. I didn't know that people took Precious' translation and "summarised" it! Their intentions would be so obvious. I hope they did give credit back!

    Anyway, while it's good to know about these past things that have happened, I think we shouldn't let ourselves be upset about it. Chill everyone! It's all in the past and most importantly, Yunho and Changmin are standing on stage again right now, smiling again.

  61. @macachangmin I know, I wonder and slightly envy fans who still truly support ALL 5 of them. I know one of them, she's Junsu biased... so you can imagine it must have been difficult for her to read the truths... and she recently tweeted that all 5 of them are the same people as when they were all in TVXQ. But seriously... what was then was just the image we have of them, and the truth has revealed otherwise. I can't care anymore about the 3 of them.

    @Pichyasa I get what you're talking about... I had always been more HoMin biased but I did support JYJ at one time. But the fandom had always been more biased towards JYJ in my opinion... Once, before HoMin's comeback I decided to make one comment on someone's post, I sorta said that it wasn't right for JYJ to claim that they are unhappy with HoMin using TVXQ name, and that TVXQ was what SM created, etc, etc. And I even went so far to say that the 2 deserves to use the name TVXQ more because they decided to stay, while the 3 walked away. As expected, I got back replies who were refuting me, saying even that TVXQ doesn't belong to SM and what am I talking about by saying who "deserves" to use the name. I even apologised, saying I didn't know that the name TVXQ didn't belong to SM and left it at that.

    Well! Turns out I am right.

    Btw, out of CJS, I think Jaejoong isn't half as bad as the other two, if I may be allowed to make my own opinion...

    He once tweeted, a long time ago: "I wish it would keep snowing till the whole world was covered in snow.. Then would come a time to forgive everything with a clear purity. I wish it would go on for a long time. So I could just do nothing but stare at the world."

    I kept it because I really liked this tweet of his, I felt then as if he was apologising for something... like he wished that he could be forgiven for something... and he was feeling guilty.

  62. @dAra,

    re: your first comment...
    While I really do understand the need to move on and for there to be some peace in this fandom, I can't help but think of the way TVXQ fathers were bashed during this time. It's one thing to attack the artists. I'm sure both YH & CM learned long ago that their lives were not their own. However, I can't help but think of the way their fathers were attacked, probably their whole family. Ironically, it's well known that both YH & CM respect their fathers a lot. I have heard them both talk about how much they want to have a family like their own, how much influence their fathers had on them. And to have their fathers go through such hardships because of them must have been really heartbreaking for both YH & CM.

    And I want to point out that TVXQ are still getting bashed to this day and their album is still under a boycott. So, sadly, the mess is not in the past. Just because TVXQ are able to stand on stage doesn't mean they are having an easy time. Hopefully, all things that are coming out from this site will help quiet a lot of the baseless lies against YH & CM from the Intl fans.

    re: Jaejoong.
    I am really most disappointed in JJ. I've always had a soft spot for him and it broke my heart that he could do this. But, only he is responsible for his actions and a pretty tweet only feels like more manipulation of the fans now. The only way to clear his conscience is to tell the truth and make amends.

  63. I checked the link. The date stamp of those vicious bashing replies is Nov, 2009 and it IS on DNBN, the so-called K-cassie's website! Wow, keeping so many comments that bash two of the TVXQ members for so long and they still considered themselves as TVXQ fansite? I guess that they disguise their actually CJS fan identity under the cover of cassie to brainwash the real cassies. How absurd it is that they announced they would boycott TVXQ duo when they are actually CJS fans?

    @Precious, I can't agree more that it's all because of 6.25 meetings and JYJ fansite admins like the infamous DNBN. Bigeast, international fans and K-cassies basically witnessed all events occurred since the break-up. Yet both bigeast and our i-cassie cheered for TVXQ's comeback and don't hate HoMin at all. So obviously the only difference between us and k-cassie is that we never had the meeting with CJS family members and we don't have an i-cassie fansite whose admins keep spreading rumors about HoMin. Too bad for CJS that their family and their fans don't have the access to influence bigeast and i-cassies. Look now how popular HoMin's comeback got in Japan and internationally. I just got news that a poll among Japanese fans revealed the best single of TVXQ is why keep your head down! LOL

    Shame on those CJS fans, DNBN admins, Junsu's father, Yochun's mother and Jae's sister! They don't know what honesty means to a human being! Really, keep your head down!

  64. @dAra
    a lot of people say that about JJ lately...i don't go to JYJ sites anymore so i'm curious how? seems there are a lot of Homin fans implying that he looks like he's having regrets for leaving or something.
    about the tweet, it's not clear to me if he wants to be forgiven or to forgive? i don't know, maybe something's lost in the translation?

    Cassies that are still AKTFing...can't really blame them cos it must hurt a lot. as much as there are a lot of OT5 posers, in all fairness i see a lot of sincere OT5 that just refuse to take sides. imo they're either just choosing to turn a blind eye or are just really really hopeful people. sometimes i think it's ridiculous, and sometimes i think i admire them for hanging on. so when JYJ said they had suffered for a long time and they left because they didn't want to look back in their lives with regret, i thought it was unnecessary and disrespectful to their OT5 fans (of course JYJ fans took it in a different way). so they were what, fake happy all this time?

    i won't dismiss the idea of them ever reuniting. it happened with Robbie Williams and Take That after all (took them 15 years though lol). if at some point in the future they forgive each other (and i will trust Homin's judgment) and there was a way they could reunite then i'll welcome all five. but right now this is today and 2-member TVXQ is doing very very well and all we can do is give them more of the support that they truly deserve.

  65. @ ayoepan

    You just gave me an idea. It will be so much fun to read JYJ fans' bashing comments toward Homin side by side with their "human right" petition for JYJ! If the court gets to see it, I bet that such petition will be dismissed in a minute!

  66. @cat1177:
    I think a lot of Yunho fans are also Yunjae fans, so they are still holding on to the hope that Jae and Yunho cannot be that broken and Jae misses being with Yunho and Changmin-TBH I discovered TVXQ through Yunjae and did think that they were special but it ended when Jae tweeted keep your head up and about sending Yunho messages-I realized if indeed they were close they cant be anymore coz that was publicly challenging Yunho-Anyway after reading Precious's blog its all the more heartbreaking that it had to come to this-To me when I saw Yunho tearing up at their MBank win, and the look in his eyes,I could see through the man's heart and his sincereity and I understood what it must have taken for them to stand on stage again-my love grew 10 folds!

  67. @Reema
    it's always sad to see people who were once great friends broken up like this, no matter who they are. maybe at some point when the dust settles YH and JJ could work on their friendship again.

    i'll never forget Homin's first win, and the look on Yunho's face (and Changmin looking at Yunho wide eyed).

  68. @wakeupgogo

    Oh frack, I just realized it was DNBN. The only DBSK site Jaejoong likes to visit.
    (Now that I've thought about it, how can JJ admitted that he likes to visit DNBN when the site contains something like that? And I thought they have a special page of rules about bashing etc. Talking about hypocrisy.

  69. Thank you precious for another post.

    I'm very angry at those aggressive jyj fans. Even though I already know how much homin get based but reading this is just hell. It's clear that JYJ don't want to work as 5 anymore, they just want the TVXQ name to make money. It upset me that those OT5 fans don't wake up. No word to say to those that still fall in love with jyj's beautiful lies and tweets, constantly manipulating fans with their hidden meaning. Don't even mention that Junsu's tweet, I'm about to punch someone.

    About acting, I don't think Yunho's acting was bad, he just need a better drama. And in my opinion Changmin's acting is very good.

  70. I really don't like yunjae fans because they live in delusion. I'm sure JJ know how much homin get based but he did nothing. It's obvious that their friendship is over and JYJ ruined it. How can they hurt their so called brothers who they lived with for many years. How much homin suffered and wasted their time on this whole thing because of jyj's problem.

    No wonder Changmin said he wants to be an ordinary person in next life. And, why does Yunho has to go through depression after he's been working so hard with dignity all this years, what has he done wrong that he has to go through this? Life is not fair. Homin should not go through all these trouble that JYJ created it.

  71. @ lapis.lazuli
    That's the original DNBN address (DNBN.org) that's owned by the original admins. The new one is DNBN.pe.kr

    @ cat1177
    Well, losing friendship over money happens all the time. It just shows that they're human.

    @ Reema
    Actually, lot of Yunho fans do not like YunJae coupling because Yunho was criticized even before the breakup for not taking care of Jaejoong enough. He was criticized for hanging with his old high school friends by Jaejoong fans.

    If I wrote a fan fiction about a couple from SNSD, I'd be labeled as a pervert, but how come girls can get away with it? It's not fair!!! LOL

  72. @Precious-didnt know that-I guess Yunho is a punching bag for everything that goes wrong with CJS..

  73. @ Reema
    My guess is that CJS fans felt that Yunho was the biggest threat to their "oppa's" popularity because of his outstanding stage performance, or maybe they all wanted THEIR oppa to be the leader. Compared to Yunho, Changmin always stayed in the background supporting the group without asking to be stood out individually. Changmin's fans seem to be like that too for some reason. They seem to be the quietest fans among all 5. Now we're really seeing Changmin's talents, and realizing how important his voice was to TVXQ's sound.

  74. @Precious:
    Agree about Yunho's commanding stage presence-and he also has a way with words-its sheer magnetism-i am just mesmerized watching him speak and his mannerisms-anyway if underneath all the smiles and brotherly love was jealousy, its even more disappointing-we were indeed taken for a ride!! anyway thanks again for laying out the truth in front of us and letting us decide!!

  75. @Precious
    i went to dnbn.org and there is a looooong message on the front page from the former admin. can you please tell us the gist of this loooong message? my best friend Google Translate made my head ache.

    agree about Yunho. very powerful stage presence, you just can't help but watch him and be entranced.

  76. @ cat1177

    dnbn.org is owned by the original admin of DNBN who got kicked out. She is a true OT5 fan who really worked hard to get the 5 back. She's saying that the site is not related to the current DNBN at all, and she's also urging the fans to ignore rumors spread by evil individual fans, and urging the OT5 fans to take action to get TVXQ back together. In summary, she's asking the fans to pressure both SM and CJS to find a settlement and leave HoMin alone. I agree with her 100%, but it's too late now. Too much damage has been done.

  77. @Precious
    oh i see. thanks. i saw the dates of the messages were from last year. i can only imagine all the drama the OT5 admins had to endure.

    btw these young girls that write and enjoy gay Yunjae fanfics, they might get away with it more but i find it just as disturbing!

  78. I try to forget TVXQ but cant help..
    Yunho's spectacular dance and face and Changmin Rockie voice always make me back to them.
    So much talented artist out there. but Yunho and Changmin have unique point. I cant found another Yunho and Changmin.

  79. @Precious : Agreed with your comment about Yunho. I think most of cassiopeia actually love Yunho so much but when the situation gone worst their love become hate. Love n hate relationship always like that. Even in Yunho's case was too far & ridiculous. Hahaha...

    @Dhanirahman52 : Yes, absolutely agreed with you. There are so much talented artists in Kpop rite now but Yunho & Changmin really have something different. They are unique and difficult to ignore or avoid. They make us falling in love with them again & again. They are amazing, rite?!

    Btw..really love this blog. Homin's fans here and their comments are mature enough. If we can't love something don't fill our heart with hatred because it's not healthy for the pure soul. Just release it, forget it, and erase it. Your life will be much happier.

    Precious, Homin, Homin's fans Fighting!!!

  80. @Precious
    Actually I just found out that Changmin wasn't that popular in Korea recently. I thought he's the most popular since almost ALL TVXQ fans I met have Changmin as their faves, to the point where it gets boring! XD

    Lol abt SNSD fanfiction!! The girls didn't get away with it, they were labeled perverts too, even weirdos/losers for liking boy groups in the first place! XD

    Haha in fact gay fanfic writers are usually mature ladies or... Gays. Young girls usually make hetero or general ones about candies and sunshine. On the lighter note, fanfic writers communities are actually the more peaceful fandoms. Almost zero fights, zero bashings. Their writings are disclaimed "fiction/fantasy" from the start, they admitted they're being delusional,and their comms are secluded from general dbsk sites. Far better than those who write to spread rumors or malicious bashings IMO.

  81. @crheem I just feel for now, it is unavoidable to be upset for HoMin and their parents (I don't see why HoMin's parents be bashed for interfering when CJS parents did the same) but the most important thing now, is to support HoMin fully in their careers, as singers... Whatever I can do without my means, such as purchasing their albums, voting for them, sharing with other similar fans, etc, etc, but other than that, I refrain from doing anything else. I just don't feel like expanding anymore energy... To know the truth is good, but I want to focus on being a good fan for them. In my opinion too, HoMin would just humbly want fans to continue giving them support as singers.

    I think it is inevitable that as their parents are insulted, HoMin will be deeply hurt. But what good is it to dwell on it? I think HoMin did their parents proud, and their parents, knowing that HoMin are such noble men, will willingly be insulted even if it means continuing to do the right thing. Besides, right now, HoMin have a lot of people standing on their side... Heechul blasted at CJS, which I was delighted at because I think he spoke the truth.

    To me, I haven't been much of a Junsu fan, because I don't see what's his attractive points, but I'm more of a Eunhyuk fan... and I think Eunhyuk is a good person, he also stood by HoMin by visiting them backstage on their first comeback stage. I do wonder how Eunhyuk's friendship with Junsu is now.

    Don't be too upset by JJ... I also have a soft spot for him. Ah... but I really don't know much, I just somehow like him better than Junsu and Yoochun who I find just plain scheming. It may be, once again, trying to gain fans' sympathy but wasn't he the one who said "If you're true to the name of TVXQ, please buy their album." Plus, I somehow find that if he's really shrewd, he wouldn't tattoo his friends names on his back. I would never do that.

    Of course if he tells the truth, he won't be letting fans down then...

    @cat1177 Really? You did hear that about JJ? Oh goodness... I don't go into JYJ sites anymore. It's just that I recalled this tweet, and I felt he was trying to apologise... I think that happened some time around when JYJ had their concert in New York and the shelter of their venue collapsed or something, they kept apologising and saying sorry to the point it was too much. So that's probably why I took it as an apology from JJ, rather than he was saying he will forgive...

    Anyway. JYJ saying that they had suffered for so long is like so typical of them now... they will say anything to justify what they have done and continue milking the sympathy of the fans. I sincerely think that some fans really continue to believe in JYJ... or maybe they decided to overlook what they have done because they love them so much. But as long as they don't spread rumours and lies of HoMin, besides bashing SME which they always do... I think it's fine. Some of them even sincerely support HoMin as well.

    Besides, HoMin has been doing well despite the boycott of their albums, etc. They won many awards! I was so relieved, I was kind of scared they wouldn't win because they seemed so unpopular at first... thank goodness. But actually, JYJ also had boycotts too... so both sides suffered losses. Maybe HoMin lost more of their fans... but never mind, because you lose some you gain some. I am considered one of TVXQ's new fan! I bought their album for the first time. Initially I had hoped to be able to support JYJ too but I made the choice of buying HoMin's album first because I'm kind of stingy (the worst kind of fan eh), that was before I knew the truth...

  82. Will CJS & their fanatics leave Homin/TVXQ alone once the lawsuit is over -- it seems THEY DEFINITELY NOT. Revealing the past incident like the one in this post is necessary, so that we understand the cause and the consequences, also because this madness is happening now among international fans.

    CJS themselves see Homin as a threat from the very beginning. If CJS simply want to void their contract and gain their freedom they won't:

    1) Ask their family members to hold 6.25meeting,

    2) Request AVEX to stop TVXQ activity in Japan and then immediately sign a separate contract with AVEX as JYJ. Strangely fans blamed SME for this, their logic is SME wanted to stop Homin working with CJS - so seeing Homin's activity put on hold in Japan will benefit SME? LOL. I hope to see some evidence in future of how this was crafted to block Homin in Japan at that time.

    3) Made following comments immediately after Homin announced their comeback

    Their message to OT5 fans is very clear --> if you support Homin as TVXQ that will make us (CJS) very sad....TVXQ comeback as 2 is meaningless....if you support Homin/TVXQ comeback you are supporting SM's evil plan because the decision was not made by Homin"

    The statement "pls support Homin album" from CJS was nothing but a cover up to their real intention, same goes to what they said - "we will consider to reconcile with SM" -- go and read their interview again, I bet this statement will make you laugh, especially once you know the lyrics of Peirot and No Name song

    4) Then countless of tweets from CJS emotional blackmail OT5 fans not to support Homin comeback.

    tones of twit about how sad they were..... Junsu's "enemy" twit
    ...... JJ's -"keep your head up", "check yr message" twit

    All I can say is that CJS's actions aligned with their fanatics' action --> gain all the sympathy and supports from FANS by demonizing SME and ruin Homin's career

    I really felt burden to show the facts to others, as I thought what would the nice fans of JJ, Junsu or YC feel once they knows about the truth? However looking at current situation among international fans, I believe revealing the truth is the only way to stop the madness.

  83. *Sigh* I don't know DNBN change admin or whatever about it, I just know DNBN, akadong and many TVXQ fansite already choosing sides and not support Homin. What makes me not understand is, is there no Yunho and ChangMin fans??? Omg, For sure, It's a bis TVXQ fansite, Why no one complain about it, If I were the member I would leave that sites forever for real

    I don't know the story behing MAMA also, I just know JJ speech towards Homin and know nothing about chicken ribs

    And WTH!!! Seriously, WAKE UP PLEASE Yunho and Changmin knows how to SING!!! People must be deaf if say Min can't sing, well Among the other Yunho would be the less, But now I think his technic and voice improve a lot, when I type this yes, I mean a LOT!!! not forget to say how about his dancing. and yeah WTH bringing HTTG to insult him?!! Let's wait for poseidon, Yunho is a person I adore so much, he try his best and I'm sure this time he'll make it better than the past.

    Lastly I want to say, Homin now free from that who called themselves fans, yet backstab them, I mean they call themselves fans and act like that?! Feel shame of the username and want to change it,just because hear something like that? I pitty JYJ for have a fans like that. Let us show you, what fans is, The one who still support TVXQ after all of this mess. I can't control my emotion, really dissaponted me!

  84. @karenteh
    Love your comment!! Sorry, I'm a bit slow, but what does OT5 mean?

  85. @Pratheepa: OT5 means One True 5 ^^

  86. @ dAra,

    I know. I understand your heart.

    @ Precious,
    re: quiet Changmin fans.
    I think it makes sense that the fans take after their idols. Changmin is shy and introverted and the fact that Changmin do not like crazy fan girls deter his fans from going over the top but just like you should never underestimate Changmin, the fandom should not underestimate his fans either. I'm pretty sure we can be a scary bunch, just probably quieter! LOL

  87. I haven't really been a fan long enough to say for sure, but I think the reason for such unfair treatment toward Yunho is because he is such a strong personality in the group. He's the leader and a natural born performer with such passion in his work. Maybe some fans don't think he deserves all the attention he gets, especially when it seems to shadow their bias. His fanbase also seems to be the strongest and the most loyal, even when you can't really tell because they don't yap all over the place.

    While some YJ shippers can take things too far (esp the immature ones) I think they also contributed in preventing Yunho's name to be destroyed completely. Many wrote fics about how great he is and how much the other members respect him. For a perverted new fan (like me), it helped me create picture of TVXQ without all this drama tainting it. I started off a YJ shipper, and I knew enough of the business (and human behavior) to not care too much about a break up, it is what happened after that got me into a position to stand for what I believe in.

    The way I see it, I don't think those 'mastermind fans' thought it will go this far and this long. They probably thought that by 2010 the most, JYJ would be free and TVXQ a crumbling memory of the past because HoMin can't sing. Right now, it is more about keeping up the front because they can't really backtrack and say the events that led to the 'fandom victory that freed idols from their slave contract' is actually an anti's way to discredit the two members of TVXQ and SM.

  88. @hyeonmu:
    I also believe that YJ shippers although at times can go a tad too far in their Yunjae'ness, but they are also the most neutral and revel in their love for the couple-and they do spread the love for Yunho so I think its OK and coming back to JYJ fans, I think its the hardest thing for human beings to accept that the people you are fanatical about can make mistakes and are not God's!!

  89. Precious, I just found this link on twitter:


    what do you think about this? some people said this is another victory of CJS coz the court ordered SM to pay 20million KW...in another translate,they said the court indirectly ordered SM to pay 20mill KW.which one is true (direct or indirect?official or unofficial?)? i don't want to go to google transtool for now.lol.please help me..

    thanx Precious,I'm sorry for bothering you again :)

  90. @ maemapayo
    It looks like the court is trying to enforce the injunction judgment. The article says that the court issued an indirect order for SM to pay 20mil KRW per incident if SM interferes with JYJ's activities.

  91. @Precious
    Does it mean that SME really interfere with JYJ's activities? I know JYJ claims that but is it true?

  92. @Precious
    does that mean they're being ordered to pay for the 2 instances cited in the article? or for future offenses?

    i also want to ask, and sorry if this is off-topic, but you said before that Hangeng's case is different from JYJ's. but i don't see how it is different though except for the part where SM blocked Hangeng's solo projects in China, and the discrimination against him. JYJ made no similar claims. i'm confused...

    can this lawsuit be over like right now?? i have problems with some of the clauses in the contract (length, the penalty for breach of contract, scheduling) and i do think JYJ has a huge chance of winning, so my wish is for them to win so they can move on, cut ties with SM permanently, no more holding on to the old TVXQ, and everyone can get some closure somehow and Homin/TVXQ can move on from this colossal mess that neither of them wanted in the first place.

  93. "There was even saying among the fans that Yunho was bashed for taking a breath."

    Truer words were never spoken.

    I know I should feel enraged reading the translations above but I just feel exhausted.
    I remember reading the most disheartening, defamatory, heartless comments from international fans about Homin, and specially about Yunho the past 2 years.
    I remember crying tears of frustration, anger, sadness because I couldn't believe that fans were bashing Yunho with such cruelty and nobody could see it, fans just ignoring and I know, deep down believing that Yunho deserve it.
    Just a few brave fans defending him but being ovewhelmed by JYJ fans.

    Now I just want the lawsuit to end, I don't even care who wins, I don't care who is right or wrong, I just want JYJ fans leaving Yunho and Changmin alone, don't support them, ignore them, boycott them but just leave them alone with the fans that care, with the loyals fans that really loves them.

  94. @cat1177:
    Couldnt agree with you more-it seems like a precursor to whats to come in March- the courts are siding with JYJ which is perfectly fine as long as this saga ends and HoMin can move forward without this ordeal hanging over their heads-From what I am reading some JYJ fans are already claiming that they the fans are somehow responsible for all the positive news coming out and more arrogant than ever-I can bear with it as long as HoMin are left alone after the courts decision-although SM will never hear the end of it.

  95. @Precious
    can you tell me how much SM interfere with JYJ activities? or its about dual contract?
    this time i see SM and TVXQ in ready position to lose CJS because TVXQ comeback only with 2 member and success too.
    and I see Homin didnt care so much about lawsuit. SM win or lost. Homin only focus on their work as TVXQ.
    March will come soon...

  96. @Reema
    the fanatics are going to be a nightmare either way, so all the more reasons for me to hope for their win, so Homin can be left alone. and just as important, if (or when) JYJ wins they're no longer employed under SM which means they're officially no longer TVXQ members so maybe now they can stop the pity party and move on without dragging the other 2 boys.

    i believe the court considers the 2 incidents cited in the article, the press conference and the certified request to Warner Music Korea, as interference.

  97. @Precious: thanx for replying :D
    my curiosity is same with @freeya87..
    @cat1177: I think, I don't agree with you.I want SM win this case,coz I don't want see HoMin being hurt anymore.for me if SM win,it means the winning for HoMin.so they can move on without CJS's shadow-I believe CJS would not want to comeback to SM- (eventhough,deep in my heart i hope one day they will re-unite *sigh*).but,if CJS win..well,at least HoMin had win my heart&respect <3

  98. @IH
    I agree with all your comment but not "I don't care who is right or wrong". as a Man and Human Yunho and Changmin maybe already lost his pride since 2009. another reason why they stand until now is because of TVXQ and their pride. I know they want to get back their Pride and TVXQ.
    thanks for your work and please keep going. for me this not about i'll get reason for bashing other but for me to bring the Pride back to Homin is the most important things.
    (omg my english xD)

  99. @dAra
    i've seen it mentioned, but i really don't know, it might be just their interpretation of some tweet of JJ's or something he might have said in an interview.
    some fans were whining before about why Junsu is following Eunhyuk on twitter but Eunhyuk isn't following back (lol). who knows what that means, maybe Eunhyuk doesn't want to or he forgot or it's a show of SM solidarity or he doesn't want to get emo tweets.
    the boycott is ridiculous. those JYJ fanatics are never going to buy the TVXQ in the first place. stating that they're officially boycotting Homin is only to purposely and publicly hurt and humiliate the 2 boys some more.

    i totally get what you mean. it's just that for me i don't want to see Homin harmed anymore.
    of course if JYJ wins SM will file an appeal so heaven knows how long this will drag on...

  100. These day i cant believe 100% of court decision. i believe Homin will fine if no rumor that time. Not like hanggeng and all member of suju, we have different case. lawsuit plus rumor. lawsuit SM vs CJS plus all rumor attackin homin. sshhh
    I know court will only see case SM vs CJS. win or lost nothing to do with the rumor. I think this the reason why precious made this blog xD
    I agree I hope SM Win.

  101. @ Freya87
    As cat1177 said, the court sited SM's press conference and the request to stop the release of JYJ album as interferences, and that's it.

    @ cat1777
    Hangeng's profit distribution looked far worse than TVXQ's. Hangeng also didn't file for any damages against SM. There are different circumstances surrounding this case. I think SM has much greater chance to win this one than Hangeng's.

    @ all
    With all these recent court rulings, it looks like SM is at great disadvantage, but nothing really changed from before. The court order prohibiting SM's interference was already in place since Oct of 2009 when the injunction judgment was given. CJS originally asked for 10 mil KRW payment per interference in original injunction, but it was dropped back then. So only thing that changed from then is the 20 mil KRW fine, and that's it.

    Whatever the outcome of this lawsuit, the losing side most likely will appeal, so it's not going to end any time soon.

    CJS's ties with SM is most likely over regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit. They'll just pay SM for the breach of contract and leave SM if SM wins the case. There most likely will be another lawsuit to settle the penalty payment.

    For HoMin, SM needs to win the case to ease the bashing. If SM loses the lawsuit, anti-SM crowd will bring that up to bash SM and HoMin endlessly.

  102. @ cat1177
    Oh also, according to the article, it's for future offenses. The court cannot make them pay for the past offenses since the decision for the fine was made recently.

  103. @ dhanirahman52
    Well, we just need to take the court's decision as what it is, judging matters according to the application of the law. While I don't think SM was in the wrong, but I can also see that the contract may be considered unfair. This is a civil case, so the line between right or wrong is not as clear as a criminal case.

  104. @ IH
    Yes, everyone wants this to end, and most just wants both sides to go their separate ways. I personally don't care who wins the lawsuit, but as I stated already, it is much preferred for SM to win to protect HoMin from the bashing. Think about it. If SM loses the lawsuit, anti-HoMin fans will bash HoMin for supporting SM till no end. If you want this to end as quietly as possible, you need SM to win.

  105. @Precious :

    ---The court stated, “SM Entertainment should not have hindered JYJ’s celebrity activities. For this violation, we demand that SM Entertainment pay JYJ $17,000 USD (20 mil KRW) for every time they have obstructed or will obstruct JYJ’s activities.”

    They continued, “Even though a preliminary decision was made on October 27th 2009 to nullify their exclusive contracts, SM Entertainment conducted a press conference on November 11th 2009, through which they stated that JYJ must still abide by the terms of their exclusive contract. Additionally on October 2nd 2010, the agency sent certified requests to Warner Music Korea, requesting to stop the production and distribution of JYJ’s world-wide album.”---

    According to the article, SM interfered JYJ's activities twice, so it's the reason why SM must pay double fine (10+10)

    And idk that "CJS originally asked for 10 mil KRW payment per interference in original injunction, but it was dropped back then", when was it dropped?

  106. @ yunogaichiban
    Originally when CJS filed the injunction on July 31, 2009, they asked for 10mil KRW fine, but the court dropped that request when giving judgment on Oct 27, 2009. This new fine was ordered on 21st of this month. I don't know where you read the article, but the article I read states that the fine is for future violation.

  107. @Precious
    Oh, I see. Thank you for clarifying. I forgot that SME did that before.

  108. @Precious: thanks for clarification, actually they used simple future in that article xD

    lol it seems SM should be careful with their moves in the future :P

  109. Well, at least all the recent events regarding court decisions proved that SM does not control the court. LOL

    Anti-SM fans want to make a huge deal out of everything that happened so far, but the reality is that nothing has changed since the injunction.

    If CJS loses the main lawsuit, everything that happened so far would mean nothing.

  110. at TVXQ!(東方神起) _ 왜 (Keep Your Head Down) Dance ver.A _ MusicVideo
    JYJ are getting most of the love from fans? U think their fans believed since they brought a suit against SM? Even before that happened, yunho's father gathered Yunho's fans and had been exaggerating dirty rumors about JYJ. For 2 years, JYJ were mother fucking sun of Bitch and Yunho and Changmin's father kept saying JYJ betrayed DBSK because of the cosmetic investment. Which the court said it is not true. Yunho and Changmis said nothing? HELL NO you fuck off bitch,
    by ByulnaraAlien 9 hours ago
    @ Precious
    im new fans so didnt much knowing about all this. but why some of haters always say Yunho's father doing meeting with Yunho's fans. I never heard about that.
    I feel uncomfortable with this statement.
    sorry I bring this comment here.

  111. I was a lurker till today but i want to write it off my chest.
    I'm scared, i am really scared.
    Two weeks ago it doesn't matter for me who's going to win this case as long as HoMin are save and sound. But since the court news are popping out left and right in favour for JYJ and since i'm reading all the comments from the JYJ stans i started to feel uneasy.
    Meanwhile i'm scared. I'm sooo worried what's going to happen to HoMin when JYJ wins the case. I wish that they silently move on with their fans but that's just a hopeless wish. I know that's not going to happen and my heart's hurting.
    I have this strong urge to protect HoMin but i feel so helpless. I don't know what's going to happen. I'm just scared like hell that HoMin is going to streamrolled by JYJ fans and a kind of witch hunting will start.

    And lastly since i unlurked i will express my deepest gratitude to Precious. I was lost and wandered aimlessly since this nightmare started but i found a new home at your blog. I don't feel alone anymore and i'm really thankfull for the peace in my heart you're giving me.

    I wish good things for CJS and SM but i wish the best for HoMin.

  112. It’s around the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010.
    A Japanese journalist close to the 5 boys said in a magazine (CD/DL Data):
    'Yunho never let his smile fade no matter what happens. He always deeply appreciates being loved and has immense passion for giving more love back to his fans. But only once, he asked me,

    "Am I …….loved?"

    I said "Of course", nodding. He said "Yes, right, sorry" and immediately showed his usual smile. He must have gone through a very hard time.'
    On the Bigeastation 140, Yunho introduced a song named "I’m not afraid", saying he was deeply touched.
    In this song, a boy tells himself "I’m not afraid. I’m not alone. I’m not afraid. I’m not alone" to move on.
    (SM Town in Tokyo started with this song.)
    Under such harsh circumstances, Yunho sent a message to his fans at his birthday party. Probably, most of the fans know this phase.

    "I love you, please do not suffer any more, my precious fans."

    I sense his feelings from these words.

    I’m impressed by Changmin's letter to himself, too.
    The whole letter is great, but it's too long to bring here.:-c

  113. @ lisalio,

    Where can I read these letters that yunho and changmin wrote. Can you send me a link please?

    Thank you.

  114. @Lisalio
    I'm not normally a sensitive person, but that first part when he asked "am I loved?", that made me tear up. To have him even doubt it, it's very sad. Thank you for sharing that.

  115. @ justice - I too want to see that the lawsuit things leave our boys safe and sound, so I kinda understand your feeling. But please don't feel helpless. I think our boys have prepared themselves for the worst regarding the lawsuit. They are very matured now and it seems they know quite well that sometimes things just do not go as they are supposed to be. They have gone through the worst when they were not even sure whether their fans would be by their sides. And they have gained good courage to move on even though they know that the road ahead will not be easy.

    Precious has done a brilliant job here to make many fans who misunderstood them see what they have been through. So, now the things are getting better for them. Together, we and many new fans can help them move on slowly but peacefully and with dignity. I think...as long as they know that we are by their sides on this difficult road, they will be doing just fine. :)

  116. precious thankyou for the translation
    I'm really tired with JYJ fans, even thought they are bashed SM not Homin or talking about upcoming JYJ activity,it's makes me really sick

  117. @Lisalio
    thanks.. I didnt know he said that if you not tellin me.
    you make me cry...
    how can I not love Yunho and Changmin.
    "am I loved?" Yesssss OMG.
    "I love you, please do not suffer any more, my precious fans."
    "I’m not afraid. I’m not alone. I’m not afraid. I’m not alone"
    They know we love them.
    They know we suffer too just like them.

  118. @apooli
    I tried to send you the links via email, but I got an error message.
    So, I leave them here.

    Changmin's letter:
    Yunho's message:

    Enjoy! ;)

    I felt torn, too. Many Japanese shed tears.
    I guess he didn’t expect they won Mutizen and so he got teary-eyed.

    Yeah, they’re worrying about their fans in this situation. Kind boys.

    This comment may go to the spam folder again. Please rescue my innocent comment again.
    Thank you.

  119. @ lisalio'

    Thank you. I post through livejournal sorry about that. I'm gonna go read it now.

  120. Wow, reading this really make me pissed off. well not really cause I kinda have expected it but still seeing this happened during the early lawsuit thing, the 'fans' is just so harsh. Seriously I can't understand how they can hate person so much over things that even they didn't know the truth. Now I know why SM artists are backing Homin so much because they know way more than these so called "fans".

    Throughout all of this midst, Homin stay quiet and just accept all the bashing and even their family being drag into this midst. If it happened to me, I don't how I can handle those sort of pressure. The bad treatment from those so called 'fans', which make them more strong now. I'm so proud of you TVXQ Yunho & TVXQ Changmin.

    tbh, I knew them as 5 and my bias is JJ. however, after all this things happened, I just can't seems to bring myself to like JYJ anymore especially JJ. though I still follow their twitter but still I can't give my respect to them anymore. They totally have lost my respect towards them. The fact that they didn't say anything to protect their "so-called" brothers from being bashed by their own fans, instead they are adding the fuel more. it just make me urghhhh... >_> I guess I still a TVXQ supporter and only in the name of TVXQ I believe. Since TVXQ now = Homin, then only with Homin I believe and support now.

    Everytime I saw the old MV of them like Hug or Balloon or Triangle (my fave of them all ^^), I keep reminding myself, these are the time when they still share the same dream. Now they're not. that's the only way I can see the other three without the annoying feeling in my heart. Though now they revealed that they aren't happy during those days, I still want to believe those days was when they still share the same dream. The dream that make who they are now. Because the truth is so hurt, PEOPLE DO CHANGED and THE DREAM IS CHANGED TOO.

    Thanks @Precious for all your hard work. I'm one of you earlier follower. I've been lurking these blog from day to day. I love your work so much. Keep it up and 힘내요! from all those negatives critics from others... ^_^

  121. @ dhanirahman52
    I'll be posting why Yunho's father is dragged into this in the future.

    @ Justice
    Don't be scared. HoMin are strong men. They already went through the worst, but they have come back stronger and seem to be happy.
    They just need your support.

    @ Lisalio
    Yes, those comments are very well known, breaking many Yunho fans' heart and showing how strong HoMin are.

    @ kohei007
    Totally agree with you. Peacefully and with dignity. Thank you.

    @ miraliyana0203
    Thanks for the words of encouragement. :)

  122. ...this really ..... no words, i'm shocked

    @ Lisalio awww you made me cry T_T....our Yunho had such a hard time, why these people has to be so mean i hate them all so much!!!

    thanks Precious! your blog is the best

  123. @ Lisalio:
    thank you T__T
    "am I loved?"
    Damn! Too heartbreaking.

    hehe that will be interesting. :)

    cant wait for your next post ^^

  124. @ Lisalio
    BTW, the translation of Yunho's letter left some small portion that's important. I am going to post the full translation when I talk about HoMin.

  125. @Precious
    I probably know what you mean.:)
    Looking forward to your future post!

  126. @precious
    I'm certainly looking forward to your post about HoMin. It broke my heart reading yunho's letter and I would give anything just to be able to give him a hug and pat on the back to tell him, all will be ok and there are many out there who still love him and support him.

  127. *talking about the letter
    I cant image how hard was for Changmin, thats makes me so sad, he`s really strong, I will never stop of support him, I admire his mature.

  128. @precious- I didn't read all posts except the translated Jap fan letter. I'd like to share my thoughts with those fans reading here.
    I wished all five boys can one day come back as one DBSK.Fans play a part to further strained their relationships if not,at least they are 'less hurt' in a way. These five boys love each other so much and whatever happened with their agency they still think as one. Events take two hands to clap.Without fanwar, the situation will definitely be different.But these fans being young/naive go all the way to speak/fight for their idol but forgot that they love each other dearly.
    By having a fanwar going on,which eventually split the two group further ,make it hard for the boys to bear. As a fan, we should just support their music and talents instead of swear and curse online blindly. And once we throw abusive words out , we cannot undone on what we have regret in a fit of anger.
    In this case , post like this should not be reposted (from years back)as this could only bring on yet another UGLY fanwar.

  129. @ sherri
    If that's the only thing you read, then you have no right to comment on why I posted it. You are ignoring all the ugliness out of your own self interest of wanting all 5 back, but that's just not fair to HoMin who went through so much while fans like you were turning a blind eye on what some fanatic fans were doing to HoMin. You want to believe the 5 still love each other because you want to protect YOURSELF from getting hurt, and I'm sorry to say it but that is being selfish. BTW, I do agree with you about the fanwars. If there were no fanwars, then this blog won't exist, but they were instigated by CJS. If you want to find out how, please read the rest of my posts, or you can just keep pretending nothing ever happened.

  130. @sherri
    If that is the only thing you have taken out of this blog then maybe you should not comment at all. Precious has made a place for people to get all the information and actual facts about whats going on rather then all the bias information not only coming from fansites but also actual news articles.JYJ Fanatics have consistently tore down Homin since the beginning and instigated the fanwar. JYJ fanatics have consistently blamed Homin for everything this information is proof that JYJ fanatics purposely and maliciously spread rumors about Homin to further there agenda to get people on there side. Honestly if JYJ even cared about there so called brothers at all they would not have let there fans spread all the lies and bash the people that they supposedly love. They have done nothing to stop there fans from using ugly words to describe Homin and make there lives harder. This blog has not spread any lies and has no malicious intent behind it. This blog was made to educate those who don't speak Korean but want to know whats really going on not what pro JYJ fansites shove down people's throats. Oh and by the way the fanwar still going thanks to JYJ fanatics cursing out SM and Homin any time they get a chance and obviously you forgot the boycott. If you want to lie to yourself that's fine but the rest of us actually see what's going on and this is not bringing on the Ugly fan war it never went away.

  131. @sherri
    i sympathize with people who are AKTFing but i'm straight-up Homin fan. i liked them as 5 and they were great together but that was then and this is now. i don't wish to see them back together NOW (as if that's even possible). i only want to see Homin onstage together because i think they're awesome together. i think you should respect new Homin fans who want to educate themselves with what exactly happened and how and why.
    i don't know how you think they still love each other etc etc because actions from both camps tell a different story.

  132. @Precious Can I translate into Vietnamese your posts? I will give you proper credit and other sources.

  133. @ Kotegashi
    Sure. No problem with it.

  134. My first time seeing HoMin was at Running Man. From the first time I saw them, my heart got captivated with their smiles and attitudes.  From that moment I started to search about them on the internet and guess what I thought of it first, “Who are those 3 other peoples?”. XD Then I finally found out about TVXQ’s history. At first I felt sorry for them, I really considered them as the most promising K-Pop Idol. I liked when they’re 5. But when I dig deeper on the lawsuit issue I can feel that something isn’t right and lies have been spread everywhere. Finally the truth was revealed one by one when I reached your blog. I read it carefully and check your analysis with every skill and knowledge that I have and I can say that yours are the most factual ones. Really thank you for dedicating so much time and effort to this blog. 

    I am just a newbie on TVXQ HoMin fans club. I hope I can get along well with all of you to keep supporting HoMin. ^^

    Many thanks. :D

  135. @precious: I understand all the things you say in this post. Thanks for this post!^^

    But I do not agree with you about this: the fanwar were instigated by JCS? I'm sorry but what?? They even did not say or do anything to encourage fans to create a fanwar, both JCS and HM. It's all about those crazy fans.

    So don't put any blame on JCS or HM for anything realated to the fanwar. It was obviously and definitely instigated by the fans, who are thinking that they are protecting their idols, not the 5 members, who always believe in the loyalty of their fans and what they've recieved is this.

    And one more, it's not just JCS's fans've bashed HM, HM's fans also have bash JCS alot. So if your blog is about The truth about TVXQ(5), you should also post those bad words of HM's fans about JCS. If you're not, it's your choice to post it or not, I can understand.^^

  136. @Sarang East
    precious already said that he was HM bias. i guess you not read all post.
    how about you read all post here and go to JYJ site and analize it. you will got the result.
    I bet you will not found that they are is HM side.

  137. @Sarang East
    you don't fully understand, read again and comprehend.
    the above statement never blamed either parties involved, it simply clarifies issues, and what is supposed to be done or not to be done...
    my daughter is also a great fan of them but to be honest(no offense) she is jj bias, but unlike other fans, she ignores negative feed backs,hence she think the other way around, she updates everyday with their activities only, which should any fan, is the right thing to do...

    @precious: regarding this
    "During the acceptance speech, Jaejoong made this famous comment, "I'd like to tell the two friends who may be watching this that I love them."......
    i supposed your thoughts in this are like mine in regard to jj's latest tweet.....it gives a negative "whatever"...but to avoid hurting my daughter, i shut my mouth

    anyways, i'm YH bias also, whenever i go to sites for updates, or watch vids, specially in YT, i don't read comments, to avoid the nasty and negative ones...as much as possible i only visit friendly sites or biased sites (of course for my bias)
    I was never wrong, all my perceptions with HoMin, rest assured after stumbling down to this spot, I will give my unwavering support to HoMin...and @precious looking forward to your next post as you've mentioned "yunho's letter"

  138. @ mildnature

    Regarding JJ's speech, the fact that he said that after the 6.25 meeting, preparing for the Japanese activities with "just the 3", all the bashings HoMin took, makes it totally despicable. Of course just like his latest tweet, Yunho and Changmin were bashed again by their fans for not doing anything while the 3 "obviously (sarcasm)" missed them.

    Back then his statement could've been taken as genuine, but now with everything that took place so far and with his subsequent manipulating tweets, anyone with some sense can totally see that it was as fake as it could get.

  139. @precious

    i finally decided to click on the link to the 3000-5000 comments and even though I don't even know Korean, i don't need to. I opened up and it was loading and then i thought okay, will it stop loading soon, and I said this to myself quite a few times and it just kept loading and loading and i scrolled down following the comments and in the end all i could say was the f word over and over again. I can;t even imagine what it would feel like to read 3000-5000 comments shredding me and my families dignity to pieces and wishing to murder me and for my existence to completely disappear.

    Just looking at all the comments and not know exactly what was being said but knowing it was all nasty things being said about someone else who isn't even me made me feel physically ill. It's no wonder idols commit suicide due to fans/antis comments. Instead of blaming companies all the time maybe fans should start taking responsibility for things like this themselves.

    Changmin and Yunho especially should be given a medal for putting up with this sh*t. Too bad CJS, Yunho and Changmin definitely do NOT need people like you.

  140. @Precious

    thanks again for the translation. It took me a while to hold my courage and read this post, i know they were bashed but i didnt want to see the cruel reality. Today, I read this, even though Im not either Changmin or Yunho, just reading a few cmts u gave made my heart ache and skip beats. Painful!!! Cruel!!! Deathly!!!

    Now I truly how hard that time would be for them. They were mentally severely directly and maybe physically abused by those...arggggg

    They are the bravest men ever in my heart now for being able to stand back up and rise up as the best, again !!!

    About CJS, i don't want to talk about them...>"<

  141. @ Pippa_Sta:
    Changmin and Yunho especially should be given a medal for putting up with this sh*t. Too bad CJS, Yunho and Changmin definitely do NOT need people like you.

    AN JYJ no need people like Homin

  142. @ moniespio

    You are right. JYJ probably don't need Yunho and Changmin since they don't care about TVXQ or doing the right things. All they need are blind fans like you who they can make money off of regardless of what they do.

  143. how can they say such things?!?!i think homin r fighting and r very strong that they r tolerant to all this!!how could people do this??wt the hell r they thinking??!?well they r wrong!!ii am sure jyj wants the fans to stop!!espically if they love homin!!so open ur eyes jyj fans?!?is anything going to come by just cussing them?!?!it is jyj and homin problem!!we should just support them as we may not know the real side of the story!!ever listened to homin???do u think jyj will be happy by u lot cursing homin?!?!

  144. NOOOOOO
    TVXQ = Yunho + Changmin + Jejung + Yuchun + Junsu
    TVXQ consist of five member. They begin with five name and they will ended it as five too.
    Don't get too emotional with what the media told. We fans love them very much right? why don't we keep faith on them? they will comeback for sure. #pray
    What now CJS fan or HoMin fans do now make their relationship become further apart. i'm changmin fan, i also dissapointed with their disbanded, but they already living together for 8 years, if we keep believing i think some day they will comeback. Too naive i think

  145. The only thing I would say is that I support Yunho and Changmin as the new TVXQ! I don`t have anything against JYJ buy my support is totally for TVXQ
    those all "fans" are a bunch of idiots!! I hate those kind of people! and I`m really really sorry for YH and CM and I just feel so frustrated because I would like to protect YH and CM and I can`t! I live in the other side of the world just seeing comments like these and people who hurt my boys and I can´t do anything!!!

  146. Wow...just wow. i dont know what to say. I'm hurt that people have even decided to choose sides. there can be as many pieces of evidence as people want but i refuse to pick sides. This isnt my business and i dont pick sides. Homin stayed for their own reasons and JYJ left for theirs. Who the hell am i to say who is right or wrong? Right and wrong is purely down the the individual and i am not any of these five men. To me, i feel that there are three parts to every story, JyJ side, Homin's side and the truth. Thats how it is always gonna be. We are given the information that people would like to be shown, we know from a fans perspective what is going on and nothing more. I refuse to pick sides. DBSK started as a five and to me i will always love all five. I fell in love with the music and personalities of five men not three and not two. They all needed each other for the success that they gained and i will never forget that. To be honest, playing the blame game is stupid. You can get equally as nasty JYJ fans as you can get Homin fans, telling the other sides members to 'die' and that they are traitors. its bullshit. Those people arent helping, they're making things worse. We dont know whether DB5SK have spoken and we will never know. Maybe JYJ havent told their fans to stop hating Homin, but have Homin asked their fans to stop hating JYJ? there can be no double standards here. If we want JYJ to do something then i think homin should be expected to show the same feelings. Jaejoong has on many cases said he loved and missed Changmin and Yunho, said that he sampled why? KYHD and said that he thought Homin were doing well, just like Yunho said that JYJ are doing well also. They are not bad guys. Circumstances and time change people. They are 26/25 year old men. It's natural to want a change of lifestyle, to stand up for something you believe in, to leave or to stay in a place you've been in for so long. But that isnt wrong. Its life. We all do it. How many of us have been in a school club or a hobbie and then given up because we wanted a change? How many of us have argued with friends because we believe in different things? different doesnt mean right or wrong, it simply means different. And id be a stupid girl if i thought i had the right to stop these men from living life for me. Because i am a fan. People forget that DB5SK arent just idols. They are people. They have their own lives to live as people, not as idols. Life has many paths and unfortunately JYJ and Homin have decided to take seperate ones. But once again is that not life. As we all mature and such we will go through similar things, conflicts in opinions and desires, and thats normal. But we wouldnt want to be judged. So why are so many people judging either party? Those who havent sinned be the first to cast the first stone. I cannot judge these men, because i am not perfect. And until i have lived life in their shoes i cannot honestly say who is right or wrong. AS i will never be any of these men i refuse to judge either of them. The arguements on who is right and wrong are all opinions and will never be facts. Because like i already said, right and wrong is dependent on the individual.

  147. Part 2 of other comment
    I have had fans say 'Changmin is heartless' 'Junsu and Yoochun never mention the others'...so let me ask you this...are you exactly like your sister? Your brother? Your neighbour? Your cousin? Of course not. Youre an individual. And therefore people will react to grief differently. Where some people like Yunho and Jaejoong will outwardly say their feelings, others may not. Junsu, Yoochun and Changmin for example may not be able to show how they feel outwardly. We all deal with things differently so we cannot penalise their characters. Its who they are. I dont know how the hell i would deal with losing my friends like that. So no one has the right to say any of them are dealing with this in the wrong way. People are all different.
    Also, Chun's dad died and Min's grandma died earlier this year and that was a hard time for both boys. But to me, regardless of whether we are on tlaking terms i would personally have said something to my friend. Hopefully the boys did, if not, like i said, we all deal in different ways.
    To me, i will end on saying that life is too short to waste time hating and feeling bitter. Life should be filled with love and care. To me, none of DB5SK killed anyone, raped, robbed etc so why hate? those are reasons to hate. Finding a new path in life, or deciding to keep on the path you were already on is not wrong. and its not a reason to hate. Life can be snatched from you so fast. If any of DB5SK were to pass away tomorrow, would the other members be okay leaving things like this? Because of a lawsuit? I've seen situations like this never get resolved and its the worst feelings in the world knowing that you had things to say someone and the message will never be recieved. I'm being realistic. Too many people like to get too conserned in other people's lives. Concentrate on living your own life perfectly and then go and talk to other people about what they are supposedly doing wrong in their own. This isnt to anyone on this page, just my thoughts. ignore me if you wish but i dont want to be bashed. I will always love these boys, but i think some 'fans' are being too involved in something that doesnt concern them. To me, if some people i know from school are in an arguement its not my place to step in and decide who is right or wrong. Its the same with the boys. I woudlnt like people judging me on my life decisions and i dont think its fair to do to others. No matter how much you think you are helping someone else. Adding fuel to fire just makes things worse.

  148. Another comment. sorry to keep commenting, but one thing i noticed among fans is this constant 'they dont care about the others' shit. How do they know? we arent them. we dont know who or what they care about. But sometimes, just sometimes, regardless of how much you love someone you have to do what you think is best for you and that is what both sides decided to do. But that doesnt mean they dont care about each other. It makes me so sad to see the biggest fan group divide like this. remember, united we stand and divided we fall. isnt that the saying? A question i always ask myself is this...if DB5SK all filed the law suit and decided to leave together, woudl views change on whether SM were evil? I dont hold any opinion on SM as i dont work for them. But im sure if they all left views would change. ITs like, in some cases because someones bias stayed/left then thats the side they are on regardless of rational thought. If they thought they were mistreated then why shouldnt they leave? What one person may think is wrong, another person may say the treatment isnt so bad. But like i said, difference doesnt make one thing right and another thing wrong. Homin may think SM treated them well and JYJ didnt. That means they may have had differences in opinion on the treatment they recieved but that doesnt make them right or wrong. the cosmetics business thing...now why would they go into a cosmetics business that might fall through and lose money when they would clearly make more being idols. Not just that, but DB5Sk live, breathe, sleep and eat music lol they wouldnt want to give it up. You can see that in how hard all of them are working. So why would JYJ leave music for cosmetics? Not only that...but if that was the reason, why arent they doing the whole cosmetics thing right now? Im not taking sides, i honestly dont know. I feel sorry for these boys. To be judged so harshly form so many angles on the way they wish to lead their own lives. Id hate to live like that. As i have said many times...i think that people should stop judging what is right, wrong, good, bad etc in another persons life because it is their life to lead. Regardless of if they are rich, poor, famous or not. We dont have the right to judge. We dont like being judged ourselves, especially in situations where the bystanders dont have the full story, feelings etc and never will. When i am perfect i will judge another person. As none of us are perfect i feel people should tone down how much they judge another person. As perfection is something that is impossible to reach, i feel that the harsh ways that the 5 men of DBSK have been judged negatively by anyone is just wrong and horrible. All five boys love their families, friends, other people, they love, hate etc like we all do. they are human. Its about time some fans realised they are entitiled to have human emotions and live life for themselves sometimes, not just the fans. I wont stop loving all five of them. i wont stop believing in them. And even if they never reunite i know i can sleep well knowing i ahvent judged 5 innocent men just trying to live the lives they were given.

    1. Thank you, love you dgskjump. Yoi have the same opinion as me, reading all of the comment it seem like everyone was blaming jyk, and it made me want to stop,loving,all five and choose jyj. But it's nice to see someone on the same level and mind.

      You understood that we fans know nothing. We just believe what we hear, I'm not going to blame either parties. I don't know a thing. Not a thing about their lives, their pains, they are human. And you all keep the jyj fans are to blame jyj is to blame. And you fans don't ever say anything wrong about them, it's all them. OHHHH REALLY, YOU JUST DID WHAT . NAY, YOU ACCUSED THEM OF.






  149. wow they are unbelievable. i feel so bad for yunho. TT TT

    i'm a new tvxq fan (and i mean REALLY new -- just a month ago) but although i liked homin, i USED to believe the other version of this story, the cjs side, how sm enslaved dbsk and even had jaejoong beaten up to prevent him from leaving. ah~ those silly rumors~

    thanks a lot for this blog, it helped cleared my mind before i get drowned with lies. the name tvxq is always associated with the most heartbreaking split and ever since becoming a fan, i wanted to know the truth. this is the answer. all hail Precious kekekeke!

    i also like yoochun, though. i don't think it's their own doing but the person around them so i don't hate them. i still wish for the five to reunite.

    how come i became their fan ONLY NOW? ah really~ i wish i knew all about kpop during, at least, the height of their career but just reading about this fiasco, i don't think i'd be able to handle the pain of seeing them disband if i were already a fan back then.

  150. owh.....i am crying like crazy why are you guys fighting with each other since we do not know the real story from their own mouth right i am not taking on one side but here as a dbsk fan all of us should be united in protecting the 5 of them not fighting with each other how do you guys expect how the 5 of them feel watching all of us fighting who are they going to rely on cassiopeia is the name we called ourselves as their devoted fans so why can't we keep our faith or even try to sustain our belief in case the 5 of them know that we are always gonna be with them no matter what the circumstances are we cry right so do you expect the 5 of them are happy huh there is no need to blame each other it doesn't bring any goodness we are not the one who are suffering don't you ever think that their feeling for each other are still strong don't you guys notice how their personalities have changed compared to their old self some become to serious some become to obsessed with work for me i don't see their previous laughter any longer it is just not the same it is very heart-breaking to watch they are maybe smiling but you would not know is it the real deal or are they hiding their sadness from us only the five of them who truly know the real thing please stop hating each other and please always keep faith

  151. precious i relly don't know what to belief now owh god it is killing me seriously when i saw any videos or read articles regarding the 5 of them i will cry badly the tears would not stop this is so painful is there any way for us the fan to hear directly from the 5 of them we deserve to know the real deal eventhough it could hurt us or them?

  152. honestly, i just thought its hubris that touched JYJ thats why the lawsuit.
    it started with a small betrayal which became bigger. they tried to drag yunho and changmin but knowing yunho and changmin, they won't stand for such arrogance. i say arrogance because if jyj are not eaten by their pride, they would have been willing to talk it over with SM since SM is their benefactor for what 5 years? even if they did not agree with SM in some matters, SM was still the reason they became popular. SM helped them to becaome who they are. they lost sight of this fact and become arrogant. maybe the 5 had plans but i will bet my last centavo that yunho and changmin never planned to betray SM and in such a scandalous form. all of them are at the top. they were all ready to soar higher preparing for a comeback in korea but what happened to the 3? they were blinded by their ilogical feelings of freedom. they wanted freedom they say but freedom done by stomping on their benefactors and their brother's feelings . freedom brought about by selfishness. i woudn't have said such words if they just do what they did with dignity. but no, they have to make lies and try to win sympathy from their fans. yunho was their leader and yet they did not respect him. they shamed him and changmin too. they are kind and loving and waited for them to change their minds but they did what their prides told them to do. yes they are talented but with such attitude, i doubt they'll go that far or thet they will find contentment. i pray for YUNHO and CHANGMIN to be strong and do what they love.

  153. I hate anyone who said anything horrible about them, imagine how depressed they would have been to lose their friends of 9 years, and on top of that people were putting the blame on them.. and also to think how hard Homin has worked for like 10 years of their life, and what saddens me is that some people think that the whole lawsuit deal is their fault, and saying that Yunho is a bad leader because of it.. it just doesn't make sense, Yunho has worked so hard to be the leader, and they have all said that he is a great leader who takes care of his responsibilities.. i just do't get why people are making these nasty remarks about them, when they are obviously going through a really hard time.. it makes me really annoyed.. i just wish people would stop putting the blame on them, because we are never gonna know what happened between them so why can't people stop getting involved, if you are going to make nasty remarks then stay out of it.. it wouldn't surprise me if SMe had a played some part in this, knowing the kind of ruthless company that they are

  154. Sometimes, there are reasons why betrayals occur and why betrayals don't. JYJ betrayed SME because they're getting unfairness and can no longer stand the inhumanity. Fans acknowledge them for this. But HoMin did not link their hands with JYJ along because they know and they realize, if they walk out of SME's stage, will they be able to survive in the Entertainment World? Jaejoong and Junsu have great voices so they are capable with living on their own. Yoochun is good with acting and he writes songs. Any company, any business, he has life. But it's totally a whole other world to HoMin. Back in their old days, Yunho was only good at dancing and if you have not seen any nasty comment by those so-called Cassiopeias, well, Yunho was criticized for his voice. While Changmin needs improvement in all parts. So, it's legit that they wanted to stay in SME as their career in TVXQ feeds them food and gives them a stable position in entertainment world. Do not deny it, do not overshadow it. Not all here are satisfied with HoMin; saying that they're the shadows of TVXQ and did not really have anything. "JYJ were the only members bringing existence of the group. Without HoMin, TVXQ is still TVXQ but without JYJ, TVXQ is nothing." What the hell? And that's why, no matter where JYJ are, they'll be successful because of those abilities they have but what about HoMin if they really left SME? Do you think you'll ever hear these names-- 'U-Know Yunho' and 'Choikang Changmin' in the media? Do you think they'll be able to eat a spoon or two if they left WHAT that fed them a spoon or two? Fine, you might be thinking that this is nonsense because it's only certain opinion's logic but theoretically, you have no right to say so. You claimed that Yunho and Changmin weren't being good teammates that they blamed JYJ for the lawsuit and left them to wander out of SME as 3 but not 5. HoMin betrayed them, parents' involvement, bashing, badmouthing, lies and blahblahblah but have you ever thought about this, "You're not even with them back then. You're only a mere netizen or maybe a obsessed fan. You're not sitting on the same chairs with them when they're planning the lawsuit. Do you really know what happened? And do you even know what the 5 were feeling at that time?" And if you claimed JYJ were craving for freedom and money; once again, have you ever thought about this, "What made them leave? You're not them. You don't exactly know what they were feeling. 9 years of friendship to waste? Does 9 years of bittersweet memories value a can of Coke? What about HoMin? The leader who lead them everywhere they were and the maknae who brought happiness and chaos to them when loneliness occurred?" We certainly never know what exactly were in their head back then. And this is what Hangeng of Super Junior should be considered also. We really can never know what was someone thinking and feeling. Rumours will continue to spread but life has to go on. No matter what, Always Keep The Faith. No matter how, I'll always issue JYJ as, "Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu of TVXQ." HoMin or JYJ, they are TVXQ.

    1. Your logic is flawed. If money was the sole factor, Yunho and Changmin should've left SM with the other 3. TVXQ5 was just reaching the height of their career at that time, and they would've made boat load of money (box of spoons?) as TVXQ5 without giving any cut to SM. Also, Yuchun was not proven as an actor at that time so your using current situation to make a case for past events. BTW, I think Yunho's vocal ability is greatly underrated, possibly the result of his vastly superior dancing ability (Junsu is pretty good too btw). Whenever I listen to TVXQ5's performances, I can hear that Yunho's vocal is the most stable among the 5. Junsu & Jaejoong have more flash, but Yunho's vocal is the essential part of their "Harmony". Please develop a pair of ears before criticizing his voice.

      Oh BTW, I never claimed to know everything. It is up to the readers to make up their mind as you read my posts. I even encouraged to read JYJ sides blogs to get both sides of the story. Hey, if keeping the "faith" is your thing, then by all means do so, but please do not try to shove your "faith" with your "theories" into others' throat.

  155. ~Some things can´t be seen, cant be heard, cant be touched. But because no one knows about it it´s hard to see the truth behind them >> Thoughts << ~

    "Damage caused by certain decisions may be permanent. But even the deepest scars fade over time until it is difficult to see them at all, and the only thing that will remain is the memory of how painful it had been. Your hearts may be in pain and torment and you may need someone to blame but try to remember what kept you going for so long. Hold onto that little hope no matter how fragile it might be because Cassiopeia will always exist as long as there is someone who will call themselves a Cassie"


    ~Forever Cassiopeia~

  156. I became a Cassiopeia at 2011 and since then I've been reading all these posts as a silent reader. And, it hurt me a lot. They said they wanted DB5K but said so bad things about Homin that I couldn't stay silent anymore!
    When I spoke...what did the people say?
    You're just another Yun-biased. What about them? From what I've heard, CJS has the large fanbase. And because of this population fans started bashing HoMin. I'm quite sure that MOST of the admis are CJ fans. Then I asked What about them?
    My friend is a Jae biased she doesn't bash. It's all in Ppl's thoughts! About me, yes I'm a Yun-biased, but I love Su equally.
    Again I feel that bashing HoMin was started by the Anti-fans.
    Homin was no where wrong. But the statement that came out wasn't right. SM treated us as slaves? Do slaves have cars and all? Okay, SM denied their wishes so they're leaving, isn't that enough? When Geng left, no one bashed SuJu. Just because they were unpopular than others that doesn't mean we keep on bashing them. SM is also no where wrong. There are rules to be followed, CJS didn't want to follow so they left. Why blame HoMin for it?
    And I'm really thankful for all the users who did't bash HoMin. We know, they had their reasons. Like the saying goes, People will not see your pain but they will always see your mistakes. Similarly, without learning the pains about our idols, we kept on bashing them. (referring to the antis).
    They always judged them in terms of popularity, didn't they? They called US biased, but they were the ones, weren't they? They were low enough to make a fan hate their idol. Yun is the best leader, and Min a good member. If they had left, we would not see TVXQ. Sure there would be, but not the one we love. Somewhere we should be thankful. They protected TVXQ, not 5 but at least there was some1 we could refer as the member of TVXQ.
    Homin, SM nor CJS, none of them were wrong. It was us who were wrong. We never thought about their pain. While bashing HoMin even CJS were in pain. Wasn't there a vid where Yun was shown as a person who attended CJS's concert. Thinking from our view, judging from the way the others wrote, we said them to be wrong. But, was there ANYONE who thought from their View?
    They left, they stayed, that's not the thing that proves them to be wrong or right. They are friends and they care, that's the thing that matters. And that was the thing we failed to see and observe.
    Before saying and writing those hurtful comments, we never thought of this question...Who would I chose, friends or career?
    Obviously you'd chose career, wouldn't you? No one would chose friend. Friends are just the things that come across your path, some leave some stay but your career is your path. Without that path, you wouldn't even be able to meet your friends.
    If HoMin didn't enter SM to fulfill their dreams would they meet CJS? That's the main point of this question. But none of us thought that. Just kept on bashing.
    Think, aren't HoMin humans too? So, like you'd chose your career, they chose theirs...and it's not wrong.
    I never understand why people never care about how others think, how they must be feeling, and keep on telling hurtful things. Before all these, you could have thought how would you feel if you were in HoMin's place!
    I know I'm late to say all these things, but I know there all CJS fans who STILL bash HoMin and HoMin some fans who BASH CJS. Their fanclub is Cassiopeia right? Even Jae said that they were still one, just promoting from different places! So, the ones who bash their other halves, you don't have the right to call your self a CASSIOPEIA.
    These were the things I stored inside myself since 2011. And I wish I could be able to post them during 2009. But, it's never late, is it? CJS fans and HoMin fans who only know the half truth still bash each other. And they should know that

  157. @januka nepal u r more than right? i am an egyptian fan for 7 n half years...would u plz tell me what is 6.25 interview n where can i read the full trans of it?

    1. http://truetvxq.blogspot.hr/p/roadmap-to-truth.html

  158. Funny how you blame it all on JYJ parents meeting that was held around June 2009 when the bashing replies only reached their peak in November 2009 after Homin parents released their "not so nice " public statements. It means nothing but the fact that fans were only enraged at the duo's parents pathetic attempt to sound rational about the situation when they were only trying to tarnish the trio's reputation publicly and fans got the hint and got angry , hence started bashing the duo for it.( Read the comments and what they say instead of letting yourself misguided by that blogger, you'll see how fans blamed it all on the way the duo and their parents handled the issue, they were all about the cosmetics business and they claim they only wanted to clear up their sons position, they decided to publicly involve the fans in an open war and it was them who started the bashing , the fandom reaction came only as a response to their so called "self-defense") .

    JYJ have nothing to do with the ordeal. If there is anyone to blame for the severe bashing , it's the duo's parents. You're so manipulative that it's astonishing.

  159. New fan 2018. I'm just curious about what happened in the past and I scouted a lot of posts from jyj3, jyj fansites, this blog, other blogs in which the writer indicated the miserable future for TVXQ when HoMin couldn't continue the legacy, youtube and their comments with links, etc. At first, I still had sympathy for when he was asked by Kwon Hyeon Bin. The thing is he and Changmin have been very, super consistent in JYJ, but after all the illogical and contradictory things they and their fans have told without any proof (seriously kept track of arguments between HoMin and JYJ's fans on Youtube, for example, but HoMin's fans honestly did better with solid evidences), then my sympathy turned to anger now tbh. I try to console myself by saying since from the very beginning, they didn't have the same goals, so the split was inevitable. I just saw Yunho from Dunia TV show and he already expressed that he's saving up money to build arts/ musical schools instead of investing in buildings like otherswhat they've been doing so far. The whole picture makes me believe them more, and now my respect just multiplies x10^n times.
    I'm glad that I've come to this fandom this late so I can get enough information to judge. Don't say that we were not in their situation, seriously no one's gonna come and tell you frankly what happened. At least HoMin side so far has given us much more valuable statements and quotes. I'm studying abroad in US and reading comprehension is very important in every test you encounter, even when you go to army, or physician, scientist, etc. Interpretation is a great skill but make sure built it on concrete evidences and great intellectual capacity. Tbh I'm not surprised when some fans wish death on YH even I tried to avoid reading those malicious comments. The world runs on balance and those ignorant cancel out the dignified people like HoMin whom I should call TVXQ now. You think I sound dogmatic with empty knowledge? Oh well just like your oppas whom you venerated like saints but truly lost their integrity.
    Class, Grace, and Presence are words I want to say to TVXQ HoMin now. Thank you for staying strong all those harsh years so I can have the chance to stan you. Truly I'm a fanboy but I got so much power from their story and also their desires plus outstanding performances.
    Also I want to express my gratitude to Precious who wrote this blog. You may not see it since it's 2018 but truly I like the way you present information. No exaggeration like the other side (urgh I laughed at some of their hypocrisy tbh like YunJae was alive in 2015 military festival but if I were Yunho, I'd do the same since if not, those fans would invent some uncontrollable diseases like those above. Who knows?! He sure didn't want to ruin his career, same as sJJ. But nvm, fantasy).
    Yunho & Changmin just signed the contract again after 15 years immediately after enlistment and I hope after the next 7 years, they will settle down and achieve some of their dreams like what Yunho said above, continue as TVXQ and have great lives with music. I'll support them til' the end.
    Time works wonder!
    P.s: Thank you Precious and TVXQ's warriors again. If no one spoke up like this, I'd still believe in ot5 or blah blah.. meh

    1. Same here unknown😅
      I had known DBSK since junior high School (my best friend really awesome fans of JJ but I didn't know her reaction to this issue though).
      Actually I really paid attention to Homin because of their behaviour in Let's Dinner Together (in that show, when you meet new people without script, I think it will show your almost-true personality). In that show and also in other shows like Coffee Friends and I Live Alone), I can see that HoMin have nice personality so talenta+passion+personality: WOW