Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Complete translation of the 6.25 voice file

Now it's time to talk about the most controversial subject from this crisis, the 6.25 voice file (meeting/gathering).

The readers probably saw different interpretations of that meeting, but they were probably all partial interpretation, or just explanation of what it is.

So here's is the full translation of the 6.25 voice file. This is the full version without any editing. I will analyze about the meeting in my future posts, but for now, read the translations and decide for yourself what that meeting was about. The translation is pure translation without my opinion.

The meeting was held on June 25, 2009 by Junsu's father, Yuchun's mother, Jaejoong's sister, and the administrators and web masters of CJS's fan sites.

Note that I put time stamps on the translations for reference, and I'll most likely refer back to them on my future posts.

The actual file is a bit over 55 minutes, but it will probably take around 15 minutes to read. I've spent hours transcribing and translating it, so please read it through. You may want to read it a few times.

There were some parts I couldn't hear, and those are marked with "(???)", and I also put some explanation to clarify some sentences, and those are in parenthesis.

Some parts of the conversation will make you wonder what the speaker is talking about because there are sudden change of subjects within the conversation, but that's just how it went which is actually pretty natural in those type of meetings.

I suggest you to download the files and listen to them to get the feel of how the meeting went. You can also compare the original recording and the Korean transcript I posted already, then check the accuracy of my translation if you have a Korean friend.

Here's the transcript in Korean:

* Warning: There's a sharp noise in the first file around 2:32 mark, and if you listen to the file over earplugs, it will hurt your ears so watch out. Don't ask me how I know.

Here are the links to download the files. Right click on the link and save them on your computer.

6.25 voice file #1
6.25 voice file #2
6.25 voice file #3
6.25 voice file #4
6.25 voice file #5
6.25 voice file #6

Here's the translation. Now the readers should know why it took me a week to post this. :)


[File 1]

[Junsu’s father]

Let's start.

This is Junsu’s Dad.

Many of you were probably busy and surprised for getting such a short notice.

Simply said, we think ChunJaeSu (laughter)

Things were suddenly turning serious for the last several days, and ChunJaeSu were asking some things because they’ve been hearing stuff in Japan through texts and other means.

I’ve heard some stuff too, but didn’t think too seriously, but the kids started to worry a lot because some things they’ve been hearing were getting strange.


So finally, the parents were contacted from Japan, and we were asked to at least tell you as much truth as there is, enough to avoid distortion of the truth, and because the administrators of Chunjaesu’s fan sites (café) and home page may be disappointed later (if we didn't).

So we quickly talked to Yuchun’s mother this morning because we figured it would be convenient to meet around Seoul, and she provided this place from 7 to 8. We should have served some food (meet in a restaurant), but we thought there were many people coming and there wouldn’t be any place available. We’re thankful that we met in this big space. Anyways, we are sorry for it.


You liked Chunjaesu and TVXQ, and it must have felt like getting hit by a bolt of lightning.

The children (ChunJaeSu) had a lot of worries as they have been doing activities for 7 years, and considering the contract and stuff, of course I understand it partly. You probably know a lot about it. So the parents could see those (worries) when the kids were talking, and as parents, we felt bad about them so...

There’s probably this rumor. "Junsu’s dad is leading to do such and such", but I have no intention to do so, and I only think of Xiah Junsu within TVXQ, and didn’t think about Xiah Junsu separately. If you’ve heard such stories around, please dispel those misunderstandings.

Other members are probably the same.
The kids lived like real brothers for 8 to 10 years, and they probably had same thoughts whenever they faced problems or went through pain.
But after 7 or 8 years, something's feeling uneasy.

When you say the kids are crazy about money, we don’t have anything to say as parents, but I think the money is secondary. The kids had some disappointments that were building up which lead to (?), so they proposed (change) to SM.

After the proposal, there was nothing, nothing, then (proposals were) ignored and ignored, then the dates passed without any solution and things kept getting buried and so forth, so the complaints from the kids kept coming out. The parents saw these things happen between the kids, so we were trying to make things better... I don't know.

Anyways, maybe it’s a wrong thing to say, but I called the CEO King Young Min because of some issues, and asked him to meet the parents because of the problems kids are having.

I think Kim was the CEO for 3 or 4 years? And that was the first time I called him.

I didn’t have any connection to talk to SM, didn’t know what to say, and whenever some things happened, I always contacted them through the manager. I knew the difficulties the kids were having, so I called president Kim Young Min asking to meet the parents, and the date was set to June 6.

On June 6th, Yuchun's mother, Jaejoong's father, myself, Yunho’s father and Changmin’s father had a meeting together, and I collected the kids’ opinions and conveyed them (to the meeting participants).

They were conveyed, and we also talked about many other issues. I felt that some parents had same thoughts, and others had different thoughts.

Since June 6th until today, the parents kept making suggestions, but whenever those were brought up, (SM) only tried to separate the kids, so the kids were having a hard time, but they still worked hard because of schedules. Yes, members’ and the parents’ thoughts can be different.

But when the kids heard the recent rumors saying, “some things are like this and that, someone’s like this and that”, the kids asked us early this morning to get together like this, and asked us to talk (about the rumors).

Well, we really cannot tell you detailed inside stories in this gathering. Right now, the group happened to split into 3:2, and I’m sure everyone including us and ChunJaeSu agrees that there’s nothing good to be gained if this (3:2 split) gets spread around. Everybody is all concerned about these rumors and gossips spreading around because we’re waiting for SM’s response to the suggestions we raised.

That’s why you are all here, but don’t think about it too seriously.

Here are my thoughts. You’re not being asked to fight and dispel those rumors for ChunJaeSu, absolutely not. Don’t do that. It’s just that there’s just this situation panning out. Anyways, we don’t know what the result is going to be between SM and TVXQ. We don’t know if 5 will be 1, 2 members, 3 members or 4 members, but right now, they just happened to split into 3:2.

So I think, (Yuchun’s) mother and (Jaejoong’s) sister have a lot to talk about, and also, we don’t know how this will pan out, but ChunJaeSu is gaining strength because of you guys, we don’t know what this situation will pan out to, don’t know if it will take 1 month or 2 months. Anyways, TVXQ is working hard for the existing schedules.

They’re practicing for the concert in Thailand, and we are trying to proceed quietly. Some of those rumors may be right, some may be wrong, but we thought there were so many strange rumors floating around, and I am also having a hard time myself.
They say that I instigated the kids to do this and do that, but I absolutely did not do that. It was the members who had discussions after discussions, and they are split as a result of their own discussions.

Frankly, kids also asked us to tell you this.
All 5 had an agreement to leave (SM). It reversed in one hour in Japan. I was concerned about Junsu, but then he called me and said, “Dad, we reached an agreement, if things don’t get resolved, we’ll all leave together.” So I thought the two really helped, but something happened after one hour, and the two decided to stay and the three (?), but (I told Junsu) it was ok, it was their and their parents’ decision.

If anything bad happens in the future, I ask you to understand.
ChunJaeSu, and I’m sure the other side is the same, they’re not thinking about breaking up if they can help it.

Somehow the opinions are divided into 3:2, but we are trying to do something about it if there’s even 1% of hope. It’s not the problem with them (HoMin and their parents). It’s not the problem with the members. TVXQ, specifically ChunJaeSu are clashing with SM because they have made suggestions, and because their suggestions are right.

We got some legal advice and got some result, and we’ll try to get this pointed to right direction. Just believe 10% of the rumors, and consider the 90% to be lies.

Thank you for your support. (Jaejoong’s) sister and Yuchun’s mother have things to say, so I will stop here, and if I remember...
(End of file 1)

[File 2]
(noise and talking)

Well, if you have anything you are curious about, I'll take some questions.

Everyone here knows everything, and we're not going to add anything with lies, and if things get escalated afterwards, we'd just proceed with what we've talked about today, so if you have anything curious...

We want to hear others talk. Yuchun's mother?

[Yuchun's mother]

Hello, this is Yuchun's mon.


It wasn't easy for me to be here.


We prepared this meeting, but I am very cautious because there’s going to be a lot of talking, and maybe it could be thought that we are holding this meeting for some (???) purpose.
What Yuchun said until the end is that he is very upset.

He still cherishes 5 members, wasn’t thinking about ending, and he was just watching the situation without saying anything. He was frustrated because people were talking real nonsense back and forth. I am here because he wanted me to say a word (for him) if I could, for the truth, and because the truth always wins.
To tell you the result, I cannot even dare to imagine. I’m sure our friends here are the same, but it just cannot happen, and we all know how shocking it would be. Really the only thing I can say here is that it’s really cautious. One word, one conduct is cautious, and I hope the friends can have trust until the end just like you value (him).

As said already, ChunJaeSu is trying. A lot.
They are trying while holding back the words they want to say, so please watch them, and whatever happens, the we’ll know the 100% truth sometimes. I ask you to watch them. Thank you.

[Junsu's father]
Oh, also the people here have (??) think the same thing.

[Jaejoong's sister]
Hello, this is Jaejoong's sister.

Basically, we agree to everything Junsu's father and Yuchun's mother just said.

And then, what the kids were really curious about is, as talked about already, Jaejoong, Yuchun, Junsu, Yunho, and Changmin’s sides are all split, and that’s how it is right now. If we were to explain this situation, let’s see, it was SM that first…

You know about the concert in Japan, don’t you? And you also know there’s a lot of profit from that, right? But (profit) that’s for the kids is 9:1, and the small 1 goes to the 5 kids. That’s the first reason. But it wasn’t because of the money. At first, they suggested SM many things, expressed opinions on what they wanted to do, but SM didn’t accept anything from the 5 kids no matter what.

The reason was because the kids signed the 13-year contract, and SM was saying the kids only needed to do what SM told them to do, and SM just needed to tell them what to do during that 13-year contract period. So after 5 years, 4 years, and 6 years have passed, the kids were having a hard time, so 5 of them got together in Japan.

This is what they talked about after getting together. They talked about how they worked 6 years for the company, they’re one like before, TVXQ will serve in the military together, and they will absolutely continue as one even after the breakup. All 5 made an agreement right away (to work together) after everyone expressed their thoughts in that gathering.

So they were all agreeing, and the parents were contacted about that, but after one hour, the two contacted us right away to say that they could not do it. So Jaejong, Yuchun, and Changmin  (laughter) I mean Junsu…

Anyways, so we said we’re all together in this and asked them why they are doing this. (change their mind) Well, I will tell you everything.

(Yuchun's) mother and (Junsu's) father want to talk about it, but they're not (so I’ll tell you). First, we heard that SM is dividing them because of Crebeau. SM was planning it (dividing the group) since April, but honestly, there wasn’t even a word that Jaejoong would do Crebeau in April.
But since April, I’m not going to say whom, they got somebody a commercial deal, got a drama, and did all that while the others had no knowledge of them. It was SM who did that first.

That’s why the kids talked about all 5 staying as one without splitting because they knew about it (SM trying to divide the group).
It was agreed that if they leave, they’d leave together, or if they stay, they’d stay together, but right now the two are split.

But as you all know, Changmin and Yunho are not involved in Crebeau Cosmetics, and to avoid getting criticized (for the breakup), SM is continuously blurting out that the 3 and 2 are separating because of the cosmetics, but it really has nothing to do with it.

The kids even said they’d quit Crebeau in that case. Even after that, the five are saying some are staying, and some won’t do it. It’s like this right now.
So even though Crebeau has nothing to do this, the 3 became the culprit because of SM spreading rumors that way.

Anyways, so since TVXQ is popular, we thought it would be good to do it together, and we didn’t want the news of the breakup to come out. As you all know, they even cried during the concert because it was so hard, and I think they are not even talking to each other. I think that’s how they are the way I see them.

The way I see it, the 5 members are 5 on the outside, but they are split on the inside. Just like Junsu’s father said, the kids suggested many times that it would be better for all 5 to come out together, better to be together, but those kids (HoMin) kept saying they can’t do it and won’t do it, so only the 3 are having a hard time right now.

I don’t know about the other two. I don’t know what SM did to grab the two, but for the 3, I even heard that SM told the 3 to get out because of the cosmetics, don’t care that they (SM) did something, and don’t care about anything but to leave because of the cosmetics.

To us, we’d rather have 5 to be together and all to be good together, but as you know, some rumors are true. It is true.
But, don’t believe everything. Just in case, if 5 become 3 or 4, well, the result will probably come out around next year. That’s what I think. They are working together because they still have some events, but it looks like they’re completely dividing next year, and it looks like SM is preparing to do it that way.

[End of File 2]

[File 3]
Then I'll tell you just in case. If Yunho and Changmin stays with SM and Jaejoong, Junsu and Yuchun come out, I mean leave SM, the 3 cannot work in Korea.

SM already took such measures, so if the 3 get out, they're thinking about only working in Japan, they're even thinking to do it that way.

But (whispering) anyways, in Japan, they have identified the rumors about SM, but we don't know exactly who and where we can join hands in Japan.

What I’d like to tell you is that it’s not us who wanted to have this meeting. Some parents already had a meeting like this and caused the 3 to be criticized. Because of that (meeting) all the blames are pointed towards the 3. The kids are really having a hard time, and it was so hard that they even said they could die.
So I hope you would know the truth. The 3 are really truthful.
That’s what Jaejoong asked me. He doesn’t need anything else said, but just tell the truth. I’m sure Yuchun and Junsu were asking the same, tell the truth. When you hear the rumors after rumors, you may not know what the real truth is, but to the 3, the truth is same as what the fans love, and that is the kids’ wish for the 5 to unite and become one.

For now, I ask you to just watch them.
It’s been said that the administrators of the two member’s fan sites are getting together, and it probably caused many changes to us.

Well, to give an example, because of some people, people say things like, “What’s Jaejoong so special in Japan? Yunho’s the leader in Korea.” or in case of Yuchun, for example… they bash like that. We keep hearing distorted words that are not truth, and even our families are having such a hard time and it makes me wonder how hard the three members are right now when they cannot even say anything.

So our wish is that the fans will support the 3, I mean 2, 5, give them a lot of support, then they’ll be greatly encouraged, for now.
Anyways, do you have any questions?



Q: Is it really 9 to 1?

A: Yes, it’s 9 to 1. We were really surprised when we saw that contract.

[Junsu's father]
I’ll tell you what little we know. This may be misunderstood depending on the person, but we do not know about the Japanese contract. TVXQ boys don’t have contract for Japan, don’t know what the term is or when it ends. Because the kids had some plans, they needed to know when the contract ends so they know when they would renew the contract, so they asked about it because they were curious, but they didn’t see it.
I asked Junsu when it would end. Why? So we don’t affect Avex in bad way.
He told me March or April. Then I asked him if he signed it, and he said no. Did you see it? No, didn’t see it. He said he didn’t see anything.

It’s possible that the kid’s request was looked as out of line. (SM may think that) They should just do what they were told to do, and things like that. There are few more issues like that.

If you hear about it, you may take pity or disappointed, so it’s not comfortable to talk about it here. Anyway, if TVXQ splits to 3 and 2, the 3 carried forward some legal processes against SM. That’s why we are really being careful, careful and careful, and there’s still schedule to…

There’s nothing good to gain from the rumors. The babies (teen fans) don’t know anything right now. When I received some texts, it’s clear they don’t know anything. (example of a text) “I’m taking a test, please say hwaiting.” (laughing). I thought it was really fortunate (that some fans don’t know about the rumors), but at some point, (rumors were) spreading among the fans in twenties and thirties, and when we receive feedback from them, it won’t be easy to tell them if it’s true or not. If we tell them it’s not, then we may end up being in the same situation as Moon Heejoon or Kangta. I can’t even sleep because of this.

This wasn’t our intention, but don’t know why the situation is turning like this. I know you don’t have time but came here, and we are really sorry and regretful that you are hearing these from us.

So I think even if the result turns out that way, please support so both sides to succeed. If it works out, great, but if it doesn't then do that (support both sides), Just like before, don't criticize the people leaving or the people staying, and help them succeed, then I think I'd appreciate that.

Q. Is there any chance for the boys to stay with SM?

A. Uh well, there are many things. It's not easy for me to say… Gosh.

Q. (Some questions about the length of the contract)
A. 13 years?

As you all know it, even the common sense tells that something needs to be changed for fairness of the contracts, but the kids’ (contract) didn't change.

Fan: What if the boys (???) ?
A. What if we didn't receive any up front guaranteed payment? What about it? (fans whispering: didn't get any guaranteed payment? Ridiculous. Crazy..)

If you guys find out, it would be too frustrating (for you). Like (Yuchun’s) mother and (Jaejoong’s) sister talked about just now, we don’t know how this will turn out. We don’t want to get into a situation where the members need to clarify things. Maybe they will answer your questions, or things may not work out depending on the situation. We don’t know how it’s going to pan out. When you hear about it one by one here…

(Fan’s question. asking about 13-year term)
A. Same.

They were a bit different, but we set it the same before debut.
The 13-year term itself is not bad. Let’s consider that it's ok. It’s not bad, but even when we work for a year, we go up to manager level. So the kids too, when they did (???), should’ve been changed from the beginning, but since it kept coming back as an empty echo, kids were talking about how they were hurt and stuff. Of course since they are young, maybe they overreacted, but when the adults heard about it, we didn’t think it was right, so we told them to gather opinions.

The three said they don't like current situation so (???). One of the father has a public occupation (teacher), and a mother does...
It may appear that I took the bullet and stirring the pot (laughter)
It’s for my children, if the kids gather their thoughts there may be a solution or maybe not.

I don't know everything, but I'm telling you as much as I know. I asked (SM) about it, and told the kids afterwards, but that may cause the kids to be at a disadvantage.
There could be many scenarios, but I think there's no need to worry too much.

Q. But all 5 signed the contract under the same conditions when they made the deal in the beginning, the 13 years.

A. Yes.

[File 4]

Q. But was the contract kept exactly the same until now without extending the terms or changing anything and such?

A. Yes.

Q. If that's the case, are Yunho and Changming signing an additional contract while keeping the same contract?

A. Well, now, we don't know if things will change or not, and it depends on the situation, but I guess they are happy with the current condition.
I don't know yet if they are just accepting those problems and staying. We think staying as 5 is the best possible combination as long as there remains 1% of hope.

Q. So they didn’t raise these issues because of renewing the contract, but it was because of individual activities, in other words, you requested SM to change the distribution of the profits but (the requests) weren’t accepted, is that so?

A. Profit and money is not the first problem. That could be one reason, but it's not because the kids got greedy for money. There are a few other things.

Contract terms are too much for the kids, if you consider military service, 13 years adds up to almost 15,16 years. Then they need to work like Janis, maybe like SMAP? Kids could consider that to be a problem, and there are other reasons... Whew, if you find out everything it's really... there are few reasons, few.

SM could change their mind and modify or improve it after we deal with SM, and if SM doesn’t (change), kids have other ideas so..

All the parents and sisters are all thinking the same. Jaejoong's father was hurrying to come here, but he works until 6, and because we use (this place) from 7 till 8.
Even for some ugly words floating around, I hope the administrators won't do the same even if it’s frustrating for you. There's nothing good to gain from acting same way. If the people here can tell the people who are close to them on their own, then that’s ok. If you wait patiently, we intend to try our best to turn this around for the better.

Q. Sir, Avex and SM (???), do they have part of the contract separate? Tohoshinki itself...

A. I would tell you what it’s like if the kids or I saw the contract, but we don't know. If I give a wrong answer, then (people) may say I lied. So it's going to be difficult to answer because I don't know about the contract. As you know that there's SM Japan between SM and Avex. I don't know how they're related and... Kids are curious about it too. They are scheduled to work 12 months a year in Japan or Korea, but because we didn't see...

Q. Then how did you know about 9 to 1 (profit distribution)?

A. Oh, I happened to hear it from the president (of SM).
About the cosmetics, you probably know because I talked about it before. We got the president’s approval on January 7th, a day after we went to the investment presentation on January 6th. We told him, “We’re going to do this.” and he said, “Do it”. After having a party after the Korean concert, he asked if they needed anything, and said he’d fully support them. The kids proceeded (with the business) after hearing that, and then suddenly the two happened to… All 5 had a discussion about the cosmetics and said, “Hey there’s this, should we try this (business)?”
Of course, Junsu will get bashed again for this (laughter). He used (the products) for about a year. He thought it was good, so he got more of them and handed them out to the staffs and to Kodakumi-San (laughing, clapping) as gifts.
After they used it, he asked what the thought about them, and they said they’re pretty good, so he told me “Dad, I’ll do this”, and that was how it was like in the beginning.

So I told him to ask the members who were like his brothers, and I told him if the products are that good, he should do it together after discussing about it instead of earning money just for him.
Then he called me after a few days saying (he) won’t do it (asking members to join the business) any more. So I told him to talk about it again when there’s a chance since 5 is better than 3…
If we knew this was going to happen, we really should’ve gotten everyone involved until the end, or no one should’ve been involved. I asked him several days later after having another discussion, and the two told them to just do it. Simply, They said they’d support (the business), but then not even after 1 year or 2… tsk, I don’t know.
I guess it’s possible for the two to be unhappy from if you look at it in their shoes.
One wrong word could’ve made them feel bad, or maybe they saw the things were going well which made them a bit sad.
So even now, I told the parents to do this together if the kids were unhappy, but they were just using it…

When I thought about it, (Jaejoong’s) sister and everyone must agree, they're subtly using it, and whenever there’s a conversation about cosmetics, they get unhappy. I mean they approved it, but after the business proceeded, they use it to…
I was sad about that. It’s not like we didn’t get an approval. The president allowed it too. If this becomes a problem, the phone record on January 7 will show it.

But absolutely, (Yuchun’s) mother’s here too (who would know about it). When I bring up the problem….
Ah, they always bring it up first. I told them that I didn’t want to hear about it, and I didn’t go there to talk about the business. I said I went to talk about the kid’s problems, but Crebeau is always brought up once we start talking.
Then he (either Yunho or Changmin) said he never said we could do it, he didn’t ok it. He keeps saying that in front of his parents. I was lucky I didn’t faint right there.

(Junsu) called me feeling good in February, and that was when the president said he’d give support. The business didn’t progress much back then.
So do not think that the split is caused by the cosmetics and stuff, and do not misunderstand. It was the members who made choices.. (?)
There are rumors that the kids are getting hungry for money because of the cosmetics, but that’s absolutely not the reason. That’s not the problem and hope you understand.
Even a few days ago, when the kids were going at it hard, it even came down to  “Do it! Do it! Do it!” like that.

That’s not the problem.
I cannot answer about inside stories.
First, we’re sorry to really disappoint you…
Do that and understand if you can, and if there’s a chance, we’ll probably (???) a few things again..
Just need to get together again, and explain in detail. If we talk, again..

(Fans asking questions. not audible)

Besides that, we are also, I mean we are...

This is what I think.
We brought you here because we have the truth. I’m sure there are some of you who would understand. Well, doing the same, putting up (posts) is not what I want.
Even if such rumors go around, people who loved ChunJaeSu are…
Anyways the parents..(???)

It’s possible that there are people who write something at personal level because they really don’t like seeing those (rumors), but on the home pages, (we don’t want it) since we don’t know how this is going to turn out. It’s not like we want to have some sort of a protest. (laugh) This situation is really embarrassing to us. Please do not misunderstand. It’s not about 2:3, 4:1 or 3:2.  We just didn’t want you to be disappointed when something blows up, and the kids called us early morning because they were worried and asked us to talk to you.

[End of file 4]

[File 5]

Q. Are Changmin and Yunho doing this because they don't want to get out of SM?

A. From the rumors I heard, well, I didn't talk to Changmin, but the way things are going, I think that's what happened.

It’s possible they like SM, so it’s just a difference of opinion. One may like SM, and the other may like to get out. It’s like when you try to keep friendship, other side cries, or when you do something else, that’s not good either.
 I’m sure kids are stressed about it. They are uneasy, but we’d like to keep the 5 if possible, but we don’t know what the result is going to be.

(Questions from a fan. Not Audible)
The notice has been sent. We don't have any power, so we consulted the lawyers, and I'm sure they've made a good decision. I mean, there needs to be some improvements, but we kept hearing back hollow echoes for a few months. Notice of content is nothing complicated. It just gives a few demands so they can look at them, and it's asking what they are going to do. It's not going to cause anything big. So we are shutting our mouth as much as possible, and being really careful. You know there are many kids, the teens taking tests (at school).

If the teenage fans find out about this, a crowd of them will go to SM, and we don't know what's going to happen. We were really being careful because of such things, but we heard things like some people meeting at fan sites, some meeting in SM, or coming to someone’s house and such. The 3 kids were extremely nervous too. So you are gathered here today because the 3 asked us to talk to the administrators of Fan sites, and home page.
We feel really sorry, yes.

[Jaejoong's sister]
I think this is probably related to your questions.
The rumors and gossips over the internet are spreading really fast, and it's way faster than what we imagined. But at this point, we cannot wrongly separate (the rumors) and say A is a lie, and B is a truth, but I think at least we need to put up a defense saying some rumors floating around are not true.

Because there are too many people that are (???) and accepting them as truth.

[Junsu's father]
Then, what do you think?
(Talking, mumbling)

Well then that is …

[Jaejoong's sister]
Then, since each of you guys are administrators of fan sites, don't put up on the home pages because if those are put up on the home pages, it may be, you know, for the administrators, so doing it through personal blogs (laugh) or such routes …

(Talking, mumbling)
(Fans) That's ours to deal with... anyways (talking)

[Yuchun's mother]
In this situation, this is what I think we should do. We need to say the 5 needs to get together, need to say things like why we are not taking Yunho and Changmin with us, I think we'll get better response if we say those. If we don't show the truth this way, that will lead to (???) from what you want. Need to worry for Yunho and Changmin so the 5 can continue together, which is true. You know that’s how it is. Yuchun exists because TVXQ is here, so I think that is better.

[Junsu's father]
Do it wisely.

(talking, noise)

That's possible, yes, yes.

(A fan's question - not audible)
No, the parents are not forcing them in any way, really.
It's been already 8, 10 years for the kids. 7, 10years? It's been that long, so they need to solve it themselves, and we don't want to tell them to stay or to go. They’ll be under the same roof even if they continue on for the next 5, 10 years, and I’d like to set such rule for Junsu. They need to decide and do things on their own, and they need to completely act on their own. It’s not like we can tell them to go to this way, or go to that way or anything like that. They’re already 24 years old, so they have their own thoughts.

Q. So SM never showed contracts and stuff from Avex...

A. Not yet.

We requested a few things to that side, but there wasn't any response. We want to see it too and see how it (contract with Avex) is.
It kind of feels strange now, doesn't it?
(A fan's question)
[End of file 5]

[File 6]

[Junsu's father]

The thing that’s really really frustrating is… that’s right, when people say yes, I say no, when people say no, I say yes, so they talk about "Junsu's dad, Junsu's dad, Junsu, Junsu" like that. I am younger than Jaejoon's father, and I didn't want to put (Yuchun's) mother on the spot, and I know and heard about the problems, so I happened to be the one who talked. Junsu is a marked man (by SM) because of that. He's completely marked. The feelings about the condition of the contract are shared among people staying and people who may be leaving. Changmin's dad told me the same thing personally. He said that it's right about those problems. I'm sure there are many things when it the children are involved. When each looked at the situation, there is difference of opinions. The fans just want the 5 to be together for 10 years or 20 years unconditionally. I'm sure we have the same thoughts.
If SM improves the conditions enough for the kids can accept, who would want to leave their home?

Still, it's possible for some to decide to stay with current condition, but there's still 1% of hope even though there is some gap. If the kids hear about the result, they may be together, but don’t jump to the conclusion and think about it yet.

Q. Sir, then there’s a rumor we heard that’s floating around now, that the 3 will sign with another company after getting out (of SM).

A. I mean really.
That's why it's frustrating. Even CJ is brought up. Honestly, it feels good to hear about it. It would be good if the 3 can do something with CJ after getting out, but that's not it.

Me, it says Junsu's dad is doing it, right? (laughter)
It says that I went to CJ, met some people...  Really, it doesn't take much to make someone to fall flat on the face. It even said something about Junsu's mother when I saw a post that came up this morning.
I'm telling you, I absolutely, do not know CJ, and why would I go there on my own and do something with CJ and the kids? There's no way to do that.

So don't think about such rumors. I don't even have rights to do that, and there are Yunho's father and Changmin's father who are smart, and I'm not in the position to make a deal with CJ, and then ask others to follow. When you think about it, it’s just a common sense that I'm not in the position to do that.

May be the other side are? I don't know. That side..TVXQ, maybe when they look at the kids, they may have talked among themselves wondering what the value of their kids may be, but it's not like I went to meet an (another company) official and ask how much are they're willing to pay, and tell them I'll take them (kids) out if they pay us a lot. It's not like that. So you’d know that’s how it is.
(?????) It's greatly exaggerated. So it feels good honestly, thanks to you (fans). But it's absolutely not.

You probably have mixed emotions.

For now, I already sent it to the lawyer's office.
The one that’s posted, I already sent it

[Jaejoong's sister]
And we are gathered today…

If I tell you the conclusion first, nothing has been decided yet, so just wish for the 5 to be well...

Right now, the administrators and we have the same thoughts.
Even with the rumors swirling around, the only thing we can do is to get all 5 and to get out just like (Junsu's) father said before.
If the 5 split even with the administrators putting efforts..
We think that far (???)…
For now, supporting all 5 give the most strength to our kids. I think that's the purpose of this meeting. It's still a rumor, and we don't know it well either, so please leave good posts saying the 5 should go on together. It is hurting us that you heard some bad news here, but hopefully the administrators can steer it to better direction...

To conclude...

We are sorry. We made you come all the way here. Hope there won’t be anything bad, but hope you understand. Wish we could’ve had dinner together. ChunJaeSu said dinner (???)
Anyways thank you for your support, and watch your way back home.
Try to be happy. The kids are still trying to do existing activities scheduled already...


  1. OMG!!!
    this'why took u so longggggggg! Truly Long!
    thanks very big Precious!
    *reading the post*

  2. OMG!!! Thank you precious ^^
    Me gonna read this first then commenting again ^^

  3. i finished reading ,honestly i dont know what
    to say,just only can conclude,homin have totally different opinions from jaechunsu
    they know road will be hard if they leave sm
    and they are in debt to sm ,so they stayed?

    Will wait for your future analysis of this audio

  4. Oh my... This keeps getting better and better. I better start ordering some food..

    Can't wait to read your take on this Precious. I'm glad you went to the effort of translating the whole thing. Thanks.

  5. finished 3 times.
    I can only say *WTH*, how can they do this to Homin that they always say they treat them like their sons. Obviously, they were spreading the rumor/lie to let fans to distrust/blame Homin. I really want to know can they sleep well each night after this meeting? What a shame to this kind of parents/elders!

    Precious, thank you so much. You really let me see the ugly side of human being.

    1. what the hell? they are saying their truth. you can take it or not. you still don't know they real thing so stick to what people who know says.

  6. Wow. I'm gonna re read again so that I can analyze it better but one talk caught my attention;

    Junsu's dad said that they didn't know anything about the Japan contract but then they said that they only get 9:1 from the profit. Then the fans asked how they knew, he said the he heard the president talking about it.

    Huh. Okay for the president who didn't want TVXQ from knowing the contract, he sure is being stupid for saying stuff like profit distribution in public. Unless, Junsu's dad was eavesdropping. LOL.

    and i agree with @Kitty, how can they sleep well each night after this meeting!

  7. Obviously they have different opinions and that's why cjs left and homin stayed with sm. There are many things I don't understand though And I'll have to wait for you to explain Precious. Whenever they say they want to be five, I think what they mean is that they are waiting for yunho and changmin to leave sm and join them. But we all know that is not going to happen. Also Junsu's Father denied that the three were going to sign with another company that would pay them more money, but in their statements yunho and changmin's fathers mention that one of the parents had mentioned this to them. I'm confused Precious. The way Junsu's father talks about the contracts you'd think he wasn't there when they signed them. I'm also confused about the contract with avex, Is it true they'd never seen it? How could they have signed it without seeing it first? Is it me or at one point do they appear to be telling the administrators what they should write on their websites? Is it true that yunho and changmin had agreed to leave with the other three but later changed their minds? So many questions that I have. Thank you for translating this by the way. I can see why it took so long.

  8. @Precious The voices are really muffled so I'm seriously straining to hear some parts, so a big thank you for transcribing & translating! *throws confetti*
    I have heard bits and pieces of the audio long before, but never the full one. And my korean is bleah so... LOL

    First thought is, ugh this probably contributed to the bashing Homin got during the time and even now.
    JJ's sister made some serious claims about SM trying to split the group, about Homin backing out on their decisions, instigated that SM grabbed (bribed?) the 2, that their parents had a meeting prior to this to push the blame.
    I think I get the point that she's asking to them to support only cjs/ bash the other 2. 5? Pft, as if.
    I find it strange yunho's drama activity was being discussed. And I think lasting 20 years like SMAP is not a bad thing, it's something to be proud of.
    Junsu's father can definitely speak, but Idk there's alot of twisting of the facts.
    (Ok, I'm at part 5 and you must be super dedicated cause this thing is loooong LOL)
    One dad says he knows nothing about CJ the other says there was mention of a big signing bonus, hmm.

    More than anything, I'm disappointed in JYJ. Me and my friends were discussing this issue, and as much as we would like to put the blame elsewhere, it's difficult.
    Homin aren't angels either, but I'm just glad they made the smarter choice. Well, all the drama aside, if the music's good the fans will come, doesn't matter which side.

    I'm going to korea soon (excited!), so I shall do some snooping lol :D

  9. i have just finished reading it & boy i think i need to read it once again cuz some how i feel lost ?!! but one thing for sure that i couldnt digest jeajoong sister talk some how it looks that she was implaying that the blame for tvxq got split is cuz of homin changing their minds out of sudden as if she`s saying they the one who stapped jyj in the back !!!
    Precious,thanx alot for ur hard work love how y show the facts without fake in it like some others do best of luck to u 7 keep the good work up we are waiting for ur opinions on this matter :)

  10. i've read the one a JYJ bias translate and now i'm reading Precious's version again, i don't understand how fans can not see what's really happening. Even if you look as this as a JYJ bias or Homin bias, it's clearly "ME gathering MY FANS to talk about YOU" and i believe we call it TALKING BEHIND SOMEONE'S BACK.

    It's funny how they claim they're not spreading rumor but everything they talk about is rumor it self, putting the blame on other side. "You know, we don't think they're this ... that ... but they're that ... this , please don't misunderstanding"

    They even ask the fans to spread it in their personal blog ... My gosh ...

    Ok so let's say Homin did agree on leaving in the 1st place, how on earth this big matter could changed just after one hour. Sir, please ask your son again if he really got their agreement or he just assumed they did. And even if they did, so what? They changed their mind, the final decision is that they'll stay. RESPECT that. Don't whine if other people don't agree with you.

    Oh and "We didn't see the contract" ... wth ... i couldn't find anything more bullshit than this ... it's seriously hilarious,i don't know if i should feel disgusted or LOL

    They have been playing the victims roles for too long and i wonder when will they get bored by it.

  11. Gezzz i aredy finished it two times!
    Junsu's father confuses me, very conflicting!
    I'll share my POV when Precius talks abt it in his future post.

    so Clear....... they keep mentioning to those Admins about "5Together" *sign*

    ok..i'll prepare for the Music this time! KYHD album! LOL
    *opening Rumor track* ^^

  12. this is a lil tooo much to digest for me @ 6am in the morning, but thanks Precious once again for translating this .

    I will give it a good read later when i am more awake.

    just curious why there was no recording of the "so-called" meeting held by HoMin's parents prior to this, since there have been so much talk about it.

    can u play How Can I next, cause i wanna ask them , How Can They do that to HoMin !

  13. @justine

    LOL no prob! so what abt 'Our Game' next?
    "our game toward HoMin" hahahah

  14. when did this voice file spreaded cs i never know about this.
    this seem secret meeting btween JYJ with fansite but someone change mind and spread it?
    They really want to do anything to protect their child.
    They really know that fans are a ultimate weapon.
    still not understand but atleast i know the reason why fans bashing SM and then YunMin.
    i read at Youtube KYHD MV. 1 comment told that YunMin Manipulated by SM.
    and the rumor about actually YunMin agree to leave but SM threaten them so they cannot leave.
    i dont understand about "Just believe 10% of the rumors, and consider the 90% to be lies".

  15. @cinderellaboy10
    I agreed with you regarding the 9:1 and that they HEARD the president talk about it - did they do the Mission Impossible by miraculous get themselves hiding inside the president office and "accidentally/coincidentally at the time and" heard the president mention about it?

    I doubt that Avex would work with SM/TVXQ if there is no contract or without 5 member signatures. They live in business world, where contract is EVERYTHING/THE LEGAL (proof) DOCUMENT (especially when dealing with BIG money involvement), and said there they never saw the contract is a little unbelievable. Further more, didn't they said [in FIle 3 @ 3:00] "We were really surprised when we saw that contract" regarding 9:1 (their profit from Japan concert?)? and now right away they said CJS DIDN'T or NEVER sign the contract?

    While they kept mentioning "stay together as 5" pretty often, they seem to point out Yunho a lots as they mention Yunho's solo activities or HoMin changing the last hour (as in bribing them to stay).

    Furthermore, they said they heard a lot of rumors, and only said about 10% is true and the rest 90% is false, but they NEVER clarify (or give example) which kind of rumors is true/false... well, beside the parents involvement in their decision (especially Junsu's father - he strongly and quite often mention that it false). And for some reason, Junsu's father kept mention HoMins' father and their occupation when he explain his not involvement in CJeS company. And it seem like CJSs' family trying to tell the admins what to said or do in regard posting "things"... hmmm, seem skeptical...

    And they claim 13 years exist at the beginning without extending the terms or changing anything ~LOLS

    "What I’d like to tell you is that it’s not us who wanted to have this meeting. Some parents already had a meeting like this and caused the 3 to be criticized. Because of that (meeting) all the blames are pointed towards the 3." and "We were really being careful because of such things, but we heard things like some people meeting at fan sites, some meeting in SM, or coming to someone’s house and such. The 3 kids were extremely nervous too. So you are gathered here today because the 3 asked us to talk to the administrators of Fan sites, and home page." So they saying the reason they have this meeting because "SOME PARENTS" already did have a meeting? They already blaming/accusing HoMins' parents when they not positive that THAT meeting exist...

    Last but not least, Junsu's father or CJSs' family more often then not, they didn't seem to complete their sentences when give explanation as to "WHY" this happens or on what they trying to explain...

    @.@ will need to re-read it later after a short nap to clear my mind... this whole thing need major thinking and analysis ... and will wait for Precious's analysis ^___^v

  16. @adrenalinss
    ok. lets just blast their entire album . =)

    the file was shared a long time ago, when all this just started. There were claims that this was shared by a JYJ fan who realised the seriousness of the matter and decided to share it with the rest of the fans.
    i never did get to read a complete trans , cause each time only the parts that were "important", whether deemed by JYJ fans as a reason to bash HoMin or by HoMin fans as a reason to bash JYJ.
    So i guess this is the first time i am reading some of things that were being said at the meeting.

  17. Thanks precious for the hard work and dedication.
    I've waited for your post about 6.25.
    I've read somewhere that the 6.25 that was leak in the net last year was the edited version and some claim that the original was about 2 hours not 55 mins. and i'm doing some search about the less known 6.21 which the CJS parent's claim that the 2 parents made an early meeting but i kinda having a hard time since there's only few information and I'm doing the research also for the purpose of verifying if this 6.21 did exist or just another rumor. I wish you can help me. Thanks for transcribing the audio file.

  18. @ all
    Most of your questions will be clarified in my future posts. Maybe in a day or two. Until then, just trust 10% of the rumors. LOL

    @ Hotaru
    Junsu's father was talking about CJ entertainment, not C-Jes. CJ is a huge entertainment company in Korea, much bigger than SM. They are distributors of movies, and MNet is their affiliated company. Their parent company CJ group is a big company involved in Food business, biotechnology, entertainment, media etc.

  19. @ all
    BTW, Junsu's dad's claim about not seeing the Japanese contract is probably true. The contract was between Avex and SM, not TVXQ and Avex. So basically, SM and Avex will split the share of the profits, and from SM's share, TVXQ and SM divides the profit according to the TVXQ's contract with SM.

  20. @ Sunshine Dreamer
    LOL, now it's 6.21? It was 6.23, then 6.24, and I guess it's now 6.21. They should hold a meeting and make up their mind on the date. I'll go over it too.

  21. @Precious

    thank you for clarifying the CJ entertainment and Avex contract.

  22. this is what i understood from the their conversation
    1. TVXQ is split 3;2
    2. their profit from japan is split 9:1
    3. the parents didn't see the contract in japan or that they don't have any contract at all
    4. homin father's have held a meeting like this and thats where the rumors took place
    5. the cosmetics business is NOT the reason for the split. junsu got permission from the president of SM
    6.pre teen fans don't know about this
    7. the 3 said they will quit crebeau or what ever the spelling is to prove that the business got nothing to do with this
    8.junsu uses the placenta something and keeps recommending it to people

    Here are my opinions
    1. TVXQ is split 3;2---> nothing new here

    2. their profit from japan is split 9:1--->already explain by precious

    3. the parents didn't see the contract in japan or that they don't have any contract at all---->no contract oh really? where on earth can we find someone willing to invest lots and lots of many without a contract?

    4. homin father's have held a meeting like this and thats where the rumors took place---->give me some proof then lets talk

    5. the cosmetics business is NOT the reason for the split. junsu got permission from the president of SM------> already establish that the business got something to with this!!!!

    6.pre teen fans don't know about this---now because of your talk they know about it and for the pre teens they are believed whatever you say.

    7. the 3 said they will quit crebeau or what ever the spelling is to prove that the business got nothing to do with this--->did they already quit the business?

    8. junsu uses the placenta something and keeps recommending it to people---i mean really? put it in your face?O_O

    ---if they want to tell the truth behind the rumors why can't they just held a press conference not a freaking secret meeting with the heads of the fan cafe that will form their opinion before writing or posting it for all the other fans to see..

    and the sound of secret meeting, really is so shady.

    they said they wan to clear the rumors but all they did was to give reasons for people to bash Homin and SM

  23. ^commenting again without making sense. haiz

  24. got different impression by only reading this translation with reading and hearing their voice.

    so CJ is not CJeS ?

    so far what i got is this meeting like clarifiying meeting. overload defenses.

  25. I think that everyone who read this for the first time will be lost long before the end of the talk. Unlike Changmin and Yunho's fathers' statements with clarity and straightforward, first-hand information, the 'evidence' mentioned by these parents are almost all hearsay, I heard this, I heard that, Junsu told me this, Junsu told me that, kids told me this, kids told me that. For god's sake, shouldn't they convey their first-hand information to fans? Otherwise, what's the point to involve themselves in their kids' business?

    It's hard to grasp the point from the parent's words. They are implying but not stating. They are stirring the emotions for JYJ and against HM. At one point, I thought that he was saying HoMin was happy with current condition under SM. Then at another point he talked about HoMin's decision like it's at swing. Even for the reason why they convened the fans, they mentioned to clear 90% of rumors but not mentioning which 10% is true...... So if I have to vouch for a guess, they really want the fans to speculate which one is true because they couldn't say it clear and loud (then if the fans selected the wrong one to believe, wouldn't it beat the whole purpose of having the meeting? Hmmm...... unless they make sure that the fans won't select the wrong one to believe after the meeting.)

    In the end, the only thing that they were willing to go to detail is how HoMin changed their mind about the cosmetic business and about leaving together. Anything else, they either dodged the question or provided vague answers.

    If they were sure about other parents holding fans' meetings, how come they couldn't provide any solid evidence except hearsay? If there is none such evidence, then how can he be so sure and use it to justify this meeting? If he really love 5 of them so much, why didn't he give this piece of information benefits of doubt?

    From 6/26/2009 to 2/8/2011, I didn't see any evidence emerged to support their claims about HoMin. But I surely see some 'rumors' turned out to be true, such as 3 had contacts with CJes, or something 'true' turned out to be totally a lie, such as implying HoMin being sad about the cosmetic business going well (this vicious speculation/sarcastic tone is completely contradictory to the friendly image they want to play towards TVXQ 5 and it turned my stomach), or 3 members willing to withdraw from the cosmetic business to keep 5 together.

    I agree that I need read it again in order to digest all of them.

  26. @ dhanirahman52
    CJ is not CJes. There were rumors that CJes is related to CJ, but it's not confirmed. There are only circumstantial evidences. I may write about it, but probably not for a while.

  27. I believe that Junsu's father is the main reason for this whole saga lol
    Look he gave his son samples of the cosmetic company products and told him to test it on his staff D:
    Then after a month or so, he told his son to grab the five members to join him xD
    What is surprising is that he received all their approval and told his daddy about that but then after ONE HOUR junsu told his daddy that HoMin changed their minds... that's too bad because Junsus' daddy in one hour told the company that the five will join them LOL

    and OMG JJ's sister is implying that HoMin are the ones who betrayed TVXQ D:

    and they are always saying we want them to be 5 but according to the way they say it, it is not as 5=TVXQ but more like 5 vs SM.

    and what's funny is when JJ's sister started with stating that the problem was abut money distribution but them after being asked she said the typical thing '' they were suffering blah blah blah''

    and why would they do it in secret while the ones who are involved are away preparing for a concert D:

    I believe HoMin's parents more because they are clear and their statements are signed and used in the court as evidence LOL and they make sense.

    Thanks Precious for your hard work :D we really appreciate it :D

  28. oh, i forgot to add.... all their clams here have been demolished when the Korean DA discovered the 62.5% thingy.

    I am sure that they are trying their best to win the International Cassies over because the Bigeast knew about the truth behind this whole saga lol

  29. This is a lot to take in and i'm still trying to wrap my head around it all but I have quite a bit to say.

    1) This whole meeting is unfair to HoMin in the first place since they don’t have a voice in the meeting yet the 3 parents are saying stuff about them to big fansites. The fansites mostt likely take the parents’ word without questions because they are JYJ fans, but above anything else, these are JaeChunsu’s parents, and parents will always try to protect their child and make them look good. It might not be a malicious thing, but it’s a human thing.

    2) They said they never saw the Avex contracts……so why would they sign it?

    3) They told the administrators of the fansites to not put up some of the stuff they were saying on the sites. Seems a little shady don’t you think?

    4) Jaejoong’s sister said SM were trying to split them up by giving them individual activities such as commercials and dramas. But this is common for all idol groups, especially with SM. Look at SNSD. Mostly all of their members always have individual activities. Yoona has her dramas and modeling; Taeyeon had her radio show, musical, and Win Win show; Yuri and Sunny had Invincible Youth; Yuri and Tiffany had Music Core MC-ing, Seohyun has WGM, etc…So are SM trying to split up SNSD too?

  30. 5) About the whole HoMin agreed to leave but then changed their minds an hour later, Junsu was really unclear about what HoMin agreed to. It could have been a misunderstanding between either HoMin and JaeChunSu or between Junsu and his dad. And also, I just don’t think HoMin are the type to do something like back out at the last minute. It’s not like Junsu was sure HoMin agreed 100% with their plans and thoughts on SM and then decided to back out. Junsu just said they agreed they should do things together as 5. And I know this seems biased, but I honestly honestly think that HoMin have always seemed the most mature, reasonable, and trustworthy/honest out of the group.

    6) “It’s possible they like SM, so it’s just a difference of opinion.” <------------- This is what I’ve been saying all along!! It’s a difference of opinions! But if that’s the case and the parents think this themselves, WHY can they not respect and accept HoMin’s decision to stay or to not want to go along with the cosmetics business??! This is so hypocritical. Does everyone have to have the same opinion as them? No, and they even admitted that. So why do they expect HoMin to leave SM?? Why???

    7) The parents keep stressing that they want to be 5, but one of the parents said “SM already took such measures, so if the 3 get out, they're thinking about only working in Japan…” Ok…what? They kept saying how they really only wanted to work as 5, but then why are they so ready to promote in Japan right after if they “got out”? If the thing they wanted most was to work as 5, why would they even consider that? And so readily and easily too?

  31. @ Precious
    I see.

    I read fansite at japan who really serious to open this case. like you did. but end with headache google translator not work so good for me.
    thanks for translating this voice files

    @justine. Oh i see. the situation that time turn just like 3 parent/sister told to the fans at fans meeting. I really feel bad for JYJ. this fans meeting will haunt them

  32. Junsu's father mean to say that Homin's fathers had a meeting to make CJS look bad?...is there any proof that they make a meeting like that? i think there isn't any..how can he say such thing

    For some reason i really don't trust these people, what they are doing is talking behind backs... they even sayed not to believe in rumors but they ask admins to spread rumors on personal blogs?? WHAT?! ㄱㄱ...

  33. Seriously..these parents~ do they REALLY care about their kids like they say? It almost seems like they're stirring up emotional pain~ They say they want to reveal the truth since all these negative rumours are spreading~ but this is all happening during TVXQ's concert - when the 5 will be spending most of their time together; did these "caring" parents not think about how there would be even more rumours spreading as a result of their meeting to CLARIFY rumours? We start out with one rumour that TVXQ is going to split; then we end up with all these CJS-biased rumours against HoMin~ Did these "caring" parents not consider their children's additional emotional stress having to still perform as 5?

    These parents are ridiculous! I mean~ how can they say all these negative things about HoMin that aren't even backed up by evidence~ no - their words are NOT evidence~ claims without evidence are RUMOURS; I agree with most of the posts here~ it's basically a gathering to badmouth the other party~~ I feel really bad for HoMin having to suffer through all this and I also understand why they chose to be silent - because there is no way they can voice themselves without getting bashed after this meeting is released. And how would HoMin ever clarify these distorted facts released by CJS parents? Only the law can do so~ and based on the true evidence that has been presented, it is no doubt that Crebeau played a key role in splitting TVXQ.

    And lastly, I love TVXQ as 5; I really hate to see them split and I was never biased towards any of them. I read all the articles regarding them after the lawsuit~ and I am just really disappointed at CJS~ especially how they treated HoMin. I understand that CJS wanted to leave SM (for whatever reason - it doesn't matter; they can invest in Crebeau or sign another company for a better contract). Like I don't blame them for wanting to earn more money, to be able to manage their own investments, to just get out of SM - it's FINE and I SUPPORT them. But, why can't they leave HoMin alone? Why must they drag HoMin into this? CJS should respect HoMin's decisions to stay in SM and actually stand up for them by NOT allowing their parents to say all this BS about HoMin. What disappoints me even more is CJS's attitudes towards the whole situation - they keep bringing it up~ Micky's lyrics, Jaejoong/Junsu's tweets - yes, they are free to express their feelings - but must this be done during HoMin's comeback? ANY other time is fine~ it almost seems like they don't want HoMin to be able to work anymore EVEN after they waited for CJS for TWO years? Is it fair that CJS can release albums during this time but HoMin must wait? Yes, CJS is banned in Korean music programs; they can't promote as they want; but shouldn't they know better? It was bound to be like this after they decided to sue SM. CJS knew they would suffer in order to leave SM~ yet they still BRING UP their PAIN in LYRICS, TWEETS AND INTERVIEWS? I don't see HoMin bringing things up~ all they want to do is show their best performances; the best of them. It's like CJS is trying to gain the pity and sympathy from everyone. Really, this attitude just disappoints me so much.

  34. @Jessica
    "how can they say all these negative things about HoMin that aren't even backed up by evidence~ no - their words are NOT evidence~ claims without evidence are RUMOURS"

    exactly my point. When the parents emphasized again and again that they are very CAREFUL about the situation and their statements, yet "inadvertently" they let out 'rumors' about HoMin not even bothering to weigh the risk against benefits by bringing it up to the fans. Such drama as HoMin keeping changing their minds won't do any good to the TVXQ 5's reputation or image but only serve the purpose to make HM look untrustworthy.

    The story that HM truly changed their mind about investment and departure from SM is so contradictory to what HM's fathers' statements (they are on firm ground against the investment and leaving SM without major breach of contract from the very beginning.) and to what HM had been saying and doing.

    if the cosmetic business had nothing to do with the split, then splitting into 3:2 and the 3 happened to be the ones investing in cosmetic business is just a coincidence? But if it's because of cosmetic business, then their good cause for leaving SM will be a lot weaker, their motive more questionable and they won't have any standing to blam HM not to leave SM, won't they?

    They should feel lucky that HM didn't sue these parents for spreading rumors and tarnishing their reputations with these audio evidence.

  35. oh.. by making this transcription, I hope Precious won't be turned to be SOMEONE WHO'S NOT JUST A FAN BUT VERY CLOSE TO THE MEMBERS, SM AND ESP.maybe ...CHANGMIN this time! ^^//

  36. @Precious
    Thanks for making all the efforts to transcribe and translate the audio files and those documents in Korean. I have been silent in the past and have been contained myself from getting upset against JYJ members. But this meeting really disgust me. I can't believe my eyes. How low are the parents willing to go just to make leaving SM look like a noble thing to do, make their kids look like real heroes? I am sorry if I rant. Hats off for your great work!

  37. @precious

    this just occurred to me. what if anti homin find out who you are? i mean korean netizens are sometimes like the fbi Lol.they'll tear you to pieces. jeepers creepers. you better take care.^_^

  38. @ adrenalinss
    Nah, they'll think I'm Lee Sooman himself. LOL

    @ wakeupgogo
    Thanks. Every reasonable person would get upset after reading this.

    @ katherinerosellemanaois
    Then I'll probably have to get into witness protection. LOL

    Going to sleep now. Will make another post pretty soon. Kinda tired from translating all this. :)

  39. Precious, first off thank you so much for translating this. I can't even imagine how difficult this must have been. Please forgive my long post but this has been on my mind for months with no outlet – so here it goes! I visit your site (read: checking DAILY for any updates!) for a few weeks now, and seriously wish I'd come across your blog sooner. The mental wranglings I've been through -- for a musical group halfway around the world -- had me stymied. Wae? How? Somebody's lying -- but who among these beautiful boys I've been so fond of could it be?
    I'm not a young fan. I'm an American ahjumma who innocently fell in love with Korean music & dramas about 6 months ago during a long bout of insomnia -- unaware of the drama already unfolding. If I'd only paid attention to the Youtube rumblings months back I wouldn't be in this mess. But there I was, discovering hours and hours of songs, videos and reality shows galore – mainly DBSK. Youtube is wonderful, it can also be terrible – a memory that’s years old can live forever, and those boys that seemed to grow up before our eyes are now men, making decisions for themselves. After much inner struggle – for crying out loud – I decided to go with my default position: Never trust the pretty. Those beautiful songs hoping and praying and always keeping the faith, while they made me cry at first, started to make me feel uneasy. After the shine wears off what’s left is real, and eventually all I saw was what sounded like a PR plan – basically, if you say a thing often enough eventually people will believe you. Oh those poor schlubs who couldn’t find the nerve to leave Big Brother. We’ll be your shining light! Always keep the faith! Yunho and Changmin – fighting!! My foot.
    I came to my own conclusion with much difficulty. If I had this much trouble what must their fans have gone through after following and growing up alongside them, for so many years? I came to believe the 3 wanted to leave the company, for whatever reason(s), and to do that they have to win the case –which of course has to be their priority, otherwise why sue in the first place? Understandable, I guess.
    But. If you have to leave, please go – how you leave tells me the kind of person you are at your core. Wish me the best, tell me to go to hell, or take care of my health or whatever you want to tell me – there’s no need to break my windows, or assassinate my character on the way out. Really – do you have to make such a mess? With your parents, too? Do you have to tie the fans up in knots on the way out? “Don’t put it on your homepage, just tell a few friends on the side.” What the hell is that?! Even now there’s a piece of me that hopes I’m wrong somehow. But I don’t think so – looks like they planned to protect themselves at any cost, even at their fans’ and friends’ expense. How awful.
    Rant over. I can’t begin to thank you enough, Precious. Your site was the first ‘friendly’ place I found in my non-Korean-speaking search for a fact, any fact, anywhere. You, Google and Google translator are my constant companions. Please feel free to believe 100% of what I’ve written. Take care!! Sharwee

  40. are you sure this is the complete version of the recordings which were edited & spliced so perfectly by Hotel girls to defame JYJ?

    and to you the blogger who has once more added to the damage to lives and future of the people behind Crebeau, are you even aware of the immense effect you have done to the people who are working for that company because of wrong and twisted information?

    If you are so sure and confident of what you claim, I dare you to have your readers and you yourself read this:

  41. @ all
    I agreed with a lot of things being said here, and after reading twice, I still find the things they said wasn't right... I found they repeating a lot of stuffs and go around and around with same information and hinting negative things here and there...

    1. Money is not the main problem, it only secondary. It's not because the kids got greedy for money. There are a few other things.

    NOTE: whenever profit or 13 year period contract is mention, they always said this and there are few other things or reasons (whatever those things are),

    2. Proposed/suggested/demand change, expressed opinions but was ignored by SM and the company trying to separate the members

    NOTE: they never mention what kind of propose/suggest change, but they said the propose/demand are RIGHT? Wonder what they suggested/demand...

    3. "We really cannot tell you detailed inside stories in this gathering" and "If you hear about it, you may take pity or disappointed, so it’s not comfortable to talk about it here"

    NOTE: so in the end, we don't know what these details are or the whole story, we still don't know anything

    4. "Just believe 10% of the rumors, and consider the 90% to be lies." and "but as you know, some rumors are true. It is true. But, don’t believe everything" and "We keep hearing distorted words that are not truth" and "But at this point, we cannot wrongly separate (the rumors) and say A is a lie, and B is a truth, but I think at least we need to put up a defense saying some rumors floating around are not true."

    NOTE: WTH they talking about? Which one can we believe it true/false? They never clarify these rumor (only the one that Junsu's father is the "ring-leader" of this fiasco). Maybe the meeting that HoMin parents setting up before 6.25 meeting is false while CJS and their family trying to use unfair contract as an excuse to cover up their involvement in cosmetic is true? My oh my o.O (cont.)

  42. 5. For the truth, the kids really truthful, just tell the truth, we have the truth, and so on

    NOTE: how can we know it truth when they did not give any evident to back it up beside word from their mouth?

    6. Support ALL 5 and don't criticize people who stay or leaving, even if it doesn't work out

    NOTE: but a long the way, they kept mentioning HoMin being treat different/better and being bribe by SM and hinting HoMin backstabbing CJS by back out last minutes/hour

    7. "they (the group) just happened to split into 3:2." and " All 5 had an agreement to leave (SM) but HoMin decided to back out at last minutes/hour."

    NOTE: yes, blame it all on HoMin and their family

    They claimed the meeting is to clarify the rumor and continue support the 5 together. But in reality none of these rumors got clarify which is true and which is false (again, beside Junsu's father being "ring-leader"... and CJ story - still debate about these claimed), not only that, they spreading rumor or pointing out the reason thing turned this way because HoMin traitorous act by turning their back/word on the CJS, and even so, they didn't provide any evident beside "believe my word because we only speak of the truth and the 3 are very truthful and now they suffering enough that "they could die"

  43. @Sammie
    I'm sure many of us have read both sides of the "story" before deciding which side to stand on. I do not deny that many of us could have been HoMin biased from the start and it's obvious whose side you are on. Pls dun think that we are brainless bimbos who doesn't have a mind of our own.

    I, for 1, have tried reading what was written in the link that u have provided, but I could not bear to continue reading, as all I saw was bashings and pushing the blame to HoMin fans. We do not share the same point of view, that's for sure. I just hope that you'll respect us for our thinking, just as we respect you for yours. At this rate the bashings are never going to end.

  44. @ sammie
    actually i read it

    A) Homins' statments and their parents' statements demolish all what have been mentioned there.

    B) the Korean DA investigation is not '' SM's lawyer'' LOL

    C) that translated article was written before the Korean DA investigation.

    D) truetvxq posts + comments proves that this company is suspicious and that's what made Avex's CEO starts an OFFICIAL INQUIRY about the company and concluded that the company will harm TVXQ's name.

    and actually what you are doing is harming all SM's employees and trainers INCLUDING HOMIN reputation by doing what you are doing.

  45. @ sammie
    I just posted an article just for you. You should read it.

    Also, you should come back and read my analysis of 6.25 file. I'll explain why the one I have is a "full" version. BTW, the edited version is about 16 minutes.

  46. @ sammie
    Oh BTW, I deleted some of your spams. I left a couple of your comments with the links to the jyjfiles site.

    I bet everyone here knows about that other site you were spamming here. Please get a clue.

  47. wow wat a long post..and make it look longer when i try to read each comment LOL make me dizzy.
    well,thx for ur effort precious. looking forward to read your analyze about this meeting =)

  48. I wont change my mind. I agree with SM "DONT USE YOUR FANS TO SELL YOUR COSMETIC PRODUCT".
    I dont know what will happen if Yunho and Changmin out from SM?
    TVXQ will suck fans money to buy cosmetic product.
    is TVXQ .. Best Asian Idol. fansite spread around the world. Gaahhh

  49. Hey precious. I've been a silent reader. Thanks for all your work. You might want to read this.
    I was making a general search for truetvxq on twitter and I saw a lot of korean and japanese twit about this. Can you go over this? thank you

  50. u can clearly see their parents told fans to support all 5.so what is the big deal? yes,they have different opinions,and CJS did not say anything bad about HM.they just point out SM trying to tear 5 apart. how come this famous 625 come down to nothing??

  51. @ susan
    How come their action is any difference from SM if you imply that SM trying to tear 5 apart??? The were doing the same thing, putting the blame on Homin. If they really respect Homin's decision to not involve in the lawsuit or cosmetic business, they shouldn't talk about it at all.

    Oh and like i said before, gathering my fans to talk about you, it's called talking behind someone's back. And why do they need to talk behind Homin's back??? because it's not something pleasant for Homin side (aka badmouth). If they want to make it objectively, at least gathering TVXQ5 fans and not just JYJ fans.

  52. @kenda,

    they are JCS parents,ofcourse they have rights to call only JCS fans.u can take it as talk behind back.but they made it very clear that they have to do this meeting because of false rumors spreading on the net.

    who spread those rumors in the first place?

    such meetings are routinely done in Kr.no one ever record such meeting before(that is reason why no record for 623.but Kfans are collecting screencaps of that 623)
    but surprisingly,there is record of 625.it makes it clear that someone has motive to make use of the meeting

  53. @ susan

    let's look back as the rumor floating around that time.

    - Rumor about Crebeau : it's not a rumor at all, such thing have been proved

    - Conflict between the member: SM never imply any conflict between the member. JYJ and their parents are the first one calling out Homin in public (JYJ lawyer state they ask/want Homin to joint them, this fan meeting ...)

    - Is there really a 623 fan meeting? It's never been proved, no evidence, no one talk about it until this famous 625 floating around?
    About someone make use of 625 meeting. Let's say there are such thing, a Homin fans recorded it. But can he/she make JYJ parents said such a thing? Word come out from JYJ parents mouth. (Ex: someone troll me to say the F word so it's his/her fault? No it's mine cause work come out of my mouth and i take responsible for my action/my behavior.)

    So JYJ parents gather fans to clear their son's rumor? It is cleaver that they also make some rumor for Homin (Homin being jealous cause the business were doing well, Homin back out in the last minutes, Homin this Homin that????)

    I don't want to quote everything JYJ parents said and make an argument about it cause it's gonna take forever.

  54. @sammie

    thank you for the link but i think many of us here ALREADY read ALL THE ARTICLE in that blog ^^

    Oh....BTW,if u were the same person with 'Sammie' who mentioned abt Precious'blog in ur source link, "Precious is MALE", so you must be the one who STOP SPREADING LIES ^^
    and if you want to "work hard to straighten out the distorted info",pls provide valid source instead of bringing the article from that blog.

  55. Those people are disgusting!!!! Seriously! And what? Their words are as conflicting as their sons' words. It reminds me of the interview when Homin made their comeback.

    "Please buy their album, we wish they will succeed BUT we're disappointed, TVXQ only is TVXQ with 5 people, blah blah blah..." so... this is called support????

    Come back to these parents, what with the dirty lie about other families held the same meeting to critizied JSC? When? Where? And they said support 2 sides but continously implied Homin were traitors. Or else, why saying as if only JSC want to keep 5 members, and not forget adding how Homin kept saying theying counldn't do this couldn't do that (isn't that implying Homin were the ones don't want TVXQ together). Moreover, who are they to talk like that about Homin? They are not human? They don't have the right to decide? Since they didn't take part in the business, now JSC were all stressed?

    And just exactly when did Homin say they agree? It always I heard from, he said that, etc... They wanted Homin to join but not for once directly heard their answer and when Homin said no, they talked like they;re being betrayed (even add the "luckyly not faint", sick, so sick). The suggestion the fans shouldn't write on the homepage talked enough the creepy, if this is to clear the wrong information as known as "the truth that we know" like they claimed, why told them that? Conflicting, too conflicting!!! To say the money is not the main reason, why kept bring the business and the 9:1 factors?

    Talking behind people's back and then said it's to clear the rumor. The whole meeting just to imply how stressed their sons were and how they tried to keep the number 5 even if it's just 1% (really?), how the things came to that state (because Homin disagreed, this part was mention in many ways, many times as much as possible) and conclusion please just support both sides (after all the blame?). Seriously, it is like "He is the murderer" and then "Please don't arrest him"

  56. Junsu's father...
    you should fire the lawyer who gave you advice for this meeting
    file 2 min 9..
    "I don’t know about the other two. I don’t know what SM did to grab the two, but for the 3, I even heard that SM told the 3 to get out because of the cosmetics, don’t care that they (SM) did something, and don’t care about anything but to leave because of the cosmetics."

    is that mean SM ent so stupid kick 3 only because they running bussines? I more curious about CreBeau. Why? If there is nothing wrong with that cosmatic company why SM want to lose TVXQ 5 member. TVXQ asian idol... SM must found something but not open to public.
    impossible SM want to split them 3:2. or SM is brainless Company ??.
    Junsu father.. who ask you to talk like that. JYJ or the lawyer? you statement here completely bashing SM.
    even that time all 5 member agree to leave together. im really glad Yunho and Changmin back to SM.

  57. wow... i just read the link that was shared by heims... the extent they go to create haters for Precious sure is scary .... =X

    i give them credit for crediting the translator aka precious though.

  58. @ heims
    Well, I can't help what other sides are doing. I just need to do what I need to do. I don't really mind the translations getting spread one way or another. Anyone who can read should be able to tell what's the truth, and people who cannot see it weren't going to accept the truth anyways. All I'm trying to reach out are the people who would know the truth when the see facts.

    @ susan
    I'll go over 6.23 too.

    @ justine
    I guess that proves my translations are accurate. :)

  59. @Precious
    Thank you for your reply. In that case, keep on doing your excellent job and all the best with your future posts.

  60. JYJ files on Precious:
    "Most of his rumors are based on inside information difficult for the average fan to access; this too was a defining characteristic of Forever in Korea. And it is also no surprise that that he is gathering or “hording” as you say a group of loyal fangirls. Aside from the fact that this was also the precedent in Korea–an elusive male claiming to be a disinterested third party crowned ringleader of a destructive horde (it’s a Freudian commentary waiting to happen)–we advise our readers and the larger JYJ/DBSK5 fandom to exercise utmost caution and perception."

    LOL they're implying that you're Forever. /facepalm

    And wow "hording" fangirls? Readers on here read the information you post and make up our own minds on how to take it. If you're hording fangirls then the JYJ files are too. Oh wait or maybe your words have some brainwashing powers to make us loyal to you.

    and lol wow @ the "an elusive male claiming to be a disinterested third party crowned ringleader of a destructive horde (it’s a Freudian commentary waiting to happen). People come up with the strangest excuses to explain things wen they can provide no other explanation. still lol'ing at "ringleader of a destructive horde".

  61. @uknowgirl86

    LOLOLOLOL. Strangest excuses, indeed! And really, why talk about Precious like that? Why talk about Precious at ALL? LOL. If she really believes her posts about the truth, then shouldn't she talk more about the lawsuit and not about Precious being a "ringleader of a destructive horde." LOL. Precious doesn't even talk about her in here unless someone asks about her blog. LOL. People are really desperate to demerit Precious' posts.

  62. @ uknowgirl86
    I sense desperation from them. I kind of understand why, but whatever.

    I want to know what that "inside information" is. LOL

  63. @ cantsayit

    Wow you just said everything that's been on my mind. I completely agree with your "Never trust the pretty." I was just like you at first, listening to songs like "W", watching them cry at performances, reading their emotional tweets. But now all the fluff of their words have worn off and i'm done with it all. A lot of fans see HoMin as cold because they don't use all these idealistic fluffy words, but i'm so glad they just tell it like it is without any flowery words and are just straight to the point.
    Going a little off-topic, but i've noticed that a lot of JYJ's fans seem to be younger, or at least it seems so judging from comments such as "SM is evil!!!! I hate them so much! JYJ fighting!!!!!" And so it's easy for a lot of them to just accept all of the SM is evil/HoMin are slaves/JYJ are angels talk. While the majority of HoMin fans i've met seem more mature and they know what they're talking about. They're informed about the facts and can make logical arguments. If you just contrast the comments on here and on JYJ fansites, I think people will see what i'm talking about.

    And I agree wholeheartedly with what you said here:
    "If you have to leave, please go – how you leave tells me the kind of person you are at your core. Wish me the best, tell me to go to hell, or take care of my health or whatever you want to tell me – there’s no need to break my windows, or assassinate my character on the way out. Really – do you have to make such a mess? With your parents, too? Do you have to tie the fans up in knots on the way out? “Don’t put it on your homepage, just tell a few friends on the side.” What the hell is that?! Even now there’s a piece of me that hopes I’m wrong somehow. But I don’t think so – looks like they planned to protect themselves at any cost, even at their fans’ and friends’ expense. How awful."

    I couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you for saying that.

  64. I know about 6.25 meeting since April last year, I have read the translation in both Chinese n English but i kept myself mum for very long time. Deep inside me I want TVXQ to leave a good memory to everyone n this 6.25 meeting it's just too ugly to make anyone who know about it and still able to cherish the past memory of the 5 members. I think that was my only reason that I don't share this with others.
    However I realized it cannot be kept in the dark forever. When I thought CJS may have regreted of what they have done to HoMin, bang there their twitter, the press interview, they upset about HoMin using the name, JJ tweeted keep Yr head up, JYJ fans made a commotion about KYHD lyrics n etc ... Really make me realize CJS treat HoMin as enemy not just competitors n definitely not ex bandmate or friends.
    Now I sincerely hope whatever facts must be exposed to public n let those who has conciense find the truth.
    Btw I believe there are many fansites admin know about 6.25 gathering it is just a matter of time for them to accept it and then make their choice.

    Btw JYJ stan changed their strategy from denying the existent of 6.25 at the beginning, to admit it but make it sound neutral, to using it as tool to accuse HoMin spreading rumor in 'forever' case.

  65. can someone tell me what the hell is Forever?

  66. Admirable, Thanks a lot for translating!
    Will eagerly anticipate your analysis of this~

  67. @ jhj2001
    I will in my future post.

  68. hahaha another drama here?

    Arg...PREDICTABLE!!! i'd better buy a lottery!
    Precious would be turned to someone like that, as SOMEONE claimed that 'Forever' is not just a fan and very close to the members, SM, and Yunho!!! hmmmm who could that be....? HeeNim? Siwon? Leetuek? ... so now Precious is like Forever in Korea but Forever in US? LOL
    "Precious, get me HoMin autograph plzzzzzzz ^^"
    but wait ... if you're Lee Soo Man, "get me SNSD,BOA,SuJu,Shinee, and Lee Yeon Hee autograph too" thanks XD

    'inside information' is accessible by provided links' grrrrrrrrr

    im curious now why JYJ site has sth to do with Precious'blog? I might miss sth ... but did anyone here ever discuss anything abt that blog or Blog owner/poster before? we have been here in Precious'blog for a while till some JYJ fan brought the infos fm that blog then .. gone! and now that Blog is talking abt Precious.
    this drama is quite fun! Let's stay tuned till the end ^^

  69. In my country, most of the fans of TVXQ are JYJ fans so I am not foreigner to their language as well as their reasons (completely no reason at all LOL). Just bashing and bashing, those who not bashing used the term "u know nothing about them" (as if u do), "they're hurting" (I don't know about that but what they're doing is definitely hurting Homin),etc...

    No need to check their site, I always see their fans disguise as fan of TVXQ going to Homin thread and throw the link of JYJ site (which everyone knows anti-Homin) and tell people read it. Wait a minute, isn't it what happens here all the time LOL

  70. @adrenalinss
    lmao. but realy they should hire new PR
    btw i dont mind if Precious is HeeNim or Siwon or leetuek os SNSD or SHinee or Kangta. Yummy..

    get me TVXQ autograph too pls

  71. @ cantsayit
    There were so many replies, I missed yours. :) Being a fan blinds people a lot of times. That's why fans don't really see the obvious things you saw.

    @ adrenalinss
    Heck I want to meet SNSD too. LOL

  72. @shanancelice
    better you read the post and ignore the comment.
    most comment is opinion.
    just make your own opinion. better you find another source (non article)
    it look that you are mature fans. you can keep your opinion if you think is not good to share with us or if you think can hurting another side.

  73. @shanancelice
    did I misunderstanding your comment?

  74. @ dhanirahman52
    I think you did. shanancelice was talking about the participants of the 6.25 meeting.

  75. Hi Precious,

    I want to say thank you for this post. I've just read your whole trans and then all the comments and I saw a link that heims gave you, http://twitpic.com/3xxe9e

    I can't believe that even when the truth is that obvious, there are some people still try to cover it up by making some so-called *summary* of your 625 trans. I'm really worried. I mean, as I'd read your full trans of 625, I could see that their *summary* is completely bullshit; they intentionally omit important points and just keep the things they want, for their own use.
    Like, they didn't summary the part when JJ's sis SHAMELESSLY asked admins to "doing it through personal blogs (laugh) or such routes …" and kept saying that the parents wanted fans to support all 5: "their reason for the meeting is give as much support as they can to all 5 menbers", "the parents repeat that they want the fans in the meeting to support all 5 members"
    Really, do you CJS fans really think/try to think/try to influence people to think that the parents want you guys to support all 5 when they clearly said "I’m not going to say whom, they got somebody a commercial deal, got a drama, and did all that while the others had no knowledge of them"

    Sorry Precious, I've been ranting about the other article in your post, but I can't help it. As we, readers here, read your full trans first, we may be able to see misleading/ twisted info in the *summary* of your trans. However, I wonder if other fans only read their summary version, they may be influenced to believe what whoever summarized your trans wants; because obviously most people will ONLY read the summary, because it's much shorter and seems to use neutral/unbiased tone (quite a smart move from them). Even if then they decide to read your full trans, which is just on the left column, I doubt they can make it till the end to see important parts (as they already read the sum, they may get bored by the long conversation)

    I appreciate your work a lot. Maybe it's why I'm so pissed when they used your hard work to mislead fans. I mean, they obviously had read your whole trans, even more carefully than we here did, how can they still try to cover the truth of who's been honest/who's been spreading rumors and lies?
    What they're doing now is so unfair to Yunho, Changmin and to us fans too!! People need to know the truth!
    It's so unfair I want to cry!! For Yunho, Changmin, for us, and for them too.

  76. @ pumpkiepie

    I saw that too, but it's nothing new. They've done that in Korea too using the voice file, so it's really nothing new to me.

    It's going to be a slow process, and I never expected to change everyone all at once. We just need to be patient.

  77. @ pumpkiepie & Precious

    I think that Precious should send the owner of that blog a request to credit the author of the translation, that is, the address of this blog and the link to this original article. Then the fans who would like to know the truth would know where to go.

    Or I think Precious has every right to ask them not to copy the transcription especially in a picture mode. But provide a link in their summary to here. It's a steal without your permission only if they knew what copyright means.

  78. About that summary they did of this, why do they feel the need to make a summary? Why not just let people read the whole thing? It’s just a translation so it is what it is. People should read the whole thing for themselves and make up their own mind on what they think about it. By making their summary (which doesn’t even summarize everything), i'm getting the feeling that they're afraid of people reading the whole thing and coming up with their own thoughts and so they try to distract people by posting the summary, especially since they know some fans won't take the time to read the whole thing. *shrugs* As usual I guess they're just afraid of the truth.

  79. another summary(of Precious'version) now ?!? O_o

    yes,u r very right! why don't credit anyway? is it usual thing that they don't give a proper source to the reader for reference? LOL

    of course,they won't summary some part coz they CAN'T ^^// *peace*

    Nehhh ...PLZZZZZ stop revealing who&when begin this rumor!!! If that person is 'Forever' we already knew it! But... Seriously,they'd better make an agreement among JYJ supporters who should be the one to make or at least prove it! Coz they can't even agree on detail!!! 'Fan contacted JYJ parent to ask for advice how to respond the rumor so hold 6.25 meeting' OR 'JYJ's parent called fan to the meeting to clear up the rumor'? Will next version be ..."SM secretly contacted both JYJ cafe Admins and JYJ parents to the meeting and sent spy to record the meeting? headache~ ~ ~
    The article i ever read abt who spreads this 6.25 rumor in Korea is 'Forever' and yes... his identity surely surprises everyone because(as written in that article)he's s.o. close to the members,SM, and Yunho(i mentioned in my previous comment)Let's see ... what kind of surprising identity Precious aka US Forever will be! (Hopefully LSM ^___^) But if Precious happen to be identified as Yunho's father or Changmin's father(new version of Forever exclusively for int'l fans hahaha), hmmmmm "Precious shi,im very sorry for not giving u a proper language before however don't forget to tell your son how much we love him <3"

    can't wait to read their another version of debunking abt Cosmetic for international fans!thanks in advance for generosity ^^...i don't how the law abt the internet in Korea works? But surely not the same to my country ^^

    *chanting&staring at Crystal Ball* i bet abt another meeting by another parents that there was no leak details becoz SM bribed participants, another parent use their power to threatened them! Or they scanned any recorder before entering the meeting.*imagine when u r goin on the plane*

  80. This may seem completely off topic but what about tvxq backup dancers, I heard that sm fired the original dancers of tvxq because they supported jyj is that true?

    Thank you for all your hard work,

    I can not believe this, now I understand what the 6.25 meeting was

  81. @precious

    May I suggest this site its good with translating I know google can sometimes work


    And also microsoft works can translate info.

    Just a suggest. Thanks so much for all your hard work.

  82. @precious: they are threatened by you. desperate is what they are. oh by the way are you heechul? kudos for having outstanding english skills.LOL

  83. @ Yori
    Are you referring to A to Z? They're an independant group of dancers so they're not under SME. A to Z also dances for other idol groups like SS501. Yes, some of them are close to Yoochun but I don't think SME has any right to fire them.

    Beat Burger looks like a team created by SME's Director of Choreography (Jaewon- blond dancer in KYHD MV) and could be part of SME family. If that is the case, the company no longer have to hire dancers like A to Z to support their artistes performances.

    I could be wrong so I stand corrected.

  84. @ Yori
    I honestly don't know anything about the dancers. Sorry. I don't think it's significant anyways. Are some people vilifying SM siting that? They really don't have much to talk about, don't they?

    Thanks for the translation site. I should try it.

    @ katherinerosellemanaois
    Yeah. If they were confident in what they preach, there's no reason for them to be threatened.

  85. @ wakeupgogo
    I'm not really bothered by it. They'll do what they always do.

  86. Have u guys heard abt the new OFC for JYJ ? Slowly but surely they are showing their real colours. They were the ones who were AKTF and now they are the ones abandoning cassies. I already know what the diehard JYJ stans are going to say about this. But please be realistic here. They chose to leave cassiopeias behind at the same time they left the name DBSK behind.

    So, is their official fanclub going to be known as Orion then ? Lol

  87. @ justine

    I think it's just a membership service, not an official fanclub. I mean, I don't agree with JYJ's side, but I think it's understandable since they aren't allowed to call their fans Cassiopeia anymore according to SM. But yes, I am getting tired of their AKTF talk since their actions and words don't match up.

  88. I've just read about this membership service, and I think everything they do is different to their words(those that are not contradictory anyway). I'm fed up of them saying one thing but none of their actions show that they ever want to work with homin again. From the beginning when they won the injunction and were so arrogant and thought they did not need the other two. They thought homin would be nothing without them. Do they even care about their friends at all? Even their parents and relatives didn't think twice about destroying homin's reputation all because they had a different opinion and refused to join them in the cosmetics business. Homin got blamed for everything and none of them spoke out publicly for them cause they were basking in the pity party from their fans who thought/think there is no wrong found in them. With friends like those who needs enemies.I'm glad people are waking up to their lies and understanding homin better and the decision they made to stay with sm. Sm are not perfect and neither are homin but they have not conspired to completely destroy the reputation of cjs. All they've done is fight their corner(sm that is because homin to this day have not said much at all). Its hard to believe that they were once very close. How do they sleep at night? I think they will start an official fanclub sooner or later.Its inevitable. Sorry for ranting. Can't wait for your analysis Precious. Thanks.

  89. Precious: I didn't want to make this public, but I have no idea how to contact you privately...I just wanted to let you know that your translations are being used in a negative way to support JCS's side because someone called "DCtvxq_gall" has put their "summary and explanations" on the side of your translations to make it seem as tho it's legit:


    it's post #9....I'm sure that this has spread all around already..I'm just hoping that they asked for your permission first or at least give you proper credit, but all I see is "a person" when referring to the translator..*thud*

  90. @Justine
    yeah it's a membership service that provide privileges to their fans. or something like that. well even SM opened up registrations for fans of TVXQ2. both sides can just move on.

  91. Thanks for clarifying . I guess I'm just too tired of all the crap that is going on and jumped to conclusions.

  92. So the actual meeting was only less than an hour? I have the same recording sitting in my HD since last year but there were comments saying that the original audio is around two hours... so anything less than that is edited and incomplete and international fan translators refused to do it citing this excuse. ㄱ_ㄱ

    No matter how much I want to be objective about this, common sense tells me that it cannot be brushed off as an innocent meeting. I don't think it's wrong to analyse the intention and agenda of this gathering.

    Some parts that puzzled me:
    1)Anyways, maybe it’s a wrong thing to say, but I called the CEO King Young Min because of some issues, and asked him to meet the parents because of the problems kids are having. I think Kim was the CEO for 3 or 4 years? And that was the first time I called him.
    So I'm wondering how did JCS guardians received permission from SME's CEO if they have not spoken before the June 6th meeting? Was it through a manager? You can easily omitted some vital information to serve your own cause when you try to convince someone to approve your request. I can assume that KYM was not given 100% information during the discussion and was led to believe that Crebeau was a harmless and simple investment when JCS seeks approval?

    2) I was sad about that. It’s not like we didn’t get an approval. The president allowed it too. If this becomes a problem, the phone record on January 7 will show it.
    Was this recording entered as evidence from JCS side because it speaks of 'approval'? I don't know if it's a audio recording or just a phone bill showing the duration of the said phone call.

    3) LOL at Junsu'd father second hand information. Junsu this, Junsu that.... and then,

    4)Q. Then how did you know about 9 to 1 (profit distribution)?
    A. Oh, I happened to hear it from the president (of SM).

    How convenient. Was it a coincidence or did Junsu's dad eardropped on the president's conversation with another person?

    5) Looks to me like Jaejung's sister and Yoochun's mother tried to tell the administators what and how to write in the blogs if they decide to spread the 'truth' or help 'save' TVXQ.

    6) [Jaejung's sister] But (profit) that’s for the kids is 9:1, and the small 1 goes to the 5 kids. That’s the first reason. But it wasn’t because of the money. At first, they suggested SM many things, expressed opinions on what they wanted to do, but SM didn’t accept anything from the 5 kids no matter what.
    Did Jaejung's sister just contradict herself in two sentence? About the 9:1 profit and 1/5, what if Yunho and Changmin thinks their 0.2 share is ENOUGH? 0.2 can mean US$50,000 or US$100,000 and that is more that what most people in their age group makes in a year.

    I don't know about Changmin but Yunho's family are careful spenders and they live like any other middle-income family. Whatever money Yunho earned from his activity as individual and TVXQ member is definitely more than enough for the household and some are channeled back to society. It's obvious that JCS and their family is dissatisfied with their 0.2 and wanted more which is why they're investing in the cosmetic business in the first place. Perhaps they do want to leave SME in the next few years but the crebeau incident accelarates the decision.

  93. Actually I've read this 6.25 transcript in one of TVXQ's blogsite last year but after reading again this as posted by Precious, i don't know what to say. I just feeling pity to TVXQ. The awesome popular korean boyband in Asia have to fall into situation like that. Whatever the reasons are, in my opinion some members are changed. Yeah..this is the price of popularity of top rank boyband. And it's so expensive ~ SEPARATION ~. However, glad that TVXQ (whatever they reason) can comeback with strongly new image even only with 2 members Yunho & Changmin. Anyway, thank you Precious for your hardworking. Wow, you got many fans now. Chukae. Btw, i'm curious about CJes. You said that this CJes has no relation with CJ media (one big conglomerate in Korea, IMO)but they dare to be the 3 ex TVXQ member ~ JYJ~ agency there must be something happened behind. Do u have something interesting to share about that?

  94. To all :D
    As they used spamming to spread their '' summery'' you can spamm people with the original translation or even better ... show them your own summery using the parts that shows how HoMin were bashed for no reason.

    You can do it :D

  95. 7) But since April, I’m not going to say whom, they got somebody a commercial deal, got a drama, and did all that while the others had no knowledge of them. It was SM who did that first.
    It's normal that some companies wanted only a certain member to do a commercial or drama because the others may not fit their concept and budget. I don't see anything wrong with this. Perhaps someone is concerned that another member is making more money or when the other members busy with personal schedule, the rest are left with nothing to do which means no income. This is my opinion so if you don't like it just click the [x] on your browser tab.

    With regards to this: http://twitpic.com/3xxe9e, I was pissed when I read the summary.

    "We advise that International Hotels (It's 'Ho-Tel', get it right!) to be careful... is defaming JYJ really worth your jail time?"
    What? Since when expressing one's (unfavourable) opinion is a defamation? Did I miss the memo? Are they going to involve interpol and track those girls one by one forcing them to write an apology for what they believe in???? Saying this kind of thing, is it something to be proud of? The more you want people to shut up, the more they will talk.

    Their summary on the Precious' translation is ALSO AN OPINION therefore in no way I'm obliged to treat it as facts. What they're doing is the same like all other bloggers are doing (regardless if writer is JYJ or HoMin bias); trying to persuade everyone else to see THEIR truth so acting like they know better or in the 'right team' won't impress me. YJY fans has turned this situation into one of those 'non-believers will go to hell' preachers stuff. You don't have to save everyone's soul, js.

  96. Before Precious worked on 6.25 audio, I see some fans already read the translation or watch 6.25 gathering summary on youtube last year but choose to doubt the content.

    I think CJS fans have put in tremendous effort to educate fans to doubt the content about 6.25 gathering. Let's see what are their tactics:

    1) The initial meeting is 2 hours, but xxx fans only release 55min, so this audio is edited hence cannot be trusted.

    By saying this CJS fans admit this 55min audio is truly belonged to 6.25 secret meeting btw CJS family and fans.
    If you go and watch a 2 hours movie, it only has 55min of action and epic scenes and the rest of 65min is boring, for sure you want to watch the 55min again. Fact is, the 55min audio is the highlight/the main point of the meeting.

    2)Only translate the "no harm" part of the audio, such as 'it doesn't matter what happen please continue to support 5', 'the children are very unhappy...', 'they cannot work in korea anymore if they do this...'.....

    Before using this tactic, they accused people release 'incomplete' recording of the meeting, now they themselves translate only a fraction of the 55min audio and advocate this 55min audio is nothing!

    3) Diversion tactic
    To make fans disbelieve 6.25 before fans get to analyze the facts, they begin to tell the 'story of 6.23 meeting and Forever blog'.
    They start personal attack to whoever expose 6.25, and they label everyone who talk about 6.25 as 'Ho'Tel' (yunho's fanatic fans) so that CJS fans won't even look into the evidence provided.

    BTW, there is NO record (audio, picture) about 6.23 - the so called meeting organized by Homin parents with fans. CJS fans can't provide any proof of this meeting ever held.

    Should anyone just blindly believe CJS stan claim because of what JJ's sister said in 6.25 meeting - "Some parents already had a meeting like this and caused the 3 to be criticized. Because of that (meeting) all the blames are pointed towards the 3. The kids are really having a hard time, and it was so hard that they even said they could die."

  97. Why CJS fans keep saying that meeting was 2 hours long when Junsu's father stated that the place was booked from 7 to 8? Was there after party or something?

  98. @ pichyasa

    :O So true..

    If it was booked from 7-8 why would the meeting be 2 hours long xD

  99. this mystery not end yet...
    CJeS is what kind company?Gosh..
    so far. i saw they didnt care about JYJ reputation.
    lawyer, PR, Manager, Songs... what else?
    did they use JYJ to drop SM reputation? if their plan failed the one who drop will JYJ.
    hard situation to open this. because JYJ always say that CJeS only agency.

    "what kind slave who drive a car, buy a house, drink with friend..." he he he Heechul FTW

  100. @ pichyasa

    OMO. i didn't notice that as well.

    let's see what the die-hard stans got to say now. =)

  101. @justine&pichysa

    they will say "Junsu's father voice clip was modified" ^^//

  102. @ sheils
    Thanks for letting me know. I know about it, but I'm not that concerned. Let them spread it. The file will be read by people within their network that otherwise would never visit my blog anyways. Hopefully, people can see through that highlighted words and also figure out the intention of those highlights and summary. Objective readers will be able to see through the cover that was put on, and some people will even see the true color of those people spreading it. So let them spread it.

    @ shimjang
    What pichyasa said. The meeting was for one hour. No way there's a two hour recording. It's just another tactic to discredit the file.

    @ ahmad
    There are many theories and speculation, and I may write about it, but there are so many other things I need to post, anything without credible proof won't be posted any time soon.

    @ pinkdreamer88
    Yup, just spread it or put it on your blog. I don't care. Just specify the source. You don't want to be like them. :)

    @ pichyasa
    Yup, the meeting was for one hour. :)

  103. Wooowww so many comments. ^^

    Well I mostly agree with all readers here. No need to point it out all over again ^^

    Anyway... the way I see it... This meeting is devious. It's simply looks childish, they look like kids who get angry since the other kids do not want to join in their play. LOL.

    @Precious: Thank you for your hardwork. FIGHTING!!

  104. Hi! thanx for this trans
    just vy the fact the the meeting was secret and that only 3 of the parents where there already says a lot about it
    i was wondering.... who is forever andwhat did he said?
    just a bref summary please!

  105. @ rosetta16
    A post about Forever is coming too.

  106. @Precious: I just find it funny how they couldn't just share your translation without ultering it.....the fact that they have to add summaries and explanations as if the people reading it are children that can't understand for themselves pretty much shows their guilt and true intentions...they're trying to cover up what's actually being said by twisting the truth in their favor....anyways, thanks for your hard work.

  107. @ sheils

    They labeled my translation as a rumor. LOL How can a pure translation be a rumor especially when the meeting was held by the parents of CJS?

    At least they verified my translation is "acceptable" LOL.

    I found it strange that they actually were eager to spread my translation even with their manipulation. I guess they were so threatened by it, they felt the need to do something about it. I think it's going to backfire on them since more people are finding out about the 6.25 file and the existence of full translation.

  108. @Precious
    Ok! is just that I’m sooo curious lol
    I’m going to be wondering about him till u post it XD
    Im new into this world of the truth since I was trying to keep away from all the truth and just look at the pretty outside pic but I’m tired of the bashing and not knowing

  109. @all

    honestly its getting scary how self-righteous the other side is getting. Always coming up with explainations for everything that goes against what they believe.

  110. @Precious: really?...wow, that doesn't even make sense since the audio files are proof that it actually happened...*thud*

    the fact that they used your translation and then make it seem as tho they could've done a much better job is so sad...they should just admit that they got lazy and decided to use your hard work for their benefit...at least show some appreciation and proper credit...*sigh*

    yep, they probably knew that the direct translation without any commentaries would reveal the true motives of JCS's parents...hence they decided to spread their version first so that others wouldn't get a chance to realize that they've been brainwashed.

  111. thanks for the translation. i'm still wondering why fans denied the existance of this meeting. do they actually know it's all rumors and it would work badly against them?

    oh, there are people translating this into chinese. and sadly, they are jyj fans. i'm not really sure how accurate and fair it would turn out to be. :S and jyj fans of cos, will interpret it in their own way.

  112. i thought fans of 5 of them should be standing together, but i only saw both groups of fans are stabbing each other to protect their own bias.

  113. @sZeeMin
    wow you really nice fans. can you post the same comment to JYJ site?

  114. @sZeeMin
    I feel sad about how the fandom is breaking up too, but you shouldn't jump to the conclusion that the side we choose to be on is because of our bias. You might not believe me, but I honestly try to read everything with an open mind and come up with what to think myself, not letting bias or other people's comments sway me. From most of what i've read, I agree with HoMin's stance. Maybe it's because we have the same values or mindset, but either way I don't think HoMin have done anything wrong. And while I don't think JYJ are some villians, I don't agree with some of their actions. I can't speak for others, but I don't bash JYJ even though I don't agree with their actions. If anything I express my disappointment and resentment, but never bask or attack. And even though I'm on HoMin's side, I would still be glad for a reunion as 5 if they were ever to resolve this and reconcile, but for now, if you read the posts on here and on JYJ sites, you'd see that it's really hard to be completely supporting both sides because the sides are so different. A lot has already happened and sadly it seems to be getting worse and worse. I don't want to split the fandom up at all, but I will defend and support whoever I think deserves it. Also, the purpose of this site isn't to bash JYJ and make everyone HoMin fans, it's to spread accurate information regarding this lawsuit so international fans can see what's really going on. I know Precious writes his own input sometimes, but I make up my own mind on what to think about the information he provides. And in mostly every circumstance, I agree with HoMin's stance.

    I'm sorry if you get the impression that the people here are mean or hostile. I hope that HoMin fans can reflect the same characteristics as HoMin- maturity, levelheadedness, and respect. I apologize for anyone on here if they made you think otherwise.

  115. Thank you, Precious, thank you *cries*
    I cried so much about the past 2 years for the "things" they have done to HoMin.
    Now I'm appreciate your work and your braveness to reveal the truth that "someone" and "some families" always denied for long long time.

    Thank you,

  116. @sZeeMin

    This blog does not advocate or educate the readers not to support JYJ, eg Don't buy their CD, don't go to their concert etc...

    Everyone ought to know how to differentiate 'BASHING' without supporting facts from 'Revealing' evidence and facts.

    You are so quick to make a judgement saying all the facts displayed and discussed here is to 'back stab' JYJ. I bet you have not gone through the content of the posts. This blog encourage the reader to examine the evidence and debate about it.

    Aren't you familiar with this statement : i will support JYJ and Homin but I hate SME and I don't understand why HOmin want to stay with SME.

    You see the problem here --> I don't understand why Homin stay with SME.....that SME is so evil, why Homin still want to stay on? Why why why...i don't understand.....

    Do you support JYJ? Did you sign the petition to protect JYJ's right?
    Do you want justice served for JYJ? If your answer is yes, then how about you also give Homin a chance too, we are here to examine if Homin have been wrong by rumor makers and their ex bandmates.

    If you are curious about the question 'WHY Homin choose to stay" then make your time to read this blog and to challenge the evidence here.

  117. @Precious
    after read this translation i feel lil mad to..
    i try to stay cool but ahhg
    if you found any comment from me unrelated to the post or if you feel wasoutline, you can erase my comment.

    stay cool stay cool stay cool

  118. @baobao

    Would you mind providing a link to the Chinese translation? I would like to take a look at it and verify that nothing is lost or twisted in the translation.


  119. I did read this blog, post by post, didnt miss out any post. I did not said that people are bashing in this blog and i did not said that all the facts displayed and discussed here is wrong or bashing others, i read other blogs too, that is just my own thought and comment.

    every people do have different thoughts, and this is just mine. I'm not saying that others comments and thoughts are wrong.

  120. @sZeemin
    But in saying you only see groups of fans stabbing each other in the back to protect there own bias yes you have. That is in effect telling us we are bashing and that we are wrong. You may want to go back over your words before you claim something isn't there that obviously is. Although I do hope that you have gone to other sites and said the same exact thing especially those that are spreading lies instead of ones that are actually using true to the word translations. Oh and if you are going to criticize people for there opinion it looks better on you if you at least stick to your word rather then backtracking and saying oh that's not what I meant. We all saw your words at least stick to them.

  121. @sZeemin
    Judging without even try to looking the truth it self. thats not support at all.

    support any action which it will damaging another side do you call that standing together?
    no standing together anymore since 2009.

    what I can do is ignoring but not for standing together. no more.

  122. OMG, now i knew the truth...
    they are really greedy, and why must they confront the fans to taking side? :((
    poor homin T___T

  123. No entiendo porque se estan peleando tanto... ellos tomarón decisiones que les parecieron eran las correctas como cualquier adulto debe hacer... Si ahora estan 3:2 NO ES CULPA DE ELLOS fueron solo las circunstancias... Si no te gusta un lugar, tu tienes la decisión de seguir aguantando o no.

    Respecto a los audios, acerca de la traducción, no puedo decir si es que este audio esta bien o no porque no sé coreano y aún si supiera no se puede saber a menos que tu uno mismo lo haya grabado, asi que sólo comentare que en general no leí nada que fuera egoista¿¿WHY your post???

  124. Didi porque comentas en español? porque no lo haces en ingles como toda la demas gente?

    Si te molesta este post que haces aqui?
    Si no sabes coreano y estas juzgando la traduccion diciendo que el mismo lo grabo, me parece absurdo y ridiculo.

    Te respondo en español porque al parecer no sabes ingles cosa que no es mala, pero sin embargo estamos en un blog donde la gente para debatir y dar su opinion lo hace en ingles.

  125. Hi Precious^^
    Sorry for my above comment, it was in spanish.
    I just reply to her (Didi) in resume she said "Why yout post?", I found pretty ridicolous so I told her that If she want to complain anything about your blog at least comment in english right?.

    Anyway, thank so much for your hard work!
    I was really quiet reading all your post, my head even hurt XD

    Thank you Precious^^


  126. @ macachangmin
    No problem. I think I know what Didi is saying. Translator works pretty well.

    @ Didi
    Why this post? Because HoMin were getting blamed for everything by others.
    This translation is just a pure translation. However you want to take it is up to you. If you are taking issues with just posting facts, then I can't really help you. There are many other sites posting rumors without any evidences, and I think you really should raise issues with them.

    If every fan accepted TVXQ members' "adult decision" to split into 3:2 without playing blame games, I wouldn't be spending time posting this, but the reality is that HoMin are used as scapegoat for the breakup even though they didn't do anything wrong.

    That's why.

  127. @didi
    Precious is korean US. he can read or write in korean. and many fans at jyj side agree with his translation :p

  128. Guh.

    I have about a hundred+ things I could say about the meeting in general and in specific, but don't feel like getting myself worked up. But, the entire meeting is honestly just an embarrassment for all involved. It's no wonder so many fans tried to deny its existence for so long.

    And for the people highlighting roughly 1/10th of the transcript as "proof" of CJS' parents/sister's innocence and good intentions and brushing off the remaining 9/10ths of their discussion as dismissible and "innocuous" - yall are all kinds of ridiculous, and I am amused by you.

    @Precious - Thank you. I don't even want to know how many hours you put into transcribing and translating the audio. :P

  129. woooww..
    this is very looong..
    thx u sist for translating this..
    hmmm can i ask one question??
    is there any possible if Yunho's parents and Changmin's parents have some debt to SM so they can't out from SM because of that??
    I'm really curious about the reason.

  130. @ chellzn372ai
    Nope. None of their parents have any debt from SM. That is a lie created by the CJS fans to blame Yunho and Changmin for staying. Both of their parents have jobs, and they never had any other businesses so they don't have any reason to borrow any money from SM. On the other hand, the 3 had advances from SM, and their parents has separate businesses that uses their kids' fame to lure the customers. They all had Crebeau stores, and Junsu's parents have a pizza restaurant and YC's mother has an ice cream store, and all those stores are covered with pictures of their kids. If you read rest of my articles (if you haven't already), then you'd know.

  131. This 6:25 meeting, so much sugar covering poison. So much words mentioned and implied actions of other people without evidences. Words like this, I only want to consider a few things, (1) intention (2) time happened (3) were those admins all adults?

    What in my mind was not only this made Yunho and Changmin are skapegoats (especially Yunho) when they didn't do anything extraordinary from the own-signed contract, but also this was unfair to anyone who do business based on the signed contracts.

    Other people who work behind CJS's fame don't have the fanbase to do such things as the CJS's parents did.

    If these parents want something and don't dare to oppose the company, by allowing the company to invest more and getting more fame by that, then complaining later that CJS didn't want to do so are stupid.

    I wish CJS started the lawsuit since before SME invested for their career path in Japan.

  132. 'I think Kim was the CEO for 3 or 4 years? And that was the first time I called him.

    I didn’t have any connection to talk to SM, didn’t know what to say, and whenever some things happened, I always contacted them through the manager. I knew the difficulties the kids were having, so I called president Kim Young Min asking to meet the parents, and the date was set to June 6. ' and 'Q. Then how did you know about 9 to 1 (profit distribution)?

    A. Oh, I happened to hear it from the president (of SM).'

    For some reason I was looking back at this. I realized something. It doesn't make sense. How can he hear it from Pres. Kim Young Min when he ONLY goes through the manager? Even if it was directly from the Pres., shouldn't it be Pres. Kim Young Min told him not heard from him? Hmm... look at the inconsistency already.

  133. @ AzNezumi

    9:1 split was first brought up by JJ's sister, then JS' father was answering the fans when he made the statements you've quoted. It's hard to be consistent when they are not telling the truth. We all know how that goes. They already had a meeting in June 6 with all the parents and Kim, so we know they had access to him.

  134. @ Precious.
    lol. I hear you. lol. I'm a horrible liar to begin with. lol. So I don't even bother lying when I know I'm going to get caught. I'm just VERY vague with my statements that it's the truth. I got better at it since people can misinterpret my words too. The power of words.

  135. I am so disappointed in JYJ's parents. All they did was be hypocritical and spread bullshit. "We never saw the contract." WTF. Who in their right mind would believe this? Two minutes later they're talking about the duration of the contract and profit distribution. All they did was use reverse psychology to get their fans at the meeting to lie about Homin on their blogs. It is clear that all they care about is money and fame. Homin may have initially agreed to leave with them but changed their minds because they didn't trust them and further discussed the matter with their own parents and finally decided that it wasn't worth it. So what? Get over it and move on with your life! This whole debacle is honestly making me so sad that there are jealous/greedy people still existing in this world. And why didn't JYJ themselves address the fans? Too cowardly to face them? I can't believe that they're adults and have to ask their parents to get them out of trouble. I feel like punching a wall right now.

    1. And also, the point of a contract is that both parties know exactly what they are agreeing too before signing it. You can't sign a contract without seeing it first in person... I'm pretty sure that's illegal. It's like they're just trying to shift the blame on SM for their own stupid decision to sign that contract without reading it properly in the first place. *smh*

  136. Since I do not know anything about the Korean law,I can't say anything. I'm Canadian and under the Canadian law the contract will automatically be a void contract. For minors, they should in general not be able to sign since they are not able to fully comprehend the circumstances or consequences, thus a guardian or a parent should sign for them (unless the parents and guardian are mentally ill by then I don't know what will happen).

  137. This comment has been removed by the author.

  138. Sorry I never commented to thank you for posting the complete translation of 6.25 meeting. This is necessary for fans of CJS and TVXQ to understand the whole story. Fans of CJS distort 6.25 meeting from every angle but can't see and deny their own actions. I read this, it seems not all of them are blissfully ignorant.


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