Thursday, February 10, 2011

Introduction to the 6.25 meeting

I'm sure most readers already read my translation of the 6.25 voice file, and if you haven't read it yet, please read it before reading this post.

Before I write my take on the meeting itself, I need to talk about how it was in Korea back then. I'm guessing most readers read my translation with today's perspective, but to truly understand what the meeting was about, you need to understand the background.

6.25 meeting was held on June 25, 2009.

That was when TVXQ was still together. Many long time fans should know that TVXQ struggled in Japan for the first 2 years or so, began to become famous in 2008, and really exploded in 2009. I believe they could have been much bigger than 2009 if they continued on as 5, and maybe even succeed in US, but it's unfortunate that things didn't turn out that way.

At that time, TVXQ fans weren't divided like they are today. Of course there were individual fans and couple fans, but they all supported TVXQ together, and there were no major fan wars between CJS and HoMin like today because the fans weren't divided. There was no lawsuit, no JYJ, no ChunJaeSu and HoMin, and no TVXQ comeback. There was only TVXQ.

It was no secret that CJS had opened cosmetics stores, and considering how close the fans were with the members and even with SM personnel, and also the fact there were many "stalker" fans who followed the members around 24/7, it is no surprise that some of the things the members were doing were pretty well known to the fans. There were rumors of certain members visiting law firms, and TVXQ's possible unit activities were also spread. Some fans were getting nervous thinking that the unit activities may lead to the group's breakup.

If you recall 6.25 translation and HoMin's parents' statement, they all talk about a meeting between 5 parents and the CEO of SM, Kim Young Min. Junsu's father specified the date to be June 6, and Yunho's father stated it was around May. The troubles started to brew after the meeting. According to HoMin's fathers' statement, one of the parent told them the 3 parents would stop working with SM, and everything started to break down after that meeting.
There were rumors of TVXQ's breakup once in a while, but nothing to note about. But the rumors of TVXQ's breakup started to build up around middle of June, and it exploded on June 26, 2009. The news about the rumors of TVXQ's breakup was all over the place on June 26.

I did a search on Korean portal site "" with keywords "동방신기 해체" (TVXQ breakup), and found some articles. Check out the link yourself. There was one article in May 21 that talks about rumor but nothing else, but starting in June 26, many news articles about TVXQ's breakup started popping up. The articles are sorted by the date, so you can check out the news articles that were released before and after June 26, 2009, and you'll see that the number of news about TVXQ's breakup just exploded on June 26. Also note that there are articles about the cancellation of a photo session scheduled for June 25. The photo session was for the "Summer SMTown".,p:all,a:all&start=221

Here's the search I did on personal blogs. Check out the link. You can see that even on personal blogs, postings about TVXQ's breakup exploded on June 26 as well, caused by the release of news articles.

Now, what many fans do not know is that CJS sent a content-certified mail to SM to void the exclusive contract on June 24, 2009. Junsu's father talks about that briefly in the meeting saying it was nothing too big. I don't know how voiding their contract was not something to worry about for TVXQ fans, but I guess it was nothing to him.

Here is the search link.

The articles only say that the content certified mail was sent around end of June 2009, but according to the statement released by SM and the court testimony given by SM (will be covered when I talk about the lawsuits), the notice was sent on June 24. SM cannot lie about that since the notice is certified by the postal service.

Let's go over the events.

June 6, 2009 : 3 parents decided to stop working with SM after the meeting with CEO of SM
Middle of June: Words of TVXQ's breakup slowly started to spread
June 24, 2009: CJS sent Content certified mail to void the contract to SM
June 25, 2009: Cancellation of a scheduled photo session
June 25, 2009: Meeting with administrators of CJS fan cafes.
June 26, 2009: News of TVXQ's breakup blow up.

Coincidence? You be the judge.

Let's go back to 6.25 file.

Because some administrators of HoMin fansites and CJS fansites were friends - yes, there were such times - some HoMin fans knew there was going to be a meeting, they even knew what the meeting was about after it was held, but they couldn't fight back against the rumors caused by the meeting because everything happened so fast, and there were so few evidences available unlike today.

The information about 6.25 meeting was floating around, but CJS fans flat out denied the existence of the meeting. Details of the meeting were also known, but they were still rejected. I heard the file was already available to few people soon after the meeting, but it began to widely spread around the end of 2009 or beginning of 2010. Only when the file became widely available, CJS fans acknowledged the meeting took place.

I don't know exactly how the file leaked out, but it is obvious that the meeting was recorded by one of the participant who was one of the administrator of the CJS fan cafe, and it must have been one of them who released the file. So after the file became available, CJS fans started to discredit the voice file claiming that it is nothing, or by just magnifying the portions of the conversation that suits their purpose. They're still doing it today as you've all seen it yourself.

So that was a little history of the 6.25 voice file and what was going on around the time of the meeting.

The total length of the file I translated is 55minutes, and in the voice file, Junsu's father states that they got the place for one hour from 7 to 8, which means this is the full version. Listen to the files, and there's no evidence of editing. You can clearly hear people talking on the background throughout the recording.

Some also claim that the meeting is not much different than HoMin's parents' statements claiming that they're both trying to protect their sons, but that's simply ridiculous. HoMin's fathers' statements are signed statements officially released to the public. That means HoMin's fathers were taking full responsibility on what's written on the statements. Also, the statements were released AFTER the injunction judgment was given (November 2009) when the situation was looking bleak. Both HoMin and their parents didn't say anything until the situation really got out of hand, and only released the statements in the hopes of keeping TVXQ together.

On the other hand, 6.25 meeting was held secretly towards targeted audience, namely administrators of CJS fan cafes/fan pages, and the meeting was held BEFORE the lawsuit was filed when there were only rumors of the breakup. Publicly released signed statements vs. secret meeting with personal fan club admins? Not even close.

On my next post, I'll write about my take on the 6.25 meeting itself.


  1. once again , thanks Precious.

    Will be waiting to see what you have to say in regards to 6.25

  2. thank Precious for the brief background information for us to better understand the situation. Can't wait for your take on the 6.25 meeting.

  3. Can't wait to read more >___<

    Thanks Precious :D

  4. I understand junsu is from a christian family,is this christian behaviour? They(cjs and lawyers, family, etc) conspired and planned all this through deception. If they wanted out of sm that's fine but why drug homin's reputations through the mud yet they were not involved in the problems with sm. If there is one thing that I hate more than anything is devious people. I'll give it to junsu's father(I think he was more involved than jae and yoochn's parents), he is a clever man. There is no way it is a coincidence that the day after they sent the content certified mail to sm, they met with administrators from cjs fancafes. He was trying to get people on their side as soon as possible. And it worked. Most people would not litsen to reason when yunho and changmin's fathers released their statements to the public because of the craftiness of cjs and their relatives. Did they really love and care for them at all? As more information is becoming available I'm beginning to understand just how strong homin are for not saying much at all and for cutting all contact with cjs. That's my take on it anyway. Thanks again Precious.

    1. conspired? what do you mean? they said SM planned all this

  5. @Precious:
    Thanx for this post. I'm waiting for your next post.
    btw, @Apooli I also disappointed with Junsu&his father,but I disagree if you bring a religion into this case.i just feel it's not a good way to judge some people's behaviour..sorry,if i'm wrong but I just feel uncomfort with that :)

  6. @Precious: thank u once again.
    My respect towards CJS and families has plummeted. I have felt nothing for them recently, but now its just... Dunno what to say... They really know how to play. I fully accept if CJS want to leave for better living but the way they do it just... unacceptable...

    And just yesterday I watched Happy Together w/ Homin and YH said,
    "During my trainee years, I went through about four groups. I was really affectionate towards them, but they'd eventually leave the company once I felt I got closer. I was very hurt by that"

    Now I feel deeply sorry for him all over again. YH is truly a survivor.

  7. @Precious

    You translated the whole 625 meeting? Amazing! I can’t imagine how laborious it had to be. I’ll read it and introduction later although I've read it in Japanese.:) Thank you for your hardworking!

  8. @precious
    "also the fact there were many "stalker" fans who followed the members around 24/7"
    what is 24/7 ?

  9. @dhanirahman52

    24/7 is just a term to say all day/every day.
    24 hours/day 7 days/week. :)

    thanks for all your work. i've been waiting for the 6.25 explanation since day 1 as the betrayal i felt reading about it for the first time a while back was the reason why i went looking for some sort of explanation in defense of yunho and changmin. (eventually, i found your blog which cleared up so much.) why do i feel like i'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop? :C

  10. @catherine
    ah i see i see. thanks :-)

  11. @ maemapayo I didn't mean to make anyone feel uncomfortable. Its because I'm christian myself and junsu has stated he comes from a christian family as I do myself. When you say things in public they have a tendency to follow you. On this blog one of the reasons we can't believe cjs' behaviour is because of the things they've said or implied publicly in the media and tweeter. And as I said I'm beginning to understand homin and just how strong they are for not saying much at all about the whole situation. There are certain things that you say that can't be taken back. I think homin don't want to be misunderstood especially because of what is going on. I always do this where i think what would I do in this situation. I suppose I was looking at it from my christian pov. That's what I meant. Sorry for the long reply.

  12. Not to mention HoMin's fathers' statements were very clear on their stance and logical, while CJS's parents' answers seemed vague and questionable. From reading the statements from HoMin's father and reading the 6.25 meeting transcript, it's really clear that the kids really reflect off their parents. HoMin especially seem very rational and mature like their fathers.

  13. Omg the more you post about it, the worse the situation seems to be... Wow and here I was thinking things were bad before, I had no idea...

    Things keep heading downhill HoMin really suffered, and more than I thought.. Ugh these people sicken me.

    Thanks for giving us all this insight Precious, you are truly precious indeed!

    Forget dramas, I can't wait to see how all of this unfolds.. I can't keep ordering food every time?! It's starting to get expensive.. better start cooking for all this drama!

  14. @ all
    Thank you all for words of encouragement. Makes my effort worthwhile

    @ Lisalio
    Thanks. I really had no choice but to translate the whole thing. You can probably guess why. :)

    @ Phlootuga
    Probably hard to believe, but it hasn't reach the bottom yet.

  15. June 24 CJS filed the injunction to the court and served SM the paper when they performed together with HoMin in Japan...... It kills me just to imagine that they hid such a big 'surprise' from their teammates when they were performing together, living together! They knew exactly what's happening and didn't have courtesy to inform HoMin properly. Why didn't they find a reliable contact information from HoMin BEFORE they file the injunction in secret? Now they told the world that they WANTED to keep in touch but HoMin didn't return their calls? Is it a joke?

    On June 25 CJS parents convened the meeting. they told the fans that there were 1% of hope that 5 will be together. I guess what he really meant is to brag that they have 99% chance to win the injuction. How sad that no one had a clue at that time except CJS and his families.

  16. @ wakeupgogo

    Just to clarify, the injunction was filed on July 31st. They just notified SM of their intention of voiding the contract on June 24. TVXQ as 5 worked together for a while to fulfill their activities already scheduled.

  17. "@ Phlootuga
    Probably hard to believe, but it hasn't reach the bottom yet."

    You sure know how to keep me interested.. I already reload the blog every five minutes everyday waiting for updates n_n ...

    As for it isn't the bottom yet.. After what I've seen it won't surprise me. I've lost all faith in mankind.....

  18. @apooli:
    I understand what u mean.It's ok.I think i'm too sensitive nowdays coz of this bad :(

    I can't imagine how HoMin's feeling when they performed in Dome around that moment.perform in Dome is one of their TVXQ5 biggest dream...*holding back the tears*

  19. @Precious, THANKS

    Ho!!!hasn't reached the bottom!!!???
    Mannnn,i think many are going to faint if some want to summarize them. lol

    hahaha long way to go! i need to make more money for the slumber party ^^


  20. @Precious

    Thank you so very much, not only to post the audio files, translating them, even to give the background of how it was back then...

    I do feel it was a bit strange that 3 parents held a closed meeting without the other 2 parents when the matter concerns all 5 members (and trust me, even after I read that explanation provided from another site I still find inconsistencies within the statements of the people who were present, but I will just wait for your next post ^___^)

    I would just like to comment on one thing that happened during this meeting that supposedly didn't exist but it did but the audio file was manipulated but then it is real but the translation provided by Precious is incorrect but acceptable by JYJ fansite:

    The meeting was done even BEFORE the lawsuit was made public. TVXQ was even in preparation for their TOKYO DOME concert. I don't know about you, but if I want to prevent rumors about TVXQ breaking up and want fans to write supportive posts about how TVXQ should STAY together, I would just say that TVXQ is not breaking up and leave it at that. Anything else should be THE MEMBER's RIGHT to tell the fans, not their parents (and if we want to readily accept Junsu's father's statements, why don't we also readily accept Yunho's father's statement? Why is the statement of one parent more trusted than the other?

    Another site that is pro JYJ mentioned that they are going to discuss about a meeting that apparently took place before this one...

    I am curious if they have an actual recording of that too, because even when they challenge Precious' translations and feel the need to explain the points before Precious even wrote his take on it, THEY DIDN'T DENY THE VALIDITY AND THE EXISTENCE OF THIS RECORD, which meant that THE MEETING DID EXIST, and the parents of 3 members HELD A MEETING to discuss THINGS PERTAINING TO TVXQ without the members or the other two parents in attendance.

    If you ask me, it boils down to my words against your words and when you have actual proof like this one... it isn't that hard to see who's being brutally honest, and who's probably trying a bit too hard to sound diplomatic.

  21. i could not help laughing out loud when i saw this....

    We have a policy of *not* plugging this person’s blog on this site and we’d prefer not to acknowledge his existence. We’ll just say that the translation of the 625 meeting reproduced on the left side of the document comes from the international fandom’s version of ‘Forever’. To educate yourself on the Forever, please visit Thank You.

    i just wish they would leave us alone to say what we want, and they are free to say what they want .

  22. Thank you Precious, to be honest, I haven't known all the details about the date of events until now. And after reading this post, yeah, there's no way it's a coincidence!

    One thing I already realize but have to say again, the sons' behaviour reflect their father, and the fans' behaviour reflect their idol (it's not all but most of the cases, is it)

  23. @Precious

    Thanks for pointing it out for me. I wasn't careful enough to distinct these two events. I just wanted to say June 24 is the date that they really made up their mind yet kept a secret to everyone including their teammates and fans.

  24. @ Justine

    I feel the same when I saw that post

  25. @precious
    meeting between 5 parents of member with SM CEO. what the reason for the meeting?

  26. i was at some jyj i-fansites yesterday and i was so frustrated because all the articles there were bashing and cornering yunho and changmin, calling them cowards traitors and so on. thank god i found your blog today. i won't say that what you're doing now is right since you're practically doing the same thing as what jyj fansites are doing. but at least now i know that there are two different sides of every story, it's just how you choose which side to believe in. as for me, i choose not to take stance because there's no 100% right or wrong in everything.

  27. excuse me xoxo but I can't truly understand your commt. It's the truth that there's no 100% right or wrong in everything, so do you always stand beside everything like that? Then why you have to read, commt etc... about all this mess? what do you want?
    And the way you said: "You're practically doing the same thing as what jyj fansites are doing" is too partial cause he gives us the correct translation and reliable source of almost things he wrote. That's the difference.

    @Precious: Thank you so much for everything you did ! My Eng is too bad so I can't really show my deep gratitude to you! Thanks again!

  28. @Precious: Again, thank you for your information. Wow, this case is better than any detective show I've ever seen ^^b


    This blog is different from those JYJ fansites. On those fansite, they bashing Homin for no reason, just "Homin/ SM is evil because we say so".

    This blog doesn't bash JYJ, Precious only provides facts with evidence which are hidden from international fans until now. It just happen that the ugly reality revealed destroy the fantasy of "innocent angelic JYJ".

    Bashing with no reason and providing information with solid evidence are totally different.

  29. @ xoxo

    lol so for you official documents and reliable sources = translating articles from Korean to English + personal comments?

    there is a difference, this blog is not created to bash any side it only shows what was hidden from us as ICassies.

  30. @ Kawaiinu : I agreed with u. This case is more interesting other than any detective/ conspiracy theory ever. How could they do this to their best friends/brothers..Speechless.

    @xoxo : are u still TVXQ's fans? May I know who is your bias? I believe deep in your heart you've already chosen which side you will stand. Hahaha because sooner or later we - TVXQ fans - have to choose which side our heart will go on.

    @Precious: always thank you once again for opening our eyes wider to this case. Can't wait for your next post.

  31. @xoxo
    you right there no 100 % wrong or true.
    nobody perfect. JYJ Homin SM CJeS Avex fans, you, me no 100% right or wrong. that the reason why we are here. because we believe there no 100% right or wrong. but your motto is better than "10% rumor and 90% lies" where is the truth? 0%?

    you right.. in everybody heart have bias. not after lawsuit but since TVXQ born. take a side is natural. if all fans really have heart for all member. they will refuse 6.25 secret meeting.

  32. @xoxo

    You said you don't want to choose side because there is no 100% right or wrong.

    Well, in this blog, no one is trying to persuade you to choose which side you should support. Many fans embrace the shortcoming and mistake made by their idols. That is your personal choice.

    However, not everything is in grey, there are many things we can tell whether it is Black or White, Good or Bad, Right or Wrong.
    Don't you agree?

    IF anyone throw a statement saying " IF JYJ is not innocent so as Homin"
    Won't you ask this person to clarify What he think JYJ have done wrong? And what Homin have done wrong? Since he accuses both sides are not innocent.

    When you accuse Precious's blog is same as other JYJ fansites, then please lay out your point, which part you think is manufactured? Try to be specific so that it is easier to examine.

  33. @ xoxo
    I am going to disagree with you because there are many cases where one side 100% right or wrong on everything.

    I'm not going to claim that TVXQ case is 100% right or wrong either way, but from what I've found out so far, it's pretty close. If you don't agree with anything I posted, please point them out specifically before accusing me of anything.

  34. @ dhanirahman52
    According to HoMin's parents' statements, the meeting was to discuss about the cosmetics business, and that's when SM president asked CJS to refrain from the business. According to 6.25 file, Junsu's father says they met to discuss the members' problems.

  35. Pic. CreBeau store I dont understand all the post because in japanesse.
    I think the store not in korea or japan. china maybe

    off topic: btw I saw ex manager (actor Sang Woo)'s picture. any related with Avex drop JYJ because they found JYJ have contract with company (mafia)?
    i waiting your post about CJeS.

    June 6 2009. so there is 2 version of parents meeting. I see. I hope you can explain more later.

  36. @ dhanirahman52
    That's a Crebeau store in Japan. See the store is covered with pictures of all 5 members?

    As for C-Jes, I'll post about it in detail later.

    As for the meeting, I think they're both right in a way. Junsu's father doesn't really talk about the specifics about the June 6th meeting.

  37. @shanancelice

    agree! i wanted to comment on the recent article in that site but ... i'd better keep silent coz Opinion which based on different judgment&perception only brings endless arguments,so just let it go!
    More&more they act,fans would find more suspicious things themselves.

    i'll just wait and see... how their 'Not Acknowledge His Existance' from now on will be!

  38. @Precious
    it look like TVXQ's store xD. thanks.
    Precious Fighting !!!

    Hugs for YunMinie

  39. @dhanirahman52
    From what I have seen there are rumors that sang-woo's ex-manager is connected with a blackmailing and extortion ring. But it's a fact that he spent time in jail for blackmailing the actor into an exclusive contract. Kind of funny how they go with some guy who is connected to that kind of crime considering what they are complaining about. Although he is affiliated with C-JeS entertainment(he is the CEO I believe) that doesn't necessarily mean that he is the one working with them. None of the new rumors have been proven either at least from what I have read.

  40. Thanks for posting your further thoughts. I've tried to keep an open mind, stay out of the "politics" & regard the 2 "groups" (JYJ & HoMin) as sub-units of TVXQ & support the output of both equally but its becoming increasingly difficult. We don't know all the facts & I doubt we ever will. As a foreign fan, its somewhat confusing to try & keep track of all the information & opinions that have been expressed but to me it still appears to boil down to an "us & them" argument. I can't help but feel suspicious of a lot of posts being made, especially the systematic analysis "published" by both (I stress, both) sides. It makes me feel very uncomfortable as, at times, it feels as if "the court case" is being played out on line with various hidden "dei ex machina" controlling, pushing & pulling the proceedings and dissemination of information. Everyone as an individual will have/has their own "preferences" & regardless of what various arguments exist, those innate biases still prevail. Whether that's right or wrong, rational or irrational I don't know. Each to their own. Peace.

  41. @LadyYejin
    yes i read about that too :-). Sang Woo win the case because he had prove. im confused with JYJ. why JYJ work with CJeS? why avex drop JYJ? im sure precious will explain it later. .
    yea a lot of fact are hidden. now precious try to open it to public.
    I push my self to read this blog.
    my first comment for this blog
    "ah this is from TVXQ's antis" (sorry precious)
    you know why? because i feel uncomfortable.
    Homin bashed is like daily suplement for me.
    Homin bashed is like .. ah thats what ppl always say. so i dont care if they bashed or not . just love them.
    but I forget to know the truth is not for them (Homin). but for me. I need to know.

  42. I think by now Homin is used to be blamed. The people that love Homin will continue to love them to the end. The ones that don't like them will never change so just let them be. I won't be too upset with those people with stubborn mind and never wake up. Let those people live in their beautiful dreams and listen to beautiful lies. They are basically not living in reality.

  43. I always knew that life wasn't just sunshines and rainbows, this is really low, not as low as trying to do the unthinkable, but low enough. I really don't like CJS's family, especially Junsu's dad and Jaejoong's sister, though I think Junsu's dad is most involved in this situation. He seemed talk the most in the interview. I'm glad that HoMin is dealing with everything silently. And to think that they were like brothers before everything went downhill. Some brothers, CJS turned out to be. Arg, this is why I don't want to be a lawyer later on in life.

  44. @ sinful09~ LOL I love your comment <3 I completely agree with you! Nothing will stop HoMin from pursuing their dreams (:

  45. The thing that i cant understand is .. koreans are pretty much the ones that have all the sources, all the info available without language barrier. So how come there are still so many supporters of JYJ after the whole fiasco with the 6.25 meeting and everything. There was even a boycott..
    Arent there any blogs in Korea like this one that explains everything (the meeting, contracts, etc.)

  46. @ Nina
    There are many reasons, but one of it is unconditional blind love towards their favorite artist. It hinders with their judgment and skewing their mind. Some fans don't even want to know about the truth and totally ignore them. Also, it took a while for the truth to come out even in Korea, and many fans were brainwashed with lies, and it really is hard to break out of that.

    You can actually see the same thing from i-fans as well. Many i-fans read my blog, but they all respond differently. There are many i-fans who just brushes off my blog as just biased anti-site without reading and analyzing its contents. That's basically what some of the Korean fans did. You can't convince everyone even with the truth.

  47. @Precious Ah.. i know what you mean.. blind love. "There are many i-fans who just brushes off my blog as just biased anti-site without reading and analyzing its contents." I find it funny how you always advising fans to read both JYJblogs and yours.. and then make up their mind. But JYJ fans keep on claiming that your blog is so misleading, ignorant, etc. So irritating.

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