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[Translation] A Japanese fan at the scene of bashing

This is a fanaccount from a Japanese fan living in Los Angeles who happened to be at the Inchon Airport in Korea when Yunho was leaving for the Michael Jackson Tribute rehearsal on March 5, 2010. The fanaccount was a couple of comments posted on a Japanese blogger's blog about 6.25 meeting. Most Japanese fans know which blog I am talking about. This fanaccount is very well known among the Korean and Japanese fans. It really gets me enraged whenever I read it, and brings tears to my eyes how those two young men have suffered for something they did not cause.

The translation is from Korean translation. I've posted Japanese text after my translation. I've also posted two youtube video clips from the airports at Inchon and L.A.


64. From LA


Thank you for spending your valuable time for the justice, and for Yunho and Changmin.
Aoi-san's courage to go against dishonesty is much appreciated.

I'm a Yunho fan living in Los Angeles.
Previously, I was an all-fan (OT5 fan) of TVXQ, but I now only support Yunho and Changmin.

On March 5th of this year (2010) on the way back to Los Angeles via Seoul from Ho Chi Minh City where my parents live and after spending a night in Seoul, the flight from Inchon to Los Angeles happened to be the same as Yunho's.

At that time, several women were following Yunho from check-in to baggage area while shouting something and holding signs. I didn't know the words, but I knew they were cursing. Since I didn't know Korean, I asked a Korean nearby while wondering what was happening. 

The words written in Korean were "Dog of SM" and "Traitor, Go to Hell!"

The words being shouted were countless profanities.

Yunho gave a glance to those, but started to walk straight while looking ahead as if nothing had happened.

I've heard about them through rumors, but this was the first time since I was born witnessing the scene of bashing.
I felt uncomfortable just by watching it, heart beating hard and body shaking.
I wonder what Yunho was feeling at that moment...
Even now when I recall that scene, it's such a trauma I get restless.
Even a 3rd person like me felt that way, and I wonder how the person who was targeted must've felt...

Around that time, the whole world turned against Yunho and Changmin as its enemy.

A decent man in his 20’s, betrayed by the colleagues who were like family, and I wonder how much his heart was hurt and suffered pain, being bashed in such it could not be described in words…


65  From LA(2)

Now I know about 6.25, I understand that everything was conspired by the 3 and their parents.
The bashing I saw in front of me was just a tip of the iceberg.
I wonder how much suffering Yunho and Changmin had to bear because of them.

The two are not even saying a word of pity or resentment to us fans.
They really withstood it well.
Right now, I do not have any word to say to the 2, but to say "Thank you."

And I will never forget this 6.25.
I do not hate the 3 and their parents.
But I truly despise them.
We shouldn’t forget 6.25 until those people who harmed Yunho and Changmin sincerely apologize.

(added) When we arrived in Los Angeles, there were around 10 fans greeting Yunho.
Yunho politely said "Thank you" to each fans one by one.


Here's the copy of the original text.

64 ■From LA



ハングルで書かれている文字は「SMの犬」そして「裏切り者 地獄へ行け!」でした。
20代そこそこの青年が、家族同様と思っていた仲間に裏切られ、その上云われのないバッシングを受け、心にどれだけの傷と苦痛を負ったのか・・・・・ (続く)
Michelle 2010-10-27 21:13:12 >>このコメントに返信

65 ■From LA(2)


ユノは、ファンの一人一人に「Thank you」と丁寧にお礼を言っていました。
Michelle 2010-10-27 21:14:26 >>このコメントに返信

[YouTube video of Yunho leaving Inchon Airport on 03-05-2010]
I wonder if there's no sound in this clip because of all the yelling and cursing. I found few other clips, but none of them have the sound. I can't even imagine what Yunho was feeling in this clip.

[Video of Yunho at LAX]


  1. Oh! I know that japanese blog. It's really famous. Even though I dont understand the whole post but at least I understand the gist of it....

    I cant even... seriously.... those antis... really...
    I cant feel angry anymore...

    Yunho... He's got my respect fully! He got blamed,cornered,cursed,and thrown. Yet he keep silent. He's truly a man.
    Yesterday I just read the translation of Our Game.
    "The world is going to lie, it doesn’t matter even if I’m cheated. My shout does not weaken. Now I’m Going to Fly, the moment to endure has come"

    Tht songs really fit in for Yunho and Changmin.

    Yunho and Changmin... we'll gonna support you! Fighting!!!

  2. Like the guy said what he witnessed was the tip of the iceburg. I'm not angry anymore either like ayoepan. I don't know how yunho and changmin managed through those very dark days. Respect to them is all I can say.
    They are still getting bashed but not fervently like back then.
    Precious do you think cjs knew what homin were going through? I mean were they aware of the level of verbal abuse their friends were going through? I still can't believe they would let their friends go through that without defending them on some level, even though they had made a decision to stay with sm. The mind boggles.

    No matter what I'll continue to support tvxq. That's all we can do to show them we care. Tvxq fighting. Thanks Precious again.

  3. I can't even begin to imagine what it would've been like to be in Yunho's position then. Do these people even realize that these are humans with feelings? It just amazes me how cruel some people can be. These antis complain and bash SM for inhumane treatment of their artists, but what do they think they're doing? The sheer hypocrisy sickens me. I'm sure their words and actions hurt ten times worse than the hard hours of work under SM that fans whine about. I don't understand how people can be so blind and heartless and not see how respectable and honorable this man is. Sorry for the language but karma's a bitch and I hope someday their actions will come and bite them back in the ass. I also hope these fans will realize their how cruel and foolish their actions were and apologize to Yunho and Changmin. I don't care if they never see it, as long as those fans know how wrong they were for doing this. Do they think they are making JYJ proud? Is this how they want to reflect the artist they support?

    I'm just so amazed and proud of how Yunho and Changmin have handled everything with such maturity and grace. How they can endure it all and not say one word...I just don't understand. These two men have my respect more than any other idol out there. The amount of courage and strength that must've taken...i'm just so proud to be the fan of such two respectable men. I can hold my head high supporting them because I know they have stayed true to their values and treated even their haters with respect.

    This makes me so relieved, happy, and grateful that they have their SM family behind them. People like Boa, Beat Burger, Super Junior members, etc. I'm just so grateful to them all.

  4. @apooli: IMO I really believe CJS know what happened to HM. Not long ago I read somewhere that JJ visited DNBN, and you know what's wrong with that site. It doesn't mean that he visited it at this "hot" time, but it shows that the boys know what's going on in the fandom, not everything, but at least part of it.

    Just like you guys said, I myself do not get mad anymore while reading such things. Yeah, "Now I'm just chillin'". This bashing game from those lunatics will continue endlessly, and as long as HM remain silent and stand strong, it's only a one-sided game with only losers but no winner. With their 7-year experiences, I hope although it's hard, HM will soon overcome. Yet I'm sad to know that they're left with scars that are hard to heal. And I cannot believe these things happened that day, because I remember YH at that time looked very fine and bright. It's been hard for him, my dear man :-<

    Thanks Precious again for your thorough translation :>

  5. Could you give me some more info about that Japanese blog?

  6. I honestly have no idea what to say...

    It hurts my heart...because I didn't know how much pain they have been through.

    But I have to be strong in order to make them feel stronger... I will not cry.. I have cried a lot. I will not hate because I have I hated enough.

    I no longer have any interest in JYJ. I used to support them for the sake of the old times but after stating that they were faking their smiles and tears and were not happy as TVXQ members I felt like I wasted my days on people who made me love their fakeness.

    I am a person who loves TVXQ because it represents my own ideals. I loved them because every time someone mentions their name I feel proud because I know them.

    Allowing this to happen to someone who used to be your best friend or favorite idol reflects your inner self. To tell a lie in order to succeed is a lie in its self because in the end truth will appear.

    I don't care if JYJ win or lose.... I don't care if they left SM or stayed ... I care about the fact that they left their TVXQ and us who support TVXQ live in pain and agony just for personal reasons.

    TVXQ (HoMin), thank you for being strong. Thank you for being you. Thank you for loving us. Thank you for protecting us. Thank you for loving TVXQ. Thank you for protecting TVXQ.

    Big thank you for being able to smile, laugh, and sing after being stabbed in the back.

    We may be few but you must know that our loyalty is not something that can be changed by a lie. We will always support TVXQ and those who see TVXQ as something real.

  7. Precious, now i dread reading your blog, not because of you but of what i am going to know through your posts. I have been hurting lately since i came to know what things Yunho and Changmin had/have to go through from the start of lawsuit till now and maybe will still be the same in the future, and we their fans are just helpless and can't do anything to protect them. Yeah we can show our support by buying their albums, but i still feel lacking in showing how much i love them. International fans like me can only watch and cry for them. But despite the hurt i have to endure reading your blog, i sincerely thank you for trying to help the fans know the real truth. I know this is taking a lot of work on your part and we immensely appreciate it. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart thank you so much Precious.

  8. I have to say I agree with most comments before me, I somehow can't be angry anymore. Right now I don't even care about who's guilty, who's responsible, if this is just a bad situation that got out of hand or if this was meticulously planned by the people involved. All I care is that they leave Yunho and Changmin alone, to stop using them to gain more fame and followers.

    I find it hilarious though, that they fact Yunho was said to experience depression and that they have bodyguards following them everywhere is used to prove that they are forced to stay in SM against their will.

    Erm, hello, I don't know about them, but I'll be depressed if I got people cursing me and sending death threats to my family. And if I am KYM or LSM, I would feel so much better knowing that members of my 'family' are well protected when there are people who aren't afraid to throw stones at them.

    Thank you very much Precious for your hard work. Even if we can't change the past or influence the present with these knowledge, we can always prepare ourselves for the future.

  9. Hi precious , I've been a silent reader since your first post . But what i just read made my blood boil , how can anyone do this? Don't they have a heart? What did that man do to them? This is just disgusting. Truly sad.
    To think that boy was in depression for 6 months back then , i knew they were having a hard time , but this..oh no definitely not this.... people should be ashamed.
    Thank you for posting this.

  10. For me TVXQ is only Yunho and Changmin
    If cassies mean only 5
    I'm not cassies anymore.
    I'm just Yunho and Changmin's fan.

  11. @ ayeopan
    Yes, HoMin have my full respect. One of the reason why I'm running this blog.

    @ apooli
    Yes. I think CJS knew full well what was going on. They shoud've known this would happen when they held the 6.25 meeting. It's not like they were new to this game. They've been with the fans for 6 years.

    @ Pekojan
    Are you a Japanese? That blog is pretty famous. I was asked to not post a link here for the concern the site may be attacked. If you ask any Japanese friend, you shouldn't have any trouble finding it.

    @ yeona
    Sorry, but I had to let the i-fans know what happened. Anyways, I won't be posting any more bashing stories for a while.

    @ hyeonmu
    Yes, they'd use anything to their advantage, interpret anything the way they see fit. I'm glad HoMin went through all this and came back strong.

    @ sujulover4510
    I know many i-fans had no idea what was happening, and that's why I have posted these.

  12. @ trustyho
    Cassiopeia is a fanclub that supports TVXQ, and TVXQ is officially Yunho and Changmin when I checked their latest album. :)

  13. another shocking post of the real truth that been not shared before what can i say?? yunho you just proved once a gaing why every one respect you 7 admire you as a person & artist .. to have that power to over come all the nasty things that those crazy ppl did to you & changmin to hold ur head up heigh & face the world that out of sudden turn up side down on their heads how can we ever imagin their feeling when they see the ppl who thought loved them & supported them turn out to be their worst nightmare cursing them & wishing them to die !! i really dont know how hm did manage to hold on all those months & still do cuz those crazy anites stii out there hunting them with their bad words & sick tactics i refuse to believe that jyj didnt know athing about what hm went through cuz they give their aprove to 6.25 & even went along with all the lies that been told by their families they know how to play the victim role very well & they know how to influence the fans with their mushy mushy talk by the twitter & the interviews they know well that the fandom will split & anyone who follow them will sure gona bash hm , since they have this habit lurking on net i believe they read & seen every thing , my respect goes to hm for holding back & being strong for the sake of protecting tvxq & their fans honesty there is no word can describe how awesome these two guys are, really their parents must feel so proud for raising such grt men they become i know im :) thanx alot Precious for your hard work

  14. Precious, no, you don't have to be sorry, it was just me feeling hurt for Yunho and Changmin. I commend you for doing all these for Yunho and Changmin. And yes, we international fans need to know what's happening to them and what they are going through all these times. Although i said i dread reading your blog, i still can't help but check it out and end up reading again. What can i do your blog is soo addicting i take the risk of being hurt over again. Keep up the good work, you are definitely doing a great favor for Yunho and Changmin.

  15. i imagine that now every time Yunho goes through an airport or any public place at all, he has to look out if the people waiting for him are haters or fans. major props to him for holding his head up high. he could've just put on the headphones and slinked off to immigration with head bowed and not looking at anyone, but he didn't. this man is just PURE CLASS.

    let's not dwell anymore too much about all the bashings they went through (let's assume that that's already a given) but focus more on how incredibly well Yunho and Changmin took it. and they have many loyal friends who know the truth and will defend them publicly if necessary. and of course there is Yunguard!

    thanks again, Precious!

    p.s., in the second youtube video, does anymore understand what Yunho said to the fan @ 0:25?

  16. @ yeona

    @ cat1177
    I have no clue what he said. It sounded like he said something in Japanese, but I'm not sure.

  17. @ cat1177 that shows how amazing yunho is he even look into the haters faces & didnt do or act anything rational cuz if he did the media will done big issue out of it he`s so strong to face all the hardship & even keeping the faith & moving on farward once i saw an k-celebrity cant remember singer or actress any way this celebrity were attaced by antis she even went on tv crying out loud how she`s been hurt by them then she Retired cuzcouldnt handle the Situation any more homin do faced the same situation not to mention the Depression they had to went through, but then they didnt give up on the contrary they gained more power & strength & faced all the Obstacles & the hatred with their head hell so heigh you cant not admire them really they are the real hero`s here

  18. see, how low JYJ fans are
    yunho stay strong!!
    we will fight with you!!

    thx for the translation precious ^^

  19. @cat1177
    If my ears did not fail me, he said がんばります which mean hwaiting. So I'm guessing he's saying he'll work hard.

    Once again you have opened up my eyes to what the boys went through and experienced due to their "brothers" & their "fans". It hurts to know that this happened even so recently. My admiration for the 2 boys especially yunho rises leaps and bounds each time I read how they handled this entire issue. I no longer feel angry, but I still can't help tearing each time, cause I can imagine their helplessness of having 1/2 of the world they previously knew of turn their backs on them. But I'm grateful to the SM artistes for showing their support for the boys as well to the cassies new & old who love and support HoMin .

  20. This hurts like hellllll-I consider myself a mature thinking individual and not swayed too much by fandom but after reading all the posts of Precious, this was the tip of the iceberg-I feel like crying my eyes out thinking what they have put this innocent man through=if i was ever on the fence about any issues related to the lawsuit and the band,its gone-I will support Yunho and Changmin till the end, no matter what-i know i am just a fan but I will do my bit in egging them along-Dear Yunho, you deserve all the respect and love that is there in this world, dont ever think otherwise!!

  21. Really! anger and hate make people looks so worst and low. Don't they ever know that each words came out from their mouth will comeback to themselves four times worst. Tsk..tsk..tsk..

    Good act of Homin's fans need to angry or hate or revenge with another bashing because it will make us same low as them.

    Yunho and Changmin are really show the best example role as idols. We can see how bright and shine they are now in every TV shows. They just do all things in positive aura. They heart, mind & soul are pure and sincere. Salute and respect to them. Hope Yunho & Changmin can keep their positive aura in all their way forever and ever. I believe they will be more success as artist, entertainer and human being.

    Precious, no other words I can say for you except THANK YOU so much for your effort and create this blog for us Homin/TVXQ international fans. God bless you.

  22. Those anti fans should be ashamed of themselves, they treated yunho like trash and want to talk about human right for JYJ? So sick!!!!

    People may have acknowledge like "yeah, I know they were bashed, hated, etc..." but to know the detail even it's just like a tip of the iceberg, like this fan wrote, makes me tear up. During that time, all the news were about JYJ, there no single thing about Homin, sometime it's just a few pict of their magazine appearance. In those picts Yunho in Hongkong, he was nice and all smiling to his fans, looked at him, how could I imagined that that time is the period all of these horible things were happening to him. How old was he back then? How could he face all of this and still be able to smiled so brightly at his fans ;___;. I always know Homin have a strong determination but to this level, I really respect them.

    As for those 3 "brothers" and their fans, I really don't care anymore. I don't believe in the theory that they don't know how Homin suffer or they care bout Homin ect... It's too clearly that they planned to HARM Homin from the start, and they're still continuing until now.

    Thank u Precious, it's heartbreaking to know what those stupid fans did and are doing to Homin, especially Yunho but the more we know of it, realized how hard it was for the boys, the more we love and respect Homin.

  23. Just imagine this is just about 1 time HoMin was bashed, just a tiny piece of what they have to endured every single day in a long time. Not only at the airport but also outside, on the internet. How hurt it must be to see some 'fans' turned their back at them. I wonder if every time Yunho or Changmin go to the airport they have to endure the same thing or worse! And they do not even complain or say anything about their suffering. I respect them for that. Yunho and Changmin ah, hope the best for you guys!

  24. those antis will regret it. people can blind but not the GOD.
    Homin's smile will be a great power to us.
    Homin's smile will pusnish them.
    Homin's voice will fill our heart until no space for other.
    Homin's laugh will hunt them forever.
    Only Homin. Love TVXQ 2011.
    My cute Yunho and Changmin. I Loveeeeeeeee u
    you are true star. Shine bright even in the Mud.
    God bless Homin.

  25. @ranon
    It's not true that every fan follows JYJ's twit will gonna bash Homin, that's excluding me. I knew TVXQ is famous before but only started to get crazy for them since last year after watching YooChun's scandals drama. They sure got big influence to fans and I start to discovered TVXQ over youtube channels. I begin to follow them once they got twitter account back then, and also wonder Yunho and Changmin could have one. I admit that I'm a big JaeChun bias before I get to read about this blog.
    Yeah. Thanks to Precious for the true blog with so many facts and proof. Now that just made me turn into Homin bias after knowing what had they done to their brothers becoz of their own benefits.
    Can't believe that they can do such ridiculous things to Homin. That's made me wonder how lame their brotherhoods were. Jeezz!
    God bless Homin BRIGHT FUTURE! Don't let them down. GO TVXQ!

  26. I feel like with each post I read, I don't feel as pained as I first started reading your blog. It's like I'm expecting the disappointment. Anyways, I can say, I no longer feel much anger towards JYJ(though the resentment and bitter feeling is still there), much like everyone else.
    I'm still far(very) from being happy with them and they are even more far from gaining back my respect(as if they will.)

    And yes, JYJ stans are hypocritical. Haven't I said that before? Some of them can be so inhumane.

    I am grateful towards this Japanese fan and a bit envious too, I mean she got to see Yunho!


    Anyways, thanks Precious again for another post!

  27. I couldn't believe that. How can people treat him that way? Curse him and say it to his face right away. I cant longer call this type of people human being. Im pretty sure that this was not the only one moment that Yunho was bashed by other people. He and Min can face with the same situation whenever going to the airport till today as there are a lot of antis out there. When I heard rumor that Homin was attacked before performing KYHD, I was so afraid. I was scared that another John Lennon case happened again in Korea. They may have been murdered by a mentally-ill person. How was I supposed to do if they died? Im sorry that I said the unlucky thing in your blog but at this time it was the first one on my mind. Fans just did like as if JYJ was the only one who had to suffer. On the contrary, Homin, their fans and their families had to bear many burdens and mental pains as well. They do OWE them an apology.
    After all what they have been through, I know I support Homin’s side and this never changes. My respect from them has gained more and more. I know they are brave people who just focus on fulfilling their ambition and dedicating their singing inspiration to people. Thanks Precious. Am I the only one that the more I read ur blog, the more I feel pathetic for JYJ stans? They are just kids and need to grow up. For those who say Homin cant sing, OPEN YOUR EARS AND EYES

  28. @kelly141213
    Homin was attacked before performing KYHD? Why? when? >.< i didnt know that.

  29. @dhanirahman52: i just heard somewhere, it was not officially reported. It happened at the very 1st day Homin promoted KYHD. On the way to go to perform KYHD, Homin's car stopped at the parking lot. Seeing a group of people wearing red clothes, they thought it was Cassie. Homin came to sign for them even though manager hyung stopped them. Suddenly, these people threw a bag of blood and powder to Yunho and Changmin respectively. People said that it was rumour as there was no evidence and just witnessed by someone , but im still scared. I got this right before my examination day, you know how depressed i was

  30. I also don't care about JYJ anymore. The more I read about Homin suffering, the more I don't want to read about JYJ.

    I'm sure JYJ know but they never even try to stop the bashing. JYJ know how bad the bashing is, but they add more and more reasons for the bashing. JYJ said that they still want to be together again with Homin, but they never do anything to prove it & only say.

    B2ST Yoseob stoped his fans bashing towards Rainbow Jaekyung, even though she's not from the same group, not from same company, and might be not even that closed. JYJ spent so many years with Homin & called Homin brothers, but never try to defend Homin even once, but planned and executed such a cruel action (6.25, twitter, etc). Thank you JYJ and those 'fans' for showing how cruel a human being could be. To be honest, I'm quite shock that there are people who have so much time to do this kind of useless things (bashing, spreading rumors, & all) towards idols they don't even know personally.

    The more I read, the more increase my respect & admiration towards Homin. Thank you Precious for your information about idols that one can look up to. There are actress & actors who committed suicide or quit celebrity life thanks to 'bashing'. But Homin always stay strong, truly great people.

  31. This incident is like a taboo to some of Yunho's fans, fans who knew about it just couldn't bear the pain to mention this incident again. What kind of humiliation it is Being bashed and cursed by strangers at public? These JYJ fanatics think Mentally torment Yunho is the best support they can do for JYJ.

    I believe this is one of many incidents, there are a lot more horrible things happened during 2009 which were not reported by witnesses.

  32. This is truly unsettling, from an outsider's point of view. And a person who likes/respects these celebrities, it's even worse to witness.
    Korean fans can be so ugly sometimes. And I am not talking about looks of course, I am talking about their attitude. No matter how much I dislike a celebrity (whether I believe to have a good reason for it or not), I have never and would never follow them around and yell insults in their face.
    It is common decency to respect a person's space, their choices. Sometimes it makes me angry to see these deluded, spiteful teenage girls, who think they are doing the right thing but are actually making fools of themselves and an entire fandom. Yunho's silence is respectable but would they ever appreciate it? Most likely not. Because they're idiots - I'm sorry, but they are. A normal, intelligent person at least tries to moderate their behaviour , to keep themselves in check.

  33. @ Sam ur right i should have sayed some of them not all cuz there are ppl who still love & support the 5 .. maybe cuz im so Ranged at those who turn their back to homin weather jyj them self or the so called fans who pretend to love all the 5 im bet angry at them , i known tvxq in 2008 i was so drawn to them but some how i loved yunho more he just shine out of the 5 & gained my attention & respect before all this miss happened some how i felt that homin always close to each others than the others even when they sayed that they all like one but my guts were telling me Quite the opposite since they were so much similarity between them while the other 3 Close to each other & dadada the split happend & what you know my feelings were right when the 3 abandoned the two only then i known that my feelings were right & i was not imagining things out of no where !!!

  34. @ Precious

    Thank you ... i feel like i didn't thank you enough... THANK YOU.

  35. poor thing, Im really worried about Changmin, I hear many horrible things even that some want to kill him -___- and thats was from a jyj fan. My god I cant stop for being worried for him and yunho. I now dbsk like 4 years and Changmin was/is the light of my life.

    I dont want to kill anyone!!! then why those freaking pyschos jyj stans are so mad at them???, I will understand if HoMin act the same way as JYJ, like being butthurt, talk bad about their comeback etc, but homin never talk bad about them, why those sicking people are so hating homin??? I just cant get it.

    I admire those two so much, specially Changmin for being so mature and honest, thats my fav part about him.

  36. there is no need to do this kind of things....if they don't want to support them FINE! but why to become an anti and hurt Yunho and Changmin this way...I don't get it! what's on this people's mind...shit,

    I love Yunho and Changmin MORE everyday! they are awesome men, awesome singers, they are just the BEST!

    Thank you Precious, we all are so thankful with you~

  37. I remember, I watched this video last year.but I don't understand why there's no sound in,I know and it hurts me a lot :(
    I can't hate JYJ...really,I can not do that.but my respect for them getting low everytime I read their fans (sorry to say)stupid actions.Yesterday I also read how Keita Tachibana(one of JJ's friend) being bashed by some fans(JYJ's fans) because of his tweet.I really don't understand,what is in this kind of fans mind??..ckckckckck..

    thanx again @Precious..thanx for made this blog for us I-Cassie :)

  38. Hey Precious, I know you said that there is a fine line between criticizing and bashing, and I know you want us to try and not bash JYJ, but is it cruel to hope that they will suffer as much as they've made yunho and changmin suffer? Looking at this situation, I just feel like they got off way too easy! I mean they've lied continuously, and their fans still support them, knowing or not knowing. I used to be a Jaejoong fan, to the point of cassie-obsession, but nowadays, when I look at him, and the other two guys, they just get more and more uglier. I hope they will man-up and take responsibility, before (if) this whole thing blows up in their faces.

    Thanks for your hard work!!

  39. @ Sam
    You are not the only one. I know many SKKS fans who got to know TVXQ, but later found out about what happened and support only HoMin's TVXQ. Welcome to the club!!!

    @ Pratheepa
    Well, I know how you feel, but at this point, I personally don't care about JYJ as long as they don't instigate their fans to bash HoMin. I highly doubt they'll admit what they did at this point. If they were going to take responsibility, they would've done it already. It's kinda too late now. HoMin seem to have gotten over it, and just concentrating on their career, so I think fans should follow suit.

    @ all
    I know my recent posts are extremely upsetting, but let's not start bashing CJS or their fans because that is not why I'm posting these.

  40. @Precious: Thank you for all your posts-I have seen in general everyone who posts here professes disappointment towards JCS and i really find that classy-and that's why my respect for HoMin fans grows everyday-The disgust is more towards the basher fans-But you are right, when Yunho and Changmin have kept quiet after enduring such gut wrenching pain , all we can do is follow their example and stay calm and stay focused on only supporting them.

  41. I do wonder how these bashers feel at the end of the day. I feel that JYJ plays the victim role way too much now. I'm surprised that HoMin were able to stand tall through all this bashing and hatred towards them for the past two years.

    P.S: The JYJ Petition got 86,800 signatures. I thought they would at least reach 100,000 since there are many I-Cassies who support JYJ.

  42. I really had no idea the bashing was so serious... I thought there would only be inevitable bashing and it would be bearable, but this... cruel. and what makes it worse is the CAUSE of this bashing.

    Knowing this really makes me want to be one of those at the LA airport, greeting him politely... I mean, that's one of the few things I can do as a fan. Ah well

  43. Did anyone notice that in the first video from the check-in to the luggage area, at around 00:49, Yunho and the guy standing in front of him both turned their head around (there must be some big sound to draw a bystander's attention in a noisy airport). After that, Yunho put on the airphone to cover his left ear. Before he cover another ear, he actually put it down and instead focusing on his passport/boarding tickets. It must be harsh words shouting at him that he couldn't help protecting himself from hearing it by covering his ears un-consciously. But he soon gained his dignity back by ignoring all the bashing and standing strong. However, his smile disappeared from the rest of the video clip...... Not until he arrived at LAX. I don't think that any of his fans greeting him at LAX couldn've told what he had been through before the boarding. His smile is genuine and warm. He truly is a strong MAN!


    This may seem off topic. Did you read the part of the court transcript and related articles about a member of TVXQ to be replaced by SM? I heard that before their debut, it was Yunho. Then in Nov.2004, Yoochun cried on one of their performance. That's when another rumor came out that one member were to be replaced. Do you know if it's true for these 2 incidents? And SM had thought about replacing Yunho by someone in TVXQ? If that's true, what made SM change their mind again? There are even rumors that Yunho and his Dad (sorry, like always, the rumors about Yunho like involving his Dad) tried to suppress the news from spreading by bribing all fansite admins. I saw those rumors told as truth by JYJ fans on Chinese fansites and I have no idea which part of it is true and which is not. Well, not that it's important if Yunho could be replaced (eventually we know no one in TVXQ was replaced), but they did make it sound like the reason why Yunho stayed with SM is to repay keeping him in TVXQ and justify to call Yunho the traitor because CJS stepped forward for him against SM to keep him in the team. I am just curious.

  44. @ Dara
    Yes, most of i-fans have no idea how bad it was.

    @ wakeupgogo
    Yes, I read the court transcript. The JYJ side lawyer asked if Yunho was going to be excluded from the "Dream Team" and kept him in the team because of Junsu and Jaejoong's request. The witness answered that it was just a happening and didn't even remember it well. The 2004 incident was because of the Rotation. From what I've seen, it was supposed to be Jaejoong. Everything else is just rumors. Asked them if they have any evidences or proof, and I bet they cannot provide any.

    This is just another attempt by some people to blame Yunho for everything. Besides, if what they're telling was true, then Yunho should've left SM to repay Junsu and Jaejoong for standing up for him. Their logic does not make sense at all. If SM tried to replace Yunho both times, doesn't it make sense for Yunho to join CJS as a payback to SM instead of staying?

    Anyways, those anti-HoMin people would use any little thing that really doesn't have anything to do with this situation to their advantage, and have no problem creating lies and rumors without backing them up.

  45. @ wakeupgogo
    BTW, if you think about it, the info about the incident during the dream team days must have come from CJS, and I really don't see why the lawyer brought that up during the trial when Yunho is not even in the lawsuit.

  46. @Precious

    Thanks for your inputs! I was curious why this would come up in the contract validation trial too. It seems irrelavant. It just looks like that the court has given CJS a lot of leeways to present their cause to void the contract.

    What does Rotation mean? Shouldn't the team remain same once it's formed? Besides, in 2004, RVXQ is still successful. So how come SM would want to replace anyone? Anyway, I think that if it's true that SM wanted to replace someone in TVXQ and this person were Yunho, CJS lawyer would bring it to the court as well. The fact that their lawyer didn't probably spoke for itself. Either the rotation is not true or the candidate isn't Yunho.

    I am just curious. Thanks for putting your efforts looking into it!

  47. @ wakeupgogo
    Ratation was when SM was going to replace a member for TVXQ's Chinese activities. I'm not sure if it was going to be permanent replacement or temporary like a unit activities, but it looked like SM was going to do it, but canceled the plan because of the backlash from the fans.
    The "happening" with Yunho was before that when the members were trainees, so the two events are not related, but some people are mixing two events on purpose to make it sound like one.

  48. @Precious

    How smart you are (unless you can read Chinese)! That's exactly what CJS fans tried to do recently - mixing two incidents into one. I'm not so sure how successful their attempt has been. But at least it proves to me that even until today CJS fans still tried every possible way to diminish Yunho to make CJS look better. Even if it did happen in 2004, it is 6 years ago!

  49. @wakeupgogo

    I read about the JJ's fans in china sent massive spam email to spread this rumor ( even a a suju fan get it). I read the spam mail content, it looks like they tried to lure people to believe there was no rotation incident in 2004 and the only time SM tried to 'change' member was during the forming of Dream Team, that's before TVXQ debut.

    1. Why did CJS lawyer asked this question to SM witness? A question which is not relevant to unfair profit distribution and contract duration lawsuit?

    2. HOW could the lawyer ask such a specific question - "was Yunho excluded from dream team but JJ n JS request to keep him". WHO told the lawyer? Can't think of anyone other than CJS themselves.

    3. From SM witness's answer, he didnt confirm such claim. Did the witness confirm that it was because of JeaSu's request hence SM keep Yunho in Dream Team? Or did the witness explain how Yunho was selected? Don't forget Yunho started his performance in 2002 as rapper n backup dancer. During his trainee days he was the trainer to other trainees. In 2003 a Chinese magazine published an exclusive interview about Yunho - the rising star from Korea and that's even before his debut. Yunho first personal fanclub was started even before his debut with TVXQ. If I was SM trainee I would definitely want Yunho as my teammate.

    4. About the rotation crisis in Nov 2004 was due to unpopularity issue of certain member in TVXQ. So SM wanted to replace one member has vey low popularity in order to keep TVXQ competitive. Question: Would SM planned to kick Yunho out of the group after made him the leader and sent him to appear in so many variety shows in 2004? His first appearance in Xman by himself and subsequent appearance in many variety shows, he wad praised and loved by the host and other guest celebrities. Did Yunho has popularity issue back then? I don't think so.

    So who was the member had problem with popularity at beginning?

  50. @justine
    thanks for the Japanese translation.
    look at him so gracious and polite at the fans in LAX even after the horrid incident from hours before.

    re: the replacement and rotation rumor, i just find it odd that Yunho is the target of these rumors when he played an important role in the group right from the start. it doesn't add up. like you said, it's irrelevant to the case. this is just being brought up to somehow prove that Yunho has an ungrateful and traitorous character.

    any one else looking forward to their Knee Drop Guru appearance?

  51. @cat1177:
    Am one of them-so looking forward to KDG-I hope they speak their mind and what they had bottled up for the last two years and also getting ready for the nitpicking and bashing from the "righteous fans"
    but am ready to defend of course in a civilized way....

  52. @ wakeupgogo
    LOLOL No, I'm not that smart and I can't read Chinese. I know it because that's exactly what they were doing in Korea. It looks like there's a top level leader who creates these "directives", then every "officer" level members spread the news worldwide. It's so funny that when I see some rumors "created" and spread in Korea, I see the same thing repeated again among i-fans shortly. That cannot happen unless those rumors were spread systematically.

    @ karenteh
    I could easily write an article about the Rotation with the pictures of the "replaced" member and some translation of the fan blogs to prove who the fans thought would be replaced. Maybe I'll do that later. :)

    @ cat1177
    Rotation was definitely not Yunho, but most likely it was Jaejoong. Those antis are just fabricating rumors by mixing the court testimony with Rotation just to make Yunho look bad. Actually, I don't even understand at all what the significance of it is. Even if it was Yunho, who cares? Why does it even matter anyways? It looks like they just want to shift the attention to something.

    I'm looking forward to the Knee Drop Guru. I'm curious how much in detail HoMin will talk about the last 2 years. My guess is not much, but still curious.

  53. @Reema
    i know a lot of fans are scared of the possible backlash, but i'm looking forward to hearing whatever they choose to reveal. even if it turns out it's not that much. they can say whatever they're comfortable with. all their answers pertaining to the controversy have so far been straightforward, tactful, and consistent.

    please do write about it, if you have the time. :) thank you so much!

    for anyone who is interested, a JYJ site made an analysis of the 625 Meeting (same site who came out with their own translation after Precious did his, dctvxqgall), and i assume this is to debunk the opinions on this blog regarding the meeting.

  54. @ cat1177
    Their "analysis" about 6.25 was already available in Korea already so I already knew about it. Readers of this blog should check it out too, and see what they say. :)

  55. @Precious: I dont know where I have read it but i seem to recollect Jae's name coming up a lot as the member who was to be rotated, but if you post something about it that will be nice:

    @cat1177:Agree, its time for YUnho and Changmin to bare it all-lets hope for the best.
    On a side note i just saw that JCS's fans are wishing death upon the people of QTV since the did not air their reality program-what has this fandom come to and they are busy touting human rights!!

  56. @Precious
    oh i see.
    strange how i used to eat up all the things i read on those JYJ sites when i was still supporting their lawsuit...
    your blog has spoiled me so now i want proof to everything i read.

  57. @ Reema
    Once I have some time, I'll post something about it. I don't see any relevance of the rotation member with this case, but since the other side is so adamant on insisting it was Yunho, I guess I'll write something about it.

    @ cat1177
    LOL, that's a good thing, isn't it?

  58. @ Reema
    Oh BTW, don't be surprised if those QTV episodes JYJ filmed gets released on DVD. Remember the "vacation" in Australia, how CJS were just supposed to be there to rest, but later it was released as a DVD and sold to the fans? I strongly suspect this QTV episodes will be sold to the fans as well.

  59. @ Precious
    So, instead of studying, I decided to visit the dctvxqgall blog to read their analysis of the 6.25 meeting. I am impressed by their flow charts, but honestly, the bulk of their analysis is formulated based on opinions. I hope they understand that reasoning is based on facts and not opinions. I understand as a blogger, inserting opinions is inevitable, but when you state a claim, supporting evidence is required. Unfortunately, they failed to provide any valid support to believe that "the purpose of 625 meeting was to explain the truth about the rumors of Jaejoong, Yuchun, and Junsu, not to spread rumors about other two members, Yunho and Changmin" besides quoting the better parts of the meeting transcript. Perhaps they should start by answering why Yunho and Changmin were specifically a topic of discussion if the meeting was only to explain rumours of JYJ (if any questions were raised about HoMin, they could've dismissed them). If they managed to post legit written court statements from JYJ's parents where the writer holds liability for the validity of what's written, then that would be supporting evidence for their claims. Unfortunately, nothing of that sort was presented and quotes of the 6.25 meeting were used instead. It would be smart if the source of your supporting evidence isn't what you're analyzing. As a result, the whole analysis revolved around irrelevant minute details and unsupported claims. I am also not surprised they used court dismissals as evidence that Crebeau was not involved in the dispute, and am glad they even quoted the fact that it was due to lack of evidence. There's a difference between lack of evidence and proven innocent. A criminal is always innocent until proven guilty.

    So my conclusion is, Precious' blog is the best I've read despite how others claim it to be otherwise :) Clear, concise, to the point. The long-winded blogs tend to be heavily opinionated and the author writes to persuade rather than prove.


    the rumor rotation member supposed to be JJ (Siwon replaced JJ). During debut's day, JJ and CM had the least fans.

  61. about the rotation
    If you mean the rumor about member rotation.

    I think it's Jaejoong back then
    because he had the least fans in debut's day, plus he had leg injury among rising sun album, plus the car's accident(alcohol overlimit)

    but the rumor about rotation or switch member is ridiculous.

    Could you tell me from the day you debuted that you will become the powerful band like these days?
    if Yunho had to be changed to someone in your band.
    Are you sure you will be like this "TVXQ"?
    You may be nobody in the future or be the idol in the future

    but you can be this powerful "TVXQ" like these days because Yunho's leading ability.

    Could you tell me if it's not Yunho lead the team , the team will success like this?

    Ungrateful?? , who actually should be??

    what a fool people, what a bunch of Moron.

  62. I find it amusing that the lawyer brought Yunho on court. I already find it weird that CJS don't want to testify since its their lawsuit after all. But I wonder how they'll react if SM decides to bring in the other two as witnesses. Lately, its becoming more of the fans as the cause of distaste towards CJS. The Tachibana Keita twitter incident and QTV pulling out shows how hasty their fans are in making judgement. I don't really know what's the point of being extra sensitive and overprotective of 24 year old guys. Still it goes back to how CJS has handled the whole matter, I really don't want to bash them but I just honestly don't see CJS as men but as children cowering behind fan girls because of this whole thing.

  63. @krystokkers, I think the QTV incident might have backfired on those fans creating drama-even people i know who support JYJ are fed up with the ruckus creating JCS fans.

  64. @ Precious do civil courts have juries as well? Just wondering.

  65. @ Jessica
    You should've studied LOL. Thanks for the complement and your analysis about their "analysis". I can summarize their analysis in one sentence. "Everything that's said in 6.25 meeting is the truth." :)

    @ krystokkers, Reema
    There are many people, fans or non-fans who's getting turned off by the extreme-JYJ fans, but they're so preoccupied with "protecting" their idols, they just don't realize it.

    @ apooli
    Korean court does not have jurors even in criminal court.

  66. Lol!! about the rotation members in 2004, that was Jaejoong but fans spread on interrnet that Jaejoong have to stay and if someone have to leave that was Changmin.

    This, in Korea (K-cassiopeias) everybody knows that. Even some cassiopeias are regret about that and makes letters ask for forgive, I read one letter translate in tohosomnia years ago.

    Thats why I never like them (cassiopeia, sorry^^) they want to Changmin leave even the beggining, damn people -___- when I remember this I cant help but feel very angry

  67. @ precious,

    I'm surprised by that. So the final decision is made by the judge alone?

    On a completely different note, have you heard about cjs' reality show being canceled on qtv? It appears sm is getting the blame for this as well without any proof as usual. All they do is speculate as per usual.

    Usually I don't follow what cjs is up to but today i saw a comment on here and checked it out, and was sorry I did. Some Cjs fans don't care about evidence, all they do is attack anyone who thinks differently than them. I won't be going there or anywhere else on the internet attached to cjs again.

  68. @ apooli
    Oops, my mistake. From my research, Korean court implemented jurors starting in 2007 or 2008, so it was relatively recent that they introduced jurors. But the jurors in Korean court do not function like the ones in U.S. in that the jurors decision is only considered as recommendation, and the final verdict is decided by the judge. Anyways, there's no jurors in civil court.

    I know about QTV, and of course SM is being blamed for the cancellation. JYJ side has released a news saying the show is canceled because of "the reason everyone is aware of."

  69. @ Precious thanks for the information.

    How very convenient to say "the reason everyone is aware of." You can see how they are instigating the fans with their insinuations, and as usual it has worked. Do they have definite evidence that sm is behind the cancellation of the show or are they just guessing. Their fans as usual are blowing things out of proportion and that is one of the things that irritates me about them. But at this point what else do we expect from them, the surprise would be if they didn't over react.

  70. @ apooli
    According to QTV, the show was produced and filmed by C-Jes, and the negotiation for the publication rights didn't work out with the C-Jes. They stated there was no outside pressure to cancel the show.

    If SM really was involved, then C-Jes just need to report the incident to the court and get 20mil KRW, but I doubt it will ever happen.

    C-Jes' strategy seems to be pretty simple. If something works for them, it's all their achievement, if not, then it's all SM's fault. Pretty convenient, isn't it?

    Also notice that this news was released a day before TVXQ's appearance on the "Drop Knee Guru". If you recall previous events, whenever there was an activity scheduled for TVXQ, there was always something from JYJ side. (tweet, interview, essay etc.) It is kind of obvious that JYJ is using TVXQ & SM's fame for their own profit whenever they can while instigating their fans to bash SM.

  71. @ apooli
    Another thing of note is that QTV is an affiliate company of the Korean Central Daily newspaper which is backed by Samsung, so I highly doubt that SM is powerful enough to influence them, but these facts do not matter to some people. I actually learned about this from a male dominated non music website.

    It looks like JYJ side is trying desperately to keep their existing fanbase by designating SM as a common enemy, and their fans are falling for it.

  72. @kenda

    I have seen similar photoes with different combination of members. It was said that it came from a storybook/photobook of TVXQ in 2003. It might not be a good source to verify the rumor that Jae was the one to be replaced in the rotation in 2004.

  73. @ wakeupgogo
    Yes, those pics are from Storybook, and that's one of the reason why the fans believed Jaejoong was going to be replaced after seeing that picture. As far as I know, no member was officially confirmed to be replaced, but many fans believed it was Jaejoong because of that picture and other sources.

  74. It seems interesting to me that while they use the excuse that SM did it Yuhno's drama Poseidon was recently dropped from there network as well. If SM was really the all powerful dictator of all Korean entertainment that JYJ fans say they are why haven't they found a network for it yet?? But of course they can't be bothered to think about that can they. Not only that but while QTV is affiliated with the Korean Central Daily they are also affiliated with tuner broadcast system Korea which is owned by Time Warner one of the biggest conglomerates in the world I highly doubt they would be kicked around either.With Time Warner and Samsung backing up your butt I highly doubt they would be pushed around by what is really a small time entertainment company compared to those big boys. But again JYJ fans seem to make any excuse to make it someone else's fault. Now I have to clarify myself not all JYJ fans are bad just the fanatic ones.

  75. This is not related to the article, but I'm not sure where to post. I'm just wondering, how much power does SME actually have as an entertainment company? For some reason some people think that they are like God and anything that happens is because of them.

    Comparably, in Taiwan, 'entertainment' companies are more management companies that just send out a manager to manage a celeb's schedule and has not much influence in the entertainment world really.


  76. @precious

    the replacment thing was meant afor jj i remember reading news about this thing & even it was sayed before that sm was having some issues with two members from tvxq & it was jj& micky`s names were mention in fact i believe from those issue`s it was one of the reasons why jj never picked to be the leader since its all known the leader position always taken by the old member in the group & jj older than yunho in months but then it was yunho who got the leader ship in one of their tv shows i recall the mc asked jj in A humorous way why not he`s the leader then jj in Tone of resentment syaed im not allowed to say why ?!! another thing that made me wounder back then about the whole mess that came out later .. yunho is well known how respected & loved by every one weather in sm company or by others celebrity you can see it when ever he`s been a guest in the tv shows so i exclude that he was the one who were gona be replaced its so obvious its one of jyjfans twisted tactics to make their oppa better ..

    about the QTV canceling jyj show & the news started to surfece the net the minute homin have activity scheduled line up to come cant say im shocked cuz im used to this law tactics of them i just dont know for how long they gona keep doing this ?? lets not forget the the poll drama that went with jyj crazy fans when homin were winning the poll voting in a-nation poll :) they are hopeless case , cant stop admiring homin fans for standing up to homin in the voting thing cuz from what i see they are FRP wining over jyj in every poll it shows how powerful these two guys are jyjfans know that for fact maybe thats why voting fot the tvxq5 over voting for jyj alone such ironically situation for them dont you think so :)

  77. Obviously c-jes are very clever I'll give them that. Cjs have done everything in their power to discredit homin because they know what c-jes are doing by interrupting homin's activities at every opportunity they get. I'll wait till tomorrow to see what homin said on knee drop guru. Yunho is too good because I don't believe he will say anything much at all. His words are always well thought out. Thanks precious for the link.

  78. Hi Precious! I just remembered something and I wanted to ask you if you know anything about it. When Avex suspended JYJ's activity in Japan, the reason that was officially published was something about their management agency C-JES being involved in organized crime. Afterwards no one has ever said anything about these allegation,nobody confirmed them nor did anyone infirm them. I'm not saying that I believe them, but I just still wonder which is the real reason why Avex suspended them. Do you know anything about the issue?

  79. @ George
    I don't know exactly how much power SM has, but I know that they are not powerful enough to control TV stations.

    @ ranon
    They'll probably do this until no fans are left.

    @ apooli
    I think instead of interrupting, C-Jes & JYJ are using TVXQ's activities for their own benefit.

    @ jojo.profiler
    We will never know the exact reason why Avex suspended CJS's Japanese activities, but the reason you quoted is what Avex used when suspending them. I'll cover about C-Jes in the future.

  80. @jojo.profiler
    It's a fact that the guy who registered the company spent time in jail for blackmailing his artist into a exclusive contract. However there has been more recent rumors going around that he has been involved in a blackmailing and extortion ring.Most likely Avex suspended them so they could look into the allegations it could be harmful to the Avex label as a well respected company in Japan if they are found out to be associating with criminals. The most recent rumors are that the guy is actually being investigated by the Korean police. Honestly I actually did my internship at Avex before I got a job in Korea(which they helped me with by the way) and they are a very upstanding company. They treat not only there artists well but also there workers. All this crap about SME making ultimatums for them to suspend JYJ is probably all crap Avex would never be bullied by another company especially considering how huge they are. Believe it or not but JYJ needs Avex more then Avex needs JYJ. Although thats just my take on it through all the rumors I have heard and the articles I have read. It could all just be bs but I highly doubt it. Avex wouldn't risk there reputation just to stay on SMe good side.

  81. I searched on the Internet about this C-JES Entertainment and did not find much, but they seem a bit suspicious. If you have time read this . It's quite interesting.

  82. @ jojo.profiler
    I've read it, and more. :)

    @ LadyYejin
    If SM could bully Avex, then there was no way Avex would've signed the 3.

  83. @LadyYejin
    So basically, JYJ signed a contract with an agency run by an ex-convict and now they wonder why they are rejected by the entertainment business. And they continue posing as innocent angels.

  84. @Precious
    It always did make me wonder why JYJ fanatics blamed Sme for the suspension. When really if Avex were so easy to bully why would they sign JYJ in the first place. At least use common sense in your logic.
    It does make one wonder why they signed with a guy who blackmailed his artist into an exclusive contract when that is part of what they were complaining about with the Sme contract. Also the fact that the guy does have a criminal background may make other entertainment companies a little wary about working with them. Apparently the guy does have a lot of contacts in the industry but that doesn't make up for a criminal record.

  85. I must admit, C-JES and JYJ are clever, too clever!

    Every time HoMin have any activities (comeback, interview, etc) that may not favor JYJ, they just drop some news to distract the public. This time with the threat that the truth may be reveal on Knee-drop Guru, they go with this canceling news.

    I cant help but think this may be the calculating of C-JES, maybe they dismiss the agreement with QTV at the last minute, cause public to bash SM and raise sympathy for JYJ, then later release a DVD that would gain much profit than broadcast on the cable TV.

    The statement they use is also very clever: "The reason you all know", they create the rumor SM causing the canceling but dont have to take any legal responsibility. I bet the Korean DA couldnt find enough evident of the Crebeau case because they also cleverly played with words like this.

    Anyway, thanks Precious for always provide us information. I know the recent posts causing sadness to some HoMin fans, but if there are more info like this that we should know, please post them all. Even though we feel sad knowing in detail what HoMin must went through, our respect to them also raising after each of your posts because of that. So please keep up the good work. Thanks again!

  86. how clever, "for the reason we all know". i sure hope CJes is on their way to court to claim their KRW20,000,000 from SME because otherwise this is defamation.

    this show has been delayed for days or a couple of weeks at most, and now they reveal that it's officially canceled, one day before TVXQ's KDG appearance. if this isn't a calculated move then i don't know what is.

  87. @ LadyYejin
    Common sense? That's such a new concept!!! LOL

    @ kawaiinu
    I think I'm done with bashing stories for now even though there are more. Maybe I'll post some later, but I'm going to shift the subject to something else now.

    About the QTV thing, some people even think that all of this was just a publicity stunt to lure more fans to buy the DVD by playing the pity card again and developing sense of crisis among the fans.

    All I know is that SM is not stupid to interfere on a mere show on a cable TV to risk bad publicity. Can you imagine what kind of backlash SM will get if they really forced QTV to cancel the show?

    By not directly addressing SM, they're avoiding defamation suit, which the readers probably know already.

  88. i just realized "for the reason we all know" is ambiguous enough that later on CJes could deny that they were pertaining to SME with that statement. clever indeed.

  89. @kawaiinu

    funny thing when jyj were whining before how avex were treading them as money machines not human they sayed that right after they broke ties with avex & singed with C-JES but if you look deep to into their actions & the strategy of selling there works you cant help but lool at them cuz they are doing the thing that they were complaining at from the Beginning !! every thing they do they sell it to the fans there is no privacy left for them it all published on twitter or dvd seriously never for once imagin to end up seeing them doing that i understand how an artist like to be close to his fans & shair things with them but not to that extreme so its not a shock that they thought of selling DVD since it will gain much profit than broadcast on the cable TV .. dono if my post is Offensive if its then you may delet it precious sorry for posting more than once :)

  90. @ precious,

    That's what i meant. Using tvxq's activities for their own benfit. Thanks.

  91. Just thinking about what kawaiinu wrote, I was quite shocked about the fact that cjs were doing a reality show. I mean they are already on twitter and we know what they've done/do on there. The first thought that came to my mind was how much of themselves they were opening up to the public. I thought is this really what they want to do or are they doing anything now to get the fans on their side. But don't they have most fans on their side? Are they really happy with this? How much of their privacy are they willing to expose for publicity and fame. They better be careful because as famous people privacy is very important and once that goes what have you got left? Once you go down a certain road you can't turn back. A lot of famous people especially in western countries have found this out too late.

    Its like slowly but surely they are losing their morals and what made them humble and respectable people because of this situation they created for themselves. Homin cannot believe the lengths their friends have gone to for the freedom and happiness they claimed they didn't have with sm. They are dumbfounded as am I. Sorry for the long post.

  92. Just cleaned up some unnecessary comments. :)

  93. @ precious, if you see my thoughts as unnecessary comments then put ur hand nearest to your heart and ask urself, by reposting old wounds,is it really help homin fans? I just felt sorry for these heart broken,miserable fans.

  94. @sherri
    Honestly do you really have a point. Yes it does help us Homin fans because it just strengthens our love and respect for them. If you want to ignore that these things happened that is fine but we cannot and will not ignore or forget there hardships that are making them the stronger and more respectful human beings we see on stage today. Oh and by the way Precious did not delete your comments you commented in another post. May wanna pay more attention before you accuse someone of something they did not do.

  95. @sherri
    it's up to the individual to choose what to read or what not to read and how to process that information.
    just because something was awful doesn't mean it should be buried and everyone can pretend nothing happened. as you can see a lot of this information is new to the Homin (international) fandom and a lot of eyes were opened to just how much Homin suffered during these times.

    i was heartbroken but i'm not miserable, on the contrary i'm very proud of these 2 admirable and honorable young men. every time i see them i remember the guts that it takes to stand on that stage.

  96. @ sherri , I agree with what @cat1177 has said in her post-when i read about what these two individuals had to suffer for no fault of theirs it honestly makes me cringe but at the same time it doesn't make me miserable-it really strengthens my love and admiration for HoMin-to have endured everything with such dignity and to come out of that dark cloud standing tall and working hard and doing their best should be a good example for everyone to follow!

  97. @sherri
    oh and i believe Precious was referring to a previous poster by the name of George whose comments caused some confusion, not you. and as LadyYejin pointed out you initially posted in the previous topic, so Precious couldn't have meant it to be you in this topic...

  98. @Sherri
    Just my 2 cents worth. I know it hurts knowing all that has happened ans it hurts to open up old wounds. But it's through opening up these old wounds that we find closure and start to heal. Perhaps it's not so for you, but it's certainly so for many including me.

  99. @George
    I wondered this too awhile back and looked up some figures. In both 2008 and 2009, SM reported net profits of roughly $4 million USD. (They were reporting deficits of between -$4 to -$9 million USD every year from 2004-2007.) To contrast, Korea's 3 major broadcasting companies KBS, MBC, and SBS had a combined net profit of $150.9 million USD in 2009. And for a really fun contrast b/c Lady Yejin mentioned QTV being backed by Samsung, Samsung's reported net profit in 2009 was $8.33 Billion USD.

    Those figures are pretty bare, but the comparison should tell you all you need to know. Like you said, SM is ultimately just an entertainment company, and like virtually all entertainment/management companies worldwide, SM is simply not powerful or influential enough to hold sway over much of anything outside of it's own industry. Definitely nowhere near strong enough to bribe or scare Korea's national broadcasting stations and other such media into “cockblocking” JYJ.

    I'm not gonna lie, these posts do make my heart ache. But more than that I'm glad for them, and quite thankful to Precious for giving I-fans clear and actual accounts of what was going on with HoMin in Korea the last year+.. Because this kind of info was simply never translated for international fans. (Thank you Precious, seriously.) It makes me even prouder of HoMin, of what they've gone through and where they stand now. As their fan, knowing all of these things both good and bad just make me respect and trust and love HoMin to an even greater degree.

    Also, Precious' intent for this blog is basically to bring to light what was really going on with TVXQ surrounding the whole break up, right? That includes HoMin's untold side of things. So I think these posts definitely have a valid place and purpose in that.

  100. @biathanatos
    Not nitpicking just giving credit where credit was due Precious actually mentioned them being affiliated with Samsung through Korean Central Daily. I mentioned that they were also affiliated with turner broadcast system Korean which is under Time Warner. Who just like Samsung makes billions of dollars a year not millions.Actually 8.33 billion for Samsung is a conservative in 2010 they earned 13 billion. So definitely not playing with the small fishes known as Korean entertainment companies that's for sure. It amazes me that people seem to think that SME have all this money to throw around at people to stop JYJ from promoting and really it's just not true. They don't have enough money to throw it away like that.

  101. @ sherri
    As others commented, my comment wasn't directed at you.

    To answer your question, it definitely helps TVXQ fans. I'm sure it helped some JYJ fans too. According to your way of thoughts, we shouldn't study history either since human race has far uglier past than these. BTW, HoMin bashing is still going on, so what I've posted is not exactly over either.

  102. @sherri,

    As others have stated, we may have been sad when we found out how Yunho & Changmin were treated but we also feel pride in the way they have handled their difficulties. They have acted with class and maturity not found in many young 20 year olds.

    Also, what you are implying is that it's OK to continue to hurt Yunho and Changmin even though they are not at fault for anything just so that js, yc, jj are protected and the fans still continue to feel good about this fandom. If it's a choice between clearing the reputation of Yunho & Changmin versus me feeling warm and fuzzy, I would want the truth to be known so that Yunho and Changmin are cleared from these unproven lies. And that is what Precious is trying to do here.

    What I don't understand is how there are Korean and Intl fans that still bash Yunho and Changmin and boycott their comeback if they know the information that are posted on this blog. I have to conclude that these fans either still don't know the truth or refuse to believe it, just so they can be happy.

    Ignorance may be bliss but it is still wrong if it's at the cost of other people's happiness and well being.

  103. Thanks for another post, Precious

    (this’s the first time that Im WORRIEDLY look forwarding for TVXQ-HoMin TV program translation,KDG!!!)
    Just read some translated part,I feel thankful that I found this blog for my own HoMin sake ^^
    And HoMin just assured me what I have read in this blog! Though knowing it directly from their mouths, it’s more hurt T__T but im glad that they finally told us themselves. Im not pretending that im fine because … im not! Yes, im sad but … Im proud to be the fan of this two men!

    Btw, have you guys see the reaction in AKP that Boa’s mother was a guest in some TV show? No one in this world could share their pov about ‘celebs lawsuit’ without bashing from JYJ fans!

  104. i just read some transcript of Homin KDG and i'm glad that they speak up and stay classy. You can go to soompi to read some of the translate.

    JYJ fans always hyper sensitive when it comes to their boys, like they're baby sitting JYJ. No one can give opinion about lawsuit or loyalty without being bash by JYJ fans. They're over the edge and act like a elementary school without understand what they really is talking about. I almost laugh of my butts when some of them comment "Karma"on the news of music distribution company get fined for pricing the music, which is not related at all.

  105. @LadyYejin
    Ah, I see my bad. My apologies to Precious for mixing that up. xP
    Yeah, I know Samsung netted quite a bit more in 2010 but I just used their 2009 figure to stay in keeping with the other figures. Anyway, I agree. Think people who actually believe that kind of thing... are just naive and immature. Most probably just young with little to no real life or work experience.

    On Knee Drop Guru. I am so very proud of HoMin. The show's pretty heartwrenching at times, but I'm just proud of them, more than anything. Don't care about the stanning going on, HoMin have proven themselves to be above all that. <3 ^^

  106. I saw the KDG episode. HoMin didn't really say much about the breakup, but antis already found something to bash Yunho for. He said in the show that they didn't know about the lawsuit (injunction) until it happened, and antis are saying that Yunho lied about it. Of course they'd say he's lying since his statement directly conflicts with what they're claiming and what's said in 6.25 meeting that all 5 was going to leave together.

    Those people believe everything that's said in 6.25 meeting as the truth, but do not believe what Yunho said. I thought the fans were supposed to only believe what the members said themselves.

    BTW, the show was really fun to watch, I was LOL'ing throughout the show but don't ask me to translate it, sorry. :)

  107. i read some rough translations at soompi and LOL'ed the most at Changmin's warning to creepstalker fans hahaha.

    what can i say except how proud of Homin i am. don't care either about people calling Yunho a liar (again). what else is new? any time Yunho says something they can't bear to hear it's "LIES!!".

    don't worry Precious, i don't think anyone here will ask you to translate the show because what we want is your next post. :D

  108. yes,even i don't know Korean but from some translation,many of Changmin's parts are really LOL! Our Changmin becomes really talkative lately hahaha ~ Im glad to them look so cheerful ^^ But the last part make me almost cry when Yunho&Changmin talk about bashing, Yunho's eyes seems teary and Changmin's voice also tremblig TT_TT

    @cat1177 i read comments in AKP too,but as you said in Soompi(same user,aren't u? :)nth can change their mind,so no need for arguing. I just find it's funny that someone claims that Yunho lies that he knows nth abt the lawsuit because there's some evidence in 'couple talk' in AADBSK3. Seriously... i watched it many times but can't figure out when Yunho SEEMED he acknowledged abt the lawsuit? Grrrr... probably my english is damn bad so i don't understand the subtitle clearly ^^

    hmm i doubt what's going to happen next after KDG already aired???

    @Precious, lol of course we won't ask you subbing it!

  109. @precious,I remembered the 1st stage appearance for homin that I've watch ,I felt sad and at the same time glad that they are strong individuals as TVXQ after their break.What comes to my mind was it will be great if there are five of them.
    Then I ask myself,only if both fansites don't bash each other on whichever side they chose and simply just enjoyed these five boys talents and music. At least the whole DBSK fandom will not be split like now.It is just sad to read each member being attack by ugly remarks from the fans who used to love them. Can you imagine how miserable it can be if you put urself in that situation. Not to mention some fans are very young and how this whole mess really put them thru these years. Fans should at least keep SME and the Lawsuit out of the picture when they support their idols. But now, it seems too late as words that had been spoken will only leave behind a bleeding wound for both fans and the boys.
    We fans should respect the choice our idols choose and support their talents and I believed we can support them positively without being bias.It take two hands to clap and till now I wanted to believed if without fanwar existing , these five can be good brothers forever regardless of whether there is a lawsuit or not.

  110. The crazies are going nuts right now-calling Yunho a liar-say whats new huh? Loved their interview-finally understand the pain that they had to endure.Do you know how low the JYJ stans are?? they are trying to trend #unkowislying on twitter:-(
    Sometimes it drives me insane that we cannot protect HoMin from these antis!

  111. It is honestly getting scary how far JCS stans are willing to go to protect their good name. Just came across a link in twitter that showed this "TVXQ" blog (obviously JCS biased) that listed an entire list of activities HoMin did since the lawsuit. It sure was extensive and honestly a bit creepy, cause even as a HoMin fan, I do not pay so much attention to their activities. ( I am busy living my life and working hard just like my boys. Honestly no pun intended ) 

    When I first read what boa's mum comments, a red light went off in my head. Cause I knew then and there, that she was going to get attacked. When I read about the twitter drama of that jpop guy (apologies, I am really not too familiar with jpop artistes) praising changmin and how he got attacked, I shook my head in disgust. All that they are doing, thinking that they are protecting CJS will eventually backfire in their face and they WILL be the ones who ruin CJS's careers. Not CJS themselves, not even SME .

    Honestly I love all the boys, even though I'm yunho biased. But I am finding it harder to accept others mentality that what JYJ says is the absolute truth and what HoMin says is a pack of lies.

  112. @ justine,I agreed with you on your last statement. Just hope for the day all fans will be happy for what we want to see.I dont foresee the boys will come as one but as two bands on stage.

  113. oh wow i've been absent from this whole TVXQ thing because was depressed because of it. Now I'm more depressed. I'm trying so hard to not to cry when I was reading this post (which failed miserably).
    Sometimes it sucks how yunho is beyond normal people's reach, because I have this feeling of regret of not being by his side when this happened. Lol who am I to say that? xD
    I hope he will get better now, because this happened last year. but hey, scar will always remains :S
    funny thing is, i bet this blog is marked as HoMin-biased, because how you support them :S

    @justine: oh wow they were bashed because they praised HoMin? :S
    and a comment from BoA's mom? which one is that?

  114. @justine
    #unkowislying?? LOL. sorry for laughing but that's extremely childish. are they in kindergarten?

    and anyway, based on the rough translations, Homin did not say anything that they haven't said before: that it would go as far as a lawsuit. that's nothing new, but antis will raise hell with every little thing Homin says that doesn't sound pretty so whatever.

    yup same username ^^
    i've watched the couple talk in AADBSK3 and all i remember Junsu say was that Yunho will have to play a big part in deciding their future. that's it. didn't Homin fathers say that the 2 boys were being pressured to join the other 3 for months? so that part in the couple talk, i take it to mean that Yunho HAS NOT made a decision to join them. JS could be implying that they were waiting for Yunho's decision (if Yunho was going to make the decision at all, because from what Homin's side have stated, they never wanted to leave. and i believe them.) well that's just my interpretation re: AADBSK3 and i will not force that on anyone, just my take.

  115. oops sorry that was for @Reema
    these people trying to trend #unkowislying, they're the same ones who are "fighting" for JYJ human rights? LOL.

  116. @ sherri
    I'm fine with respecting each sides' choices, but there's no way for me to respect the choice to hold the 6.25 meeting to blame HoMin for the group's breakup causing all the bashing towards them. If you're ok with it, then that's your choice, but I cannot respect that.

    @ anaaga
    This blog is marked as anti-JYJ LOL.

    @ all
    Another directive must've come down from the top. Every antis are out in force to say Yunho was lying, even back in Korea. They sure do work efficiently.

  117. REALLY?????? they're trending that on twitter?
    Have HoMin fans tried doing sth this way? since I rarely find HoMin Int'l fansite(yeh like we already know ... there're many JYJ Int'l fansites),so im not sure sth like this ever happened by HoMin fans. Anyone know?

    hmmmm... Yunho is always their Target!i'd have been worried but im sure HoMin already know that sth like this must happen to them after KDG aired, and they even faced harder situations before.So They can get through it classy way as usual! ^^

    @cat1177 tks for confirming that my English isn't that bad! lol Then the one who Junsu said he plays big part in deciding TVXQ future,how big Junsu took in his consideration that made him filing the lawsuit?
    neh...impossible that those people who trying to trend that on twitter and the one fight for human right would be the same one!'s just to Funny! hahaha

    Never thought that being TVXQ fan,i can get all feeling like this! lol really worthy!

  118. @adrenalinss
    I dont know if they will or not or are trying but a lot of them were pondering over it so...sick minds i must say-I wonder why Yunho is always the target? I know Changmin is also on the same page but why is he called out for everything-is it because he is just such a charismatic personality?

  119. @ Precious: I think it's because he's the leader.
    His job as leader is supposed to bring everyone together. I think...well... to people he failed that.

  120. @ Reema
    Here's what I've read from other fans posts why Yunho is usually the main target of the bashing. It's quite complex actually. Each individual fans have their own reason to target Yunho.

    Junsu's fans:
    Junsu is considered to be the best singer along with Jaejoong (Junsu & Jaejoong's fans always fought over who's the best singer), and he's also considered to be a great dancer almost as good as Yunho, but Yunho gets the credit all the time as the best performer, so to his fans, Yunho is the obstacle that Junsu must overcome for him to be the "complete" member, so they bash Yunho.

    Jaejoong's fans:
    Out of all the couplings between the members, YunJae coupling is the most popular and most influential. Most fans know that Jaejoong is the one who seems to enjoy that coupling and Yunho really doesn't. Also, most YunJae fans are mostly Jaejoon fans. In YunJae coupling, Jaejoong takes the feminine role so YunJae fans demand Yunho to take care of Jaejoong. So Jaejoong fans basically took the split as a man dumping the girl and gets emotional over it. That's why Jaejoong fans target Yunho.

    Yuchun's fans
    He's actually the weakest performer both vocal and performance, so his fans are very protective of him. They want to put down Yunho so Yuchun can be at least 3rd or 4th best within the group. So they bash Yunho.

    Yunho's singing was considered to be weakest among the members, but he improved greatly since the Mirotic album, so CJS's fans really felt threatened by Yunho's improvement, and with the breakup, the target naturally became Yunho. Changmin has been the quiet member and also the youngest, so targeting him was not as effective as targeting Yunho, so Yunho became the main target of bashing. Yunho is also blamed for luring Changmin to stay in SM with him.

    That's what I've read. :)

  121. @precious Thank you so so much for the explanation-it all makes sense now....
    Also can I ask and when you have the time let me know why you think JYJ will not settle out of court with SME or I don't know come to a compromise? Are they sure/or somehow know that they are gonna win /it would seem that if they lose there is no way they can come up with the kind of money that they have to pay SME?? and sorry if you have explained it earlier, am relatively new to the site:)

  122. @ Reema
    I haven't really covered the lawsuit itself yet. I'll probably talk about it once I'm done with 6.25.

    BTW, my above reply is not what I think because I don't know this fandom in detail like that. I just read about it from another forum. I won't take it too seriously even though it makes sense. :)

  123. @ Reema
    As for the breach of contract penalty, the amount will not be decided by following the clause in contract to the letter. There most likely be another lawsuit to settle the penalty amount and the court will decide the penalty amount if CJS loses the lawsuit.

  124. @anaaga
    Boa's mum was interviews because of boa and her brothers,all having successful musical career. She commented that dreams should be more important than just money alone. I'm sure you can imagine what happened after that. Yes, another innocent victim who fell pray to the JCS fanatics.
    I apologies once again for not remembering the jpop guy's name. He tweeted that he is impressed with changmin's improvement and that he's better than those who started our strong but has not improved since. Once again I'm sure you can imagine what happened , cause he posted an apology a couple of hours later.

  125. Can't think anything straight and asking myself if i'm dumb. Why i can't see the things which all the haters are Yunho blaming for?

    I think Yunho was only talking about the time WHEN they actually filed the lawsuit. No one knows if they talked to each other at that time anymore. Maybe they fought and started to have an uncomfortably silence between them for days .. weeks ... really ... who knows?

    Why all the poeple are SO SURE that he's OBVIOUSLY lying? When it's sooo obvious why i can't see it?

    I'm sick of JYJ being the forever victims when Yunho got the all time platingold asshole card.

    In Germany there's a saying: "For a fight you need two people."

    I'm following this blog since a while and i'm questioning myself if i'll EVER be able to understand why just ONE person is getting the blame for EVERYTHING all the time. But i forgot ... JYJ are saints ... the future prophets of this world who're going to lead us to salvation.
    I'm not hating them, because back in the days i loved all of them. But this merciless bashing causing this strong feelings in me to protect Yunho.

    Just one sentence. Just because of ONE sentence in this whole one hour broadcasting, JYJ stans are blowing everything out of proportion.

    Hopefully he stays strong and don't lose his determination. Because if not ... this young man is going even to regret to get born in this freaking world.

    P.S. I'm really sorry if my post shouldn't make any sense. Can't speak english very well and have trouble making gramatically correct sentences. I hope you'll bear with me. I just wanted to write it off my chest.

  126. @justine

    Wow to that. I guess JYJ fans' hobby is bashing every one (who is considered JYJ friends)who praise Homin, every one who said something that seems against JYJ decision (BOA's mum). And JYJ never tell their fans to calm down? I wonder whether they ever think that their fans will make other people put off with them ckckck...

  127. @Justice
    Ok I'm a JYJ supporter but I didn't come to bash anyone.
    I just wanted to say you're right. This is getting waaay to far. How come JYJ fans can't see it how it actually sound? I also think Yunho meant he didn't know they filed it, like he knew they wanted that, maybe he was going to be part of it maybe not, but he and Changmin probably thought the best solution was talking and were expectin CJS to change their mind to a talking solution aswel, but JYJ though it was enough talking and just filed it.
    I don't see think black and white, I don't believe everything posted in anyblog, is a JYJ one or a Homin one, but I like reading both sides because I see unjustice coming from both sides. I made my choice and even when it't not like your I hope I won't get judge by it.

  128. Yunho said he and Changmin didnt know that IN THAT DATE CJS will leaved them.
    I believe them. Yunho's father statement said that the 3 didnt discuss with Yunho and Changmin.
    I dont have answer why everybody think Yunho and Changmin know about it. or maybe this is all everybody think about lawsuit? but i dont have any statement from homin and his parent that they know it.

  129. At least we can see the positive side of this problem: Someday, JYJ will have to get married, of course; but "frantic JYJ fans" will kill "those lucky girls" and say to JYJ:
    "We spent all our youth on protecting you, so either you get married us or you must live alone in the rest of your life or we will kill you and suicide"! Someday, I'm sure that JYJ will perceive that they have been becoming victims of their crazy fans,victims of the game they created by themselves. It's the price of their victory!

    By the way, they deserve to receive 3 Oscar rewards for "best actor" due to "their excellent acting skills" in real life.
    Sorry for my bad English, and of course, thank you so much Precious!Hwaiting! ^-^

  130. @justine: no worries, I already found out who it is. and it's actually one of my fav japanese singer too. It's Keita Tachibana from w-inds. T___T

    it's not like i hate JYJ, but I'm tired of this. I just want a miracle to happen so that all of them can make up with each other, because this lawsuit is hurting a lot of people, including them. Don't know about Yoochun though...
    Probably the whole reason why they have more supporters is because they have a freakin twitter? so the fans feel closer with them than HoMin, since they always tweet even when it's not about work? because it's kinda human nature to support someone that you feel close to than some stranger.
    for some unknown reason, I have this thinking that JYJ's parents are doing more work behind the scene...or I'm just being paranoid

  131. I read a few comments but that was enough for me
    I feel like I got into a website of HoMin hardcore lovers and JYJ hardcore haters in one
    you act like you never loved Jaejoong, Junsu or Yoochun
    you act like you never supported all five
    do you really think JYJ just acted like victims? do you think the acted their tears? are you serious?
    I'm quite neutral in the JYJ-HoMin thing and comments like these makes me really angry

    why do you think JYJ composed all these songs about their feelings? do you think they acted it too? that's quite stupid

    just try to imagine this situation:
    you have friends which you know nine years, you're every day with them, after a few years you share a home with them and then suddenly you're like "I acted like a best friend the whole 9 years, I hated HoMin all the time, and now I'm gonna act like victim, muhaha" or what?
    that's stupid
    do you think their laughts were for the whole 9 years just acted?

    and all JYJ's supporters aren't like this
    you act like you didn't know every fanclub has really retarded fans, let's face it even Cassiopeia has and always had retarded fans like that
    you act like JYJ is the worst thing on the whole world only cause this article is HoMin biased
    and please, don't get me wrong, I'm quite neutral
    in my opinion JYJ's feelings and tears are true (cause it's hard to act tears and they're not as awesomly great actors..) and HoMin are silent only because SM told them to not speak about that things
    you act like you didn't know that SM is the most evil company ever

  132. @ anaaga
    well after the 6.25 meeting & the pics of junsu & his brother on bed splash on twitter send by their mother i doubt that they dont work behind the scene :) since it human nature to protect the one`s you love sure cjs families doing their best at it :)

  133. Oh my, there's a JYJ fanatic acts like she is neutral!

    Can she be any more ridiculous? "I think JYJ are angles and always right, but I'm neutral" then "HoMin are SM's puppet, oh dont get me wrong, I'm neutral" lol

    @Precious: This reply is just for @meru so if you delete that troll post, please delete this comment too :)

  134. @ Meru ..메루..
    Please don't say HoMin are just doing what SM is telling them to do. That's quite insulting to HoMin.

    As for JYJ fans, most of us were talking about the "retarded" ones.

    I'd like to believe all 5 were good friends throughout their career. I don't think anyone's doubting that here, but people change especially for greed.

  135. @ kawaiinu
    That's cool since I just replied to that person also. I think Meru truly believes she is neutral. Some people think that not bashing HoMin directly makes them neutral, but once you label SM as "evil", you are not neutral any more since HoMin are supporting SM. It's pretty simple truth that many people fail to realize.

    I usually don't delete any comment unless it's a spam.

  136. @Meru 메루
    OK..I don't want to make any arguement with anyone esp here and I do respect UR OWN opinion, you can choose what you want to believe as well as ... everybody here! but PLEASE if you just read a FEW comments then you'd better read ALL! and i mean ALL comments&post in this blog before telling one's though is quite Stupid!
    And i don't think you're neutral dear, if you were you'd have felt HoMin's hardship and tears were TRUE as well. ^^

  137. @Meru 메루
    "do you think their laughts were for the whole 9 years just acted?"

    For that question, isn't your JYJ answered it before in their interview, a lot of way if I remember it right :)

    And please, there is nothing called neutral in your comment. All I see is u take side too, how could a neutral fan look all JYJ's suffering and feeling are true while Homin's is "because SM told them to"

  138. @Meru ..메루..
    It just amazes me that someone can come in here and claim to be neutral when there comment screams pro JYJ. If you a JYJ fan that is fine good for you but don't come in here and claim to be neutral when we can all read your comment and actually apparently unlike you have common sense. People seem to forget that without SME there would be no TVXQ or JYJ in the first place. Not only that but there are a bunch of artists still with them who are perfectly happy so why do you find it so easy to say SM is the face of all evil. The truth is that out of all the artists they have ever had only 4 have ever had contract disputes and that apparently automatically makes them horrible people. It also seems to me that most of us would not be so upset about them playing the victim if it wasn't for the fact that in interviews and in a lot of tweets they act like they are the only ones hurt and continue to pander to there fans which in the end riles them all up so they can once again hurl insults at the other side. We are also not naive we know some Homin fans are fanatical and are doing the same thing to JYJ but let's face facts here JYJ fans instigated it and continue to be more vocal about there issues with Homin even some websites who have claimed to be all 5 have kicked fans of the new 2 people TVXQ out. You are trying to make us believe that the only side hurt in this whole thing is JYJ and that is just not true because they abandoned there so called brothers and then let there fans take them to pieces. Homin were the ones betrayed not JYJ. We are not saying it's all a lie that there tears are lies that there lyrics are lies but I am damn sure that they have distorted some of the truth and they managed to hurt a alot of people who helped them become then they are today along the way. If you wanna live in your delusional world were SM is the root of all evil and they are controlling Homin to say nothing that's fine but don't come in here and act neutral because your lie isn't working we can see right through it.Sorry for my harsh words but just like her it makes me angry to see someone come in here and look at a "few" which probably means one comment and thinks we are all haters. I will admit I am not happy with the way JYJ have handled things but I still respect them for there talent. I also don't like how everyone naturally believes everything JYJ says but if Homin says it it's a lie especially if it's contradicting JYJ then they say it's as bad as blasphemy. Some JYJ fanatics have even referred to JYJ as being like Jesus I am not even kidding and that is just plain wrong.

  139. @meru.
    ''you act like you never loved Jaejoong, Junsu or Yoochun
    you act like you never supported all five''
    No I didn't , I got into TVXQ after their Keep Your Head Down Album , and I'm an SM lover , and ur blind :D so run along now..

  140. @ Meru ..메루
    The 1 or 2 comments that bashes CJS does not reflect how everyone here feel. Yes, we are disappointed. Yes, we are upset that this happens. But unless you read everything from the start, precious's entries and all, I mean ALL our comments, are you able to make sure a comment that everyone here are pro HoMin and anti CJS. 

    We are not acting that we have never loved all 5, cause many of us still do, which is why we feel the hurt and disappointment. If we hated CJS, why would we even bother to get disappointed ? Yes, SME is hard on their artistes. They make them work hard, very hard to be truthful. But please think about it, if they had not done so, will any of the artistes get to their current level of fame ? In fact, ask yourself who was the first Kpop idol that made it big in Japan and other Asian countries ? It was Boa. Our boys were the one who started the HUGE Kpop frenzy we see now, but it's only because people saw how hard they worked and recognized them for it. So many others have tried to break into the japan market, but how many succeeded before DBSK ? None. SM had a huge part to play for their success, so do not dispute and deny that. Please give them some credit for it. 

    I might sound pro SM, perhaps I am. But it's only because I'm thinking of everything from a business POV. To many, the contract might seem unfair, but have you taken into consideration how much the company spent to bring them to where they are now. 

    Apologies for this super long reply. 

  141. @ Meru,

    Instead of just reading the comments, please, please, please read All the posts in this blog and see WHY all these comments are one of disappointment, anger and sadness towards jyj. See if you feel the same way AFTER you read the posts. See if you can stay neutral AFTER you read the facts about what really happened.

  142. @ranon: ah well i'm kinda pissed because a parent keeps saying that it's HoMin's fault. it gives more flames >.<

    @meru: how can u say that you're neutral when u blatantly says that HoMin isn't as honest as JYJ? that SM made them shut their mouths? man, u sound as if u know them or something like that.

    @justine: u say everything what i think. everybody forgets that a company is still a company.

  143. Hi Precious.
    I'll tell the truth: I haven't read all of your posts, but I wanted to thank you for your effort. I try to be as neutral as I can with this subject, and that's why it's good to know both sides of it. I read JYJ, HoMin and TVXQ5 blogs almost everyday, and I think everyone should do the same and not stay with just one opinion.
    Still this situation sucks, and hurts me like hell to see the fandom so divided, I really hope this all ends soon.
    Greetings :)

  144. @ MsBeloved99
    I agree with you. I have no problem with fans reading other side of the story, and I actually think that's how it should be instead of blindly trusting one side that caters to what they want. Thank you for your effort trying to be truly neutral. I have read both sides of the story myself, and formed my opinions afterward, then leading to the conclusions I'm presenting in my blog.

  145. @Meru ..메루..
    "do you think their laughts were for the whole 9
    years just acted??

    uhh didn't JYJ themselves say that they had been unhappy for some time before they decided to leave SM? so just how much of that misery did you actually see with your own eyes? i mean, there were a lot of things that went on that we are clueless about, to all five boys, so don't act like you personally know their feelings.

    "you act like you never loved Jaejoong, Junsu or Yoochun"

    you're assuming that all Homin fans were Cassiopeia (DBSK5), but have you stopped to think that there are plenty who only got to know them because of the 5th album? in the same way that many JYJ fans came to know them because of Yoochun SKKS? and in that sense a portion of the DBSK fandom can't really be considered "split" if they never were united like OT5/AKTF in the first place?

  146. I'd like to comment about what you've read,abt the reason why the other member's biases bashes Yunho.

    Many people admit that Yoochun was superior in vocal than Yunho, his voice is really distinctive and more stabile back in TVXQ era (but now he sounds like too much cigarettes), so I guess there was no reason for Yoochun's fans to be that insecure...

    I also don't think it's related to Yunjae-ness for Yunjae fans... Considering that Yunjaepetch was the longest running Yunjae sites and only extremes went there (since they had to make an essay etc, and they even made this anniversary book for Yunjae signed by SM artists), but in the end they turned into Yunho's sites. It wouldn't happen if most of the member were Jaejoong's bias, at least they need to love Jaejoong and Yunho a bit equally to accept things and come up with such extreme decision.

    I personally think that the reason to bash Yunho was solely bec he's the leader, the manliest-looking (Jaejoong is pretty-ish and act a bit feminine, Yoochun was a crybaby, Junsu was the cutie symbol, Changmin is the maknae, how can you demand responsibilities from them? XD) and almost oldest. People always demand perfection from such position, and again whenever something goes wrong with a group, who else to blame other than the leader and the company?

    That's just my opinion though^^

    Oh and this is out of topic, but I got teary seeing Homin in knee-drop guru. I can see nothing but hurt and honesty from them, how can people still bash them? Can't they see Yunho picked their words very very carefully, and his statements contained no malice at all. He even said "Junsu, Jaejoongie, Yoochunie" that made me went ;_; #sniffs

  147. I won't even comment on the bashing because it hurts me. But thank you precious and know that I read your every word. ^_^

    question, there's some stuff circulating on baidu tvxq bar about korean media is deleting articles supporting jyj en masse, and dnbn has its panties in a bunch trying to raise donations to protect jyj's rights. excuse the sarcasm but dnbn isn't very respectable imo, but i wanted to see if you had heard anything on the korea front? these ppl tend to work in concert across the international fandom so i'm wondering i-fans are making a move soon.

    thanks again!

  148. @ lapis.lazuli
    Everyone has his/her own theory, or the reason could be combination of both yours and what I've read. I kind of sensed that Junsu's fans are more competitive and aggressive than other members' fans. Yunjaepetch's decision was solely by the admin, and most YunJae fans are Jaejoong biased. Those fans criticized Yunho for hanging around with his high school friends (85 club) instead of taking care of Jaejoong (I think I mentioned it before), so you know how jealous they can be towards Yunho.

    @ S
    Deleting jyj support articles? If such things happened, I bet JYJ fans would be all over the internet blaming SM for it, but I haven't seen anything about it. JYJ fans in Korea are busy bashing Yunho for what he said in KDG, and bashing SM for QTV cancellation.

  149. @S
    You know it kind of pisses me off how they are acting like JYJ have more rights then the regular person. Maybe it doesn't seem like that to others but through all the crap and complaining that is what it seems like to me. With all the stuff they are doing it it just seems like they are expecting for JYJ to have some special privileges. Also you can clearly tell the person who wrote that petition had little knowledge of worker's rights and labor laws in Korea. There also stretching it with the basic human rights stuff. With regards to the laws none have been broken and as far as I see it performing on music shows is a privilege not a right. These kids and yes I am calling them that kids need to grow. Maybe they should spend all that time that they spend making petitions and taking over comment boards(aka allkpop) and study a bit more. Then maybe they would know that no laws are actually being broken so there is nothing there silly little petition can do.

  150. :'(((( This is not right, not right at all.

    If 625 meeting is harmless as some people insisted, what made these fans do this to Yoonho in public? What kind of love they're protecting that justified this hateful action?

    I'm angry that Yoonho said it's okay if people think he's a betrayer or traitor. Boy, please don't do that. It's not okay, you're not either of that! I never see you and the other members as betrayers or traitors so shake off those thoughts!

    As for not able to support JCS, it's because I've lost my respect for them and their fans are too angry with everything and anyone. I don't hate JCS, I just don't feel anything for them. They're just another band to me now, I won't spend time finding out what they're up to.

  151. oh guys, I didn't say "I'm neutral" I said "I'm quite neutral" and that's a difference (I don't know if it's difference in English but in my mother language it is)
    I believe to both of them, I feel sandess of both but I just like JYJ a little bit better cause I'm not sure if I should believe to SM

    adrenalinss: who said I don't feel HoMin's tears and sadness? I felt it, really, they didn't smile for a really long time too and I was sad and worried about it

    LadyYejin: I AM grateful to SM for making DBSK, but I also hate them for doing bad things for their best groups
    the issue which is happening now happened almost the same in history in the same company
    maybe they thought they're the only one who is hurt cause HoMin didn't answered their phone calls
    I didn't read only one comment, I read about 30 comments but I was sleepy and 100 comments left

    and for all, listen please to the JYJ's song "Unnamed song part 1" and read a translation
    there's said everything about what happened
    and I know you'll call me JYJ fanatic, but if HoMin make song like that where they say everything they think about this issue I'll be completely neutral

  152. @Meru ..메루
    Apparently you know all there groups personally cause you are saying it's happened all the time to other groups in the company. Sorry but I haven't heard that myself. No other group has ever sued because of contract issues other then these 3 and Hangeng. So you may wanna get your facts straight before you start throwing that bs around. An artist leaving a company happens all the time not just at SM whether you like to acknowledge that or not. Also considering you are calling Yuhno a liar since you say the 3 called even though he says they haven't it's clear to see which side you are on so stop playing quite neutral. Yet another person who believes JYJ's truth and Homin only reveals lies. Personally I have heard the song and I know others have to but that doesn't mean it's truth. Everyone seems to think that SM is the only one that lies. If SM knows how to lie don't you think JYJ knows how to as well. Even if it is all truth it just seems like betrayal to me. If you really loved your "brothers" you would not put out that all your years together were pain and suffering. At least Homin have handled this situation with respect and like real men have not pandered to there fans for sympathy. Most of us have read both sides of the story and continue to do so but we have made an educated decision on which side we support because sorry but facts don't lie. And if you have read all the entries in this blog something just doesn't add up. It angers and upsets me to see someone come in here and say they are "quite neutral" and yet is in here praising the gospel of JYJ. If you are a JYJ fan that's fine I respect that but don't come in here and lecture us on what we should believe and how things "really are" because honestly you know just as little as us.

  153. The most effective way to discredit HoMin is to say

    "they are force to say this by SM"
    "they are with SM they have no choice"
    "they still keep in touch with JYJ but they cannot tell the fans"

    All these comments seem to help HoMin to avoid bashing but in fact these statements have been used by HoMin anti to diminished HoMin image to discredit every action of HoMin.

    Of course many OT5 supporters who don't believe in HoMin will say that too.

    Why these people keep emphasize HoMin are controlled by SM n has no freedom to speak ? Simply because if you believe HoMin can express themselves freely then either party must has been lying, there are so many thing said n done by HoMin is contradicting with CJS.

    To JYJ fan who claimed to be neutral to Homin,
    I just want to say this blog is not to breed anti, no one call out to anti JYJ or Cjes. If you visit JYJ blog as well u will see how different it is compare to here.

    About QTV
    QTV said they are merely in the midst of discussing Broadcasting right with Cjes, so how much Cjes is asking from QTV for the right? I think some people don't understand it is JYJ self produnction program, Cjes can easily create a YouTube channel to broadcast this program. But of course since JYJ new album show case was not free, it is unlikely JYJ will make it free for fans too.

  154. @Meru
    Yeah, I will be totally believe them if it's not because of their own action and this blogs. Of course it's hard in Japan because they are foreigner, but the 5 of them doing it together, how come Homin never complain? All of them manage to GAIN their FAME through the hardship they endure together. If they never went to Japan (& experience the hardship which happen because they are Korean), I wonder if they could even achieve the same success & fame that they have.

    If SM pay them so little, why Homin & their parents never intend to quit? Did you EVER READ the contract & the profit distribution? SME may be an egoist, because they are COMPANY. SME need to maintain the profit so they can produce other artists. SME also need to pay their employees & various kind of costs. Do JYJ do their own marketing, promotion, make up, schedule, dance choreography, find trainers, back up dancers, etc when they are in SME? They might write few songs on their own, but TVXQ hit songs aren't theirs.


  155. continue...
    I was, initially, JYJ supporter, believed everything they said, thought that SME was very cruel even though I seriously question at the back of my mind, that TVXQ is VERY IMPORTANT TO SME, SO WHY DOESN'T SME TREAT THEM BETTER? If it's so bad working with SME, why doesn't Homin quit? DOES SME HAVE SO MUCH MONEY & POWER THAT THEY DARED TO PUSH AROUND THE 3 BROADCAST COMPANIES? SME needs the 3 broadcast companies to promote their artists, not the other way around. There are so many artists out there, those 3-companies don't need SME. If SME really DARE, I wonder how long they can stay in the industry when their artists can't promote properly. It's so much better for SME to maintain good relationship with broadcasting company by not trying to push them around.

    Though there's those logic, I believe JYJ anyway, since people believe them & I can't find any information regarding the lawsuit except from allkpop which sometimes doesn't accurate & bias. Thanks to Junsu twitter, & latter became series of twitter & articles by JYJ, at Homin comeback period that I started to think there's something wrong with those 3. JYJ said they are brothers with Homin, but why they obstructed Homin comeback? Homin never said anything when JYJ released album called 'The Beginning' (= the message is clear here, JYJ wants to start over & good bye TVXQ). If JYJ feels hurts by Homin comeback as TVXQ, can't Homin felt the same when JYJ released 'The Beginning'? JYJ practically ditched Homin. Can't Homin feel hurt, when JYJ said they are not happy with TVXQ for quite sometime? At the time, what Homin said? NOTHING. Homin are bashed & cursed like that & JYJ NEVER EVEN ONCE try to stop their fans or defend Homin. I thought they are brothers? I guess JYJ don't think so (maybe in the past, but not now).

    I don't think you are JYJ fanatic, but you are JYJ supporter. Rather than trying to call Homin, how about try to defend them once & obstruct their activities? It seems to me JYJ don't want Homin to continue their career. I'm really grateful to Precious because his blog confirm & answer the question on my mind. Have you tried to read everything? I guess not, your comment show it. YOU ONLY READ THIS BLOG COMMENTS & NOT THE ARTICLES WHICH ARE MORE ESSENTIAL. Please comeback to comment again after you read all the articles.

    I apologize for my long rant.

  156. "Rather than trying to call Homin, how about try to defend them once & obstruct their activities?"

    I am sorry, I mean:

    Rather than trying to call Homin, how about try to defend them once & NOT obstruct their activities?

  157. my opinion is that the whole issue HoMin vs JYJ is just a misunderstanding
    I read all articles and I still don't know why everyone hate JYJ so much
    how can you know they're behind all bad things?
    it's just changing opinions between two sides here

    and if somebody want to say I don't like HoMin (or something like that) cause I support only JYJ here
    it's because everyone say bad things about them here like they're the worst people on the world
    if somebody said that things about HoMin I would do the exactly same thing and protect them just like JYJ


  158. @Meru: oh You ask why everyone hate JYJ that much, can I ask u a question, what the fuck (sorry Precious) Yunho did makes your innocent Junsu oppa calling him "enemy", makes so many JYJ supporters bashing and boycotting HoMin? I don't know about the lawsuit, and who's right or wrong, but I can't stand the way your innocent oppas act when HoMin came back. It's not the thing so-called brothers do to each others. understand?

  159. @Meru

    Because JYJ action speaks for themselves. First they say they don't happy with TVXQ, fine. Later they say they want to return as TVXQ, what??? They said they love Homin, very nice. Later, they complain about Homin comeback??? Also, never try to stop their fans??? Yoseob (B2ST) defend Jaekyung (Rainbow) from his fans, asking his fans to stop bashing & they are not even family/brothers/sisters/whatever (maybe only friend), why JYJ can't do the same. But I don't hate them and I don't think anybody does since we don't know them personally. Maybe feel disappointed & cheated, but not hate.

  160. to all: sorry for my angry comment!

  161. oh right Meru, like kirsch87 I don't hate them either, but totally disappointed.

  162. @nguyenphuong
    I completely understand your angry comment I am a bit upset too. Especially since she is claiming she would protect Homin when she is the one insulting them. Also trying to convince us that JYJ are the ones being hated on. Oh please does anyone even believe that. Over half the fan base has taken there side with no questions asked most sites only have pro JYJ stuff at least here we can vent our frustration without being bashed. If you say one bad thing about JYJ on allkpop everyone goes berserk like you killed someone.

  163. @ Meru ..메루..


    Do you even read your own comments? They are contradicting themselves lol

    First: Try to copy your comments and past them in a schedule next to each comment past what people here have respond to you, after that see the difference between knowledge vs belief.

    What YOU believe in is not necessary the truth because it is only based on assumptions and on your emotional reaction to JYJ's tweets/songs. People here based their decision on a solid evidence and on an objective judgment and through it they came to a conclusion that JYJ abused their power and harmed what they used to call TVXQ and their brothers.

    If you support them because you love them that's your own choice but you have to know that they are not angels and no one is because if they were they wouldn't stab their friends in the back.

    This legal battle is NOT between JYJ and Homin and it is NOT between JYJ and SM. It is between JYJ and the contract. This was their claim but their actions seem to be contradicting. You can't deny the fact that they said in an interview that they were not happy as TVXQ... tell me the truth a Cassie what did you feel? For me i felt that i was betrayed ... to say that all their smiles were fake breaks my heart because i believed that they were sincere. If they were able to fake those smiles don't you think that they are able to fake their tears?

    Again people should notice that anything that happens to JYJ's activities is not SM's fault but C-Jes mistake because apparently they have poor skills in promoting. and if you see SM as evil you should search for C-Jes because that company is similar to SM but with a mafia reputation lol

    P.S: i am quite neutral myself lol

  164. @Meru ..메루
    It's good to know that you can completely ignore all that bad things that JYJ fanatics have said and done to Homin and SM. Sorry but most of us can't. JYJ fanatics have maliciously spread rumors and lies about SM and Homin in order to strength JYJ's case and get people on there side.JYJ never once stood up for there so called brothers and asked there fans to stop but even to an extent made it worse with those tweets. Not only that but as I have said before there are even some sites that were all 5 and even claimed to be after the split but then kicked fans of the 2 man TVXQ out after there comeback. The majority of fans have chosen JYJ's side and there is proof of that by all the pro JYJ fan sites and petitions around for them. So don't go saying everybody hates them
    Also don't even say that you would protect Homin if someone was saying something bad about them because you are the one insulting them basically calling them liars and puppets. You may not want to insult the people you claim to protect if you want us to believe your bs.
    We have never once said they are the worst people in the world and we do not hate them but we don't respect what they have done. Oh and you say how do we know they are behind all the bad things well how do you know they aren't.

  165. @pinkdreamer88
    I do agree with you that if they really faked all those smile because know we all know how absolutely horrible and painful all those years were(insert sarcasm here) how do we know they aren't fake tears. And if she loves them that's fine and her choice and I can respect her for that but to claim your neutral will all the bad things your saying is just rude and disrespectful to our intelligence.

  166. @pinkdreamer88: "You can't deny the fact that they said in an interview that they were not happy as TVXQ... tell me the truth a Cassie what did you feel? For me i felt that i was betrayed ..."
    exactly my feeling when I read that interview, after that I don't read anything related to them anymore. think about the past few years I spent with them,smiled with their smiles, cried when they cried, now when I know that that's all fake, I feel so ... haizzz, don't want say anymore

  167. @precious
    (off topic)
    June 6, 2009 : 3 parents decided to stop working with SM after the meeting with CEO of SM
    Middle of June: Words of TVXQ's breakup slowly started to spread
    June 24, 2009: CJS sent Content certified mail to void the contract to SM
    June 25, 2009: Meeting with administrators of CJS fan cafes.
    June 26, 2009: News of TVXQ's breakup blow up.
    July 5, 2009: 4th tour concert at tokyo dome
    July 31, 2009: Temporary Contract Injunction Filed by CJS against SM.
    I found at 4th concert they relationship seems well. so when voice file 6.25 spread in public? Homin didnt know about the meeting that time i think.
    at KGD MC said at july 31,2009, the 3 submitted an injuction for provisional disposition to terminate the validity of their contract to company. MC asking Homin about their feeling and Homin said they shock, they didnt know about an application when the 3 applied for it against company. I want to know which application? June 24, 2009: CJS sent Content certified mail to void the contract to SM? (This ones?)
    im sorry but i feel confused since i dont understand korean. I got the translation from YT

  168. @Precious

    Thanks for the answer. Those alleged posts i was talking about were deleted. chinese antis taking their own directives now? the plot thickens.

    btw, it's been a week since your last post lol i'm getting antsy waiting. im sure you are busy but what are you planning to post about next?

  169. For the past month, I've been researching quite a lot about the the lawsuit between JYJ & SM Entertainment. Now, before I comment any further, I just wanted to say that I had NO KNOWLEDGE of who TVXQ before. I'm not a Kpop fan and if it wasn't for school, I really wouldn't have cared. (My Professor was inspired by Tablo's Scandal) Please don't take offense to this, I was born in the States so my type of music is different.

    I wanted to say that, as an outsider, I am quite surprised at how Kpop fans idolize their artists. To me, it seems like fans put their artists on pedestals and worship them as if they're gods. Am I wrong? I've come to realize that this lawsuit has gotten extremely "personal" between the fans even though 99.9% of them don't actually know them or know the truth. Everything and anything can be interpreted differently to manipulate the minds of others. I'm not saying you're wrong Precious, I'm saying that from what I've seen and read, that's whats happening.

    Cassiopeia was once 750,000 (rounding) strong but what about now? Now, neither TVXQ2 nor JYJ has the support of 750,000 anymore. Seems like 25% became JYJ fans, 25% became HoMin fans, 25% are still Cassies and the remaining 25% just don't care anymore. (BTW, this doesn't include new fans) I feel that many of you have taken this too personal. Fighting over who lied, who was greedy, even who's the better group. It's actually really sad to see so many fans who used to be so united now become so divided. And FTR, both sides are just as vicious when it comes to bashing. Many of you "hate" JYJ fans and many JYJ fans "hate" HoMin fans so please don't act like one is more hurt than the other. In reality, it's all the same. It's just that you choose to believe otherwise because they're your artists.

    It doesn't matter who left or who stayed. It doesn't matter who knew or didn't know. All that matters should be that they all continue doing what they love and you continue to support them. Whether it's singing, dancing, acting, it really doesn't matter. What I'm getting at is that if you, as fans, continue to "hate" on each other, then in the end everyone falls. TVXQ2 & JYJ will NEVER be as good as before if you continue to hurt each other. I can tell that many of you will just ignore what Ive said and then "bash" me.

  170. @ dhanirahman52
    Yunho was talking about the injunction filed on July 31.

    @ S
    I was kind of busy this week. Probably make another post this Sunday. I'll probably post about DNBN.

    @ Thao
    Once the band splits, it is natural for the fans to take side. It happens to US artists too, so it's really not too different except TVXQ fans seems to be more passionate towards their artists.

    I do agree that it doesn't matter who stayed or left, but what matters is what happened behind the scenes. If you truly are an outsider, just observe the difference between the two sides and you'll see that the fans of two sides are different. Just by observing on the surface, you can't tell the difference, but there are differences between the two sides. It's really not fair to say that TVXQ & their fans are same as the other side once you know what happened.

    One side was a victim of malicious scheme by the other. I don't know if you read my posts regarding 6.25 meeting, but unless you read everything I posted so far, you really don't know the reason why this "fanwar" started.

    BTW, I am not a die-hard fan of TVXQ either, as matter of fact, before I started getting into this matter, I was not a fan of TVXQ. If you stick around and read my future posts, I am planning on explaining how I got into this.

  171. @Thao:

    Sorry, but there's a big difference here:

    JYJ fans hate Homin because of the 625 meeting held by JYJ families (and I wonder have u even read that post yet). Homin fans hate (that is more like disappointed and betrayed but since hate is the word u used) JYJ for what they and their families did to Homin.

    What is the same here? tell me. When JYJ started their BEGINNING (is the meaning clear?), did Homin say or comment anything, even that's the period they sufferred a terrible bashing from JYJ fans. When Homin came back, sure thing JYJ did not do the same. Being asked about this issue, they answered like they being left behind (who leave who, once again?). And why felt disappointed not being included in TVXQ anymore when they already claimed they DO NOT regret leaving TVXQ and all the past years was fake. If their twett was not against Homin, then what was?

  172. I'm tired of repeating those things again and again but why some people don't look at the facts before claiming 2 sides are the same. It's not. Even if we do not care about JYJ anymore, do their fans leave us alone? If your idols being bashed, do u defence them? If u go to TVXQ MV, there's a lot of bashing comments from JYJ fans. Excuse me, why JYJ fans have to go to Homin videos in the first place if they only support JYJ? To bash Homin and want Homin fans to see their bashing. U can't expect me to be silent when someone barged in my house and told me off.

    So, who starts the war here? I don't watch JYJ MV but it's on the recommend list next to KYHD MV and I notice its views does not change much for a long time, I doubt Homin fans do what JYJ fans are doing because if there's a war there, the view must be different.

  173. @Thao

    This is a battle of attacker vs defender. You can't ask HoMin fans, the defender, to stop fighting while the attacker, the JYJ fans, keep viciously attack.

  174. @Thao

    As an outsider, you may have a shallow opinion since you claim that both sides are the same. The problem in your opinion is that you have failed to notice who did initiate this war. The one who did that is the trio's parents when they asked their supporters to spread rumors about homin and SM using personal blogs ^^ I guess that before commenting, it would be more appreciated if you read the whole blog because then you will notice the difference.

    I considered it a personal battle the moment i knew that HoMin were attacked physically... That's a violation for human's right.... They were attacked and depressed because they were unsure about their careers whereas the other side was in Japan promoting for their concerts and working on their new album...

  175. @Meru

    I can already guess what you will say to defend HM:

    It's SM who made them say xxxxxx
    It's SM who made them do xxxxxx

    Am I right? If you can't even believe or respect what HM said or did, you already failed to be neutral. That being said, I still appreciate your trying to be neutral.

    You also regretted why HM didn't sing a song like 'unnamed song' written by Yoochun. But to you it's SM who made they do/say everything, so what's the point?

    An idol is someone to protect fans, to give fans strength, warmth, smiles, laughter and all good things. It's so much easier to complain, to whine on twitter or in a song, even knowing it will hurt people, than remain silent and go through darkness all by yourself. But HoMin holds this responsibility to their hearts. As an idol of 800,000 fans, Korea alone, if they show a bit of sadness, it will be magnified to be thousands of tears among the fans. If they show an ounce of anger, it could be magnified to agony. Greater power always comes with greater responsibility. That's why they didn't say anything negative to the fans. They smiled but not cried. They worked hard but not complained. They looked forward but not backward. Maybe you don't appreciate what they have done for you. As a fan who used to love TVXQ5, I deeply do. I was pretty happy in the past few years till I learned how much hardship they have been through lately (I bet a lot people on this blog had been the same). Now I only want to protect them from bashing as much as they protected me.


    If your 'bashing' means what Precious described in this post, calling you dog in your face in public, then don't hold your breath. But you should know that HoMin is not so lucky as you are. Hopefully it will help you distinct the fans on two sides.

    When you think that you heard enough from both sides, I bet that actually you heard almost nothing from HoMin about what happened. Fans got personal over little things becasue their feelings are attached. You must have witnessed how easily the flame can be turned into a fire. That's why HoMin don't want to manipulate the fans' emotions to their own advantages. If you happen to see the interviews, twitters and TV programs from the other side or heard songs written by the other side, you will see opposite. Hopefully this will help you distinct the idols on both sides.

    But all emotions aside, you know we all move on despite what we said today.

    Oh, one little thing, you seem to look down on fans who think of their idols as God (I am not saying that you are looking down to us). Just personally I want to clarify that I love them because of their humanity. They are not perfect in any way. But seeing them grow and improve every time they come back is what makes me love them more and more! They didn't stop working harder with a record number of fans, nor did they stop with a decrease in the number of fans.

  176. @Thao
    i think that, if you don't care then you don't care, and will see the whole thing as overreaction from petty fans.

    but i hope you understand that we care not because we think Homin are angels, but because they're human beings too, whom we think shouldn't have had to go through all this nightmare.

    and also, i don't think people here "hate" JYJ. personally i'm mildly interested in them as artists, dislike them as people, and despise their actions. i don't "hate" them.

  177. All,

    Im not even sure that Meru would be here again and read our comments but i love them! You guys are Classy like our boys! ^^ Lets not be spoiled by this. She's still a student,she surely has different judgement.Im not saying the young one can't voice out her own opinion based on own assumption but experiences in life provides people different norm and way of thinking to some certain thing.hehe~~ but sure, not every Nuna or Ajumma fans either are in thier good sense we realy can't explain our reason to support HoMin to all JYJ fans who come here, coz undoubtedly they have strong believe in JYJ and that's nth to do with ours too. we change nth but only get tired over and over agian.


    Thank you for dropping again instead of running away like many JYJ fans did, i really don't want to make an arguement but in case you're free from school and you may still lurk around let me just comment back to you since you directly replied to me, Yes you didn't say it but you mean it! Look at you word, dear. HOMIN...BCOZ..SM, not even one sentence you speak of HoMin but only JYJ's side. If you don't aware of it yourself, look at what people here respond to you, dear.

    @karenteh yes, totally agree! People think they're protecting HoMin by blame everything to SM instead of standing besides them and trust what HoMin does.That insult them not protect them.

    @kirsch78 i <3 your comment! Thanks for make it this long ^^

    @pinkdreamer88 lol @your QUITE neutral, i am too.

    @thao you said you don't have a knowledge about TVXQ so can i say "you're not TVXQ fan"? Obviously we're in different shoes we don't share any fandom feeling so I'll just respect your pov and will not reply. Anw, thanks for your comment ^^

    ps.i can't comment by LJ acc! grrr...

  178. @Thao:
    We never see HM as saints here. But let me put this, if u see strangers get bashed really really bad. How do u feel? Though u dont know them, u ll somehow feel really bad for them rite? Its natural. And we are fan in the first place, I can tell we 'know' more than any outsider like u. I think u know how does it feel for us then. And plus the fact tht we, HM fans, could not defend them because we didnt have any evidence to proof tht HM was not 100% in the wrong side back then. It makes difference here.
    So when we finally found facts to dismiss the rumor, do u expect HM fans just do nothing & let the rumor swept away by itself?

    I think attack-defend thing is not only happen in K-fandom, because I have a friend who is Paramore's fan. And when their 2 members pull out themselves from the band. Their fans were split into two sides too. Outsider do not know wht happen in the inside. So I think it ll be wise for outsider to be in other ppl(fans) shoes first before to give a wise judgements.

    I appreciate your thought here. Thanks for sharing ur thought.:)

    Hun, please read all the post here before u commented. And please never insult HM by saying they're controlled by SME.

  179. @all
    Well I haven't read comments in a while, and I was so happy reading so many at once haha~ ^^ And the conclusion is: I'm so proud to be a HoMin fan; not only because HoMin are respectable & talented, but also because their fanbase displays maturity, logic and loyalty. I go to JYJ-biased fansites and read their comments - well, it shouldn't be surprising..but these are the few things I observed:
    1) They contradict themselves.
    2) They blindly accept everything posted as correct and true. No further analysis done. (True characteristics of "slaves". OH wait, slaves do question their masters.)
    3) They bash with no backup/evidence/support/facts.
    4) They praise JYJ to no end (I literally mean WORSHIP - like the WORLD REVOLVES around JYJ; anyone that OPPOSES JYJ are EVIL/LIARS/TRAITORS)
    5) Facts don't seem to work on them - They can find excuses for every fact brought up to them. (Yes, I tried to fight an anti-HoMin/pro-JYJ with facts.)
    6) The list can go on...but I don't think I have time to write 1000 characteristics of crazy JYJ fans, because I think there are better things to do in life than to devote your entire life to attacking the opposite fanbase (Oh, did I mention that this is what JYJ fans do? Search up every TVXQ video and bash on it?)
    Oh, and before you become insulted by my comment, do observe yourself. I think I have become an anti-"JYJ fans". If I were JYJ, I'd be quite disappointed with my fans. But then again, JYJ seems to have no problem with their fans - it's not like they've done anything to stop them going crazy and bashing their 'brothers'.

  180. @Jessica: Leave them alone, it's not worthy to wasting time for them

  181. @Jessica-It is so frustrating getting into a civilized discussion with those newer JYJ fans-it seems like they are following a cult where you have been programmed to just spew hate and speak irrationally-But in the past few days and esp after KDG aired i have seen the haters have found a new found resurgence in going after Yunho-I am convinced they are working hard to bring him down-I see tons of hate articles and the most vicious of things being said about him, rumor mongering, spreading it to magazines etc. just to try to prove that Yunho is a liar-they are dehumanizing him.
    I feel like its payback for HoMin proving these stupid anti's wrong and coming back with a successful album-they cant bear that its better than "their oppa's" and people are appreciating the effort.
    Anyway its frustrating and depressing than ever b4!!I know ignoring is the best policy, but sometimes its a bit too much!

  182. i feel in HoMIN songs, their hurt,betrayed
    i don't want to think bad about the 3 when i see them in old vid.but when i foud this blog...haiz
    hope everything will end soon.

  183. @Jessica:
    One thing I can say dear ^^, JYJ know their fans well and what their fans doing is what JYJ expect from them, if not, JYJ haven't started their blaming and whinning. Another thing prove that the fans and idols are alike is: JYJ themselves do not reliaze what they make the fans doing is only defame them and their fans also do not releaze what they're doing is defaming their idols.

    That's only my opinion though :)

  184. @ALL I've actually read everything Precious has posted (took me quite a while) and all the comments that came along with it. (I did the same for JYJ sites) And as shallow as I am, I stand by what I said earlier, that you're all the same. I used the term "hate" because that's how many fans feels. Also, the "attack and defend" tactic is being over used by everyone, both HoMin fans & JYJ fans. Because many fans are emotionally involved, they cannot or will not see otherwise.

    I was going to post a link to my paper but I'll just quicky sum up my conclusion for all of you. This "war" that you're fighting is only going to hurt your idols in the end. TVXQ2 & JYJ will never be as great as TVXQ5 because of their fans. I say this because many fans are too busy "attacking and defending" when they should be promoting to gain new fans. Remember, it's the fans that make the idols so without fans, there is no idols.

  185. @ Thao

    I would love it if you said that to JYJ biased fansites that defame TVXQ's reputation ^^

    They need to hear an outsider's point of view because they seem to ignore their existence ^^

  186. @Thao

    lmao guy/girl/entity. I don't know why but it feels like you're actually a jyj stan disguised as an outsider. I've been to jyj blogs and really, the ammount of vitriol on those sites 'articles' and comments reach worrisome levels. In comparison, the articles here are quite comprehensive. Also, this place comments are tame, you never see people riled up and organizing to trend #jyjareassclowns on twitter or anything like that.

    I think you're pressed, keep fighting the good fight though!

    And please, do be linking us to your paper, I'm curious to see the complete thing and your references and citations for it. Maybe I'm being to harsh on you, and reading the complete thing may change mi mind.

  187. @ nguyenphuong @ LadyYejin @ natend

    To tell you the truth ... i see this YunHo attack plan is kinda exposing their true intentions ^^

    Many OT5 fans were surprised with their attack and decide to defend Yunho ^^

    This thing caused HoMin antis realize that a majority of JYJ fans supports TVXQ ^^

    Also, it made some of JYJ fans uncomfortable... because they were following those antis blindly without realizing it lol

    So, the more they attack the more people will get uncomfortable.

  188. When i read this post and see the youtube link, i was expecting to see ppl crowding around yunho scolding, yelling and holding banners with crude words.. But i ended up watching a video of Yunho smiling and answering the reporters... Does it make sense??

    She was there and witnessed that CJS fans are cursing, scolding and so on.. She didnt take a video of it? or not even a photo?? and if not her, I see lots and lots of cameras around there... I am sure if it happened for real, someone should have taken a photo or video of it.. and not to mention the reporters.. Come on, it will be a big hit if they write up about it.. Is there any official write up from those reporters at the airport?? By the way, I see a lot of fans chasing after Yunho and i believe there are Yunho fans at the place.. Even on the internet, ppl are fiercely fighting for them, if they see their idol getting bashed like mentioned, what will be their reaction?? just smile and go home?? or keep on taking yunho's photos without caring what ppl do to their idol?? I am sure, there will be a bloody fight if they see their idol being bashed harshly (based on my judgment after reading the posts and comments on this page).. Is there any news about it???

    Its kind of funny... The people out there are just accusing some other people for doing something after reading a post which doesnt have any proof(which is called the truth??)... and the posts and the proof, well,they give me a huge "?"..

  189. Oh, by the way, u guys remember?? Once Yunho was poisoned by a girl .. He drank the water with superglue... If this thing happened now, i am 100% sure that u guys will say this is done by JYJ fans... LOL they will say, it was in the news that Yunho was poisoned.. So there is a "proven truth"... JYJ fans are trying to kill Homin (after analyzing the fact)... Wow...

    For me, this is my analysis...
    Can i ask u guys one thing?? Out of u guys who are being active in this website, JYJ website and youtube videos of TVXQ or JYJ, how many ppl are from SM (SME staffs)?? How many are anti TVXQ (5) ??? Well, who knows.. I can say I am a JYJ fan and post something which may dishonor JYJ or i can say i am Homin fan and i can write which will reflect bad on Homin... Who knows who i am?? And how many of u can assure me that among those ppl who are bashing Homin and JYJ, none of them are anti TVXQ(5) ...

    My point here (u may not accept it but i am ok) is...
    1. there is a war between SME and JYJ (not Homin and JYJ).. So some of the above posts may be from SME staff to encourage Homin fans to bash JYJ... There may be some posts by SME on JYJ site to challenge Homin fans..
    2. There may be some anti TVXQ fans involving in this case cuz they might want TVXQ (5) to break up and disappear slowly (although i know the 5 guys will not disappear, they might be thinking the other way )..

  190. And, these questions came to my mind without a barrier after reading several posts and comments... Guess what??? There is a consistency.. Well, many of u say "if there is consistency, it is the truth" .. But what if there is consistency of being lies??? Here again, i didnt even say a word that Homin is right or JYJ is... I am just commenting on the page and the posts..

    How many of TVXQ fans or JYJ fans or Homin fans are native English speakers??? Especially those who are involving in this break up... If we talk about percentage, well believe me, not many % .. Even international fans do not speak English unless it is their mother tongue or second language... But here on "Truth about TVXQ" site, all(or nearly all) the posts and comments are written in good English... That's the consistency i am talking about... But if u go to youtube videos and read posts (especially posts before the break up) u guys will see their English is not so good and some even used their own language to comment...

  191. OK, my conclusion here is, I get a feeling(should i say analysis as ppl here really like this word) after reading posts and comments from "Truth about TVXQ" is that only a few people formed a group and they are participating using different names... That's why there is a consistency (guess it is going to be changed after I ve posted this)... So what is their purpose?? To let ppl accept the break up of TVXQ, dump JYJ and support Homin cuz JYJ betrayed TVXQ and their fans... Who will have this purpose??? Fans?? Nope , of cuz not!!!!! Then.... SME staffs??? Well, i will leave it to u guys to answer...
    So I just want to request u guys not to listen to those “Truth” that ppl make up using their one sided judgment… Just keep on believing what u guys believe, Keep on loving who u guys love, and keep on supporting who u guys want to support… Do not let ur “so called judgment” stains ur heart … It is simply because “Although you think you know everything, there are a lot of things you don’t know and a lot of things are happening beyond your imagination”

  192. @mee

    I agree with you mee. The PR campaign on both sides (JYJ and SM) has left a bitter taste in my mouth. But, I think it has worked way to well for the jyj side, with the tvxq boycotting and whatnot. I truly wish there was no bashing for either side, but of what I can see, jyj fans bash much much more and more sistematically.

    And the thing is, as you said, the "war" is between jyj and sm, why do many jyj feel the need to attack Changmin and Yunho? If you ask me, the 6.25 thingy, but that's just me.

  193. @mee

    Would you also post your conclusions to a jyj site? I'd like to see the reaction. If you have already, would you link it?

  194. @Thao
    I am happy to read ur post as it is (probably) the only natural post... Well, i would agree most of what u said except the part u mentioned "fans put artists on pedastals and warship" ...

    How should i put it,, It is not because they warship them, it is because they love them so much.. Like, u get so angry when u heard someone accuse ur family member or ur siblings.. :) u know, it is like that feeling...

    I guess u r studying law?? Good work, keep on going... Having a neutral point of view is not easy especially when most of ppl are arguing that they are "absolutely right" in this world... And it is not easy to make ppl give up on their one sided thinking and have a neutral mind... But i am happy to see another person who is neutral on this site... May be because u dont know TVXQ?? well probably... :) anyway... if u have time, do visit "" I am sure u will feel the difference.. What is the difference?? Well, i will leave it to u to decide... :)

  195. aaah @mee neverming me, i've just read your last post, you just believe the jyj side of things, i see. :)

  196. @platafina

    I couldnt access SYC sit these days .. I think my Laptop got some problem but i did emailed to the admin just a while ago after i post this here.. Honestly, if i want to find out about TVXQ or JYJ or Homin, i only go to SYC cuz it gives all the links about 5 guys... Just because i cant access SYC, i come here to search their news...

    By e way, i heard a lot of Homin fans complaining that JYJ fans are bashing Homin much much more... Can u give me the links for that... So far all the websites i ve visited, i see Homin fans bashing more.. It is because of this "Truth about TVXQ" site...If i have to take out this site, i just see a few ppl bashing sides each other ... even on SYC, i dont see bashing till the admin posted the link of " Knee-Drop Guru" :) lol.... that's why i am curious... If u can give me that link, i want to go and post my comment there too... Thanks.. :) (P.s when i read the 6.2 meeting translation on this page, i thought this page was JYJ bias page.. It is the first impression when i was reading that translation till i have to read comments then "oh, this is Homin bias side.. But the translation seems JYJ bias.. " :P )

  197. @platafina

    yes if i have money which is enough for only 1 cd, i wold buy JYJ's cuz i like yoochun altho i know the fact that other ppl can sign better than him... If someone says "Yoochun cannot sign well who and who can sign better, why not u buy whose cd, not yoochun's" then i will say, this is my money and i will spend for who i like NOT WHO IS BETTER...same goes here with my post... U can like anyone u like and support who u like but no bashing.. It is hurting ppl who like those ... But it is true that when i visit this page, fire is burning... But when u visit SYC, the environment is really good.. Ppl are talking about how much they like their artists.. No bashing till the KDG.. even for the KDG, there are some fans unhappy about the link so there are conflicts between JYJ fans. Some thought this kind of link shouldnt be posted on SYC site.. but some says Yoochun was born from TVXQ and TVXQ is build of 5 so they treat the 5 as one... By seeing this, i know there are some JYJ fans who are unhappy with Homin but i HARDLY see bashing... they just keep in their heart... Thats the reason i sent my comment to SYC right after i posted here... If u want to say, u may say "My SYC side of thing but JYJ side of thing" .. In my last post, i compared SYC website and TATVXQ and people's one sided mind (regardless of siding on JYJ or Homin)... i didnt side on Homin or JYJ ... well, u can see it clearly with ur positive mind.. That's the reason i ask u the link for Homin bashing webpage.. I will be posting my comment there to (try to) stop bashing Homin... :)

  198. It is a bit weird that some of my comments that are totally positive to Homin are deleted after published... Is it system error or someone deleted it cuz someone wants to make my posts look like bashing Homin so that ppl can blame JYJ fans??? really it is so weird that my posts (more than one )are not posted and i repost again and again .. But was deleted again and again...