Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Crebeau's lawsuit against netizens

Well, I was going to sleep, but someone posted a comment about the lawsuit Wishop Plus filed against some fans, so I'll talk briefly about it. Then I'm really going to sleep.

Readers probably know what I'm talking about, so I'm going to skip the details. If you want to know about it, you can visit any of the "other" sites, and they should have it.

Here's what happened. Some fans were discussing about Crebeau and its products in one of the open forum. I do not know the exact details of the discussions because those posts were forced to be deleted. I heard they were basically discussing the facts I've posted on my blog.

So Wishop Plus filed a lawsuit against the fans, and the powerless fans who were threatened of a lawsuit had to post apologies and delete all their posts. I wonder how old those fans were. There's a good chance there were some young girls who got sued.

Now, some people are using what happened during that time to threaten anyone who talks about Crebeau to cover up for their idols. Those clueless people must be thinking that it's something new just because they recently saw it.

The whole thing happened around June 2010, and that was when the Crebeau's lawsuit against SM was still pending. Crebeau sued SM in March 2010. That was before the lawsuit against SM was dropped, and before Korean DA found CJS and their families were involved in the business and own 62.5% share of Crebeau.

If you haven't read about 62.5% share, here's my post:

In response to fraudulent lawsuit filed by Crebeau, SM filed a counter suit against Crebeau, and that lawsuit is still pending.

SM quoted Crebeau's lawsuit against the fans as one of the reason for SM's lawsuit, to protect the fans.

Some people must be proud of a company filing a lawsuit against powerless fans who were just discussing some FACTS, and they have no shame on quoting that lawsuit to threaten anyone who expresses their opinion against the "artist" they support whether it be true or not.


  1. I can't beleive that they are using the same method to shush ICassies.


    The fact that this company sued powerless girls proves how cruel they are and how much they
    care about money.

    Anyone who uses this incident ''proudly'' should be ashamed of himself..... I mean it.

    oh, Good night Precious :D

  2. @Precious
    i have a question. i'm really curious as i read the post in thejyjfiles. and there's one point i kind of agree with. it is still unclear on how much each individual member of JYJ owns in Crebeau’s shares because the 62.5% is a COMBINATION of jyj and their families. we don't know exactly how many family members. does the involvement of their family members in this business has anything to do with the whole thing? so in one of the interviews with Crebeau you have posted, the manager/president (i forgot) said that jyj has made only small investments in the company. perhaps he's not lying..
    i hope you can share your views on this. =)

  3. Yo Precious, I've just read the silliest thing.

    Are you perchance this mythic Forever? Forever Precious?

    /loling Fffforever

    No, seriously, I'm gonna abuse the word Forever, forevermore XD oh man it's late. Thank you for your time and efforts as always.

  4. @Maddie

    (My POV is based on the fact CJS and family own 62.5% share at Creabeau.)

    1) If your argument is about the actual money invested by CJS is less than 62.5% share value.

    Then this makes the investment transaction even more suspicious. Why? Because there is no free lunch in this world, it means CJS need to give certain commitment to that company in return. And you know it is very common for a company to offer shares lower than market value to an individual, if the company thinks he/she can help to bring in business. How can CJS bring in business to Creabeau? Well I suggest you go and read Precious's previous posts about Crebeau.

    2) If your argument is about CJS do not fully own 62.5% shares but their family does, hence CJS is not really involve in this business.

    Any mature adult will know if a public figure cannot appear to involve in certain business, he/she will nominate their family member as shareholder. Whether CJS is holding the 62.5% shares themselves or it was fronted by their family, at the end CJS planned and agreed to this arrangement themselves. It is the name of TVXQ that Crebeau wanted, it is also the only reason why CJS and family are invited to join.

  5. i'm mostly a silent reader of this blog so yeah, i read all the posts.
    my argument is the 2nd point you bring up. i didn't know about that. thanks for enlighting me =)

  6. sue the fans for discussing the truth *slap forehead*

  7. Sue the fans?

    That kind of company surely needed the name TVXQ to make it famous. Glad that Homin didn't take part on it :)

  8. i wonder how many JYJ stans who come to here to spam have actually been to the actual crebeau stores ?

    Do you have any idea how hardsell they were,
    esp if you are japanese,
    i guess i was a bit disappointed when i sensed how their attitude changed when japanese fans walked in at 1-2 of the "stores"

  9. @ platafina
    LOL, the legend of Forever/Precious is building. That's hillarious. LOLOL

    @ karenteh
    Thanks. You nailed it.

    @ Maddie
    What karenteh said. It doesn't really matter what the actual amount is. If the family owns the majority share, then they're the practical owner of the company.

  10. what a big shame how could they do that to the poor fans such manipulative company to use the name of tvxq to get fame & draw the inoscent fans to her prodects how law is that the shoking is jyj did agree to go along with this sick strategy without consediration are they that desprate for money to forget about Their consciences & continue the victim drama along with their families!!!

    really sm are doing a grt jop by sueing the cpmpany for using the name of tvxq & jyj what can i say about these 3 boys im so so so disappointed in them :
    ( glad that homin didnt have to do with this whole drama ..

  11. @Precious

    Just to clarify: the lawsuit Wishop Plus filed against these fans happened in June 2010 as well, and i-fans are only just now finding out about it?

  12. even if they own 100%of share,even if they sue for cosmetic business,that doesnt change the fact that they were not happy with thier contract and their contracts are infact unfair.
    if contracts are fair,there is no way fair trade intervene with sm to reduce the length.

    and above all,if netizens or socalled fans are making up things to exaggerate, it is more than enough for company to sue them for dafamation.

    i am not kid.i can see cosmetic business maybe one trigger factor here.
    but main problem is contract,if they are fair in the first place,JCS have nothing to do but to stick to them.

  13. @ taemazing

    Some i-fans knew about it, but that news wasn't really well know until I made my posts about Crebeau. It's the same tactics being used in Korea. Whenever someone talks about the cosmetics, anti-SM people always bring up that news even though it's been a while.

  14. @ susan

    I explained every argument you just made in my posts.

    FTC issue:

    About the contract:

    So read them if you want, then come back and refute if any of the things I said is not true.

    Don't just say the contract is not fair. Tell me why it's not fair. Did you even read the whole contract?

  15. @Precious

    I'm more than inclined to believe you about it happening circa June 2010, but I'm just wondering if you plan to post evidence about this? (If there is any?) Anything to further debunk all the nonsense jyjfiles readers come at me with is helpful. I tend to link to your translations a lot when having discussions about this with other people. It frustrates me to no end when they take jyjfiles' blatantly manipulated information as gospel truth.

  16. i definitely have read ur posts.i was silent reader for a while.

    anyway,yes, SM modify it voluntarily.
    BY force or not,if the contract are fit in the first place,they don't even have to think about modifying it with or without FTC.
    u can't distort the fact that SM did modify it no matter how much u tried.ok?

    i am not saying JCS are innocent but don't tell me the contracts are fair and square because i have read it all without letting ur opinion shadowing the issue.

    and even if JCS sue for money,they act within legal boundaries. I have never seen any artists from any countries,be it democratic or communist, being banned from TV in such a way.

    this further proves how much SM is unilateral in making decision as they know they got the power.there are people who argue in other posts saying it is ridiculous JCS said they didnt see the contract which are already signed alongtime ago. BUT even SM representative admitted they signed for their artists contracts (as their artists are busy, REALLY??)U would ask for evidence,i know.as i am not as committed as u,i can't take time to get it,but pls go through allkpop,if u can't backtrack Karticles on this press conference, there is article about DBSK last concert where SM signed as usual for the members.

    not just because of JCS, i sincerely hope all Kpop artists will be treated better

  17. @susan

    I probably shouldn't interrupt, but I just want to say that contract revisions in entertainment law and business are commonplace. The fact that revisions were made periodically by SME (without first being pressured by the FTC, as so many incorrectly suggest) means that they are more than willing to work with and adjust to their artists' demands where warranted and appropriate. We don't know the whole story from either side, but from a documented perspective, that says plenty. Not to mention the obvious flexibility SME has granted its other artists as well, when the situation called for it (particularly the members of CSJH The Grace, who are now about to make a comeback, something fans swore would never happen because SME 'abandoned' them).

    As for TV network banning, it isn't /right/, but it happens quite a lot; blacklisting within the entertainment industry happens all over the world. That is something that should change. But you're assuming that SME is the sole conspirator behind this. There are many entertainment officials that look on JYJ in an unfavorable light due to the scandal, and it's likely that many of the TV network officials who so far have refused to have JYJ on air are among them. It's a mentality of the k-entertainment industry, not something that has been or /could be/ orchestrated by one management company alone.

  18. @ taemazing
    It's on jyjfiles article. It does say they posted the apology in June.

    @ susan
    I never distorted the fact they changed it, but you must've missed the part that FTC changed the standard contract so SM had to change it accordingly as well. So if TVXQ's original contract was according to the FTC guideline, you can't really blame SM for following the guideline.

    I've read everything you're telling me to read, and in original Korean articles to boot. And in Korean, there are articles available from both sides' point of view unlike what's on international site where they choose to only translate one side of the story.

  19. @Susan

    Seriously, I dont know what's your point of arguing anymore... Your argument can summary as "You (Precious) are right, JYJ heavily involve in cosmetic business, so what?", "JYJ fight for money, so what?" LOL

    You know many i-fans still think that JYJ are the perfect innocent angels, that JYJ has nothing to do with cosmetic business, etc... (thanks to a certain side is soooo good at covering the media) Precious just provide the infos (with solid evidence), so that people have a full view of the problem.

    If you fully aware JYJ are not innocent and still support them, good for you. But other fans have their right to know the truth (instead of the fantasy story JYJ side is telling)then decide for themselves.

  20. @Precious

    Okay, gotcha. I backed out of that article as quickly as possible because it had my stomach turning and eyes rolling so hard, I must have missed that. I can't stand that site, it makes my toes curl.

  21. @susan
    Amazing how you are accusing Precious of distorting the facts when you are doing the same thing. In the first place JYJ did not sue they filed an injunction and then SM filed the first lawsuit which just shows how much you have actually paid attention. Not only that but to think that the only reason they are not appearing on tv is SM is ludicrous. If that is the truth then whats the excuse for them not appearing on Japanese television either?? The truth is I have worked in the industry in Asia and from what I have heard is SM has little to do with why they are not on tv. It's the disrespectful way they have handled things after the break from SM. They said if the 3 would have just filed the injunction and went along with things it probably would not have been this bad but then they opened there mouth and disrespected everyone who has ever worked hard for them and there former band members. Oh and that contract if they truly believed that it was that bad they would not have signed more then one change including the length change which there parents signed a contract resolution as well, the scanned copy is right there http://truetvxq.blogspot.com/2010/12/about-13-year-term-is-it-really-that.html or waited almost a year and a lawsuit filed against them to file one back. That's just common sense there is always a higher chance of you winning if you handle it directly rather then waiting. When you wait it shows you have something to hide which the Korean DA has proved they did. Also unless you can actually provide evidence to back up your supposed truth no one is gonna take you seriously especially since you claim to read it without bias but here you are arguing that JYJ is right with nothing to back up your claims but your word. And believing allkpop articles thats just funny they consistently misrepresent and mistranslate articles

  22. Sigh, JYJ fans really need to accept the fact that JYJ chose to leave SM for more money. It's a fact - who can refute it? WHY else would they leave SM? Yes, they deserve the money considering the effort they put into their work, but that doesn't make it right for them to portray their greed for money as a betrayal by the company. From their tweets to their song lyrics, JYJ has been putting full BLAME on SM maltreating them - yet, have they not considered if it not for SM, they wouldn't be ever as popular as they are now? Have they forgot the investments SM made in order to create TVXQ? Then JYJ fans say JYJ has repaid the debt considering their earnings - but is it true? Do you really think MVs, album productions, crews, dance choreographers, composers, arrangers, etc. are cheap? TVXQ MVs and live performances are so much more entertaining maybe because of the money invested in them? Now consider selling 1 album for $20-30 US, then consider selling 500K albums - then consider the production fees; I don't want to do the math, but it is pretty obvious that albums don't earn much~ you can ask ANY singer - they mainly earn money NOT from album sales, but from commercial endorsements and concerts!

    Well, in the end, you can't really blame JYJ for wanting more money - and I fully support them in doing so! There's nothing wrong with greed - it's humanity! AND, it doesn't matter whether they are involved in Crebeau - because everyone has a right to invest in anything they want with their hard-earned money, so does JYJ! But JYJ doesn't set their fans into thinking that "THEY ARE GREEDY AND SO TVXQ SPLITS", but rather persuade their fans into thinking that "THEY ARE INNOCENT AND SM IS THE CULPRIT IN SPLITTING TVXQ", which in my opinion, is just manipulation. Not only so, they even attempt to gain sympathy and pity from everyone by consistently bringing up the fact that "THEY CANNOT PROMOTE". Well, you see, they can't promote BECAUSE they CHOSE to SUE SM - and JYJ KNEW THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN (they mentioned it - they knew they MAY never be singers again). Analogy: if you are involved in a legal dispute, do you think anyone would HIRE you? SAME goes with these MUSIC PROGRAMS - if an artist is involved in a legal dispute, the program management won't want to be tangled up in it too! Can't you just consider yourself as a PD - it's either you gain fans of JYJ or lose fans of SM~ well guess what? There's more SNSD, SUJU, SHINee, f(x), HoMin fans COMBINED than JYJ fans. Any logical PD would NOT allow JYJ on their programs! And you can't blame SM for that~ because it is JYJ in the beginning that wanted to sue SM (Okay, JYJ only sued SM to fight for their rights. Sure, I agree~ rights to more money right?). Moreover, we don't even know if SM is actually telling the programs to NOT allow JYJ to promote, or it's the PDs that "OVERTHINK". So stop spreading the fact that SM is BEHIND all this because WE DON'T KNOW.

  23. Lastly, what disgusts me the most is JYJ manipulating their fans to bash HoMin. First, they allow their family to interpret HoMin as "cowards" or "traitors" because they "backed-out". Seriously, ANY clarification would help - more so, we want to hear JYJ say it themselves, rather than their family members WHOM EVIDENTLY played roles in bringing up all these rumours. Secondly, JYJ brought up controversy through tweets during HoMin's comeback - which I thought was just dirty. I didn't see HoMin say ANYTHING when JYJ released their "The..." album. Lastly, JYJ reveals in interviews that they are not satisfied with HoMin using the name TVXQ - seriously, TVXQ is 5, but each member is TVXQ - not to mention, if no one uses the name 'TVXQ', it will be FORGOTTEN; does JYJ really expect HoMin to just sit there and do nothing while JYJ can release albums? Has HoMin EVER manipulated fans to bash JYJ? Everything HoMin has said so far is "to continue to do the best" and "to keep faith in the 5 members" - they are not bringing up controversy! Moreover, HoMin is trying to protect all the members of TVXQ by remaining silent and letting the LAW decide. The silent treatment is much better than voicing out - you know why? Because whatever they say now will just STIR UP MORE CONTROVERSY, MORE RUMOURS, and MORE BIASES. Really - we can tell which side is more mature now can't we?

    And this is not a post to BASH JYJ, because what I've stated is really what we, as netizens, see. There is no way we know the TRUTH, because we are NOT INVOLVED. AND, I have made it clear that I support JYJ in leaving SM and pursuing their dreams, but NOT at the expense of hurting or manipulating others.

    Yeah, I wrote alot, but it is because I am tired of everyone believing JYJ's innocence and the fantasy in humanity. Most importantly, I love TVXQ as 5 because I think they shine the most as 5. I will always keep the faith that they will stand on stage together again as 5.

  24. sorry I don't think my post showed up.

    But any way
    what about the tvxq backup dancers I heard that the original dancers for tvxq were fired because that chose to take jyj side is that true?

    thank you so much for all your hard work, this blog has really opened my eyes.

  25. @Yori
    yea I heard that too. but i heard the news mouth to mouth. i never read of article or other. and i never pay attetion so much to them.

    If thats true. I think because they think work with JYJ can give them more "BRIGHT FUTURE" than work with SM. They have a right to work with anyone they want.

    what do you think about New back dancer? because i like them so much. they can make TVXQ choreo complete. ^o^

  26. @dhanirahman52
    I agree with u, the new back up dancers are an important factor made the KYHD MV's dance looked so strong <3

    Sorry for being out of topic :P

  27. @ Yori

    You have asked the exact same question on previous topic and Precious and some other have answered your question right away... have you checked there yet before asking the same thing here?

    Sorry if this is a misunderstanding, but I start to get impression that you may be an anti-SM in disguise trying to spread the rumor...

  28. @kawaiinu
    i think yuri only curious. since there is a lot of rumor that the back dancer go with JYJ. everybody will think why they leave? why not stay in SM? maybe JYJ like this? maybe SM like that.
    I think just that.

  29. @ yori
    Don't know anything about the backup dancers, but I don't know if whatever happened to the dancers is significant in any way. All I know is that the new backup dancers are fantastic!!!

    @ Jessica

  30. @dhanirahman52
    I love the new back up dancers, they are awesome and thank you for your response
    sorry i don't want to give the wrong impression it's just that when I go back to see if there's any response to my comments I don't see my comment so I believe that my comment some how didn't get through. sorry for the repeation.
    Oh okay I just wanted to know there's just so many harsh rumors about this that make sm and homin look bad
    thanks for your reply

  31. @ Susan
    You already got a few responses so I will try not to repeat what had been stated.

    I am not sure if it's "infact unfair" contract as their families weren't coerced to sign it yet they signed voluntarily. Even if it were unfair, what is it to do with HoMin? Why would CJS family insinuate HoMin's "back-off" and "jealousy" in its so-called 'clarification-of-rumors' meeting? Why not just leave HoMin alone and stand up against SM by themselves?

    On the other hand, if it's only about the fairness of contract, why sued the netizens? What are they to do with the contract with SM? (I know it's cosmetic company who sued, but given 62.5% shareholder being CJS, who are we kidding that CJS is not aware of the threat of the lawsuit to netizens?) So why sue those girls when their main goal is to win the contract case, especially when their involvement is all true? Isn't it obvious that they would like to keep the business a secret?Last time I checked, as you put it, exaggeration is not a crime. Since when exaggeration = defamation? Are you sure in your internet posts, you never exaggerate or biased or off the truth?

    So you admitted no party is innocent in this lawsuit (CJS and SM) and money plays its role. We have already been on the same page then. so please restrain your JYJ fans from bashing HoMin next time you see it.

    Really I have no problem with JYJ being JYJ and filed the lawsuit against SM. I will root for them if they did it with dignity and respect to people. Just do it like a grown-up man (they are 25 for crying out loud), not like a whining baby!

    What bothered me is that JYJ fans never realized that it's not because HM come back with TVXQ duo that JYJ had to be JYJ, it's not because HM got promotions in air that JYJ got banned, it's not because HM stayed with SM that JYJ lost love from many fans, it's not because HM didn't check their messages that JYJ and HM would be out of touch for two years, it's not because rumors against CJS came out that it could justify CJS families spreaded rumors about HoMin! It's ALL because CJS chose to file lawsuit against SM after Crebeau business triggered their already intensive relationship! So live with it!

    If you ask me, CJS are just three normal human being acting in their own best interests (I'm sorry not the best interests of TVXQ 5). Nothing more to it. So stop playing dramas or blaming games.

  32. Fans got sued because they defamed the company. So what? Crebeau has every right to protect its reputation. And it's not the matter of power advantage here, it's the matter of who's telling the truth. If those girls had done nothing wrong, they would have never had to delete their posts nor apologize to the public.They should not feel threatened by the lawsuit if they were telling the truth or as you said "having some discussion" about the products. Just because they are considered "powerless", these fans can say whatever they want? No I don't think so. They should consider the losses they made to not only the company but also hundreds of staffs working under that company. This is what one fan wrote in her apology letter "When I wrote the piece about Crebeau, I was expressing my personal opinion and my perception of ‘the truth’, I did not consider the possibility that what I was writing could be completely false, I am truly sorry.
    In my naivety, I only thought of myself and failed to consider the staff of Crebeau, I am very sorry."

  33. @ Anne

    The fans were facing actual lawsuit filed by a company against them. What were they going to do? Risk potential fine or jail time? How about a little warning before actually filing a lawsuit? They were forced to write the apologies and delete the posts because they were the "powerless" in this case.

    You don't seriously think that Crebeau filed the lawsuit because the netizens were wrong do you? Oh that's right, didn't Crebeau sued SM as well for similar reason? The lawsuit was dropped because the Korean DA basically found SM was telling the truth, that CJS was heavily involved in the business and owns 62.5% of Crebeau.

    Unlike those netizens, SM obviously had resources to defend themselves.

    This proves that Crebeau will file a lawsuit just for the purpose of protecting its own interest regardless of the truth. Oh and who owns 62.5% of Crebeau? You do the math.

  34. @Anne

    Wow, how could you possibly say anything like this? So the fact that those girls were coerced to delete the posts and apologize to Crebeau is a proof that they were guilty? Haha, as far as fact goes, the case never went to trial, not to mention to be ruled by a court. So reality is that we don't know if Crebeau will win the case to prove if those are truly rumors. What Precious posts, however, made it clear that Crebeau would have lost the case if the DA got the chance to investigate in that case, because for the same cause in the lawsuit of Crebeau vs. SME, Crebeau lost.

    The only reason that the girls apologized to Crebeau is because they were threatened. There is no difference to threaten a young person with lawsuit than a bully threaten you for money with his fists. The fact that they have more powers to coerce people doesn't make them right. Otherwise, if you gave up your money to a robber at knifepoint, it must mean that you owe him money!

    Well, if you look closer to the public forums favored in JYJ, you will see so many rumors about SME that will tarnish SM's reputation and therefore cause damage to its employees as well. For example, I often heard people favored in JYJ told stories like SM management beat up its rebellient employees. Can these people ever provide a piece of solid evidence? I don't think so. If SME ever impose a lawsuit on these people, I bet that you will feel outrageous instead of righteous as you feel towards those netizens.

  35. According to a news that I read in my language, at the trial was held on 291009, Courts ruled JaeChunSu can pursue personal activities that SME doesn’t manage. Besides they think 13 year contract is long but it isn’t serious, JaeChunSu also agreed with Courts’s decision at that time. So the 13 year contract wasn’t the main point anymore. It's funny here that i find this news from a general news site, not DBSK's sites, because in DBSK's sites, translators only get news from ONE, Tohosomnia, the DBSK's internalation fansites. But when I try to find an Eng trans vers for this trial, I only can find these links


    They didn’t mention about the 13 year contract, idk if i miss some news here or the translator intentionally skip this part, or the news I read in my language used wrong info. Because until now, I see many JYJ’s fans keep using 13 year contract as a proof to against SM, but if Courts really thought it wasn’t serious and JYJ agreed with this, so we can leave it aside, right?

    I ask you because the author of that news didn’t leave the original source, I wonder if you can find the Courts’s full statement about 291009 trial, or you’ll trans it in the future, thanks. And sr when posting this comment in an unrelated topic =.= idk how to pm u.

  36. hi guys,i wanna ask a question to you.this question is out of this topic.but,seriously I don't know where should i ask this.and i believe you,will give me a clue or something about this.. *puppy eyes*
    this my question: I read that HoMin would not attend the Dream Concert this year, because JYJ will perfom there.is that true?this is a hot topic in one of my Cassie group.some of my friends keep blaming SM, coz they think SM not allowed HoMin to meet JYJ..and they keep saying bad about SM..
    please help me if you can :)
    but @Precious you can delete this if you think this is a weird question.. :)
    and sorry for my bad english^^
    thank you *bow*

  37. @ maemapayo

    That's a news to me. Probably another manufactured rumor. I've never heard of that story. Ask them for a proof. Was there ANY news of TVXQ appearing in that concert?

  38. @ yunogaichiban

    The link to download the judgment form that injunction trial was on my post already, but here's the link again.

    That is the official court website, and you can download the judgment and the TVXQ's contract.

    I may translate it when I go over the lawsuit.

  39. @Precious:
    i found that news from here: http://www.hellokpop.com/2011/02/11/who-will-attend-the-dream-concert-2011/
    because of this, my friends keep saying that TVXQ "will not" attend this event because there will be JYJ..and SM not want HoMin meet JYJ.. =_=

  40. @maemapayo

    I searched for Dream Concert Official Twitter because some sites refer to it as the source of this news, then I found the Chinese site:

    I cannot see their tweets... because I don't have any Chinese twitter account… But this site seems to show what they tweeted.

    I’m not sure this information is reliable. I couldn’t find the Chinese official site of the 2011 dream concert. Korean and Japanese official sites are not updated yet.
    Anyway, JYJ may appear in the Dream Concert, and TVXQ may not. But I think ‘HoMin would not attend the Dream Concert this year, because JYJ will perform there…….’ is merely someone’s speculation or unfounded rumour (as always).

  41. @Lisalio:
    ooh..I see.
    I don't understand Korean or Chinese or Japan..lol so yeeah,I don't know what they're said..:)
    actually,i can't help my self for keep asking.coz there are so many rumors outside.and make me confused+tired.thank you Lisa for ur explanation :XD

  42. @maemapayo
    Dream Concert 2011? i Never heard that too.
    maybe you should wait news from SM it self or from TVXQ.
    just like poseidon drama. there was a rumor that poseidon is canceled but then SBS publish a news that poseidon will airing at May 2011.
    so what we can do is calm down. just ignore the rumor.

    Yayy back to TVXQ - Rumor

  43. @maemapayo
    All I've read/heard is that JYJ is performing but TVXQ isn't. But I wouldn't jump to conclusions and say TVXQ aren't performing *because* JYJ will be there. Here's a supposed list of all the performers:

    gokpop is usually reliable, but I wouldn't be sure about this one. I think if it was confirmed, news of JYJ finally performing for a big concert with other groups would blow up on a bunch of new sites. So far i've only read it there and one other site.

  44. @Lisalio, @maemapayo

    About dream concert

    I check the "chinese twitter", for me I cannot verify whether it is truly a twitter acc own by dream concert organizer. There are too many impostor in cyber world. However, the tweets introduce few idol group as NOMINATED group (e.g. Super Junior, SNSD, Shinee and etc,,,), so we shouldn't take unconfirmed news so serious. Also SME might have plan for SMTown concerts for this year too There are a lot consideration for SM artists in this case.

    And I already predict this will happen - at this moment CJS fans will perceive JYJ "has been confirmed" to perform at Dream Concert, "IF" at the end the rumor end up become a false info, CJS fans will accuse SME as culprit again.

  45. @ karenteh

    'I cannot verify whether it is truly a twitter acc own by dream concert organizer'
    'at this moment CJS fans will perceive JYJ "has been confirmed" to perform at Dream Concert, "IF" at the end the rumor end up become a false info, CJS fans will accuse SME as culprit again'

    That is exactly my point and concern. Thank you for clarifying it!

  46. @Lisalio @karenteh
    I hope SM not let them meet at dream concert. they need more time. after read 9.25 meeting translation I think their wound must be deep. both side.
    I dont want Homin hurted again by some of CJS fans

  47. @karenteh

    yes, you can tell that.

    I think may it's may another trick to frame SME,
    because If JYJ can perform in Dream Concert , good for them,

    but if JYJ can't perform in Dream Concert, they will have another story to blame SME again.

    both ways are good for them anyway.

  48. off topic: wot happened with 'jyjfiles', the blog is now protected!!! lol i can't access anymore. this's weird!

  49. @trusty
    do you know about all of this since 2 year ago? why you cry a lot?

  50. I haven't read any official news about the dream concert. Besides, not all SM artists are participating, so again, they're making a big deal out of nothing just to bash SM.

  51. Ah,just left this blog for a while yet so many posts and comment are here already O.O
    Precious, ur seriously awesome, I have no words.

    Just wanna commenting on the Dream Concert talk.
    Actually anything can happen.
    1. The list might be uncomfirmed/cannot be trust
    2. TVXQ might not be attending because they have other activities.
    3. Or simply bec Homin just don't want to meet JYJ? I don't if I were them.
    4. The organizer just didn't invite TVXQ to avoid scandals.
    5. JYJ cancelled it by themselves? They have history for cancelling things lol

    But all possibilities will narrow into one absolute conclusion: TVXQ won't attend bec SM forbids them to meet JYJ.

    Can someone tell those JYJ stans that the world doesn't revolve around their idols only? Homin is not some mindless dolls.

  52. @all:
    thanx for your explanation.going to play TVXQs Rumor now :XD

    hahaa..lol-ing at "JYJ cancelled it by themselves? They have history for cancelling things" and I think I should play Pierrot too?? while imagine HoMin sing this song,,

    hmm..what protection do u mean?I can access that blog.i think they are trying to "counter" Precious blog now...hehehe..

    so, @precious please take care^^

  53. @maemapayo

    lol of course they do! i couldn't access it for quite while but i tried again when reached home,it works now but ... seems another site(hopefor...) is still locked though it was normally work for me yesterday ^^

  54. @adrenalinss:
    ahaa u're rite..i try to 'visit' that site,but now i must log in with wp uname..lol I think they try to protect their 'news/fact'..oh come on,if they want everyone knows about what is the 'truth' and 'hope' why they lock the site??just let everybody (fans) choose what news they want to believe and be fair if they want to show their 'hope'.I try to be a neutral fan until now.but if one side keep acting like a ->kid (hide something from others).I know where i should go.
    well,I think I should stop.I don't want to talk about those site again.. *deepsigh*

  55. I don't know why I even come back to this site. Maybe just to let you know that SM Entertainment's counter-suit against CreBeau is fully dismissed. Now you can see that it's truly the matter of Who is telling the truth. No one threatened or forced the netizens to delete their post or apologize. They were just smart enough to do that before too late. Even the "powerful" butthurt SM cannot distort the truth. "The truth will reveal itself eventually". LOL, how ironic!

  56. @ Anne
    You didn't have to tell me. I already knew it, probably before you found it out, but thanks for being a good messenger.

    I haven't read through the judgment in detail yet, I've got more important things to post, but I will probably post about that in the future.

  57. @ Anne I don't know why sm's counter-suit was dismissed but don't forget that sm won the lawsuit that crebeau filed againist them. That's how we found out that cjs and their families own 62.5% of crebeau. So as far as I am concerned we found out some of the truth about cjs and crebeau. And that truth is no minor detail, it is one of the main reasons why cjs left sm and tvxq(although they deny it is). Have you looked at the court transcripts and found out why the case was dismissed? I believe whole heartedly that cjs are the ones who've been distorting a lot of truth out there without a care of how it will affect homin especially.

  58. @apooli

    I though the lawsuit Crebeau file against SM was simply dismissed (SM didn't win or lose to that lawsuit)? Though I'm curious of the reason for dismissed SM lawsuit against CreBeau and I didn't know that lawsuit was dismissed... will look forward to this post in eh future also.

  59. I meant the reason why the case was dismissed because of the findings of the korean DA. Because of that we found out about the 62.5%.

  60. If those fans are really innocent why are they being sued in the first place?

  61. @ mikomeng

    You must think that when a lawsuit is filed against you, that makes you automatically guilty. A lawsuit can be filed for any reason. Whether it will go to a court is another matter.

  62. @Anne
    Hate to tell you this but Crebeau was threatening to sue them and most people unlike that company don't have the money to fight a lawsuit. That doesn't necessarily mean they were not telling the truth they just did not want to take the chance of having a long expensive court battle.Also Crebeau lawsuit against SM was dropped as well so it really isn't a win for either side. If you wanna spread your version of the truth that's fine but unlike you JYJ fan girls who are willing to believe anything your gods tell you we are educated individuals who see the facts for what they are. The only truth that has come out is the stuff that JYJ has hidden from everyone in order to make them look good. As proven in court documents SM has had nothing to hide. Despite some questionable business practices at times they seem to be the only ones telling any truth.

  63. wait,,,is it sm or cjs that sue first??