Analyzing TVXQ's Contract

This page lists my posts regarding the contract.

Since CJS claims that the contract was unfair, it is natural to check out the contract first. There are many interpretations of the contract on the web, and most of them only shows specific parts of the contract.

TVXQ's contract in pdf format can be downloaded from Korean Central Court website. Click on the "09카합2869.pdf" to download. It contains the judgment from the temporary contract injunction and the contract

1. Actual contract downloaded from Korean Central Court website.
TVXQ's contract submitted to the court for the trial is available from the court website. This page is in Korean, so check it out if you can translate it yourself. Try the Google translator. I've tried it, and while it's not 100% accurate, it's pretty good.

2. Translation of the Contract - Profit Distribution (Korean & English)
Translation of the profit portion of the contract. English translations on the Original Korean document.

3. Translation of the Contract - Profit Distribution (English Only)
This page is identical to the one above, but without the original Korean parts. For those of you who get a headache reading through two languages. :)

4. Is 13-year term really that long?
My post regarding the controversial 13 year duration of the contract.

5. Closer look at the Distribution of the Profits
Is SM paying pennies to its artists? Let's look at it.

6. Complete translation of the Contract (English)
Complete translation of the TVXQ Contract

7. Analyzing the rest of the Contract
How is the rest of the contract? Is everything fair?

8. Korean Fair Trade Commission and the Contract
What was changed in SM's contract? Is TVXQ's contract unfair per KFTC?

9. Conclusion
My thoughts about the Contract and the Lawsuit