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[Translation] Before U go MV Full 16 minute version

I figured many of the readers would want to know what the characters are saying in the video so here is the translation of the video.

"I'll do it. Whoever the target is."

Phone: "Blocked Number"

CM: "He's doing it again?"
YH: "Whew... It's been always like that..."

"They're leaving now."

"Got it."

"I'm not gonna be able to do this any longer."

"Stick it out? How do you expect me to keep doing this?"

CM: "I knew something was fishy."
"I had no choice."
CM: "Is that an excuse? Yunho is wounded, YOUR FRIEND GOT HURT!!!"

"If you were me, could you have done nothing?"
CM: "Say it again. SAY IT AGAIN!!!"

"Yunho was unlucky. Yunho JUST DIDN'T HAVE ANY LUCK!!!"

CM: "Go.... GO!!!"   "WHY????"

1 year later

Girl: "Hi brother. How come you're not dropping by? I miss you. (asking someone next to her) This is being sent to my brother, right? "
Deep Voice: "97, 29, 6, 99, 30... (Girl screams).. (more numbers)"

Voice: "Take care of everything by today. This is your last chance."

CM: "Tonight a 0 hr, we're going to run an operation to bust a drug-ring while pretending to be making deals."

"Take care of everything by today. This is your last chance."

"This really is the last time."

"Let's see the stuff."

CM: "WTH are you doing?"
"I'm sorry. This really is the last time."

CM: "How can you do this to me? HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME?"
"I just need you to die! DIE! DIE!"

"Put it away."
YH: "Is there any way for you... to stop?"

YH: "Why? WHY ON EARTH DID YOU..!!!???"

"What do you guys know? My sister is dying. MY SISTER IS DYING, YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING!!!"

CM: "Was our friendship worth only this much to you?"
YH: "You...don't exist any more."


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[Translation] Summary of the trial session on March 15, 2011

I figured I'll make up for the lack of updates for the last couple of weeks so here's another post. :)

It looks like many readers are interested in the latest court session, so here is the translation of the transcript. I'll continue with "Forever" after this.

This is the summarized transcript of the trial posted on the TVXQ fan site 2Paradise by its member that attended the trial session. The court session lasted for about 2 hours so this summarized version was posted first while she is working on the full version with more details.

Here's the link to the original transcript from the biggest TVXQ fan site 2Paradise:

When the full version becomes available, I may translate it. If the contents of the full transcript are not too different than this summary, then I’ll probably translate it later when I go over all the trial sessions. I've added some explanation to clarify some parts of the translation, and they are enclosed in parenthesis in blue text.

Here’s the translation.
-------------------------------- --------------------------------

1> The parts enclosed in parenthesis are words or information directly referenced by the lawyer. I tried to avoid using them as much as possible, but used them where it’s necessary. Those are info previously mentioned by the lawyers but omitted in this transcript, or info not included while transcribing conversation into writing.
2> The parts written in light gray are my personal opinion.

-------------------------------- --------------------------------

This session is a parallel session handling two lawsuits, and today, SM is assigned as the plaintiff.

The law firm JipyungJiSung and Yulchon (accounting) are defending SM, and CJS are defended by the law firm Sejong.

Started the session and given chances to state new opinions regarding last session.

3: We request to get an interlocutory judgment quickly, separate from the injunction judgment, so the 3 can work freely. SM’s influence in the entertainment industry is strong, and because of direct and indirect restrictions, the 3’s domestic entertainment activities and appearances in broadcasting are impossible. The 3’s domestic activities are halted because many entertainment producers actually think the contract is valid because of the lack of judgment.

SM: First, where are the evidences that SM interfered directly or indirectly with JYJ’s activities? An interlocutory judgment is not necessary. These two subjects are like two sides of the coin, and aside from determining the validity/invalidity of the contract; the damage suits are closely related to them. It is not necessary to provide separate evidences for the two cases, and the verdict must be given all at once after examining the whole situation as the trials are proceeding as a parallel case.

Today’s trial mostly consisted of the witness Yoon Sunghee’s Q&A session.

Yoon Sung Hee is the head manager of the accounting support team of S.M. Entertainment (hereinafter SM), and she handled accounting of the entertainers under SM.

She was assigned to TVXQ since 2008(?) (She entered SM around 2008 according to my memory)

[SM's Examination of the witness]

Q) What is the reason the revenue is settled every 6 months?

- Entertainers generate income inconsistently depending on the level of activities; therefore, monthly accounting settlement is meaningless.

Q) Are there cases where accounting is settled monthly?

- Some Actors/Actresses and entertainers that does not work overseas sometimes settle accounts at the end of every month.  Especially if (the entertainer) pays for all the operating costs, you only need to distribute the profit with the company, so in that case accounting is done monthly.

Q) Any complaints from the entertainers about 6-month term settlement?

- No. The 3 didn’t have any (complaints).
- The meetings for the account settlement held periodically were attended by the entertainers, parents, for minor entertainers surely the parents, finance director of SM, accounting officer Yoon Sung Hee etc, and the Contract terms, comparing revenue and expenses, and advances were gone over on the spot. Also, the entertainer’s signature is obtained after the verification process.

- SM is a company listed on Kosdaq and audited regularly by outside agency, which includes account settlement of the entertainers.

Q) There is a claim that 100% of TVXQ’s operating costs are paid by the members, is it true?

-No, that never happened. All the operating expenses are either shared half & half between the entertainers and the company or the company pays 100%.

Q) When do they get an advance?

- They get an advance for personal reasons not related to the entertainment activities.

Q) In case of the 3?

- Tax, Insurance, Education, Housing purchase etc.
- The 3 got the advance frequently.

Q) The amount of the 3’s advances in 2009  – Park Yuchun: 490 million/ Kim Junsu: 470 Million/ Kim Jaejoong: 220 million – totals about 1.2 billion, does the company gives advance every time it was requested?

- The rule is not set that way, but most requests are granted to keep a good relationship with the celebrities.
Q) When large amounts like 100 – 200 millions are requested, how do you finance the funds? Are those always prepared in advance?

- No they're not, so sometimes it is difficult.

Q) Doesn’t this big advance amount become issues during audits?

- Sometimes it does become a problem. Advance is a type of loan, and interest needs to be collected. For regular employees, they pay interest for the advance they received, but for the singers, even though the amount is comparably much larger, we pay them as advanced payment, so we don’t collect interests, and it does get noticed during every audit.

Q) Did the 3 get an advance again in 2010? If they did, what was the purpose?

- Yes. It was paid for the health insurance, citation for the personal vehicle and etc., so the company took care of it at the time.

[Cross-examination from the 3’s side]

Q) During the accounting settlement meeting, were the entertainers ever attended the meeting with an expert or an accountant?

- No. I don’t think it’s necessary because we get audited from outside agency separately.

Q) SM employees prepare all the settlement documents, and if the entertainer requests to review all the details, are they allowed to see them?

- Yes they are.

Q) According to the accounting data, during the activities for the 4th album Mirotic, most of broadcasting appearances and small concerts were treated as promotional fees and the members were not paid?

- Promotional fees are not included in the settlement. As for the events, the events that have high appearance fees are included in the settlement.
Q) Our side doesn’t even know the amount of the member’s broadcasting appearance fees. Is there a reason for not disclosing the data despite the request for disclosure?

- We will disclose it.

Q) According to the 3, events like fan autograph sessions have appearance fees of 5 million?

- Fan autograph sessions do not have appearance fees; therefore, it is not considered for the settlement.

Q) Preparation costs for TV appearances, for example, dance practice costs, how are they calculated?

- Practice costs for promotional appearance where there are no appearance fees are paid by SM, but the costs for the events or broadcasts with appearance fees are shared between SM and the members.

Q) Albums released in Japan that are imported to Korea, don’t they apply as album sales income?

- Licensed Japanese albums are applied as royalty.

Q) Those are albums like any other albums, so 10% of the album sales need to be paid, does it not?

- Domestic albums are direct production of SM, but albums released in Japan are not sold directly by SM. The album sales in Japan are paid as royalties according to the contract.

Q) The 4th album Mirotic sold about 460,000 and SM accounting team forecasted the sales to be 480,000 and paid them accordingly. But actually, it sold about 500,000 in total. For what reason was it forecasted as 480,000? Could it be because of the clause that additional payment of 50 million KRW once the sale exceeds 500,000? In other words, is it done to avoid paying 50 million KRW?

- The accounting is settled after the album was sold for 2-3 months and adding 20,000 sales for future sales. Therefore, 480,000 sales is calculated by adding estimated 10,000 plus some thousands randomly just for the convenience of calculation. If more than the estimated numbers are sold at later times, additional amount is paid. We handle other entertainers are like this too.
Also, payment of 50 million KRW cannot be made because the 3 did not participate in the production of the subsequent album.

Q) Production cost of albums is paid 100% by SM, what are those?

- Album covers, recording, song royalties, choreography, music video production etc.

Q) But according to the accounting, music video production, new songs choreography, showcase costs are listed as members’ cost, why is that?

- Costs submitted from the production department are applied as production cost, and the costs submitted from the activity management department are applied as cost of activities.
Management department probably determined music videos are cost of activities for the broadcasting and submitted accordingly, so we settled accounting based on those.

Q) In addition to the food expenses, staffs and bodyguards working together, housing maintenance expenses, and even expenses to hire maids are included as the members’ expenses, aren’t they supposed to be paid 100% by the company?

- According to the contract, those costs are shared as the cost of operation.

Q) 70% of the revenue earned in Japan minus taxes are paid to the members, but the income tax paid in Japan are returned after getting deduction in Korea, then those deductions should be considered as income, and isn’t 70% of that need to be paid to the members?

- When the company generates profit, it needs to pay the income tax again besides the reduction. In case of the revenue, the tax needs to be deducted in Korea just like in Japan, but we’re not paying in Korea because it was already paid in Japan, so that part cannot be considered as profit.

Q) The witness said that it’s natural for the members to get paid small amount because of the advance they took out, but when you look at the details of the advance Park Yuchun took out in 2008 for the amount of 220million, most of them are tax, health insurance and vehicle tax, isn’t it just advanced payment of the taxes that the individual must pay?

# At this point the judge said, “Do not ask for a judgment.”

3’s lawyer: “Oh, then I’ll retract this.”

(I don’t know what the lawyer is trying to prove… the company must pay for the individual 's tax?;;)

Q) From the information about the advance Yuchun took in 2008 besides the taxes, there was fund for security deposit of 200 million KRF for housing, isn’t it making the member pay for the lodging? ( In Korea, there’s a method of renting a place with a lump sum fund as a deposit without monthly payments. The landlord basically gets payment off the interest)

- No, that’s not for the lodging, but it was for funding Park Yuchon’s own private house.

[SM’s rebuttal]

Q) The three never joined the account settlement meetings with a legal expert or an accountant, did the company ever denied an accountant joining the meeting?

- No. The 3 never requested it.

Q) Did the company ever prevent it?

- No.

Q) In Album/Royalty clauses, the distribution rates for the album, original recording(?), and royalties are different. Previously, you said the album gets released in many different formats, so depending on the production and distribution, are different profit rates applied for the artists’ royalty and album sales?

- Yes

Q) According to the exclusive contract, when albums sales of more than 500,000 are achieved, is 50 million KRW paid when the next album is released?

- Yes

Q) Is there an album released where the 3 participated after the 4th album Mirotic?

- There is not.

Q) The condition for the payment was not met?

- Yes (This answer was erased from the record by the judge because he determined that it’s not the witness’ responsibility)

Q) When settling accounts with production/activity costs, it is done with what’s submitted from production department and management department, how does accounting team distinguish them?

A) Each department has separate expense forms. The colors of forms are different, so that’s how we identify them.

Q) Food, hiring overseas bodyguard, lodging management, and maid expenses are shared (between members and company) as cost of operation according to the exclusive contract, is it correct?


Q) But even though it’s specified that way on paper, but in reality, the company paid for everything according to the final expense report generated during account settlement. Is that information correct?

- Yes.

Q) Does overseas royalty applies only in Japan?

- No. Japan, China, and Southeast Asia etc. it applies to all the revenues generated overseas.

Q) It was said the overseas account settlement gets delayed by the quarters or a half a year, does that mean that significant portion of the 2008 overseas activities profit are related to the activities done in 2006 and 2007?

-    Yes

(End of questioning of the witness)

# Important points of today’s trial

- Judge said, “First Kim Jaejoong and others, TVXQ that side…(brief silence).. It’s kind of awkward to address them as TVXQ”

- 3 took out 1.2 billion advances just in 2009
- In addition, there are advances taken out in 2008 and 2010 (vehicle citation etc.)

- During the accounting settlement meetings, the entertainer can ask for detailed documents, and allowed to bring legal experts or accountants, but the 3 never requested it.

- The profit for the year 2009 and after is not claimed yet

- 3’s lawyer who specialize in entertainment management jyj->jyp continue to “chunsangjeehee” -> “chunsangjeehae”
(Note: During the previous trial session, JYJ's lawyer addressed JYJ as JYP, and during this one, they got the name of the Grace wrong)
# For additional witness, SM requested TVXQ’s former manager and Nam Soyoung, the director of SM Japan

- Director Nam Soyoung is accepted as a witness. She’ll probably take a stand as a witness on the next trial. TVXQ’s former manager will be requested in writing.

The 3’s side doesn’t seem to have requested (any witness) yet.

-------------------------------- --------------------------------

Translated by: Precious @
Do not modify the content when using this post. Please note proper credits.


[End of Translation]

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Who is "Forever"? Part I - Translation of Forever's article

Finally a new post. Sorry for taking so long. I was busy for a while. :)

Most of the readers of this blog probably heard the name "Forever", but I'm fairly certain most people do not have much clue who that is. There are many rumors and claims who this "Forever" is, but no one knows for sure and none of those claims are backed by any solid proofs. Have you wondered why?

Before explaining who "Forever" is, I am going to present one "fact" about Forever.

Forever is the username used by a blogger from a Korean blog site "", and the blogger posted an article on June 26, 2009 at 1:00 PM, one day after the infamous 6.25 meeting. The blogger became a sensation just because of that single post. Before I write any further, here's the translation of that famous post followed by the screenshot of the original article and the text in Korean. On my next post, I will explain about Forever's article and this whole "Forever" phenomenon.

I suggest you to read the translation and try to figure out who this "Forever" really is. :)

Here's the translation of the "Forever's post":


The group that are spreading rumors to foster TVXQ members to leave and break up the team, STOP THE CONSPIRACY!!!

Who are you trying to benefit by promoting the breakup of the team that is opposed by the company, the members and the fans?


Right now, some people's conspiracy is slowly coming up to the surface.

They are misleading innocent fans by fabricating lies, accusing certain members to be insane, and framing the company as an "evil" company that is abusing and holding the members hostage with a slave contract without pay.

The plot started since last night, and it says that the members must get out of such company, break the contract and leave the team, and it is spreading in ferocious speed from mouth to mouth.

Specific details of their scenario:

First, spread the rumors - the company is abusing the members without paying much, in other words, they are treated like slaves.

Then add more lies - the 5 members had a discussion about leaving and decided to leave together, but certain member betrayed the others because of the individual activities, and another one has no choice but to stay for the remaining 1.5 years of his contact, so the other three decided to leave, setting up the two remaining members as traitors. They claim that at least the poor 3 members need to leave such a bad company with so many problems, and the two members that decided against leaving are clearly traitors.

One renewed his contract after being lured by the company with individual activities, so he still have contract terms remaining making him impossible to leave, and the other member’s existing contract still has remaining terms so he cannot leave either. Two members who decided to stay are traitors, and the members decided to leave are the pitiable ones.

And that is the scenario..................................................

These are clearly lies when you just consider the facts.

The members of TVXQ signed the @@-year contract with all the parents and the company officials together as soon as the group's formed. They all signed the deal at the same time. Therefore, following claims - certain members' contracts expired, a member signed a separate contract, some signed a contract last year and another member has 1.5 years left on his contract - are definitely lies.

All members’ contracts start and end at the same time, and there are still @years left before they expire.

These are clear facts, so when they’re forced to hold a press conference after the breakup, the company will release the details of the contract as a response and the lies will be clearly disclosed. So why are you spreading lies that will eventually be revealed? Aren’t you afraid of the heavens?

Also, one of the fan site admin is already helping the lawsuit against S.M. Entertainment by preparing members’ schedule of activities from the beginning until now in Excel under the direction of a member’s father, but the company, members, other members’ parents, and the member’s fans all know about it. How dare are you trying to influence general opinions with those plots? How is it possible that the fans are fostering the breakup?

Also, all the admins probably know about this:

Last year before the comeback for the 4th album, when the fans’ opinions blew up because of the city hall showcase, the newly appointed (SM) official in charge of TVXQ gathered all 5 members’ fan site admins in secret, and notified them that all the members will begin individual activities while working as a team simultaneously. The admins who were at the meeting are aware that they were notified to prepare to support each member as best as possible. How dare you only mention certain member’s individual activities for the purpose of blaming him, and also claim that the other member still has 1 ½ years of contract period remaining? What is the motive of spreading rumors with accusation that he is a traitor like the other member that he is staying because of the individual activities?

You know better that the 3 members who you claim to be leaving also had plans for the individual activities since last year, but you are hushing up those and just spreading the stories of other member’s individual activities.
You also say that the members without the individual activities are treated unfairly by the company, instigating the fans to criticize the "bad" company and the members who only care about their own benefits, brainwashing the fans to think the company is treating them unfairly and only abuses them. You are manipulating public opinions to justify the breakup and forming opinions that breaking the contract is not betraying the fans and the members staying with the company. Stop the lies immediately.

They claim that Avex is trying to make a separate deal with some members, and they are spreading rumors that Avex is planning to start unit and solo activities without the other two members that are framed to be the traitors. They are spreading rumors the members who got the offers (from Avex) refused them out of loyalty to the other two. Everyone knows that is to put the blame on the two members and to avoid being criticized by BigEasts when they actually break up later on.

Avex is the second largest shareholder who owns 20% of SM, and if some members leave the team, TVXQ will disappear, and SM Entertainment will take a direct hit on Korean and Japanese market. What stupid second largest shareholder would ruin a company that they own 1/5 of the shares?

A breakup of SM artist will directly result in voiding the contract between SM Entertainment and Avex, and in addition to TVXQ, it will block overseas activities of Shinee, Super Junior and SNSD, especially in Japan, so how can Avex sign a separate contract with specific members and make those members leave SM Entertainment?

From the beginning, TVXQ only signed with SM Entertainment, and SM Entertainment entrusted Avex with all the SM artists for Japanese market. It is not possible for Avex to exclude certain members and sign with rest of the members, so please stop making lies that doesn’t even make sense.

How can you let the status they (TVXQ) achieved crumble like this? The dome concert is nearby, and Avex and SM’s plan is to develop TVXQ like SMAP of Korea, and make them do individual activities simultaneously with team activities. They are going to strongly push Japanese activities and continue on with Dome tours, first time for an Asian group, and they are already planning on developing TVXQ as the best group in Asia. Many fans are aware of this and wish for SM Entertainment and Avex to increase their support.

Even young Cassies know that they(fans spreading rumors) are shamelessly lying and claim that they didn’t cause TVXQ’s breakup while claiming TVXQ is forever one. Even if TVXQ breaks the contract and leaves as a whole or as a part, they can’t use TVXQ name, cannot sing the songs the fans love, infuriating Avex by breaking the contract incurring blockage of their Japanese activities and betraying BigEasts, and the members will be going out totally empty handed, so how dare you say all 5 need to go out, making all the members to be immoral and lose all credibility? The fans will protect them regardless of what happens, but if breaking the contract, leaving the team, and moving to CJ that’s whispered among those who’s making this plot gets revealed and becomes true, what do you think the media and general public’s reaction is going to be?

Please stop slandering and coming between the innocent members.

Stop all this immediately.

Why are the fans leading in forming public opinions that will lead to the members’ self-destruction and failure?

They are showing ugliness like claiming members’ father and sister have said certain things and driving member’s families as immoral. The world knows your hideous plot so stop it now.

If there are truly members who want to break the contract and leave the team, the fans should make them come back. What the hell are you doing instead?

And the fans that are misled and swayed by them should think about stopping their lies, but why are you blindly following them?

Also, I know that you are tipping off the reporters about health problems and excessive schedules, making them write news articles about TVXQ’s breakup and instigating fans. The company clearly stated there wouldn’t be a break up, and I’m sure the members who are thought to be leaving would stay with the company and keep TVXQ's name.

True fans shouldn’t get swayed by rumors, but find the people who spread those ridiculous rumors to reveal the truth in front of the members, their families and the fans. Please don’t be swayed.

Lastly, strong claims they’re making regarding excessive schedule or the slave contract should be determined by law after disclosing the contract, it’s not for the fans to judge. Stop arguing about them any longer.

A member’s mother is telling lies to the fans that the member with the rumor of individual activity has re-signed with the company.
Ma’am, please stop spreading the rumors.
This can’t be tolerated any longer.
Why are you spreading such rumors?
Everyone knows that the contract expires in 201@, way past the year 2010 as stated before. It is a fact the company knows, reporters know, some fans knew for a while, all the members and their families know, but why are you keep lying about it?

If you continue to do this, it can’t be helped but to think that you are the real leader that is trying to shatter the group by swaying the fans with lies.

Please stop the act that hurts everyone.

By Forever | 6/26/2009 13:00

<End of translation>

Korean Text:

동방신기 멤버들의 팀 이탈과 해체를 조장하기 위해 루머 유포
하는 일부세력은 작당짓거리를 멈추라!!!! 

소속사도 반대하고 멤버들도 반대하고 팬들도 반대하는 팀 이탈과 해체를 누구 좋으라고 하게끔 조장하는거냐.

지금 일부 세력들이 하는 작당질이 수면위로 점점 드러나고 있다.
거짓말로 말을 꾸며내어
순진한 팬들 호도하고 일부 멤버들을 팀을 배반하려는 천하의 미친놈으로 몰고 있고
소속사는 멤버들 미친듯이 혹사시키고 돈 안주고 노예계약으로 멤버들 죄고 있는 천하의 나쁜 기획사로 모함
그런 기획사를 나와 동방신기가 계약을 파기하고 팀을 이탈해야 한다는
수작질이 어제 새벽부터 일어났고 그게 무서운 속도로 그들의 입에서 입으로 번지고 있다. 

그들의 상세한 시나리오 전말: 

소속사가 멤버들을 혹사 시키고 돈을 안준다.
한마디로 노예처럼 멤버들을 다루고 있다 -

라고 말을 먼저 유포시킨 다음에
또 거짓말을 추가시키기를
멤버 다섯이서 팀을 이탈하겠다고 모의했다고 하고 다섯이서 손잡고 나가기로 했는데
일부 멤버가 개인활동의 이유로 멤버들을 배신했고
남기로 하였으며 또다른 멤버는
자기의 계약만료기간이 일년 반 정도 남았기 때문에
어쩔 수 없이 남기로 했고 나머지 멤버 셋은 손잡고 나가기로 했으며
남은 두 멤버는 배신자고 소속사도 천하의 나쁜 소속사라고자
불쌍한 멤버들이라도 당장 이런 문제 많은 곳을 나가야 하고
안 나가기로 한 멤버 두명은 명백히 배신자다.
한 명은 개인활동의 미끼를 소속사에게 받아서 재계약을 하였고
그래서 계약기간이 아직도 그 멤버만 많이 남아 나갈 수 없고
나머지 멤버는 이미 예전에 한 계약이 남아있으므로
나갈 수가 없다. 남기로 한 두 멤버들이 배신자고 나가기로 한 멤버들은 불쌍한 사람들이다.

라는 시나리오...............................................................

이건 명백히 거짓말임은 팩트만 따져봐도 알수가 있다.

동방신기 멤버들은 동방신기 결성되자마자
모든 부모와 소속사 관계자들이 다같이 모인 한 자리에서
동방신기로서 @@년 계약을 했고 다섯 명 모두의 동시계약이다.
그러므로 올해까지 계약이라느니 일부 멤버는 계약이 끝났다느니
어떤 멤버는 따로 계약을 새로 했다느니 작년에 일부는 계약을 했다느니
또 다른 멤버는 아직까지 계약이 일년 반 정도 남아서 나갈 수 없다는 이야긴 모두 다 명백히 거짓말이다.

모든 멤버의 계약기간은 시작도 같고 끝도 같으며 계약만료기간까지 아직도 @년이나 남았다.

이건 분명한 사실이고,
나중에 그들이 해체를 조장하여 기자회견을 불사하게끔 하고 그에 맞대응해
소속사 대응으로 소속사가 상세한 계약사항을
공개하면 빤히 드러날 거짓말인데 왜 벌써부터 조작질을 하는것이냐.
어차피 거짓말이라고 드러날거 왜 이렇게 거짓말을 퍼트리냐. 하늘이 무섭지도 않느냐.

그리고 모멤버홈 마스터는
이미 모멤버 아버지에게 사주를 받고 동방신기 데뷔초부터 지금까지의 스케줄표를
엑셀파일로 준비해서 그 모멤버 아버지가 노예계약으로 에셈엔터테인먼트 향해 소송을 거는 일을 돕는다는거
소속사도 알고 있고 멤버들도 알고 있고 다른 멤버들 부모도 다 알고 있고 멤버팬들도 다 알고 있는데
어디서 감히 수작질이고 물타기냐.
팬 따위가 감히 해체를 조장하는 작업을 하는 일이 어떻게 일어날 수 있느냐.

또한 마스터들도 다 알고 있겠지.

작년에 4집 컴백하기 전,
시청 쇼케이스 사건으로 팬들의 여론이 거세지자 새로 바뀐 동방신기 담당자가
비밀리에 5멤버 각 팬피 마스터들을 소환해서
내년부터 동방신기가 팀 활동을 병행하면서 다섯 멤버 동시 개인활동 들어간다고
각 멤버팬들은 각자 최선을 다해서 서포트 준비를 하라고 이미 통보를 한건
그 자리 다녀온 모든 마스터가 다 아는데
어디서 특정 멤버 개인활동만을 거론하며 그 멤버만 몰아가고
또 다른 멤버는 계약기간이 1년 반 남았어서 못나가며,
마찬가지로 특정 멤버처럼 다른 개인활동의 이유로 팀에 남겠다고 주장해 배신자로 모는 루머를 대체 뿌리는
저의가 무엇이냐.
당신들이 주장하는 이탈 예정인 세 멤버
역시 개인활동 플랜이 작년부터 이미 잡혀있는건 당신들이 더 잘 알면서
전부 다 쉬쉬하고 일부 멤버의 소문만 퍼지게 조장하고
마치 개인활동 플랜 소문이 돌지 않는 멤버들은
소속사에게 홀대 받고 있는거마냥 이야기 하고 다니고
그걸 듣는 팬들은 나쁜 소속사와 자기 잇속만 차리는 일부 멤버들이라고
욕하게 해서 여론을 조성하고 그런식으로 팬들로 하여금 소속사가 부당한 대우를 하고 학대만 한다고
세뇌당하게 하여
자연스레 일부 멤버가 계약을 파기하고 나가도 팬들과 소속사 남은 멤버들 배신하는 행위가 아니라고 여론선동하여
해체 분위기와 팀 해체는 어쩔 수 없는 일이다 라고 분위기 조성하는데
당장 그 거짓말을 관두라.

그리고 그들의 주장이 에이백스가
일부 멤버들과 따로 계약을 하려 하고 그들의 입에서 배신자라고 매도 당하는 두 멤버를 배제하고
유닛 시킨다, 솔로 시키려 한다고 소문을 내고 그 계약하기로 한 멤버들이 두 멤버와의 의리를 생각해서
그걸 거부했다고 소문 뿌리는건 나중에 실제로 팀 이탈이 있을경우에 비기스트로 하여금 비난을 면하게 하고
또 그 비난을 두 멤버에게 뒤집어 씌우려 하는 수작질인거 모르는 사람이 없다.

에셈엔터테인먼트의 2대 주주가 에셈 주식 20% 가까이 갖고 있는 에이백스인데
일부 멤버가 팀 이탈을 하면 동방은 사라지게 되고
에셈엔터테인먼트는 한국시장과 일본시장 진출에 직격탄을 맞는데
어떤 멍청한 2대 주주가 자기가 총 주식 1/5이나 갖고 있는 회사를 망하게 한단 말인가.

그리고 에이백스와 에셈의 계약은
에셈소속의 특정 아티스트의 팀 와해나 이탈 해체는 바로 에셈 엔터테인먼트가 에이백스와의 모든 계약파기로 이어지고
동방신기 뿐 아니라 샤이니 슈퍼주니어 소녀시대의 해외시장 특히 일본시장의 진출을 전면적으로 막아버리는건데
어떻게 에이백스가 특정 멤버들과 따로 계약하고 그 특정 멤버들이 에셈엔터테인먼트를 벗어나도록 한단 말인가.

애시당초 동방신기 계약 대상은 온리 에셈엔터테인먼트고 에셈엔터테인먼트는 하청식으로
에이백스에게 에셈엔터테인먼트에 소속된 모든 아티스트가 일본시장 진출시키기 위해 일을 맡긴거 뿐이라
에이백스에겐 누구들만 배제하고 누구들만 계약하는건 있을 수도 없는 일인데 제발 말도 안되는 거짓말 그만하라.

어떻게 여기까지 올라온 자리인데 여기서 무너지게 하란 말이냐.
돔 공연이 이미 코앞에 닿아 있고
에이백스와 에셈엔터테인먼트의 계획은 동방신기를 한국의 스맙으로 키워
각자 개인활동도 시키고 동시에 팀활동 병행하고
내년부터 일본푸쉬를 강력하게 추진해 아시아 그룹 최초로 돔투어를 앞으로도 쭈욱 하게 하여
진정한 아시아 최고의 그룹으로 키우게 할 생각을 이미 하고 있고 그걸 아는 팬들이 이미 상당수라
에셈엔터테인먼트와 에이백스가 동방신기를 더욱 더 서포트 하길 바라고 있다.

그리고 그들의 주장이 동방신기가 영원히 하나라고 하면서
자기들이 마치 동방신기 해체를 조장하지 않은 세력이라고
눈가리고 아웅식의 거짓말을 뻔뻔하게 해대는데 어린 카시오페아도 당연히 아는 사실,
동방신기가 다섯명이 손을 잡고 나오든, 일부 멤버들만 손을 잡고 나오든, 한명만 나오든
어느 한 명이라도 기존 계약을 깨고 이탈을 하면 동방신기의 이름을 더 이상 쓸 수가 없고
팬들이 사랑하는 노래를 더 이상 부를 수도 없고 에이백스가 동방신기의 계약파기로 분노하여
그들의 일본시장 진출과 마찬가지로 팀을 이탈한 동방신기 멤버들의 일본시장에서의 활동을
전면적으로 차단할것임이 자명해 비기스트들을 배신하게 되는거고 멤버들은그야말로 빈털터리로 나가게 되는데
어떻게 감히 다섯 다 나가야 한다고 주장을 할 수 있으며 멤버들이 모두 다 동시에 남은 계약 @년을
다 파기하는 부도덕하고 신용없는 멤버들이 되도록 만드는건 있을수도 없는일이고
팬들이야 어쩔 수 없이 감싸주지만 동방신기 멤버들의 계약파기와 팀 이탈 그리고
이 작당질을 주도하는 그들끼리만 쉬쉬하며 이야기하는,
나가기로 한 이탈 멤버들의 CJ 이적설이 미리 약속되었음과
모두 다 쉬쉬하고 있는 다른 이탈이유가 만약에 사실로 밝혀진다면
모든 언론과 대중 여론들의 반응이 과연 어떨거라고 생각하나?

제발 모함짓거리 그만하고 죄없는 멤버들 갈라놓고 이간질 그만하라.

이 모든 짓을 당장 멈추라.
왜 팬들이 나서서 동방신기 모든 멤버들이 자폭과 추락의 길로 가게끔 여론을 조성한단 말인가.
멤버 아버지의 말이다, 멤버 누나의 말이다, 식으로 멤버 가족을 팔아서
멤버 가족을 부도덕한 사람으로 몰아가기까지 하는
추악함을 보이고 있는데 하늘이 알고 땅이 아는 너희들의 시커먼 음모는 이쯤에서 그만 두어라.

진정으로 계약을 파기하고 팀을 이탈하려는 멤버들이 있다면 팬들이 나서서 그들이 돌아오게끔 해야지
이 무슨 수작질이냐.

그리고 그들의 하는 말에 호도되고 휘둘리는 팬들은
이쯤되서 그들의 근거없는 거짓말을 차단할 생각을 해야지 같이 부화뇌동하는건 무슨 짓거리냐.

또한 기자들에게 제보해서 건강이상설 과도한 스케줄 운운하며 동방이 곧 해체할거라고 제보해
기사를 내게 하고 팬들을 더욱 부추기는 짓거리 하는거 다 알고 있다.
소속사는 이미 명백히 해체란 없다고 이미 못을 박았고
이건 이탈 예정이라고 소문 난 멤버들도 루머와는 달리 소속사에 남아 동방신기란 이름을 가지고
마찬가지일거라고 믿을것이다.

진정한 팬이면 루머에 휩쓸리지 말고 그런 말도 안되는 루머를 한 사람을 추궁하고 잡아내
멤버들 가족과 멤버들 팬들 앞에서 무릎꿇릴 생각을 하거나 확실한 진위여부를 가리도록 해야지
제발 휘둘리지 말아달라.

마지막으로 그들이 강력히 주장하는
과도한 스케줄이며 노예계약 이야긴 계약서를 까본 다음에
법이 판단할 일이지 팬들이 판단할 일이 아니다.
더 이상 여기에 대해서도 왈가불가 하지 말아달라.

오늘 모멤버 어머님이
개인활동 소문 난 모멤버만 재계약을 했다는 거짓말을
팬들에게 하고 다니고 있다.

어머님은 제발 루머 그만 뿌리십시오.
참는것도 한계가 있습니다.
어찌하여 그런 루머를 뿌리십니까.

계약은 위에서 언급했듯이
모두 다 똑같이
2010년이 훨씬 넘어가는 201@년이
계약만료 기간인거 다들 아는데,
소속사도 알고있고 기자들도 알고있고 일부팬들도 예전부터 알고 있었고
모든멤버 가족들과 멤버들이 다 알고 있는 명백한 사실인데,
왜 자꾸 거짓말을 하십니까.

어머님이 계속 그러시면
어머님이 거짓말로 팬들을 선동하여
팀을 박살내려 하는 진정한 주동자라는 생각을
도저히 안할수가 없습니다.

제발 모두에게 상처주는 행동은 그만하십시오.

by 포에버 | 2009/06/26 13:00

Here's the screencap of the original article posted by "Forever"

The title of the blog is "TVXQ forever"
The text below the picture of all 5 members is "We are forever one... the group that slanders and promoting the breakup should beat it!!!!!!"