Tuesday, February 22, 2011

[Translation] A fan's video for Changmin's B-Day

Well, I've been writing upsetting posts, so I am going to post something good.

This is a video made by a fan for Changmin's birthday. The video was played at his birthday party with the fans. I heard that Changmin was really moved by this video.

This is to remind the readers that there are many KCassies who supported HoMin throughout this ordeal while enduring extreme difficulties and fighting endlessly against the rumors and bashings. There are also many CJS fans who became TVXQ fans after finding out the truth. They are the true heroines who stood by HoMin and fought against the antis while searching for the truth.

Many evidences and facts were collected and researched by those fans, and without them, this blog won't exist.

The story is told by subtitles without any voice, so it will be really easy to follow my translation. Just go to the next line when the subtitle changes. I put timestamps too, but it won't be hard to follow. The translations in parenthesis are dialogues in the pictures. It's long, so just open another browser window with translation on the side while playing the video. I hope you enjoy it.

It almost brought tears to my eyes (I'm a sensitive man LOL) while translating it because I know how difficult it was for those fans, how hard they fought, and how much they cried.

* The video is by Butter-nim, the administrator of Max's fan site "You got the power"

* One of the reader of my blog, nikkiyang subbed the video. You can watch it here. 

Dear Oppa,

when I was 14,

I saw a boy kissing a cat

his innocent eyes were unforgettable

so I became his fan

the boy was a fairy

who grew up to be a god

and meanwhile, I became a 22 year old lady (0:27)
("Mom this concert is the last one")
("You think Max is going to be my son in law for that?")


being Max's fan for 7 years

was not an easy task.

sometimes I lied to mom ("Where are you?" "Library~")

ditched classes ("Where are you going all dressed up like that?" "going to a date~")

when others were meeting men

I was in a fan meeting. ("<-Man")

Even though my side was cold (* meaning no boyfriend)

I was always happy (0:46)

when I listened to Oppa's songs

it felt like I had everything in the world

the loving heart was

always warm..

but since some day (1:02)

I couldn't listen to the songs I loved

I sometimes fought all night with some strangers

it was hard (1:10)



I thought a lot about (1:18)

how precious oppa was to me

with the belief

one day I will see you again


and waited

the moon on August 21st was big and bright (1:44)

from that moon

oppa came down

how oppa danced beautifully

how the voice

deeply resonated the air

I wonder if oppa knows all that

the things I thought I lost (2:07)

all came back

my heart

started beating again

I am Max Changmin's fan. (banner: shut it and only Max Changmin)

the past and present

now and for ever

to continue to like Oppa, (2:26)

will make me do a lot of things

fight against the nature ("be alert. ur gonna die if you fall asleep")

and probably fight against the antis  ("I'll fight you with cold facts")
("Oppa I'll protect you!)

overcome kissing scenes

in a magazine bought with my own money ("this man... again!")

read your endless dating stories (dating dating dating dating dating)

need to study hard (2:43)

and get a decent job

I want to be a great person

because I am Max Changmin's fan.

you are walking with a huge load (2:57)

if only a little

I want to share it

let's walk together

you are not alone

it's said that nothing lasts forever in this world 3:13

but instead of uncertain future

hundreds (3:20)


10s of thousands of us

who loves oppa

we believe this moment, right now

Changmin oppa who I love a lot (3:33)

stay busy

make a lot of money

always stay healthy

and smile happily

above all,

be with us all the time

for a long long time

let's stay close

even if you don't show it

we know

that you like us

always shining bright from above,

my star Shim Changmin-shi.

Happy 24th Birthday

February 18, 2011
From Cassiopeia


  1. This is so beautiful!!

    Thank you for translating it^^ This fan made video is like a ray of sunlight shining my day and making me smile from the beginning till the end.

    Can I use your trans to make a subbed video of it? It's purely for personal use:)

  2. @ pumpkiepie

    Sure. It's only a translation. :)

  3. "I've been writing upsetting posts, I am going to post something good."

    It is good, but it's still sad :( I cried watching the video and reading the translations just knowing how much HoMin and HoMin fans suffered :( It was truly beautiful!

    Thank you so much for sharing! ^^

  4. I cried even when I just looked at the paintings and didn't understand a single thing. Now I cried harder after reading ur translation T.T

    You, Butter-nim, and all the fans have been sticking with HoMin from the start are truly Cassies! Thank you so much for this, you are really "precious" to all of us, u-know? ^______-

  5. Thanks for sharing. This touched me deeply and it made me think of how great of an influence the boys have been. Even JYJ for a matter of fact. I just hope they realize how influential they are and do the right things.

  6. Although Changmin seems nonchalant about his fans, I'm sure he appreciates their love for him (although he probably doesn't understand it). I admire his honesty and the way his fans accepts him for the way he is.

    It must be hard for his fans to endure almost zero activities from Changmin last year, their patience is amazing.

    Thank you for the translation, Precious. As always, Butter-nim has captured the beautiful side of Changmin in her drawings (and pictures).

  7. So touching... And so true that it has been very hard being fans of our TVXQ boys. Thanks much for your translation of this video, Precious.

    I admit that I preferred BigEast than K-Cassies for the ways they dealt with this mess. But as you point out here, there have been a lot of K-Cassies who have stayed by the boys' side. And it's unfair for them to be grouped with the fanatic fans. I give you a credit for preventing us from overgeneralising things and keeping our comments fair to all. This is what we call professional as a blogger. And you have always lived up to that standard. :)

  8. So Touching..Thank You Precious

  9. @Precious

    Gosh... I saw the vid before and I loved it... I kinda get the gist of it but there are certain parts that just went over my head... Thank you... although I still don't like being emotionally charged two days in a row... I feel like a teen again... T_T

    This video just re-affirms my thought that this fandom need a way to separate the 'Cassies' and the fake ones. Not only HoMin, but real Cassies (I consider their individual fans Cassiopeia if they support TVXQ too) who stood by their side and really believed in them suffered from both the fake ones and new ones like me who probably put them all together under 'Kcassies'. So I apologize if I ever had the gall to put you true and faithful fans in the same clump with those Contries.

    You're not alone anymore. More and more fans are joining, and although we are still not as big and as influential as those fake fans, we know where we stand. Either as individual artists or as TVXQ, we support Yunho and Changmin.


  10. It's really moving and also as a Changmin's fan, I wish Changmin and Yunho will be able to smile really really happily and comfortably in the near future. When all hurricane is gone, there remains peace.


  11. I love this video. :)
    For me K-cassies are the one who still support present TVXQ (whether true OT5 or Homin fans). The boycotters are not K-cassies. Ppl who only support JYJ are not K-cassies. Period. I think K-cassies have been judged/treated unfairly by others (maybe incl. me :P), they're the one who directly get the impact and watch directly wht happen to Homin during the dark time. They're the one who defend Homin when almost everybody in fandom turn their back to Homin. I ll applause them for their perseverence. :)
    Thank you K-cassies. ^^

    Precious: Thanks for the translations :)

  12. This is really touching T^T I shead a tears huhuhu
    We will always besides you oppa ^^

  13. Very touching. I almost cry T.T

  14. That is the reason Homin have enough strength to stand on stage again, the love from their fans. I remember how happy I was when Homin made their first comeback stage. Normally, I would annoy if the fans' cream louder than the singers' voice, but at that time, I felt so happy hearing Cass creamed Homin and TVXQ.

    Reading Homin thread, seeing the pictures of Homin fans making lunch and snack for the staff, I felt touched that I wanted to cry. Regardless they are Changmin's or Yunho's or TVXQ fans, their love warm my heart. They're doing what Homin need the most, love and support <3

    I heard a rumour about Homin being attacked on the day of their second comeback perform (even see the bruise on Min's arm) but while performing Maximum, Min could not stop smiling. I think they are more happy about standing in front of their fans again than anything.

    The moment they won the first award in Music Bank, Yunho looked so touched and surprised, they did not expect the award, I realized. And yet, still poured their heart in every performance. That's why I love Homin and their fans so much.

  15. How can we stay calm after watching this? Thanks so much for sharing with us. I am so glad to learn that there are many Kcassies who are on Homin's side. Hope ICassies can join the Daum Cafe despite the fact that the no. of fans in Daum Cafe has been decreasing.

  16. Thank you for sharing this beautiful words. After all the upsetting things, this fans letter to Changmin was really heart warming. I believe there are many others Kcassie still loyal to both Yunho & Changmin. They support TVXQ forever.

  17. Awww that is so sweet. I'm glad there are still some kcassies who support homin. The video is very touching and Changmin knows that he is still loved by a lot of fans. Thanks Precious.

  18. Precious thank you so much for the translation~ It is really much better with trans, the video is so beautiful. Thank you so much

  19. @precious:

    I used your translation for our site, full credit of course ^____^

    Thank you!

  20. oh gosh. i know these feelings, especially during his absence last year and how worried we were that we may never see Changmin (and Yunho) again. thank you for sharing the vid and esp the translation. this is Butter-nim? i admire her amazing art very much and also the photos from the You Got the Power site (not sure if the photos are by her as well but they are also beautiful).

  21. ah..... this's so touching!
    tks Precious ^^
    Atually many of your recent posts made me feel like crying, just this one gives another feeling >>> delightfully cry.hahaha ~~~

  22. thanks for the translation! words like these must mean a lot to Homin especially during these difficult times. i'd love to see CM's reaction to this video message lol.

  23. oh my heart...I cry, being a fan of him for years is really hard, last year I suffer so much. Now I feel relieve.

    Thank you so much for translate this.
    Can I use your translation? I need to translate this in spanish for Changmin south american and spanish fans^^

  24. Oh gosh... i was abt to ask my friend to trans this vid, thax a lot Precious!!! XD but may i use this trans to sub the vid in YT? i juz want ppl to see this vid with its full meaning... ill link the vid to u once its done with full credit... :)

  25. @ all
    Glad to know you all liked the vid. I didn't even know it was from a CM fansite admin "Butter" LOL. I should put proper credit in my post.

    That's perfectly fine with me.

    @ macachangmin
    Yes. No problem.

    @ nikkiyang
    That would be great!

  26. That was amazing and touching. This is one of the things that made my day.
    I always knew that there were many K-Cassies that supported and love Changmin and Yunho, but the majority overshadows the minority and number of TVXQ fans in South Korea just so happens to be the minority.
    Still, I love all the great things that these fans has done for HoMin. They are true fans
    Thank you, Precious for posting this. I cried too.

  27. DONE!! The vid with engsub is here, remember to turn on cc & annotations button... :)


  28. Thank you Precious for this.u made me smiled&cried in the same time..

    dear Changmin&Yunho,you will never walk alone.we -Cassiopeia- will stand by you, forever <3

  29. @ nikkiyang
    That was fast. Great job. :)

    I see that you changed "To Oppa" to "Dear Oppa". I like yours better. I am going to change mine too. :)


    @ nini9515, maemapayo
    Here's some tissue~~

  30. @Precious
    Thank you for the tissue.
    Oh, and I forgot to ask you, is it alright if I put a link to your blog on my Youtube account?

  31. @ nini9515
    Of course. The whole point of this blog is to let as many international fans as possible what really happened. You can put links on yours, your friend's, and her friend's Youtube accounts. :)

  32. hi did you already read about crebeau. why dont you post it and make a clarification about it ?
    my quote for you The truth will reveal itself eventually...

  33. T___________T
    it's heal my heart aching a bit after reading the previous post
    thankyou for let us know about this video ;A;
    *so sad*

  34. T___________T

    Stupid girl... he's just an idol... one day he'll marry a woman and you'd be left behind.... (that was what my surroundings always said to me) T______T and as I think like that, I can't stop crying and be amazed at her. The years were tough, how could she... more tissue pls...

  35. Thanks for translating this Precious!!! You're so precious to us >_<

    Seriously, I cried watching this. the fan is so loyal to Changmin since his debut. for 7 years, she has always there for him. fighting the antis, been there for his comeback... T_T
    her loyalty make me tear up...
    Seeing her lifeline story, seems like she's around my age and to be devoted like these make me impressed with her.

    These are my fave quotes from her:
    "the moon on August 21st was big and bright (1:44)
    from that moon
    oppa came down"
    --> Homin's fans have been waiting so long to see them again... ㅠ.ㅠ

    "I want to be a great person
    because I am Max Changmin's fan."
    --> This totally make me inspired to become a great person too. The fact that how Shim Changmin has affected her life to become a great person, effect me as well.

    I'm going to be a loyal fan to my fave idol just like her too. Always believe in them, fight all those antis, being inspired to become a better or great person because I am their fan. So much respect to her!!! ^_^

  36. @ Widuri
    I'll post about everything that happened so far, but not in a while. I got other things to post.

  37. @ lapis.lazuli
    Here you go (tissue). ^^;
    When they get married, pay them back by marrying someone yourself. LOL

    @ miraliyana0203
    Oh, here's some for you too. (tissue)

    @ verachan
    Glad it helped.

  38. @Precious: thanx for the tissue..but i think i need more than tissue. I need an handkerchief :)
    for all: love you all..we are great fans from two great men.let's do our best to make them PROUD of us :xD

  39. @ precious
    but that crebeau is hot topic these days
    i just hope you can reveal the truth about what happen

  40. @ Widuri
    I will "reveal the truth", don't worry, but I'm not going to be told what to post by someone who thinks I'm spreading rumors.

  41. @Widuri

    Just a suggestion, if you are that curious about what's going on with SM and the cosmetic company, why don't you go through all the sources available to you and write something about it? Truth will never be able to reveal itself if there's nobody who's actually willing to take on the challenge and start a journey to find it.

    Oh, and about the whole cosmetic company thing, it's more buzz and word play than anything of value. Try reading the translation of the official legal documents. Summaries and Tweets rarely can do them justice.


    Looking forward your next post, I am sure it's going to be a good one. And things is getting very amusing these past few days.

  42. @ Widuri

    I think reading HoMins' and their fathers' officials statements will help you ^^

    the truth was there but a biased judgment blinded you somehow ^^

    and btw .... not all the fans are teenagers ... some of them are studying law and other stuff..

    So, don't think that we need a piece of translated edited article to know what is happening ^^

  43. @precious i dont think you are spreading rumours because i read almost all your articles is just with the new fact that crebeau already convict innocent i just wondering what really happen thats why im requesting you to write about it

    @ pink dreamer88 and hyeomu i am blind about law and also lazy to search it thats why im requesting precious to write about it because i want see the facts and precious always give facts in her articles

  44. @ Widuri
    I am going to write about it. BTW, you are a JYJ fan, right?

  45. @Widuri
    You do realize that while SM had there's dropped Crebeau's had there's dropped as well. Also it is not that either are necessarily guilty or innocent there was just a lack of evidence to support SM's lawsuit against Crebeau hence why it was dropped.That does not mean that the information that has already been found out the over 60% stock owned by JYJ will not be used in the ongoing contract case. Oh and you don't tell people what to do on there own blog. If you enjoy it you should respect and appreciate there effort and wait for when they are ready to release it. At least be respectful.

  46. @precious thank you. about TVXQ i support all five of them that means HoMin and JYJ. i try not to be biased and hope they can be five again

  47. i dont understand what happend on august 21?
    im still new to TVSQ so there is a lot of thing i dont understand :)