Saturday, June 25, 2011

Conclusion of 6.25 - Why I started this blog Part II

I guess it's only fitting to conclude the chapter on 6.25 meeting today, exactly 2 years after the meeting was held.

The readers may remember that my very first post on this blog was brief explanation on why I decided to start blogging about TVXQ.

I wrote that I wasn't a die-hard fan of any K-pop artist, and as matter fact, I love rock music, specifically Heavy Metal/Classic Rock. (Metallica!!!) But I do listen to other kind of music, and I love listening to K-Pop and respect the artists' ability to perform complicated dance routines while singing.

Some of you may be wondering why is a person who's not even a fan running this blog, spending so much time and energy? Here's why and how I got into this.

As I said in my first post, I knew something wasn't right when TVXQ broke up with only 3 members filing the lawsuit instead of all 5 which prompted me to check out the contract, and reading the contract was as far as I got regarding the matter. I wasn't really a fan of TVXQ, and I just checked out the contract to see how K-Pop artists' contract was structured out of curiosity. After I read it, I knew the contract was actually pretty good except for a couple clauses as I stated in my entry about the contract, and it was definitely not a "slave" contract and not bad enough to break up the band. I didn't really care too much about the lawsuit since I wasn't a fan. I'm into sports as other men are, and contract disputes over money happen every day. You see athletes with huge contract fighting for more money, so I just assumed it was over money and left it at that.

I think it was around October of 2010. I was surfing YouTube, checking out some music videos, and happened to watch TVXQ's "Mirotic" video. I noticed that there were some comments from users bashing SM for their "slave" contract, but they were using wrong info based on what was spreading around in many fan sites at that time. They were using this info:

I started to comment about the contract trying to correct the mistake, and got into a heated debate with a Junsu's fan. I knew my info was the correct one since I read it from the source, but she could not be convinced and claimed that the contract I read was a fake (really?). I even told her I read it in Korean, but it was no use. She didn't even believe I was a Korean. Then she started throwing other stuff at me which I had no idea about, so I started doing more research into the matter. I have read articles from many English sites and Korean sites, and read both sides of the argument. That was when I realized that many international fans only had access to limited information, twisted and manipulated ones at that.

What I didn't understand was that many of them were claiming they were fans of all 5, but bashing SM at the same time that didn't make sense at all. If you really support Yunho and Changmin, how can you bash a company they chose to stay and work with? It's really a simple logic, and I commented many times about the fallacy of it, but most people just didn't get it and refused to admit it.
Anyways, I kept going back to that video, and got into many debates (argument, fight, whatever you want to call it) mostly with the same group of people (JYJ fans), and as I was going through it, I started to gain more knowledge. I had an advantage because of my Korean skills, and I was getting information that they never heard of, and eventually they couldn't argue with me any more and started making personal attacks and put a "Pro-SM" label on me.

That was when I found out about the 6.25 meeting and learned that all these lies and deceit were not accidental, but rather planned and systematically spread. I actively started to defend Yunho and Changmin on various threads (youtube, allkpop, blogs etc.) because I felt it was so unfair and unjust for two young men, who did nothing but the right thing, to be bashed relentlessly by many biased, clueless fans. As I found out more about the two, I began to gain tremendous respect towards them. In my opinion, they've handled the situation exceptionally well despite the emotional toll they must've endured, being framed by their close friends and their career almost ruined.

As I was getting involved in the debates, I was also getting questions from others who wanted to learn more about what I knew. It was getting frustrating because there was only so much I could provide, and there wasn't any international site available that I could direct them to. I found myself saying the same thing repeatedly, just to different people.

So I began to think that my time would be better utilized if I made a blog instead of repeating same info over and over, but I was hesitant to do it because I knew it would take a lot of effort and time considering the vast amount of documents and information that needed to be translated.

It was soon announced that TVXQ would come back with Yunho and Changmin. I thought that their comeback would calm everything down by making the fans to just support their respective band, and eventually two sides will just go separate ways. CJS themselves gave indications every chance they had that they were over with TVXQ and quite happy with their career as JYJ.

Then the tweets started coming and the attacks by the fans.

I realized that there was no end in sight, and here I am, typing this post, running this blog.

So please thank that Junsu's fan, because without her, TrueTVXQ blog wouldn't exist.

Why did they need the 6.25 meeting?

So let's talk about the 6.25 meeting. Why did they hold it in the first place? Why did the 3 and/or their parents felt the need to spread the lies, blaming the breakup on HoMin and SM? Couldn't they just file the lawsuit, start their career as JYJ while running the cosmetics business? Why was it necessary to ruin 2 men's career and the reputation of a company who worked to make TVXQ together?

If you recall, the conclusion article I wrote for the cosmetics business ended with this paragraph:

"Now the final question. Even with the money making potential the cosmetics business presented, TVXQ also had big potential to make more money since they were just starting to get really big in Japan and Asia, so why would CJS risk breaking the group by filing the lawsuit? Was the cosmetics business that big that CJS would give up TVXQ? That would be answered in my future posts."

The answer to the above questions? The 6.25 meeting.

They not only wanted to continue the cosmetics business, but they also weren't willing to give up TVXQ. More accurately, they didn't want to give up TVXQ's earning power. We know that they didn't care about the TVXQ name itself from the way they ran their cosmetics business, throwing TVXQ around everywhere, so it had to be the money.

It is not that hard to see that they'd lose the fans' support if the real cause of them leaving SM was known to the fans, and many fans would've left them. Just read the 6.25 transcript again, and you can clearly see the purpose of the meeting. The topics that were discussed the most in that meeting were Crebeau, HoMin taking SM's bait and changing their mind, bad contract, and the 3's intentions of keeping TVXQ together, and to keep TVXQ, HoMin had to leave SM with them.  The meeting was held to hide the real reason for the breakup, shift the blame on HoMin, and appeal to the fans that they want to keep TVXQ together (reason for their fans preaching AKTF nonsense even now). By painting themselves as victims, they earned the fans' sympathy, making them unite in their support.
How well did it work? Exceptionally well as we all know. The 3 had fans' full support in everything they did. Fans supported them while the 3 accepted MNet's award without the 2 when the date was originally scheduled for a TVXQ concert in China. Tokyo dome? A-Nation? CJS' fan meeting right after cancelling the TVXQ fan meeting? Not even a question. Having dedicated fans who'd do anything to protect their "oppas" at any cost helped too. As most readers know, the effect of 6.25 meeting is still felt even today. There are fans who still believe and spread the lies that were created in that meeting 2 years ago.

As matter of fact, the fans are one of the biggest victims in this. I have read many fan accounts from the fans who initially supported CJS who later found out the truth, and had to go through painful process of healing to get over the shock and disappointment over the artist who they supported with all their heart. I'm sure many readers here can relate to that.

I wouldn't care if they just split for money. It happens to other bands, and they aren't the first and they won't be the last, but holding a secret meeting to frame the members they used to call "brothers"? Unforgivable. And it is still going on even now.

It was a huge blessing for Yunho and Changmin that 6.25 recording became available to the public. The tide started to turn once the file became widely available. The non fans' public opinions was initially supporting the 3, but after listening to the recording, their opinions changed and the support towards Yunho and Changmin started to grow.

Another effect of 6.25 meeting was that it solidified TVXQ's breakup. The 3 didn't need to make any kind of settlement with SM and go back to the company since they had the fans' overwhelming support. Just look at what happened with Kara who were in a very similar situation as TVXQ. The difference was that there was no 6.25 meeting, and the fans did not support the 3 like they did for CJS. Kara's 3 members eventually settled their differences with the company and came back, and they are working together again.

That's exactly what needed to be done with TVXQ to prevent the breakup, and if you recall Forever's post, that's precisely what she was pleading the fans to do, but to no avail.

There are positives that we got out of this whole saga. The fans finally got to see what Yunho and Changmin are capable of on their own, and their hidden talents are in full display for others to see. By going through this adversity, the 2 came back much stronger and with determination, and it shows in their performances. Also, the fans really found out the true colors of each members. I personally do not put too much weight on the image of the entertainers displayed to the public because I am aware that their persona are mostly manufactured by those around them, which I also do not mind. It's not like I'm going to have a personal relationship with those entertainers, so as long as I like what they bring to the table, I'm ok with it and don't really care how their real life is.

But as I got to learn more about Yunho and Changmin, I could see that those two men are genuinely great people, and they have earned tremendous respect from me the way they handled this crisis. That was another reason for me to start this blog.

Am I a fan of TVXQ now? Yes, you can say that. I support Yunho and Changmin as a person. Their music and performances aren't bad either. :)

So that about concludes the chapter on 6.25 meeting. That is the whole reason I support Yunho and Changmin, and the real reason I am making effort to spread the truth.


  1. "I personally do not put too much weight on the image of the entertainers displayed to the public because I am aware that their persona are mostly manufactured by those around them, which I also do not mind. It's not like I'm going to have a personal relationship with those entertainers, so as long as I like what they bring to the table, I'm ok with it and don't really care how their real life is."

    This!!! I agree with you although I will ignore everything that blatantly nasty artists bring to the table (I don't think I need to write who ^^~). Rude is still alright, but nasty is a big no no.

  2. @Precious, Thank you so much,btw are you madex something? If you are, you are great, I remember you, I wish the best for you b/c you deserve it, I really really like Changmin, so I wanted to defend him as well, I was tired of all those comments so thanks to you, I can do that, I am happy now b/c the truth has been revealed, I also should thank JYJ for being so stupid with their tweets and the person who recorded the meeting.
    Precious great work, I love what you did and I can say you are a great guy, not as much as Changmin but haha I am just kidding. I really like the way you seem to be. When I read your posts and your comments, I can see you are Precious indeed.

    @ all:
    I love all HOMIN supporters, I love the way you defend Yunho and Changmin and I admire the way you are, I think they will be safe as long as they have great fans like you. The difference between JYJ fans and HOMIN it's huge, there are exceptions in both sides but majority of HOMIN fans are so classy, polite and smart, I can't say the same about JYJ fans (lately, tbh I am rude haha shame on me). About OT5 I can't stand some of them but there are others that I really admire.
    Thank you!!!

  3. so the conclusion is that cjs betrayed homin for money???..i'm not mad but confused.their bonds are really strong.and they did all this only for money??

    and about that 6.25 meeting..i think cjs's parents are going overboard and i must agree with u.
    but,,do u think this is all cjs;s plan??or their parents make up all of this themselves without cjs knowing?? explanation bout this,cant u?

  4. @precious
    really appreciate all ur effort in producing this blog. Appreciate your effort in being the voice for HoMin and us DBSK supporters... =)

  5. @Precious
    I'm thankful to you and this blog.Even though some of the entries are painful to read b/c of what they had to endure,we get an idea of some of the pain they went through.I feel for them not just b/c i'm a fan,I personally would never make an effort like CJS & thier families have done to destroy my worst enemy.

    Are CJS parents starting to feel any backlash from what they've done or have they've gotten away w/it?Someone said that they defended thier parents on the 6.25 issue,if anyone knows what they've said about that could you tell us?What was said at the CJS fanmeeting if there was anything said about yunho/changmin?

    Another difference btw them & Kara is that 2 of the girls parents blamed Gyuri in public,which from what I heard that didn't go well.Also that the 3 that left after Hara went back weren't the most popular in Korea whic is Gyuri & Hara.The 3's parents also after awhile considered thier daughters in rthe end as well.Most of the Kara drama was public,where the CJS saga is behind closed doors.

  6. Thank you to that Junsu's fan because of her argument this blog exist...

    'I wouldn't care if they just split for money. It happens to other bands, and they aren't the first and they won't be the last, but holding a secret meeting to frame the members they used to call "brothers"? Unforgivable. And it is still going on even now.'

    I couldn't agree more...if they just leave it at that and there's no 6.25 meeting (hidden agenda
    )I think this thing will be long solve and forgotten...but thanks to them and their behavior, Yunho and Changmin gain respect and recognition from various people like you and non-fans...I'm so grateful because you started this blog, thank you ^^

  7. It has been long since the last time I posted a comment here. Sorry for being a silent reader most of the time, Precious. :) I still remembered your posts back then against a well-known Junsu's supporter on that youtube page and allkpop. Actually, that's the reason why I have followed your blog since the beginning after stumbling upon the link from CTVXQ webpage. There were many things in your posts back then that I thought made sense. Can't thank you enough for taking time to dig deeper into the issues. And as I have mentioned here before, this blog provides the things that I really want to read as a TVXQ fan - the links to original documents relating to the contract and court cases and other proofs and evidences.

    Btw, I'm also into Rock music (Queen). TVXQ is the one and only Asian pop band that I like. Like you, I respect them for performing complicating dances while singing. Besides, their ballads are quite impressive.

    @tvxqlover - To me, it's clear that the origin of this saga is about money and, more importantly, the way the people involved dealing with the issue.

    I can't say for sure about the involvement of Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun in the 6.25 meeting, but isn't it obvious that they did not do anything to protect their friends against the defamation following that meeting?

  8. @tvxqlover,

    in 6.25 audio, the parents say twice that JCS told the family to hold the meeting.


    "So finally, the parents were contacted from Japan, and we were asked to at least tell you as much truth as there is"

    "But when the kids heard the recent rumors saying, “some things are like this and that, someone’s like this and that”, the kids asked us early this morning to get together like this, and asked us to talk (about the rumors)."

    and yes, it does seem like JCS did all this just for money. if you remember from Changmin's Dad's letter, he says that one of the parents was pressuring him about the money that could be gained through the cosmetic co. So, I guess, to JCS, the possibility of making 10's or 100's millions of dollars was worth destroying your brothers.

    "I talked to one of the parent over the phone, and he said absurd things like: “This business may become worth 10’s and 100’s of millions of dollars. After we list the company through backdoor listing using another company listed on Kosdaq, we will spread the news of TVXQ’s involvement in the business, and when the stock starts to go up, we will give you information so you can buy the stocks.”

    @ Precious,

    what more can we say. thank you so much for all your hard work. it's sad to think what could have happened to us Ifans if you didn't start this site. thank you, again.

  9. its kinda sad that there are still so many "fans", JYJ stans or self-declared OT5s (who still wishes for HoMin to leave SM)around. esp when i look at their old vids in Youtube.

    it's just upsetting me to see how many pple still refusing to accept HoMin's decision to stay in SM and how they have all sorts of claims to support their reason for staying. From being threatened to being blackmailed to wanting to stay so that they can be the stars after the 3 "stars" of DBSK left.

    i just wish they will learn to respect the 2 boys for who they are and know that they are mature enough to make the right decisions in their own minds.

  10. @tvxqlover:
    errr... isn't obvious? :x
    Even they so called reason for filing a lawsuit is because of unfair distribution of profits. So since beginning is all about money. I wont be surprised, even blood relations can be broken by money and i cant see why friendship also cant be broken by it... Well, for me personally, money is not only the main factor that ruin their friendship, but broken trust (?) :x If CJS simply left quietly, I'm pretty sure, their friendship still can remain intact until now. But they choose the 'dramatic' way, I'm not sure if I can be friend w/ someone who wanna frame me...

    Thanks Precious. It's a really long way for you to start this blog. I'm really grateful you decided to write this blog & special thanks to that Junsu's fan~ :D
    May I know, what your next post is all about?

  11. So they wanted everything. How selfish can people be? Not only did they want more money with crebeau, they wanted the fame and money from tvxq but excluding homin and sm. They definitely planned all of it. I just don't know how Yunho and Changmin managed not to say anything at all coz I would have. They must have been shocked at the actions of their friends. There is no way I would ever trust anyone who treated me like that ever again. We can see where cjs' hearts lie. One day in the not so distant future I want homin to speak out and tell us what happened.

    Thank you Precious for these posts, although painful to read at times they answered alot of unanswered questions for me.

  12. @tvxqlover

    The main problem for not accepting the ugly fact about JYJ of OT5 is they so believe in the bonding thing between members. In my pov, the bond is true to YH and CM, seeing how they never commented anything about JYJ even after all the 3 did to them (I can see sad in YH's tone and angry in CM's but never the hate). But the other 3, I can't say the same... If u look at their old shows, they r the one repeated the sentence they r happy to be TVXQ the most, but in the end who break the TVXQ? TVXQ was formed and promoted by SM, by suing it (for profit, yes) means intentional break TVXQ and yet they claim TVXQ broken because YH and CM didn't go with them (r they the ones make TVXQ and HM is their followers to fill the number 5?). The bond... except u can't see what their real intention in the interviews and twitt during the comeback, I think they imply clear enough what they want their fans do to TVXQ comeback. Sorry if I sound rude :)


    What can I say, thank u so much for everything u do ^^. I can like an idol but to support them I need to know about their personality too. The more I know about YH and CM, the more I respect them. I think in many cases, the fans' behaviour somehow reflect their idol's :)

  13. Truthfully right now I just pity them. I always believed that the reason they left was a mixture of money and more fame, rather than being treated bad and I still think it's that. But it's sad to see how low they would step to get it. Homin didn't deserve it back then, and don't deserve it now. And they don't deserve to have Homin shielding them, which is what they do even now.

    thank you, Precious, for starting this blog :)and I can barely wait what comes next...there are still some things not fitting into the puzzle, but you will probably touch them next...

  14. I stumbled upon your blog a while back and I just wanna say thank you; thank you so much for defending the people you trust, thank you for your hardnwork in translating the recording and official documents, thank you for your courage in creating this blog, which has enlightened many international fans of TVXQ (including myself) on the issue we are most curious about.

    I'm a new fan myself, and until some time ago I kept convincing myself that the 5 of them were victims of circumstances, that each side was compelled to take the course of action they took due to external pressures (parents, threats, etc), but after reading all the HARD facts (to all haters, seriously, if you hate someone for telling the truth, you need to schedule a brain check-up immediately), everything became clearer.

    "Everything", as in why JYJ chose to turn a legal battle between them and SM into a psychological one (all the emotional outbursts at concerts and the emo tweets) and why Homin ended up receiving much worse bashing.

    I truly respect JYJ's talents and determination, but their characters and values are certainly not laudable. What do success, fame, and fans' sympathy mean if they are gained by stepping on people you called 'brothers' and by defaming the company that has contributed so much to your lives?

    To fans out there who are as confused as I was, just look at the facts that Precious has so kindly translated for us to discern.

    All 5 of them are, in their own ways, extremely attractive and talented; at the end of the day, the only thing that can distinguish the level of respect we have for each member is his own moral virtues.

  15. thank for making this blog. i used to protect jyj, just because their fans tried to find any ways to bash homin, sometimes i feel like ppl bash jyj just because they want to see homin got bashed, just like one person bash them n other ten ppl will bring homin into the war, especially yunho. what "friend" means to them? During nearly 2 years 2009 n 2010, why they only tell how they r hurted, how about homin, their brothers, didn't they see that ppl n their fans put all blame on homin, bashed homin so badly? i wondered, why didn't they protect homin, just once??? it was hard time, now it's gone, from what they did for homin when homin come back, i know they will never protect homin, n it's such a dream which never come true, n i should be thankful coz they didn't tweet, or write a song about homin to make ppl bash homin more. hahaha though i tried to keep loving them so hard, jyj n their fans kill my love for them by themselves.

    i just hope jyj n their fans can leave homin alone now =.= , though i know they wont, they must fight for "right" LOL.

    tvxq = homin now, i really hope homin can stay together 4ever, yunho's fans n changmin's fans can respect, n stay together with homin. there always be some fans complain about who's active more, who's better between homin. hope they can be more mature. Homin've already gone through such a hard time, now they only have each other by their side.

    thank u so much, it's scared me when thinking what if there's no 6.25 recording, what if u didn't make this blog, maybe homin will be called as betrayals forever =.=

  16. @Precious~
    Thank you so much for all the work you have done. What you have done is something that some old Cassies didn’t dare to do and that is defending YunHo and Changmin…their beloved band’s leader and youngest member.

    Some did defend but they were overwhelmed by the hatred which was generated by the trio and their fans.

    As an observer, I noticed (and still noticing) a double standard treatment when it comes to the ‘’angelic’’ trio. And what amazes me the most is that their fans are acting like they are the trio or the trio’s official representatives. When someone criticises them they bring the trio into the equation to justify their stupid, baseless, and moral-less bashing and attacks. As a rule…what is wrong is wrong…nothing justify doing something wrong even if it was done by ‘’pure’’ people.

    ‘’JYJ are no longer part of TVXQ….you have to move on…the past is the past’’

    This was said by JYJfans to some OT5 fans to make them stop mentioning TVXQ’s past and the other members and to support jyj only. They always tell other to ‘’move on.’’ The funny thing is that JYJfans did not do what they are telling others to do and that’s TO MOVE ON. They keep talking about SM and YunHo and Changmin and spread lies and rumours about them. I wonder what is their definition of moving on, because if they were telling other to forget the past they should too forget the past….it is simple. But I guess they are saying that because they can’t handle others supporting both TVXQ and JYJ lol. (the first part of my comment lol)

  17. What made me go all :O is the fact that they bashed reporters and even JunSu’s brother cruelly and endlessly but when a reporter talked about it openly they denied that..they were like ‘’it is a lie…. We don’t bash…we are angels’’ oh and they say ‘’those are rumours…don’t believe that official article….it is a Ho-Tel girl.’’ Apparently everything is a Ho-Tel girl even males and inhuman objects lol.
    Your blog did not only provide valid translation and solid proofs….It also provided to others the knowledge they have to know in order to apprehend the nature of this situation.

    I am just glad that YunHo and ChangMin are able to sing and perform again. They are giving their fans happiness and the strength that they need….people cry when they see them not because they pity them but because they are happy to see them.
    I guess some people are in denial that the current TVXQ are able to provide the same material that the old TVXQ is able to provide. I guess YunHo and Changmin roles were underestimated by the majority of this fandom.

    Finally, Thank you again :D

  18. @Precious, im form kuwait im not that good in E nor korean lol but the way u explain was super easy to me to read , im super thankful for all u offer and information , u make me think why !! i org suport all of them but with time before i read ur blog i was super sad from the way jyj tweet i flet is wrong in way in undirected mathed thy wear send Messaging to their fan about tvxq and ohu i thought thats wrong !! how can thy do that to yunho and mini if thy love them !! thy didnt say it direct , yunho and mini say thy what thy thing in TV in clear way we know how thy feel but jyj how thy feel toward yunho and mini !! i dont know !!

    another thing i was sad about it when thy say their wear sad and thy pretend to be happy !! yes its was hard time in japan but how u come to be sad when u with ur friend !! even if it was so hard to u , u must be happy that u with ur friend ppl love u and support u !!

    it must be so hard to yunho and mini to know that their friend was supper sad with the time thy have together !!

    again im super sorry for my English im not that good lol

  19. @ Freya87
    Nasty's fine with me. Remember, I'm a man, and u know all men are pigs LOL.

    @ sofly
    You must be the one who commented on my channel. :)

    I think CJS just want to keep their remaining supporters at this point. They must know how their tweets are perceived by the general public, but they keep doing it. It's really backfiring on them, but they don't seem to care as long as it works on their fans.

    @ tvxqlover
    TBH, I am not even certain if their bonds were real. Maybe they were real close at some point, but it's also possible that those images were just for the fans. Whether they were true friends or not, it is broken now and they did it for more wealth.

    @ nicegirl221
    It's really sad how cruel and low some people can get because of greed. It just makes them blind.

    I haven't heard anything about CJS' parents or what happened in their fan meeting. I don't really follow them unless it involves TVXQ.

    I think Gyuri is the least popular member of Kara, but Hara definitely is the most popular one. Their case is kinda interesting too, but I'm not going to dig deep. You're right, Gyuri dissing by the family didn't go too well with public, and thanks to the lessons learned from TVXQ case, the general public had better judgment this time and took sort of neutral stance in this matter. I'm sure Hara's popularity helped too.

    @ jaemin
    Yes, that person really got me going with the research into this matter. Can you imagine how ridiculous it felt to me when she claimed the contract I read might've been a fake? LOL

    When I first got into the arguments, I didn't know much about this situation, but thanks to her, I started digging deeper, and kinda became a TVXQ lawsuit expert LOL.

    @ kohei007
    Hey a fellow queen lover!!! (RIP Freddy!)

    It's amazing some of you remember me from YT. I thought YT comments get buried so quick, I didn't think you would remember. I guess I did spam that thread for a while LOL. I'm usually laid back, but when I get into something, I really get into it.

    @ keigomilk
    Some fans just won't change. I wouldn't leave SM to join a company like C-Jes. That's nuts.

    @ ayeopan
    My next post is going to be about DNBN.

    I wonder if that fan is reading my blog LOL.

    @ apooli
    Yes, they wanted everything. If not, there was no reason for them to hold the meeting. If you look back, CJS's Japanese activities did very well so their plan worked.

    @ shanancelice
    I agree with your statement about the fans reflecting their idols. :)

    @ blackie-cin
    Yes, it's really sad how low they fell... Only they and their fans don't realize it.

    @ fadeaways191
    Welcome to the community! Nice to know my blog helped you. Yes, there's no question about all 5's talents (well I personally wonder about 1 member, but that's just me), but it's really too bad they had to split like this.

    @ 4get2start
    Yup, even back in Korea, JYJ fans turned off even the non-fans with their acts, and they produced many anti-JYJ who are not TVXQ fans.

    If there wasn't the recording, it would've been much harder to defend HoMin.

  20. your next post will be about DNBN~ yay...I was wondering and bothering ayeopan about it~

    can wait for it ^^ Precious Fighting!!

  21. @ pinkdreamer88
    "Double standard" is an understatement. They have no standard LOL. It was initially the JYJ fans who endlessly attacked HoMin using the past, but they're changing stance as more facts and lies are uncovered so they just want to forge the past. On the other hand, TVXQ fans were always consistent with what they say, just like the members themselves. That's the difference between the group using the truth and the fans using the lies to support their artists.

    @ NodNoubt
    English is my 2nd language too, so my writings are not complicated. It probably works out for many international readers, or at least that's what I'm sticking with. LOL

  22. I have a few questions to everyone. I hope I'm not intruding, but I'm really interested in your input.
    Well then...the first one is a general question. What do you think an OT5 fan really is? What defines it? Who qualifies as one? Do OT5 fans support old DBSK (and how do they do that?), both HoMin and JYJ, or are they supporting neither one until they won't be together? Or they the ones that support one side and tolerate the other for the sake of the OT5?....I really wonder about this one, because I've read so many fans claiming to be OT5 fans, but there isn't one single common thing between them...
    And two more JYJ fans related questions:
    1.Are there cases of HoMin fans turning into JYJ fans after things have calmed down?
    2.How many new fans did JYJ get with their new albums?
    Lots of thanks to anyone willing to answer...:)

  23. @ blackie-cin

    In my opinion, OT5 consists of all the types of fans you just described. It's just a term made up to describe fans supporting all 5, but there are different types of OT5 fans just like there are different TVXQ fans and JYJ fans.

    As for JYJ fans,

    I've never seen case #1. As for #2, I'm sure JYJ got new fans with their album, but I don't know how many. I think they got more new fans from YC's drama SKK Scandal than their album.

  24. @Precious , thanks for another great piece-i also wanted to get your opinion about this new happiness in the OT5 world about how supposedly something good is going to happen in the near future just cuz SBS showed five members pics on Strong Heart and also Yunho speaking so fondly about the Bora Bora episode on the same show-the other thing OT5 are banking upon is how Yesung and Leeteuk mentioned Junsu on Sukira-So the theory from a lot of OT5 supporters on twitter was earlier SM wouldnt allow HoMin and other SMtowner's to speak so freely about CJS, hence SM must be softening their position-What do you think?

  25. @blackie-cin
    Well, OT5 supposedly means that they will support all five of them regardless of sides or anything. But really the ones who claim being a OT5 fan are mostly JYJ fans that say things like 'I love them, but I can't support HoMin if they stay with SM'. But there are fans who still really hope they will be together again somehow. Don't bother with it; 'OT5' have lost all its significance and power, juts like the AKTF claim.
    The other questions I can't answer, sorry. I've never heard of a TVXQ fan turning into JYJ fan before. And I don't know anything about CJS fans, I don't even know if they have a official fanclub or they're still trying to hold onto Cassiopeia's name. I heard something about 'Orion' but I'm not sure it's true.

    Thank you again for your hard work.
    So that's how you dacided to start this blog. I'm really thankful to that Junsu's fan. I'm sure that if she had known how far her comments will make you go, she wouldn't have said anything.
    Many of my friends have asked me why I'm a Yunho fan since I think Changmin is more handsome and have a better voice, or I like Eunhyuk stile of dance better. They don't understand that what I like about Yunho is that strong willpower and ethics, and how he have very clear what his goals are and how to reach them. I really admire him.

    LOL... I'll end my rant now.
    Thank you again for your posts. Can't wait for the next one because I don't know what this DNBN thing is!

  26. Precious, I’m so glad to hear from you more often lately. I assume that means you aren’t as stressed as before these days? ^___^
    Yesterday I thought about the two year anniversary of 6.25, too. What a shame that the term “6.25” even exists.

    I think the saddest part in this story is that the side of those three people not even tried to destroy Yunho and Changmin’s career, but also accepted the possibility that the impact could also destroy their lifes as well. For four years I love and respect Changmin for what he is and what I think he might be in private, so the fear that not only his career but also the person I admire so much could be broken was a constant companion during end of 2009. Seeing the other three accepting this so easily still makes me shiver. The day when all the statements were released on 091102 I went crazy worrying about HoMin and their families cuz it was clear that they will receive a lot of hate. And I’m glad that I didn’t knew the fact that Changmin REALLY considered to drop his career and start a new, ordinary live somewhere. Even today this thought makes me incredibly sad. I think it would have made me sick if I had gotten to know about it in 2009 and if it rally would have happened I think my heart would be shattered to pieces.

    That’s why I’m so so so happy to see DBSK on stage again, with their heads held high. And it really touches me to read things on your blog like the last three paragraphs of this post, it makes my heart swell with pride to have such formidable men as my rolemodels who can even touch such a clear minded man like you.

    … continue …

  27. … continue …

    Regarding the 6.25 voice file there is a question. Does the general public really know about it? I mean was it brought up in some news or news papers? Or do people have to dig in the internet to know about it? How were all those lies and misbehaviors brought to the public’s eye? All the time I only read about news paper articles pointing out that JYJ can’t appear on TV due to devil, mighty entertainment companies’ restrictions blabla, but I never stumbled over one article that claimed SME and HoMin to be innocent and even worse, claim that those three people are the ones to be blamed. Is it the same as with all the other information which are hold back from international fans?

    Thank you so much for all you do for HoMin and for the fans, you are the leading light for non-Korean DBSK fans all over the world. (haha, do I sound corny? XDDD Must be pain to the ears of a Heavy Metal fan ;) )


    I’m not so sure about that, since I’m not that familiar with JYJ fans, but I think too, that JYJ gained most new fans because of YC’s drama. All the new fans I read about became fans because of TV, not the music. I think it’s quite ironic, cuz they left to be greater artists and singers but rely on TV dramas and show to gain more fans…

  28. Oh, and I forgot to say that I'm REALLY looking forward to the DNBN post, yay!!! \(^___^)/

  29. Ah, it is always great to read your posts Precious.

    I myself am a rock fan. Ra, Linkin Park, Cold and so forth maybe not so much old School although Metallica is awesomeness.

    I think Yunho pretty much alluded to it in Knee Drop Guru. I believe they asked him to tell them why they think something like a lawsuit would happen, specially in a moment where they were having the success that they were? and he said that maybe that was the reason. They were young and they were gaining all of this success and it might have gotten out of hand. I think the other 3 succumbed to it. The fame and everything else that comes with it.

    I didn't need to dig deeper after listening to that.

    Thanks again for doing what you are doing and love the way you express yourself and write.

  30. @ Reema

    Here's what I think. It's not like the past never existed, so there's nothing strange about Yunho talking about the past episode. What does that mean? It means that Yunho was on a variety show and talked about the past, nothing more, nothing less. If you look at other bands that broke up, it's pretty common for current/former members to talk about the old days, but that does not necessarily mean they're getting back together.

    Some may interpret it as SM taking softer stance, but if you think about it, Yunho and Changmin was out of spotlight for so long, they didn't even get any chance to BE on any of those talk shows. Even after the comeback, they didn't go around the media outlet and did interviews left and right. Anyways, I really don't think it's a big deal. Only thing I can tell from that show was that Yunho was feeling more comfortable talking about the past. It could also mean that he completely got over them.

    @ enolha
    Pretty ironic, isn't it? A blog that's hated universally by most JYJ fans was started because of a JYJ fan LOL. You are right, if she just accepted her mistake and did not try to argue something that's so obvious, I probably would've just left that thread without looking for any more info, but she was persistent. :)

    @ pfau
    Yes, things have gotten less hectic, but I still only made 2 posts this month. :) In January, I made 20. I don't know how I did that.

    Well, the term 6.25 already existed among Koreans because that's when the Korean War started. It's just for TVXQ fans, the date has two meanings now, so either way, 6.25 doesn't really bring up good vibe.

    As for 6.25 file, what JYJ did is pretty widely spread these days and many people who are active on the internet communities know about it. If you think about it, this whole thing is more dramatic than a Korean drama, making it an interesting read, so the story even attracts non-fans. I mean it's got betrayal, contract issues, court sessions etc. you can make a movie out of it. :)

  31. You can't have your cake and eat it too^^ I think the moment Yunho and Changmin came back as TVXQ, JYJ knew they had lost, that they would never full fill their desire to take it all for themselves, must have been a shock after how well there plan seemed to have worked and then that happened,

    I don't know if they hate Yunho and Changmin or if they are just jealous but i think one thing we can conclude is they definitely UNDERESTIMATED the POWER of YUNHO and CHANGMIN!!! Also it must suck to know your not NEEDED ANYMORE. ^_^

    SM don't need them now, Yunho and Changmin don't need them and current TVXQ fans who only support homin because homin=TVXQ now don't need or want them back with Yunho and Changmin either.

    @precious I went back and looked at comment on mirotic mv and i remember reading some of your comment back then too^^ Good things can come from arguing with people sometimes, I dislike Junsu fans because they love to put Yunho down especially, cause their precious little angel is the only one who is allowed to be multi- talented, (give me a break) but I still thank that junsu fan for helping you make this blog and i thank cjs for leaving TVXQ so Yunho and Changmin no longer are having to hold back their talents ^_^.

    Especially Yunho! HE can't sing you haters say? YOU WISH! I've always loved yunho's voice from the start and i love it even more now and Changmin's too^^ They are the ones who improved their vocals even though they were good before too and I love them for that^^

    As for mistakes thank you for saying what you did to me about the album intro, I am over that now. I made a mistake that's all and we all make mistakes so I'm okay^^

  32. ah a Metallica fan. not a heavy metal fan but i love alt and modern and brit rock, mainly from the 90's. :D there are no good music these days (except TVXQ :P).

    since everyone is thanking Precious, let me thank you as well. i know it's not easy to find these sources, compile them, translate them into English and write whole articles about them. like you i started following this lawsuit out of curiousity, and not being a fan of TVXQ at all (i was a 1TYM/Jinusean/YG Family fan so i didn't pay attention to them). but i thought what CJS were doing was incredibly ballsy, standing up to the giant SM and basically the entire Korean entertainment industry, which i've never seen before, and i had thought it was possible to support their "cause" and like Homin at the same time (when i got to know them i just automatically gravitated towards Homin) just like how i was with Hangeng and Super Junior. (i guess in a sense i was an ot5 before??!? lolollll) little did i know that the scale and the magnitude of this mess doesn't even come close to that. it was really a confusing feeling because i kept questioning why am i more drawn to Homin when CJS are supposedly the ones i should admire and support. and i just couldn't see in Homin all the bad things i've read about them: liar, traitor, fake, puppets. they don't act, talk or look it. so basically what lead me to take a second look on your blog is a combo of curiousity + confusion + being turned off by JYJ propaganda. i'm sure i'm not the only one with this experience.

    "n i should be thankful coz they didn't tweet, or write a song about homin to make ppl bash homin more. "
    i think you're forgetting YC's Song Without a Name, where the lyrics said that his senior/s told them that the company will keep the ones that make the most money for them. which is funny cos i thought that would've been CJS, seeing as they have the most following among the five and supposedly the ones with the all singing talent and song-writing skills.

    i've never encounter a Homin-biased turned JYJ-fan.

    i agree that what Yunho said in KDG was pretty much it. i always felt that not only money, power and ambition played a big part in the split, and Yunho confirmed it for me.
    it's crazy that when Yunho said that, immediately CJS stans came out with a bulletin that said something like "beware Yunho changed his stance" because he had said before in his statement that the reason of the split was Crebeau, and now he's saying a different thing. what, was he supposed to bring up and talk about the details of the lawsuit on national tv while it's still ongoing? i swear those people will twist and mistinterpret and misrepresent anything to prove what a liar Yunho supposedly is.

  33. @ burritoslove
    Cool, I like Linkin Park too, and thanks for the kind words.

    @ Pippa_Star
    Yup. It is possible that the 3 never foresaw that HoMin would comeback as TVXQ. I have a feeling CJS themselves, just like their fans, truly believed that they were the main members of TVXQ as you can tell by proudly proclaiming that on their website. They must've thought that the 2 couldn't do anything without the 3, and when the 2 came back with such force, it must've taken them by surprise. It explains why suddenly they started tweeting and their public relations firm started releasing news articles whenever there was a news about TVXQ. It was almost funny to see the 3 all seemed happy with JYJ and appeared to have moved on from thier "idol" days, and suddenly after the TVXQ's comeback, they want to be TVXQ again. Same with their fans. At least YC had been pretty consistent, probably because his acting career was going well.

    It is also evident that Yunho and Changmin didn't waste their time when they were idle because they both improved a lot and came back stronger.

  34. @ cat1177

    I personally prefer 80's metal scene, and 70's classic rock. I kinda agree that the music scene these days is kinda stale. That's probably why I listen to K-Pop a lot these days when it comes to new music.

    You are not the only one turned off by JYJ fans' behaviour. Back in Korea, those fans are notorious for nosing in everywhere trying to spread their agenda. It created many netizens who don't care about either TVXQ or JYJ, but became "anti-JYJ fans". They sure made enemies with fans of SM town artists.

    During the days of TVXQ5, Cassies were notorious for being extreme, but now many people think most of those fans were fans of CJS, and they all moved over to the JYJ side. Another positive result that came out of this situation. LOLOL

  35. can you provide me some links that proved CJS' fans turned to TVXQ's (HoMin) Fans?? I really wanna read that. hehehe.

  36. @Precious

    oh i'm very much aware of Cassies' notoriety haha. i remember they used to practice getting tickets online for TVXQ concerts on other artists's concerts. not sure if i remember this correctly but i think it was on Bi's concert? although i don't know if they really did this or this was just an accusation or exaggeration.

    URGH is anyone else reading this Hayato person's blog? he's as annoying as Matsuura, can they both STOP talking about Homin? especially this Hayato who is not even remotely related to Homin in any way since he works for JYJ.

  37. @ ryuue

    Here's one CLICK HERE. She was a TVXQ fan, but JJ biased. There are many like that.

  38. @cay1177
    That Hayato guy is annoying,i read what he wrote,he basically blamed Homin fans saying something like"I like the two as well',and something about how thier actions would make them sad b/c he has anti's,& also is telling bigeast that it's inpossible for the 3 to go back to avex.What's curious is that he also blames hardcore CJS fans as well.I wonder if thier starting to get tired of thier hardcore fans?He & people in the other side pr camp,keep making Bigeast look like that they don't know anything.Bigeast aren't stupid nor behind on the times.I wonder how they feel being generalized like that.I've seen so much hate by CJS stands given to Bigeast b/c some don't wanna change sides.
    Also Hankyung did things differently,he's likable.He even defended SM in a magazine,also he never dissed Super Junior,so Suju's & Geng's relationship can be fixed,cause both Teuk & Geng have said they'd like to reunite on stage before Teukie goes to the army,so it's easy to support Geng & Suju at the same time.

    I had no idea about a reporter talking about the bashing.Could you tell us/me about it?

    I knew that SM Town fans wouldn't be happy w/CJS fans,but I had never knew that JYJ had anti-fans that wasn't SM Town biased?

    I enjoy the enviroment in here whether we agree/disagree,you all are so nice & also everyone giving info/answering questions,that many of us didn't know.Thank You.It's so nice to chat w/everybody.I'm just so greatful to be in a positive enviroment :)

  39. @Precious's in korean...i dont understand, *scratch head*. google translate is so not make sense

  40. @ ryuue

    LOL Sorry, most readers here somehow manage to read Korean, so I figured you'd know what to do to. I don't know any in English. I may translate some of them in the future, so you'll have to wait until then.

  41. @ nicegirl221

    Not "anti-JYJ", but "anti-JYJ fans". Some fans are getting out of hand these days, and are annoying a lot of people with their propaganda and lies. A Korean actor, Son Ji Chang, attended SMTown Concert in Paris, and left a favorable tweet saying how he was proud of Korean artists performing in Paris, and some JYJ fans started bashing him, so he closed his tweet account. He didn't say anything about JYJ, but he was still attacked by their fans.

  42. @Precious:Thanks for yur reply-and I do concur with you-I think Yunho and Changmin are more comfortable about their past because they have moved on ahead and are no longer dwelling over it-and I love that about them.
    And also, I had always thought what other readers are also theorizing over here-initially when it was announced that HoMin were coming back, CJS had this stance of , yes we support them albeit half halfheartedly, but once KYHD exploded with popularity despite the boycott and stuff, we saw the tweets, the underhanded KYHU by Jae etc-I think they were shocked that the supposed underdogs had a better album than them!

  43. Precious, I've been being a silent readers for months, so now, after I made my blogspot account (mostly bcs of your blog XD) finally I can say, thanks for all of your effort.

    "During the days of TVXQ5, Cassies were notorious for being extreme, but now many people think most of those fans were fans of CJS, and they all moved over to the JYJ side."
    OMG, SO TRUE!!!!!!! When DBSK still had 5 members, I never called myself as cassie. Okay, many cassies are great fans. But many others are too..scary? Crazy? So agressive and ballistic. I don't like their behavior at all. (no offend to anyone^^). But after they're splitted, I notice the same behavior in JYJ's fans, but not in DBSK's. So I AGREE totally LOL.

    @nicegirl221 & Precious : I rmmbr someone made a list of 10 worst PV all the time and YJY's debut PV is there too. Guess what, 80-90% commenters are JYJ's fans, bashing the author and said 'they're GOD! How dare u said that?' or 'they are the best singers ever!'. I mean..the blog wrote about the PV only, not their singing skill, nothing else. I bet many music lover (who don't care about K-pop at all) visited that site and when they saw those comments, what would they think? And Precious, I know that many general ppl bcm 'anti-JYJ' fans. But we know too, that it's so easy to hate an idol, not bcs of the idols behavior, but bcs of his/her fans'. So, I won't surprised if many ppl bcm anti-JYJ too even if they are not SM/DBSK fans.

  44. Thanks for opening up this blog and letting us understand the whole situation. Actually in my heart, I was already thinking that the whole issue had to do with "money" . TVXQ I had been supporting them ever since they debuted.It's real sad that such a powerful and wonderful group had to be divided due to such issues. But I am happy that HoMin came back as stronger and hardworking as ever. I admire them for the misery that they had to go through. Fighting ! I support them. (though I do hope they could settle their in differences and be as 5 again)

  45. @Beatrixx07
    I also remember that worst pv of all times thing,you could easily tell by the comments on who were fans and who were not.Many of the non fans were making fun of the fans comments & the video/song itself.

    I remember hearing about that actor.Isn't he more popular to the general public than JYJ?Do you happen to know what people's thoughts on him getting bashed was?Don't these stans realise they have anti's?
    Did you hear about the JYJ radio fiasco,i read from The Korean-a blogger that the reason was b/c JYJ fans vs.the older women who wanted to help out.The fans were against thier support.

    I feel the same way,there were so many that thought that Yunho/Changmin would fail including CJS.They must be scared that w/the new fans that thier gaining that thier place in TVXQ is no longer.If in the end it's JYJ-then there is no room for TVXQ,they can't have thier cake & eat it too.
    The recent tweet(b/c thier news in everywhere)by Jaejoong was something about Please believe us,many fans are leaving-not exactly those lines,was worded differently w/what I just wrote.And that Hyato guy says something about Bigeat not wanting to face reality again & the 5 had to seperate due to rumors,for people to stop spreading them.Then erases it and thanks people for apologizing to him.The guy sounds like a cult leader.

  46. Hey there, I'm an allround supporter, I like JYJ, I like Homin, and I loved the 5 TVXQ (no matter how successful both sides might in the future be, I think the sounded, and I say sounded not success, way better as five, as they as three and two). But I guess I don't really follow the music anymore (neither JYJ nor Homins), more like I just want to see how it all ends. Even when I keep up a lot more with JYJ news than with Homins, I prefer reading the comments here than in JYJ's site (sadly, cuz I really like JYJ, sorry about that), and it's sad, I can say even after reading your blog, that I myself am thanful of, because provide much more info that others, I still give JYJ the benefit of the doubt, I don't know why I guess I'm just way too attached. But the truth is that even when I wish JYJ to be successful, just like Homin, more than your blog, it's their own fans who make them hard to like for many, I gotta admit their fans could turn fans against them, it's funny to me it's not your blog what makes me wonder if I'm in the right place but most of their fans.
    Even when I like JYJ, I stay in a middle point, I give them the benefit of the doubt but that also means that I'm aware of possible wrong doings of them, but most of their fans blindly support and bash horribly Homin (that the part I mostly dont like, I don't like that at all, even when I follow more JYJ), and if you make a comment as JYJ fan but who slightly supportive to the other stand you atomatically become an anti. like, HEH?????
    Sorry for ranting here xD But I just wanted to say you guys comments (well most of them :D) are really nice, and mature and logic and that's why I like comming here and reading, I might not be allthe way with you and might not agree with all this blogs has to offer (since I like JYJ ;D) but good job.

  47. I'm really confused by that hayato person words..what is he? and why did he bring DBSK/Homin name into his words/argument with fans/BE?

  48. @all
    Thank you very much for your answers...I only asked because I got into a fight with a few OT5 fans for saying that I liked both old and new TVXQ, but didn't like JYJ's music (for reasons not pertaining to the lawsuit and the whole fiasco)... so I just wanted to other questions were mostly curiosity...

    what new tweets? and who is that Hayato guy? I must have missed a few things....^^

    (btw Precious any reason behind that username?)

  49. @blackie-cin
    Jaejoong had tweeted yesterday/day before(depending on time zones)something about-Believe in us/some fan are leaving.Hayato is a japanese guy who used to work w/avex,but now works with JYJ-he keeps making blogs that make Bigeast/Hardcore JYJ fans(i was surprised he whined about them too)/ & Yunho/Changmin fans look bad,b/c people complained about/to him.He sounds like a cult leader"Believe in what JYJ believes"-he says stuff like that.Don't worry about those people,you can like wht music you like.I liked the old TVXQ as well,but i'm loving the new TVXQ style & music. :)

  50. I never expected that the owner of this blog like rock music like me as well.^^ But I prefer 80’s and 90’s rock and early 2000s.Most music nowadays suck anyway except a few exceptions. ^^

    'I wouldn't care if they just split for money. It happens to other bands, and they aren't the first and they won't be the last, but holding a secret meeting to frame the members they used to call "brothers"? Unforgivable. And it is still going on even now.'---> so true..

    “ If CJS simply left quietly, I'm pretty sure, their friendship still can remain intact until now. But they choose the 'dramatic' way, I'm not sure if I can be friend w/ someone who wanna frame me... “---> I think that all the “dramatic way” was to earn a lot of sympathy of the (blind) fans and therefore, will help boost their sales etc. Etc. It was just a business thing and it’s pathetic that they settled for money rather than friendship.

    For JYJ, I hope they are genuinely happy with the decision they made considering that they have to stepped down and destroy two innocent people and their families (*sarcasm intended). I can’t help but wonder if they do regret their decision to go against SM seeing the success that HoMin is achieving right now. I have this feeling that in the future there might be a possibility that the three might go against each other seeing what they did to HoMin who are I think more kind and principled than they were. I think it’s just a matter of time.

    (2 be cont..)

  51. (continuation)

    Anyways, I want to share this one, I don’t know if any of you had read this before. I saw this posted on kpop secrets; I only took a portion out of the whole article. It’s from a k.pop insider, I don’t know if what he/she said is true but it rang some truth to me:

    “So with that, I hope that "some" of the fan girls that continue to hold on to this idea of 5... Well give it up now. Please move on. Do not let a group that moved on to affect and hurt you any longer. They are not coming back as 5, at least not for awhile. They have chosen separate paths, and all 5 have come so far that there is no way to turn back. Some were never as close as you seemed to be. The division between the 5, at times it's so very obvious that it happened the way it did, and at the same time it's amazing that it actually happened like it did. So surprised that some ended up with one another and some didn't. Surprised because some used to be so close, and other used to hate each other. Who those "some" are will remain my secret.

    I am particularly curious with the last three lines though, I wonder who those were...hmmm..Any idea guys?

  52. @jarlette

    I guess for some used to be so close could be Yunho and Junsu or Changmin and Junsu...and other used to hate each other imo is Jaejoong and Junsu ...but I might be wrong

  53. @jarlette: my humble guess is Yunho and Jae were close-i dont mean the whole "yunjae" phenomena, but they did seem quite chummy from all the videos-I also think Jae and Junsu were never close and there was this underlying tension because both were supposed to be the lead singers-but again just my observation!

  54. @cat1177
    hehehe , not everyone thanking precious for created this blog , atleast the jyj's stans and the so-called OT5 won't appreciate this blog.

    happy to read a new post from you again , thank you very much.

    @that junsu's pathetic fan
    hope you won't know the reason why precious create this blog , and if one day you know about it , you won't heading to the wall bcoz your lovely oppa sure will hate u forever

  55. @ Reema
    Yup. Like I stated, that was why I finally decided to start the blog. I was outraged at what CJS did after TVXQ's comeback. I mean they still had galls to manipulate the fans after all they've done to ruin HoMin's career and reputation? Just unbelievable, and it really made me upset, and I couldn't just sit and watch and do nothing.

    @ Beatrixx07
    Actually the most ridiculous I've seen from JYJ fans is that bunch of them actually went to the "Blue House" board and made bunch of posts requesting the President of Korea to help stop "evil SM" from blocking JYJ's activities. I happened to witness it in real time, and it was hilarious. Can you imagine those posts mixed in with serious requests by the citizens? LOLOL

    I don't think those fans realize what they're doing, and I seriously think some of them truly believe they are fighting injustice.

    @ jtan0907
    Hi. It's refreshing to see a fan who wants all 5 back, but who's also aware of the reality. That's pretty rare in this fandom. :)

    IMO, even if they get back together now, it will be hard to recreate the magic they once had. Even the fans who support all 5 will have doubts back of their mind. They'll look awkward together.

    @ nicegirl221
    Yes, that actor is well known in Korea. JYJ is only known in K-Pop circuit, and I bet YC is more famous through his drama than JYJ.

    I know about the radio station fiasco. On the surface, it closed down because the station invited a controversial politician to comment for the station, but actually it was because of the tension between YC's fans and Junsu's fans. I think YC has more older fans because of his drama, and it appears that they think JYJ is kept alive because of YC's contribution. JS's fans don't like that since (as we all know) JS is the best. I think JJ's fans are secretly blaming JS for dragging JJ out of SM since he's not doing anything. I don't know for sure, but it appears to me that C-Jes is not supporting JJ as much as the other two. It could be that C-Jes needed JJ for the Japanese market, but not for the Korean market.

    @ Lawi
    Thanks for sharing your opinion. I personally like the new sound better, and definitely like the new performances better. They don't look as cluttered as before, but everyone's different, and nothing wrong with liking 5's music more. :)

    As for extreme JYJ fans, your observation is true in Korea as well. You just can't reason with them. :)

    If every JYJ fans were like you, I'm sure both fandoms could co-exist together even with our differences. It's too bad it's not like that.

    @ blackie-cin

    There is a reason for my username (it's something stupid, actually), but I can't tell you, sorry. :)

    @ jarlette
    I like 70-90's rock myself. :)

    As for how their "relationships" were, I have no clue, but only guess, but that would be just that, a guess. I know JS and JJ fandom didn't like each other, and the fans of JS always kept Yunho in check.

    @ iamjinjungsu
    LOL, that Junsu fan may already know about it. I know JYJ fans are keeping close watch on this blog, waiting for me to make a mistake so they can bash me.

  56. I agree that JS fans are the most extreme.

    Click this link:

    Simply unbelievable.

  57. @ Freya87

    What is that all about? I can easily guess that she said something about Junsu?

  58. @Precious
    Yep. It's a picture of Telisha (dunno who she is) got bashed. I don't understand Spanish but I read from AKTFnews that the text is bullying, harassing, while being sexist, racist, and threatening. I guess it because she took picture with Junsu. The picture is also there. It's facebook link actually.

  59. Hey there, I agree with a lot of your points.

    First this :"What I didn't understand was that many of them were claiming they were fans of all 5, but bashing SM at the same time that didn't make sense at all. If you really support Yunho and Changmin, how can you bash a company they chose to stay and work with? "
    The "Pro SM" label, I know it too, I've made the experience. To be honest, I used to be, what we call an OT5 until sometimes in November. When they announced Yunho and Changmin comeback as two, I've always been more on Homin rather than JYJ side. If you ask me why, I would just tell you, all this story smelled so fishy. I'm not proud to say this, but TBH I lured myself to be an OT5 for few months, almost all the fans I knew were OT5, I believed there was still a chance they'll reunite.
    I'm an hardcore TVXQ fan, and I act this way only with them. When the news came out they've got their separate way, I've really cried but the first question I asked was "Why would JYJ leave yet Homin stay? If it was that bad, I'm pretty sure they would have left together but they didn't. No human can support being treated badly -like all those rumors about them being hit, forced to practice from 5AM until 11PM etc..-
    Also, one of the reason was specially because Homin were bashed with no end but no one bashed JYJ. Did it make sense? Being an OT5, being proud of JYJ for leaving yet bash Homin for staying? At first I was mad, all the comments I read were all the same, bashing SM and Homin. It was like all Black and White, the good vs bad.
    I trust Yunho and Changmin, so I tought if they've decided to stay, there's a reason and it's not because they're afraid.
    "Then the tweets started coming and the attacks by the fans."Couldn't they just file the lawsuit, start their career as JYJ while running the cosmetics business? Why was it necessary to ruin 2 men's career and the reputation of a company who worked to make TVXQ together?
    I remember when I've read the translation, I was on my way to home. I couldn't believe what I saw. Even now, they keep playing with their fans, sometimes I pity them. They' only see what JYJ are willing to show them.
    This is the moment when I've declared myself to support ONLY Yunho and Changmin and no more care at all about JYJ.
    Can't agree more, JYJ were like "we're still TVXQ" "if one day we can reunite why not?" yet they used what looks like "brother" to make themselves looks better.

    As matter of fact, the fans are one of the biggest victims in this. I have read many fan accounts from the fans who initially supported CJS who later found out the truth, and had to go through painful process of healing to get over the shock and disappointment over the artist who they supported with all their heart. I'm sure many readers here can relate to that.
    I can totally relate, sometimes I feel guilty towards Yunho and Changmin even if now they've my full support, at first I also wanted them to leave SM.
    But as I got to learn more about Yunho and Changmin, I could see that those two men are genuinely great people, and they have earned tremendous respect from me the way they handled this crisis.
    They deserve so much more, I can't help myself but to compare them to JYJ, and I always tell myself "One side is putting all the blame on Homin, and all Homin do are looking forward their future." I respect them so much, not once they've talked badly about JYJ.
    It must have been so hard for them, I can't imagine it yet they're always smiling and thanking fans.

    P.S: Sorry for the english

  60. @ Parfum

    I can totally understand on how you feel...I used to be an OT5 and a big fan of Jaejoong, I even go to their album showcase...but after witnessing something and knowing a lot of stuff that happened, I decided that they didn't worth my time or now I'm 100% a DBSK/Changmin and Yunho supporter...I found precious' blog a bit late but I'm glad I did...this blog has open my eyes to so many things that I didn't know before~

  61. @ Freya87
    It looks like she's a JYJ's background dancer, and she took some pictures with JS and released a song about him. I guess the fans are just jealous or whatever.

    @ Parfum
    Thanks for your post. There are many former OT5/JYJ fans who shares your experience, and don't feel guilty (you're not alone there either) since it wasn't your fault that you were lied to and real info was hidden from you.

    @ jaemin
    Maybe I should create a page and collect former OT5/JYJ fans' experience and post them so you guys can share them. :)

    I've read many fanaccounts like that, and it took some people months to let go of JYJ even after finding out what happened. For some others, it was pretty easy. I guess it all depends on how emotionally they were attached to each members.

  62. @Precious & Freya

    Telisha is one of JYJ's dancers and she recorded a song about herself and Junsu. She calls herself TeliSu and her song is quite bold. I think it was a big topic on facebook the week SMT Paris was held. All Junsu fans were enraged and somehow I can understand a bit why... But the above picture is just... too much. :/
    Anyway, I was wondering why she produced this song in the first place, she workes some time for those three already and knows how extreme their fans are. And why did she pick Junsu out of the tree in the first place? For me it looks like a brand new way of publicity stunt...

  63. owww, you know about it already.. xDDD I'm too late ^^;;;;

  64. @jaemin:

    "but after witnessing something and knowing a lot of stuff that happened"

    might I ask what you witnessed? I'm just curious :)

  65. Like many people I was totally lost on the whole lawsuit issue. I became a fan in 2010, and I fell in love with them as five. Then found out they had broken up. I did try to believe all the AKTF nonsense but something always irked me about the situation. Why didn't HoMin leave if things were so unfair?

    Then I just finally said okay they just grew up and changed and developed different goals. Okay, I could live with that.

    HoMin made their comeback as TVXQ and I became obsessed with them, and thought this was better than the old TVXQ. HoMin are so fierce, so real...especially Changmin. That boy is so blunt, I love it! You know he's telling the truth because he doesn't give a damn.

    Then I read all the tweet wars and saw how other SM artists stood up HoMin and SM...and when they would say all those people are puppets, that didn't sit well with me. Something's totally off about the whole thing.

    I only discovered this blog like two months ago...been a silent reader ever since. Precious, you are awesome, dude! I wish this blog can be advertised more somehow.

    But then again, some fans still can't accept the truth. They think 6.25 was given to us by a biased fan and those letters from HoMin and their fathers are fake...with fake signature. All to continue living in their delusional world. It's sad really.

    I have a quick question: I've heard recently that JYJ banned any mention (shouting, banners, etc) of HoMin at their concert. Is this true?

  66. @ pfau

    I think most already know that JYJ had some trouble with organizer/promoter in several country that handle their showcase...for what I saw in the one I attend they act a total diva...I'm not surprise that one of the organizer (from Indonesia, if I'm not mistaken) take it out on Jaejoong after CJeS cancelled the showcase there...

  67. @ Precious


    That's true.....I guess that explains why they are not consistent. But the majority of those who claim to be real OT5 exhibit this double standard behavior and it makes me wonder if they even realize that. I think that i don't need to explain it because it is too obvious to be ignored. lol

    @ nicegirl221
    Sorry for the late reply ^^

    Here is something that will clear what I meant:



    But i am sure that you have already read it lol

  68. @scy17: I dont know if JYJ have banned fans from mentioning HoMin's name but on twitter i see frequent requests by JYJ stans to other fans not to mention anything related to HoMin , TVXQ and Yunjae-But i saw fans carrying some Yunjae placards in Gwangju, so am not too sure about the "ban" story.
    @Precious, now that you mantion it, I have always wondered why Jae has the least amount of activities when it comes to the trio-I mean isn't he supposed to be the more popular one both in Korea and Japan?

  69. @ pfau
    Just did a quick search. I love internet!!! :)

    @ scy17
    Welcome! It's nice to see silent readers coming out and commenting one by one. :)

    We can't convince everyone. I just hope this blog can be the little spark that start a huge bonfire of truth. :)

    @ pinkdreamer88
    Who knows. Some probably are aware they have double standards, but some do not realize it.

    @ Reema

    I'm not sure if JJ is more popular in Korea. General consensus is that he was the most popular in Japan. I'm guessing that it has to do with his looks, and I think his look appeals more to Japanese fans than Korean fans. When I read comments about him, either people love him or hate him.

  70. @ jaemin

    It's never too late, at least now you know the truth.
    I'm not in the same case as you, eversince I came to knew TVXQ in 2007,Changmin have always been my bias but I also understand.
    Thanks to Precious, we got learn the truth. If it wasn't for this blog, I don't think react the same way.

  71. @pinkdreamer88

    Hi! I look at the link you provide and I'm very surprised that there's blackmailed & lawsuit involved. JYJ fans is very extreme. Also, some comments at dongbangdata makes me speechless.

  72. Hello. I don't know if someone has ever asked this question, but is it possible for SME to use the audio records from the 6.25 meeting in court, to prove the ''conspiracy'' from JYJ side, and the real reasons why JYJ filled the lawsuit? Wouldn't it be a advantage to win the lawsuit? Or this evidence won't make a diference?
    Sorry the bad english. Btw I love the blog.

  73. @ Babi

    Most likely not because the lawsuit is about voiding/validating the contract, but the 6.25 meeting is not really about the contract. Maybe it can be used for a defamation suit if HoMin decides to file it, but we all know that they won't do that.

  74. Again, Precious thank you for starting this blog! :) I showed this blog to all my friends that are Dong Bang fans and they also decided what was the truth by themselves after they read everything :)

    Ugh, I honestly want the world to know what really happened already. Whenever I'm on tumblr, I feel bad for those OT5 fans that really believe JYJ left because of a "slave contract." But who knows when what really went down will be fully revealed....

  75. I understand that it is hard for them to get together again. Bt they 5 together really shake the Korean industry. But I am glad HoMin is now stronger and working hard. Well hard to say CJes is not promoting JJ coz now JJ has a new drama. I believe that Yunho would have wish all these "issues" never happened in the first place. Can understand what the two of them went thru during the last 2 years plus. HoMin FIGHTING !!!

  76. i don't know what to say. i don't want to believe that JCS did it out of money. I refuse to believe that they are cruel to their brothers, but humans are unpredictable, and if what you say is true, i have no other choice but to heal from the truth. really, it is too much. now, i feel like they will never be back together again even if I believe in OT5.

    should I be delusional and continue to support OT5 and believe that there will be a DB5K again?

    or should I just disregard it and continue to support Changmin (my ultimate bias) and yunho and forget about Jaejoong (my second bias) and JYJ?

    or should I support both but separately?

    *ARGHHHHH! I hate that it happened! Now I'm confused and angry and on the brink of tears.

  77. @ Christine
    Not everyone will accept what happened, and eventually, this whole thing will just die down slowly. Some will accept the truth, some will keep denying, and some won't even know any of this. That's just how it is. We can just do what we can do to spread the truth.

    @ jtan0907
    I'm sure both Yunho and Changmin wish this never happened, but unfortunately it did. They've dealt with it and came out stronger. I sometimes wonder how they came through it. If I were in their shoes, I don't know if I could've handled it as well as they did.

    @ Syaza Mar'iyah
    I feel you pain, and I understand the truth is tough to accept because it's so ugly. It's really up to you, and sometimes it takes strength to accept the reality because the other side is so much prettier. You will have to let go of some of the things you cherished.

    It took months for some fans to truly accept what happened even after reading about it, so you're not alone.

    You don't have to make any decision right away. Just follow your heart and do what you think is right for you.

    I didn't create this blog for the fans to drop supporting JYJ or hate on them. I just want people to know what really happened, so they would stop bashing HoMin and spread lies.

    BTW, the days of TVXQ5 are over. It was actually over long time ago. I think it will help you if you at least accept that. Once you accept it, everything else will slowly fall into places.

  78. @jtan0907
    But if u were to compare jae's 1 drama to chun's 1 jap drama and 2 Korean drama and Su's musical and singles... Would u still say CJES is promoting Jae ?? I think not...

    Choose to believe what u believe what u believe and not be swayed by what we are discussing coz at the end of the day, it's still your decision and ur own beliefs ...analyze the matter by urself as many of us have and decide if choosing a side to stand on is what u really want... There are many versions of the story currently being spread around, so u can take ur time to listen and come up with what you think is closest to what u yourself perceive ....

  79. @Syaza Mar'iyah
    You aren't the only one who feel like that. However, JYJ really did those for money whether you like it or not. They did 6.25 meeting to shift the blame to Homin & SME. They did the lawsuit because the want to continue Crebeau. If not, why do they own 62.5% shares (DA announced it last year) even though JYJ said they will quit Crebeau if that's what made TVXQ break up few months before? If it's about the contract, they would negotiate with SME since SME did their best to bring JYJ back before Homin comeback. But, JYJ side said no room for negotiation, totally ignoring SME's every attempt for negotiation. JYJ is the one who break TVXQ.

    I suggest you do whatever more comfortable for you. It's alright to continue to support both as long as you are happy with it ^_^

  80. Opinion questions for you all: who do you think is the lesser of the three "evils" so-to-speak - Jaejoong, Yoochun, or Junsu?

    Or do you think all three are equally to blame for defaming HoMin?

    It just baffles me sometimes. Even if they weren't as close as they appeared to be on-screen, how can those three have the heart to do what they did?

    Let's even pretend they didn't cause the spreading of the lies, how can they leave two fellow members (one being the LEADER!) hanging right when their group reached their peak? Even if your ambitions changed, can't you just stick it out and fulfill your promise? There were so many other ways JYJ could have dealt with this if they were so unhappy in TVXQ...more classy ways.

    But then again, human beings have both beautiful and ugly sides to them. And a lot of the time greed for money can bring out the ugly in the worst way.

  81. @SCY17
    im not their fans but calling them as "evils" is kinda =.='. this lawsuit is really pure human's problem.
    I have been thinking a lot about it. Which is more important for TVXQ's fans. Who is guilty of the three / CJS in the case of the outbreak of TVXQ into 3:2? or simply find out the reasons why Yunho and Changmin's not out of SM to continue with the CJS and TVXQ with only 2 members?
    I think for the future, the CJS is not TVXQ anymore. so who is wrong between the three of them is not important for TVXQ's fans. are not we here to find out the truth about the reasons why TVXQ is split into 3:2 and provide the truth about the rumors circulating in the life of Yunho and Changmin.

  82. @syc17
    I too have thought about who the main heads of the three of them. but there is no certainty about the answer to that question. so I prefer to use the CJS as a whole when they take any decision. for example when Junsu (random, we could be in exchange with another member's name) has a mind to sue SM or hold secret meetings, whether Jaejoong and Yoochun was not involved?.

  83. @dhanirahman52
    Oh no, don't get me wrong. "Lesser of the evils" is just an expression. I don't literally mean CJS are evil. Not at all. I don't hate them. It was just a question of who do you think behaved the worst out of the three.

    And I tend to do what you do...look at CJS as a whole when decisions are made by them.

  84. @syc17
    i see.. ^ ^

    @ Precious
    I'm really looking forward to a discussion of CJeS. because I have thought about the reasons behind the reasons. the reason is might be bigger than the contract, SM or TVXQ's name. I always think of it, but it could have been because I think too much xD.

  85. @ scy17

    I thought about it too, but my conclusion is that it doesn't matter who's worse or better since all 3 actively participated in it, and are still actively doing things that hurt Yunho and Changmin. I briefly thought that JJ may be regretting leaving SM then boom! He starts whining to the fans and tweets about texting Yunho etc. It's really never ending with those 3, so I gave up giving any of them benefits of doubt.

    @ dhanirahman52
    I probably won't get too deep or theorize on the possible role C-Jes had with the breakup (there are many opinions regarding that). I'll just go over some of the facts about the company, but even those may be outrageous to some of you.

  86. I just saw a tumblr post from a supposed OT5 fan again theorizing about why HoMin stayed behind and JYJ left and it left me seething-Again its the the same stance subtly-esentially calling Yunho and Changmin liars, SM is the evil mastermind who coerced them to stay with promise of money and JYJ are supposedly working hard so that they have enough money to buy HoMin out of SME-

    I am flabbergasted at the audacity of these claims and there are people I know who love Yunho lke crazy and are gleefully believing in this because again Yunho is lying to protect DBSK-

    Delusion is good but insanity has to have limits-anyway end of rant, i guess i should just avoid OT5's altogether!

  87. @Reema
    I found no desire in CJS to invite HM away from SM when they filed lawsuits.
    the existence of secret meetings before the lawsuit shows that they do not love HM.
    they may still want TVXQ's name but I do not see them still wanting HM.
    if there is no secret 6:25 meeting. maybe I still believe if they love HM.
    HM's reason to work under SM is very clear. apart because of the contract, SM never speak ill of HM as CJS and family did.
    if HM still want to work with SM because offered some money, I think it's still better than receiving some money from another new company.

    cant wait your another post. i know maybe after i read your post about CJes, i cant found they are related to TVXQ break up :)

  88. @Precious
    I know...the tweets are ridiculous. In my opinion if you're tweeting something personal then you're just trying to gain sympathy and attention.

    OT5 fans are quite frustrating to deal with. They are so stuck on what once was that they can't see what's going on now. I understand you can get attached to your idols but a person's got to be open minded. You wanna "keep the faith" that's fine, but no need to spread lies.

    How can they say they support all five and still believe that HoMin would sell out to SM? And yet it's impossible for them to believe that JYJ left TVXQ to gain more profit through Crebeau? Are JYJ angels or something?

    They insist JYJ are fighting for human rights...and anytime they speak out through tweets/interviews it's all "awwww my poor babies...they are suffering so much!" but when HoMin speak out in raw honesty (especially Changmin) they claim SM held a gun to their heads and made them say that.

    What about all those other SM artists that stood up for HoMin and SM after Junsu's tweet? And did Changmin have to say "I love you" to Lee Sooman? Oh yes, that's right, they are all being threatened by SM.

    The major issue is that they refuse to believe that 6.25 meeting actually happened. Because we have access to a camera inside their homes that follows them everywhere which proves JYJ would never betray HoMin. /sarcasm

    It's difficult thing to swallow though, I'll give them that.

  89. @scy17, I concur with all that you said-its frustrating as hell to argue with OT5, i actually do like those that are really fair to both sides but those that claim to love 5 but relentlessly question HoMin's motives really rile me up!

  90. @scy17
    that was an interesting question you posted and actually i was having a discussion with a friend on this matter just the other day.

    I was just telling her, how i thought Yunho must have tried very hard to persuade Jaejoong to stay considering that they are both pretty close (nothing yunjae-ish here,even though i am yunjae-biased). I think its more like his family who wanted a piece of the Crebeau pie and thus he had to do what he did, which was to sue alongside YooSu.To me, it has just always been a feeling that it was Junsu who started all these and Yoochun just went along because of Junsu convincing him to do it.

    I was just telling the same friend that i think JaeChun are very gullible and insecure because of their family background... Chun coming from a broken family and Jae finding out that he was actually adopted.That being said, all 3 sued SM, so all 3 have to take up some responsibilities. Its just that some more den others.

    i had actually read that when it was just posted up and i remember wanting to believe in its "authencity", but i asked myself, does it coincide with what i have seen and felt from this whole escapade and the answer was a resounding NO. To me, it was just another attempt to shift some blame here and there and villify SM once again. But it was entertaining to read though... =)

  91. @ all
    Regarding OT5 fans' stance, I think they just can't help it themselves but try to blame SM for this. The lawsuit is between SM and CJS, and they are incapable of blaming the 3, so they choose to make SM the culprit instead, and it looks like they are trying to make excuses not only to tell others, but also to convince themselves, justifying their support of CJS. If almost looks like a self-preservation move. Most of those OT5 fans are slightly CJS biased, so they are ok with indirectly blaming Yunho and Changmin as well. Many original OT5 fans who were HoMin biased probably are supporting TVXQ now. I'm not even sure if those CJS biased OT5s really care about HoMin, but just want to include them so CJS can complete TVXQ5. It's the OT5 fans who truly supported and loved all 5 equally that are true OT5 left now, but there aren't that many of them.

  92. @ keigomilk

    I want to believe that YC & JJ just had passive role in this just following JS, but I'm not really sure when you consider all the tweets, tatoos, MNet speech, interviews etc.

    If you recall, as soon as Yunho interviewed that he didn't have any contact with JJ, what does JJ do? He tweets about sending a text to Yunho so all the fans can start bashing Yunho for not reading his texts. You want to have a communication with Yunho? Call him or go meet him instead of tweeting and whining about it. So when I look at these, I can only think that those two were as active as JS in this whole thing.

    Out of the 3, at least YC seems to be the one most satisfied with his situation. I said it before, but at last he is consistent in that regard. :)

  93. @Syaza Mar'iyah
    there's no harm in earnestly supporting both TVXQ and JYJ, i've seen some ot5 who do this, i mean the real ones who buy their stuff and go to concerts and doesn't go on twitter or youtube to spew nonsense. props to them for supporting both sides.

    for me it's the same whether you're the instigator or you're passively standing by as you watch others getting abused. no difference for me. it's incredulous that not one of them lifted a finger to stop the abuse and lies.
    i love Changmin's brutal honesty too. if it was really unbearable for all of them Changmin would've been the first one to go because that boy doesn't take crap from anyone. out of the 5 he has the least desire for fame, i think he does this cos he loves to sing and he makes good money, not because he wants to be a super megastar. Yunho is too kind almost to a fault and would rather suffer in silence so it's easier to target him, the only instance "fans" bash Changmin is when he says something and they think it's "rude" and that "he shouldn't have said that".

    re: ot5
    lately they seem to be out in full force again, infesting every TVXQ video on yuotube. just check out their Seoul-Osaka clips. fans hardly get to discuss about how awesome Homin were in that because it's being taken over by ot5 on the defensive (for whatever). Positive comments about TVXQ as a duo keeps getting thumbed down or marked as their own video, by their own so-called "fans".

    i'm curious if the good folks over at dnbn have any plans to change their name? i mean, i don't think they are ot5 in any way, JYJ are self-proclaimed ex-TVXQ members, they regard anything Homin says or does with seething rage, so why still have a site name associated to TVXQ? (not that i want the name to revert back to being a TVXQ supporter. i think it would be uncomfortable given that site's infamy as a cesspool of Homin hate.) just asking out of pure curiosity. i just feel it's weird now.

  94. @ cat1177

    They won't change their name because they want to cling on to the TVXQ name. They still want to attract clueless fans so they can keep spewing lies. They claim TVXQ are 5 even though they've only supported 3 all along.

  95. @ Reema

    I didn't know that Junsu was also considered to be the lead singer...hmmm..but I probably think that your guess is more plausible.

    @ Precious

    Wow, even their fans aren't united? it just shows how selfish their fans are jut like their oppas.

    I've also read something regarding about Junsu on k.pop secrets, it was like he was the mastermind of this whole thing and he wasn't as innocent as it looks. However, I didn't save the article though. I'll try searching for it again.

    Can't wait for your next post Precious...^^

  96. @jarlette
    It's so easy to see Junsu as the mastermind, since I think he has the personality and then with his dad behavior, ugh. Anyway, sometimes, the more quiet ones could be the real mastermind. It can be YC then. It can be JJ too. Bcs of his face, he has this stereotype character, as feminin,sensitive,weak,girly,etc so ppl think it's impossible he could so smtg horibble. But seeing his behavior lately, myb he just begin to reveal his real personality, who knows? I feel I don't know those 3 anymore. They are like different ppl now. Anyway, just like what Precious said, JYJ is JYJ. What they did/said, all of them have same responsibility. I hope after the lawsuit ended, if JYJ lose, they will face it like real men and don't point finger, put blame to each other.

  97. @cat1177
    can you give me the link. seoul osaka clip. i know it will happen. after superstar project. CJS fans will hate that project and will attacking HM again in the name of OT5.

  98. First of all, thank you Junsu's fan :)

    Precious, I love your writing. This is the only site where I devour each and every word rather than skimming, as I do with most sites. Even the fans comments here. I love all of you!

  99. @dhanirahman52

    Is the superstar project really this successful and known within HoMin and JYJ's fans that JYJ fans would hate on HoMim and attack them again? Do you really think that JYJ fans would be that interested in this project?
    And how is it going anyway? In my country f****** youtube has blocked the KYHD and BUG videos, so I only can support the paris video and only can see the number of views of this one. Did the views of the other two videos increase much? :D

  100. Thanks to everyone that gave an answer to my question! I love hearing your opinions!

    The infiltration of obsessive OT5 fans on the Seoul-Osaka performances is rather annoying. Believe in the 5 of them all you want but there are only 2 performing as TVXQ now, why can't they understand that? It's so rude to belittle HoMin's hard word by saying "well, it would have been better if it was the 5 of them" or "that red ocean could have been bigger" or "SM is trying to erase the other 3 from TVXQ, it's been their master plan all along!"

    I want to rant but honestly what can you do but shake your head at this? I think it's killing them to think that HoMin have just as much popularity/success as when the 5 were least to Bigeast. And in all those videos, I only saw banners supporting Yunho and Changmin. This is a blow to their AKTF prayer, I'm sure.

  101. @pfau
    I was more addressed to CJS fans compared to JYJ fans. the more confused is the CJS fans. JYJ fans will focus on JYJ than thinking about TVXQ. but this is just my thinking. based on what I perceive as new fans. I prefer to focus only on the work of HM only in comparison to think of his work JYJ.
    I think superstar project did not get much support from CJS fans who claiming as OT5. there is increased through the superstar project. not too high but better than before.
    I strongly support the superstar project. This indicates that HM fans began to actively support TVXQ. I hope will get more support from all fans.

  102. @Precious: Sorry to be a silent reader for a while. Just drop in to say that I appreciate each and every single post of yours.

    Actually, I have been a fan of TVXQ5 with a strong ChangMin bias for quite long time b4 those 3 ruined it, like about 4-5 years.
    Those years make me believe that they're true friends, and their bromanceship was really tight. When I rewatched some Jaemin vids, I felt their moments somehow so truely lovely. That's why I felt so confused about those 3 people. Sometimes I believed that they really dumped their best friends out of money. Other times I just wanted to be illusional myself that maybe, maybe, sth or sb made them do it.

    Your articles slowly help me know who's in the right side and who'not. I dont miss those past Jaemin moment anymore. Past was beautiful but Im sure the present is much more beautiful with HoMin themselves. I dont try to justify for those 3 anymore. People can change, a lot.

    Now I just wish their stupid fans stop their stupid actions. Like idols like fans. Seem like hurting other people is their job.

    P.S: Looking forward to your next post about DNBN. Will there be anything related to Byul of I really want to know more about her. I still remember the time when Byul started writing on in early 2010, I myself asked about her on soompi and made request to translate her articles. I was immediately told by a Eng-spoken staff of DNBN & Yuaerubi (I know a lot of people know who she is) that Byul's just a spammer who bashed TVXQ and I should just forget about it. So I tried google translate myself but gave up after that :(

  103. @scy17
    Today there are deployment mission named "Cassiopeia Project". They wanna dbsk back as five. disseminated through TVXQ/OT5 fansite. will be delivered on 1-5 July on sm town fanboard http(:)//www(.)facebook(.)com/event(.)php?eid=178047558921240&notif_t=event_invite
    I do not understand them. they only hurt themselves. I think it's okay if you want hope. but for the moment. something like this is not a support.

  104. @dhanirahman52 no...not this again. Okay, I understand that they love DBSK-5 so much that they have done so many things until now. I know they're sad and they still keep that AKTF things. But still..they will bring it to sm town fanboard? So they want SM to know that many ppl want to see DBSK as 5 again. So what? It's YJY who left, not SM kicked them out. It's like when a kid ran away from his home, they spent whole time to bash and blame the parents but never asked the kid to go back. It's not make sense. I just feel sad for them. The AKTF things really bring their hope high to the sky and they never want to go down and see the reality.

  105. @dhanirahman52

    Oh lord...really? >_< *cringes*
    They do realize it's their other precious oppas that left TVXQ, right? Why not go spam their websites or send them mail to go back?

    Why would SM be the one responsible for breaking up their biggest profit making group at the time? This "project" of theirs doesn't make ANY sense to me.

  106. @Beatrixx07
    I really do not see a problem TVXQ can be 5 it is the responsibility of SM and HM only. This problem is not that easy. if SM can do it, than they once were back to 5. CJS refused to return to SM even though SM offered them. especially now, is SM was still wanting CJS to go back? I'm not sure about that.
    especially if they expect HM to make CJS back. HM does not have the ability to do so even though if they wish. and I doubt it too.

  107. @scy17
    actually there is a lot of project like this. i read but i keep silence.
    sad to think HM. rejection of their return as TVXQ's still there. and I think will still be there in a long time.
    This result they do not want to know the deeper problem in TVXQ.
    there is a belief that people who make a project like that is someone who understands the problem. but those who follow it are the people who do not understand the problem.

  108. @dhanirahman52

    I see. ^^
    Actually I like seeing so many fans participating in this project. I learned from other fans to put the video in a youtube playlist and put it on autoplay and mute, so it plays for the whole day (except when I'm sleeping) and I still can study and do other stuff meanwhile. xDDD The fans I got this from are so smart ♥
    And I think that the increase in views for the BUG Paris video isn't small at all. Unfortunately I only can check the views for this one but it increased about 170.000 views in only 12 days. Thinking about it: the video takes 4 minutes, all in all that's more than 470 days only playing BUG in Paris video. Considering that the other two videos must have increased as well, I think it is a really good result. ^____^


    I dont miss those past Jaemin moment anymore. Past was beautiful but Im sure the present is much more beautiful with HoMin themselves.

    That really touched me and I think absolutely the same. I still love the DBSK I used to know till July 2009 and I love to remember all the beautiful moments, but people change, so did the fans and now I love the new DBSK more than I ever thought I could.

  109. @Precious
    I also tought so, I sometimes wonder if some OT5 CJS biased care about the three of them or only one member. I had a conversation with a friend of mine and she told me there was a 'fan war' between Junsu's fans and Jaejoong's fans. I'm almost sure, a lot of them only care about one member and since their bias is now with JYJ.

    Exactly that, I remember one time, Changmin said he didn't have to talk a lot or have a lot of screen time because the others 4 were doing perfectly fine. He rather let them talk and stay behind. His honesty can be seen as rude and it's because he states the truth.
    Yunho IS in the fact the easiest target. Compared to Yunho, Changmin has this tough and straightforward image.

    Not only on the Seoul-Osaka performances, whenever an article pop-up about TVXQ, you can be sure there'll be OT5 comments.

    Guess OT5 don't want to accept reality, living with the memories of the 5 standing together in one stage. That's why most of them can't accept TVXQ comeback as two, the use of the name TVXQ and think SM is Devil.
    I do know some OT5 -most are Jaejoong biased- and we had a 'dicussion' when JYJ took legal action against Avex. I was trying to speak from the perspective of Avex but they were all against me claiming the unfair situation and how Avex was the same as SM aka "Evil"
    In the end, I couldn't take it no more.

  110. Hi Precious,

    Thanks for all your posts. I was so happy to see you admit in the end to have turned into HoMin's fan! I feel lucky for them. If not for you, a lot of us were still kept in dark and supported both sides blindly.

    Do you know anything about JYJ's lawsuit against Avex? On Avex's website, there is a statement that CJes had withdrawn its injunction against Avex. But later on, it was reported that Avex claimed to be harrassed by Japanese right wings and implied the connection between CJS and the right wing parties. In that report, it seems that CJS was doing it for the purpose to win the main lawsuit against Avex. So it sounds like that CJS withdrew the injunction and submitted a main lawsuit against Avex. Can anyone confirm the story? Not like injunction, I couldn't find an official announcement from Avex about this main lawsuit.

  111. @wakeupgogo

    As far as to my knowledge about CJeS vs Avex, CJeS did file the injunction against Avex but dropped it later. It withdrew the injunction and file the (main) lawsuit instead, but dropped teh lawsuit few days later. I don't know why they dropped the lawsuit, all I heard is that since CJS allow to perform again so they dropped the lawsuit. But nothing really explain why... I saw CJeS announced in their official website (in Japanese) why and that they filed the lawsuit against Avex, but that post had been deleted as well after they drop the lawsuit. As far as I know Avex doesn't make any announcement regard the lawsuit... only to the injunction.

    The whole thing is messy and doesn't really clear explain why it ended the way it is.

  112. @pinkdreamer88
    Thanks for the link about the blackmail,that's my first time hearing about that one,I wonder how much lower some will go.

    I had never heard of Byul of dnbn,do you have any basic info on her?

    You're not the only one,I live on google translator & try to make sense of stuff,I can't read korean either,Sometimes if you skip a few words it'll make some sense so you can get a general idea of what's typed.

    I've been wondering if Bigeast are tired of people thinking that they don't anything,they know how to read just like anyone else,it's a bit insulting to them.

  113. @ jarlette
    I know when they were 5, JS and JJ's fans always argued who the lead singer was, like that is really important. I guess that's just the nature of being a fan.

    @ Pratheepa
    Thanks. I agree. I like most of the readers who comments here are dare I say..."civilized"? :)

    @ k-e-w-t
    Welcome back. :)

    I don't know how much I am going to write about DNBN. I could write bunch of articles, covering everything in detail, or just go over the important stuff. We'll see. I will definitely write about "Byul-nim", the true OT5 TVXQ fan.

    @ Parfum
    I'm sure even within JYJ/CJS fans, there are different fans, just like they were when they were 5. Some may like all 3, some combination of 2, or just one. Even among current TVXQ fans, there are different biases. Some strong, some weak. That's just how it is.

    @ wakeupgogo
    Hotaru explained it well. I don't really know what C-Jes is thinking filing lawsuits against Avex. I highly doubt their action is helping their cause.

    @ nicegirl221
    Byul is the original administrator of DNBN, and she was almost forced to resign from her position. I will explain it in my future posts how all this happened.

  114. where was I?! I missed two posts and hundreds of comments!!!

    I've seen that "announcement" at Twitter. It made my blood boil to be honest. I thought it was really selfish. >.< Where's the respect for the hardwork HoMin has done? Or to their JYJ? JYJ wanted out, why can't accept and respect that?

    I wanted to lash at them at Twitter and Facebook but I know it's a lost cause. Besides, I have no plans on giving them a chance to bash at my personal page. And I don't want to waste time creating a new account just to argue with them about that. I'm lazy.

    Eversince SMTown announced their FB page I thought it will only be a matter of time before they get clamors about this or attacks for being "EBILCOMPANY" look what's happening now.


    ANYWAY, Thank you for sharing to us why you decided to start this blog and why you fully support TVXQ. There's alot in your story that is similar to mine and my head is just full of thoughts as to why I support them like I do now. Especially since this is so unlike me =3 Like what I posted in ctvxq: I’ve never supported any artist like this EVER. If I like their music I buy their albums, if I don’t I wouldn’t buy it. Pearl Jam, Red Hot, U2 and Linkin’ Park for example..I love their music; I have all their albums but I couldn’t care less about its members. They can marry, f8ck whoever (sorry >.<), kill themselves from drugs, I.don' I love Adam Lavigne but I only bought Maroon5′s first album. For me looks are superficial so I've never fangirl-ed nor hanged posters of my favorite bands in my room. You get the picture. But for TVXQ…………I love everything about them. My friends and family are bewildered that I’ve been listening to kpop, or just pop for that matter =D

    It’s hard to explain why or how these two made me come out of my box lmao definitely it’s huge respect for these two but that is so hard to explain x’D I even wrote a long ass post in LJ rationalizing my "addiction" hahaha

    I digress. Enough about me.

    Thank you, again, Precious for starting this blog and to that Junsu fan hahaha you've been a great help =3

    I'm a new fan. I became interested in TVXQ because of SKK. I wanted to check out YC's videos cos it was really hard (for me) to believe that he was a pop idol LOL i watched PVs and originally thought all of their PVs were lame TBH and their hair and clothes were just... errr....not my type. I think up until now =D Then I came across Begin live performance iirc 5 in the black concert. I really liked the melody and Changmin's voice haha They had good chemistry on stage so it got me more interested. I got to watch their guestings in variety programs, AASDBSK, HIJ etc. I heard about the split and thought it was a waste for them cos they were really good (and popular!). I mean, why throw away something like that? or why did their agency allow something like that?! Those variety programs although its all superficial since most are scripted, one can still see a glimpse of their personalities. And from there, more questions came up...if Yunho and Jae were really tight, why are they in different groups now? Changmin is very blunt, if it was that hard why did he stay? He is the very first one I'd expect to leave. The three, I thought were always in the middle and front in EVERYTHING. Their voices were all that you can hear -- Yunho was for dancing and rap and Changmin was for high notes. So why leave and sue the very agency that made them that? was it really that bad? a slave contract from a public company? really?!

  115. ..cont.

    I normally go for underdogs as well. So when I heard that the three sued a big and public company you'd normally think they are the underdogs and what they did was very brave. I tried to understand why they did it and why the other two chose to stay. BUT nothing made sense tbh. The "slave" contract for me was a ridiculous thought then and after I discovered your site, nothing's changed: it is still a preposterous thought. Their schedule was better than my schedule haha They have a busy schedule but get fans for their hardwork, I get a busier schedule but get enemies. LOL PLUS there were really alot of inconsistencies with what they were saying to their actions. Not alot of privacy, and then you see them make a dvd called All About JYJ. I'm like WTF?! I thought you wanted privacy? They say they had too much work, but then you see them make concert tours, US tours plus musicals and dramas and wanted more but apparently they couldn't because the ebilSME is not making them to. I thought they had too much work before? errrr.. o_O lack of knowledge about the Crebreau or whatever that is called is not an excuse not to question their motives. You just have to "watch".

    Even before I discovered this site, I was more drawn into Yunho and Changmin because they showed more improvement ever since the split. And their music sounds better for my ears. The electric-guitar intro, pop-rock feel combined by powerful dance moves and fierce facial expressions in KYHD worked well for me. As for JYJ, their make-up and attempt to westernize their music and looks turned me off. Their something-Girl music was catchy. I watched the vid and went " was that?" I only watched it once. There's a reason why I don't like KPOP and the vid was full of it haha

    The more I read about their "story" more and more I get drawn to HoMin. More I read their interviews, the more i admire and adore them. The more I see their performances and hear their songs, the more I'm amazed. Their good looks is fine but then there's a lot of good looking people in the entertainment industry. Like you, Precious, i also think their music is "fine". I'm more of a fan of their hardwork, perseverance, strong heart, ethics and morals and determination. How they faced this chaos was admirable and coming out better, exceeding everyones expectations was really....i have no more superlatives. haha

    waaa sorry for the long ass post. There's more thoughts in my mind but I'll keep that in my journal LOOOOOOOOOL

  116. I heard is that Avex initiating stop JYJ frm performing in Japan. After sometime they were able to perform in JPN, so Cjes dont see the need to continue with the court case.

    @Precious ~ Yes I too wonder how Yunho and Changmin pull thru this. But too be frank, I think they are still hurting inside. If you see their recent performance in JPN you will knw. They now need fan's support to help them thru all this.

    @Keigo_milk ~But he was given the role as director of their concert. Well I not sure though. But i feel that till far the most person to benefit is YC and JS.

  117. @girlpower

    I like reading your comments~ I can't explain why I'm so emotionally attached to DBSK, I never really feel like this for others artist or idol before, even now..just like you, I never care about their life.

  118. @girlpower ~ I agree with what you say. Love to see more of your comments. Yunho and Changmin have improved and they are continuing to do so. I am proud of them. I am a fan too of them in how they keep and maintain the TVXQ name and image .

  119. I wish to know more about tht OT5 post and remarks anyone can PO the links ? Thanks . Thanks to precious for opening this blog. Thanks to all the hardwork done. Really appreciate it a lot.

  120. hmmm I'm curious, how public is this 6.25 meeting, especially to the Korean media? The recording was leaked a while ago, so why wouldn't Cassies defend HoMin since then? Sorry I wasn't really in the fandom back then so I'm not sure how others reacted to it. Unless, they were just in denial about and just ignored it like some do now.

  121. @precious
    i do know that those 2 are not as innocent as i want them to be....but i guess a small part in me, just wants to keep a tinny winny bit of hope that those 2 are a bit less guilty... I guess it also has to do with my bias against Junsu, which resulted in my not-so-good impression of him. I had a friend who was a local staff during one of his overseas trip, and what i heard wasn't the most pleasant of comments.... i heard all about his diva behaviour, which totally changed my impression of him as the "angel" in the group...

    I guess i am still trying my hardest to let go of the attachment i have towards the 3 boys....

  122. @keigomilk

    i do know that those 2 are not as innocent as i want them to be

    It is the second time I hear this phrase almost with the same use of words. But I never got to know what exactly it means... :/
    Can you explain to me further? I really wanna know what you mean, or are you just one of those fans who are blaming HoMin for "at first were willing to leave with the tree but pulled out the last moment"?

  123. @pfau
    I think he was talking about JJ and YC, not Homin. If that's what u thought.

  124. @Baetrixx
    ahhh, you're right. xDDD >>first think, then write<< xDD

  125. first of all i have to say a big thank you to that junsu fan who with her indirect help we got to have this blog open :) & of course thank you precious for Enlighten us with the facts & makes it to easy for us to understand it & keep us updated ..hope you keep doing this since this is the only place that we trust ..

    can you be more clear & share with us more details about those 2 who r not as innocent as they look like !! cuz before tvxq break i used to get the feeling that junsu was a snob alike even when most the fans used to say that he just acting it for fun & that he`s the innocent one in the group?!! still couldn`t ACCEPTED it call it my Sixth Sense or what ever some how i could see through him so clearly .. we all know that jj is a Jealous person by his nature & that been sayed by the members them self in one of their old interview if im not mistaken it was yunho who sayed it when he talked about jj personality so based on his jealousy i could understand the whole fiasco that happend with his tweets with the successful return of tvxq he might felt Of insecurity that what made him go far beyond reason with his silly tweets & some how still do =_= ..

  126. @ girlpower

    Yup, I've said it many times. Even without this blog, it's really not that hard to see that at least there's something fishy about the 3's claim. They want to portrait themselves as victims and underdogs, but when you have that much leverage, you're not the underdog any more. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    @ jtan0907
    Oh I'm sure they're still hurting and feeling the pain time to time. The wounds caused by close friends leave deeper scars, and the scars never go away but just fade as time goes by...

    As for JJ's role as the concert director, I'm not sure if it's a good thing for him or not. It's just an extra burden for a performer to take up on the concert director duty as well, and it something goes wrong w/the concert, he will take most of the blame as the director. It's really not a glorifying position either, and I can't shake this feeling that C-Jes just gave JJ that title just for a show.

    @ scy17
    Among the public who's interested in this situation, 6.25 is very well known, and that's why the public opinions have turned against CJS, and that's why there are so many TVXQ supporters now than the beginning of the lawsuit. That's also why most BigEasts support TVXQ now. As for general public, unless they're interested in KPop, most don't even care.

    @ keigomilk
    At this point, I think it is a moot to trying to find if one or two are better than the others since none of them came out to defend HoMin, and all of them are active in this to some degree. It may be true that JS was a mastermind in this (no way to verify this), but I don't think it really matters.

    @ ranon
    Your trust is much appreciated. Actually you should look forward to the day I stop doing this. That would be the time when most of international fans accept the truth and TVXQ's reputation gets restored. I'll leave fan support to ContinueTVXQ (they're doing a fabulous job BTW). :)

  127. "During the days of TVXQ5, Cassies were notorious for being extreme, but now many people think most of those fans were fans of CJS, and they all moved over to the JYJ side."

    This is exactly how I feel. I've been a fan of TVXQ since 2007 but was never really a fan of their fans. I had joined some of the DBSG/DBSK groups on livejournal but after about a year I couldn't stand them anymore. Now that I've seen your blog and the continueTVXQ blog...I've realized that the fans of the current TVXQ are very different than a lot of DBSK fans were before. It's almost as if you said - most of those sort of fans left and were really fans of JYJ all along.

  128. I also want to thank you so much for your hard work and dedication precious, especially since you weren't a fan to begin with. Like I said in my previous post, I was a fan of TVXQ since 2007 and had seen a lot of their older stuff and current stuff during that time. 2009 was already a really bad year for me personally, so seeing the news articles about the lawsuit and possible split was just a blow to me. At the time, I was busy with life and wasn't really up to date with DBSK anymore anyway (most of the time I refer to the pre-2011 group as DBSK and the post-2011 group as TVXQ, not sure why) so I had no clue what was going on. Since my life was still busy, I didn't really catch up with anything until around 2010 and at that point all the Homin bashing was going on and I had no clue what was happening.

  129. Changmin has always been my favorite member of the group, so I was really upset that he had no activities during this time period. At the same time, I was a big fan of Junsu and YuChun as well (I used to think YuChun and Changmin seemed pretty close and that Changmin and Junsu were also close although sometimes it was hard to tell if their insults were joking or a reality but I'll get to that later). I tried to follow the activities of all five at this point since I wasn't sure what was going on, but when JYJ released their first album I really didn't like it and pretty much lost interest (although I still didn't have a problem with the actual lawsuit at that point - still hadn't heard about 6.25 at this point). I had finally heard about Changmin and Yunho coming back as TVXQ and was really looking forward to it and also heard about Changmin's drama (although it took forever to be released and the information about the release date always changed which upset me for a long time) so I was finally getting excited again.

  130. Then, around the same time TVXQ was going to release their album, JYJ started releasing tweets, making statements during interviews, etc. which pretty much was my warning flag. At that point I began to question everything they said and tried to learn more about the lawsuit, though by this point when I tried to search about it most of the sites were posting the same links and information that allkpop had which wasn't very helpful. It wasn't for a several weeks that I finally found a link to your blog on one of TVXQ's music videos and finally began reading everything you had to say, all of your translations, and most of the comments on your posts. I was glad at that point that some people actually supported TVXQ as Changmin and Yunho and that not everyone believed everything JYJ was saying. It was pretty much a breath of fresh air and I can never thank you enough for this. At the time, the bashing on TVXQ's music videos was really bad, so I was really upset and almost felt like TVXQ had no fans (until I started reading about their album sales which did really well considering everything that's happened).

  131. Regarding the members, Yunho and Changmin have always seemed very honest and straightforward to me. That is one reason why I supported the two of them throughout everything even without knowing what was going on. From what I understand, in the past either pre-debut or during debut, JeJung and YuChun had caused trouble for DBSK/SME and had the most scandals/incidents/etc. so I wasn't completely surprised by their move with the lawsuit. Everyone now talks about Junsu being a mastermind, and I do admit he seemed like the member most likely to go solo or interested in a career, but at the same time I used to have a lot of respect for him. I used to think Junsu was one of the nicer members of DBSK and as the "moodmaker" did his best to keep everyone cheerful, etc. So he was the one I was most surprised about with everything. I couldn't believe that he also filed the injunction/left with everything we know now, and was really disappointed with his statements/tweets against Yunho among other things. JYJ in general have surprised me, because all the news I see about them now, even the way they dress/act/look, seem so different than when they were in DBSK. In some ways, especially Junsu to me at least, became like different people. That is what has shocked me the most, although I wasn't a fan of JYJ's work anyway and had pretty much lost interest in them before TVXQ returned. So I wasn't really upset because I was a JYJ fan when encountering your blog. I was upset that they could do such a thing to people they had shared so many years with and professed to be friends with and REALLY upset by what Changmin and Yunho had to go through.

  132. I apologize precious for the long post - I know you've heard a lot of people's stories and since you weren't even a fan of TVXQ to begin with they may not matter to you as much as they do to the person telling the story. But I thought I would share a little bit about how your blog has helped me understand what's going on and at least given me relief. I'm relieved that I was right to believe in TVXQ/Homin. I'm relieved that my gut instinct to not believe in JYJ was correct. I'm relieved that finally when I watch TVXQ's music videos there are a lot of fans that support TVXQ and dispute the lies that are being spread about them, and I'm relieved that Changmin and Yunho are finally out there performing again and look happy (seriously, although precious may not feel this way since he's a guy, seeing Changmin and Yunho's bright smiles make me smile :) ). Another reason that JYJ seemed fishy to me is during the incident they didn't look unhappy and had their Thanksgiving concert at the Tokyo Dome etc while Changmin and Yunho looked miserable. I had never seen Changmin look so upset and as his fan that hurt a lot. I couldn't see how JYJ could be doing the right then when they were so happy and Changmin and Yunho were the ones that looked so depressed (at the time I didn't realize they were being bashed either, and now that I know that they were being bashed on top of everything else it upsets me more). I am glad now that TVXQ has been successful and get to do things that they enjoy - I especially can't wait for a full concert from them (someone mentioned before that they should re-release some older DBSK songs with just Changmin and Yunho and I fully support the idea, Rising Sun sounded amazing with just the two of them and that says a lot from me since that was the song that got me into DBSK and is still one of my favorites, - it would also mean they are more likely to do a concert sooner). I thought Changmin did a really good job acting in Paradise Ranch (it was honestly better than I expected and he improved a lot throughout it - I think he's better at the serious side of his character than the comedy parts though and hope he can do a more serious role in the future - he did pretty good in Athena as well) and I love seeing Yunho on Kiss & Cry working hard and proving himself. I hope both of them get a chance to be on Immortal Song 2 - I love that show and think that would be an amazing way to showcase their talent :)

  133. As to the question about how DBSK's split seemed some ways it seemed weird to me too. Yet at the same time it doesn't.

    To me, Yunho and JeJung did seem like they were close friends (and not because of the YunJae stuff...honestly, I'm not into shipping real people that aren't in a relationship lol - I'll even be happy with them with girlfriends as long as that makes them happy). I had read a lot of stuff back in the day about them being friends pre-debut and how they were almost in a group with Heechul and...I think Kangin? before they were with DBSK. They always seemed to be around each other to me so I always had the impression they were close.

    On the other hand, I always thought Changmin was close with YuChun and Junsu. Before the split, I remember Changmin and YuChun talking about each other a lot in interviews and it seemed like they hung out a lot. Changmin and Junsu also had their infamous relationship with their bickering, although at other times they really seemed like they were close based on what they would say during interviews or on BigEast radio station. Sometimes, though, I couldn't tell if the bickering was for fun or not because it did seem to be taken too far sometimes. YuChun and Junsu had a similar relationship with each other in that they also bickered and teased a lot, and whenever the three of them were together on BigEast (my favorite episodes back in the day actually) they would all tease each other and they seemed close.

    JeJung and Junsu never seemed that close to me - they both seemed a little vain and would brag about themselves sometimes. I never really thought much about Junsu and Yunho, however, until I read that pre-debut Junsu had taken care of Yunho and let him stay with him and his family sometimes during the times that Yunho was living by/taking care of himself. Maybe that was just a rumor and not truth, but I figured they must have been closer than I figured.

    Honestly, I never really thought of Changmin and Yunho as being really close before. Sometimes (especially if JeJung was around) JeJung and Yunho would tease Changmin about how much he had grown up/how tall he was/how handsome he was/etc., but I didn't really see them interact that much beyond that (however, they always did take pictures together due to the lineup which is the funniest thing about the split. In magazines JYJ would usually be on one side and Homin on the other in order to fit everyone). I did see respect for each other (in fact, all the members seemed to show respect for the two of them) but not real closeness. I see more closeness now in interviews and variety shows which may have been forged due to what they experienced together. So all in all based on their relationships I was a little surprised by how things turned out.

  134. When you throw personality in, that is a whole other story however. As I've said in a previous post, I wasn't really surprised by JeJung and YuChun based on what I had heard from them in the past. I also never really believed most of the stuff the spouted about their fans in their UFO replies. Those two seemed to suck up to their fans the most in the past and I was never really into it - I always loved Changmin's replies because they were straightforward, snarky, and to the point. He showed genuine care, however, by asking fans to take care of their health and advising them to focus on their grades and real life instead of investing all their time in the group. He never said anything unrealistic and I always respected him for that. I was never as into JeJung regardless...but I think it was more the fans fault than his (his fans always seemed the craziest in the past). Like I also mentioned before, I was shocked by Junsu, although at the same time I always had the feeling he had the most ambitions out of the group (although now that they've left, out of JYJ YuChun seems to have benefited the most lol).

    Changmin and Yunho, on the other hand, were intelligent, loyal, more humble, honest, etc. They weren't going to file an injunction or leave SME unless they had good reason to. Yunho's father is a judge and Changmin's parents are teachers right? So their parents would have understood what they were getting into with the contract and would have made sure Changmin and Yunho do too. The fact that those two who are intelligent and come from intelligent parents didn't have a problem with it and stayed told me a lot. So, personality wise, it didn't surprise me why the split happened that way. Plus, there's also the magazine picture set up to remember...(just kidding XD).

    And again, sorry for such long posts!! I think I was trying to get out all the feelings I had about the incident here since I never mentioned anything before even though I had been reading everything. Plus, while I did have several friends into DBSK back in the day, most of them really stopped following them after everything that had been going on with the lawsuit (I do have one that is into TVXQ like I am though - she's just not as invested in this as I am). I find it funny that I already apologized for a long post but then kept writing >< But, again, I can't help but thank precious enough. I'm so glad for all you've done so far - not only have you translated and given links to official documents/original posts so people can think for themselves and given your opinion on so much, you have been patient with people who come in with their own agenda and have been civil with everyone I've seen you talk to. What I think is almost as important as the stuff you've translated is the way you organized everything. You've carefully placed all your posts together so people can read about all the parts of specific issues at once and even have talked about the issues in chronological order so it's possible to imagine how things were during the time they occurred. Those are other aspects that I really respect about your work. I can't wait to read more because you really shed light on not only what's going on, but how it happened. Thank you so much :)

  135. @ treya_barton

    No need to apologize. I love reading the readers' "testimonials" about their personal experience regarding the situation, and I'm sure others are too.

    Thanks for the kind words, and I'm happy to hear that I'm doing a decent job with this blog.

    Maybe I should create a specific page where readers can post their "awakening" experiences so we can all share how we got into this fandom and how we found the truth.

    Feels nice to let it all out, doesn't it? :)

    Thanks for the detailed posts about your thoughts.

  136. @Precious

    That's really great to hear that the meeting is well-known, at least to those who care. Now, I'm sure there are shows like E!News and Music News in Korea that could report about something like that. Had it ever been mentioned by the media?

    @ treya_barton

    I loved reading your thoughts!! I totally agree with you.

    About Yunho and Changmin's relationship, I never really took notice of it either back in the day. It just didn't appear to me they were that close. But now looking back there is a level of understanding between them...especially in their last couple talk when the group was still 5. It's also obvious Changmin admires/respects Yunho. They've said several times that their moments on-screen always get cut. Yunho was especially vocal about this. lol.

    Ironic, now there's no fear of ever getting cut.

  137. @Precious

    Thank you so much for the kind words! A testimonial page would be a nice tribute just because you've said so often you feel that part of who has been deeply affected by the situation are the fans themselves that have been manipulated and have trouble deciding what to think and believe. It really is hard. It really does feel great to say everything, but it feels better to finally be around people who understand things in a similar way that you do or who agree with your points. That was one of the most refreshing things about finding your blog.


    Changmin definitely admires and respects Yunho. In some recent interviews he was saying how he could never emulate how responsible/hardworking/determined he was (can't remember the exact words but it was something along those lines). Since Changmin himself is the same way and highly values those qualities, the fact that he believes he can't reach Yunho's level says a lot about both of them.

    At first I read your comment as there's no fear of their screen time getting cut (individually) and I was going to say unfortunately Changmin's screen time still gets cut since he still tends to let others run the show at variety shows hahaha but then I realized you meant their moments together and I understood your comment lol

    And thank you for reading my really long comments :)!

  138. @treya_barton ~ Thanks for the long post and analysis. I onli remb Yunho always like to tease CM. Now now CM whenever he got a chance he would always sort of "complain" abt Yunho but overall he really respects him a lot. I agree too that Yunho and CM would have consulted their parents with regards to the contract issue since Yunho's parents have some law background and CM's parents are teachers .
    I remember there was an interview someone mentioned that Yunho would take care of all the members and there was an occasion that when one of the members got sick, he piggyback him to the hospital. And there was once Yunho got his mgr to bring a pair of shoes for JS as the one he was wearing was too big for him.
    Based on past videos, I used to think JS was closer to YC. Although there was once when they went to JPN for promotion, JS call YC and CM (who was promoting together), YC throw the phone for CM to answer.
    I just felt that JYJ now has lose their own personal characteristic in music. Haha their videos I watch like 1/2 of it onli. Oops. I am happy that Yunho and CM cameback as TVXQ. I been with them all since they debut.I remembered that Yunho and JJ knew each other before they debut.Yes I too felt to be frank fans of TVXQ used to be "too extreme" .

    @precious ~ Yap. But the pain and hurt and scar really takes a lot and long time. Hope they get stronger each day. Really appreciate your post and updates on the blog each day. Thanks . You really made us understand more of the situation.

  139. I just remember that Crebeau planned to sue anyone who "spread rumor" about them sometime ago (& makes JYJ fans rejoiced). I wonder what happen after that. They don't seem to be 'only talk no action' type of company since they do sue SME.

  140. @jtan0907

    I also think Junsu and YuChun were (may still be lol) really close...I think Junsu was the first one to befriend him when he joined SM from overseas? I just thought on Changmin's end he was closer to either YuChun or Junsu compared to Yunho or JeJung back in the day. I know a lot of people said that JeJung and Changmin were close too since JeJung brought the "kid" out of Changmin...but to me, it seemed more like JeJung got on his nerves so he'd hit him to leave him alone lol


    As precious stated in his post about the issue, SME filed a counter suit against them to protect the fans. Now...I thought I had read that they dropped the case against the fans later...but since I can't find any articles about that after doing a quick search now I guess I imagined it lol

  141. @ scy17
    It's already been 2 years, and I highly doubt any media outlets will report it. It was never reported by any news agency. Maybe it's because it's a secret meeting with just an audio recording? I don't know. It would be cool if a TV station does a in depth coverage of this.

    @ Freya87
    Crebeau announced that they'd sue people who spread rumors, but I've never heard of anyone getting sued.

    @ treya_barton
    Freya87 was asking about the news released about Crebeau planning to sue netizens who spread false info/rumors. I think that news was released a couple months ago.

    As for the lawsuits against the fans, some fans had to post apologies on line, and Crebeau dropped the suit. Crebeau initially file a defamation/obstruction of business suit against SM which was dropped (that's when the DA found CJS & family owns 62.5% of Crebeau), then SM filed a similar suit against Crebeau which was dropped as well because of insufficient evidence.

  142. Ah ok. Thanks precious for clarifying everything :) Sometimes it's hard to keep track of what's what lol

  143. @Precious
    I really like the idea of a testimonial page. ^^ I'm sure a lot of fans would love to read and share them.

    Also, I'm in disbelief that JYJ stans actually picketed the Blue House. Sheesh that's embarrassing. For them and for JYJ by extension.. I'm amazed, and don't understand how people can get their priorities and real life skewed so badly. Any vid of this btw? It would sooo be my guaranteed lulz spot for weeks, hehe.

    And woot for classic rock!! Queeeeeeen <3 one of my fav bands of all time.

    So much to digest here and I want to respond to so many things... but that would take ages... will say that I'm definitely seeing a positive change in the "new generation" Cassies too though. Old school Cassies (pre-2009-ish) scared me and I never wanted to be associated with them despite liking DBSK5, cuz I thought they were craycray. And it really does seem like the majority of them moved over to JYJ side. Fans really do emulate their idols, and it makes sense because kpop fans especially tend to literally "idolize" their idols and follow by example..

    Anyway, I love reading the comments on here because it's encouraging to see so many different voices and points of view that keep growing in number, and how even when there's disagreements or stanners, people stay civil and tolerant and just state their POV without resorting to ugly personal attacks... which we've all seen a lot of elsewhere.
    <3 HoMin fans. <3 Twinshinki! :D

  144. @ biathanatos_

    They didn't picketed. A group of them spammed the Blue House website with their request to get JYJ to appear on TV. I happened to see someone posting a link to the site and watched the posts from JYJ fans coming up live. Of course the usual "SM Bashing/SM is evil of all evil" comments were also in their posts. I was actually laughing hard while reading those. They were serious too. Sometimes it feels like some of them just lost grip on real life.

    Queen is one of the best!!! I love singing "Don't Stop me now" at Noraebang. :)

  145. @Precious

    Now I have "Don't Stop Me Now" stuck in my head hahaha I love that song ><

    And I think some extreme fans really have lost a grip on real life. I read an article about how a B2ST fan ran away from home and basically sat outside their apartment until Yoseob came down and convinced her to go back home, and I've read so many accounts of DBSK fanstalkers that it scares me. Just seeing a picture of these idols going anywhere and the surge of people there to see them is insane lol Going to see them at events is fine but a lot of people take it to an unnecessary (and in some cases unhealthy) level (which is another reason why I respect Changmin so much for asking fans to stop and take care of themselves and live their own lives). Makes me think of Epik High's song "Fan," especially their mv for it.

  146. @treya_barton:

    I was just reading about how most fans didn't think Yunho and Changmin were close, I must tell you that in 2008 while promoting Mirotic on MC Mong's show Yunho while talking about Changmin called him his BFF and also said that he relied on Changmin a lot although Min was younger than him-

    May be outwardly they didn't appear that close but they were room mates , I think 5-6 out of the 7 yrs the 5 of them were together, so am thinking closeness would come naturally.

    But anyways seeing how they are together now really warms my heart, there is this underlying silent strength and understanding b/w them which is so sweet.

  147. @treya_barton
    My friends said that compared to fans from another countries (like Japanese), Korean fans are much crazier and scarier, more extreme. Like DBSK cases. I always wonder how could so many private pics, airport pics, so many fancam, even voices recording leaked in internet. Rmmbr the super glue incident, then how some cassies hacked DBSK's members cellphone, etc. And then YJ fans behavior. They are so scary and sometimes they did things too far, like hurt the idols they don't like. I wonder if there is any JYJ's fan who will do (or already did) crazy things to hurt Homin.

  148. @Reema
    I believe that how SM keep paired YC/JS and JJ/YH plays a big part to affect fans' opinion about who is closest with who. In DBSK pairing fandom, majority are either JS/YC fans or JJ/YH fans. Both are SM's pairings. Changmin usually left alone or fans paired him with someone else. Bcs of this, many ppl start to think that JS/YC and JJ/YH are the closest. Even though Yunho said Changmin is his bff, most fans will ignore it. If, in the past, YH was paired with Changmin (not with JJ), I believe most fans will believe that Homin are the closest too.

  149. @Reema

    Oh ok. I never watched that so I wouldn't have known. Thanks for the information :) For me it was on other talk shows and stuff I just never really saw them interact. But their personalities and personal goals seem like they would mesh well together (even back then) so it would make sense that they were probably closer than it appeared on the surface. They are definitely closer now after all they've been through together.


    I've gotten that feeling a lot, although when TVXQ's been in China for different events some of those pictures were pretty crazy as well. BigEast and their Japanese fans seem a lot more calm and down to earth in comparison (the differences in concerts is amazing lol), but that may be partially due to the fact most of the fanbase is older in general. Honestly though I read some fan accounts of Americans after they came to the US for the Korean Music Festival back in the day and some of the American fans were being pretty stalkerish too (which was ironic when many of the same fans used to bash the Korean fans for being too extreme). It's probably not even a majority of the fanbase that is like that, but the extreme fans give the rest of the Korean fans a bad image - Cassiopeia has done good things along with the crazy things like donate a lot of money to different events and give the members really nice gifts so I guess you have to keep in mind that they're not all one way (even when accounts make it seem that way lol). Even now, some people criticize Cassiopeia for not supporting one group or the other, but there are still a lot of loyal members in Cassiopeia that have stayed with TVXQ and support them and waited for their return this year so they probably don't deserve all the criticism aimed at them.

    As for the JYJ's fans...they have spread rumors which have really hurt TVXQ and still hurt them now. I know a lot of stuff directed at Yunho especially has been done, like rude comments at events (Precious has a link that discusses to an airport incident that you can read as an example). I've also heard about an event incident where all the tickets were sold out but before the event a lot of the tickets were suddenly refunded (if someone can clarify about that please?) so the stadium wasn't as full as it should be. Those are just some examples, although I've read about more stuff JYJ fans have done as well.

  150. @dhanirahman52
    sorry this is so late, but i checked the vids and the uploader removed them already.

    that was the longest testament i've read here so far lol. thanks for sharing your thoughts with everyone.

    am i the only one who experienced extreme second hand embarrassment at the spammage at SMTown's facebook? like spamming a facebook page is all it would take to get them back together? and not to mention the mind-boggling "project" of spamming SMTown's page when it was CJS who left and sued?
    ...and bringing God into this?? if they must pray to God what they should be praying for is for JYJ to lose their case against SM so that it would mean JYJ is still contracted under SM, still contracted to work as TVXQ, there wish come true! *shisussss*

  151. @treya_barton
    Amen to your post..^_^
    About k.pop secret junsu, i found the article but the author didn't really specify that he was referring to him. He didn't offer any concrete evidence but he/she said that it was JS who initiated the leave. However, they were clues like the twitter drama and being the "angel". He/she also complained of Junsu's attitude that it was getting out of hand. (That probably explains why I was least interested in him among the 5, even though he had strong vocals; there was something in his aura that I just don't like).
    I know this is out of the topic but I just want to share, I was a YJ fan before, after seeing much of their old videos I noticed their closeness and I also read some of the comments of other fans regarding them but I tried to ignore it since they may be just touchy people. But there were fancams of them and in some point made me realize that they may be real. And as I started to read this blog, (around feb or march, can’t remember), that they may not be real after all, that it was just mere friendship between them and/or fanservice. This blog has more concrete evidence rather that other YJ fan’s blogs. I mean if they were real, they shouldn’t have separated, right? Anyway, I wasn’t disappointed that they weren’t real though (I’m not that but I can’t deny they do have great chemistry together.
    About Yunho and Changmin, I also thought they weren’t close before but due to the circumstances, they have to put up with it. Nevertheless, I see they respect each other well and one can clearly see how sincere and honest they are with one another.
    @ cat117

    lols..I agree with you, they should pray that..hehe..I think there's no way that HoMin will left SM, since they are loyal and had this deep sense of gratitude towards SM, b'coz if it weren't for SM (and their hard work), they wouldn't be where they are right now.

  152. @jarlette
    I never like Junsu, don't know why XD Even my sister keep praising him all the time, I still prefer JJ LOL.

    LOL. I was YJ fan too^^ I rmmbr when I just discovered them and their videos (when both of them still verrry young, lol. You can imagine how long I've bcm their fan), I kyaaaing over them like a silly fangirls XD When my friends keep giving me evidences that they're just fanservices things, I keep insisting that they're real. But after the lawsuit things, I quit. I can't even read the fics anymore, knowing the real JJ.

    The reason why I quit is not bcs they're separated. They can still being real and separated, myb they have different opinions about things or such. What make me quit is JJ's behavior. How his action (he did it for purpose or not) always gives troubles to Yunho (and Changmin). Like his KYHU tweets, then how he tweets about that missed call things, that make his fans bashing Yunho, and many more (including what his sister said in 6.25 recording). For me, it's not smtg he will do for someone he cares, friend or more. And since he isn't in SM anymore, obviously no one forced him. I still amazed (and wonder) about fans who can act as if there is nothing.

    Precious, sorry for OT post^^

  153. personally i don't think that forxreal person's blind items/insider gossip are real, they sound like stuff any k-pop follower would've known or heard of (or make up). although fun to read i never took them seriously. but that person has an intense dislike of JS from all the things he's/she's written about him.

    Yunjae i think at best were very good friends/team mates and that's it. i don't think they're bff's and they definitely were/are not "real". if they were real 1. they wouldn't take it publicly, on the contrary they would've done everything to hide it 2. that would mean all the other pairings in k-pop are real (cos every fan has evidence of their own that they insist prove the relationship). YJ fanfics take the fans' imagination to a whole other level and they project whatever they read on these fics on the actual people, forgetting that real life is different from fiction. the YJ fan service waned as they grew older and by the 4th album it doesn't look like they want to do it anymore. maybe the YJ fans are not letting go because the pairings in the group is the only thing they have any control over.

  154. @cat1177
    Yeah, true. I never 100 % believe any 'insider' things too. Our insider might have bias too anyway. But the 'insider' title already give them advantage since their follower will believe them more.

    About YJ..what u said make me remember what my friend said about them. She said, if they're real, showing fanservices or their kyaaaing moments in talk show,tv show,concert,DVD, etc is the last thing they will ever do. Their manager won't allow it too anyway and SM won't keep paired them all the time. Showing their closeness camera is there mean they have nothing to hide. Now after I quit, her words begin to make sense to me LOl.

    -> they project whatever they read on these fics on the actual people
    Hm, when Homin just released DBSK new single, I rmmbr some fans mad and said Yunho is being incest with Changmin (Changmin supposedly is YJ's child).

    Of course not all YJ fans like that. Many are mature fans too.

  155. Hi there Precious! I just want to thank you again for starting this blog (and yes, that Junsu fan xD).

    I really admire you when in the first place, you were not really a huge fan of HoMin but still started this blog to clear up the misunderstandings about them and for that, I applaud you for being such an upright person, revealing the truth to the public :]

    I don't even think I will be able to do that much work for an idol whom I am not even a fan of. But you are a fan of HoMin now aren't you? :] I am sure all the HoMin fans are very grateful for your efforts :]

    Reading your blog makes me happy because it proves that HoMin really are the ones not at fault and shows that I have been supporting the right people all along. Which was a huge relief.

    Thank you again for everything and ganbatte kudasai :]

  156. First time commenting, so hope others can bear with my randomness. Thank you very much Precious for creating this blog. I was an OT5 originally but now toppling over toward Homin side, maybe cause Yunho is my bias (although before Jae was close 2nd) Like many before me, I was following along not really understanding Homin’s situation. My best friend is a major Jaejoong and Yoochun bias so many of my news was from her about how awful and terrible SM was. I went along passively just listen but never once agreeing with her that SM is the almighty EVIL presence that she portrayed. I was dragged to the JYJ showcase, but at that time, I really thought they were nice to do it free but nothing else. By the 2nd concert in LA, I was drafted once again. (Didn’t really want to go, because by that time I read Precious informative and quite extensive posts). However I did, since my friend dropped so much of her money into the ticket.(A major ripped-off for my friend’s hard earnings…they were close to 20 minutes late) The reason I’m mentioning this concert is not because I’m promoting the 3, but who I saw there. Guess who? Junsu’s parents, Mr. Kim himself were just sitting less than 10 feet from me. I was shocked, because this was the guy on the 6.25 audio, who was right before my very eyes!! My friend took a picture with him and shook his hand. I immediately refused. (Some may think I’m silly, but I felt he’s the cause of it…I wasn’t going to shake the hand of the true evil one. I really wanted to give him a piece of my mind at that moment, but held back…angry JYJ mob might kill me, so I thought wiser to keep silence like Yunho and Changmin.) When their song “Empty” came on, with the lyrics “because your heart is empty!” For once, I agreed with them, that’s exactly how I felt standing among all the JYJ fans, my heart was empty… I finally realized I no longer am an OT5 but a TVXQ – Homin fan standing among them like a true outsider. I was so indifference to their cause. By the time I got back home, I had to open Precious’s blog immediately to relieve my stress (So much relief to read people with similar thoughts and understanding).

    Recently I came upon “King of Anything” by Sara Bareilles and I thought this song and lyrics is perfect for the current TVXQ and their true fans to sing to those crazy anti(s) and the CJS themselves and what they can do with their ambiguous tweets and comments concerning TVXQ.

    Finally, Precious…when I saw your name I wonder are you a fan of “Lord of Ring?” Ok, ignore that… you don’t need to reply to me on that one.

    Sorry everybody for the long rant. But now like Precious and many among you, I am a Proud TVXQ (Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin) Fan! ^__^

  157. @123Ueki
    It really upsets me that Junsu's parents never have to answer for thier part in the bashing.It's like he's a king being praised by brainwashed(not meaning to be offensive to your friends)subjects.They can go anywhere and not be bothered,which is sort of upsetting.I've always had a feeling that Junsu's mom also pulls the strings as well,but let's others(ex:her husband)publically be the figurehead.It's just a feeling,something about her was off.Who tweets a pic of your kids in a hotel bed with sheets covering them?How much was the tickets(just curious)?Personally if something was 20 min late i'd be p'oed.I hoipe you weren't interrogated by anyone as to why you weren't singing praises.Did they have an arrogant attitude/vibe?

    Junsu's whole family minus his brother has that aura.It's just something that stands out dunno why.

    The one thing that I have a feeling of is that after the lawsuit ends good or bad is that the other 3 will turn on each other,I wonder if thier aware of how people who are not not praising them precieve them?Either way I feel that since Yunho & Changmin have endured hell and have come back stronger and better than ever,the only way to go is up.Moving toward the future with thier positive fans.Things are looking up for them I just get so happy reading about thier successes,since it's well deserved.

  158. @123Ueki ~ No worries. I read them. Well I do wish to met up with this so-called Mr Kim to see what he is like. I been supporting Yunho and Changmin since they debut. Although previously I do admit I admire JJ and JS's vocal.
    Precious has really done all of us a great favor by opening up this blog and allowing us to understand more of the situation. Great to see more of HoMin's fans. Let's support them together. Well I agree, I watched JYJ's live fan cam concert online and I gave up coz I don't quite like some of their songs and dance now . Maybe they are targeting more to the American market now i suppose

  159. @123Ueki
    Is it true, that many seats at the concert were empty? I heard stories about empty concert venues for their US Tour... I don't know if it's true...

    Ohhh and regarding songs which remind me of this situation: I love Evanescence's "Everybody's Fool". Really every line out of the lyrics are exactly my thoughts.

  160. I just love coming here and reading about how we all became HoMin fans-and this is the only place where we discuss and dissect but are not nasty and do not wish the worst upon people or berate them-so this is like a sanctuary for me-and Thank you precious for starting this blog-

    Anyway I only became a fan late last year and honestly the two people who immediately caught my attention were Yunho and Jae, but it was amazing how from the time I discovered the group and a month after that, I had became a Yunho fan-and at that time I didnt know about the division in the fandom and how JYJ fans were busy creating rumors and bashing HoMin especially Yunho.

    When I would see their videos, I always noticed that Changmin was the quiet one but seemed the most forthright and straight forward and Yunho had this sparkling honesty in his eyes that was hard to miss-Actually the one person that always gave me an unsettling feeling was Junsu.

    So when I would see all the horrible bashing on SYC or AKP, I would go berserk and so I wanted to find out the real story of why 2 intelligent people who were respected and loved by all their peers would choose to stay while others left and that's when I discovered Precious's blog and I am so thankful that I see the truth.

    Each time I see and article about the success of the current TVXQ its just such a vindication that honesty and hardwork will always be rewarded!

  161. @nicegirl221
    Looking back, I think you are right about his mom. There was this vibe that she gave off that she’s the one in command. As for how much, it was about USD$125 per person (which doesn’t include the parking and food, the prices in downtown LA is rather scary). All in all, I think my friend wasted a fortune. Luckily, there were no fan goods (no more wasting money). As for interrogation from my friend – I got nothing of the sort. I was really zoned out, 2 hours standing in a place you don’t really want to be is quite torturous. The vibe I got from the 3: Jae was out of it, his singing was off because he was down with something; Yoochun same as always nothing new. But the one that surprise me was Junsu, he was more shy and considerate in the showcase. Maybe it was all an act, I guess. They really didn’t seem all brotherly at one point, Jae and Chun was one side of the stage and Junsu was singing away from them.

    They are trying too hard to Americanize and it doesn’t quite work. For me, the choreography is off. They were so in sync before the JYJ days. Now they look like trying way too hard to sell us they are “sexy” and not working especially for someone like me. (Note: Yunho bias here, so I was spoiled by his and Changmin’s KYHD awesome dance.)

    Sad to said, it is true for the LA theater (not sure about the other US cities). The venue was quite empty. My friend was boasting that the place was sold out. If it was true why were they so many empty seats? The venue staff invited the people on the 2 sides to come to the middle section and down toward the front. It felt like at least a 100 or so people did move closer toward the stage.

  162. @123Ueki
    I so so agree that they are trying too hard to act like an American artists. But like u said, it doesn't work. I mean..(except YC), JJ and JS english skills (especially JJ)is horrible. I read their tweets and notice how JJ can't write even the most simple english lines. When they were interviewed in USA, they used translator. When they just released their debut single (Ayyy girl?), they was still learning english. Idk, it's better if they focused in Asian market first, then released their single in USA after they already had enough skills.

    And personally I think, they (more like JJ) are too pretty. Being cute, yes. But sexy and manly aren't their strong point. I rmmbr saw him doing sexy dance with foreign dancer, and it's just don't fit. At the same time, I can imagine Homin paired with a sexy foreign dancer and it's still fit (ironic, lol)

  163. @123Ueki

    Thanks for providing your personal experiences, especially with going to JYJ's concert. It is disconcerting how much their style changed when they switched to being just the three of them. I did try listening to their music at first before I found out all they had put Changmin and Yunho through and just didn't like it honestly... I was way more impressed with TVXQ's music since part of the reason why I fell in love with TVXQ in the first place was their music style which they can only get with SME haha.

  164. @ all

    I leave the blog for one day and see all these comments.. Love it!!! :D

    Nice to see that you guys are having fun with discussions & stuff.

    As for relationships among the members, the fans would never know what their real relationships were like just like we had no clue about the 3. What we know is when you look at the video footages from the end of 2009, Changmin was always standing close to Yunho, and the division was pretty obvious. The fact that they came back together after all this just shows that they must've relied on each other to go through the dark times.

    As for extreme fans, I'm sure each country has its share. TVXQ fandom is huge, so it may appear they have more crazy fans because it's always those radical ones that stand out the most. Everyone thought HoMin didn't have any fans, but look at the album sales. They must have as many as the other 3 if not more. Yunho and Changmin's fans seem to be low key just like the artists they support. As an outsider, it's fascinating to see the differences in fans too.

    @ cat1177
    Not really surprising that they spammed SM facebook, it's almost expected. It almost looks like that those fans just cannot stand any good news about TVZXQ and SM.

    As for YJ pairing, JJ seemed to enjoy the attention he's getting from it and was actually active in promoting it when you look at interviews and videos, but I don't think Yunho really was for it. He never said anything to support the pairing, but just went along with JJ.

    @ Bell

    LOL I can't do something like this for any artist I support either. This case was simply too much to ignore, and also as a fan of K-Pop in general, those 3 and their fans were slandering the whole K-Pop scene, so that made me upset too.

    @ 123Ueki

    I thought JYJ showcase in LA was free, wasn't it? I can totally relate to you not shaking Mr. Kim's hand. I don't know how I would've reacted in the same situation. It wouldn't be something positive for sure. Good decision on your part to just not say anything considering the possible ugly consequences. LOL

    I do like Lord of the Rings movies (didn't read the actual book), but my userid is not from LOR.

    @ nicegirl221
    I have a feeling if their next JYJ album doesn't do well, they'll somehow go their separate ways. We'll see, but don't really care what they do.

    @ Beatrixx07
    It also puzzled me why they released an album in English. Maybe there were trying to get noticed? Didn't think it was a good decision, but it's their album so whatever.

  165. @precious

    Guess what, you are missing for months and only today I remembered to check this blog, and dammit..i have missed not one but two posts >.< Wae nobody told me you updated, wae >.<

    As a fan of Changmin and following him to the point I have become pretty good in reading his body language, he gave pretty obvious clues too. Around September 2009 Changmin suddenly launched this silent protest - he became unusually quiet in interviews and variety shows. he wouldn't even open his mouth for their usual greeting "We are Tohoshinki". After that the gaps widen and the rest is history.

  166. About the insider, yes, we don't know if he/he'saying the truth about JS but a lot agreed with what he/she was ranting..anyways, regarding the JYJ album, I listened to one of their songs and it doesn't suit my taste, and they sounded weird singing in english (sorry, my opinion). And I personally prefer HoMin' music compared to them.

    Changmin is my favorite among them, even though he's the most quiet (among the 5) but when he speaks, he speaks with substance. I remember seeing him before in one of Superjunior's performance ( I was a Suju fan before tvxq), that was Don't don and his voice was amazing. And I was even more amazed by their KYHD.

    btw, there's a preview of their new japanese song, "I don't know"..sounds cool..^^

  167. @nicegirl221
    I kinda agree with your impression with Junsu's family having met all of them before... Junho seems to be more down to earth compared to Junsu, but who knows if it's the real him... When I saw him for the first time, he left an ok impression... Just felt that he was a bit reluctant through it all, and that he was bing pushed over the deep end w/o a safety net... He looked lost but tried to appear friendly...

    Guess Junsu fans will not agree with me on this, but I honestly think his parents are scary and treat their kids as money trees...junsu's mum gave me a very wicked stepmother feel when I saw her on stage with junsu and his dad a sinister uncle... I remember his overly enthusiastic welcome when I was at misarang (his pizza place) with some foreign friends... At that point of time, I was still an OT5, thus was excited at the attention we got... But now that I think back, I honestly feel a chill down my spine...

  168. I was planning to leave my testimonial for later, ie., when you have a separate page for that.:) But after seeing all the comments, I too would like to share my experience, althought there isn't much to tell.

    I first listened to Mirotic last October and I remember liking the song immensely.Even while searching DBSK up on wiki I never knew about JYJ. Sometime later after watching some random videos of theirs my favourite became Junsu, because he was seriously cute and his voice was very unique too! Then I really started liking JJ. But among all of this, it was Yunho that caught my attention the most. (does it sound weird? lol)
    Then the JYJ video released. I had no idea who they were at first. I had just heard of the name, not seen the faces. (Anyone who knows about Eatyourkimchi on YT would prolly know that they reviewed Ayy Girl, and that's how I gotto know them.) I saw the review first and then saw the video and frankly I didn't know what to think when I saw it.The video was pretty bad for their standard and song wasn't good either. I did wonder why the other two weren't there but I frankly didn't bother much.I thought they were a sub-group or something.
    I kept watching more videos of DBSK like their variety shows and AADBSK and when I saw the comments about the fact that they split did I realize that something wrong had happened. Then every DBSK video or related news on AKP had comments about how SME was super duper evil and that the trio were harbingers of justice and more. I also saw the 'slave contract' being plastered all over the place. I wasn't okay with the fact that SME was receiving much of the abuse from fans 'coz afterall, DBSK was what the were due to SME.
    Then came the DBSK comeback with the duo which I was majorly excited about and although I didn't know much, I wanted Homin to do better than the other three ( because of the bashing they received). The Junsu twitter event came soon after and that's when I had a strong gut feeling that SM and Homin were not to blame. But wherever I went, I only saw people in support of JYJ. One fine day, I stumbled across your blog (I don't know how really) and I was very happy to see that there was something here that actually confirmed that my gut feelings were right afterall.
    I can only tell you how grateful I am for this blog and I'm sure Homin will be too. You have been responsible for many fans' change in thought (for the better of course) and I hope many more see that this blog isn't about brainwashing, but about making us see things for what they are.
    So Precious, keep those posts comin'! :)

  169. @123Ueki:

    Thank you for sharing your story :). Reading ur reply, this part caught my attention

    "The venue was quite empty. My friend was boasting that the place was sold out."

    It reminds me... when KYHD MV was released on YTB around 1 months, I had an argument with an JYJ fan in the MV channel, then we cool down and changed into discussion. She told me, she like JYJ more because seeing JYJ being bashed more in TVXQ MV, but not many fans bashed HM in JYJ MV (which really funny to my ears, cause that means JYJ fans went to TVXQ MV to cause the war, while it's less hostile in JYJ MV because HM fans didn't go there). She even told me, HM fans bought JYJ tickets but didn't go so that there're many empty seats. I wasn't interest in JYJ since the comeback of TVXQ so I had no evidence to argue with her back then... but I wonder is it related to what u wrote. JYJ fans boasting all tickets sold out and then blamed the empty seats on HM fans. Just my opinion though :) (but I'm sure HM fans have nothing to do with that)

  170. @shanancelice

    Have you tried to ask them back where's the proof that Homin fans were buying JYJ tickets? How did they know that the tickets were sold out in the first place? Wasn't there a possibility that the tickets were never sold out in the first place? Besides, the price was $125, quite expensive. What's the point of buying & not going?

  171. So...uh ... aha. I tried reading all of the post in this blog...buttah

    I got REALLY confused and stuff so...

    I'm just going to be the Cassiopeia that stands by and pray and wait for a miracle to happen.

    Because the more I read, the more confused I get. This blog may in fact give out truth, but it's taking me further away from my inspiration. As a matter of fact, this blog is sort of just like every other blog. It's making you see sides and give you a choice to choose which side you'll support. But before I can get brainwashed with this blog and other blogs, I'm going to leave and pray that one day everything will be exactly how it was before.

    But really, thanks for providing the truth. Now I don't know what I should believe.

  172. @Jinny
    At first you're totally confusing me. You said 'thanks for providing the truth' but then u said u don't know what to believe. There is only one possible truth out there. Impossible both side told the truth. If u already claimed one said as the truth, why u still don't know what to believe?

    But after I read this "This blog may in fact give out truth, but it's taking me further away from my inspiration." and this "I'm going to leave and pray that one day everything will be exactly how it was before." I find the answer. There are some ppl who choose to believe things, even they know those things are lies, rather than accept the painful truth. Ignoring what this blog said give u hope that those 5 will be together again. But no matter what, sooner or later u must get ready to accept the reality. It's okay to keep believing that they will be DBSK5 again. But u must consider the possibility that they won't be together again and will accept that. That's the difference between being delusional and not.

    Anyway, for now, as long as u don't bash Homin and DBSK, u can choose whatever path u want :)

  173. @ Devika
    Thanks for sharing your experience. It really isn't that hard for a sensible person to see something's wrong.

    @ shanancelice
    HoMin fan buying tickets and not showing up? LOL That's quite laughable. Again, common sense does not apply to some fans. Why would so many HoMin fans, enough to make the venue look empty, buy tickets and not show up?

    @ Jinny
    You don't have to choose a side, but I'm not sure if choosing to ignore all the facts to satisfy your wish of keeping TVXQ5 is right thing to do, but that's your choice.

    IMO, turning a blind eye is never a proper way of dealing with problems, not only for TVXQ crisis, but with everything else in your life. It's going to be painful, but facing the truth and going through it is always better in the end.

    BTW, there's no way that things would be back the way it was before. That's just a wishful thinking in your part. Even if the 5 came back together somehow(impossible, but let's just assume it could happen), it's not going to be the same unless there's a way to erase everyone's memory. You think that everything will be back to normal once the 5 decides to reunite, but do you really think that it would be that simple? Everyone will have a cloud of doubt in the back of their mind considering everything that's happened already. It's never going to be the "family" they once were, and everything will look "fake".

  174. OMG, precious!! Just like a lot of people who commented above, I was a silent reader! I am Korean too haha :) 안녕하세요. I heard about your blog from Daum Telzone TVXQ gallery and I came over. Dang, your blogs are so powerful! I'm so happy that people are becoming aware about this situation! I was blind for a year or so and now I'm just upset at myself and the other 3. But whatever. Yunho and Changmin appreciate the past and they move on unlike the other 3. I am pretty sure general population is getting the idea of the 'core' reason of the lawsuit. Anyway, I always think you're so precious! lol I know its cheezy. haha. If you need any help translating, Let me know! :) and happy independence day!

  175. @jinny
    their words and their deeds are not the same anymore. and it is painful, confusing. if you want to remain a OT5, then you'll confront inequality and the constant headaches. but if you like, it does not matter.
    I do not know, if I am brainwashed by Precious, but my thoughts did not differ with him, before he made this blog and before I get more information from this blog. I felt compelled to choose Yunho and Changmin. I feel like they can save TVXQ. My decision is taken, before delving more deeply about the lawsuit. I just said to myself, if among the five of them there who can defend TVXQ's masterpiece, I would follow them. very simple.
    I said, I am a new fan of TVXQ. It was my decision before the birth of this blog. SMTLA that made me stop being OT5. and was born as the HM's fans. I told everyone I am a new fan. and it turns out, I'm happier to be HM's fans than as OT5. didnt feel dizzy anymore. maybe .. I am more in love with TVXQ, compared with the members.

  176. 'You think that everything will be back to normal once the 5 decides to reunite, but do you really think that it would be that simple?'

    just like what precious asking, I don't know what people expect by asking/wishing/demanding for them to be together again...just look at their last performances together, still 5 of them together but the feeling was not there anymore and that performance was too painful to watch

    I had a similar experience in real life, there this one friend, the first friend I meet in college, we were always together,roommate and classmate for 3 years, I knew her whole family too..but once I find out that she was cheating about almost everything and there's some other issues, I felt betrayed and she never admit to what she had done...we never spoke and whenever we bump into each other we act like stranger...I still feel bitter about that til this day

    things will never be the same again, once it broken...the scar will always be there although the wound already healed...
    they were great as 5 before but will they still be as amazing? will their relationship still be the same?

    sorry for the long rant^^

  177. First off, I need to say thank you SO SO much for this blog. My friend showed me it earlier this week because both of us are relatively new to K-pop, and neither of us were sure about what was what with the breakup. When I first saw it, I was interested largely because I had read tons of things on JYJ's side, and none of it seemed consistent or logical...I've never seen anything like this fighting for HoMin.

    I read your blog from start to finish (after seeing bits about HoMin being bashed, I finally understand why JYJ have Twitter, but HoMin don't, and it breaks my heart ><), and I agree with what you have to say, but I was wondering about a couple of points.

    Obviously, JYJ got into the cosmetics business. What we don't know is how much influence their family members had on them. The quote from one of HoMin's fathers (I don't remember which one ><) about them possibly making SO MUCH MONEY made me wonder.
    And the 6.25 meeting was really tough for me to go through. JYJ's families sound sketchy to me...I started really wondering whether or not JYJ called for the meeting in the first place. Their families said many lies throughout the whole thing, so how do we know that they were telling the truth by saying JYJ called for it in the first place?
    When you interpreted the meeting, I was confused about one thing. When talking about the contracts, I was under the impression that first they were talking about SM's, THEN talking about Japanese contracts. It sounds like you believed they were talking about SM's the whole time. (Maybe I read something wrong...I don't really know. ><)

    How much influence do you believe JYJ's families had on their decisions?

    Again, thank you for all of your hard work!!!

  178. @ Hailey
    안녕하세요? :)

    Daum Telzone TVXQ Gallery is where I got a lot of information for this blog as you probably could guess already. Down the road, I am going to make posts about the fans there as well.

    Thanks for the offering to help. I could actually use some help w/translation, but I don't feel easy burdening others, so we'll see. :)

    @ jaemin
    Yeah, once a close relationship gets sour, it actually becomes worse than strangers, very awkward. I know I won't look at TVXQ the same if they reunite.

    @ shattered_moonbeam
    Welcome, and thanks for kind words.

    As for the influence CJS' parents had on their kids, we would never know exactly how much, but I'm sure they had some influence. It is really irrelevant though since the 3 went along with it actively. Also, when you look at the way acted after the breakup, and also after TVXQ's comeback, you can clearly see that it's not only the parents, but CJS themselves who are manipulating the fans on their own.

    As for the contracts, the members signed the contract exclusively with SM, and for Japanese activities, it's actually SM who deals with the Avex on their behalf.

    We'd never know if 6.25 was called by the members or solely by the parents, but since the 3 didn't do anything to rectify the situation after the meeting, it really doesn't matter. I highly doubt the parents would do such a thing without getting the 3's consent first.

  179. @shattered_moonbeam
    about the secret meeting. Another side of me, says CJS must do it, because there is something that forces them to do that. I do not know what it is. because they only those who know. there is the possibility of their family who started doing it all without the knowledge of the CJS. but I do remember one thing for sure, before TVXQ's members are their families, their family who is actually the father, mother, brother or sister. is it possible? they prefer TVXQ's members than their families. when they should choose, whom would he heed? Yunho and Changmin?
    if they justify the statement Yunho and Changmin, then they are betraying their families. so in my opinion, their families greatly influence their decision.
    as well as Crebeau, not a matter of cosmetic ingredients that I do not agree, but when I saw their photo cosmetics store, in Japan, with TVXQ posters there, I feel it was not personal business anymore, but his business TVXQ, and SM has the right to participate interference.
    I saw that picture as evidence of a very simple, compared with words. as well as Secret meeting's voice files, sound evidence that can not be deleted. they might make 1000 excuses about why they are holding the meeting or the HM's fans can make 1000 a reason to hate the CJS for the meeting. but the recorded sound does not lie. its contents do not lie. the right reasons too, the meeting was not to be the right thing.
    many artists who are suing the company because it is not satisfied. but the case held a secret meeting and told about the company and their friends are very bad to the fans is very rare. the meeting was closed, then that can be produced only rumors. This measures the worst ever from an artist who wants to sue the company which is where they work.
    why they do the meeting secretly ????? if they right, they didnt need to do that.

  180. @Beatrixx07
    (( And personally I think, they (more like JJ) are too pretty. Being cute, yes. But sexy and manly aren't their strong point. I rmmbr saw him doing sexy dance with foreign dancer, and it's just don't fit. At the same time, I can imagine Homin paired with a sexy foreign dancer and it's still fit (ironic, lol) ))
    i couldnt stop laughing not out of Ridiculed but out of the reality of the 3 hopeless case off showing their sexy image i have been fan of tvxq since 2006 i wont call my self ot5 since my Absolute bias was yunho but then i loved all the 5 altogether & their brotherly relationship they shared before,from the start the only one that gave the ultimate sexy manly image was yunho & then recently changmin im not saying that cuz of my bias feeling but cuz that what really showing off without trying so hard with these two guys unlike the other 3 even when they went their separate way they still cant get rid over the boyish look esp jj he`s so Feminine i find it so hard for me to see him in masculine image ( not that he`s not a man XD).. junsu on the other hand his mission was to get rid of the cute boy image that every one loved him for it he even sayed in one of his interview after he released his solo song that he did his best to look & act as sexy & manly as he could but then for me felt that it didnt work with him micky from the star didnt have that kind of aura that makes him shine he was just oky weather with his appearance or his body language surly they have their own charisma but then we cant deny that their new images now is far away from the word sexy !! esp their dancing moves with those dancers on the concert i only saw a tacky dancing that showed them in a bad image if that their way to say hey im hot & sexy bomb then honesty they need a help !! another reason for me to love tvxq more they can be hot & sexy in Sophisticated and respectful manner Without resorting to vulgar and blatant methods..

  181. @Precious
    I really appreciate being able to see things from your point of view...A lot of posts are filled with biases, and so...dead-ends are everywhere. >< This is one reason I like your blog better. :D

    Yes, I think that the families influenced them...I believe that it can be difficult to do the right thing like your friends, especially if your parents are going against it completely. I want to know JYJ's true feelings while carrying everything out. Have they no hearts, or is it that they affect Cassies more than they know?

    I can't wait to see your next post... :3

    I have to agree a LOT. The meeting was...(Well, it's hard to put it into few words.) Inexcusable? Ridiculous? Whatever it is, I think it was evil. Reasonable people wouldn't have had any of that. But the families wanted to protect JYJ. Honestly, if that meeting didn't happen and they apologized, I would've accepted them all. Gladly. But JYJ didn't defend HoMin, they haven't, and it surely doesn't look like they're going to.

    It's crazy because one week ago (before I knew all the details, and when I believed the crap about SM's slave contracts), Jaejoong was my second ultimate bias. Now? Yeah...ummm...he's not there anymore.

  182. As always Thanks! if you wouldn't have done this I would've gone to Korea and do crazy things to be able to ask the right people LOL. Anyway, am not happy... either sad, quite weird. Analizing it all over again... JYJ leaving JJ and YC was obvious, me believing that they wanted more sort of 'creative freedom' Junsu was the shock for me, Junsu who is/was the innocent purest soul on earth, the one who spend most time in SM, going against it? it was shocking and in some comment abopve I've read of him being the master mind and stuff, this is the one thing I believe, he is not. I'll just go with CM description of junsu 'or he is just really REALLY naive, or he is just a genious!' i still don't believe he had planned it all, it just doesn't fit.. Anyway there is people still gettin use to the fact that CM and YH are now TVXQ and I was one of those people who though that there had to be 5 people on stage to be named TVXQ, and the fight goes and comes and blah people keep blaming CMYH for defending the only thing they have worked for in their entire life, to not let it be in vain. But when they 3 walke don stage and took the award as TVXQ everyone supported (even myself) no one bashes YC for puttin "we are the one and always be" in Kiss the Baby Saky lyrics, but go ahead and bash the youngest because he said that without the 5 of them there wasn't any TVXQ .. those are the things that make me sick of all of this. Even though, now, knowing the true i can't not even start hating or blaming CJS. It was their choice it is their lives. What I still foun UNFAIR is that they din't thought about the other 2, and their feelings u.u the is pure rambling but both sides had suffered even CJS, they are suffering because it didn't go as planned and Homin because all the pressure of being TVXQ with only two its a HUGE load to carry. I still want them to be as 5 again ): i know it sound kind of desillusional and impossible but that was hte main reason I liked these 5 guys in the first place u.u *sighs* may be some day dreams will come true again, in the meantime I'll just enjoy of each side charms and talents, I'm their client, and that's their work ...

  183. @ chibbi
    Well, while it is true that all 5 suffered to certain degree, but 2 had to go through it unfairly, and the 3 are having a hard times as the result of their own doings and that's a huge difference.

    Also the 3 got exactly what they wanted initially. All the blame for the breakup was on YHCM and SM, and they were revered as underdogs fighting for justice. They got almost full support of the fans, and actually looked to be having a great time while the other 2 were suffering. Just check out the videos towards the end of 2009, and you can see that the 3 are having fun while the 2 looked miserable. The only reason they are having hard time right now is because their Japanese activities were suspended, and even that was their own doings.

    So it's fine that you choose to support all 5 or both sides, but please remember who are the instigators and who are the victims in this. I hope you can defend Yunho and Changmin from unfair bashing that's still going on since you at least know what's going on.

  184. (This is Hailey) Haha you won't be burdening me! I want to help. Since I was blind for a year, I owe TVXQ my part I feel. So, let me know if you need help! And I was shocked when I read that you were a guy! What do guys think about this situation? None of the guys around me are interested in this matter, so I just wanna know how general population think about this issue.

  185. @ Precious,

    I watched some of those videos and it looked to me like cjs were gloating. They didn't seem to care that homin were suffering. At the time I was uncomfortable with what I was watching because homin seemed to be really depressed especially Changmin. I just felt deeply for them even though I had just found out about tvxq. I instinctively supported homin without all the facts we have readily available to us on this blog now. Those videos were hard to watch and I haven't watched them since.

    As more facts have come out, It dawned on me just how much homin have protected the three with their silence. Alot of people complained about homin's silence but I think its the best thing they ever did. I know I would have spilled all the beans and fed them to the wolves. Its good they are not me then.

    I don't wish any harm on cjs but their suffering is their own doing. I'm sure it hurts homin to see their friends in the situation they are in now but what can they do? Cjs treated them badly and homin chose to get on with their lives and concentrate on their damaged careers and reputations. Homin and sm tried everything to resolve the situation privately, and cjs threw it back in their faces. Homin waited for cjs and sm to come to a compromise for 2yrs and 3mths and instead cjs started jyj and cut their friends off completely. Now cjs are complaining that homin are the ones who have refused to communicate with them. I think we are yet to find out the real reason why the split happened and I think we'll be shocked to the core when we do find out, but it won't be homin releasing that information to us.

    If fans want to support all five that's fine as long as they don't bash homin or sm. I personally think that they should never get back together. It will hurt homin too much to work those three after the things they've done. They might forgive them but there is no way they can forget what happened not unless they get permanent amnesia of the last three years. The past should remain where it is, in the past.

  186. Can anyone provide me links to these videos at the end of 2009? I've been trying to search on youtube but I keep getting performances only. Although I did see the A-Nation stuff and boy was it obvious they were divided. I've heard from people their last performance as 5 wasn't that great either.

    Of course the usual excuse for all this is that SM threatened them to not talk to each other. Really now...I'm sorry but that's the silliest thing I've ever heard. Why would SM want to make all the legal stuff worse and even encourage their highest profit group to break up?

    Also, I hate to be a bother but I can't find a video with JYJ's raunchy perfomances...I'm really curious to see how they danced with those girls.

  187. @scy17

    last performance
    or try

    if the videos are removed you can still find tons of airport pictures, since by that time CJS and HM were travelling separately. they were also doing Bigeastation 3 and 2. you can listen to their last Bigeastation (all 5 members). the episodes are still on youtube.

  188. After re-read many of this blog entries and some other places out there, I feel annoyed with some ppl who came here and said 'pls don't bash JYJ. Pls support all 5 equally, etc etc'. Until I found this blog, I found almost no one came to defend Homin when JYJ fans bashed them and their family. But they came to this place and asked ppl to not bash JYJ. Compared to tons of JYJ places, bashing Homin like crazy, this place is nothing. Idk why they didn't come to those places and said the same things. Scared bcs of those JYJ fans behavior? Well, that's why they need to come and speak. There is no point to come and say 'pls don't bash JYJ' to place where the fans already calm and mature.

    When I heard they sang Kiss the baby sky and then YC said each of DBSK5's members name, I feel touched. But now, I feel weird, knowing their situation.

    Btw, the 'SM threatened them to not talk to each other' or 'SM forced Homin to stay' or 'SM is evil' things already feel weird from the start. Homin and SM are the ppl who got bashed all the time, not JYJ. They've lost a lof of things, including fans, money, contract with AVEX, then they got tons of law problems... If SM was that EVIL that they did so many horrible things, being quiet and let JYJ's side spread bad rumors about them is the last thing they would do. Hell, since they're EVIL, they would spread nasty rumors about JYJ too, they will send blackmail to JYJ's family, they will force Homin to say lies to attack JYJ, they will ask Homin's family to speak in conference pers and spread lies about JYJ, they will forced Homin and other SM's idols to make twitter and spread lies about JYJ, and many other evil things. We can think about 1001 possible evil scenario, why not SM, the real 'evil'? The whole things are too funny, bcs the 'evil' get bashed and keep quiet, when the 'angel' keep attacking and bashing the 'evil' all the time. Ppl with good logical mind will find this is weird.

  189. @chibbi: i think no one know except JYJ themselves who's the master mind of this whole think. But there're fact that Junsu was the one introduce others 2 to use and invest in the cosmetic company. And as i believe everything start from the cosmetic company, it leads to Junsu and his familly.

  190. @cat1177

    Thanks for the link. Watching that performance...was so awkward. I think I may have seen one of their Korean performances before where Changmin didn't really do anything a long time ago, but I only watched it one time and not even all the way through because it was too painful. Watching their Kouhaku performance... Since I've been a fan of DBSK back when they were five, that's just such a big difference. You can really tell the impact on Changmin and Yunho. Even JYJ were a little muted in their performance. Changmin and Yunho's expressions were dead, everyone stared straight forward, and the passion you normally see in Changmin and Yunho's singing just wasn't there. I am so glad they came back as just two people so fans could see them happy again. All I had ever seen was the airport pictures of them looking depressed (I think I almost cried one time seeing Changmin it was that terrible) and that was more than enough for me to throw up a warning flag.

    The third paragraph of your comment pretty much sums up everything. It irritates me that people can't realize that. I was looking at some links on SMTOWN's facebook page and found some people (on news completely unrelated to TVXQ - it was about CJHS the Grace's comeback) spamming about bringing back TVXQ5 and saying that TVXQ is only made up of the five members. I was so angry but withheld from commenting since I didn't want to start a fanwar on a page dedicated to another group or burden SM even more. I did wind up marking one of them as spam though which was childish of me's just ridiculous. SM didn't tell JYJ to leave. JYJ filed an injunction and then left Changmin, Yunho, and SM in the dust. SM and the true members of TVXQ waited over two years for their return while JYJ released an album and toured in Japan. I'm angry.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. Parts of it were similar to my own. It's nice reading about other people's stories because you realize that you weren't the only one out there in the midst of all the confusion. And it's wonderful stumbling upon this blog and realizing that your doubts had a valid reason.

  191. @Hailey

    It is awesome that a Korean fan has managed to find this blog and agrees with the points being made. Thank you for also offering to translate - precious has done so much already and had to use a lot of his own free time to do it (which all of us appreciate) but having two people work on such an important project would be amazing :D

    Also, if it isn't too much to ask,could you possibly describe the situation from your perspective sometime? I would be really interested to hear your story :)

  192. @cat1177

    Oh thank you! Just watched it on dailymotion. And I am left speechless...from the way the walked in it was divided. There was one particular side-glance from Changmin that spoke volumes to me.

    I actually managed to find two video from '09 and it is so painfully obvious something is wrong with them.

    In this one the separation is almost laughable:

    And this one, YH and JJ did not look at each other ONCE...and CM looked ready to kill and spent most of his time looking at Yunho only.

    Some comments are like "AWWWW JJ looks ready to cry"...why would I give him my sympathy? Those three did it to themselves.


    When did YC mention the members names? Guess I didn't hear about this...

    And you make a good point. As far as I can see, it's pretty classy of HoMin and SM to keep quiet and not bash. They will be rewarded for that. As for JYJ...well, karma can be cruel. What goes around comes around.

  193. I've wondered why SM isn't doing damage control. You know, for the mega bashing they've received. CJeS was on the verge of suing netizens for 'defamation' but SM , as far as I know, hasn't done any of that. They even suffered in the stock market right? Could someone please tell me if they've done anything?

  194. @treya_barton:
    I have seen the video where Yunho and Jae were looking away from each other and Changmin kept staring at Yunho the entire time-it was so heartbreaking to watch HoMin-

    I could feel the light had just gone out of their lives-and I read that while HoMin were being bashed and were languishing the trio were going on vacations to Australia, Canada and were having a good time-which is of course their prerogative BUT what irks me is that JYJ fans when i first got to know them were going on and on about how Jae was drowning himself in alcohol-I don't think they regretted anything until the fiasco with Avex happened.Just my two cants.

    Anyway yesterday again CJS fans were subtly bashing HoMin when news of them buying a recording studio came forth-It was about how HoMin cant compare to JYJ"s talent coz the latter compose their own songs whch proves that they are more talented. of course argument is futile with them!!

  195. @scy17

    Man, that first interview was super awkward. The atmosphere was again dead and then the MCs kept trying to liven it up with their banter. And then they extended it for far too long. I felt uncomfortable watching it hahaha. It really makes me wonder what those times must have been like when they were preparing for their last few performances together while everything was going on. I mean, they had to practice together for sound checks. Weird to think about. And the questions asked also were awkward >< And then the second video when they were being interviewed with SMAP. I really wonder what SMAP thought about their atmosphere. When Takuya talked about their charisma and said "They're all kind hearted" I inwardly winced :\ What's most ironic is the fact YuChun and some of the others in the past have said they want to be like SMAP in the future since SMAP has been together for so long and yet still do separate activities...and yet they leave SME at the point in their careers when that was beginning to happen :\ Just so awkward. Thanks for the links though lol

    As for the YuChun mentioning names part, in the song Kiss the Baby Sky YuChun says all the members names. Well, here's the actual part so you can get why it's ironic:

    "Yeah, TVXQ
    My Hero, my Max, my U-Know, my Xiah and Micky
    We're the one, eternally~"

    Although honestly whenever I heard the song I always thought he was saying, "You're the one, yeah totally" hahaha

    If they had to sing that song for a performance after all the controversy had sprung up that would be super, super awkward. I feel kind of sick just imagining it.

  196. @Reema

    Yeah, seeing Changmin not give a good performance kills me. It simply kills me. As many other artists (I've heard a lot of Japanese artists praise him for it after seeing him perform), let alone fans, have mentioned about Changmin, he puts his heart and soul into his performances. You can see his passion for singing when he performs. And those last few performances of his were completely dead. That says just as much as all the pictures.

    I didn't hear anything about JeJung drinking, but I did read that YUNHO had started drinking a little which was surprising since he's said he's not a drinker. I think it was only for a short period of time, but the fact he succumbed to it is a shock. I mean...JeJung drinks anyway so it could have just been partying for all we know... And again, the pictures said a lot. Pictures of Yunho and Changmin during that time showed how depressed they were. JYJ didn't look depressed to me. They looked happy and excited.

    When I saw that article posted on my facebook page I blocked it from being shown. And tried to ignore it when I was checking akp later. It's so hard since so many people on akp are either JYJ fans or have been brainwashed into bashing SME. I didn't read the article because a) I don't care what JYJ does and b) I didn't want to upset myself lol. Some of the songs JeJung and YuChun have composed in the past I have liked and some I haven't. And the few songs that Changmin has written the lyrics for are simply beautiful. And the song Yunho composed for a concert (Spokesman)was so catchy (love that song for some reason haha). Checkmate's pretty catchy too~ So buying your own studio says nothing about talent. I will admit, to this day Insa (written by JeJung) still makes me cry; it is a beautiful song (although I listen to the version Changmin and Junsu sing only) and since I saw A Millionaire's First Love it always moves me when I hear it. But, the song that YuChun and JeJung composed that were tacked on the special edition for their "T" album? Kiss shita mama, sayonara was it. I really disliked it lol. Kiss the Baby Sky, composed by YuChun, is really weird too lol I did like the song because in the pv the members looked cute (and it had been awhile since I had seen them when it was released) but I never really listen to the song lol

  197. Also, another thing that was weird about seeing them perform Stand by U at Kouhaku is I really love that song. I still listen to old DBSK music since, in my head, that's almost like a different dimension of time lol And to see their performance of it at Kouhaku was just chilling. I honestly say I love a lot of their old music so mentally comparing their old performances to that particular performance is so weird and says a lot about the group's division. It wasn't just about SME, it was between the members as well.

    I will say I love the new TVXQ with just Changmin and Yunho just as much though and really want to hear them remake some of the old songs with just the two of them (Rising Sun's remake sounds so amazing D:). I was so excited when Keep Your Head Down was finally released and loved every song on the album, just as I love what I'm hearing of "I Don't Know" (the pv preview was amazing!) and "Superstar."

    While I was a fan of old DBSK and followed them for several years, and can still listen to their songs and enjoy them and remember the times that they made me happy back then, I can also follow TVXQ today and feel happy about their accomplishments and what they've been through to reach this point in their career. I've mentally created a wall (and have actually separated my music/music videos the same way 2004-2010 and 2011-present) between the past and now, and I think it's what fans need to do in order to bring themselves to closure. I think it's what Yunho and Changmin finally had to bring themselves to do in order to move on with their lives and focus on continuing their career and I think it's why Yunho can now mention stuff about the past fondly. The stuff inbetween also upsets me, and sometimes it creeps up on me when I listen to some of their older stuff, but usually I just keep it separated and remember the feeling I had watching it at the time.

  198. @treya_barton
    True, JJ is a drinker. Actually, it's common thing, so nothing weird about that. But it's annoying when some fans thought he was depressed so they bashing Homin and SM for the 35234234324th time. They are his fans anyway, but they don't know that?

    Homin and JYJ have talents to compose songs. I love 'Kiss the baby sky', more bcs the lyrics. And Insa is so so so beautiful. See? I like the songs that made by JYJ, even until now. I think those fans are just jealous. But even as being jealous, I think nothing wrong with admitting someone else' talents even though u don't like them.

  199. @treya_barton
    (Hailey)Haha, I'm glad you want to hear my story! Well, I was never a big fan of TVXQ when they came out. I thought they were just pretty boys you know? lol And, I came to America so didn't really catch up with Korean entertainment industry for awhile. Then, I saw this video about Max and I started to listen to TVXQ's Japanese songs and I was shocked! Then, mirotic came out and I became a fan. Since I was always in US, still am, I couldn't really do much of 'fan' stuff but read articles and stuff.
    Then, I had busy time at school and boom! lawsuit came out. I was really shocked since I remember myself being sad over H.O.T. breaking up. I thought 'SM did it again?" without any doubt. Even though I liked Changmin out of all 5, I still couldn't believe why Changmin would not join the other 3 to sue SM because SM looked really bad in articles and stuff. I read what JYJ fans wrote about Changmin and Yunho, and I was sold. I know!! crazy huh? but they were everywhere and I just went with the flow. I have never been a big fan of a celebrity so I was just like letting it go. Then, suddenly, I read this thingy about 6.25 meeting and my eyes were open again. I literally spent 4 days reading about lawsuit and the truth about what happened and stuff. Then, I became a true fan. After reading all of disgusting lies and excuses by the other 3, I turned my back from them and started just supporting Changmin and Yunho. I have never bought an album myself but I got two! I know I am a dork. lol but anyway, I had a friend who was a fan of Y(not gonna write his name) and I tried to tell her the truth. She was outraged that I even tried to tell her about the lawsuit and she just made a conclusion that SM was causing all the troubles. We slightly went off and we are not friends anymore. Sad but I know a lot of fans went through this. I still am sorry for Changmin and Yunho that I've had doubts about them. So, I made sure that I read all the important articles about the lawsuit, contract, their failed plan with AVEX, manipulation by Twitter and more. A lot of Koreans are becoming aware about what's happening I believe. However, I am not gonna stop reading or commenting about this kind of stuff till the other 3 realize what they have done.

  200. @Beatrixx07

    I feel the same way. On that poll where other artists voted on who had the best comeback/performance and TVXQ was ranked first in two categories, Junsu was ranked second for voice even though he hasn't performed in Korea for years. And I commented on akp about it and congratulated TVXQ for about a paragraph and added how it's interesting Junsu is always included in the best vocal category even though he hasn't performed in Korea in forever but also mentioned that it can't be denied he's got vocal talent. It really can't. And Junsu has gone through years of vocal training to get the voice he has too. So for that, I can't say anything negative lol

    Seriously, Insa. That song >< Even thinking about it makes me kind of tear up ><