Sunday, January 30, 2011

Conclusion (cosmetics business)

This about concludes my posts regarding the cosmetics business.

Readers need to note that most of the events in my posts happened at the height of their career. I am pretty sure CJS made pretty good money from the cosmetics business and the stores because I heard that the stores were filled with fans at that time, but I don't think the business is doing that well these days.

I know Yuchun closed his store, and I heard that Crebeau's Chinese operation ceased and just running internet sales. I am guessing with all these bad publicity and the lawsuits, the business didn't pan out as well as they hoped.

Also, the public opinions regarding entertainment related business has taken some bad rap because of the failures of such companies, and it has gotten tougher to list the companies. Even YG could not list the company on the stock exchange which actually surprised many people.

Nevertheless, it really doesn't matter what happened to the business now since it was the motive to break the group that is important, not what became of the business.

If you think about it, in 2009 where TVXQ was at the height of their career, they would've succeeded in any kind of business, and that lure of gold was probably hard to resist, and when SM tried to limit their involvement in the business, they filed the lawsuit using the contract as an excuse, driving public opinion labeling the contract as a "slave" contract.

Later when I post about the lawsuits, readers will see how hard SM tried to keep the group together, and how CJS was not responsive at all.

As for HoMin, the readers should now realize that they had no choice but to stay with SM. They weren't involved in the business for good reasons, they didn't believe the contract was bad enough to file a lawsuit, they recognized SM's role in the success of TVXQ, and most importantly, they were taking responsibility for the contract they signed, keeping trust and promise. Simply, it was the RIGHT THING TO DO for them to stay with SM.

Now the final question. Even with the money making potential the cosmetics business presented, TVXQ also had big potential to make more money since they were just starting to get really big in Japan and Asia, so why would CJS risk breaking the group by filing the lawsuit? Was the cosmetics business that big that CJS would give up TVXQ? That would be answered in my future posts.


  1. haha you do know how to make us so eager to read your next post. \o/

    about homin staying with sme.. i wonder why can't people see that they're doing just find with them? a friend even told me that she "pity that homin's still with sme. i hope they can leave that hell like jyj soon!' -i mean, can't they see how well sm-town artists are doing? i adore heechul more for bringing up that topic last week.

    ah can't wait for your next one~ thanks for everything. :D

  2. Is this possibly have anything to do with the other company willing to sign with them with better income? That mention in Changmin's father statement? And I think most of us here would probably curious the same thing you mention in the last paragraph because we are quite shock of what the evident show us... I guess the 6.25 meeting is really important (if the link Bubba post on one of the previous post is true).

  3. @ Jaegiya

    I agreed with your comment... I hate it when fan keep calling them a slave and puppet, they have the right to choose where they want to work it. They look happy there so why bother. Not only that on every article that mention "/unfair contract", human right, JYJ, and Hangeng in the Allkpop always link to SM, even Kara case, so you can tell how bad SM reputation drop. It make me really frustrating whenever I read the comments, at least there are some open mind people in there that more reasonable...

    I love Heechul comment on the show and twitter (it seem harsh on the twitter but it true - and it hilarious) last week... :)

  4. @ jaegiya, Hotaru

    LOL, I guess my last statement made both of you curious, right? I'm just following my thought process and stating the questions I asked myself while I was figuring out this big mess of a puzzle.

    I guess it had the side effect of keeping the readers interested. I'm fine with it obviously. :)

  5. well, ive been thinking about this for quite a long time, but im proud of homin's decision to stay in SM.
    Especially when you're a leader, how could you complain about SM treatment (and by SM that means ure talking about all of their employees, even the lowest level ones) after your groups get big with the help of their hands?
    Jaewon was so right when he talked about gratitude.

    and i cant understand how many blinded fans dont realize that if 5 of them unlawfully break the contract together and leave SM, then they can never sing even one of TVXQ's songs again, as all songs were made and copyrighted by SM/Avex.

    What mainly made TVXQ that we know now other than their songs?

    This just proves how unmeaningful TVXQ's songs for JYJ, really.

    lol i love heechul too. and Sungmin! xD

  6. @ lapis.lazuli

    You are correct in regard of the important of their songs. I know and like them because of their songs BEFORE I want to know about them. the SONG is MAJOR important for me to like the artist. If I don't like the songs then I don't bother with the artist either (even if the artist is attractive^^)

  7. @Hotaru
    uh, don't bring kara case, i think i had enough seeing how some people keep saying that kara is just another 'dbsk situation' when they clearly aren't. --but yeah, sad that nowadays you can't see sme without the word lawsuit and evil tagged to it.

    and lol heechul is just epic. :') his 'how can a slave owns a car etc.' was the best.

    yes it did. especially since it will explain what cjes actually did/show to jyj to make them take a decision this big, i don't think this company can just pop out of nowhere and make such big effect to the boys' lives.

    to be honest, i'm one of those blind fans who just now realized the fact that if they're not tvxq then they're no longer able to sing their previous songs. sigh. ;_;

  8. I'm really glad that you're keeping this blog. For an international fan this information that you're providing us with is probably impossible to get your hands on if you don't understand Korean.
    Will eagerly await the next post, and once again, thank you.

  9. Thank you so much precious!!!

  10. @ lapis.lazuli:
    u make a good point there. Many fans forget how TVXQ is popular for their SMP and lovely ballads. They might create another beautiful songs, but cant perform the old hits is also an agony. I can not think TVXQ without their Mirotic/Rising Sun/ Somebody to Love/ etc.

    That are questions tht always been on my mind for several times! ^^
    I think CJS dare to fill the lawsuit because they're confident enough that they ll have exclusice contract with AVEX. So they have dont have to be afraid of loosing their income during the lawsuit (w/ bigger amount too). Second they got fans support through 625 meeting. We can deny how big their fanbase are... third... SME has this 'negative image' abt 'slave contract', they might think the advantage from it... And lastly... they might overestimate the profit from the cosmetic business... so yeah i guess tht are factors tht urge them to fill the lawsuit :P
    But tht just my opinion... I cant wait for your posts^^

    Thanks precious ^^

  11. Thank you so much Precious for all the posts about the business. I read all of them, it's really great to know the truth although I already believe Homin from the very beginning. Reading these is just make me mad at JYJ more. CJS/JYJ have no right to blame on SM because they themselves are more cruel and hungry for money.

    This whole cosmetic business thing is just cheap, throwing all their hardwork in the past years to do this shady business is really a stupid decision that I cannot accept. I agree what you said, "money do change people". I strongly believed JYJ have changed, they are not the same anymore. I cannot even listen to the old songs anymore, hearing their voice made me uncomfortable. Homin been suffering with rumours all this time, Changmin have the right to be angry and Yunho too but he's too nice.

    I hope JYJ never come back to the group as 5, they ruin the reputation of homin already. And homin as 2 is doing just fine, their albums are selling very good.

    I heard SM will debut a new male group soon, I wonder if SM is going to make them like TVXQ, I'm so curious. What do you think?

  12. @sinful09

    No! don't make them like TVXQ baka sometimes in the future they'll go over their heads and sue the company!hehe i want them to be a ballad group that can compete with 2am of JYP.

  13. @ sinful09

    I highly doubt TVXQ will become 5 ever. I don't know too much about SM's new group.

  14. Ehh, it's pretty clear what's actually true at this point. but the depressing thing is, all we can hope for is to show this truth to the very small percentage of reasonable jyj fans, and maybe sway the public's opinion, while the majority of the former dbsk fandom will still be very much under jyj's spell and continue to tarnish homin's image.

    we just might have to wait for this generation to grow up and finally be able to judge objectively...

  15. @ Precious

    I don't know why, but I have a feeling that Jino (from SM The Ballad) will be in the new group. I mean, SM The Ballad consist of 3 well know SM artists, and only him as new debut member. It a good way to promote him to new audience, and with him in this new group, they would know him and such. It a good way to promote new group right? But than again, it just my ASSUMPTION here hehehehe :P

  16. even when the courts have decided that that the cosmetic business has nothing to do with the lawsuit..u guys are still buying sme's talk? imho, don;t think that korea's judicial system is dat dumb..

  17. @ tealonyx
    I think you are confused. There was no Korean court ruling about the CJS's cosmetics business. I guess you didn't even read JYJ biased article that thoroughly. It was the Chinese court that was supposed to have ruled about the cosmetics business, but even that was a lie. If you want to be educated, read this.

  18. @ tealonyx

    I agreed with Precious, please read ALL of his posts (from beginning to latest post) before commenting. You will get better understanding where Precious point of view (sorry, can't think of better wording at the moment) in this lawsuit. After you read the posts then we more than happy to listen (or in this case read) what you have to said regard his post (agree or not agree). But please don't come here and commenting without bother reading the contents of the blog...

  19. @tealonyx

    On contrary, Crebeau/SM Defamation Lawsuit proved that CJS left have to do with that cosmetic business. Read this

    I really hope to see at least one die hard JYJ fan dare to question the evidences provided in this blog. But i have seen none until today. All they do is accusing people being biased or throw her opinions without supporting facts.

  20. what's with these JYJ stans coming here lashing protest without even reading the content of the blog?

    Geez... If want to debate then debate with good arguments and legit source/facts,after reading all posts in the blog. if not interested in those, why come here? there r tons of sites out there to worship JYJ and bash SM/Homin without oppositions (or brain), feel free to go there

  21. Hey precious,
    U have no idea how grateful I am to you for analyzing the whole fiasco that is going on. It's honestly more interesting than any drama I can watch.

    I do not deny that I am HoMin biased to start with, but I've also been supporting the other 3 by buying their albums cause till this point of time I still do not want to think negatively of them, even though I have always suspected their motives for the lawsuit .

    Just hope that despite all the haters, u will continue with this. Thanks yet again for letting everyone see that HoMin are the biggest victims in this and not JYJ like many are envisioning.

  22. Precious,

    Thanks for all this work! Phew! It is a lot to digest. I had to wait a day or two to comment in between the posts to let it all sink through but BAM! you write another post and it just gets worse and worse. However, it all makes sense now. Of course, the 3 wouldn't break up Asia's top group just for a "small" investment of a cosmetic co. I underestimated them. Now, reading all this, I understand. I can just imagine the $ signs in their eyes when they were presented with this scheme, much like cartoon characters.

    The other jyj site is (now?) saying SM sued jyj because jyj wasn't giving over % of the profit of their cosmetic biz. I'm sure you know this already but I just had to add it here so we can see how ridic that claim is. I'd laugh my head off if this weren't all so sad.

  23. Precious dear,
    thank you for putting your hard work in making us to have better understanding about TVXQ lawsuit.

    There are 2 things I always curious : 1. Personal relationship between Yoochun and Yunho. --> I always thought that Yoochun, somehow, hold deep resentment towards TVXQ and Yunho.
    2. How's Jaejoong real feeling --> I know it's impossible to know JJ's real feeling, but i DO feel that JJ is the LEAST happy one in this lawsuit.
    Can U give me some revelation about these 2 things ?

  24. @ Hotaru, karenteh, lapis.lazuli

    Yup. If I see valid proofs/evidences from the other side, I am ready to change my stance, but there's really nothing. :)

    @ justine
    I'm not worried about the haters.

    @ catherine
    Actually, that's a new claim that I wasn't aware of. I'm laughing right now how ridiculous that claim is LOL.

    @ ochepin
    1. I have no idea about that, sorry.
    2. I don't know what Jaejoong is feeling right now, but since he's the one with the least activities (no musical or drama), it is possible that he is unhappiest with the current situation especially since he lost the Japanese market where he was the most popular. That's probably why he's been tweeting to Japanese fans time to time. He made the choice to file the lawsuit, so he's got no one to blame but himself.

  25. So money is that big of any object that can cause JYJ to leave SME and HoMin? Reading this, it just makes me respect JYJ less. It seems like more lies are spilling from JYJ fans' mouths. But I've been on AllKpop and it seems like Jaejoong is going to start in a drama. I just saw the article while scrolling down and didn't bother to read more into it. At this time, I really feel bad for SME as I've never believed in the 'slave contract' in the first place. But anyways I can't wait for you're next post!

  26. @ Penny
    After the announcement of Jaejoong's drama, there was another press release from the drama's production company saying that the casting is not set in stone yet. That news was released in response to the original news about the drama. Did Allkpop post that article?

    Here it is.

    The news article says nothing has been finalized yet. The article also says that the other article seems to target only specific actors/actresses that the company is "considering" for the casts, namely Jang Dong Gun and Ha Ji Won (secret garden). It implies that the original article targeted two biggest names that they're considering the drama and Jaejoong.

    Similar media play happened for the casting of the drama "Poseidon" that Yunho is filming now. JYJ fans claim that SM stole the role from Jaejoong and put Yunho instead, and again, bashing followed afterwards. There are proofs (again) that claim is baseless (again). See the pattern?

    Jaejoong may get the part after all, I don't know, but the original news was released on purpose to spread the news.

  27. WOW!B/w this post and the last, there's a lot to I'll just skip to the three conclusions I made:

    1.The way the cosmetic company(JYJ)did business is/was pretty disgusting!Not worth of TVXQ brand, thus, I agree with Homin and SM that it is pretty shitty...i MEAN shady! ^_^
    2. I guess I never realized up until now how serious this all is...I mean, I thought that maybe after the lawsuit the five of them could go back together despite everything but now...everything is really too much! As more and more truths I learn about what truly went on, the less and less convince I am they will ever get back together (and at this point I dont want them to).
    3. JYJ made a big mistake. Maybe not in leaving SM or investing in a company that is a pile of s**t...cuz franlky thats their own business...but dragging Homin, THEIR OWN FRIENDS, SOMEONE THEY CALLED BROTHERS! into this kind of mess and to then letting be bash for something that is absolutely NOT their fault is freaking UNBELIVABLE AND UNFORGIVABLE! *slams table* JYJ I hope you can't sleep at night!

    @precious...are you watching Paradise Ranch? It's cheesy but I like it! :-)

  28. i've just read most of these posts for the last 2 days...


    better than any soap opera, except not because this is real life, and i can't believe friendships can end like this.


    /forever depressed

  29. Thank you so much for this conclusion, now i'm really curious about your future post. I think there must be something more, the cosmetics business couldn't have been that important for CJS for breaking the group... i have to admit that I'm moree Homin Biased but I have this feeling of confusion about JYJ

  30. @ Precious thanks for clearing things but I could care less about Jaejoong. They maybe losing my respect(partially thanks to their stupid fans, who keeps accusing HoMin fans of being the bad guys), but I'm still neutral with them, because I like to keep the peace.

  31. @ Jennystar19
    Yes, I watch Paradise Ranch. Lee Yunhee is pretty. :)

    @ Jessica
    Yup. It's better than a Soap Opera, and it's in real life!!!

    @ Maria
    There are more. :)

  32. Precious

    OMG!!! TVXQ sold 230,000 copies the first week for their [Why? Keep The Head Down] and rank #1 on Oricon chart. It come really close to [Break Out] single and that is when they still 5. Wow, BigEast really support them, I'm so happy, they really deserve this after all the drama they been through. I hope they can feel their love for them and continue with strong determination.

  33. @ Hotaro

    Yup, they did. They were #1 for that week, and I believe they were #1 for the month too. I'm really happy for HoMin.

  34. First and foremost, Thanks precious for giving us this another great post again and for working so hard to get the things right for us but I'm keeping myself neutral. Okay, First I love them all so much and so I don't have any bias. It seems that anyone who would read every post from your blog would turn to a JYJ hater or still a JYJ fan so with respect, how sure are we that what we are following here is the truth behind all of this big mess? I'm not sure if this is the real thing happening to them.

  35. @ Sunshine Dreamer
    I tried to provide evidences for most of the claims I made, but in the end, it's really up to you to decide whether what I posted are true or not.

    I understand the whole thing is really hard to believe especially if you're a fan, but there are some indisputable facts that you just can't ignore. (e.g. 62.5% Korean DA's investigation. Sheep's placenta info posted on Crebeau-Jeff website etc.)

    Just step back, and read what I posted, and see if they make sense, or if you can dispute any of the claim yourself, then decide whether you want to believe me or not. Sometimes it takes time to realize the truth because you have to break the trust you had with CJS, and that's a tough thing to do.

  36. @ Sunshine Dreamer
    Oh and if you were asking me if I were sure about what I'm posting, then yes, I am confident about what I've found out so far to be true. There are more claims that are against CJS that I chose not to post because of lack of proofs even though they sounded truthful. I've tried my best to state the claims that can only be backed up by evidences.

  37. i just wish more international fans read and translate your enteries into different languages

  38. @ Precious

    going around other forums to read fan account regard Crebeau store. Some fan claim that CJS no longer a stockholder of Crebeau, do you know whether it true or false?

  39. @ Hotaru
    I don't know. Do they have any proof or are they just blowing hot air again? I know CJS interviewed that they quit the business in Nov 2009, but the DA's investigation about 62.5% share was announced in June 2010.

    Besides, it doesn't matter if they're involved in the business now or not. What's important is that they were heavily involved initially to cause TVXQ's breakup.

  40. @ Precious

    I see, I didn't know the period (before DA's announcement) of CJS interview was. I was just curious. Thanx for the clarification

  41. In my opinion,I think it's too non-sense that JYJ wanna left bc Cosmetic business.

    I've been Jeajoong's shop once. His shop just in 4*4 metres room (I think it's Noona JJ's room) No have the commercial picture of JJ with cosmetic. when I arrived there, the japanese girls in there too.they just left the gift to jaejoong but not buy anything and even me that love TVXQ, I just buy for 30,000 won.

    So I don't think that The cosmetic business is more value than TVXQ future.. it's certainly not the big business, actually Xiah's pizza and Yuchun's Icecream can make more profit.

    I'm not JYJ fan girl and TVXQ actII aswell(I absolutely be TVXQ FAN), but I just want to share the fact that I see by myself ,,

    I think Homin and JYJ choose the right thing for themselve. Homin do not wrong that they stay in SMe and also in JYJ case.

  42. @ joup
    There are more than those Crebeau retail shops involved in this situation.

    I heard about how small those stores are, and how they don't look professional and look like a small office place totally not deserving of TVXQ name. I don't know when your visit was, but I don't think they're involved in direct promotion of the products these days, but as you can see from the pictures I put in my other post, they were heavily involved in the promotion, enough for Jaejoong to personally appear on the business presentation and make a speech. Just because they're not doing it now does not mean they weren't at fault at the time of the breakup.

  43. @precious

    really?? you have so many entry and I have not yet read it all. can you tell me what is the entry that post picture "jaejoong's speech and presentation" please,, thank you.

  44. @ joup
    That post talks about CJS's involvement in the promotion of the business. You really need to read everything about the cosmetics business to know why I think it was the main reason for the breakup.
    Go to the "Roadmap to the truth" on the menu, and start from there. If you just want to find out about the cosmetics, then read what I posted in the "Cosmetics Business" section.

  45. My friend recommends me your blog and I made my visit ^^. She is so right about how ur post always has reliable source and I also see that u put a lot effort in every entry (even though I just read 5 or 6 of them, but I will read all of them now ^^).

    I'm a Homin fan and after the suspend activities of TVXQ, I was holding nothing against JSC ( I always think they just left beacuse of their own career and as a celeb, want to achieve things is not wrong). I just got a slap after their behaviour (interviews, twitter,etc...)towards Homin comback, every word they said made no sense to me, looks as if they tried to made themselves victims while the decisions were all theirs.

    I did read about the secret meeting before but I never know there's such a scene behind the cosmetics business too. I hope many peole who are not biased will read ur blog too. There is nothing like JYJ fans would see anything cause most of them are biased and it's likely impossible to make they think bad about their idols but I only want people understand the truth and stop blaming Homin for things they have no responsibility.

    Thank u for providing us more information, I really want to read ur future entries :)

  46. @ shanancelice
    Thank you. Most posts are coming. It's amazing how some people just don't see the obvious things that you've been noticing, but oh well.

  47. i'm not a fan of dbsk (never heard their songs before) and i only got interested in their split after 'cos it is all over local news and i keep reading ridiculous and fanatic pro-jyj comments on random sites.

    from what i've seen and read so far, i think jyj victimising themselves and whining all over the place is not good for their image. i respect homin for staying quiet and classy

  48. @ pokerface122
    It's really easy for non-fans to see what's really going on because they're not blinded by the unconditional fan-ism LOL. I'm not a die-hard fan either, so I could see the truth pretty easily too.

  49. yeah.. i thought jyj should take responsibilities for their own decisions to sign the contract in the first place. nobody forced them to sign anything. if they deemed the terms unfair, they should just join other company or forget about being a celebrities.

    i don't get why are they making such a big fuss and blaming others for their own regrets?

    this is why i seem to respect homin more. they may not like the unfavourable terms either, but at least they are not acting like babies and they just deal with it quietly like mature decent men.

  50. Take down this post of yours.
    It is not helping international fans if you do not provide accurate information.

    You are causing damage to a lot of lives. Have you considered the people who work for the small company you are once more putting on the spot here?

    If you're so sure of yourself then you will read this post:

  51. sammie
    "what kind of accurate information you're asking for?"
    i guess someone like you just run away after posting giving ur POV w/o taking a look what others here replied to u in another post?
    let's me ask you back with ur own question "Have you considered the people who work for the small company you are once more putting on the spot there(JYJ fansites)?" Yunho,Changmin, ppl working in SM aren't considered as that -a lots of lives-???

    we're really ok in our place what's the need for u to come here if u feel too much burden?

  52. On the 18th of Feb, allkpop published an article stating that "Courts rule that Crebeau was not responsible for JYJ/SM dispute".

    Is the article published credible? Or are there any fallacies within the article? Or it is indeed true that Crebeau is not to blame, but the members of JYJ/JSC are to blame?

    Does it make your articles on the cosmetics business invalid, or does it in fact strengthen your arguments?

    Cr: allkpop @

    Original Korean Source (Nate) @

    I sincerely apologise if this has been covered anywhere on the site, I couldn't find it.

    PS: I'm not a Cassie, just an ELF and SONE, but I enjoy the music that TVXQ, Homin and JYJ release, and I hope to make light of their lawsuit.

  53. @ sqra
    The title of the article is kind of misleading because there was no ruling from the court. The DA decided not to file charges on the lawsuit filed by SM against Crebeau because of lack of evidence. I am going post about it in the future.

  54. @ Precious

    Thanks very much for enlightening me ! Will look forward to reading it soon! :)

    Cheers and keep up your excellent work! :D

  55. seriously, i am a new cassie and have been unto confusions because of this lawsuit.
    with your blog, i was able to realize everything and HoMin just gained another 10% respect from me.

  56. @ jacklyn
    Just 10%? Make it at least 15%. LOL

    Welcome, and glad to be able to help you.

  57. hello precious. i'm also a new cassie. and i didnt even realize (whats wrong with my fucking head) that they already split up.

    but i just have to ask you this, even though it will be proven if im not such a lazy ass to read your blog (its just that i tender to fall asleep if i read such long writing- im sorry, please dont take it to heart), is it JYJ's fault that these things happened?
    thanks :)

  58. oh btw, when i read about the lawsuit, slave contract bla bla on wiki, wiki does not clarify anything like you did. so is it illegal for wiki to do that? i mean to add some information like yours?
    once again, thanks :)

    ps: i took interest in tvxq (back then when theyre still in peace) because of yunjae. so i'm sorry for being random

  59. @ mariamd

    Hi. In a nutshell, yes, this whole mess was caused by JYJ, but please don't take my word and read my posts and see for yourself if what I'm telling you is the truth. You can compare my posts with JYJ's and decide for yourself.

    As for Wiki entry, I don't think it's illegal, but no one spent time to update the entry.

  60. I'm sorry, but I've been reading all your post and I can only feel you are bashing JYJ, but argh u_u I'm sorry again, maybe it's a delusional me, that tries to blame a poor dude (LSM) for everything about the 13 years contract, maybe in that moment (the rotation stuff) they accept that because they didn't want to leave the group. Anyways I know this is from other post. I just hope they are doing good, living well. A pesimistic me doesn't expect them to be TVXQ(5) again I just hope they keep in contact and keep that friendship forever.

  61. @ laifshadia

    I have no problem with you expressing your feelings regarding my posts. It's up to you to decide if the proofs and evidences I'm presenting in my posts are valid. If they are valid, then I am not bashing JYJ for no reason, but rather criticizing their actions based on evidences. I know it is hard when you are emotionally attached to JYJ, but try to read my posts with open mind and ask yourself if any of the evidences in my posts are true or not, then you'll begin to see what really happened.

    As for your wishes, I wouldn't treat my friends the way CJS treated YH & CM.

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  64. I just don't get it. These people have plenty of money and fame. Was it some grudge with SM? Maybe between the parents and SM? Is that why they wanted to get out? And now they are with the founder of C-JeS Entertainment who blackmailed and threaten another actor for some reason that i don't know. These people are not in their right minds. There has to be some kind of influence that i don't know about.

    Also did you find any more info on this?

    "On 18 January 2013, Tokyo District Court ruled against Avex in their claims of an exclusive contract in the management of JYJ in Japan and ordered Avex to pay 660 million yen as damages to JYJ’s Korean management company C-JeS Entertainment and 1 million yen as damages to the representative of C-JeS for defamation charges.[36][37][38] Avex has filed for an appeal."

    source-Wikapedia (JYJ article)

  65. Once changmin ever said he would willing to give all his money just to be entered as super junior members coz he was so jealous to see how close, free,lively & noisy they are. Maybe he missed his former members for now they are left 2. I hope it will never happen to super junior! With d left of hanggeng & kibum already made elf sad

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