Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The statement released by Yunho's father

Here's the translation of the statement released by Yunho's father. It is a signed document that could be used as a court evidence.

It's pretty long, and I tried to keep every words stated intact so some of it may sound a bit awkward.

Keep in mind that this statement was released in November 1, 2009, 5 months after the 3 got out of SM, and right after the injunction judgment was given. That was when HoMin were being viciously attacked by the fans for not leaving SM with the other 3, and false rumors were flying around everywhere. The readers may think HoMin are attacked badly right now, but it was much worse back then because some information we know now weren't available, and almost everyone blamed HoMin and SM for the situation. This was the last and only statements released by HoMin and their parents, but they're getting bashed for the statements even today.

HoMin and their parents decided to release statements to clarify some of the rumors, and to clearly state their position to the fans, but unfortunately, their statements just added fuel to the fire, and the bashing simply intensified and their voice completely ignored.  

Make sure to read the parts that talk about the cosmetics business. He describes about the cosmetics business in detail, and I'll refer back to what's said in the statements on my future posts.

I'll translate Changmin's father's statement next, then make an analysis of their statements on separate post.

Here's the link to the Allkpop article. Their version is pretty short.


Now the translation, followed by the Korean text and the scanned copy of the signed statement.


This is Chung Yang Hyun, father of Chung Yunho, the leader of the group TVXQ.

Between the filing of the injunction until now when the injunction judgment is given, the two members who didn't file the injunction are really the ones taking the most damage.

Realistically, the result made the existence of the group TVXQ difficult, and I feel helpless as to how the two members can be compensated for their economical damages, emotional suffering, and especially the damages to their reputation.

I feel great sadness and anger, and I cannot comprehend the reason why this so called “TVXQ crisis” is currently happening after the 3 members filed the injunction

Even just a few months ago, the members and the company officials had great respect and esteem towards each other. The members debuted after sweating blood as trainees for years, then worked hard as one for 5 years to become Asia’s biggest group TVXQ who was capable of selling out every Tokyo Dome Concerts.

It is frustrating that the group is facing this crisis, and it feels like a nightmare that for whatever reason, three members are causing this huge trouble giving up the honor of being the top Korean national brand, huge potential value, and the guarantee of the future.

I’d like to ask the three members if they have to break up TVXQ like this causing a huge controversy, and I’d also like to ask if they have any regard for the two members who are not involved in this dispute and how they can denounce the two like this.

The remaining two members know the truth about this situation. The reason they have been silent without making any statement was to allow the involved parties to reach a mutual agreement, and wished the problems to be resolved as an internal matter between TVXQ and the company without distorting the truth.

If you look at this crisis from the two members’ perspective, they are the ones who lost the most emotionally, economically, and socially, but they refrained from making any comments to protect TVXQ. I decided to write this statement because I believed telling the real root of this problem and the truth would ultimately help protecting TVXQ and its reputation.

To fully grasp the root of this case, you need to discuss the fundamental reason why the 3 filed the injunction.
If TVXQ breaks up, there would be huge losses from public backlash, damage to their reputation and image, and loss of potential wealth, but there must be something much bigger if they are willing to give these up. Their relationship for the past 5 years was really great even when they weren’t as successful or weren’t making as much money as now, but they’re breaking up and leaving TVXQ when they’re at the peak of their career. What would be the reason to do that now?

I can’t help but to think the root of the problem lies in the cosmetics business and the resulting greed for wealth. To clarify this, I’d like to talk in detail about the cosmetics business as much as I know.

I first heard about the cosmetics business around February of 2009.

Changmin’s father and I had different opinion than the parents of 3 members, and we didn’t understand why top Asian star TVXQ would do things like investing in a cosmetics company that nobody ever heard of and opening up stores without any discussion with the company. It wasn’t like TVXQ was modeling for a cosmetics brand known worldwide, and we weren’t even in a difficult situation.

We also heard from others that the company used to be multi-level marketer, and the product’s main ingredient was lamb’s placenta.

Because the business was run without any formal discussion with SM, and the cosmetics company itself had low reputation, we determined that the business could possibly damage TVXQ brand’s value and its image both domestic and abroad.
Those points were explained to my son, and because he had the same thoughts as mine, we told the parents of 3 that we won’t participate in the cosmetics business in any way.

But sure enough, there were issues brought up in Japan regarding problems with the 3 members’ cosmetics business.

Kim Young Min, CEO of SM Entertainment, and the 3 members had a meeting in Japan about the issues, and some time later around May 2009, Mr. Kim and the parents of 5 members held a meeting to resolve the problems related to the cosmetics business.

In that meeting, Mr. Kim stated that Avex of Japan made an official inquiry about the cosmetics business, and he requested to refrain from the cosmetics business because the business was not a simple investment. He also said the business can damage TVXQ’s image, and the members can incur enormous loss because the business was using TVXQ in direct and indirect way.

However, the parents of three members just reacted against it without any convincing reason. When the parents gathered after Mr. Kim left, a father of the 3 members said, “We’re done working with SM any more”. Changmin’s father and I tried to convince them to reconsider, but they were firm in their stance.

Since then, I heard that three members sent SM a content-certified document that the contract is void and null without any discussion with the parents of the two, and then I learned that they filed an injunction to void the exclusive contract. 

* Blogger's note: a content-certified document (or mail) has its content certified by the post office. 3 copies of the mail/document are made, and one copy is sent to the recipient, and the rest are kept by the sender and the post office.

The 3 members are not the sole owner of TVXQ.

Taking a legal action and denying the effect of the contract, causing huge public backlash without any discussion with two members is an act of ignoring the two members’ rights (Yunho, Changmin), and it’s causing them tremendous damage.

These are all the reasons I know that led to this crisis, and it is really sad that TVXQ, that my son values more than his life, is facing this crisis and its reputation damaged.

TVXQ was born from the beginning to be the best group not only for domestic market, but also the international market.

We were told of this overseas plan from the company all the time, so as a parent, I knew exactly what it is.

Other members and their parents also knew exactly what it is.
That is why everyone, the members and their parents, gladly agreed on signing extended contract for the overseas activities increasing the term from 10 years to 13 years.

I do not understand the three members’ claim that the exclusive contract and profit distribution were unfair.

I want to ask the 3 members and their parents why they didn’t raise any issues while calculating earnings. We went over detailed documents, got explanation from the accounting officer Lee Jong In, and signed the accounting papers. If they felt the contract was unfair, I’d like to ask them why they didn’t raise any issues when signing contract amendments.

I don’t know what their answers would be, but my belief won’t change that this situation was caused because of the desire to earn money through questionable ways while ignoring the exclusive contract with the company, and I believe the truth will eventually be revealed.

My son is only 24 years old. He doesn’t really know about the real world, and doesn’t even know if he will continue to work as an artist for decades, or live a common life.

Due to this incident, my son and I were deeply hurt. My son was dumfounded by these sudden events.

As a father, I’d like to tell my son that the truth will be revealed eventually, and the God and my son’s conscience know the truth. I'd also like to tell him that deceiving the world may work for a while, but he needs to be a person that keeps justice and his conscience even if it carries pain, and he needs to keeps promises, not lose others’ trust and abide the law.

I do not want to teach my child to acquire wealth by betraying his conscience, or advance to the front by taking a shortcut instead of taking a proper path.

I’d like to tell my son that the gains achieved with questionable methods will crumble just as easily, and also tell the same things to the 3 members who are like my sons.

The company always told us the vision and the future plans for TVXQ even prior to debuting, and we signed the contract because we both agreed to them.

In our opinion, we are certain that SM Entertainment is capable of further developing and growing TVXQ into a national brand, and we cannot imagine TVXQ without SM.

I’m certain this situation can be worked out wisely, and continue to grow large with the company together.

November 1, 2009



저는 동방신기의 리더 정 윤호군의 아버지인 정 양현 입니다.

가처분 신청이라는 소송이 제기된 이후부터 소송 결과가 나온 지금까지 가처분 신청을 제기하지 않은 두명의 멤버는 사실상 가장 큰 피해를 보고 있습니다.

현실적으로 동방신기라는 그룹이 존속되기가 어렵게 만든 금번 결과로 인한 두명의 멤버에 대한 경제적, 정신적 손실과 무엇보다도 두명의 멤버들의 명예의 실추는 어디서 보상받을지 막막한 심정일 뿐입니다.

가처분 신청을 세 명의 멤버가 제기한 이후 저는 오늘 도대체 무슨 이유로 이러한 "동방신기 사태"까지 라고 불리우는 일이 생기게 되었는지에 대해서 너무나도 큰 슬픔과 분노를 느낍니다.

불과 몇 개월 전만 해도 서로 존중하고 존경하였던 회사 관계자와 멤버들, 또한 수 년동안 피나는 노력으로 연습생 시절을 거쳐 데뷔하고 데뷔 후 5년동안 한 뜻으로 노력하여 한국 일본 등 아시아 최고의 가수로 거듭나서 역사적인 일본 도쿄돔을 연일 매진시키는 공연을 하게 된 동방신기가 왜 지금 이런 위기를 맞이해야 되는지 너무나도 안타까운 심정 뿐이고, 세 명의 멤버가 도대체 왜, 도대체 무슨 이유로 국가적 브랜드로, 한류 최정상의 명예와 앞으로 따르는 엄청난 부가가치 및 미래에 대한 보장을 포기하고 이러한 엄청난 분란을 일으키게 되었는지 지금도 저는 마치 꿈만 같습니다.

저는 세 명의 멤버들에게 어떠한 이유이건 간에 이러한 엄청난 분란을 일으키며 국가적 브랜드인 동방신기를 해체시켜야만 하는지, 이 사건의 당사자가 아닌 나머지 두 명의 멤버는 안중에도 없으며 이렇게 매도해도 되는지 되묻고 싶습니다.

이 사건에 대한 진실은 나머지 두 명의 멤버는 다 알고 있습니다. 하지만 두명의 멤버들이 그간 어떠한 입장표명도 하지 않고 침묵해온 것은 당사자들이 상호 합의를 할 수 있도록 배려한 것이며, 진실을 왜곡하지 말고 회사 및 동방신기의 내부 문제로 빨리 해결되기를 바라고 있기 때문입니다.

나머지 두 명의 입장에서 보면 금번 사건으로 인하여 정신적, 경제적, 사회적으로 가장 큰 피해를 당하고 있는 상황에서도 동방신기를 지키기 위해서 그간 어떠한 발언도 자제해 왔으나 오히려 정확한 사건의 본질과 진실을 이야기 하는 것이 궁극적으로는 동방신기를 지키고, 동방신기의 명예를 위해서 도움이 될 것이라고 생각해서 이 글을 쓰게 되었습니다.

금번 사건의 본질을 정확히 파악하기 위해서는 세명이 가처분 신청을 제기하게 된 근본부터 따져 보아야 한다고 생각합니다. 동방신기가 해체되면 사회적인 파장, 이미지 실추, 명예의 실추, 향후 예상되는 경제적 손실 등 손실이 엄청난데도 불구하고 이것을 포기하고 무엇인가를 하고자 한다면 이것보다 더 큰 뭔가가 있어야 할 것입니다. 즉, 과거 5년동안 지금보다 덜 성공했을 때에도, 지금보다 돈을 더 많이 벌지 못하고 있을 때에도 너무나 사이가 좋았던 관계가 최고로 성장한 이 시점에서 결과적으로는 동방신기를 깨고 나가려는 이유가 무엇이겠습니까?

저는 금번 사건의 본질에는 어떻게든 화장품사업과 그로 인한 금전적 욕심이 있다고밖에 생각할 수 없습니다. 이러한 사실을 명확히 하기 위해서 화장품 사업에 관하여 그간 제가 알고 있는 사실들을 상세히 말씀드리고자 합니다.

제가 화장품 사업에 대해서 이야기를 처음 들었던 것은 2009년 2월 경이었습니다. 그 때 세 멤버의 부모들과 저와 창민군의 아버지는 생각이 달랐으며, 현재 아시아 최고 스타인 동방신기가 세계적 브랜드의 화장품 모델 하는 것도 그다지 어려운 상황도 아니었는데, 굳이 생전 처음 들어보는 화장품 회사에 투자를 하고 소속사와 논의 없이 대리점을 내는 등의 행동을 하는 이유가 납득이 가지 않았습니다. 또한 주위에서 그 회사가 예전에 다단게 회사였다는 등, 양 태반을 원료로 한 화장품이라는 등의 말들도 들었습니다.

공식적으로 소속사와 논의를 해서 진행하는 사업도 아니고, 사업을 진행하는 화장품 회사 자체도 신뢰도가 떨어지고, 자칫 잘못하면 국내뿐만 아니라 해외에서도 동방신기의 이미지와 브랜드 가치가 떨어질 우려가 있다고 판단하여 저는 저의 아들에게도 이러한 점을 설명해 주었고, 저의 아들도 저와 같은 생각을 가지고 있었기 때문에 화장품 사업에는 전혀 참여하지 않겠다라고 세명의 멤버와 그 부모님들에게 이야기를 했습니다.

그런데 아니나다를까 그 후 일본에서 세 멤버들의 화장품 사업에 관한 문제가 불거지게 되었습니다. 이 문제로 가처분 신청을 제기한 세명의 멤버들과 에스엠 엔터테인먼트의 김영민 대표이사가 일본에서 만남을 가졌다고 하고, 이에 그 후인 2009년 5월경 화장품 사업에 대한 문제를 해결하는 차원에서 김영민 대표이사와 전체 동방신기 멤버들의 부모님들과의 만남이 있었습니다.

그 자리에서 김영민 대표이사는 일본 에이벡스로부터 화장품 회사 관련 공식 질의를 받았고, 단순 투자가 아니라 직 간접적으로 동방신기를 이용한 화장품 사업이 진행되고 있으므로 이로 인해서 앞으로 국내외적으로 동방신기에 대한 더 큰 이미지 손상과 멤버들에 대한 막대한 피해가 있을 수도 있다고 이야기하며 화장품 사업에 대한 자제를 요청하였습니다. 그러나 세 멤버의 부모들은 납득할 만한 이유 없이 이에 반발만 하였습니다. 김영민 대표이사가 자리를 뜬 이 후 동방신기부모들끼리 모인 자리에서 세 멤버 중 한 멤버의 아버지가 "이제 에스엠하고는 일 안한다"라는 발언을 하였고, 저와 심창민군의 아버지가 나머지 부모들을 설득하였으니 완강한 입장들이었습니다.

그 이후 세 멤버가 두 멤버의 부모와는 아무런 상의 없이 에스엠에 계약이 무효라는 내용증명을 보냈다는 이야기를 들었고, 그 후에 금번 전속계약 무효에 대한 가처분 신청을 하였다라는 사실을 알게 되었습니다. 그룹 동방신기는 멤버 3인만의 소유물이 아닙니다. 회사 그리고 두명의 멤버(윤호,창민)에게 아무런 상의 없이 법적 조치를 취하여 계약을 부정하며 엄청난 사회적인 파장을 일으킨 것은 두명의 멤버(윤호,창민)의 권리마저도 무시한 조치이며 엄청난 피해를 주고 있습니다.

이게 제가 알고 있는 금번 사건이 일어나게 된 이유의 전부이며, 이것이 전부 이기 때문에 제 아들이 목숨보다 더 중요하게 생각하는 동방신기가 단지 이러한 이유로 위기를 맞게 되고 명예가 실추되는 것이 너무나 안타깝습니다.

동방신기는 처음부터 국내뿐만이 아니라 해외 시장에서 최고의 그룹을 만들기 위해 탄생하였습니다. 데뷔 전부터 그러한 해외진출에 대한 비전을 소속사로부터 줄곧 들어왔기에 부모인 저 또한 이를 정확히 알고 있었습니다. 다른 멤버들과 멤버들의 부모님들도 정확히 인지하고 있었습니다. 그렇기 때문에 계약기간이 10년이었던 것을 해외활동을 위해 13년으로 연장계약을 체결하였을 때도 모든 멤버들과 부모들이 흔쾌히 동의하였던 것입니다.

저는 가처분 신청을 제기한 세명의 멤버들이 전속계약이 부당하고 수익배분도 제대로 받지 못했다고 주장하는 것이 전혀 이해가 되지 않습니다. 오히려 저는 그렇게 문제가 있다고 생각한다면 데뷔 이후 수입 정산을 할 때마다 상세한 자료를 보고 재무담당임원인 이종인 이사에게 설명을 듣고 각 정산서에 서명까지 할 때에는 왜 문제제기를 하지 않았는지, 계약이 부당하다고 생각했다면 회사와 계약을 갱신하여 체결할 때에 왜 문제제기를 하지 않았는지 세 명의 멤버들과 그 부모들에게 묻고 싶습니다. 그들이 어떻게 대답할지 모르지만 사실은 회사와의 전속계약을 무시하고 편법으로 돈을 벌고싶은 목적 때문에 이러한 사건이 발생하게 되었다는 저의 소신은 변함이 없으며 진실은 결국 숨기지 못할 것입니다.

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아주 약간의 양심을 눈감으면 거액의 돈이 생길 수도 있고, 정상적인 길이 있지만 지름길을 쓰면 남들보다 앞서 나갈 수 있으며, 이러한 편법들이 세상의 진실이다'라고 제 자식에게 가르치고 싶지는 않습니다. 결국 그러한 편법을 통해서 얻는 것들은 쉽게 무너지게 마련이라는 것을 저의 아들뿐만 아니라 자식들과 같은 세 명의 멤버들에게 이야기해주고 싶습니다.


저와 저의아들(정윤호)은 데뷔하기 이전부터 지금까지 누누히 소속사로부터 동방신기로서의 비젼과 향후 계획에 대해서 들었고, 저와 제 아들도 그에 동의하였고, 이에 합의되었기에 계약을 체결한것입니다. 그렇기에 지금 현재저와 저의 아들 입장에서 미래에도 에스엠엔터테인먼트가 동방신기를 한층 발전시켜 국가적 브랜드로 성장시키리라는 확신이 있기에 에스엠 엔터테인먼트를 떠난 동방신기는 상상할 수 없습니다. 앞으로도 이번 일을 현명하게 극복하여 소속사와 함께 더 큰 성장을 이루어 나가리라 확신합니다.

2009년 11월 1일


  1. oh gosh. i had to stop reading midway. i feel so frustrated. i literally want to cry for yh & cm. if this is really the way it went down, oh my gosh, i just can't understand how yh & cm endured all these months. waahhh!! crying for yh & cm irl. i'm sure i'm going to want to throw something at someone soon.

  2. Yunho's dad sound pretty sincere and reasonable. The fault lie in bias translators/writers that didn't do ALL the letter (only did the selective sections) to make sound like they attacking or blaming CJS... can't wait for Changmin's father statement. If TVXQ break up due to cosmetic business, then it really sad... :(

    Even now I think Changmin is still effects buy this whole drama, maybe Yunho too (he might hide it better than Changmin). Of course, it just my speculate based on all those pics I saw after their comeback. Changmin is getting better yes, but I feel the emptiness in his eyes. His eyes doesn't have (much of) those spark of happiness or joy like he did before the whole ordeal.

    btw, don't Yunho's father know about law better than other parent since his family working in law or justice field or something? And both Changmin's parent are teacher... what I'm saying is that based on their family occupational choice (of course this doesn't always true), the education they have would have help them see the picture better than the other 3? Not that I want to said the other less educated so they don't know anything/much... but you know, they might wouldn't rashly jump into the decision they did... because based on Yunho's father letter, they seem unreasonable and a bit rash in their decision... k, not sure if I make sense or know what I'm talking about here... ...

    But why is it I feel like their parents is the major factor that led CJS file the lawsuit? Like the situation with Kara's 3 member at the moment. Funny that Kara's Nicole, who is close friend with Jaejong, did the same thing with her 2 other bands mates... Another 2:3 split group (but this time is a girl group)... and also has to do with money. Why is it every time artists file a lawsuit against the company, they, the first one to get bashed is the company (doesn't matter if they innocent/guilty). But it seem like more people side with the company this time. oh oops, sorry, I'm ranting on non-TVXQ stuffs... but the lawsuit just out of nowhere, it bizarre.

    @.@ holy, I didn't notice it this long... sorry ^.^;;

  3. @ Hotaru

    I hope I transferred nuances in his statements correctly. It usually gets lost between translations. I did my best to preserve them. :)

    I only know about HoMin's parents as much as you do. :)

    I don't have any info about Kara's situation. All I know is that they were split 4:1, and now it's 3:2 which was kinda interesting. We'll see what happens with them. I hope they can resolve their differences quickly.

  4. precious...

    sorry if my voice sounds biased here ... but I FEEL how MUCH Yunho gone through before he's U-know Yunho where he's right now compared to the other members! My heart broken into pieces reading to this line
    "TVXQ, that my son values more than his life..".

    This is the first time (again) i read this! and get clear idea why Yunho's dad was greatly bashed during that time and became another Evil! i can't imagine now how Changmin's dad statement is.

    THANK YOU for this! i know you take lots of time to do it.i don't know how many THANK would express my feeling.Just let you know it's truly meaningful for me reading this letter!

    everyone has his/her own perception ,so do i!

  5. @adrenalinss

    I know what you feel, because I feel it too. He has the most difficult time during training period among 5 members. He didn't have support from his father in his career choice and left his family and home for his dream. He was homeless for sometime and have to work many random jobs to survive. He was the one that have to sacrificed the most in order to be where he is right now. So when his father said that, it hurt a lot, especially when he mentioned that the 2 stayed silent in order to protect the TVXQ name but also to let SME and CJS to solve/come to an agreement peacefully. We can't imagine how they feel when the battle between 2 sides get heat up and they getting bashes by fans. I respect them for holding out for this long, watching CJS getting further and further away from their reach... it very heart breaking really TT^TT

    1. Kim Jaejoong was the one who was homeless and had no father, struggled to have a life. He was alone. It is in his Wiki info. I believe people have not been given the right info for this. I love both groups, but there probably is blame on both sides. It is just my opinion. One should not be attacked just because of rumors.That is all I have to say. I am sorry if any one feels offended.

    2. Yuhno was also homeless for a while because he left his home town (not seoul). His family would not support his decision to become a singer as they wanted him to become a lawyer. Jaejong is not the only one who suffered to become famous. Also, Jaejong does have a adopted father but a father nevertheless.

  6. This is the first time I read Yunho's father's statement. I never cried reading anything TVXQ-related but I'm crying now reading some of the last paragraphs from Yunho's father. Now some of us fans will know how much pain Yunho and Changmin and their families have been through. It'd be really sad if they first thought the crisis would be solved peacefully as an internal problem between the 3 and SM, and gradually realized that they could not do anything to help solve the crisis and the other 3 have strayed so far that the 2 couldn't get them back anymore.
    It explains a lot about Changmin's reaction to questions regarding JYJ in recent interviews.
    I support them from the start, and I'm supporting them now even more. I admire them so much for reacting like real men, talk less and do more to protect TVXQ.

  7. HOLY CRAP!!!

    I've read Yunho's father statement for like hundreds of time, but I didn't even thought that what I had read from some "DBSK fansites" was incomplete/summarized?
    I bet most of the fans dont know this! Go check around some sites, even allkpop, I don't remember this statement being this long and detail!
    I cant help but think that Ive been fooled all along...

  8. My heart get hurts reading this. How this letter can be so misinterpreted ???
    When I read it from AKP, I found the letter was really harsh, but reading it now, it's not as harsh as it used to be... (Damn AKP!!!!)
    A subtle translator is indeed make everything difference...

    Reading this letter now, what I can see is the truth...
    Actually back then, before the injunction, I've already heard rumor abt 'the one' who initiate the breakup. Seems that tht rumor is true after all...

    I can't believe the hardship Yunho and Changmin has to get through because of this. Gosh!! Its so heart wrenching. I wont be surprised if Homin lost faith to their fans because of this. Now I feel Iike to give them a big great HUG! And... the fact they break up because of THIS BUSINESS???!! *WTF moment for me*
    Its frustrating really...

    Thanks precious for ur precious translation.

    P.S: the product’s main ingredient was lamb’s placenta.

  9. The truth really does get more painful everyday. but i'm happy with your efforts in shedding some light on the issue. A lot of fans say that the articles that are SM biased but a lot are actually in for of CJS. recently, I've actually been having some doubts about the other three, like they've been using the pity factor. If you actually listen to everything they've said, there are really a lot of contradictions. In the beginning, I think I can remember them saying they didn't wish for it to go as far as voiding the contract but now they're saying that they wish to have a management which is a mix of American and Japanese, so does that mean that was really their original intention? I mean its sometimes just disappointing how they always claim to wish to come back together as five and yet we can't see them really doing anything about it. I'm sorry I was just really disappointed with how they managed to bring down homin's comeback when the other two kept silent during their activities...

  10. Hi precious! thanks for translating the full content of yunho's father's statement. it shows great difference compared to the previous "translations" I've read.

    anyway, I'm just curious.. Why do you address Yunho as Chung Yunho? I thought it was Jung.. sorry bout this.. I don't mean to offend you or anything..

  11. WHAT THE? Oh god! Poor Yunho and Changmin!!! And also Yunho's dad! Getting bashed for telling the truth and protecting his son and TVXQ! God. JYJ is disappointing. I'm actually homin bias and in their side but I was giving JYJ the benefit of the doubt. But now, idk. They won't even stop their fans from being harsh and mean. How can they do this?? I thought they were friends? BROTHERS? FAMILY? :|

  12. @ayoepan
    may i know who's the one that rumor to initiate dbsk break up????sorry..i really dun know bout that..

    thank u so much for all this....i hope jyj crazy fans read this translation....i just can't stand they bashing HoMin n homin's fans like crazy people...
    actually at first i am jyj biased, but after reading sooooo MANY negative comments bout homin n know the truth behind the break up...i've decided to support TVXQ or HoMin 1000%!!!

  13. Thank you again for the translation.

    This is my first time reading the complete statement form Yunho's father. Reading this made me want to cry because I have no idea how much Yunho and Changmin been suffering during last year.

    I truly believe in Yunho father's words, what he said is very true. At the beginning I already have a feeling it was the cosmetic business that break up TVXQ. I feel so sad that many people didn't care about Homin's pain. It's fair enough that Changmin bear grudge on JYJ, who wouldn't be after suffering so much emotional attack.

    This line is just so touching "TVXQ, that my son values more than his life"
    how can those people blame homin for this crisis.
    No wonder why this made Yunho fell into depression.

    Homin do not need JYJ now, they are doing fine as TVXQ. The truth will eventually revealed.

    You guys should just spread out this blog, those haters need to read this and wakeup.

  14. @assassine

    Chung Yun Ho is correct spelling for Yunho english name as per passport.

    My guess is, most of the media and fansites write Jung instead of Chung because it is easier for people to pronounce it.

    Thanks for the handwork :)

  15. @ to all

    When SM-bashers read this, they'd just say HoMin's father is bribed and controlled by SM. That's just how their brains work. (I wonder how come SM couldn't bribe and control CJS? Oh that's right, they're much better human beings! [sarcasm])

    They automatically find reasons to vilify SM, and it becomes the truth in their mind from what I've seen. Pretty scary actually.

    If you're objective and logical, you can easily see which side really kept silent and quietly worked for their career, and which side was trying desperately to sway public opinion their way.

    When JYJ released their album, there was nothing from HoMin's side. When TVXQ released "Why", we all know what happened.

    @ assassine
    Oh, Korean pronunciation for his last name is in fact "Jung", but I just used "Chung" because that's usually how it's written in English for people with that last name. I wasn't thinking too much about it, and come to think of it, I should use "Jung" in my future posts. :)

    BTW No offense taken whatsoever. I don't get offended that easily, otherwise, I wouldn't have started this blog.

  16. This is just a random statement based upon all the things I read in this fandom but I am baffled by fans actually thinking that they know the "truth" of anything. You are all biased. All sites I have encountered translate things to benefit the reputations of their biases. No one is giving to "truth" of anything. There is tilt to every article I read. It is hilarious to me that either party think they are spreading anything other than propaganda. Reading this site and others everything can be seen and argued for in varying ways. You guys need to really come out of this delusion that one fandom is any better than the other or is spreading ultimate "truth". But,I will applaud you and others for their efforts to support who they agree with. You are all the same though, and it is kind of sad that you can't see it. Interesting site though, I will continue to read this and the JYJfiles. The two "truth" bringers.

  17. @ moony205

    That's fair, and I never denied about my bias, otherwise, I would've put the picture of all 5 on my blog. Besides, I'm not a die-hard TVXQ fan, and I can honestly say I never had any preference towards any particular member(s). My bias was formed after I found out about what happened.

    I can respect your stance reading both sides of the argument, and that's how it's supposed to be for all the fans, but right now, especially for international fans, the balance is way off. There are bunch of JYJ sites, but I think mine is one of the very few supporting HoMin.

    In the beginning, there was far more CJS supporters than HoMin's throughout the world. Now the tide has turned, especially in Japan where it seems most are supporting HoMin's TVXQ except for a few fanatic JYJ supporters. There are reasons for that, and I'll cover them in the future.

  18. i was so worried when HoMin was bashed over KYHD lyric and boycott but from everything i learn in ur blog,i feel relieved now! Because Yunho&Changmin just need the Fan who have a faith on them not the one who turn their back against them even though they already read those letters! oh..pls Cassie do whatever you want!

    thank you for replying to me ^^ im glad to find Precious'blog because i know there are still lots ppl share same though as mine which as a fan of TVXQ sometimes i still don't want it to be true! Though, i don't want to see JYJ lose in this lawsuit but ... if the Cosmetic thing lies behide all this, everybody should to know it!

  19. @ moony205

    Oh another thing about my translation. I always provide original documents so the readers with resources (Korean friends) can verify the accuracy of my translation. I also provide links to other translations for comparison, so if you have a Korean friend, try verifying both side's then you'll be able to determine which one's more accurate and without bias.

  20. As an international fan I have had no problem finding people who oppose or agree with JYJ. I think people need to look a little harder for their peers. JYJ have a core group of support as do Homin and both groups of fans will grow.

    I do not have korean friends and honestly am not sure I care enough about this issue to seek out a korean to verify your translations or anyone else's. At this point the issue is in court. In my mind let them decide the outcome. I personally follow who I enjoy and leave it at that. I do appreciate sources though, and as long as there is link availiable I'm good.

    I'll be sure to read your next translation, though I have already known about this group of fandom who oppose JYJ and are described as a "realatively large group of homin fanatics" by others. Again, tilt is ever present but, I digress. I'll look forward to your next entry.

  21. @precious

    u know, I think u better dont respond too much to haters/JYJ fanatics in this blog.
    They dont want the truth anyway. What they want is for people to agree with them, and a place to lash their frustration, so whatever your write, maybe they won't even read it.

    One day Yoochun will run his car over an old man's body because he's drunk, and I bet JYJ stans wouldnt want people to bash Yoochun, because "he's a human, human makes mistake, do you think just because he's an idol he should be perfect all the time?"

    There's always an excuse for everything.

    I had no bias at first, so I can assure you that while you give proves and exact documents, and logic reasons, most of JYJ biased sites are full of bashes and assumption, and twisted trivia.

  22. @ moony25

    Fair enough. As I post more, you'll discover that this situation is really not about the lawsuit even though SM-bashers want everyone to focus on that.


    I agree. If it gets out of hand, then I'll just ignore them, but so far, it's been ok. Thanks for your concern.

  23. I agree with you lapis.lazuli, JYJ biased fans are too extreme, they bash without convincing reasons. Homin side has been quiet all this time but JYJ side has been agressive from the beginning.

    Just ignore those haters, if they think JYJ is right then they should start a blog like this one and present all sources and facts to approve it instead of coming to bash off without facts. I also doubt these fans even have knowlege to read properly.

  24. Do you know about Chinese's side? There are a lot of fans in china but I wonder are they mostly support JYJ? because the people there seem to have a lot of hate towards SM. I am worry they also join the boycott as well. I am happy to hear at least Japan trust Homin. How about in Korea? Are there more people waking up now?

  25. @sinful09

    yeah... -_-;; actually if only JYJ didnt get on my nerves with their uhm... butthurt slash losers responds on Homin's comeback, I might still be their fan.
    I was just disgusted drastically... esp with the lyrics in their new album -_-; and their tweets didnt help.
    At first I was like..."okay, I get it, you suffered..." then I was like "OKAY. okay, you suffered I got it... !!" Then... "I F*CKIN GOT IT OKAY!!??"

    sorry im being unclear. hope someone understands.

    Now I've stop following JYJ for the sake of my heart's cleanliness. because somehow their self-pitying tendency transforms into arrogance in my eyes. Sorry. >_<

  26. @moony205

    You have no leg to stand on when you accuse this translation of being biased while providing no proof. You even admit to not being able to supply any, nor are you willing to try.

    It is important that all fans see Precious' hard work, jyj or homin. However it is very dishonest of you to come here disguised as an objective opinion to group Precious' blog with jyj blogs.

    I've read some jyj blogs, they use deceptive means to shape their readers opinion when their readers cannot confirm the source for themselves. For example, they add opinion into translations in order to persuade their readers into thinking government officials agree with jyj. This might seem like an exaggeration but when they replace "unfair" with the word "slave", it makes a big difference to readers.

  27. @ sinful09

    Yes, in Korea it's slowly but surely changing. TVXQ's comeback created many new fans too. Artists talk with their music and performance. :)

    What the SM-bashers/fanatics don't realize is that when they spam the boards with anti-SM/Homin bashing, it's actually working against JYJ.

    Many non-fans are turning against JYJ because of that. What's happening is when those antis spam the boards with nonsenses, many knowledgeable fans refute antis' claims with facts (62.5% share from DA's investigation works really well), and non fans can figure out whose side makes more sense because they can look at this situation as a 3rd party without any bias objectively. It's really funny to see other people who doesn't even know the names of TVXQ members bashing JYJ fans, but the antis are so preoccupied with protecting their boys, they just don't realize it. Same thing with JYJ's interviews & twits. If you're a not a fan, you can clearly see that they're playing the pity game.

    BTW, I don't really know much about how the fans are in China.

  28. @ fye

    Thanks. :)

    Sometimes the original Korean articles have those words replaced already to make the news sound more sensational (people want to read about "slave" contract rather than "unfair" contract), which equals to more mouse clicks or sales which leads to more advertisement revenue. Everything's about $$$. Of course JYJ biased sites only choose to translate those articles even though more objective articles are available. :)

  29. Precious

    ho! did new ddong hit the fan (or is this same old ddong?? (i can't tell since it's in korean and i don't trust anyone's translation anymore!)

  30. @lapis.lazuli
    love ur comment :)) that's exactly the same with me though ... at 1st i was not ok with their withdraw but i was like ... ok, it's ur life, good luck ... than they start play the victim game n it pissed me like hell ... i still not hating on them until recently it goes out of hands ... esp with jyj stand bash everyone goes again them ... now i'm keeping my self as far as possible from their fandom ...

    @ Precious: it must be tiring typing and translating all this and i really appreciate your work ... and thank you for being classy even though i'm sure u get a lot of hate from jyj bias

  31. @fye

    I am bias myself and never said I had no bias. I like Jaejoong more than the others. Everyone has bias whether they admit it or not. If you cannot see the tilt present in all sites that have articles related to this issue than you are not as clear minded as you think. Everyone seems blind to their own persuasive tactics. That is all I said and or pointed out. There is tilt being used everywhere. Just read the information being given to you, it is not that hard to pick up on. Do I need to point to every persuasive device being used in the article(s) on this site or on others? I think you can decipher that for yourself. Everyone is deluded in this fandom. That's my point. There is no ultimate "truth" when everything is skewed, concealed, or revealed, to favor one side or the other. It is also not possible to be comepletely objective. But, I am honest enough with myself to see that I am bias and that what I think is based on how I take information and equate it with my own value system. It is also quite easy to see when you go back and forth between sites how everyone seems to think that one party or the other is a victim of someone else. My leg to stand on is clear. Read the information being given to you, go get a book on persuasive writing skills and figure it out. There is my leg to stand on. It is not as though this site is the only one that employs this tactic, nor is that what I said above. They all do. Also peresuasive tilt does not always involve bad translations but also the conclusions derived from translations and the material that is picked to be translated. Why can't I group this blog with JYJ blogs? In my opinion they both do relatively the same things and or have the same objective. I'm not bashing this blog in any way. I just don't agree with one side or the other thinking that they are better a fandom or that they have a better grasp on the truth when neither do, in my mind. That is my opinion.

  32. @ catherine

    LOLOL. That was funny.

    That's actually new ddong. LOL

    That is a signed petition about "SM Entertainment's TVXQ" by Korean Entertainment Producers Association. They are expressing serious concerns about TVXQ members lawsuit and breaking the contract for their monetary gains by exploiting the public's preconceived notion of the "slave" contract and using it as an excuse. It also says if the court judgment is given in favor of them (JYJ), many artists will start abusing the result and file lawsuit against their companies.

    It is very interesting that SM is not a member of that group, and Kim Gwang Soo, whose company Core Contents Media (T-Ara) is the biggest company in that group. It is interesting because Core Contents Media is producing Junsu's new Musical, and I think that company also produced Junsu's Mozart.

    The drama continues with a new twist...

  33. Hi Precious,

    Thanks for confirming.
    OW! my can that be w/ Core Contents being involved with Junsu's musical...what is going on?? Wow, such a soap opera. Anyways, thanks again. Sorry for giving you so much work. Glad you at least got a chuckle out it ^^

  34. @ Precious

    it is interesting, curious how this turn out. I wonder if Kara's case have anything to do with this since this petition out right after their lawsuit. Since they don't want anymore case(s) like these. Hmmm...

    With all the heart break in this post, maybe some good new to lighten up the mood? I waited until almost 3AM to get Mnet result on who win, Secret or TVXQ... and TVXQ WON YAY!!!! (okay, you guys might already know about this, but I just wanna said it tehe). So happy, I wish them the best on Music Bank and Inkigayo this week... with all this drama going on, they deserves these (they been working really hard for this) and I'm happy that they are happy ^___^v

  35. @ to all

    I need to clarify something.

    Kim Gwansoo's name that's on the list of the entertainers was under MNet Media, not Core Contents Media. I just saw his name and assumed it was Core Contents.

    BUT! I believe Kim is not involved with MNet directly any more, but Core Contents is affiliated with MNet, so it's still interesting.

    It's really complicated and confusing because Gwang Soo is all over the Entertainment business. He was involved with another entertainment company that went bankrupt, and he used to be with DSP entertainment (FINKLE, Kara) a while ago .... arghghgh!!! I'm going to stop now!!!

  36. @ Hotaru

    The same group already made a statement regarding Kara before they released the petition.

    Key points of their statement regarding Kara:
    * Kara problem is not only the problem between artists and the company, but whole Korean Wave could be affected
    * They will find out why Kara situation happened and respond accordingly.
    * If there's a force behind this crisis, they are not going to stay put and do nothing, and find ways to discipline (the force behind).

    It's just a quick and rough translation and doesn't include the whole thing. So they're suspecting there may be some other force behind the Kara situation, hmmm... now a conspiracy theory LOL. BTW, it's still only speculations by that group, so don't conclude anything yet.

    Too much soap opera even for me to handle LOL.

  37. @moony

    My point is that most of everything on the jyj blogs that I have read are contaminated with opinion. When they do any translations, they must distort it in one way or another.

    Here, translations are simply that, translations.

  38. >,,,,,,,,< The KEPA petition are a hot topic in Allkpop. (JYJ and Hangeng)fans are on FIRE/BURNING MODE in there... and base on their comments, ah, it a lost cause to try to be reasoning in there. They can only see one side (JYJ and Hangenh) only, and only few are trying to see both side... ahhh... I don't like this TT~TT

  39. @ Hotaru

    Of course JYJ fans are upset. I would be too if I were in their shoes. LOL
    I didn't go there, but I bet they blame SM for this too, am I right?

  40. @ Precious

    of course, how can they left out the EVIL, DEVIL, and SLAVE DRIVER SME... it practically a LAW (in their own "bible") to mentions, attacking, and blaming evil SME in every TVXQ, JYJ, Hangeng, unfair contract, lawsuit, and human right articles in Allkpop... and yes, they accusing SME bribe/bough KEPA and think KEPA is a joke only to save their asses. So they basically said "FU SME" and "FU KEPA". Sorry if sound offending... just a little frustrated with the whole thing - I know I should stop reading but it hard to NOT reading it >.<, but it seem like open mind groupie didn't bother with this article hahaha. I'm trying to see their point but their backup info are from all those bias sources and they firmly stand with it >.<, that is what got me frustrated the most

    But I must said, it a wrong move for them to do at this moment, especially when they sound like they attacking and blaming JYJ/Hangeng... but not sure if it translation problem or not. They should know that when they targeting their idols (doesn't matter intentional or not or whether they only use it as example), they only focus on that very and not bother trying to figuring out the real meaning behind it and goes all hell bend on it. Oh, they seem to starts petitioning against the KEPA petition, wonder how that work out...

  41. @ Hotaru

    Yeah, just as expected. I bet if CJS loses the lawsuit, those fans are going to claim SM bribed the judge. SM controls the TV stations (except when JYJ appears on TV), newspapers, HoMin and their parents, album distributors, KFPCAI, KEPA, you name it, it's all SM's fault. For those fans, it's SM almighty. LOL

    I learned not to care too much about what's going on at AKP, so I don't even go there any more.

  42. @ Precious

    Yes, that did cross my mind. No matter of the outcome, SME is be the BIG BAD EVIL AND HEARTLESS company that care only for money and treat people like slave and puppet, ect. Like you said, if CJS loose the case, they will accusing SME bribing to get their way, and if CJS win, they will point their finger at SME and said "IN YOUR FACE SUCKER! JUSTICE IS SERVED! bla bla bla".

    so basically, SME will be in bad position no matter what and that is SAD, really sad~

  43.  *takes hat off* I...*sobs* boys... you have truly gained a supporter for life and I'm sure, like the sky is blue, that your efforts, your honesty, your good character and even your silence WILL NOT go unpaid! You both deserve the WORLD and you will have it! b/c the truth is in your side...*cleans tears*

    Sorry for that... anyway, no wonder Yunho has acted with class and professionalism through out all this ordeal, his father has taught him well! 

    As for JYJ, I won't say anything a/b them cuz at this point they, like my sister puts it, are ONLY products for my own entertainment, just  like the ones here in the I give a sh*t if T-pain does drugs, if Chris brown is a son of a dog who likes to hit women? HELL NO! Because the only thing this dudes really want is fame and MY money (JYJ been no exception)! And you know what? They can have it...but MY respect? *snorts* 

    @precious Thank You for shedding some light in all this darkness :-) really looking forward to your next update! 

  44. I don't think I post enough in this site, considering how much I really appreciate what you do, so I will start today... THANK YOU PRECIOUS!!! You have been such a great resource for me. This blog was properly named and I don't care if anyone call you biased or say you are paid by SM, at least you provide LINKS AND REFERENCE. Half those fansites don't even bother to put hyperlink on their sources... ^____^

    I hope you don't mind if I re-blog this on my blog, I will, of course, credit and link back to this site.

    I have read the summarized version before, and even then I could feel his sincerity and his concern for Yunho... This man really cares about his son and is only trying to do what he think is right for Yunho's happiness. Instead he got bashed and got his name dragged through the mud as 'fans' screamed at him to 'stay the hell away' from TVXQ's business. This condition is very ironic, considering he is the one who would experience first hand what Yunho was going through at that period.

    THANK YOU again... for working tirelessly, for bringing more facts and information to the international world who had relied strongly on biased statements...


    PS. Have you ever come across the email he sent to a Japanese reporter? It broke my heart as well, he sent it to ask if there was an Japanese article that said that the reason Yunho cannot file a lawsuit was because his father owed SM a huge amount of money. If you haven't, I will try and find it for you ^___^

  45. I'm sorry, but I just scrolled the comments and read this "relatively large group of homin fanatics" -- teheeee, this makes me smile...

    @moony205 You are absolutely right! Everyone is biased, and every article, translation and bits of information is skewed to fit a certain frame we have established in our minds. There is no problem in having different opinions, but there is a huge problem in bashing, attacking and sending death threats to people who don't think like you do. I too, check all the links and then translates again, even when it is a crappy machine translation, at least I have the gist of the article.

    @precious, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK...

  46. @ hyeonmu

    That's fine with me. Thanks. :)

  47. hello precious...thank you for taking your time doing all this..really appreciate it..people can call you HOMIN biased or whatever but i will keep reading your post because i can see your translated post is from the right source...When I first knew DBSK,of course my bias is Chang min but it always changed over time...but when the lawsuit happened,my first question is why only 3 of them?then i keep track of JYJ and HOMIN news and sometimes i feel like i'm biased towards JYJ since they file lawsuit because of all the bullshit slave contract and suffer under SM but deep in my heart,my instinct always told me that there is something about HOMIN decision to stay...for 3 years being their fan,i can see HOMIN personality and I know that they realy2 made firm and correct decision to stay...besides i also feel sick with all JYJ fandom and all JYJs' twitter..i feel it's really2 over and they used twitter to brag about their pity self...seriously i hate twitter because of them...enough said...hahahaha....i always respect how quiet and professional HOMIN on this matter...they only keep to themselves with all the hardship that they endured...btw,i love their interview for Non-No Magazine..the interview showed how precious their relationship now,how they cherish each other and that they had moved on...hope for the best for DBSK HOMIN...sorry for the long post..i'm excited and i don't care how the lawsuit will turn out because i moved on together with my HOMIN hotties

  48. Your post is definitely interesting... :)
    Thank you for posting...

    Oh before people saying I'm two faced.. I have to say that I am JYJ fan... forget about the lawsuit and start talking about talent.. those three are the top of the line... (u know what i mean)
    I'm a TVXQ5 fan also... :)
    I don't hate Homin though...I never bash them even in any JYJ-Homin-or TVXQ5 forums (you can check, I use the same name everywhere :p)... I just don't really like the music...So yeah... :)

    I came here because I think this is interesting... I don't say what you post here are the real truth, because actually I've known like 90% of them... and well, let's just say people interpret things differently...

    Ok...No, I saw the comments...and got confused... LOL...
    1. People here say that JYJ-fan bash on HOMIN while Homin fans spread only love and vice-versa (in JYJ fansite), it's very2 confusing... LOL... because no one knows exactly who starts what first...
    2. Just to voice out my opinion: I'm not bashing, but I have to disagree with the term 'artist' for Homin...Don't get me wrong, they are great performer...not artists though..that title goes to the other three... Sorry...
    3. I don't know how to break this to you and some Homin fans who comments here, but not only JYJ fan you also give opinion in ur post here and there and I should say, they are quite persuasive... U can actually be a great lawyer...
    So, when I read your post I usually read the document translation first, then your Comment...then comparing my conclusion with yours
    My conclusion: everyone is different... :)
    4. Most of Korean Cassie choose side with JYJ...don't deny it... it's a fact... they can easily get first-hand information right? yet they choose to side with JYJ...what do you think?

    Oh, obviously have read about the KEPA thing...
    Seriously, I think those producers need to go back to college and learn...duh, I know they want to protect their interest, but can't they make it classy and a little bit more convincing??? Who actually write the letter anyway? It's a stupid move...
    Wait...but this reminds me of your post: Why Cosmetics Business?
    You said that if the cosmetic business is just a cover made by SM, then SM can actually make it more convincing... So there must be something behind it...
    The same logic can also apply to the KEPA thing right? That there must be something or someone behind it... ;)

    After watching for quite sometime...I conclude that All of this drama are not gonna end anytime soon... I should say... another year...
    I hope it won't take that long... but, yeah... let us be realistic...


  49. The second part... (LoL... I'm such a big mouth)

    Oh, one more thing... you said in one of your reply that your bias is formed after you discover the truth...
    WOW... can you share the truth?
    Oh wait.... you've been sharing the truth with all of us these days...
    Hmmm... But how about the real truth?
    (I'm sorry, but interpretation based on logic doesn't considered truth...)
    No one knows except the boys and SM right? - I don't even think other SM artist know...
    So I guess it is safe to say that this site is Homin biased... right? :)

    You know... this is so interesting...

    Because, once you take side... the source of the truth is not really reliable anymore... don't you think? ;)

    Now... JYJ filed the lawsuit because they aren't happy with the company (I don't know whether it's because of the contract or cosmetic company or other things)... while Homin choose to stay because they want to... I respect both decision, because I think they hold different value in life...It's not like one is right and the other is wrong... So, I'm cool with all that...

    Oh, btw... I'm trying to write a blog based on this situation...just my opinion... But, I'm trying to get on both side - I like everything balance, so can I ask your permission to share a link of your blog? and perhaps quotes here and there...

    Once I (finally) post something, I'm gonna send the link to you...please comment,I'd like to know the reaction... :)

    thank you...and sorry for ranting... :)

  50. @ antz25

    I really don't mind your opinion, and some of them are valid, and some are not, but at least you are trying to stay objective, and I can respect that. If all JYJ fans were like you and didn't bash HoMin or SM, I probably didn't need to start this blog. But the reality is, HoMin & SM are getting attacked unfairly because of false information spread around the net, and I am trying to correct that.

    About your point 2, I believe TVXQ's new album proved that to be false, but since it's your opinion, I'm not going to argue about it too much. "Art" can't be measured, so there's no point in arguing about it. Some people thought Picasso was a nutcase (maybe he was), and his paintings were crap, so opinions vary.

    As for the number of HoMin supporters, you've probably visited only Korean fan sites dominated by JYJ fans disguised as fans of all 5. I will post about them in the future, so stay tuned!!!

    Looking at the album sales which is greatly affected by number of fans, you can't underestimate the number of HoMin fans.

    About your point 3, I have my opinions, and never denied that. I actually try to clearly divide facts from my opinion in my post if you haven't noticed. Even if you just absorb the facts I listed, you'd still gain a lot of info and realize that there are many false info.

  51. @ antz25

    You posted your second comment while I was typing mine. :)

    This blog is definitely HoMin biased because like I admitted, I formed my bias after finding out the truth. If I didn't know the truth, I wouldn't have formed a bias. So when I found all those sources, I was not biased, so the sources are reliable, and most of my sources are verifiable by 3rd party (e.g. court documents directly downloaded form the court website, FTC documents etc.)

    No one knows 100% truth, then HoMin and SM shouldn't be bashed either. Just because you aren't bashing, doesn't change the fact that some people are, and the base of those attacks are from wrong info, and I'm attempting to correct those info.

    When you start your own blog, I'll check it out. Not sure if I'm going to comment on it because I have my hands full with mine. I've only finished about 15-25% of what I have to present so you can imagine how many more posts I need to write.

  52. Ahh Precious it's funny to see JYJ fans coming here trying to dispute everything you say as some sort of bias while they don't provide any info countering your points.

    Good job here :)

  53. @ antz25

    It's fine to post a link, but I don't want only portions of my posts quoted. If you want to use my posts, please move the entire content instead of just using parts of it and please specify the source. I appreciate it. Thanks.

  54. @ Phlootuga

    I've already been through many debates, so I'm used to it. Nothing new really... :)

  55. This is what I hate about some OT5/JYJ fans, if they really want to back it up for JYJ please provide some proof or sources. Don't bash here without giving sources. If their sources are those so called dbsk fansites then forget it. They have been brain washed.

  56. Precious,

    May I just take my imaginary hat off to you. This is why I come here and trust your work and commentary. I have yet to see any of the JYJ fans come here and dispute anything concretely. They just whine about how this is a HoMin biased site!!
    (And I was just about to say to antz25 that s/he better put up the entire content instead of putting in bits and pieces to serve her/his point and purpose!)

    excuse me. no disrespect to YOUR taste but I have to argue that so far, none of the "music" that JYJ has come up with was to MY taste. the moment they aligned themselves w/ the crap that kanye west scribbled out for them in his sleep was when i lost my respect for them as "artists" or "musicians". (and that's not even the point of this blog!)

  57. Clap clap to you @catherine. i laughed at how you phrased your words. so to the point. !!! hehe

    To JYJ biased people/BAshers of this blog: DO not visit the site if you are not interested on its content or Bash the Author of this Blog. Create your own blog then Bash all you want if that's what you want. Don't waste our time and precious' effort.

  58. Do I sound like I'm bashing?? o_O

    I'm sorry if I sound like bashing...but that is not my intention...I'm just asking his/her opinion... :)
    and I'm here because I'm interested to know both that wrong? At least I don't say that Homin is ugly or can't sing or anything like that right? (because they aren't... they obviously are ridiculously handsome and can sing well)
    So, yeah... :)

    Don't get me wrong...I like Homin...I even listen to 'She' everyday - I like that song...But it's just hard to watch their performance. they look like they are angry and sad... :(

    @catherine... wow... saying that what Kanye West write is a crap... isn't that sound more like 'bashing'? :)

    @precious... OK... thank you... :)
    I will copy the whole post (and of course put credits) or maybe just share a link to your post... :)

    All in all, thank you for answering my question... :)

  59. @antz25

    LOLOLOL. of course they sound angry and sad. i mean the song is about moving on from a shallow girl who he really loved in the past. the song is about their determination in forgetting her even if its hard and walking their own path. they should sound angry and sad right? thats just my opinion though.

    And when i watched their How Can I performance. They don't sound angry at all. I can feel their desperation and longing for the girl who walked away.

    All in all, they pretty much conveyed their emotions in their songs. So IMO, they're one hella singers who their fans can be proud of. :)

  60. @antz25

    " Just to voice out my opinion: I'm not bashing, but I have to disagree with the term 'artist' for Homin..."

    honey, just b/c you write "i'm not bashing" doesn't mean you are not bashing. k? i'm not a fan of kanye but i didn't say everything kanye ever produced was crap. i said aaayyyyyy gurrl was crap and you know it,too. now, out of respect for Precious and this site, though i could go on, imma stop. i suggest, if you are really here to get perspective of both sides 1) drop the sarcasm and act like an adult 2) READ THE CONTENT OF THIS SITE 3) comment less.

  61. @cinderellaboy10's not like that...I mean...when the5 still together, they always sing a song as if they are telling a story...that is why I love DBSK in the first place...they convey to us the meaning of each song...
    I understand what they are singing... I was moved because of the mixture of their voice and the content of the song which they convey...
    But it's just somehow different now...I didn't even get the meaning of the song even after read the lyrics... :(
    I feel like crying...and not a good crying (like, when i saw them received an award)
    it's not because they are in SM or anything like that...

    this is just an opinion...but, It looks like they don't want to be there... Ok... that may come out wrong.. but yeah... that's what I get...

    Of course Homin are the star we can all be proud of... Compared to the 'usual' stars, these two are obviously exceptional...

    I'm sorry for Homin fans if my words are unacceptable and (likely) the grammar mistakes... :)

  62. @antz25

    ooohhh. okay. i understand. i feel like crying too when i heard ayy girl. its just not their kind of song. that's just MY OPINION though. oh well.

    no your opinions are okay to be shared. but dont expect people here not to voice out THEIR opinions too, you know.

  63. all,

    i'D LOVE to press 'like' button to all comments here, but neh... there's none!!!

    @catherine, big LOL at ur Kanye West part! tks

  64. @Precious:
    "As for the number of HoMin supporters, you've probably visited only Korean fan sites dominated by JYJ fans disguised as fans of all 5. I will post about them in the future, so stay tuned!!!"

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! PLEASE!!! I am starting to get fed up with these biased sites pretending not to be biased and getting quoted everywhere like it is an online bible, LOL

    But yeah, even they can't provide facts and numbers... Sometimes all I need are the numbers... They speak for themselves...

  65. looolll I still cant believe that there's still an opinion "as if Homin doesn't want to be there"


    oh and seriously, you could bash TVXQ's KYHD if JYJ sang a song like... Rising Sun, for example. But ayyy girl.... ppftt... hmmpp....

    *brb for a big ROFL*

  66. @ hyeonmu

    Yup. Unbiased numbers and facts speak for themselves.

    @ lapis.lazull

    Just shows that SM had a big role in shaping TVXQ.

  67. @precious

    of course.... -_-;; how could many people ignore that?
    if TVXQ wasnt created by SM but a random company named XOXO Ent, and singing reggae/house music with hawaiian/belly dance as the main attraction, I wonder if cassies would like them as crazily as now. -_-;;

  68. @lapiz.lazuli+ right! what if SM pushed tru with the debut of Four seasons (i think) with yunho, heechul, kangin and i don't remember the other one. there would not be DBSK and Super Junior. What if SM didn't give DBSK their songs like mirotic, I believe, rising sun etc. just random horrible songs which i hear alot from other idols.

    would DBSK be as successful if they debuted with another company? probably not.

  69. I now have a terrible headache after reading this and Changmin's. I can't imagine what's going through Homin all this time. No wonder Yunho and Changmin went into depression. It just feels horrible to think how can JYJ do these to HoMin after being with them for years and years. And to think for Yunho to wish them back with them is just too martyr-ish for me. How can you want someone back who stabbed you at the back? After Junsu's twit, i had all the faith in JYJ trashed to the sewer. Yeah, these three know how to play with their fans'emotions, and they really using it good. Wonder how can they sleep knowing they are INTENTIONALLY hurting their "friends", yeah i really wonder.

  70. @ANTZ25
    i believe most of us here to discuss about the lawsuit and not to compared JYJ or Homin in terms of their artistic side ... I don't understand why u bring that up and we appreciate them for who they are not because they're more or less talented.
    We maybe bias and criticize JYJ but mostly for their action involved in the lawsuit while Homin are being bashed for doing nothing at all, they tries to move on with their life and mostly i see JYJ is the one doesn't let it go.

  71. Look I don't really follow the group "TVXQ" and I found this blog because I found the case concerning the Korean group interesting but from what I have read here, I think most of your posts are really one sided. Personally I have no problem with that because it is your blog but considering you have a group of people who are following you, and confirming your posts as facts you should write your posts with better judgment or at least from the perspective of both sides. If you are talking about a case or controversy then wouldn't one find it more just and honest to know both sides of the story? Additionally, one must recognize it takes two people begin any type of argument and I believe it goes the same for this case. I may not know what is going on but one should always understand that not all sides are innocent; both are guilty in their own way. (Humans are naturally selfish creatures) This "Korean Pop" fandom full of obsession over "idols" and looks like a scary thing, I mean to take admiration to a whole new level as twist or project your p.o.v on a lawsuit case is just ridiculous. If you are a college student I would recommend for you stop taking such things that happen in the entertainment world so seriously. It isn't your problem or business to judge/criticize celebrities whom you don't even know. Each person has their reason to make their own decisions so please don't waste post such things that might damage a person's reputation. I am no law student (International Relations major) but such things as people getting involved in things that they shouldn't, bother me. I sincerely apologize if I have insulted you in anyway but I just feel that people getting involved in such matters are childish.

  72. @ rdarkdreamer

    You are assuming a lot about me and this whole situation.

    You admit that you don't know what's going on, then I'm not sure if it's right for you to comment on this situation. There's a reason that I appear to be one sided because I truly believe this is a rare case where the conflict is one sided from what I've found out so far. I am ready to change my stance if the other side presents convincing evidences to make me believe otherwise, but I haven't found any yet. As matter of fact, as I find more information about this situation, the worse it gets for the other side.

    There are many other blogs/fansites that supports the other side of the argument, and most fans are aware of them, so try those if you haven't yet, then compare them with mine. That should balance things out.

    BTW, I am aware of everything you said about conflicts, human nature, and Korean fandom, so again, please do not assume anything about me.

    Read my posts, and if you don't agree with any of the things I've said, then debate those specific points, but I don't think it's right for you to discredit the whole blog because it "appears" to be one sided in your eyes, especially when you don't know what's going on.

  73. Goodness.

    @rdarkdreamer - I too sincerely apologize if I insult you in any way, but please get off your high horse. People put different values to different things at different points in their lives. It is actually a much more childish and ridiculous act to lambast another person for something he is sincere about, particularly if you are not even familiar with the person and/or the body of work/belief that you are criticizing.

    @people passing judgment on the entire blog after only reading a few posts - Please do try reading from the very first post - or if you don't have the time/patience to read the whole blog, at least make it a point to read the first post. The author explains his intentions and goals clearly there, and each subsequent post works to flesh out the entire picture. Also:
    1) Of course this blog is pro-HoMin. Again, anyone would know that after reading the first post.
    2) One of the author's main goals from the beginning has been to offer a counterpoint to all the JYJ biased "news" articles and arguments. I believe Precious is operating under the assumption that most of the blog's visitors are people who are already well acquainted with the JYJ-slanted side of the story - which has for a very long time been pretty much the only story international fans in particular have been exposed to (this coming from an international fan who became immersed in TVXQ and its fandom soon after JCS' temp. contract injunction was granted).
    3) The blog only uses original Korean news/official documents as its sources. The news sources used are neutral reports that present facts without slant. Precious puts in a lot of time and effort to research and translate the documents here in full - I repeat, IN FULL - which in and of itself makes this blog an excellent resource for international fans to acquire factual information about the JCS-SM lawsuit, if they so please.

    @Precious - Thank you for your work as always. I've only come across portions of this statement before, and they were just some of the more potentially inflammatory segments. Reading the whole thing is... well. Will comment on both fathers' statements after re-reading them. It's kind of a lot to digest, reading them fully for the first time. I do find it a bit funny that these posts seem to have the most "ur just a homin bias and ur whole blog is biased newaizz!!" comments, seeing as how these posts are pretty much just pure translations.

  74. @ biathanatos

    Yes, it is telling that the translations get the most negative comments. :)

  75. From what I read from your blog, you only translated the statement "HoMin" side. What about the statement from "JYJ"? Seems like you were s HoMin biased and anti JYJ......

    The statement you translated out had already caused a lot of trouble in the fandom. Cassies split into 2 groups and started the fire on each other. It's really sad to see the situation comes out like that. *sighed*

    I have already read Nth translate versions for both sides' statement. Each side has their points to win the case. To be honest, there is no right or wrong in the lawsuit. Why don't we let the Court to make the judgment? I think it will be a honest, fair and accurate answer to the public.

  76. @ TVXQ 20S+ Fanz

    Personally regardless of who may win or loose the lawsuit, I don't see the point in Precious translating anything from JYJ's side seeing as enough fansites do that already. Plus if fans had waited for the courts to decide on everything in the First Place then we would all probably be more neutral as a fandom right now and Precious would have no need to even make this blog.

    @Precious Thank you so much for making this blog its really refreshing to actually have more of an idea on where Yunho and Changmin stand on this and I am getting more and more confident that I made the right decision to just support Yunho and Changmin.

    It was becoming too much for me to handle being a fan of all five. It's kind of ironic that it wasn't your site that made me choose a side or even JYJ, but some of the fans themselves. The hating comments were getting too extreme for me to put up with any longer.

    I am starting to truly believe that Yunho and Changmin are generally ok with staying in SM. I no longer hate SM or think they entirely to blame for all this or that they are forcing HOMIN to do things against their will. Yunho said in a magazine interview early in 2010 that he had never been forced to do anything that he didn't want to do. So I feel I should believe him. But if I am wrong about this well I would rather be fooled by a company then JYJ themselves.

    I am really disappointed that the translations of HOMIn's father's statements have been incompletely translated into english by some sites. When I read this part of Yunho's fathers statement I choked up because I never even knew he had said this in his statement,

    "I’d like to tell my son that the gains achieved with questionable methods will crumble just as easily, and also tell the same things to the 3 members who are like my sons."

    I think Yunho's father was not only worried for Yunho but also JYJ themselves at that time. Other wise I don't think he would have written that in his statement.

    I have read all your posts starting at the very first one and I will keep waiting patiently for the rest of you posts. Thank you so Much for all your hard work. ^-^

  77. @ TVXQ 20S+ Fanz

    Statements from JYJ side? Are you talking about interview bits and tweets? As Pippa said, there are translations for them out there already. There was no official signed statements from JYJ side.

    Also, throughout this ordeal until their comeback, HoMin each made just ONE statement, and there wasn't a SINGLE translation that was done correctly and completely, and you are accusing me of being unfair? Don't worry, I will get to what CJS said, and show how inconsistent they are. It's coming.

    @ Pippa
    I feel for your frustration. I hope my blog will clarify some of the confusion, and you are exactly right about the fans staying neutral. I wouldn't have made this blog if everyone stayed neutral and waited for the court verdict.

  78. @Precious
    Finding your blog is like a wakeup call for me. You have no idea how you have made me realized how vain a human person can be. I admire HoMin for protecting the name they worked so hard in shaping it. They were not a bunch of kids who were whining ... They are real men who talk less and do more.
    Thank you million time for your hard work I really do appreciate it.

    you know what?
    you may be right when you said that HoMin should not be called artists if it means using the pity and the money of their fans to achieve more fame.
    HoMin are not artist they are GODS, ROLE MODLES AND SUPERSTARS and thus being an artist is a SUB characteristic to them.
    They have enough charisma to make any (sane) one SUBMIT to them out of respect and not out of pity.

    @ to all those '' i am checking both sides''
    would you please stop using the same tactics that you usually use in your special places which is throwing dough randomly to see if it will stick or not.
    This blog presents a claim and a warrant that is supported with proves.
    It is not biased on invalid claim.
    you have the ultimate freedom to support your biased but don't support them by hiding the truth and accusing HoMin by things they didn't do.

  79. Hey, there! Reading your translation just makes me understand the situation more. The more I read into the whole situation, the more I inch toward HoMin's side. Of course, I have always supported them more than JYJ, though I did support JYJ as well. HoMin may not speak much, but when they do, nothing comes out of their mouth, except for brutal honesty(especially from Changmin:)) I'm neutral with JYJ, I just choose to not support them anymore. I swear I find it hard to trust anything that comes out of JYJ fans anymore. AKTF is dying in my heart. I find it a burden to support them as a five. If they ever come back again as all five, that's fine, but I can only support HoMin.

  80. Yunho is lucky to have such a loving and mindful father. My tears started pouring (as if I was watching a Korean Drama "Autumn Tale") when I read half way through the translation of Yunho's father statement. I have always guessed the cosmetic business was some sort of "multi level" business even before I read this translation and I was right :-).

    My 8 years old son, my 3 years old daughter, and I wish U-Know and Max lots of luck, love, and happiness.

    I'm a big fan of U-know while my 2 children adore Max since he is as tall and handsome like their Daddy. Hehehe.

  81. I cant stop my tears when he said " my son "
    god... he's just a father who love his son.. but why everyone said he has some deal with sme?
    omg.. poor my daddy~ my lord.. please give us your hand~

  82. "the business can damage TVXQ’s image, and the members can incur enormous loss because the business was using TVXQ in direct and indirect way." Im agree with this.

  83. "Taking a legal action and denying the effect of the contract, causing huge public backlash without any discussion with two members is an act of ignoring the two members’ rights (Yunho, Changmin), and it’s causing them tremendous damage." OMG i agree with this too.

  84. Awww.. I love Yunho's father. You can feel in his statement his sincerity.

    To be honest, Yunho and Changmin isn't the type of person to be controlled by others. Especially Changmin! Even his hyungs can't control him! haha and there are proofs of that. So, to those people saying that they are controlled or whatsoever, come on guys don't be ridiculous. They have their own minds like JYJ you know.

  85. both yunho and changmin father not just some brainless person that rambling for their needs
    they are lawyer and teacher, so they know how to see things objectively
    if they really desperate need money or the business look promising without tarnish TVXQ name, i think they will agree, also SME will support it. but the real deal its not like that.

    oh well ...
    i love the new TVXQ ^^

  86. To begin with, I love tvxq..I love them all 5 members...and I've been reading a lot of blogs with supporting information of hearing and court cases...
    This one is a good site but it left out cross-examination by SM...maybe its a little bit toward JYJ..Im reading this site along with the truetvxq

    Obviously either SM or TVXQ is presenting wrong information or lying

    Either JYJ might be lured by the greed of cosmetic business..actually i didn't quite agree with involving with cosmetic business..I think it is more toward commercial than music!!

    But I still think SM's information is not independent and especially, yunho and Changmin's statement in term of changmin and yunho resigned a new contract with SM....and they now are current employee of SM and are going to continue work for them for very long period of time.Therefore, it might be possible that the company has influence on it..

    In my country (I don't know about korean but i think it might be similar), when dealing with court case, a lot of time the lawyer listened to the story of the witness and then put it in their own technical words....and the witness only has to read it carefully and sign on it if he agrees...

    Also, I think it is possible that he is told to sign and goes along with the according to jaejoong's view of the court case, its not official was a nomikai a little party where people told a story and he said that there are some lies going around the case..

    and it is not possible for SM to control of public press..most asian countries, it is not hard at all to control the media and press if you have power or my country, it is hard to get the true information on public press...mostly the internet is the best source!

  87. I typed it wrong it should be "it is not impossible for SM to control some TV channels"

    and whether it is profit distribution is fair not, I think the best way is to look at financial statement but then again it won't tell how much revenue and expense TVXQ solely made...maybe we need an external auditor as a witness hahah

  88. I love how the five of them coming together as a group makes them soo invincible. I <3 TVXQ AND, I have to say, yunho is my bias. I never doubt his moral values, but, I will still see things at my own views(to be as unbiased as possible) and stand firm on the side that live up to their moral values. I decided to read more about the lawsuit and all the rumors that are floating around. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE EFFORTS U PUT IN TO TRANSLATE THIS!

    After reading this statement, I can't help but log in to leave a comment. I can understand how JYJ's fans ship their idols and THINKS that whatever their idols do are right. Yet, this makes them blind to many REAL TRUTH OUT THERE THAT HIT THEM TOO HARD FOR THEM TO ACCEPT. Probably thats why they started bashing yunho's father even.

    But, personally when i read this, I only felt the love from a father, that wants his son to be an upright person that do not do things against his conscience. He WANTS to protect his son just like any father will! I cried reading the part when he said how his son is so young and future still seems unknowing to him; and also, when he mentions that " TVXQ, that my son values more than his life, is facing this crisis and its reputation damaged." Just look at yunho, & how much hard work he had put in to make sure he always put up the best performance, I NEVER doubt that he values TVXQ more than his life.

    Until today, I was unable to feel the emotional pains that Homin had been through. Especially when they have done nothing wrong.

    1. Even if the exclusive contract of 13 years we paying out unfair profits and all, I dun think it should be a strong point for the to sue the company as IN THE FIRST PLACE, they would all have read the contract through AND went through a lot of thinking before they actually sign on a contract RIGHT? SO, IT'S A CHOICE THEY MADE & THEY SHLD TAKE RESPONSIBILITY OF IT, even if they were to regret. NO ONE, force them to sign those "UNPROFITABLE CONTRACTS" isn't it?

    2. why should HoMin be blamed! when one signs a contract and decide to stay on till the end of the contract, it is by common sense, the right thing to do THATS THE PURPOSE OF SIGNING A CONTRACT. If a person signs contract so as to void it as and when they like then, wads the point?! Homin are doing what is right. Doing what is right doesn't have to involve ANY BENEFITS, cos the best thing u gain is you never do things against ur conscience. SO, WHY SHOULD THEY BE CALLED BETRAYAL? to be honest, JYJ leaving the two in pursue of *whatever* SHOWS the true definition of Betrayal. [sorry, I dun hate JYJ, but ppl who left and bring sorrows and pains to the others.. I just can't agree]

    3. && after the separation, JYJ actually started preparing for new albums even before HoMin. [how could they bring pains to others and move on first?!] *bias here opps*

    4. In the beginning of yr 2011, it is not rare to see JYJ & Homin releasing songs & albums almost concurrently. But, HoMin never started talking about the lawsuit issue and whatever they said they dun put jyj at a difficult position. HOWEVER, often, jyj leaves comments that make things even more difficult for HoMin. For eg, Junsu's tweet on twitter and how they always tell the media HoMin are not answering their calls/are avoiding them. DUN THEY KNOW that will cause cassies in support of jyj to continue their "hatred" towards HoMin?!

    I just felt that jyj's action are kind of irresponsible and even so, they do not know where went wrong and continue will child-like actions towards HoMin.

    aren't you guys suppose to be as 1? it is sad to see how HoMin especially changmin grows up so much in short period to make themselves into someone stronger.

    I always thought: AKTF! but sometimes I can't help but think, even when the day comes & they are back tgt, they will never be the same again. =(


    Would u mind to share this valuable information with the rest of Cassiopeia?

    It's worth of telling the truth to them? Besides, it wouldn't violate anything right? ^^

    When I was reading this post, I had to swallow my pride for it. I had this pride towards TVXQ ever since I first started being a fan.

    Well, I'm a step closer towards finding the truth.

    Thanks so much for clearing this all up!

  90. I've always been a huge TVXQ fan since like...nearly forever. HAHA!! but I sort of drifted away right before this whole thing.
    So I don't really understand the relation between the cosmetic company thing and the contract?! Like how could that event be justified as the main/only reason for JYJ's actions?
    And as far as I'm concerned, this all shouldn't be a battle of HoMin vs JYJ, rather a search for the truth. Besides I doubt JYJ and HoMin are really at loggerheads with each other personally?
    Sad to say though I prefer JYJ's music to HoMin's, but I still support both.

  91. hello.. I know it's kind of late to be reading about this.. during the whole "crisis" i was so heartbroken that i didn't care to know the facts.. all i wanted was for jyj+homin to be back as TVXQ no matter which company they signed themselves into as long as they're together.. but after years of waiting, sadly, they're still as they are now.. T-T ..

    Anywayz, I'm neither JYJ-biased or Homin biased.. i love the five of them and i don't want to take part in the blaming game.. though at first i must admit that i was so disappointed with HoMin for not leaving SM with JYJ.. But after all these years I still find myself so heartbroken from all these and i realized that I have not moved on.. (i know i sound like my boyfriend just broke up with me.. but to tell the truth this is more painful.. XD ).. and so I decided to at least try to understand why they broke up, coz I couldn't just accept it.. and i wanted to understand.. so I came across an article in allkpop regarding HoMin's fathers' statements and someone posted a link to this site.. I'm so glad to have found this sight coz itz helping me understand things.. i'm not saying i agree with you on everything, your site has been a very great help in somehow trying to find my own understanding of the "TRUTH" behind their break up.. I'll be reading thejyjfiles when i'm finished with your blog and then maybe i can finally understand something by looking at the both sides' argument.. DBSK (as 5) really meant so much to me that I just couldn't sit still without really understanding everything..I have been feeling down for like 2 years now because of this whole mess.

    thank you so much for your hard work.. ^_^

    and by the way, reading the statement of Yunho's father really made me cry.

  92. oh! (another) by the way, i love how you posted the lyrics for rising sun at the left side panel of this site...^_^

  93. My bias is the bad one . JYJ , too greedy and Homin , too pitiful . Let me kill myself... things just got worse and complicated . I don't know what to do . Should I just hate my bias ? Or just leave K-pop ? Before I know the truth , I've said in my heart "JYJ is wrong and greedy for picking money over friendship , they deserved the bashes they got". After reading this blog ,its more than I expected it would be . They seems to be so evil . I really don't know ! AH , I hate this ! This wouldn't happen if there's no lawsuit . I HATE EVERYTHINGG !

  94. I cried reading this. I can feel Yunho's father's love for his son ... Like he bothers to write 4 pages of long essay to protect him. T-T

  95. I'm a new fan of TVXQ. And I found them after they broke up. So I can say that I'm quite fair when it comes to sixth sense or something. (Wth) LOL.

    Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that after I knew about them (the breakup and stuff), I was about to stand in JYJ side until I read around(Youtube,allkpop) about the twitter thing. I started to feel JYJ is fishy and always make use of social media to gain the pity of others...

    So I started to try to know more about TVXQ and I really think that TVXQ is at the better side.

    Well, what my point is that since I dont love them before this lawsuit began (lol, just trying to make my comment more valuable) , I felt that JYJ is more in the wrong.

  96. I would like to start off and say that I am a little biased towards JYJ in terms of music, but not in any way in terms of this whole lawsuit. I would also like to point out that since this was a statement made by Yunho's father, it is bound to be from a different perspective than the parents of JYJ. It might or might not be biased, but as I was reading, I got the tone that this was mainly the 3 members' faults for not considering the other 2 members, and I agree with that to a certain extent, but I'm not really sure if this is ONLY because of them. I'm pretty sure SM Ent. also had faults in this situation, but I think solely using this article as a source can be a little biased. I'm not saying I don't believe this, I'm saying this just gives perspective into the whole case. I wouldn't use this as my only argument, because I'm sure if JYJ's parents were to come out with their statements, it will also sound like they were the victims of the situation. In my opinion, there isn't a "better" side. Everyone had their own problems, and I'm sure that we'll never be able to fully understand what happened to the 5, but I will try my best to understand their own personal decisions and respect the things they do. The best way in my opinion is just to read not just articles from one point of view, but from both JYJ and HoMin's point of view to gain a wider perspective. The last thing anyone wants is a biased view on this case.

  97. i dont know what to believe, ive seen so many different views, i dont think its any of their faults, to think that some people actually blieve thAT JYJ left Sm because of money??!! would they really leave the group they were together with for 7 years or so years just because they wanted more money??!! But ever since the lawsiut i felt really bad for Yunho, i feel like he got the most blame because he is the leader and he couldn't keep the group together, but its not his fault what the other 3 members choose to do, its there decision, so how is this Yunho's fault??!! and i felt like he had to suffer the most.. after the lawsiut, he always looked really sad, and it just makes me want to cry:( i feel happy that Yunho's father is supporting him, but i dont like his tone, and how he's blaming th othr 3 members. they should gang up on sm, not on each other, thy are still a team, they never actually disbanded, its just that JYJ didn't want to stay with sm.

    (sorry if this doesn't make much sense, i just feel so angry about the whole lawsuit thing, i have so many different feelings about it. i dont think its any of their faults, i just dont get why the other 3 couldn't of stayed in sm so they could stay together as a group.)

  98. These are all the reasons I know that led to this crisis, and it is really sad that TVXQ, that my son values more than his life, is facing this crisis and its reputation damaged.

    the most break-hearting line ever. yes I am Yunho (hardly) biased. and I love TVXQ bcz of him too. and I don't understand why the hell CJS leave only for that lamb-placenta cosmetic that the brand even not well-known
    it's like thrown diamond for rocks. they are out of their mind.
    Yunho and Changmin have all my respect.
    i know i have been blind enough this 3 years (being ot5, which is ridiculous) that I don't even search about this and never wonder why Homin stayed.
    and now I have all the answers. I hope karma slaps those so-called brother hardly. LOL
    thank you so much for this. your post are as precious as you :)

  99. Just let them be. We are not even know the real damn truth. It useless when you talk bout this again and again. Just support them

  100. There's so much lies on this blog.

    TrueTVXQ is the most deceitful and despicable blogs that distorts the truth and has mistranslated so much. YOu people are absolutely ignorant sheep for believing this idiot. The owner of truetvxq is a hateful anti-JYJ fan.

    1. Then can you please provide your real name, the parts of the translation that you allege are false and the rectified version? The original document was already uploaded for you, so you should have been able to point out the specific discrepancies and translation errors. Why was that not done? Why would you call people names instead or providing the truth, if what you allege is true?