Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Why Cosmetics Business?

Throughout this ordeal, SM has maintained that this trouble was started because of CJS's cosmetic business. Many fans argue that artists' have right to run their own business, and SM should not interfere with CJS's personal business. Fans also claim that SM is just using the business to divert public's attention from the real cause of this trouble, the "slave" contract.

If that's the case, then why the Cosmetics business? I have a feeling that if SM was using it purely as an excuse, I'd think SM could come up with a more convincing reason because I basically agree with the above sentiments that there's nothing wrong with artists running their own business for profits.

Also, the fact that SM is testifying in court about the business made me think that there's (again) more to it. SM obviously is trying to win the case, and if the business had nothing to do with the case, then there's no reason for SM to take it to court.

There are also some facts that are not known to international fans, and false articles about the cosmetics business, and I am going to cover them in future posts.


  1. Many thanks for posting your thoughts on this matter. It certainly helps to hear all the various facts & opinions, particularly for us international fans. IMHO, at this point in time, I cant help but think that there may be other undisclosed reasons for the breakdown in the relationship :0(

  2. http://dnbn.pe.kr/bbs/zboard.php?id=db01&no=29399

    hi could u translate this article, it's an interview of Homin and ppl think allkpop translation is not accurate

  3. @ kendalove

    There are few different versions of that particular interview in Korea as well, some with more info than others. The article from the link you posted is slightly different than the one from Allkpop. Allkpop has more comments made by HoMin than the one from the link you provided, and I think the translation is accurate enough. There are subtle differences like "geese" was actually "migratory birds", "We are suffering difficulties, we just feel it’s more appropriate if we don’t say it.” should be translated to "There are difficulties, but we feel it's better if we don't say anything.".

    As far as I know, those articles were deleted because they were released earlier than they were supposed to be. The interviews will be released again tomorrow. When the articles are released again, I'll read them and check if there's too much discrepancy between translations.

  4. @Precious.
    Thanks for the info on the interview article. I was about to send that to you as well but thought you would be busy with this blog. LOL I think you are about the only one I trust with translations now. Tomorrow, when you get the article, could you please pay special attention to what Changmin said about it not being right for geese that leave the formation to want to come back. I know JYJ fans are going to crucify CM for that.

  5. @ catherine

    Ah, so that's the part you guys were worried about. He is already getting bashed for it in Korea by JYJ fans, but you know what? I don't think he is concerned about it at all, otherwise he wouldn't have said it. Besides, HoMin will get crucified for whatever they say anyways, so what was said is not important at all. YunHo was bashed for saying that they're waiting for the 3 to come back so whatever.

    I was actually pleasantly surprised with that interview. I visit many non-fan sites, and many male fans really liked his gutsy comment, and some are even buying the new TVXQ album because most non-fans know what happened and rooting for TVXQ. TVXQ is going to get many new male fans LOL.

  6. @precious.
    What? Now, they are bashing YH for saying they are waiting for the 3? OMG. You just can't win with these crazy fanatics. At first, I wished YH & CM's PR had managed it better but then I realized that's exactly why I like CM. I absolutely know he would never say anything that was not true. Except for the immature, ppl here seem to be taking it OK as well So, maybe I was the only one worried. Thanks again.

  7. Hi Precious,
    I learned about your blog from the TVXQ Fanboard yesterday.
    I haven't time to read all of your articles, but so far I really like it.
    Finally we have a blog that represent the situation with right mind (and it's in English)!!

    I'm a Japanese fan living in Southern California.

    When I discovered TVXQ, they were already separated.
    Because of JYJ's comments and action, I believed SM was an evil empire and it would be possible that 5 would be back together only if Yunho and Changmin could get out of the SME prison.

    When I watched Japanese year end music shows I was so shocked by how Yunho and especially Changmin looked.
    I immediately started praying hard for them to just survive. I was so scared that they might take their own lives...

    It still gives me a chill and tears when I remember these horrible feelings I held back then.

    In Japan, early last year, my friend started the blog called "Seeking the Truth" (http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/sayori1233)which contains just facts and documents and opened so many people's eyes.
    Then someone started another blog in last August that examines JYJ side's action and words with burning passion (http://ameblo.jp/naillovegirl/) .

    We are fighting back now.

    I never want to see HoMin's sad faces anymore, ever again.

    Anyhow, I'm so happy to know that there IS someone who can see everything happened in this TVXQ incident with fair mind and cool intelligence!

    Thanks for reading...
    Sorry for poor grammar...

  8. @precious, thanks for another clarification abt recent HoMin interview ^^ and u r right whatever HoMin say,they get bashed anyway!

  9. @ catherine

    Now they're back, they have no choice but to participate in these interviews, so they might as well speak the truth. Besides, if you look at what he said, it's all true. :)

    Yeah, JYJ fans want YH to get out of SM, but not the other way, so they bash YH for it. LOL

    @ mari

    Yes, if you were a true fan of all 5, you should have noticed that there was something wrong at the time, but blind fans only wanted to see what they want to see.

    @ adrenalinss

    What can you do. They'll go through it, I mean they've been through worse.

    BTW, there were other interview articles published today, and it sounds like YH & CM are ready to clear up a lot of misunderstandings.

  10. @ Precious

    I read the article in Allkpop, and I happy with HoMin's answers. I found their answers to be straight forward (or truthful) and honest. Of course there wouldn't be ALL right among them (HoMin and JYJ) and I'm glad they not deny that fact and strongly move on for us fan. Like they said, "What’s already happened is too big for just the two of us to solve on our own" and I totally agreed with that, the situation they in are not that simple. I would even dare said things getting TOTALLY out of hands. Too many speculations, too many rumors, and too much BASHING.

    Before they express how they feel regard THE topic, fans said why they won't said anything and now they said it and fans said they lying and whatever reason their mind make up to justify themselves to be negative toward HoMin.

    All I can hope right now is for them to stay strong and continue to be happy, and be honest with themselves as well to us fans. I know the truth hurt, but I rather hurt (but with better understanding - and I'll get over eventually) than being "lie" (not sure which word to use here) to with false hope.

    hehe I might sound bias toward HoMin, well... Changmin is my bias, but I'll try to be reasonable and open mind toward ALL three parties (SME, TVXQ, and JYJ). With your posts so far open my eyes toward SME as I before led to believe they TOTALLY evil. So thank you for your effort and sorry for ranting :p

  11. I just found this site today (: and truthfully, this is totally cool!

    Though my favorite member is Jaejoong (and still is), I do think the action he took is kinda.. not right? >..<

    So I don't take any side though.. I might lean more towards DBSK >..< LOL

    Thank you for your help (:

  12. Dear Precious,

    I asked myself the same question like you, hence I slowly went through all the news articles on Allkpop and fansites about Crebeau and SM. And all I want to say is that, the truth is lying in plain sight.

  13. @ Hotaru, Yuuki and karenteh

    If all the fans stayed neutral like you guys, TVXQ may still be together. Fans had a big hand in this split believe it or not. I'll post about it too.

  14. precious...you're so precious XD...i love ur site...i've been reading some posts...woah! Please, continue with this blog!!!


  15. Hi Precious,

    I always keep update for ur blog. Thank you once again for providing some details that is not provided in other fansites. Also, thanks for ur 'objectivity' (well i know some ppl might see it as homin biased site), but u really pin point the facts and logic.

    Abt the cosmetic business. I dunno if I ask to early bfore u can explain. Becoz in one fansite I read that Chinese court rules out tht cosmetic business is supposed to be invalid. They stated that it has nothing to do w/ JYJ lawsuit case. And I'd like to know, does the result from chinese court will effect korean court decision ?

    Thanks once again.

  16. @ ayoepan

    I know about that article. That article belongs to the "Lies" section too LOL. You'll see how some reporters cleverly mixes two different facts to make it sound like one by leaving out some crucial details.

  17. Ah I knew it something wrong abt tht article...
    Sorry if I mentioned this here... But I'm kinda confused w/ JCS and their cosmetic business. Bcoz it is clearly stated tht they privately own cosmetic business, but not long time ago... I saw them endorse another cosmetic product. It's really confusing to me... :/

    I can't wait for your update. :)

  18. @ ayoepan

    No worries, someone already asked about that article. I'll post about it soon.

  19. @mari
    "When I watched Japanese year end music shows I was so shocked by how Yunho and especially Changmin looked.
    I immediately started praying hard for them to just survive"
    I saw 1 music show too but i forget the name and they erase the vid from YT. they perform stand by you that time.
    pay attention to MC and 3 member. They even not see Yunho and Changmin there. That time everybody think Yunho and Changmin on the wrong side. I want to slap the MC