Friday, January 21, 2011

The statement released by Changmin's father

Here's the translation of the statement released by Changmin's father.

It was released at the same time as Yunho's father's statement. If you haven't read it already, here's his statement:

Also, make sure to note the date it was released (Nov 1, 2009) and imagine the circumstances and events during that time.

Here's a link to a Korean article about the fathers' statements.

I'll talk about the statements by HoMin and their fathers in the subsequent post, and post about the cosmetics business in detail. Here's the translation followed by the text transcript and the original scanned copy of the statement.


This is Shim Dongsik, father of TVXQ member, Shim Changmin.

I have been teaching Korean for 27 years.

My son Shim Changmin signed an exclusive contract with SM Entertainment, and has been working as the youngest member of the group TVXQ until now.

The injunction filed by the three members is totally against the principles of life that I’ve been teaching my son and my students for 27 years as a teacher and violates the common sense, morality, and loyalty. Also, it is regrettable that the court’s judgment was given because of the distorted truth.

I’d like to use this chance to reveal the root cause of this situation, and I am writing this statement hoping the three members would stop violating the common sense, morality and trust any longer.

In a word, the cause and the reason the three members filed the injunction is the monetary reasons related to the cosmetics company, or some other monetary gains.
As far as I know, the claims about unfair contract or incorrect profit distribution are just excuses to hide the real reason.

If I give a specific example, after 3 members started the cosmetics business and attended the company’s business presentation in China, I talked to one of the parent over the phone, and he said absurd things like: “This business may become worth 10’s and 100’s of millions of dollars. After we list the company through backdoor listing using another company listed on Kosdaq, we will spread the news of TVXQ’s involvement in the business, and when the stock starts to go up, we will give you information so you can buy the stocks.”

In addition, when there was a meeting between TVXQ’s parents and SM’s CEO Kim Youngmin because of problems related to the cosmetics business, we were explained that the cosmetics business could tarnish TVXQ’s image, and TVXQ can incur enormous loss, so we needed to refrain from the business.

One of the parents resisted strongly and refused the request. Afterwards, when the 5 parents had a separate meeting, one of the parents said, “We will stop working with SM. We heard that another company is willing to pay huge signing bonus. If two parents join us, we will talk to the president of the cosmetics company to give you company shares.”
Afterwards, they proceeded with the lawsuit after sending content-certified mail to SM.

The cosmetics business had problems in itself, but when I first heard about the business, I didn’t even understand why TVXQ, a group that was becoming Asia’s top group, needed to be involved in a business that wasn’t even big, and there were whispers that it was a multi-level company. My son had exact same thoughts as mine.

After starting to have trouble with the company because of the cosmetics business, the three members began to exert tremendous pressure against the two members directly and indirectly to leave the company together with them. The two members were almost in emotional panic because they shared the room and traveled in the same car, and they were unable to say anything outside because of this situation.

I had to swallow tears many times watching my son suffering in pain while quietly enduring it without saying a word.

We wanted a good result until the last minute while the injunction was progressing. I didn’t make any statement because the court advised to refrain from making statements through media, but I decided it’s time to tell the truth now.

The three members claim that the contract is unfair and the profit distribution is not correct, but when we signed the contract for the first time and subsequently modified the contract five times, my son and I had clear discussion and agreement with the company, and we also clearly reviewed all the paperwork when we calculated profit before agreeing to it. The three members and their parents know exactly about these, but it’s a shame they keep making false claims to hide the truth.

TVXQ was born with the vision of activities in Japan, China, and rest of Asia. My son and I agreed to this vision explained by the company, and we extended our original contract term from 10 years to 13 years to achieve this huge dream together with the company. 

TVXQ is my son’s dream and everything in his life, but if all the sweat and effort accumulated for the past 5 years crumbles by false claims, I believe my son would be deeply wounded.

My son and I will keep the trust, justice and the promise. TVXQ was planned in SM entertainment, and created by SM Entertainment and the members including my son, and I believe it must not exist without SM Entertainment.
If TVXQ represented Korea and Asia without keeping the basic justice and principles that needs to be followed by a human being, what can the children, our future, learn and follow?
I believe TVXQ, the group representing Asia, will truly shine when all the members keep the trust and promises on the side of the justice, and moreover, such TVXQ will be able share the precious value and dream with the fans and growing children.


저는 동방신기 멤버인 심 창민군의 아버지 심 동식라고 합니다. 저는 27년동안 국어교사로서 교편을 잡아왔습니다.

제 아들 심 창민군은 에스엠 엔터테인먼트와 전속계약을 체결하고 그룹 동방신기의 막내멤버로써 합류하여 지금까지 활동해 오고 있습니다.

저 는 27년동안 교직에 종사한 사람으로서 제가 항상 학생들과 아들에게 가르쳐온 인생의 원칙과 너무나 다른 상식과 도덕, 신의에 어긋난 세명의 멤버들의 금번 가처분 신청에 대해서, 또한 호도된 진실로 인한 금번 법원의 판결에 대해서 너무나도 안타까운 심정입니다. 저는 지금 이러한 기회를 통해서 금번 사건이 일어나게 된 본질적인 이유가 밝혀져서 상식과 도덕, 신의를 세명의 멤버들도 더 이상 저버리지 않기를 바라는 마음에서 이 글을 쓰게 되었습니다.

한마디로 말씀드리자면 세 명의 멤버들이 법원에 금번 가처분 신청을 제기한 발단이자 이유는 화장품 회사등과 관련된 금전적인 이유, 혹은 또다른 금전적인 이득을 위한것일 뿐입니다. 전속계약이 부당하다라느니 수익배분이 정확하지 않다느니 하는 이야기들은 제가 알고있는 한 그러한 본질적 이유를 가리고자 하는 핑계에 불과합니다.

단적인 예를 들자면, 세명의 멤버가 화장품 사업을 시작하고 중국의 화장품 회사 사업설명회에 참석한 이후에 그중 한명의 부모님과의 통화를 하였을 때 "이 사업이 장차 수백억, 수천억이 될지 모르는 사업입니다. 저희들이 앞으로 코스닥 회사를 우회상장 해서 "동방신기가 사업을 한다"라고 소문을 내서 주가가 막 치솟을 때 미리 정보를 드릴 테니 주식을 사세요." 라는 어처구니 없는 말을 하기도 하였습니다.

또한 화장품 회사관련 문제가 생겨서 에스엠 엔터테인먼트의 김영민 대표이사와 전체 동방신기 멤버들의 부모님들과의 만남이 있었던 자리에서 화장품 사업으로 인해서 동방신기에 대한 이미지가 실추되고 동방신기에 대한 막대한 피해가 있을수도 있으니 화장품 사업을 자제하라 라고 설명받은 자리가 있었습니다. 이 때 한 부모님은 강하게 반발을 하면서 완강히 거절했고 그 후 5명의 부모끼리 시간을 갖은 자리에서 한 부모님이 "이제 에스엠하고는 그만 하겠다. 그리고 이미 다른 기획사에서 거액의 계약금을 준다는 이야기도 들었다. 두 부모님께서 함께해 주신다면 화장품 회사 회장님에게 이야기해서 화장품 회사의 지분을 드리겠다"라고 이야기했고, 그 후에 에스엠 엔터테인먼트에 내용증명을 보내고 소송이 진행되었던 것입니다.

화장품 사업은 그 자체도 문제가 있지만 처음 이야기를 들었을 때부터 저는 도대체 왜 이제 아시아 최고의 그룹으로 성장하고 있는 동방신기가 대형 화장품 회사도 아닌 다단게 회사였다라는 이야기까지 들리는 그러한 화장품 회사의 사업을 해야 하는지 전혀 이해가 되지 않았고, 저의 아들도 저와 똑 같은 생각을 갖고 있었습니다.

세 명의 맴버가 화장품사업으로 인해 회사외 불화가 생긴 이후에 두명의 멤버에 대해서도 같이 회사를 나가자는 엄청난 직간접적인 압력을 행사하게 되었고 두명의 멤버들은 세명의 멤버들로부터 이렇게 정신적인 압박을 받고 있는데도 현실적으로는 숙소를 같이 쓰고 차량을 같이타고 이동하며 대외적으로는 한마디 말도 할 수 없는 상황때문에 심리적인 공황상태에 빠질 정도였습니다. 저는 이렇게 고통받고, 그러한 고통 속에서도 아무말도 하지 못하고 묵묵히 견디고 있는 아들의 모습을 보면서 수없이 눈물을 삼켰습니다.

소송이 진행되는 마지막까지 좋은결과를 바랬고 또한 법원에서 언론발표를 자제하라는 말씀도 전해듣고 지금까지 저도 일체 함구하고 있었지만 이제는 사실을 말씀드려야 한다고 생각합니다.

세 명의 멤버들은 계약이 부당하고 정산이 불투명하다고 주장하지만 저와 저의 아들은 소속사와 처음 계약을 체결했을때부터 새로 계약을 다섯차례 갱실할 때에 정확히 소속사와 협의하고 동의하여 계약을 체결했으며, 수차레 수입 정산을 할 때에도 모든 자료를 정확히 검토하고 동의하여 확인해 왔습니다. 이러한 사정을 세명의 멤버들과 그 부모들도 정확히 알고 있음에도 진실을 숨기기 위한 거짓주장만을 하는 그들이 참 안타까울 따름입니다.

동방신기는 탄생 과정부터 일본과 중국, 아시아 시장으로 진출하고자 하는 비젼을 가지고 탄생한 그룹입니다. 저도 저의 아들도 이러한 비젼에 대해서 소속사로부터 설명을 듣고 공감하였고, 소속사와 함께 원대한 꿈을 이루기 위해서 모든 멤버들과 부모들이 데뷰하기 젼 10년이었던 계약기간을 13년으로 갱신하여 계약을 맺었던 것입니다.

동방신기는 제 아들의 꿈이며 인생의 전부이고, 이를 위해 지난 5년간 쌓아온 땀과 노력이 세명의 멤버들의 거짓된 주장들로 무너지게 된다면 저의 아들의 상처는 너무나도 클 것 같습니다.

저와 저의 아들은 정의와 신뢰, 그리고 약속을 지킬 것입니다. 동방신기는 에스엠 엔터테인먼트에서 기획되었고, 에스엠 엔터테인먼트와 저의 아들을 포함한 멤버들이 함께 만들어 왔으며 에스엠 엔터테인먼트를 떠나서는 존재해서는 안된다고 생각합니다.

사람으로서 지켜야 할 기본적인 정의와 원칙이 지켜지지 않는 동방신기가 한국과 아시아를 대표했을 때 우리의 미래인 아이들은 무엇을 배우고 따를까요?

저는 진정한 아시아를 대표하는 그룹인 동방신기의 멤버들 모두가 신뢰와 약속을 지키고 정의가 서 있을 때 진정한 빛을 발할 수 있으며, 또한 그러한 동방신기로 인해 팬들과 자라나는 어린 아이들이 소중한 가치관과 꿈을 공유할 수 있을 거라고 믿고 있습니다.


  1. thanks you for your translation
    I knew it from the beginning n i think everyone with common sense will eventually see what lie behind all those twisted statement by jyj's side.
    no wonder why chang min was so angry during their last performance together and you can tell that the emotion he portrait while singing Keep ur head down is real.

    If u look closely as their background (sorry i don't mean to bash anyone), Homin's parents are always the least profitable from their son celebrity status (Changmin's parent are teacher, Yunho'dad work in justice fied). While JYJ's parent always involve in business that profit from DBSK's fans and fame (pizza shop, cosmetic shop, ice cream shop ... even Junsu's brother tried to be a singer now ...)... and it seem like it'll never be enough ...

  2. Thanks precious for another update.
    Changmin's father statement has the same consistency like Yunho's dad. With much clearer explanations I have to say.

    The 'one's parent' definitely very active in promoting the cosmetic business. From Homin's dad statements and also from my personal observations, this 'one's parent' seems aware about business conduct. I'm pretty sure he also very well informed about his son's contract since the beginning. That's why his move to sue SM because of unfair profit distribution is kinda dolt and questionable.

    I'm interested in the development of Crebeau/WishopPlus rite now. 'One's parent' is pretty sure to get listed in Kosdaq. I'm sorry but I smirk regarding this. I remember few months ago, YG entertaiment try to get listed in Kosdaq but failed. So I'm pretty sure Kosdaq has strict screening and this Crebeau/WishopPlus is wht... Oh rite its initially multilevel marketing company...
    Still, I'm curious if the company is get listed and check Kosdaq's website and found nothing abt Crebeau/WishopPlus except, like 'this one's parent' said, it get listed through the name of other company. Do you have any idea whts happen to their cosmetic business? Because I'm sure the lawsuit drama wont bring any good to the stocks value.

    A person that I know went to one of CJS cosmetic shop. She said tht rather than cosmetic shop, it looks like member's shrine. Quite 'shady' and seems the business heavily relies on fans. It's pretty disappointment really. I never hate CJS, seriously, since I ve been a fan for 5 years. But yeah... I kinda dislike any business tht takes advantages from one's fame. It ll be different case if they really take and improve their business professionally. But.. seems its not like that...

    And one more, I know how it feels to be pressured by BFF's. Homin stays w/ CJS for almost 5 years and during tht time they get pressured to leave the company too. Glad they still stand on their feet instead of everything. Homin got my respects! :)

    Once again, thanks Precious.

  3. “This business may become worth 10’s and 100’s of millions of dollars. After we list the company through backdoor listing using another company listed on Kosdaq, we will spread the news of TVXQ’s involvement in the business, and when the stock starts to go up, we will give you information so you can buy the stocks.” NOOO!!! This is not right T)0(T , the name shouldn't be use in this way, if they want to use the TVXQ name, they should do it in the open or rightness way (not sure how to explain this) not underhand method like this.

    "We heard that another company is willing to pay huge signing bonus" hmmm... this is not cool T.T and it sound shady too...

    This also sound like KARA's case... outside company want to sign with them with greater profit. Nicole close with Jaejong. Coincident? maybe... just my assumption/speculate anyway. I'm just over-thinking with this whole KARA's case.

    My respect for HoMin is rising after this whole ordeal, because they stay strong (emotionally) ,professional, and level head. Poor HoMin and their family, getting bash and accusation when they follow their principles.

  4. After reading this, it seems that a lot of this could have been JYJ's parents fault. I'm not saying they themselves are innocent in this matter, but their parents were probably influencing them in some way. I guess I need to wait and read more. Thanks again, Precious.

  5. @ayoepan: i think we both know which parent we're talking about :D ... It'll be even more interesting when Precious post about the 6.25 cause i read there was a lot of twisted information and victim played game

    About Kara's case, i think it could be benefice for SM cause this case is like a joke. Suddenly they're suing and a minute later some member back out. We can see that all the company aren't pleased with this and so far Core Content Media already voice their displeased. After this Kepa will take this matter seriously to prevent future rebel and this could affect the court's decision.

  6. @kendalove: We both have the same idea. :)
    There's no other options anyway XD. Yeah I also cant wait for Precious's post abt 6.25 meeting, since, imo, tht 'damn' meeting is the starting point of malicious rumors... >:(

    I never really knew abt Kara's problem until one of you mentioned it. And just after their Japanese success! Well..well...DEJAVU...
    But I guess TVXQ+Kara's case finally awake ppl in ent. business.

  7. @ ayeopan

    I'll be posting about Crebeau in detail pretty soon. It's already been almost 2 years, and I don't think the cosmetics business is doing that well, but that really doesn't matter now.

    I wanna believe that the conflicts between the members started because of the cosmetics, and their relationships were fine until then.

    If you watch the videos during that time, you can kinda see the separation between the two groups, and there are subtle uneasiness between the two.

    @ robbiechick47
    I'm sure the parents had a lot of influence, but ultimately, it's the members' responsibility.

    @ Hotaru @kendalove
    On the surface, TVXQ case is similar to Kara's, but there are lot of differences too. We'll see what happens with them. I'm totally looking at Kara's situation as an outsider.

    @ kendalove
    You make a great point there. HoMin's parents are not involved in any business related to TVXQ unlike the others.

  8. I also agree with you. I do think JYJ members were influenced by their parents (for greed). But, who isn't influenced by their parents? Just as the parents of YH & CM influenced them for honesty and truth, I can forgive JYJ for doing what their parents wanted them to if it was only to leave/sue Sm. No matter their reason for leaving SM (so called slave contract, unfair profit distribution, wanting to do their own music, wanting not to work so much..etc) no matter what their reason, I would have still supported them.
    However, that's not all they did. For me, I feel that JYJ intentionally allowed the blame to fall on YH & CM and their family. They allowed their fans to hurt YH & CM even though they knew that YH & CM did not do anything! They kept quiet knowing that the fans were hurting them. That, I just can't stand. How can they ever live with themselves day after day. Do they have no moral conscience? How can they even to this day say they are waiting for YH & CM!!! OMG. This truly enrages me. In my perfect world, I pretend JJ does the right thing because I always felt that he seems tortured after they left. I hope it's because of his conscience. (but, I guess I shouldn't hold my breath)
    I am anxious to read about 6.25.
    Precious, thanks for your awesome work.

  9. @ catherine

    My thoughts exactly. :)

  10. @ Precious: Yes I fully aware of that. I cannot bear to watch their vids during tht time. The gap is so obvious. Especially during year end music festival in Japan. It broke my heart...

    @ Catherine: I agree. Tht's one of the reason I'm disappointed in CJS. I fully agree tht one people have rights to improve their life, but with all my respect, sacrificing other ppl life for their own benefit is also not rite.

  11. @ Precious

    Yes, I agreed that KARA's case and CJS's case are different. I'm not KARA's fan, I listen to some their song, but that is all. I guess, what affect me about KARA case is that they might break the group/disband (possibly - since it yet to be official) due to money issue or personal interest gain.


    I agreed with you that KARA's case is a joke. I hope, I mean SERIOUS hope that Allkpop translated Landmark official statement/press with major DSP bias to make Landmark look weak. They doing it very poorly so far, and I wonder how they got their lawyer license in the first place based on how they handle the case so far. Their accusation is sooooo WEAK and full of lack evident. And this seem more like 3 parents vs DSP than 3 Kara member vs DSP. The more Landmark and parents trying to save themselves, the deeper they digging their grave.

    @ Catherine

    You know, that never though my mind before until you point it out to me, and it make sense. I been following their twitters and interviews articles, and I notice some of the information they said didn't add up (I didn't tie together the info at the time), and their Twit is very ambiguous toward who it from, and of course fan would assumed it HoMin, making them bashing HoMin. Especially all of this when the news of HoMin return as TVXQ come up.

  12. Thanks again Precious. This is my first time reading Changmin's father statement and I agree with his words, he made a lot of sense. Homin's parents are more educated and stable, unlike JYJ's parents are all into business, I see where that greed coming from.

    I have been a tvxq fan for four years and I'm totally upset with JYJ's action, even till now I couldn't forgive them. They hurt homin too much. To satisfy their own gain and hurting their members who they treated as brothers is just not right, do they even have hearts? Homin been quiet and suffered in depression, not telling the public about JYJ's plan, they don't want to totally break the relationship with them. But JYJ on the other hand is going out of the borders. I hate to read their tweets and interview, is all about complaints. I am sure they have changed. JYJ is not the 3 that are in the past. They have been influenced by CJS and their parents. I also feel Changmin is very angry with them, well he can express it through KYHD.

  13. I'm actually disappointed with how CJS has handled the lawsuit. I mean they talk about it all over the place and make it sound like they're the only ones aggravated by the situation. I remember Junsu saying that he lost a lot of people because of it, and its like they're pushing the blame against those people. The point is the whole drama could've been avoided if they kept quiet about everything and just moved on. They act as if they're the ones abandoned when they're the ones who left. And recent events have really put more truth on the statement of Changmin's father. You wouldn't have to be blind to see how much pressure CJS are putting on Homin now with the interviews and tweets. You can just imagine how much more it was during the time they were together.

  14. @precious thanks for the translation you're doing an amazing job :-)

    You know, I was analyzing JYJ & Homin during my MicroBiology class (LOL! I'll never finish nursing school like that ^_^) and...what Ive noticed, is that the parents of JYJ seem to be greatly involved in all this ordeal, specially when it comes to the cosmetic business. Could it be that JYJ were pressure by their parents to sue? Of course that's not excuse but then again... parents can be very influential. Say for example Jae, he's adopted (I think) so I guess he felt he owned them something? And then Yoosu...well i dont know much a/b their parents but...those two pretty much follow each other (which makes me wonder a/b things, LOL! JK! ;) I'm still sure though, that if one jumps out of a bridge the other one will follow, specially yoochun who seems easily led...

    Lastly, have you heard a/b the k-fans who are planning to establish an independent Internet TV station, along with other projects for JYJ? They've already raised 120,000 USD...that's impressive! I wonder how this people will feel if SM wins this case...I think they'll burn down the building! LOL!

    Also, there are a lot of ahjummas and "aunties" supporting JYJ! Who are the ones supporting Homin then? What are professionals (doctors,teachers,lawyers) opinions in regards to this?

    Sorry if I'm a bother :-(

  15. @ Jennystar19

    I am not going to speculate too much about the members' family (HoMin or CJS) and their role in this except for known facts. We are all affected by our family, and I'll just leave it at that.

    There are many aunties who support TVXQ too, you just don't see them on the net because they're not that active. Besides, how are you really going to know if the fans are really as old as they claim? Unless there's a reputable poll, you won't know it.

    Sorry, no idea about the professionals' opinion. :)

  16. @Precious, thanks for your hard working. Can't wait your next translating posts.

    BTW, may I quote your translated materials for my friend who is a law student for his case study?

  17. hi Precious, this is totally unrelated to the article..just want to ask if you could translate the whole song of "Our Game" hehe. i have noticed you put a bit of it on the left side of this page XD

  18. Amazing! 1 thing I'm noticing about this case is how homin side is consistent on what happened unlike cjs, where their claims are all over the place (from slave contract to profit distribution)... I can only imagine how homin felt during the whole thing, I have a new admiration for them!

  19. How can a person be so cruel to his BFF? I can't believe it. I was always curious why Homin didn't leave SME at that time if SME was very bad company like a lot of people said. Now with a lot of articles in this blog (which I can't find the complete translation anywhere else), I started to understand the reason why.

    I realized that Homin know what JYJ planned to do but it's unbelievable that JYJ pressure Homin to join them. I also believed that JaeSu don't have the right to complain on twitter when Homin make their comeback because it's unfair to Homin. I mean JYJ can release album, do concert, etc, so why Homin can't do the same.

    I agree that it doesn't matter if JYJ want to quit SME for whatever reason, but they shouldn't treat Homin like that. No wonder Changmin is so angry, maybe to the point of hate towards JYJ. I think Yunho is too nice to be able to hate someone. Homin got my full respect now. I hope they can go far even it will only just the 2 of them.

  20. Precious, tks again ^^

    i just read DCTVXQ Gallery Statement!
    'vicious Rumors' about Cosmetic business even JYJ's parent! hmmm are they saying HoMin & their father's letters is Fake or HoMin's a liar? i don't see any fan cafe came out to blah blah their stance in order to protect Yunho when there was a rumor abt his father owe to SM so Yunho can't leave SM! But now they're claiming that those rumor caused a serious damage to JYJ's reputations!!! What da h++l goin on with these people who called themselves 'Fan'??? i can't believe this! everything these ppl do,the situation is getting worst! Fans are totally divided because fans themselves! i got super sick with this,i think i can't feel anything more... hopefully my fandom immunity will get stronger tacitly! *sign*
    sorry for ranting .......

  21. Hi Precious^^ thanks for this translation.

    A bit off topic but do you if SMEnt owns the name TVXQ/ DBSK or not? I'm from Vietnam and a popular fansite here says that SMEnt does not own the name TVXQ/DBSK, so (they say) it means Yoochun, Junsu and Jaejoong can use it legally if they want (What?!!)
    The one who posted this on the fansite failed to provide a valid source so I really want to know if this info is correct.

  22. @pumpkiepie

    no, as in legally, SM has cancelled their attempt to copyright TVXQ name. But if JYJ dare to use the name, then that means they have no shame.

    again, thank you so much for the translation. I cant believe how short the version we've known for various sites is.

    It's not surprising that JYJ has tendencies to use their fame for business, though. It's just their pattern.

    Today I got nauseated for reading the translation of Yoochun's song. usually I dont read anything related to JYJ anymore, but today I screwed and make a mistake. usual and so JYJ-like, nothing but rants-rants-rants-rants (only more detail this time) ungratefulness, with a hint of arrogance - typical JYJ pattern.
    he brought the matter that happened a long time ago, but seriously... it's impossible if you're working in a company and never have clash with the company, whoever fault it is. Looking for public pity as a weapon to break the contract they signed by themselves is the lowest way to solve that, really.

    I dont care if JYJ sells better than TVXQ (they must be, after all they sells drama other than CD&DVD- it sells alot), go get whatever fame/money/success you desire, good luck and never return.

  23. @lapis.lazuli

    can i ask where you read yoochun's lyrics?? is he actually dissing homin in his lyrics?

    and i like your last paragraph by the way. i also don't care if jyj sells better than homin! just as long as they leave homin alone!!!

    i actually think that homin will be very successful in the future. after everything they've done, being sincere and selfless and doing what they love without stepping on somebody and generally being positive, God will surely give them a lot of blessings. :)

  24. hello, new reader here.. :D

    somehow i got linked to this blog and boy am i glad. now my only regret is not reading this sooner (like, 2 years ago). for now i think i no longer care whether TVXQ!'s going to end with 5 or 2 or 3 or idk. although i used to wish it'd end just as how it begun -the other side has caused too much trouble and hurt the two so much i don't even understand why they can still say they want the three to go back (even i wouldn't give in so easily).

    the only thing i hope now is for those three to actually try not to fuel their fans' anger to bash the two by writing and putting up words that are meant to fuel anti-attitudes. at least that's the least they can do.

    anyway, thanks for compiling these things into one blog. and i'll be one of your lurkers from now on. :D/

  25. @cinderellaboy10 : u can read it in SYC
    http: //
    No dishing Homin in my opinion. Its just hmmmm... a time line of their suffering ???

    @ jaegiya: If I can beg them, I ll ask the same thing. I'm agree w/ u. Hmmm...personally I still dont get the point. Maybe I'm too ignorant to notice the importance of writing those lyrics to agitated fans. I hope that is the last lyrics that convey their suffering during SM era. Please no more. We need more optimism in life.

    @ lapis.lazuli: Well, to be honest I dont really care anymore for whtever they and their fans did. I cannot hate JYJ. Just.. empty??
    I also agree w/ u. No more competition or comparison b/w JYJ and TVXQ. They walk different paths now. Why should we bother ?
    Lets just support Yunho and Changmin.

  26. @ayoepan

    Just went to SYC, the link you provided, and oh boy, they all (well, 99% of them) prepare to go to battle to protect JYJ from SME when the cd release in there. They may not dishing HoMin, but it pretty clear he talk about SME... their suffering due to SME heartless and uncare treatment. I wish they wouldn't go this way, personal problem shouldn't go public like this because it unprofessional and it only cause hurricane full of disaster (fan-war anyone?). Why can't they just leave it alone and not steering up more trouble than it already are until the court judgment? Thing seem relatively calm until their Twits and interview, and now this. Maybe be or may not be intentional, I don't care, just don't touch this sensitive subject, because as far I as I remember, SME and HoMin did not attack them beside the lawsuit itself or defense themselves (such as KYHD lyric and regard about blocking JYJ broadcast live). Notify me if I'm wrong...

  27. Thank you so much for this translation, i remember i read something from Homin parents 2 years ago but wasn't like this

  28. @Precious - I've just finished reading all your posts and I'm very grateful for the effort you put into this blog and your each and every post. You reply each person with so much patience and calmness. Very Admirable.

    So I think it is only appropriate after reading your 23 posts, Roadmap to the truth, and glossary, to say three short but meaningful words.

    Thank You, Precious. ^^

  29. @ayoepan

    thanks for providing the link. i just read it and ooohhh boooyyy. i guess it all boils down to one question, if his lyrics are true, why DIDN'T yunhoa nd changmin join them in "running away"? if he is really at ease and content as what the lyrics say, why did he even write this song when he knows that it will greatly affect homin's situation. i mean there's nothing really wrong with expressing its just that he's already stepping out of line. and the song, i can't feel that he is content. i only think that he is bitter about the situation. because homin are successful without them? idek. oh well.

    LOL. sorry for the long rant. theyre just really frustrating.

  30. @ to all

    Wow, I was out the whole day and there are so many comments.

    Thanks you all for your support. I really appreciate it. Glad to know my posts helped. :)

    @ Kitty

    A law student? Oh No! I'm gonna be exposed!!! LOL

    He can use my posts, as long as he specifies the source and not change anything. Thanks.

    @ pumpkiepie
    SM withdrew registering the trademark to add more info with their application, so they'll reapply at later time. Once the lawsuit is over, it's going to belong to SM either way.

    Technically, anybody can use TVXQ name since it's not registered, so JYJ can use the name or even me :), but in reality they can't because they're still under SM. Also their stage name is owned by SM. It's a convention the idol's name belongs to the company which makes sense since the company selects the members and decides on the group name. You can't compare Korean idols with US artists because the system is different.

  31. @ Nurul

    Maybe I'll translate the lyrics later, but I'm sure there are translations out there already. I've still got tons of other stuff to translate... Sorry. :)

  32. @cinderellaboy10

    about the lyric,
    even if this happen without cosmetic company-parents interest-money issue, (try to think like an innocent fan here)
    I can see the 5 boys like sons, who often have clashes/disagreements with their parents. 3 of them decided "I cant do this anymore", ran away from home and cut ties with their parents,even badmouthing their parents afterward, while the other 2 are willing to talk and discuss the problem because it's their parents after all, they're the ones who make them what they are and they still have gratitude for it.

    oh, and believe it or not I start to think that JYJ do this on purpose... I hate to think so dirtily but i cant help it... I mean, they know the fans, they know media, it's impossible that they don't know the consequences. They're not rookies.

  33. @lapis.lazuli

    yes yes. i agree with you. that's why i have great respect and admiration for homin. even if they were suffering 2 years ago, they didn't make a scene about it.

    i agree with you on your last paragraph too. thats why i can't support them now. they may probably make great music and have amazing voices, but what's that when you have a they're kind of personality. its sad to hink that they have come to this, really. :|

  34. @lapis.lazuli..

    same here..i also read about yoochun's song translation and one thing i can say is JYJ always ranting...ranting and ranting...10000000x..i'm sick of show that JYJ had nothing to promote other than ranting about their fate...come on just move on please...i'm liking all current HOMIN interview...they are so move on,sincere and matured...

  35. Thank you for the translations. i had a feeling something's fishy about this whole lawsuit, and you just confirmed it. I agree with all the things that people here said, i couldn't say anything more.
    I would just say this,
    what goes around comes around...

  36. @lapis.lazuli

    I agreed with you three, they should move on and stay quite like HoMin did and not stirring up anymore trouble until the court judgment time. If they want to write songs to promote, they should write something else instead specifically targeting specific person (and/or in this case company) this way. It very unprofessional of them. I repeating myself from my previous post above, but thing was relatively calm until their twits and interview, and now this. SME and HoMin didn't do anything to them but defense themselves from them and their fan attacking. I love them a lots, but it start to get irritating now...

  37. @precious

    It is okay, no problem. I have been searching and found them but the translation is not accurate, seems like a Google translation =)

    somebody mentioning SYC and Allkpop? I have stopped visiting those two sites. I just didnt agree with the way of the SYC admins managing the comment. They have already know some articles bound to create fanwars, but they only locked it after 200++ comments. Seems to me it is a JYJ fansite through and through who puts Homin article at their site for the sole purpose as a punchbag for them to vent on.

  38. First of all Precious, thank you so much for making this blog.

    After TVXQ broke up i'm more into team JYJ compared to team Homin. I always believe that JYJ are the victims and am happy that they could express their feelings after leaving SM finally. so i don't really mind if the keep complaining in interviews, tweets and lyrics. i thought it's normal since SME wouldn't ever let their artists talk as they please. and this is their chance. but i never thought before, if the chance they have, WOULD BE a perfect time to stir, twist and distort all the truths that left behind.

    and i guess today my mind is changed. it's 50:50. the correlation between the fathers' statements and SM artists' controversial tweets make me understand. the 'JYJ use fans to hurt homin's images, gain support, popularity and money' thing is the one which make me disgusted.

    i just wish the court will give fair result for both parties. because after what they've been going through, the moments and love we, TVXQ and fans, give for each other, it's just pathetic to see the the condition now.

    sorry if typo btw :p

  39. did everyone read the lyrics that yuchun wrote for nameless song.
    The song lyrics is getting the situation even worst. I really hope that JYJ can stop doing these (expressing something we dunno 100% true or not), its really hurt homin..

  40. @sZeemin

    yeah..mte!!they need to stop doin that...cuz there maybe more boycott for sm product esp the KYHD album.....goshh...seriously....juz move on already rite???i'm so fed up with all the whining...hurmm...

  41. I'm probably going to get flamed for this but I just want to leave a comment as an outsider to this whole thing. I've read comments by both extreme JYJ and HM fans, and for a blog that's supposedly to be pro-truth, I personally feel like the blog only presents what may be a portion of the whole conflict. Even if we read translations of documents that come directly from the source, it doesn't mean that the whole truth is revealed...

    I've been reading these posts and the comments and I feel like many of the posted comments are from extreme HM fans. I'm sorry to the author of this blog, but I just don't think that this kind of atmosphere is conducive to "revealing" the truth. I know this is your blog and you have the right to state your opinions but there's just this feeling that I have that you're almost influencing them..

    I've also been wondering... Have you guys ever read your comments after you post them? I've been reading some comments here that, in my perspective, are just totally bashing JYJ (their lyrics, etc.). What's the difference between them and the comments elsewhere that bash HM for the lyrics in their song KYHD? I also see some people commenting that other sites are pro-JYJ and allow HM bashing. What I see on this site is pro-HM (even pro-SM from this blogger) and in the comments, you guys aren't particularly nice to JYJ either. What allows you to do that? What makes you different from the other extreme fans? Excluding the fact that you're supporting 2 different groups, I don't really see any difference..

    I know this is just a blog from one person's perspective of looking at this lawsuit and I also know that this blogger spends a lot of time translating court documents, articles, the contract, etc. But I just don't think that translating them and presenting them with a small portion of opinions is revealing the truth of this whole conflict. As an outsider, I feel like you guys believe this to be the absolute truth. I may be wrong, for this is just my thoughts, and I know that I might and probably will be flamed and kicked off the face of the earth, but I just wanted to leave behind my measly two cents...

    (스스로 나의 무덤을 판 기분이군요..
    죄송합니다 Precious님.)

  42. @ krnmusicgrl1356

    I understand what you're saying, but in the end, it's up to the readers how they take my blog. Compared to other sites that post distorted truth (as I've shown in my examples), I provided correct source and translation, and I believe that definitely makes a difference, and makes my posts much 'closer' to the truth.

    As you've put it in your comments, other sites are "bashing" HoMin, but readers here are just not "nice" to JYJ. If you read the comments, people are mostly blaming CJS's actions (tweets, lyrics and interviews) that cause fans to bash HoMin. There are differences. CJS are provoking the fans whereas HoMin is being bashed for just doing their work. Did HoMin fans start to attack CJS because of KYHD lyrics? No, but JYJ fans attacked HoMin for it anyways. I bet JYJ fans already started to bash HoMin because of YC's lyrics. There is a difference.

    No one knows the whole truth, but there are many others who are distorting the facts, lying about the facts, or both, and I made this blog to present what the real facts are so the readers can form their opinions based on them.

    Also, I don't think the fans here were out of line and totally bash CJS for no reason, but I am going to ask them to tone down their comment once it goes out of hand.

  43. @ Adhya Rizkia

    Thank you. It's nice to see another fan being able to see what's really going on.

    In fact, the truth was out there all along for everyone to see, but being a fan sometimes hide the truth from his/her eyes. The fan sites feeding wrong info didn't help either. :)

  44. I know that there were fans who had some objections to the couple of the lyrics in JYJ's The Beginning album but I guess that probably not a lot of people here care about JYJ anymore.

    I was just wondering. Do you possible know the official numbers of how many copies of official DBSG albums were sold? I'd like to know what exactly were the CD/goods/merchandise that DBSG got their 70%(..?) profits and stuff off of, if you possibly have any idea.

  45. @ krnmusicgrl1356

    I highly doubt any fans would know the exact numbers for the stuff you are asking.

    All I know is that for the first 5 years of their activities (according to the numbers released by SM), the net profit was about 24 million US dollars (converted w/today's exchange rate), TVXQ got paid 10 mil, SM got 14 mil. So from that 10 mil, each member received 2 mil for the first 5 years. That doesn't look like much, but you need to consider that SM only got 14 mil as well, and also first 2 years of Japanese activities didn't generate much profit for TVXQ, so that 10 mil was basically from the last year or so (2008) of Japanese activities and early Korean activities. CJS didn't get paid for the 2009 activities yet when TVXQ was most successful. The reason why 2009 income wasn't paid is because SM requested CJS to come in to verify all the accounting before paying CJS, but CJS hasn't complied yet. SM wants to make sure that there's no dispute regarding payment (can you blame SM?), so they're asking CJS to go over everything and sign the paperwork, but CJS's excuse for not doing that was because they didn't want to incur the cost of hiring an accountant (or an accounting firm) which is ridiculous considering the amount of money CJS will get paid. That's all according to the court testimony between SM & CJS. Since both parties basically agreed that 2009 payment wasn't settled yet, so it must be true.

    During the last court session, the judge ordered to settle the accounting, so we'll know how much TVXQ earned in 2009. I'm very curious to see how much the so called "slaves" earned in 2009.

  46. These statements are very suspect. They all say that TVXQ can't live without SM, which isn't true.

    For me, all these statements are a farce.
    The cosmetics company can be actually involved, but it isn't the JYJ's real intent. They don't risk everything just because of the CJS.

    The CJS can be involved, but I don't think it is wrong to fight for their interests.

    If the SM's clause says they can invest outside of SM, so why not invest?

    JYJ are right. They can't get around without getting what they are entitled to win. they work and must earn what they deserve.

    From what I read and heard many people say that all five thinking the same thing. But something happened and Yunho and Changmin changed their minds.


    Finally, JYJ ... I'm supporting you. Yunho and Changmin too, I'll accept JYJ/HoMin's decisions.

    /sorry my bad english =/

  47. @Precious

    Oh, and when it's revealed that TVXQ has earned a lot in 2009, people would be like "Damn SM evil,JYJ didn't even got a penny? F*ck u SM u rip JYJ's right"

    And when they hear that the reason why JYJ haven't got a share was bec they refused to come and verify it, people would be like "Oh come on don't gimme lame excuse SM"

    I bet my life on it.

  48. @ Jess

    I mostly agree with what you say, but I'm not done with my postings regarding the cosmetics business. There are reasons for conflicts between SM and CJS regarding the cosmetics business and I'll post about them.

    About 5 having the same thoughts, I'll be posting about the origin of that rumor. I'm not asking you to judge yet. Just have an open mind, just consider that there's other side of the argument, and decide for yourself after reading everything.

  49. @ lapis.lazuli

    Yeah, but the problem for SM-bashers is that it was CJS's lawyer who stated that they didn't get paid for 2009 activities because of the cost of hiring accountants during the court sessions. Are they going to claim that SM bribed CJS's lawyers too? LOL

  50. I understand you. I have an open mind and I believe in a other side of the story.

    Many people are crucifying JYJ. They are thinking that JYJ are completely wrong (of course Yunho and Changmin are also being crucified by their own decisions) when they think the real reason is the CJS. Even if it really is true in fact (which I don't believe 100%), JYJ aren't wrong.

    SM has to pay what it owes to them. To three, to two, to five. And they have every right to invest their money where they want.
    (About it, do you know something about Yunho have SM's stocks? Debts... ?> _ <)

    When I said the five think the same way, it means they don't agree 100% with the contract. Not said by CJS (if it is involved).

    As the news that the cosmetics company isn't involved can be rumor, the news saying that it's also can be.

    Anyway, I think it's very strange these statements come out on the Internet that way. It's really suspect ... and talking that way too.


    /sorry my bad english [2] haha T___T

  51. @ Jess

    I don't think you really understand. The fact CJS is involved in the cosmetics business is proven by the Korean DA so you can't dispute that. There's no news that they aren't involved in it.

    Yes, they can invest their own money, but that's not everything.

  52. @ Jess

    Anyways, if you think I started this blog just because CJS decided to invest on their business, you're mistaken.

  53. @Precious

    I didn't say that you created the blog because of the CJS. Just said what JYJ aren't wrong to ask for their rights and invest in whatever they want.

    People think they only have one reason: the cosmetics company. Of course that's not all, of course have more. And people talk they did it without planning, without talk. These things aren't that way.

    I've seen many news saying it isn't just that (the CJS). And I believe. As I believe that the CJS can is in the story too.

    I don't think these statements are true. And if so, I'll be really disappointed. Why they were in JYJ's place, I don't doubt they would do the same thing.

    Anyway, I won't bother you anymore. =]

    /HoMin's fans seem to forget JYJ (some). JYJ's fans (some), even talking about negative things because the two remained in the company, that fans didn't forgotten them. They believe the five

  54. @ Jess: Jess I think you should wait for more precious posts. Like precious says, there are more reasons regarding the dispute between JYJ and SME. He just hasn't post it yet. :)
    We here also still wait for further facts, before drawing our own conclusions. Beside I believe in this lawsuit there is no angel. Each side has their own reasons and story. Like precious said, the main problem is.. so far, we only read/hear JYJ's side story from source that also full of biased. Precious here only post the facts he found from neutral and legitimate sources. We as readers draw the conclusions. Maybe after you read all Precious post, you draw conclusion that JYJ is really a victim...who knows ?? And for broader and balance ur POV, u can also read JYJFiles.

    About Homin's fans forget abt JYJ... You know in (website tht update TVXQ Homin's news) ? Mainly of its readers are still DBSK 5 believer (I read their chats on chatbox) You only read some few comments here, so yeah I guess its unfair for other Homin's fans :). For me myself... for recent time, I choose to support Homin. Doesn't mean I hate them. I dont! Beside I ve been a fan for 5 years. It's just I have disappointment to JYJ tht has build in me since the beginning of Lawsuit. Maybe my disappointment can be reflected in my comments. I ll apologize if some of my comments offended some readers, but I think my and other reader comments are still on the tracks. There is big difference between disappointment and hate.

    And music wise, SMP style interest me more than typical pop ballads. Thats why TVXQ Homin has sole interest for me :)


  55. @ayoepan THIS!!! THIS A MILLION TIMES!

  56. hahaha... got to luv Heechul for his personality and he is (to me) is like another Changmin. Very honest and straight forward speaking his mind. I luv both his and Changmin sense of humor, though I think Heechul more of a eccentric than Changmin ever was...

    I just read this article of Heechul speak out against "slave" contract... it very true, and I wanna share with you guys XD

  57. @Hotaru
    yeah, ive read that... T_T I was torn between loving heechul for he spoke my thought, and on the other side I pity him, for next he'll be attacked by fans ^^

    The main point of this blog is to state something with prove, but it's up to the readers how to conclude it, you may as well dont read the comments to stay neutral. ^^

    I heard a lot of things like Yunho's father has debts, Yunho has stocks in SM, SM gave Changmin's position, originally they 5 planned to sue SM, Changmin almost left Yunho and join JYJ... SM blackmailed Homin to stay.... a lot of things, but none of them are more than fans sayings, none of them are willing to surface "this is me, I state this, I sign this" for the world to see, unlike Homin's dads.

    I think most of the fans here are just tired to try believing something uncertain, and rather see unpolished news as it is.

    Believe me until few weeks ago I was still trying to love the 5 equally, and I had no bias at all in years loving DBSK (I went by plane to watch JYJ's showcase)... but it's their own words and actions that destroy my love.

    I'm sorry if my words hurt you because I don't mean to, but though it's not impossible to 'love' the 5, I personally think it's impossible to 'support' the 5 at the moment (unless if what u mean by support is buying their albums, in which many cassies that claimed they support the 5 didnt do it anyway, and again that depends on each person's musical taste).

    JYJ clearly want out of SM and dissing SM, Homin clearly want JYJ back and thanking SM.

    It's a complete opposite. Realistically how can I support both?

    It's like if you were asked, "China VS Japan, which side you want to win in a soccer match?" and you answer "Both." . It's impossible. ^^

    Many fans claim that they support the 5, but in fact they diss SM and on all throats to cheer JYJ out of SM, well.. that means they're JYJ supporters, they just dont want to admit it.

    do I, as Homin's supporters, have forget that JYJ have a big role in TVXQ? (even bigger than Homin, I guess? since the 3 people got more lines?)
    I think so. Because whenever I re-watched my old Tohoshinki's DVD, I couldn't find JYJ there. Only Tohoshinki's Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu.

  58. @ lapis.lazuli

    same here. He already been bashed many times in the past regarding the "slave" contract. Funny thing is that he not even targeting anybody, he just talk about himself how he feel that he not a "slave". He already got attacks by that... that is why he post on Twitter... and I like those posts even more. It very blunt but very true and exactly how I feel... This is one of the reason he is my favorite in SUJU (his blunt honesty and funny character)...

    This article is his twits translation... You may have read this already XP ... but yeah...

  59. @Jess

    Reading your comments, I think you mistook the term CJS with the cosmetics company (you said "it isn't JYJ's real intent. They don't risk everything just because of the CJS").

    CJS means Yoochun+Jaejoong+Junsu, the same as JYJ. The cosmetics company is Wishop Plus. So maybe because you didn't know these glossaries, you got Precious wrong somehow.

    There's a glossary section at the top left of the page, just in case you need it.

  60. Thanks for all these posts Precious! I'm starting to get a better picture and I think what you said to one of the commenters in an earlier post is what I always believed and you are making my belief more firmly grounded: this may be the rare case where all trouble is stirred up by one side and the other is truly innocent and guilt-free.

    What exactly is JYJ trying to get at w/ that lyric in the new music essay whatever? Are those allegations proven? I thought they were well-compensated before 08, and 09 SM asked them to verify the accounting before paying out but they wouldnt? What do you think their reason for not wanting to go through accounting is? (obviously not wanting to incur the cost of an accountant is full of BS...) it seems to me like they should want to get their compensation and get out of SM clean at this point.

  61. @ S

    When I read that lyrics, I kinda laughed at how ridiculous it sounds. Those are just lyrics, and JYJ just released a statement saying the lyrics are not aiming any particular party, so I'll just leave it at that.

    As for them choosing not to get paid, I can only speculate, but maybe the amount is too big for them to claim being slaves? I honestly have no idea. I think they'd get paid millions for 2009 activities, and if I were them, I'd already be holding a pen in my hand to sign the papers. :)

  62. hahahaha thats really funny - for them to be all tears & snots about company profits & being treated badly in the lyric and say, hey, its not about sm. which other company did you work for exactly, jyj?

    ur right, RIDIC..!

  63. What I meant to say above is, would this mean yunho and changmin cant get paid either in 2009 until jyj verify the accounting?

    that would not be cool of them. what if homin had wanted to use their salary to invest in some shady business deal?! depriving homin of their freedom arent they?

  64. @ S

    Nah, I'm sure HoMin got paid already. I'd think HoMin won't have any problem hiring an accountant to go over the paperwork. :)

  65. I'm feeling as if all JYJ is ever giving us is disappointment now. HoMin's fathers are wise and educated, I trust that they speak the truth. They aren't blinded by the value of money and I respect them for that. It's sad how many people don't see this or choose to ignore this because they either are JYJ fans or they just want to believe that TVXQ is still five.

  66. As I have said before and I'll say it again... I love all 5 boys as if they were my younger brothers and it still hurts that it has to be 3 VS. 2...

    I want to blame JYJ for all that HoMin has suffered, but I can't bear to do it...coz I still feel for them... Even though I know they left for their own benefit, and I know it was probably thougly thought over, not saying whether it was well thought out or not, coz I think it's not. Given all the damages both side suffered, with HoMin suffering more in my own opinion.

    I guess I still think the boys shd sit down and have a good talk.Try to iron things out and perhaps save their friendship. It doesn't matter if JYJ NEVER goes back as DBSK , I just hope they still remain friends coz it's a pity to ruin a friendship bcoz of this .

    Most importantly, I hope JYJ will stop trying to appear as the victim.

  67. @ justine
    I understand how you feel. You don't have to blame or hate CJS. I just want readers to know what happened, so they'd stop blaming HoMin for this.

    As for them reconciling, I'm not sure if it will ever happen, but even if it does, it's going to take really long time.

  68. "If TVXQ represented Korea and Asia without keeping the basic justice and principles that needs to be followed by a human being, what can the children, our future, learn and follow?" yep Iam 100% agree with this.

  69. Oh man...
    Personally I feel neither side is to be blamed completely, but all i can say is that if Changmin's dad is being completely truthful throughout the entire thing, then he and Changmin must really be having a hell of a time...
    Hope things improve for them so they can be happy despite all these troubles heaped upon them.
    And honestly, even though I support JYJ too, the more I read, the more they(or perhaps more of their family and fans) seem to be hurting HoMin and their family and fans...

  70. sometime i dont understand with the buzzing about JYJ's suffering while with SME, i mean its their choices, if they got in different management company will be the same.
    its a business.
    beside look at them right now?
    they success right? so move on

  71. By the way did the other 3 release statements?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  72. this blog is like a time capsule
    or a memories box that you had buried a long time ago to be opened in the future
    and yess this is 2016 now
    the so called HoMin, I prefer to call them as TVXQ tho, cause they are TVXQ are already moooooooove on..and yes they succeeded holding some cash-flow touring (cmiiw the real money is at concert right?) in japan and all over the world
    and hey they conquered that Nissan Stadium just the two of them standing on the stage, well actually were assisted by some awesome back dancers, and bands, and staffs >.<

    2016 is a year of K-scandal (??) I guess
    Many scandals has been exposed so far, and YOU KNOW WHAT???
    That Y from JYJ, yes that YOOCHUN, the "angelic" oppa, well since his fans called themselves "chunsa" or angel they must been thinking that they adore a saint-level oppa...was alleged for raping
    DUUUUUUDE RAPE!!! and it's nowhere but a ROOM SALON
    well at least we know that none is innocent, pure even holy..everyone can do the sin, can make a mistake..just like some years ago related to the decision to leave

    If you ask me how's the end of the case, I d k, media said this, police said that, whilst CJES was suspected to sweep this case using some forces (read: gangster). Sometimes I wonder what they have been feeling. They tried hard to run away from so called most evil agency, cause apparently after the three left some of artists filed an almost similar lawsuit too, but they ended up being taken care by a son of gangster(??). pssssst that CJES' CEO. People said, uhm these people were actually a few percentage of Knetz whose comments I read, a psychologist who stated that Yoochun has a trauma related to a toilet, that his career somehow will be over. But we don't know it yet. It's not like tomo is the end of the world right?

    Ah back to the two amazing people who has been quiet in almost any things, including about their bank accounts, the total of their savings, building they have, cause apparently Junsu is named as richest (??) idol with resort, hotel, and apartment cost up to billions which makes me wonder are the two really have NOTHING, literally NOTHING? And yes, that snarky-magnae-who-turned-to-be-the-most-caring-and-sweetest-to-the-only-hyung CHANGMIN and charismatic-leader-revealed-as-submissive-to-magnae YUNHO are totally fine. They are enlisting now. Yes in the same time, with different post. One is in army, and succeeded make himself getting so much praise for a prestige achievement he got, a best soldier or such (i forgot the detail). And the other, served in a police unit, the conscripted one. Again, he got bashed for that. Poor our bambi. He has been doing best tho. Rumor has it they will have a tour in 2018, seems it will be an epic one as Nissan.

    By the way, Precious, I wonder how this blog owner been?
    The person made a beautiful blog, and thank you for that

    p.s: Now S.M uses TVXQ name as brand of PopCorn and Chocolate instead of Cosmetics lol
    p.p.s: Sorry for the long ranting, or a diary to be exact, dear Precious
    p.s.p.s: HAVE A NICE DAY, NIGHT, LIVE! I L U Precious!

  73. @Precious thank you for make this blog. I am visitor from 2019 because I'm interested with HoMin personality that seem humble (and sorry before but actually I still did not listened to any of TVXQ5 or JYJ or TVXQ but after I read all this lawsuit, I really curious about their past as TVXQ5)
    Until 2019, I am impressed with these (beside KPOP, sorry because I really inti Kdrama and Kshow than Kpop)
    1.HoMin: Meloholic (YunHo), I live alone (HoMin), Let's eat Dinner Together (HoMin), Coffee Friends (YunHo), I can See Your Voice (HoMin), Brother's school
    2. JYJ: Rooftop Prince (Yoochun), Girl who see smell (Yoochun) (actually Yoochun had also played in other dramas but sorry, only these two dramas that I think has interesting plot)

  74. @A. Savicki, I hope that Yoochun will play in another drama because his acting skill is good. Beside, I found this

    If this Dispatch or WikiLeaks had been found back in 2009/2010, maybe there will be no "bashing" (but it's just a wishful thinking hehe)

    Lastly, I wish that both HoMin and JYJ can make more appearance in reality show and act in drama or movie because there are many people who like me, we know Korea and interested about Korea because the drama or reality show hehe