Monday, January 3, 2011

What's coming in the future

I've received some feedback from readers via replies & other means, and I just like to say that this blog has just took one little baby step.

There are just so much information out there, and it's going to take a long time until this blog has some resemblance of completeness regarding this issue.

I'm working on translating the rest of the contract now, and it will be posted within a couple days.

After that, I will post my thoughts on the rest of the contract and this lawsuit.

I've updated the Roadmap to the Truth and the Contract page with list of things to come in the future.


  1. I would like to thank you for taking your time translating and posting the very needed and long awaited TVXQ lawsuit related info into English.
    Because the info in English was not really available until now to international fans other than modified ones made by some fans,obviously with some intentions, the people who don't understand Korean language have been having hard time accessing the truth.
    Hopefully, more and more international fans will get to know your blog from now on.
    Thus, it will be fair for all the parties involved eventually.
    I really can't thank you enough~~
    Please keep the good work!

  2. @hola

    Thank you for the support. I'm glad my blog helped.

  3. Thank you for the translation, I will come often to read it all, I really want to understand everything about this situation.

  4. 향락원에서 보구 왔는데 이런 블로그가 있었네요~
    안그래도 유튜브 댓글들이 너무 다
    순정 팬들이 많아서 제가 일일이 댓글로 부응하자니
    이해관계도 너무 복잡하고 길더라구요.
    괜찮으시다면 유튜브 댓글에 님 블로그 링크걸어놔도 될까요?

  5. @Ye Lyn

    만든지 한달 됐어요. 하도 영어 싸이트에는 제대로 된 자료가 없어서 답답해서 만들었죠.

    원래 제가 유툽에서 댓글싸움을 주구장창 하다가 차라리 그 시간에 블로그를 만드는게 낫다고 생각해서 만든겁니다.

    그러니까 당근 걸어도 되죠. 아실지도 모르는데 유툽은 링크를 올리지 못하게 되어 있으니까 truetvxq(.)blogspot(.)com 이렇게 올리시면 되요.


  6. @마리아

    Glad to know there are fans who want to know about the situation. That means you care. More posts are coming!!!

  7. Thank you so much for this blog. Really throws so much light on the fuzzy information that international fans had access too.
    I think the one most attention-grabbing is the resolution signed during the Rotation Crisis. Says a lot really.
    Also thank you for the information regarding the current situation of the fansites.
    Thank you for taking the time to do all this.
    I'm wondering if you could also shed a bit of light on the discussion about the 623 meeting that seems to have recently cropped up again? The 625 meeting has already caused so much controversy, there is also a 623 meeting? I wish all these ugly rumours could be debunked.
    Anyway, again I can't thank you enough for all the information that you've posted.

  8. @emma-sky

    LOL, 623 meeting already spread among international fans? There was no such meeting, and if there was, where is the recording or at least a transcript? Ask around about 623 meeting, and you'll see that the details of it changes depends on who you talk to, and the reason is because there was no such meeting. I believe people show a screenshot of a chatting session as the proof, but unlike the 625 meeting, what's discussed in that chatting session all turned out to be true. LOL

    623 is simply a rumor created by some JYJ fans to counter the 625 meeting. I can write about that too, but it's really not worth talking about. Maybe once I finish discussing other subjects, then I'll post something about that. Some people are really getting desperate over TVXQ's comeback.

  9. @emma-sky

    Another thing about 623, JYJ fans claim 625 meeting was held to discuss about the rumors spread from 623 meeting (in 625 recording, Junsu's father does talk about such meeting, and he claims Junsu was having tough times because of the rumors - another lie). Do they want people to believe that it only took 2 days for the rumors to spread bad enough for Junsu's father to gather fansite admins to hold a meeting to discuss that? 2 days? Some people are not only liars, but they're not that bright either. I would've gave at least a couple weeks. 611 meeting maybe? LOL

  10. I'm not sure about international fans but I saw the 623 rumours on Korean fansites. Google translate did the rest, lmao, though not very much, so I had to ask. :)
    My first impression was that it was made up to cover the backlash against the 625 meeting though some pple are adamant that it happened. Actually even the details of the 625 meeting are vague to me.
    Thank you for the clarification. I'm glad 623 was a non-event. :)
    Thank you again. I read all the posts and I applaud you for taking the take to write all of them..really takes a lot of effort.

  11. @ emma-sky

    Thank you for reading all my posts. It makes my efforts worthwhile. :)

  12. oh!!! i'm so glad you talk about 623 meeting. when you get a chance, please talk about the 625 meeting. also, can you just give us a post about what happened (if you know) why did jyj want to leave. did homin want to go in the first place but didn't because of their dads. did all5 hatch this plan so that if jyj lose the lawsuit, then they can go back to Sm without much loss (because if all 5 leave and then lose the lawsuit, then they couldn't go back as tvxq.) also, are you in korea?

    sorry for all the questions. i am sure you have a life and all so just whenever you have free thanks so much (you don't know how confused International fans are and I feel like most of the JYJstans don't even really know the truth and are just following korean jyjstans w/out understanding anything.

  13. @ merissa

    Everything will be posted. It's gonna take a while though, but they're coming.

    I'm in US.

  14. OMYGAHSUN THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS. THIS is what international fans really need. We really should be updated with the news, no with the truth, ingoing in Korea. What i read in whatever pages i go is just bashing TVXQ! and being one sided to JYJ. LIKE WHAT?! Plus now the boycotting thing? IT'S JUST PLAIN RIDICULOUS. Honestly, i love TVXQ! as all five and want them to remain that way but with this whole shit going on i can't help but to feel hurt when fans start taking sides and everything. You have to start apreading this, TVXQ! needs justice. I somehow feel that TVXQ! is going through more shit than JYJ ever had. They're the ones who had to suffer in silence and can't speak up how hurt they are freely. Even though i really love JYJ, i can't help but to feel butt-hurt and pissy with them because of JYJ stans. Seriously, what hurts the most is my love for all FIVE & yet i have to be here somewhat speaking up for TVXQ! and stabbing JYJ.
    Sigh :( whatever i need my album to come and comfort me quicklyyyyy~~

  15. @ ymjcsfaith

    LOL, I hear you. I don't know why some JYJ fans just can't let go of TVXQ. All they need to do is support JYJ and let them succeed. Oh well, boycott won't affect anything since those people weren't gonna buy TVXQ album anyways.

  16. thank you so much!!!!
    this is actually good thing for me as a non kcassie to understand the situation :)

    i already know sth fishy about the whole things. why the 3 left and the 2 stay.
    and this is just what i need!
    can't wait for the next info you gonna share!

  17. @ l4ur42008

    Thanks for reading my blog. :)

    Being a fan is an emotional thing, and when emotion gets involved in your thought process, it skews everything. That's why most people don't see that there's something fishy about this situation and blindly supports JYJ. I just hope my blog can change it.

  18. Thank you ss much precious for all your hardwork ... I found out about tvxq just one month ago .. and before I thought that jyj wanted freedom etc so I was okay like if you want to go then go dont spoil the team name and not that interested in the lawsuit thing ...but their fans are so annoying and irrational made me check this blog .. and I must say that you are awsum hats off to you for all your hardwork:)