Tuesday, January 4, 2011

TVXQ's new album sold over 11K already!!!

Well, I was cleaning up the translation of the contract, but got caught up with the TVXQ's 5th full length album release today. I purchased the songs through MNet, and all the songs are great!!! To briefly review the album, there are different genres of songs (10 total). We already know about "Why", there's also "Maximum" and the theme song for "Athena". I really loved the ballad "How can I". It really showcases the singing ability of both members. I'd love to hear it live. They're scheduled to perform "How can I" and "Why" on their comeback stage this weekend. (Drum roll)

The album was just released in Korea, and it already sold over 11K in about 4 hrs!!! I feel really good about this album.

We all know TVXQ starts getting paid once the sales reaches 50K :), and now the profit is split in TWO!!! LOL

Only negative with the new album is the rest of the contract will have to wait until tomorrow. :)

Update: The sales reached over 20K, and the day is not over yet!!! (7pm in Korea)

Well, it's 2AM where I am, and I'm going to sleep. :)


  1. You can listen to the new album while working on the rest of the contract though :D can't get a better deal.

    We're all looking forward to your work:)

  2. @ pumpkiepie

    True, but I was busy checking out the fans' reaction, and talking with them. :)

  3. I'm soooooo glad to hear they sold that amount! My sister order mine so I'm just waiting for it to arrive but in the mean time I'm listening to the tracks in YT and gosh! Honey Funny Bunny is the SEXIEST SONG EVER!!!! I was so surprised b/c I thought it was going to be a fluffy/bubbly song but HOT DAMN! 0.0 Crazy is my next favorite and then Confession ^^ Anyway, what are the fans reaction in Korea so far? I'm sure they gain new fans right? As for the rest (who supposedly are boycotting the album) they don't know what they are missing! ^_^ anyway, have a nice day and I'll be waiting for your next update :-)

  4. they are predicting it to go to 30K and that is a great number ^^

  5. not sure how i ended up here but making my way slowly through all your posts. i'm new to TVXQ and it's like you read my mind and answered my question about how bad the contract was if only 3 leave and the other 2 want to stay. any ways, thanks for doing so much work.
    btw, since you are fluent in korean, do you know what is going on with the supposed boycott of YH & CM's album by the supposed crazed KCassies?

  6. @ merissa


    I know some fansites were boycotting the album, but I don't think it had much effect according to the sales figure. :)

    Maybe they were secretly buying the album anyways. LOL

  7. hey! thanks for the quick reply.
    the mv is pretty perfect, actually. i'm glad to know the sales are strong. hopefully, it will continue. thanks again.

  8. im super GLAD, tvxq sales massive number.
    I love all the songs in the new album. they break all the prejudice. So proud of them ^^

    and the MV is badass! XDD
    Love it!

  9. well, I really really hope that HoMin will do better because I read that SM set their album sales goal at 600,000.

  10. @ freakysystem

    Really? If that is true, that sure is a difficult goal to achieve. We'll see what happens.

  11. hahaha... I was busy reading fan reaction ALL day (as well regarding their comeback live), and those anti-fans are so annoying, I don't mind if they take side, but I wish they would kindly keep the bashing or negative though to themselves. But I guess it was too much to ask... I have yet buy their new cd due to my financial difficulty, but EVENTUALLY TT^TT EVENTUALLY... so I'll survive with the dl songs and wait until I save enough money to buy it. And love their new album too... AWESOME album. been listen to them all this time XD...

    "We all know TVXQ starts getting paid once the sales reaches 50K :), and now the profit is split in TWO!!! LOL" my though EXACTLY!!! ^__^

  12. yes i love How can i also, and Honey funny bunny, and Copnfession, and our game, LOL i love all of them actually. I bought the albums with photobook and poster, i am having problems with dvd heaven when it came to the regular album. I had no problem with YesAsia (where i normally buy Kpop things) with regards to their japan release album. So yeah, i'm happy!!! ^_^

  13. As a big fan of TVXQ 5, I don't like to lie to the fans. Without JYJ, HoMin's new album just so so. Without HoMin, JYJ's new album is too common.

    "Keep your head down" and "Maximum", when I first heard these 2 songs, I thought I was listened to Suju. Maybe those songs are from the same composers? So far the most outstanding one in their album is "How can I", which I will give 85. The melody is easy to remember but it seems too plain when CM reached the high pitch. (If this song had JaeSu's voices over there, it would give 100 and +)

    JYJ's newest album...well I guess I better not mention too detail here since it's a group for HoMin biased. Conclusion is the fast beat songs lack of power. I wish YH's voice could add in their tracks!! Slow songs are alright but if CM was singing with them together, it would be perfect...