Saturday, January 29, 2011

More problems with the cosmetics company

This is the second part from my previous post about the issues with the cosmetics company.

In his interview, President of Crebeau talks about the lawsuit between their Chinese distributor and Crebeau. He blames the Chinese distributor for using TVXQ in the promotion without the company's permission. He talks about the distributor selling the products with TVXQ's concert tickets 

Also, many fans probably don't know about this, but there was another lawsuit from Crebeau's distributor. It was briefly mentioned in Allkpop.

I don't know the result of that lawsuit because I couldn't find any information about it.

Both companies claim that they invested in Crebeau believing that CJS would participate in their promotional activities in person, and they're suing Crebeau and the 3 members of TVXQ for fraud when the 3 failed to make appearances.

I don't know the exact content of their contracts, but it is obvious both distributors believed CJS would be involved in the promotion, but their failure to participate resulted in the lawsuit.

But more importantly Crebeau does not have capacity or willingness to control their distributors' usage of TVXQ name.

Here's an internet ad from Beijing Kowloon Station Inc.

As you can see from the ad above, Yunho's picture is in the ad which is a serious violation of his rights, and Crebeau did not or could not control it. I suspect Crebeau only reacted to it after the lawsuit was filed against them. The interview states that Crebeau stopped the Chinese company from using TVXQ name any further, but when Crebeau itself was practically using TVXQ for promotion, and the fact his interview was filled with lies, I don't think anyone can really trust his statements.

Then there was this article from Korea regarding the lawsuit between Crebeau and Beijing company.

That article talks about the lawsuit filed against Crebeau and how it tarnished TVXQ's image in China. Then the article concludes that even though the lawsuit is against the 3 members, SM needs to be involved to resolve the issue.

See how SM is dragged into this even though it had nothing to do with the business? That's really not fair for SM, but it cannot be avoided since SM is forever linked with TVXQ.

CJS's involvement in the business caused TVXQ's brand to be tarnished, and the abuse to the TVXQ brand got out of control. Most fans don't think about these possible issues, and simply do not understand why SM would stop CJS's personal business, but now the reasons are obvious.

Because of the business that had no control over its distributors, TVXQ's name was abused, and TVXQ got involved in 2 fraud cases further damaging its value.

I've talked about Crebeau's Chinese distributors, then how about Crebeau itself?

In his interview, Kang claims Crebeau was in business for 12 years and has over 100 stores in Korea alone, making it sound like the business is legit, big and has plenty of experience.

I visited Crebeau home page, but couldn't find a list of stores. I searched the web, and I only found just few stores that are already known to be owned by CJS and their family. So what happened to the rest of the stores? If there were 100s of stores in Korea, I should've been able to find many more Crebeau cosmetics stores, but even the company's home page doesn't list any of them. Granted, the interview was from 1 1/2 years ago, but I don't think 100 stores can all vanish in that period of time, and at least some information should still be on the web.

Then from the company's history page, I found that in 1997, the owner found a company named "Suk-Hwa Trading" (석화무역).

I searched the web again, and found the name in the list of businesses using Network Marketing (politically correct name for pyramid or multi-level business).

First company on that list is "Amway Korea" (we all know what that company is), and when you search "Suk-Hwa (석화)", you see "Kang Seok Won (강석원)" as the company representative. Interesting, isn't it?

Out of curiosity, I went to the Fair Trade Commission website, and searched "Crebeau (끄레뷰)", and found the following from "Communication Business List" (basically means internet sales).

The oldest one is by Kang, and it's registered in 2006. There's also "" which is owned by Yuchun, but that store is out of business now. If you go to that website, it links to another store that sells Yuchun's merchandises.

You can also search for "Door to door sales" businesses, and I found Crebeau there as well.

It is registered on the same day as the other one.
You can get the same info from the link below, and you're on your own with the menus. :)

Ok, so in 1997, the owner found a multi-level company, then registered "Crebeau" in 2006 for "Internet Sales" and "Door to door" business. Internet sales, I understand, but door to door sales?

My guess is that 100's of stores are from the owner's multi-level business, and actual Crebeau brand was started a lot later. I also read from someone's blog (I'm not going to link the blog because of sensitivity regarding this issue which will be explained later), the business registration for the cosmetics manufacturing for Crebeau cosmetics started in 2009. I couldn't verify it myself since I'm not in Korea, but it all makes sense. Kang did some business with Sheep's placenta extract since 2000 according to the document from the link below, but the actual cosmetics business didn't start until 2009. He might have distributed some cosmetics product produced by someone else through the "door to door" business created in 2006, but the actual products manufactured on their own didn't start until 2009 when CJS joined the business.

The link below has scanned copies of documents from Korean FDA, and Japanese government branch (I don't know exactly what, but I'm guessing similar to FDA), with dates when the ingredient's from Sheep's placenta was approved for safety. Notice that Korean FDA approved the placenta extract to be used as processed food, but I don't know how that applies to cosmetics. The site's main page links to Yuchun's merchandise site, but their old pages are still active.

All of my findings also agree with the statements by HoMin's fathers where they talk about the business being multi-level. TVXQ and the business that might've been a multi level marketer? Please.

No wonder HoMin didn't want to join the business.

I visited Crebeau-Jeff website which is associated with Jaejoong (I don't know if the business is registered under his name, but most fans know it's his store), and found the ingredient page explaining how they get the sheep's placenta.

It's in graphics, so you can't run it on a translator, but I'll type part of the text below so the readers can translate them and also compare with the original text. The table below lists differences between sheep's placenta and human placenta to show the advantages of using sheep's placenta. (What???) I don't know who decided to market the products comparing the placenta from sheep and human, but.... I lost words to say. I guess the sheep's pictures are ok, or not.


끄레뷰 양태반 추출물은 양태반 + 양배태(3개월 미만의 영태아)를 포함하여 원재료를 공급하여 태반추출물을 생산하고 있다.

영양상태가 가장 좋은 3개월 된 어미양만을 엄선하고 있다. 

The above basically says the products use sheep's placenta + embryo from 3 month pregnant sheep.

I was planning on making this post the last one about Crebeau's problems, but it looks like I need to make another post because there are more. I will post about the actual stores owned by CJS, and how they promoted and sold the products.


  1. Thing are getting worse as more info starts to reveal (T.T). Do you know if they still promote their products using TVXQ/DBSK? Because if they are, they better stop because they don't entitled to use that name until the lawsuit end (I don't mind if they use JYJ since it THEM). Especially if the 6.25 meeting is really what underline message/purpose (blaming and attacking HoMin for breaking the band when they already planing to break up the band, and scheming this whole fiasco from the beginning when they are the one whose did the wrong) than I seriously don't know what to said to them... AT ALL... and I'm VERY frustrating and VERY close to cursing at the moment ARRGGG!!!

    But I'm happy that HoMin doing so well right now, especially in Japan, despite all those (crazy) anti. I actually see them on broadcast shows and such :). Have you seen them in Running Man, so hilarious - even without understanding Korean. I'll wait for your next cosmetic and 6.25 meeting posts (whichever come first) :)

  2. ... i feel like repeat my self eveytime more info starts to reveal that i don't even surprise anymore...
    Now not that i'm disappointed in JYJ or hate them but i lost interested in them, i even read news about singer i don't even know/follow but not JYJ's news :)), the lawsuit is the only thing attach me to JYJ area and now i find it amusing than annoying.

    Again thanks you for your effort, i'm looking forward for what to comes in the future.

  3. I had a friend who was in one of those pyramid business so I know more or less how it works, and with a name like TVXQ behind them, they could make a ton of money...

    I just don't get how they could throw those years of working together away like that for something like this...


    Thanks for your hard work Precious.

  4. @ Kenda

    I agreed with you... I'll still follow their music but I lost interest in them outside of music (I'm not interest in their news or daily life like I did before, just HoMin now ^-^). Before I follow every news articles or posts about them, but now I'm in neutral stand (aka don't care), now I just listen to their music and that is it, unless like you said relate to the lawsuit. Now that I think about it, DBSK (and maybe Super Junior) I don't personally care what other artist (Korean, Japanese, or even America) do outside singing... they didn't get to me like DBSK (and SUJU) did... :)

  5. @ MJ87
    I know about Forever, and I read what was on the post from the link you provided. That post makes it look like there was a grand plan or something but if you actually read what forever posted, it only condemns fans who are spreading rumors causing TVXQ to breakup, and urging all the fans to stop spreading the rumors and dividing the fans. 13 year contract was an insider information? Please, every fan knew that TVXQ's contract was 13 years. Remember the statement released by all parents during the rotation crisis? The poster of the link you provided probably doesn't even know about it.

    Besides, everything Forever said was true, so I don't even know what the problem is. Another smoke and screen tactics by some fanatics. I can go over the forever article sometime later.

    That post from the link you provided talks about many things, but none of them are backed up by any facts or proofs or not even a personal blog, and none of the things that's said has anything to do with the forever article.

  6. Precious, thank you once again

    I ve checked all the link u provided and try to translate it w/ google translations ^^;;;. Though the translation is off but I still get the general ideas.

    I also has a friend who used to involve in multilevel business so I am familiar with their modus operandi. At the beginning, I still had a hard time to think that CJS left because of this 'shady' business, but then remembering how my friend get lured to the business, I suddenly understand. Mr.Kang must be talked BIG abt the profits and gave nonsensical-but-sense reasons. Agree w/ phlootuga, with their immense popularity, they could get loads of bucks.

    I also like to know the continuity of tvxq's fraud suit in china. Too bad there is little news abt it. And all along wht cm and yh's dad been told us is consistent to all related events happen. Really how could CJS do this. And lamb placenta? Lamb placenta ??!!! Did they do some researches before sign business contract? I couldnt even say I'm disappointed anymore. Feels like I can not develop a feeling for them.

    Once again thanks precious for your hardwork.
    Waiting for ur post for cjs crebeau stores ^^

  7. thank you for your post..i'm not ashamed to say that i'm glad i'm being with homin all along..after i read your post,i stared at my wall paper pc and realized for the past 2 years,i never change my wall paper...the wall paper is from their (all 5 of them) picture at the mirotic concert..i never had desire to change because i thought i will change it once they are back together with new picture but right now,i finally decide to change it..i'm content now staring at my wallpaper with the happiest picture of changmin and yunho..can't wait to read your next post..

  8. @bubba, same as you, I changed my laptop's wall paper fr 5 to Homin few days ago. And changed my ipone's wallpaper to Yunho's rhino and Changmin's Kangeroo. I can't stop laughing each time when I look at the rhino.

    @Precious, thank you so much for your post. Following track in this blog, I really woke up. And I think it's the right time to let myself move forward without regret.

    Just wonder, will this blog's material be translated to Chinese so that Chinese cassie can get clear picture themselves not just based on the material from JCS baised? Two of my friends who are Chinese cassie (I personally think maybe lots of Chinese cassie) knew this blog and tried to fully understand all posts, but it seems so hard even they tried google tanslation.

    BTW, My friend, the law student, wants to express his thankful for your permission. He's struggling to understand your material in his spare time. He's quite interested in this lawsuit/case, and crazy searching related material from various sources even from his family members. He had asked me some interest questions but I don't know, may you know? Kindly ignore them if you don't want to answer or you have no idea.

    Question: Is there advantage/benefit if being a Korean band's leader? What is the duty of band's leader? What's the duty different between member and leader? In our country, it seems there is no such strong leader-member relationship in a band.

    Thanks again, as always, looking forward to your coming posts. And very sorry if it causes any misunderstanding for my poor English.

  9. Thanks for the post... bleh... -_-;;;

    It'd be hard to accept all those infos a year ago, when I hadn't lose my respect towards JYJ thanks to their american-wannabe music, tweets, interviews and lyrics.

    But now, it's just... bleh.... how could they do that, really? I remember CJeS official statement that included JYJ's comment, "we felt like being used as money making tools"

    That time I felt like JYJ only did the self-pity, but now that I've read what they've done, maybe it was a karma.

  10. @ Kitty

    LOL, as I stated in my very first post, I am not a die-hard TVXQ fan, so I don't know what the roles of leaders are. From what I've seen, usually leaders talk during interviews, but internally, I have no idea what their actual roles are. Maybe they have the power to make final decision when there's conflict? I am sure the roles are different between groups too. I honestly do not know if there's any benefit for being a leader.

  11. @ Kitty

    Oh BTW, I don't know any Chinese so I really can't help you there. I've seen some Chinese info time to time, and if I find anything, I'll let you know.

  12. @Precious,

    Thank you so much for your reply. :)

  13. @Precious

    As far as I know, it's pretty different each group to another, it depends on the group personality i think. In a group where the members are laid back people, the leader will be the one who gather them and inform this and that for the group to move..
    But there's some cases I've read, where the leader is only a symbolism as introduction on TV... it really depends.

    Sometimes a manajer/people from entertainment industry will inform the leader first about an activity plan, but as far as i know theres no such thing as fixed role for's just when something happen to the group, the leader usually would be the first one to be questioned/asked responsibility from....

  14. @lapis.lazuli, thanks your reply too. :)

    My friend just wonder why some fans usually like to argue who is suitable one being a TVXQ5's leader between Yunho and JJ when he's searching the info. That's why he is curious in band leader's role.

  15. @Precious
    I'm not an anti-Homin XD
    I'm sorry If I gave you that impression, but no!!
    I'm trully a YunHo fan! but its ok that you deleted my comment!! I don't care!
    I'm just a angry fan who thinks that is unfair to YunHo and his family that people spread this kind of things!

    makes me mad that some fans think they know everything just because they know some kcassie!
    Whem I will say something like "It's not true" they are like " But kcassies know more than you, because they are there, they even know their phone numbers"

    anyway thank you for explain!

  16. @ MJ87
    If you are truly a Yunho fan, then I apologize.

    There are so many anti-HoMin fans who disguise as fans to discreetly bash HoMin, I got a bit cautious. I was tired that day (lame excuse, I know). :)

    Again, I sincerely apologize and thank you for understanding.

  17. Those posts regarding the pyramid schemes and product ingredients of Crebeau....are you ready to defend those posts when called to question? In 2010, a handful of netizens were sued by Crebeau for saying the same things. These netizens eventually made a public apology for slandering Crebeau

  18. @ ces923
    Hahaha, I know about that lawsuit. That was before the Korean DA found that CJS owned 62.5% share of Crebeau. Yes, Crebeau really tried to hide those facts by suing defenseless fans who were just discussing some facts about the company. The fans were forced to post apologies because of that lawsuit. It just shows how low a company can get. You must be proud for standing up for such a company.

    Now SM is suing Crebeau to protect the fans after the Crebeau's lawsuit was dropped.

    I know some anti-SM/HoMin fans like you are threatening people with the lawsuits again, well good luck with that. Ingredients are PROUDLY listed on the Crebeau-Kiss website along with some cute pictures of sheep, so why don't you question them?

  19. @ ces923

    Oops, I meant Crebeau-Jeff, not Crebeau-Kiss. It displays they get the placenta/embryo from 3 month pregnant sheep when it's rich in nutrients. You should read how their Sheep's placenta is much better than Human Placenta.
    Check it out:

  20. LOL, you're labelling me as anti-homin because of that post? I posted because I remembered that apology issued by netizens. The fact is they issued an apology, and unless you personally know those netizens, we can only make assumptions of their reasons for doing so...assumption, not fact.

    Also, i'm not going to pretend to be an expert in cosmetology, biology or related sciences and argue with you on the placenta topics, and if you're not one,google can be helpful if you want to research more on the use of those in cosmetics. And yeah right, they're doing a really good job hiding some of those facts you mentioned, because, as you posted in your reply they are "proudly" listed in their website.

    As to whether the business structure of Crebeau is illegal or not, is there any investigations by an SEC-equivalent institution in China and Korea on this?

    I don't know why there is a need to discredit a company. The relevance of Crebeau in JYJ vs SM case is whether or not SM knows JYJ entered into the Crebeau business that can be construed as breach of contract....

  21. @ ces923
    If you're not an anti-Homin fan, then I apologize. As I said in my comment, making threats siting that apology is a very common tactics used by anti-Homin fans, but it was my mistake to make an assumption about you.

    Whether the business is illegal or not was not the point of my posts, but the public's perception about the shadiness of the business matters because it is related to the reputation of TVXQ. It also explains why HoMin didn't join the business. I thought that would be clear to the readers.

  22. Precious ....poor bitch jajajaja
    now they talk bad about Crebeau just because they want talk bad about JYJ
    ohhh how bad is JYJ jajajajajajaja
    now she is a expert on cosmetology and biology
    why you need talk about JYJ all the time?

    aren´t HoMin making you happy?
    well I understand you ,I know that Homin is very boring and his brotherhood is so fake jajaja xD

  23. @ lynei

    Your comment says it all. :)

  24. @ lynei
    better make another blog to against this blog.
    or maybe write a diary xD
    fake brothership? maybe.
    They more show their partnership than brothership right now.
    they learned so much from the past xD

  25. @lynei:
    yes we need talk abt JYJ all the time, because just like you, JYJ are the angels of the whole universe that have no mistakes at all. They' re the kindest human being I ve ever encountered... Even the fact of 3 months pregnant sheep get killed are well deserved sacrifice for JYJ's angelic natures, because they need to save us from wrinkle and dark spots... Hail for JYJ's lamb placenta~~

    Yeah... u are always right. Homin is boring, because they dont grab and hug each others like there's no tomorrow. Homin is boring because they can understand each other within the eyes and not showing it to the public. Homin is boring because they stay quiet all the time and not talkin how miserable their life were before. Homin is boring because they dont tweet to their fans. No twitter is not cool. Homin is boring because they dont write a beautiful and heart wrenching suffering timeline lyrics...

    *sigh*... Poor homin fans...

    XDD.... NOT!

  26. @ ayoepan


    you forgot to add:

    HoMin are boring because they didn't tattoo their names :(

  27. @lynei: Don't say words that make people look down on you.. All u present here is a paranoid person who's defending the truth.. I don't care if u don't want to understand or genuinely don't understand what Precious is trying to say.. If u r a JYJ fan, go ahead to their fansites and boasting whatever u want about them.. Plz don't throw your "beautiful" words to someone who has put so much effort for making her point of view in a clear way.. As a human being, plz at least respect yourself....

    @Precious: I just know your blog recently but I have to admit that u present the best JYJ lawsuit's analysis so far.. Plz keep on good work!!!!

  28. @ sword_of_justice0408
    Thanks, and welcome!!!

  29. Hi Precious!

    Phew for the last couple of hours I've been reading through your posts. I'm just so disappointed in JYJ, I mean yeah they got a bit over their heads and wanted more $$$ but I think the real, SAD crime here is that they turned their backs on their BROTHERS. Damn, that's colddd. I can tell just from interviews, etc. how Changmin's having none of it but Yunho get's this look in his eye like he's sad :( Like how Changmin said, Yunho's weakness is that he's too kind. I honestly think if JYJ came crawling back Yunho would take them back >.< Yunho you softie :P

    Anyways this might be sorta off topic but ummm how exactly do they extract said sheep's placenta? :O As a big advocate of animal rights...this seems kinda umm shady to say the least O.o I might have to file a reportt~

  30. @Precious

    Not sure if you'll still get to see this, but the part where you were talking about crebeau-kiss being owned by Yuchun, were you basing it on the screencap? Because then I think you might have seen it wrongly, because it clearly says 'Park Yoon Jeon' under the representative column.

    If you do see it, and I'm wrong, just let me know, but if it's not, please take those parts down, because I wouldn't want anyone to discredit your credibility because of a mistake like this.

  31. @ Tofu Fighter

    No, I wasn't basing it on the screencap. The business is registered under that person (guessing it's his father?), but fans know that it was Yuchun's store. The Crebecau Kiss website sold Yunchun merchandises for a while after the cosmetics shop closed. There are many links that are broken in this article. I probably need to change them.

  32. for all this hiatus....we still stand for our boys JYJ and needless to say they are more popular than homin....