Friday, January 7, 2011

TVXQ Why - Keep Your Head Down (MR Removed)

I've been posting boring "Contract" stuff for the last few days, so I figured I'd post something you can enjoy, and I'm tired of all the typing I've done for the last few days. LOL

I'm sure you've already watched TVXQ's Live performance on KBS's Music Bank, so here's the MR removed version of that same performance. MR is removed around 50 sec mark.

I heard YunHo had a cold, not to mention the dancing. Enjoy the CDshinki!!! :)


  1. Thank you Precious, I like this. They can actually sing is just they haven't been given the chance to in the past since they only sing few lines in a song. I feel bad yunho had a cold but still he show us his best. I love their voice and all the songs from this album, they really did a good job. I can tell how much practice they have done. It upset me what the anti's are doing. I hope homin are okay because these fan war is not stopping.

  2. @ sinful09

    I was amazed how good the live performance was with all that violent dance movements. You are right that their talents weren't as noticed before, but now they can display them to the world!!!

  3. I agreed with "sinful09", I always though that HoMin doesn't have enough solo/line time in the song because of their vocal position. I always hope that they have more solo/line because I know they can sing well and I LIKE their voice.

    If this is good, their second performance @ Music Core was even BETTER!!! XD and I LOVE their outfits @ Music Bank

    I'm glad that they able to shine now, to show people their abilities in both dance and singing (overall performance). Again, I agreed with "sinful09" that it saddening that their comeback met with so many difficulties due to JYJ twits, anti-fans, their right in using TVXQ. Why can't they see how hard they work for this and they TOTALLY have the right to use the name TVXQ. While SME can't get coppyright for the name, but they are the one create the name and the group, and since JYJ left (whether temporary or permanent I don't care) not HoMin so why can't they use it? Iyah, I hope with time pass, thing would cool down and left them alone. JYJ have their time to shine with meeting fan, release album, and doing concert, it HoMin/TVXQ turn now, so I don't understand why fan so against it... 2 years and 3 months is a long time to be inactive in promoting their music. Anyway, sorry I'm rambling here XD.

  4. precious,

    sorry if this bother u i actually want to ask u personally but can't find any way to PM u!lol(i take the post with fewest comment here ;) ) i don't know whether u wanna cover this up or not however,i think many of fans here already heard about this,so im asking you here ^^

    i don't think you know everything but im pretty sure u hav some different view for me. A few months after lawsuit begun in 2009,there was a rumor about Yunho's father the reason why he doesn't join the lawsuit! it was spread esp in Japan! I equally love all of TVXQ members but admit that Yunho is the one in TVXQ i have my trust toward most,so it totally broke my heart! not that i believe the rumor but ... it's sth about His Family!

    tks for ur Help as always!

    have a nice weekend.

  5. @ adrenalinss

    I don't think it matters. Ultimately, it was each member who made the decision. There's nothing wrong with discussing serious business with his father. In the end, the members are responsible for the choices they made, and that goes for the 3 who filed the lawsuit as well.

    I heard the rumor, and I highly suspect it was created by the fans who fancy all 5 together to claim YunHo wanted to leave SM with the other 3. Some fans want to shape their idol the way THEY want, which simply is WRONG.

  6. @precious,tks. im running to ur new entry now!

  7. Hi, Thanks for this video I didn't know about MR Removed version