Saturday, June 4, 2011

There was a 6.23 meeting?

You've all heard about it: The 6.23 meeting. It's the meeting that was supposedly held by people from HoMin's side to spread malicious rumors against CJS. As was the case with Forever, does anyone know exactly what the meeting was about? Is there any proof that the meeting ever happened?
We know exactly what the 6.25 meeting was about because there is a definite proof, the voice recording. We know who were the participants, what was talked about, and what happened afterward. Also, accurate and consistent details of the 6.25 meeting were known among the fans even before the recording was widely spread, but nothing was known about the 6.23 meeting. Even the "World famous but no one ever read until posted on this blog" Forever article posted on June 26th had the details of 6.25 meeting, but the 6.23 meeting? Nothing.

It's been almost 2 years since June 2009, but no one seems to know exactly what that meeting was about. Some say Yunho's father held the meeting, some say it's someone from SM, or others say (gulp!) it was Forever who started spreading the rumors since June 23, 2009. The claims are all over the place and no one seems to know exactly what the meeting was about. Those accusers cannot even agree on the exact date because some claims the meeting was on June 24th.

The readers of this blog who's been following this "saga" should recognize the pattern by now. The inconsistency of those claims leads to the predictable conclusion: ANOTHER FABRICATED LIE.

The reason for making up the 6.23 meeting is obvious: to justify the 6.25 meeting. Ironically, the origin and the most used proof for the 6.23 meeting is from the 6.25 meeting itself. It was Jaejoong's sister who said that "Some parents already had a meeting like this and caused the 3 to be criticized. [6.25 recording File 3 @ 0:53]"

People who trust blindly what's said in the 6.25 meeting use her statement as the proof, and also that is the reason why 6.23 meeting needed to be fabricated since Jaejoong's sister would be lying if the meeting didn't happen.
Ok, so let's assume 6.25 meeting was held because of a meeting on June 23rd. According to the dialogues from the 6.25 meeting, CJS's parents were holding the meeting in response to the rumors spread from the meeting some parents already had. Are we to believe that the rumors spread so fast, CJS who at the time weren't even in Korea heard them and got so worried that they called the parents in less than 2 days to hold a meeting in response? According to Jaejoong's sister, the meeting by "some parents" had such an impact that all the blame for the breakup was pointed at the 3, and the 3 were having such a hard time and felt like dying all within a span of less than 2 days [File 3 @ 0:55]. It just doesn't fit.

Also let's not forget that CJS sent the notice to SM on June 24th to void the contract which shows that the move was planned for some time. In this news article ( published on July 31, 2009, the CJS law firm Sejong states that they have been in contact with CJS for at least 2 months so they've been getting legal consulting since early June.

I guess it makes perfect sense for some people, but I'd at least give about a week and say that there was a 6.18 meeting or something instead of just 2 days. Also the fact that CJS' parents and SM had an argument in June 6th (stated by CJS and HoMin's parents) and there were whispers of some members visiting Sejong Law Firm, the 6.25 meeting seems to be well planned ahead, not because of some phantom meeting in June 23.

Also don't forget that even if we assume there was a meeting in June 23 from HoMin's side, it still doesn't justify 6.25 meeting that were full of lies and was held to frame HoMin for the breakup with reasons that were proven to be false. The lies about 6.23 meeting was spread to divert the fans' attention from the real issues of the 6.25 meeting.

Anyways, there's absolutely no proof that there was an actual meeting that took place, let alone it was held by HoMin's side personnel. We know 6.25 meeting was held in Kangnam Baptist Church, but there's no information where the 6.23 meeting was held. The only thing that resembles as some proofs are some screencaps of chat sessions and some PM's to claim that there were some Yunho's fans spreading rumors. I don't think any of the international fans actually saw those screencaps, so here they are with the translation.

I got the screencaps from this blog : This blog supports CJS and that's where international CJS fans got the info as well. It looks like the English article explaining about Forever and the 6.23 got most of the information from that blog and simply translated and re-arranged the articles from that blog.

The following are screencaps from the links referenced in this page:

I'll transcribe the texts in Korean then translate the texts right after the transcript.

First, here's the screencap of what they claim to be "Forever-esque" rumors from "Myclub".

Here are two replies posted on June 23, 2009 that are boxed in blue (they were already boxed by CJS supporters).

그 화장품이 동방신기 이미지를 이용해서 전 아시아적으로 체인점으로 낼려고 그랬소. 그런데...
The cosmetics (company) was going to open up franchises all over Asia using TVXQ's image. But...

동방신기중 세명이 동방 계약을 파기할려고 하오.
Three members within TVXQ is trying to break the contract.

They claim that the above two posts are "Forever-esque" rumors spread by HoMin fans. I guess you can call those rumors, but as we all know now, they were all proven to be true, and besides, Forever's article don't have a single word about the cosmetics business so I don't see how those posts could be considered "Forever-esque".

Now an entry from a blog by a TVXQ fan.

준수 유닛?

동방신기 시아준수, 샤이니 종현, 슈퍼주니어 규현
이미 녹음 작업 끝. 가을 경 활동 예정?

이미 작년 가을부터 돌던 소문이었는데...
준수가 유닛으로 활동을 하게 되면서..
각자 개인활동의 신호탄이 도리 것이라는 얘기.
이제서야 소문이 돌고.. 블로그에 난리구나.

차라리 유닛을 하고 다른 소문들은 사라졌으면 좋겠다.
준수는 유닛을 하고.. 다른 멤버들은 처음 개인활동에 관한 소문에 의한 일들을 하고..
요즘 흉흉하게 도는 소문들은 없던일로 돌아갔으면 좋겠다.

말도 안되게.. 왜 그런 이유로 헤어져야만 한다는 것일까?
다른 이유도 아닌 그 사업으로 인해서 왜 이런 시련을 겪어야 하는 것일까?
그냥 그건 좀 나중에 해도 되잖아.
꼬옥 동방신기, 토호신기로써의 네임밸류의 가치가 극대화 되어 있는 이 시점에..
굳이 왜 그 최고정점에 오른 네임밸류를 버리고 그것을 선택해야만 하는 것일까?
솔직히 이해가 되지 않아.

얘들아 지금은 아니잖아, 지금은....
누가 애들에게 그 사업을 소개해준거야?
그 사람 잡아서 족치고 싶어. 아오... 진짜!!!!

Junsu's unit?

TVXQ's Xiah Junsu, Shinee's Jonghyun and Super Junior's Gyuhyun.
Recording is already completed. Activities planned around fall?

This rumor was floating around since last fall...
Junsu will start unit activities...
which will signal each member's individual activities..
It's spreading now and blogs are getting noisy.

I'd rather prefer (for them) to have unit activities, and other rumors to disappear.
Junsu does unit... other members do individual activities just like the rumors spread before...
and I wish other horrible rumors that's spreading these days would disappear..

It's absurd... why would they part ways for such reason?
Why would they go through this difficulty, not for any other reason, but because of that business?
They could do that later.
This is the time when the value of TVXQ, Tohoshinki's name is at its peak.
Why do they have to abandon the name at the peak and choose that?
To be honest, I don't understand.

Guys.. now is not the time, not now...
Who introduced that business to them?
I want to get'em and beat'em up. Arghgh...Really!!!

Above post seems to show that the fan knew about the breakup being caused by the cosmetics business. The above blogger says that the talk of Junsu's unit activity was spreading since fall of 2008, and also other member's individual activities were planned as well. BTW, can you guess what Junsu's unit activity was going to be? "S.M. The Ballad" anyone? Obviously, Junsu threw it away and managed to derail others' activities at the same time. SMTB was originally planned for fall of 2009 according to that blogger. The above blog also proves that HoMin were not the only ones who had plans of individual activities, and the plans were already known to the fans, so it totally disproves that HoMin stayed in SM because of the lure of individual activities.

Now let's look at other evidences that claim to link Yunho's individual fans with 6.23.

Here's a PM from a Yunho's fan, calling for a chat session with other Yunho's fans.

Hi, I don't know if you know me. I am Paul***, a Yunho's fan who uploads Yunho's material time to time on Soul Dresser. ^^;;; I'm sending the PM urgently to Yunho's fans on Soul Dresser because I have something to tell you. I'm going to open up a chatting session around 10pm. It'll take around 30 minutes to an hour, I wanna know if it's possible for you to join. I'm going to talk about something really important, so I'd like Yunho's fans to participate. Soul Dresser Chatting room at 10PM. Title is 1234, and the password is 0206.

I guess they had a chatting session after the PM was sent to Yunho's fans. Here's a text file of that chatting session. It's not even a screencap but just a text file which can be manipulated easily, but they're using it as an evidence regardless. Here it is anyways.

The session's really long, so I'm just going to summarize it.
The person who requested the meeting (Paul***) says that she (I assume the user is a female) heard from Yuchun's fan that CJS will leave the team around middle of July because of Crebeau, basically for money. One of the participant already knew about some members visiting Sejong Law Firm (one who's defending CJS in this lawsuit), and Paul thinks CJS got assurances from Sejong that they can win the case. She says that CJS will use excessive work and the slave contract for justification. Then they go on to talk about other things related to the news. There's some criticizing/bashing of CJS for leaving the band for the cosmetics and Junsu's parents for getting involved too much, but those kind of responses were to be expected from fans who are talking about CJS breaking up TVXQ for Crebeau. Basically, it's just a typical chatting session among individual fans after hearing shocking news of the breakup, and also most of the things talked about during that session became true as well.

Now here's another evidence they present. It's a screencap of a chatting session between a Yunho's fansite admin and Junsu's fansite admin.

I'll use Y for Yunho's admin, and J for Junsu's.

Here's the translation.

Y: Is it true that TVXQ is breaking up?
J: No
Y: There's saying that Junsu's side is signing with CJ.
J: I think it's just a rumor.
Y: I heard that Junsu's father said it...
J: No...
J: I'll ask (Junsu's father) tomorrow.
Y: Ok.
J: It does look like they're not getting along.
Y: I don't think it's just not getting along. It looks like they're split into 3:2.

That screencap was initially spread by Junsu's fansite admin with the last digit of the date erased to make it appear the conversations took long before the actual date (June 24) to claim Yunho's fansite admin was spreading rumors well ahead, but later was debunked with full screencap showing the actual date by the justifiably upset Yunho's admin.

OK, so I've translated many so called "evidences" presented by 6.23 advocates, but the only thing they show is that the fans were aware of problems with Crebeau, and they heard rumors that TVXQ was going to break up because of the business. I guess you can call those "rumors", but everything happened according to those "rumors" eventually. If you listen to the 6.25 meeting, it's obvious CJS' fans knew about those rumors as well since CJS' parents spent most of the meeting giving excuses about Crebeau so there really isn't any proof that those rumors were started by HoMin's side. It wasn't a secret that CJS were involved in Crebeau. They were already doing business and opening up stores everywhere. The fancam of CJS' participation in Crebeau's business presentation in January was already available. Fans already knew about the members visiting the law firm too, so it probably wasn't really difficult to figure out that something was going on.

So was there a 6.23 meeting? No. There's no voice recording, not even a transcript nor the place it was held. 6.23 meeting was fabricated with few screencaps of fan interactions to justify the 6.25 meeting. It's really unbelievable that some people do not hesitate to accuse HoMin's parents and/or even HoMin themselves for holding some kind of meeting with those so called "evidences" which don't prove anything. It would be understandable if 6.25 meeting was held to just talk about those so called rumors, but the fact is that 3 guardians of CJS held a meeting and actually told LIES to put all the blame for the TVXQ's breakup on HoMin, and directed the participants of the meeting to spread those lies.

P.S. I'd like to apologize to the readers of this blog for taking so long posting updates. As I said in the comments, I've been really busy lately, but I should be able to post more often now. At least TVXQ has been doing really well with their new commercials and Yunho's Kiss and Cry reality show.


  1. I really want to thank you for all the hard work you're puting on this..
    my english is not very good... I wish a could tell you how thankful I am.

    I've always been on HiMin side, but also thought that CJS had valid reasons to do what they did... Now I'm just disapointed of them, but for some reason, I'm not very much surprised.

    I don't really care who wins the lawsuit (though I prefer that SM win for the truth gets known). The only thing I really want is for CJS to leave TVXQ alone and never try to come back. I don't think I want them to work with HoMin anymore

    Thank you very much, Precious!

  2. Hi, Precious, it’s been a while, I hope you’ve been doing well! I’ve re-read your post a couple times -- this elusive 6/23 meeting is kinda like grabbing air – your hands coming back with nothing. While this feels like old news the effects of the rumors are still being felt, though not as devastating as what may have been intended thank god. I remember in the internet desert I used to dwell in LOL when there was no real news, I came across the so called 625 meeting, to cover my eyes and don’t read it, don’t buy into the lie. Well, you can’t really argue with a recording can you? Well, maybe you can – it’s been tampered with, I heard, or there’s another hour that was deleted omg what next? Voice actors were hired? Sheesh.

    To be honest, my opinion hasn’t changed much since I felt forced to make up my mind months ago, all alone with no help from your ever so helpful blog :-D, and that is to go with pure instinct and personal experience. I’ll take the quiet ones FTW. Nothing said or done by either ‘side’ has changed my mind since. The 3 have a definite agenda – to win this lawsuit. They have to say and do whatever it takes to win, so I’ll just leave them to that and wait for the outcome.

    Personally, I’m not sure if I believe Crebeau is entirely – or mostly – the reason for their leaving, but that’s only because I’m uncomfortable assigning personal motive to someone else. To me the motive isn’t as important as what’s said and done – and they’ve said what I felt were really poisonous things about their ‘brothers’. And I believed and even repeated what they said as truth. That makes me a chump that doesn’t check her facts. Nobody likes being chumped. I’ve also walked in a room after poison was laid down by someone I thought was my friend – not pleasant at all. So to me, Crebeau, money, freedom of expression, ‘slave contract’, or whatever they cite isn’t as important as what they’ve said and done after. Like as*holes and elbows we’ve all got opinions and this is just mine.

    My reasons to support the present TVXQ are very personal, though tbh I am relieved they’re backed up by facts! ;-) I hear Korean groups say this often – ‘I’ll work hard to show a better side of myself’. I’ve decided to wait until JYJ can show me a better side. Until then, I’ll take my music and entertainment without a side of WTF, thank you very much. All of this just makes me appreciate TVXQ even more honestly. I don’t think I’d be such an active fan if not for all the personal mental wranglings I’ve been through.

    So… was there a 623 meeting? Even if there was… would that excuse the things said in the 625 meetings. Not to me. Anyway, it’s so good to hear from you again, Precious! Take care! (I previously wrote under ‘cantsayit’/Sharwee becuz I’m kinda fail.)

  3. For the life of me, even if 6.23 meeting were true, it does not JUSTIFY 6.25 meeting, a meeting that became a reality with all their malicious plans.

  4. @ enolha
    Exactly my sentiment. If they just left two hard working, innocent young men alone, then I wouldn't even bother spending my time with this blog, but they didn't. They drag TVXQ and Homin in whenever they can...

    @ shweetshar, NoName
    Yes, even if there was 623 meeting, it still does not justify what happened in 625 meeting.

  5. Since the beginning news about 6.23 were kinda ridiculous to me. I can't even imagine ordinary TEACHER and LAWYER holding secret meeting to creat rumors o__o

    I've been silent reader since February cause my English is terrible when it comes to writing, haha. I just want to say THANK YOU Precious for everything you do!! If not you, I wonder what happened with international fandom today

  6. so far only 1 voice file. is for 6.25 secret meeting :)

  7. Its so good to hear from you again Precious. The 6.23 meeting did not happen full stop. Like shweetshar says above even though it happened it would not excuse the 6.25 meeting. They said alot of things at that meeting againist homin with no one to speak on their behalf. Because of that meeting Yunho and Changmin are still feeling the repercussions today. Its like cjs and their family wanted to destroy homin completely and didn't care if they worked again. Homin kept quiet mostly. To this day they have never explained what really happened and I doubt they ever will. I still believe cjs had every right to leave if they were unhappy with sm but to lie and manipulate the fans to achieve their goals at the expense of homin's reputations is completely unacceptable. All Homin did was refuse to get involved with crebeau and leave sm. Was that worth all the bashing and abuse?

  8. thank you precious for your effort and hard work...your blog help me so much in understanding the situation better...precious fighting!!!

    about meeting 6.23, and the based solely on Jaejoong's sister childish statement "Some parents already had a meeting like this and caused the 3 to be criticized."...she tried to justified her and others parent action by blaming the nonexistence of 6.23 meeting~ I wish I could say to them to 'act your age and stop interfering with your sons/brother career.'

  9. Welcome back, Precious :)

    For me, the 6.23 meeting is ridiculous from the start. Not that I know Homin and their families or anything to claim that, but base on Yunho and Changmin's persnalities, how can the fathers who raise such a good son gathered their sons' fans (this is the most silly part) to talk behind someone's back.

    Unlike them, people who held such meeting do nothing but destroying Homin's reputation (also dragged their families into the mess), and yet, not dare enough to admit their action. Keep it secret, blame on an phantom meeting (sorry, even if the 6.23 meeting is real, is it a common solution to clear the rumor by open another meeting to spread the rumor back?)

    Phew, sorry for ranting, it looks like I am still bitter about the past :) but u r right, it is really nice to see Homin are doing well ^^

  10. It's still very astonishing the lengths that fans will go to protect their idols. I never seen a case like this, but TVXQ is the only group of singers that I ever actually considered myself a fan of. Many have said the 6.23 meetings, if it existed, does not come close to justifying the 6.25 meeting, and I whole-heartedly agree with that statement.

    Whatever the case may be now, I wish all the best for the current TVXQ.

    Welcome back precious :)

  11. Thank you precious for making this blog btw! It's been interesting to read your entries about the lawsuit. The real information you present keep on making me question my feelings on JYJ. I'm a new fan, but I love both HoMin and JYJ. I truly want to believe both because of the past they had as 5. Since I am a new fan every time I find a new video or song of the old TVXQ I am happy. I want TVXQ to become 5 again, but I wish JYJ didn't do some of the things they did to HoMin. I think fans should be blamed as well. Some fans don't look for the true information and just believe the first thing they find. I'm happy that both JYJ and HoMin are doing fine right now though.

    Well that's my opinion. :)

  12. Hi ~ I'm totally a newbie.

    be honest, I didn't like TVXQ before. I swear. I thought they were just nothing and couldn't stop thinking why they got so many fans. but since I worked as a journalist in one of well-known K-Pop magazines in my country, I had to know about TVXQ. I'm a totally neutral person here.

    But after Why (Keep Your Head Down) released, I got into Changmin. he stole my attention and I was searching more information about him and found this site.

    I really appreciate your hard work. this site answered my questions.

    thank you so much ^^

  13. hi precious ,
    you have been missed...

    thanks for writing this to explain the non-existent meeting that CJS's family has been using as the excuse for the 625 meeting that they held.

    it just sad how much they did to try to convince cassies to believe their side of the story and the saddest thing is how many actually did believe.

    i just hope for all of these to end and for both sides to be able to proceed with their individual careers... i love jae, chun and su a lot as well, but i'm finding it harder to convince myself that they are just out to discredit Yun and Min...

    i don't deny that i will be happy if this was all just a bad nightmare and DBSK is 5 again, but i am not letting it happen on the expense of HoMin's careers...

  14. Thank you for another informative post.

    As always, you speak with evidence. Big contrast to what JYJ fans have been doing since two years now. I wish I could say that I am no longer surprised with how much JYJ's side manipulates the truth and uses unproven rumors and lies (seriously, what Junsu's fan did to hide the real date of the conversation with Yunho's fan is really low). But the more I learn about this story and the more JYJ themselves speak and act the more I find myself shocked at how far some people can go to protect their own interests.

    The most furstating is that DBSK fans still refuse to accept that JYJ are the ones who have been taking the decisions. Even here it looks like some of the comments imply that it was JYJ's parents fault and not JYJ's themselves, although the parents clearly said that they were asked by JYJ to hold the meeting and they were there to convey JYJ's messages. JYJ are always the innocent ones. Now whenever OT5 fans don't like something that happens with JYJ (their manager's actions, the dancers they have at their concerts, etc) they always put the blame on everyone else other than JYJ themselves, although the three are their own bosses now and they make all the decisions by themselves.

    Sorry for the rant but I have lost my patience with OT5 fans because not only they don't respect HoMin (by refusing to acknowledge that only HoMin are TVXQ now and for good reasons, that Changmin himself said that JYJ are no longer part of the team, etc) but also they don't respect HoMin fans. We have been through a lot to be able to have our own HoMin corners (like continuetvxq) where we don't have to endure OT5 or Yunjae shoved down our throats but they act like it's ok for them to treat continuetvxq as a place where they can express their OT5 and Yunjae fangirling (because of course they would never dare to do that in a JYJ site, just like there are far less comments of the "it's not the same if they aren't five" kind on JYJ youtube videos compared to HoMin videos).

  15. @ maora
    Ridiculous is right. There simply isn't any proof whatsoever that there was such meeting. Funny thing is that the supposed "rumors" all became true unlike the rumors/lies fabricated from the 6.25 meeting.

    @ dhanirahman52
    Yup. 6.25 voice file was available almost immediately. There's yet to be any evidence of 6.23 meeting, but some "believers" still preach it. It's unreal.

    @ apooli
    It's good to be back. :)
    Whether CJS had right to leave or not is between them and SME. My opinion is that they do owe SM for their training and development, and they not only betrayed HoMin, but also SME who had big part in making TVXQ who they are(were). One thing for sure is that HoMin are total victim in this, not deserving any of the bashing/criticizing they've taken so far.

    @ jaemin
    Yup. Throwing blame on everyone else but themselves.

    @ shanancelice
    Nice to be back. :)

    No matter how you look at it, 6.25 meeting is talking behind the back. Some friends...

    @ Pratheepa
    Yes, it is fascinating to see what people can do to protect their "idols". It's still going on. Simply unbelievable.

    @ mizukigirl
    I can respect your opinion. I have no issues with JYJ fans, but it's some of the fans who attack TVXQ with lies that are wrong, and that's why I created this blog.

    @ Nona
    Glad my blog helped. Try to read some of JYJ side's articles too and decide for yourself what really is the truth. :) A neutral person can easily see what the truth is.

    @ keigomilk
    Being a fan can sometimes make you blind.

    @ Vicky
    Just forget about those stubborn OT5 fans. TVXQ are getting new fans who don't even know TVXQ5 days. Like you said, many OT5 fans are so unfair that they only make demands to Yunho and Changmin and vilify SM, but say nothing to CJS and C-Jes. Their mind is made up, and nothing can change it.

    1. It's 2016 and jyst happened to read this article now.. Sorry fir being late... I'm a Cassie since 2005.. It was hard for me then to support TVXQ..You see, i live in Europe, and back then kpop was nothing here. My friends were calling me obsessive -i couldn't care less btw- but for me, was the first time that i called myself a fan. I follow TVXQ till today.. I love Yunho bacause hus such a great person. I was lucky to see him once close by, and he gave me a very warm feeling. I replying to this to ask you to understand all of us who love TVXQ as 5.. We grew up with them..we learn to love music with them. We started dreaming because of them.... We get hurt and we still hurting because of them. I'm very very proud of Homin. They really worked hard and they became so much better artists and persons.. But please.. understand how much it hurt to not have them together. I will keep supporting TVXQ my whole life... i will keep supporting always what they do.. But i will also keep hoping to see them together again.. Not because of fame.. Is just so painful to know that.. those guys were like brothers.. they achieve together so many's painful to not be in good terms together.. Like a family who get separated.. I hope you understand me and all the Cassiopeia's who think like me. Thank you

  16. This is just sad. I don't know who to believe anymore. I'm losing my faith for both sides. If this is the band that I've been rooting and supporting for all this time, then maybe I should just stop. I don't blame anyone, but I know both sides have their points and faults too. I have been reading things from both sides, and yeah, they both have their own faults. It's really sad, just sad. What I thought them five to be, was just an illusion after all...

  17. @ tomohisa_pink18,

    They were very close for years but something went seriously wrong some where along the line, and they started to grow apart until they finally split. It wasn't an illusion for most of the years they were together that's for sure. I agree that both sides have their points and faults, the problem is cjs blamed the break up on sm and homin and never took any of the blame on themselves when in actual fact they are the ones who broke up tvxq. Tvxq were sm's top artists and would have done anything to keep them together. Cjs wanted out and didn't care who got blamed as long as it wasn't them. That is the part I find difficult to accept. What could have happened between them and homin where they didn't care that their friends were severely bashed and blamed for everything and not stand up for them and ask the fans to stop bashing them. I guess we'll never know. At least it looks like homin are healing and getting on with their careers successfully. Long may it continue.

  18. @ tomohisa_pink18

    What did Yunho and Changmin do for you to lose faith in them? All they did were to stay where they always were, and continued on as TVXQ, exactly that they said they would do.

    HoMin weren't involved in the cosmetics business, they didn't start the lawsuit, they mostly kept quiet regarding this issue (have you heard them whining to their fans via twitter?), so basically they did nothing, but had to endure all the criticism and bashing. I really don't see where the fault lies with Yunho and Changmin.

  19. Thank you for your post Precious! I always had a feeling that this 6.23 meeting was just a figment of certain peoples (wild?) imagination.

    On the other hand, I'm really getting irritated with how fans are blaming SME for everything! Since the release of the schedule of DBSK from 7.2008 to 7.2009 on akp the fans are citing that reason as to why JYJ left and what not. What irks me even more is when fans still say that Homin should leave and join JYJ. -_-

    I feel your blog must go viral or something.It's almost there though :) People just have to see this. Thanks again!

  20. @devika
    I totally agree with you...I do not know who was the one who posted that up and what's the purpose of posting it up... Honestly we don't even know the authenticity of it and everyone is up with their blaming and finger pointing again...

    Even though till now, I do not understand why JCS chose to leave in that manner, but as a fan who's a tiny bit older den them, I've leant to respect and accept their decision to leave. I do not understand why others can't learn to accept and respect HoMin's decision to want to stay...perhaps it's as many are saying, they are just being deceived by what is being spread on twitter and all the pity party going on online...

    I know they won't be able to read this but I wanna say this to JCS..
    *pls excuse my language here*
    if u 3 had the balls to choose to leave,
    Pls respect that fact that HoMin had the balls to choose to stay,
    Pls stop all the pitiful "pleas" online.
    I was full of pity for u 3 in the beginning,
    But honestly It's just getting old and bothersome...
    Pls move on and be happy,
    Because the other 2 boys obviously have...
    I love u guys more den I probably should for all the heartaches u have brought to HoMin and all ur other close friends in SM,
    so pls dun turn this love I have into resentment...

  21. @Precious

    hey ~ I read some of JYJ's sites yesterday and I didn't like it cuz for me, those weren't reasonable.

    maybe cuz I love Changmin (?) hahaha :D
    but seriously, you have so many evidences and real facts. so I trust you :)

    although I'm a huge fan of Changmin but I still like Yoochun. I watched his drama. But TVXQ HoMin got my big support already. I respect them to stay in SM Ent.

    I would love to write these facts on my articles but I prefer don't want to. cuz I know so many JYJ fans out there and they'll kill my magazine. lol :D

    better I save this information for myself and I'll tell neutral people if they want to hear my explanation.

  22. @vicky

    new reader here. Can I ask what was the interview where Changmin said : Changmin himself said that JYJ are no longer part of the team

    Thanks Precious a lot for the blog

  23. @Precious
    nice to have you back :) thanks for taking the time to post this despite your busy life.

    i think continuetvxq admins are too nice. they probably don't want to do this but i think they should just prohibit mention of the other 3 in their site like many of Homin's Korean fan sites. while it may seem harsh to OT5 fans i think it's best to avoid any potential arguments that might arise. but that's just my opinion.

    and speaking of YJ being shoved down our throats i read that there is an inappropriate YJ banner that some fans plan to bring to the concert. how disrespectful and embarrassing to Yunho. i hope organizers, security and managers will do their job and prevent any inappropriate images at the concert.

  24. @cat1177

    What?? Are they going to bring it to SMtown?? Oh my god, that's disgusting. I thought european fans are more mature. It's okay if people ship their favourite pairings, but bring it to public........ hope organisers won't let this happen.

  25. @ devika
    They're just trying to cover up 6.25 meeting.

    There are people who still say HoMin should leave SM? For what? So they can join a shady company like C-Jes and abandon the best & biggest entertainment company in Korea who's holding a concert in France at the moment? LOL They must think naively that if HoMin leaves SM, all 5 will happily get back together and reform TVXQ5 or HMJYJ(?). Remember, HoMin are under contract with SM, and that means lawsuits (ugh!) for them to leave. Why don't they EVER ask CJS to go back to SM? That would be much easier. Drop the lawsuits, leave C-Jes (or fire C-Jes since they're only an agency) and go back to SM. Oh that's right, SM is an evil company (sigh). It's laughable that those people do not hesitate to condemn SM, but do not say anything towards C-Jes. Wait for my article about C-Jes. :)

    @ Nona Victory
    It's really not that hard to figure it out, isn't it? And yes, I know how some fans can get. :)

    @ Mai
    I think that interview was done after Junsu twitted something about CJS still belonging to TVXQ, and Changmin said it's not right for a group of migratory birds who left the flock to claim that they still belong to the flock. (or something in that effect) Changmin has always been straightforward like that. I liked that interview. :)

    @ cat1177, maora

    It's their right to dig YJ pairing, but to bring signs to SMTown is out of line and shows lack of class. It's really a selfish thing to do, totally ignoring Yunho's feeling. Oh wait, those fans are in their dreamworld, and they believe Yunho's feelings are like theirs. (sigh)

  26. @maora

    actually there was already a couple of YJ banners at the airport. there is also some kind of "wedding anniversary" celebration that they're talking about on twitter. O_O i mean, really?!? doesn't it mean anything at all that both YH and JJ said "don't spread rumors about us" themselves? it's on dvd, it came from their own mouths. wth. i don't care if this fantasy world is their thing but don't cross the line and disrespect others with your delusions. it's so distasteful and...just disgusting.


    i forgot to ask you in my previous post, but what's up with the recent leak of the 2008-2009 TVXQ schedules to the Korean press? it's really old news, everyone's seen that before, so what's with the sudden "revelation"? methinks someone purposely leaked it to the press, but why? is something up with the trial??
    (i really liked how Leeteuk directly addressed the issue on Sukira.)

  27. @ cat1177 what did Leeteuk say about it? Can you send me a link to that article? Thanks.

  28. @apooli

    here you go

    all i can say, as a working adult, is that you get what you work for. they are not where they are today by magic.

  29. @ cat1177

    I don't know why that old news is being regurgitated, but I don't really think that their schedule is as bad as people make it out to be. Check out any top artists' schedule (any country) and I bet they are as busy as SM artists or busier. I mean there are many people out there who work much harder than that and make far less. As Lee Teuk said, there are many entertainers who don't have any work even if they wanted to work more, and I agree with you, they are not where they are by taking it easy.

    I didn't hear anything new about the trial. Maybe some reporter wanted to make a noise since SM is being talked a lot lately because of their SMTown concert in Paris.

  30. @cat1177,

    as an admin of continueTVXQ, I can tell you that personally, I wish we can just wipe out the slate and start all over again, that way we'll never have any comments about things other than TVXQ's activities. But we also want to respect people's opinion and love because we want to be respected, we always delete comments when it gets too much, but sometimes we miss those comments. If you notice, there aren't a lot of such comments lately, that's because we implement a rule NOT to discuss things unrelated to TVXQ, even then sometimes an admin has to go through every comment to filter.

    About YunJae shipper, I am so mad at them right now, honestly, for someone who once enjoyed the pairing I think they are way out of control. It is one thing to enjoy fanfics and spazzing and others, it's another to do what they did (and plan to do). I personally don't care if they want to make a fool out of themselves and show the world how perverted they are, just keep Yunho out of it. If anyone knows me on twitter they knew I ranted up a storm about it, LOL

    @Precious: Welcome back!!! Another informative post as always. Until they give me proof like an audio or video recording, 6.23 is just fandom legend for me, totally difficult to prove.

    I completely agree with you, TVXQ are gaining A LOT of new fans. I myself am a fan from 2010, another admin from December 2010, and many more who isn't even slightly interested about anything before 2010. I hope together we can all continue to pour love and support for TVXQ and maybe one day, we'll stop having those annoying things shoved at us.


  31. @ Precious:
    You bet there are! Some have even gone to the extent of saying that they wanted Homin's album to flop so that they can join the other 3. :S
    Oh, and they would never want JYJ to join SM because it would be JYJ who are throwing away their dream and hardwork.

    Waiting for that article! :)

    Yeah, it's the YJ anniversary today. Actually being a YJ fan myself it's quite hard reading your comments. :P
    Well, about the banners, it is hard to stop the fans but JJ has received his fair share! And will continue doing that IMO. In all their concerts they've had numerous, and by that I mean a huge chunk of fans who have held YJ light sticks and banners. Not to mention the Yunho name calling too. Lol, that doesn't justify anything but I just wanted to say it. :)

  32. @Precious
    i can only imagine 2 reasons on why it was suddenly "revealed" by the press: trial-related or to discredit/distract from Homin's and SM's recent successes. and by the looks of it it's definitely working on some people, although not by much cos everyone else is excited for SMTown Paris :D

    i know you guys don't want to do it cos otherwise you would've done it already :D. i know you all want to make the site as welcoming to all kinds of fans as much as you and i respect the site for that.

    sorry if i hurt your feelings. i'm not totally against shipping, it's all for fun and fan service but as soon as people start to take it way too seriously and it becomes distasteful... lightboards and sticks are harmless but i can't imagine what a straight, 25 year-old man would feel when he sees a banner with photoshopped homoerotic images of himself and a male friend whom he's probably not in the best terms with right now. i just don't see the point of subjecting him to these kinds of things other than selfish reasons. i know JJ gets it a lot more, and tbh i really feel sorry for the guy. anyway, sorry again if i made you feel bad, but that's just what i think.

  33. @ cat1177,

    Thanks for the link. My opinion is that the more famous you are the busier you get. That happens all across the board in the music industry not only with sm. Famous musicians are very busy people that's part and parcel of their job. Someone was not happy with the press coverage of sm town Paris and felt cjs were being forgotten. So they came up with this old news. They are running out of ideas.

  34. @ Cat1177:

    Nah, it's ok.:) Yeah, it tends to go quite overboard at times.

  35. It's sad that these haters don't give HoMin a break esp Yunho with their own theories and suppositions created out of thin air-BUT the fact remains that Yunho and Changmin are rightfully where they belong again on the top-I remember reading about TVXQ selling the most no of albums for the first qtr and i literally was jumping up and down with glee-Its so easy to be their fan-all i see is strength, determination and class and immense talent.
    The JYJ stans actually realize that and its one of the reasons you will see that they follow HoMin and their every move more than JYJ themselves.
    As for YJ fans, they are actually stronger than OT5 fans-I used to ship YJ and have fond memories of what they had but under the circumstances I think YJ fans should respect Yunho and his feelings, same goes for Jae's-Its been 2 yrs since YJ as fans knew them has ended-for me it comes down to a simple fact that if YJ were real he would be together and they aren't so time to move on !!

  36. Hi Precious!
    I'm a new reader and I spent hours going over everything on this website *_* ho mans lol

    I appreciate all the effort you've put into this site and yours is the first one amongst the many many TVXQ lawsuit site that hasn't made me cringe because of the sheer stupidity -_-;;

    This whole lawsuit has become somewhat of a circus. I've been a fan of TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki, whatever you want to call them, since their debut. So it's been a couple years for me lol ^^;;

    At first I thought JYJ and Homin had split because of divided opinions on their contracts. I was depressed at first when news of the lawsuit then split broke out but I earnestly supported both sides. Eventually, as I delved deeper, it seemed pretty obvious to me what really went down.

    Well, now I only support TVXQ, as in Yunho and Changmin.

    Whatever, I can overlook the fact JYJ got lured by promises of big profit but I can't overlook how they let their bandmates, their brothers, their Leader Yunho and Magnae Changmin, their respective families take the blame for everything. I think this is unforgivable.

    Despite it all, I'm glad that TVXQ is moving on and gaining new fans by the day. I believe in Yunho and Changmin and believe that they will go far.

    Your website gives me a glimmer of hope that one day the majority of fandom will realize the truth. Thank you Precious :)

  37. @ Hyeonmu
    Hey, it is nice to be back. :)
    Time will solve everything. As TVXQ soar higher, the memory of 5 will slowly start fading. CJS fans know this as well, and that's most likely why some OT5 fans & CJS fans always barge in on every TVXQ vids, articles, news etc. and are begging to be noticed instead of concentrating on supporting their own "oppas". Simply pathetic. They made their own bed, but refuse to sleep in it.

    @ Devika
    Some wanted TVXQ album would flop? LOL, too bad for them that didn't happen. That's such a twisted logic since there's no guarantee HoMin would've left SM even if the album didn't do well. Those people wanted HoMin's effort to go down the drain for their own agenda? Can you be more selfish? I bet they didn't wish JYJ album to flop so they can go back to SM. If nothing else, staying in SM was a wise decision for HoMin for their career as everyone is witnessing right now. Everyone can clearly see (whether they admit it or not) which company is more professional and capable of giving proper support to their artists. It's not even close.

    As for YJ paring, I'm sure Jaejoong received his shares, but the difference is that Jaejoong actually seems to encourage the pairing whereas Yunho doesn't. If you watch old videos or recent tweets (remember the phone call episode?), you can kind of sense that.

    @ cat1177
    Well, if you think about it, it's really not that surprising. Whenever there's a news about TVXQ or SM, related news linking those events with CJS or condemning SM always popped up. I guess we should be used to it by now.

    @ apooli
    Yup. Using TVXQ every chance they get for their own gain.

    @ Reema
    Isn't it funny that most TVXQ fans don't really care about what the others are doing, but JYJ fans follow TVXQ closely, sometimes moreso than the actual TVXQ fans. Maybe they're becoming closet TVXQ fans. LOL

    @ Christine
    Welcome and thanks for reading my posts. Quite a reading, wasn't it? :)

    What you said is basically the crux of the matter. I can care less if they left the band for the money. It's their right, and it's their choice, but framing the members? Like you said, it's unforgivable.

    It makes it worth it for me to continue this blog hearing from fans like you who found the truth from this site. Thank you. :)

  38. Hi Precious, thanks again for the new article.

    I've always tought the 6.23 meeting never happened; unlike 6.25. I mean where are the proofs?
    So yeah, not really surprised.

    For your information, I went to the SMTown concert the 10th June, and as a big fan of TVXQ -Changmin & Yunho- I did my best to cheer for them. Anyway, I saw 5,6 lighticks with wrote in korean 'YunJae'. When I saw it, I kept thinking about Yunho feelings, I'm almost sure he saw them.

    I've also noticed evertytime a good article about SM/TVXQ is posted, JYJ stans try to bring them down again and sadly enough it work -> just look at AKP, for God sake, the best rating are always 'SM = Slave Managment' etc...
    Unlike few months ago, I think lot of non fans start to see what's really happening.

    Sorry for the english, and thanks again

  39. @ bearacademy

    Hey lucky you! I'm not going to miss it when they come to US. (I missed it last one)

    As for Yunho seeing YJ signs, I have a feeling he's used to it. It's been a while since the breakup and he (and also Changmin) went through much worse. But still, those fans should show some respect towards Yunho and stop their childish acts.

    I wouldn't put too much weight on AKP ratings. I wouldn't be surprised if those were manipulated by few fanatical fans. It happens all the time, but like you said, many people are realizing what's going on.

    As I look back now, the whole situation is 1000X better than a year ago. As TVXQ & SM's popularity rise, those fanatical CJS fans will lose people's support no matter how desperately they try to slander them with lies and deceit. They're fighting a losing battle. :)

  40. I was wondering how other korean fandoms look at this situation.Do they agree w/those fanatics & what does the general public think.I've alwasys wondered causeall I hear is how the public "adores CJS".If that group who talked about plasic surgerey in Japan was critised then would they be?Sorry if i'm asking too much,we just never get info of what's going on in Korea.Just like others I opened my eyes when CJS side started to make passive agressive statements & thier fans aren't smart enough to see thier being manipulated.If they can throw Yunho/Changmin under the bus,then they'll eventually they'll turn on each other too.Loyality to frienship means nothing to them and this OT3 loyality stance will crumble,it's only a matter of time.

  41. @ nicegirl221

    Those extreme JYJ fans are not getting along with fans of other artists either, especially other SM artists' fans. If you think about it, CJS and their fans are preaching that SM artists are "slaves", so it's really natural for other SM artists' fans to despise them. They're losing general public's support as well. It's really not hard to see what's going on if you're not emotionally involved.

    Most of general public don't really care either way. If you're not a fan, you usually don't care. I personally wasn't that interested in this either when they broke up because I was not a die hard fan of TVXQ. I am going to make a post about how I got involved in this despite not being a fan in the future. :)

  42. Hey Precious, I've been following your blog from the start and this is my first time commenting. I just want to thank you for giving TVXQ fans hope.

    I know 2010 wasn't exactly the best year for Yunho & Changmin, what with JYJ fans coming up with conspiracy theories like how Yunho & Changmin were SM shareholders so they refused to leave/more profit was awarded to them etc etc. You cannot imagine how angry, but most of all, how oppressed I felt ): I couldn't tell my POV to anyone since all my friends supported JYJ.

    I'm glad that the truth is finally coming out now and tbh, I get so pissed off when I read comments on TVXQ articles about how Yunho & Changmin should not sing old DBSK songs like 'Mirotic' and 'Rising Sun'. ugh, I'm like, they are TVXQ now so they have every right to, bitch you better back off. I'm glad the break up hadn't happened any other way bc I have faith that Homin will take TVXQ's name to a very high place (:

    I do not doubt their sincerity and their love for SM, TVXQ and their fans. I'm not sure if the same could be said about the other three, since they were willing to leave their labelmates, members and fans behind when a carrot was dangled in front of them.

  43. @ Mita


    When you read comments like that, don't get upset, just laugh at them. There's nothing they can do about TVXQ singing their old songs. Like you said, Yunho and Changmin have every right to the songs so the haters can cry all they want. Those comments are coming out of jealousy, so it's best to just ignore them. I guess they'd rather have those songs buried than HoMin singing them.

    The number of fans who prefer the current TVXQ over the old one are increasing back in Korea, and many of them are asking SM to re-record and release the old TVXQ songs with just Yunho and Changmin. A 'Best of' album would be nice. :)

  44. Hey Precious, I pretty much found out about this site when there were only a few posts on it, and finally took the time to create an account and leave a comment :)

    Throughout this whole ordeal, never once did I really see SM as the root of all evil, nor did I blame them, although a lot of the fans around me did. I didn't really understand their thoughts (and still don't, lol) because at every chance they got I saw people see blame SM for everything. Even though I don't see much of that anymore (since I don't read comments much nowadays) whenever I see someone blaming SM or still saying or asking "When can HoMin finally get out of that hellhole?!" I can't help but roll my eyes at my computer screen. And not once did I believe in the conspiracy theory that SM was aiming to divide all the fans, that it was their plan from the beginning. Obviously they had to find new and true fans to the present TVXQ, so they did what they had to do (isn't reopening registration for Cassiopeia for the TVXQ consisting of Changmin and Yunho sort of an obvious anyway? I mean, whether people like it or not, TVXQ consists of those two only now). As much as I wanted to give people a piece of my mind or at least show my opinion, I knew I would only be bashed in the end, and so I stopped reading comments and stopped visiting certain websites. I felt so much better and relaxed after I did that :P

    Anyways, I just wanted to thank you for starting this blog, unlike what some others say this website actually has concrete proof to what it says. And these days I don't believe what I see or hear without proof. As for the 6.23 meeting, seeing as there's no proof that it happened, I don't believe it happened. If a voice recording for 6.25 was able to get out, then surely something from the infamous 6.23 meeting should've been able to get out too, right? But seeing as nothing of the sort came out, it didn't happen. And I honestly don't know why some people are still hung up with things that supposedly happened in the past. When I first found out about 6.25, yeah, I was angry, but I got over it and moved on, and it made me want to support the present TVXQ even more. Old news is old news. Dwelling in the past does nothing for you, and only makes you miss out things that are happening in the present as well as things that will happen in the future.

  45. @ Andrea

    It's much easier to blame SM for everything than acknowledging the truth and admitting their "Oppas" were in the wrong, simple as that. SM is a hellhole? There are many hopefuls lined up to jump into that hellhole LOL.

    I'm sure majority of TVXQ fans are with me on this, but if we had a choice, we'd much rather forget about what happened in the past and move on, but the reality is that it's the JYJ fans and CJS themselves who bring up the past at every chance they get, especially whenever there's a news or activity from TVXQ and SM. They should move on and promote and support JYJ instead of dwelling in the past and trying to cling on TVXQ fame. They chose to leave the band by breaking the contract they signed and filing a lawsuit against the company that made them, then they should be ready to face the consequences.

    I think many TVXQ supporters are like you in that they simply decided to stop bothering with SM haters, and that's most likely why those comment sections are overrun by them. That's ok though, they're just living in their own fantasy world. :)

  46. hi Precious,

    it is nice to see you are back :)

    i thought everyone already knew the 6.23 was a fabrication to justify the 6.25 meeting. and tbqh, i am surprised you were able to squeeze out a decent post out of something that was not even a very creative or believable lie. but, as always, thanks for backing up everything you write.

    i agree that the situation is a lot better than it was a year ago but i still can't believe the amount of ignorance and just complete nonsensical thinking that goes on in this "fandom", not to mention the hypocrisy. when i engage in convo w/ those that leave ignorant comments about SM or TVXQ, you would not believe how little they know about the lawsuit. i swear, the only thing they can say is "i don't know exactly what is going on but SM is evil!!" ARRGGGHHHHH! it's so frustrating!

    i feel the lies that are disproved in this blog is still believed as the truth to the general kpop fan. i'm relieved Yunho and Changmin are not bashed as much as they use to be but as long as SM is still vilified as the bad guy, Yunho and Changmin will still get criticized and the 3 will be glorified as crusaders of justice (PUKE!). So, I still think it's really important to correct people or at least point them to this blog.

    "and many of them are asking SM to re-record and release the old TVXQ songs with just Yunho and Changmin. A 'Best of' album would be nice."

    woah! i hope not soon, though. can you imagine the drama from the supporters of the other side & ot5?? ug.

  47. first welcome back precious we really missed ur post thank you as usual for the another deabak post about jyj & their stans drama that never end i was wondering since jyj now is new group that have nothing to do with tvxq why they didnt choice a name for their fan club yet ?!! i mean no matter what they do or say cassiopeia is a name of the fanclub that belong to tvxq the red pearl is tvxq mark so its fair logic they start their own fanclub !! honesty saying i dont approve of jyj fans to use the name of cassiopiea & the red ocean for jyj !! cuz jyj not tvxq any more in ur opinion why they keep using it as its their right to do so ?

  48. another thing need to say about the road that jyj heading to it when i saw some pics of their show concert on stage i was shocked of the vulgar moves of female dancers with jyj before the boys never did such things what makes tvxq so different than other bands is there sophisticated & elegant performance what i saw in jyj concert is something you dont see except in night club shows sorry but im still shocked how fast they change their image & its not only me some of the old ot5 fans in shock too & not approve of there new acts sometimes i wonder is this one of the freadom they were asking for it or what ?!! honesty still in shock sorry for ranting here

  49. @Precious thanks for taking the time to answer to our individual posts-to continue the point of @ranon-I am no more a fan of CJS and I generally keep my distance from any news about them, but I was shocked and appalled at what image they are trying to portray in their showcases-there were dances which had crotch grabbing and all their dancers had their hynie's hanging out-and all this after JYJ stans touting about how they are not idols but "artists".

    Its ironic because b4 Yunho and Changmin's comeback Junsu talked about how he hoped that HoMin would keep up the TVXQ name-glad to say that HoMin are doing just that-Anyway a lot of OT5 fans are really put off by that and I know a whole lot of them are swaying the HoMin way now-I see it happenning more and more now.

    PS: Also I couldnt help but say "here we go again"
    to Jae's emo tweets abut fans leaving and Junsu's cleverly ambiguous tweets about starting anew!

  50. I read things posted on this blog and I am really sad that I haven't read these things at the time when all these rumors surfaced.Even though I'm a huge fan of Yunho, I wasn't sure if this could be true or not, after all I'm a simple international fan and didn't know what was happening, and people who spoke with the Korean fans were right when they said that they would know more than I do, because I don't live there. then imagine those who are fans of one who filed the lawsuit? Even if they read all this blog there will always be doubt in their minds.

    I wonder if it really can help to repair what is in people's minds after all the lies told.I hope it really helps.

    You know that story of feather pillows and gossip??
    every time I think in this situation I remember that story...

    This excerpt sums up everything I think about it, what makes me sad and upset :
    “And though you may truly wish to correct the evil you have done, it is as impossible to repair the damage done by your words as it is to recover the feathers. Your words are out there in the marketplace, spreading hate, even as we speak.”

    Each and every word they said can never be retrieved fully , the harm and the hurt is done. There's no turning back.
    Every time they will invent another lie to cover another lie and this cycle never ends. and every time the ones harmed are YunMin.

  51. Dear Precious:
    Thank you so much again, if it wasn't for you, I am afraid I wouldn't have any reliable source to defend Yunho and Changmin, you are doing a great work. Sometimes I feel terrible b/c I can't defend you properly from silly comments, you know, my english is not good, so I am sorry for that.

    I just read that story "Feathers in the wind", you are right, that's the reason I can't support JYJ, first of all, they keep harming Yunho and Changmin even their own fans, second, it seems they don't realize what they are doing or they just don't see anything wrong in that, both scenarios are painful and therefore I can't say "oh, they were wrong but it's ok, I will support their actions even if they are hurting innocent people", I just can't, I probably would feel like I am contributing to those actions and I can't until they ask for forgiveness to Yunho and Changmin and their families as well. I think JYJ do not regret for what they did otherwise they would stop.
    I read JJ tweet, this boy is an incredible manipulator, he always was. This proves me, they just want to be famous and keep their fans at any cost (it means HOMIN reputation). They should stop for their own good.

  52. Thank you Precious for this blog,i'm glad you don't sugarcoat the nastiness.One of the main reasons I believein you is b/c most post you make the other side makes a post refuting it.If there was no truth in this blog then they wouldn't bother with trying to discredit you.For a long time only one side was told so these people could make up stories,but now that the truth is comming to light thier scared.
    The was Jae tweeted to get sympathy was so nasty on his part so these people could attack/blame those that are angry/wanting to leave.
    @Precious-I was wondering-I had heard from a Bigeast that CJS wanted Avex to cut the ties with SM(2which they did),but wanted them not to work with Yunho & Changmin,I think during that time came Matssura's tweet.Could they have been working together to destroy Yunho & Chamgmin's career?-Also I've been hearing that Junsu(who apparently isn't as innocent as he seems) & fam,has been manipulating the other two Jae &Chun and of course thier fans(which is obvious).

    Again thank you so much for this blog and being so nice in awsering our question(sorry that I wrirte too muc)if you have time hope you'll check out my blog.:)

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. @reema
    i saw those horrible pics from a tweet i got & i was speechless & disgusted @ the same time how come they do such things when they know they r role model for teens who looking up to them dont they count that or what ?! when i asked this to some of their fans ironically they defend them by saying its normal thing since they r in amrica O-0
    what kind of excuse is that !!!!!!!!!

    what jj tweeted this time ?!! can some one en-light me :)

  55. @ crheem

    Many fans still believed or wanted to believe in 6.23 despite any solid proof. I guess human minds are so fragile when there's a claim that agrees with one's own thoughts, s/he trusts it even if it is not based on any evidences.

    As for releasing re-recorded old songs, I don't think SME or TVXQ care about those antis any more so if they decide to do it, they'd just do it. You can cater(?) to them only for so long. I personally agree with that as well. TVXQ should concentrate on the supporting old fans and new fans and just ignore CJS fans. There's not much they can do about them.

    Those antis are pretty persistent and loud, so they seem to be everywhere, but I think most general public and common fans are beginning to see the light. The anti-SM comments have decreased significantly compared to few months ago.

    @ ranon
    It's pretty clear that both JYJ and some of their fans do not want to let go of TVXQ's fame. If you remember, CJS didn't really mention anything about TVXQ, and actively promoted JYJ and their new "Beginning" when Yunho and Changmin were inactive, but as soon as they came back as TVXQ, CJS suddenly tried to cling onto TVXQ by talking about it in their tweets and interviews. They have no problem defaming TVXQ name, yet want to use their "former" band as much as they can for their own gain.

    As for JYJ concert, I personally don't care what they do, and briefly glanced through one or two footage, and the impression I got was that the concerts were sloppy, but that's about it.

    @ Reema

    Did they tweet again recently? I was out of this whole thing for a while, and didn't know about it.

    @ MJ87

    It's impossible to talk sense into some people. Being a fan is a powerful thing, and logic do not work a lot of times. I gave up convincing those brainwashed fans long time ago. My blog is for those fans who are objective and neutral, but didn't have access to real information.

    @ sofly

    Well, thank you for trying to defend me, much appreciated and you don't have to feel sorry about it. :) I'm not doing this to win a popularity contest, and I must be doing something right if they're hell bent on bashing me LOL.

    @ nicegirl221

    Just like you said, they don't want people to know the truth. That's why they're even afraid of even mentioning this blog whereas I have no problem recommending some to read the jyjfiles blog. My theory is that if a person is logical and fair minded, s/he should be able to see the big holes in their claims after comparing both sides.

    C-Jes & CJS wanted Avex to cut ties with SM, Yunho and Changmin before signing a new contrat with Avex. That was from the testimony of SM's witness during one of the trial session. That's why even BOA had to release her single through another company (I think it was Universal or EMI) during that time, and SNSD signed with Universal instead of Avex, who was with SM for 10+ years. If you recall the events during that time, you can put some puzzles back together. Remember the handshaking incident between Changmin and Matsuura? Guess why Min didn't want to shake hands with him? Matsuura posted something about Changmin's manner after that incident. When Bigeasts found out what happened later on through the court testimony, some demanded Matsuura to apologize to Changmin. (I don't think he ever did)

  56. @Precious, @Ranon, yes Jae tweeted after the Busan concert, I dont know if he deleted them afterwards or not but the gist was about how he cant do without fans/or what will he do if he had no more fans,something to that effect-

    and Junsu's tweet was about how previously he used to shed tears while singing "fallen leaves" but then he realized why should he, when this is a new beginning.

    of course people in denial were like "ohh Jae is being emo, we can never leave him" and for Junsu it was like " oh this is a sign he is talking about a new beginning which means they might get back together" so its again poor OT5 fans who get swept up by words and neglect the real meaning behind those tweets.

  57. @ Reema

    I see. Thanks for the info. We all know what those tweets "really" mean. :)

  58. I think I remember JJ's tweet around the time of SeoulOsaka Charity concert where bigeast's red ocean for TOHOSHINKI was a huge success and Junsu's tweet when ppl are going crazy about SMTown in Paris, if i remember correctly

    I don't really know about the detail of their tweet, I was like 'here we go again' when I saw their's out of topic but I saw their recent pic and OMG I can't believe I'm seeing the same person who I used to adore and looked so flawless before..only YC looks the same imo...

    talk about the matsuura, I really dislike that guy...he tweets about Changmin so called 'rude/unforgiving' behavior and two days after that announced to the world about JYJ 'sub unit' thing and their concert at Tokyo Dome..

  59. @ Precious,

    If there is one rumour I did not want to be truthful its the one where c-jes and cjs wanted Avex to cut ties with sm. I did not know an sm witness had given testimony to it in court. What's more it seems Avex were cutting those ties with sm because I remember they sold all their shares of sm. How much power did cjs and c-jes think they had to ask for such a thing and what possible reason could they have so that Avex acts in the way they did with sm? It must be a huge reason. Boa and Homin were their friends and yet they didn't seem to care about them anymore. Boa had been with Avex longer than all five of them how could they. I can't believe homin kept all this and plenty more to themselves.

  60. @ jaemin

    I guess they've been twitting all along. I had no idea. At this point, I don't think anyone really cares about their tweets except for their fans.

    I have noticed that they look different now. That's the effect of leaving the care of the "evil SM" who keeps their artists in top shape.

    I think Matsuura made the decision that seemed most profitable at that time, signing the 3 and abandoning SM & HoMin. Avex got rid of all the SM shares they owned at the time they signed the 3. Well, it's too bad for Matsuura that the value of SM stock multiplied 10 times afterward because of huge success of SNSD and other SM artists. We all know what happened with Avex and the 3. :)

  61. @ apooli

    You commented while I was typing mine. I think I answered your questions on my post above.

    This is my guess, but Matsuura must've believed that he just needed to sign the 3 to continue the success (profit) they had with TVXQ. I also think that by signing the 3, he probably thought that he would have considerable influence over them, but it just didn't work out that way for him. C-Jes went kinda rogue on them by doing things like holding a fan meeting with Japanese fans in Korea for the drama SKK Scandal, and signing a separate deal with a Chinese company for activities in China. I'm pretty sure Matsuura wanted a piece of that pie as well. So in the end, he couldn't control C-Jes & CJS the way he wanted to, so he suspended their activities in Japan and started working with SM again.

    I had a feeling that SM's Nam So Young was going to testify in detail about these matters on the next trial. I suspect that if the trial is on hold because of arbitration like some people are saying, I wouldn't be surprised that it was requested from CJS's side to prevent Nam from testifying because CJS's lawyers kept trying to stop her from testifying. But at this point, it's all assumptions.

  62. @Precious

    So it's true -- testimony was given that CJS wanted Avex to cut ties to SM. I heard the same rumor months ago but it was in a sea of so many other false rumors I just dismissed it. Wow. Just -- wow. This just keeps getting worse, doesn't it? I almost don't want to read anymore, but if they could live through it (and thrive AND succeed!), the least I can do as a fan is read about it and educate myself. TVXQ are moving on and doing so well -- all of this only makes me appreciate them more. Thanks, Precious!! :-)

  63. @ Reema thanx alot for the info so we back to whinning again with these tweet its fine to love some one & support him as much as you can but dont be so blind by ur love :L i can see a pattern here which is something not new to us wonder for how long ot5 keep living in the dark holding to the past!! junsu sayed its anew beginning we already know that the minute they break out from tvxq & their friends silly how ot5 fans read their tweet Upside down & always find a away to justify AKTF? hate the way they Manipulate their fans feelings with these emo tweet`s but since ot5 fans accepting to be fools & naive to believe what ever comes from their mouth then its their fault after all..
    one thing im sure of right now is junsu not the so innocent boy they claim to be :)

    agree with you sloppy is the right word to describe their concert!! i think they r afraid to come up with a new fanclub to their new group they dont want to risk it some how its oky for them to live on the powerful of cassiopiea`s fame !! cant wait for ur next post

  64. I noticed that SHINee released their Japan debut album through EMI as well even though they signed with Avex (according to allkpop, SHINee, F(x), & Suju are signed with Avex). I am wondering what's the contract for. Then, I also read from allkpop that SME said from SNSD onwards, the artists under SME that debut in Japan will be handled by SM Japan. Would someone please enlighten me about this?

    Btw, are BoA & TVXQ still under Avex? I mean after the mess with JYJ...

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. @ shweetshar
    Yes it is true. Shocking, isn't it? Many Korean fans and non-fans know about this already, and combined with what they did in 6.25 meeting, the public opinion towards CJS are not that good except for the die hard fans.

    @ Freya87

    TVXQ are managed by SM Japan as well, and Avex is only responsible for distribution of their albums & singles. I don't know about BoA.

    I think that arrangement works out for SM. Despite what happened with CJS, Avex is still the largest distributor in Japan.

    I think f(x) is signed with EMI as well. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  67. @precious

    Sometimes I think as a CEO of a big company Matsuura is too emotion...he lose my respect when he tweet about Changmin and the other three lose it when they become JYJ.

    I have to say the 'evil sme' does a very excellent job at keeps their artists in top shape. It a bonus that both Changmin and Yunho are so gorgeous looking ^___^

  68. @ jaemin

    Yup. Can't fault SM much in that regard.

    Not going to comment too much about Yunho and Changmin's looks. :)

    Personally, I prefer looking at f(x) and SNSD myself. I hope you'll respect my personal preference LOL.

    Anyways, I do agree Yunho and Changmin are (insert every positive adjective you can think of) looking, but they get tremendous respect from me for the way they dealt with this, and how much stronger they came back. Many would've simply crumbled under the immense stress and pressure, but they not only went through it, but came back much improved than before. They must've used this adversity to drive themselves, working harder to better themselves.

    They spoke with their music and performances, not meaningless words, and I commend them for it.

  69. @Precious

    I'm not sure about F(x). In wikipedia, it's said Avex, but I don't know how reliable it is. In any case, SME obviously learns to not depend on Avex ^^~

  70. ah...i had heard that CJS made Avex drop SM/Yh & Cm but i'm kind of LOL about Avex being so short sighted. i mean, seriously?? who made that genius decision to side with 3 artists against SM (a huge co and partner for more than 10 yrs)? doesn't even make sense and i'm not even a business major. LOLOLOL

    @ Precious,

    re: remake album. oh gosh. no, i'm not catering to antis or ot5 supporters. i just don't want Yunho and Changmin to have to deal with the drama anymore.

  71. @Precious

    so does it mean that as mere distributors, Avex has no say on the production side of things? i'm still kind of confused with this set up.

    i don't trust that Max Ceo person. he recently tweeted something nice about Homin but i'm wary about his intentions.

    JS -- i think he's very clever, his tweets are always ambiguous enough that anyone can project whatever meaning they want to in them. and i don't believe that tweets are personal thoughts so people don't have a right to judge it, cos otherwise you would've kept it well, personal. i used to be highly amused by his image as the ditzy English mangler but i guess that's all it was, an image.

    ot5 -- it's funny cos the other day some site tweeted about something CM said years ago about how if he were reborn he would still be a TVXQ member. i guess they missed the January 2011 interview where he was asked the same question and CM said he'd rather not be an idol anymore. situations change and people change, what they once said 3 or 4 or 5 years ago may not hold true today because that's what happens in life, crap happens and things change.

  72. @ crheen

    When I said "you" I wasn't referring to you specifically. Sorry for misunderstanding. I knew what your concern was. :)

    In hindsight, Matsuura's decision may look short sighted, but back then, it may have been the safer decision. TVXQ was breaking up anyways, and Avex had to choose a side, and Matsuura chose the side with members that weremore popular in Japan at that time. Maybe the prospect of signing 3/5 of TVXQ w/o sharing profit with SM appealed to him as well, who knows. In the end, it totally backfired on Matsuura. SNSD ended up signing with Universal, and Avex ended up dropping CJS and work with SM again, but without managing any of their artists. So in the end, it worked out for SM and TVXQ which is very fortunate.

  73. @ cat1177

    Right. As far as I understand, SM Japan is handling everything for their Japanese activities. In my opinion, that arrangement is beneficial to TVXQ since SM should be able to balance activities better. I don't think SM had much control over TVXQ's Japanese activities when they were with Avex. It's funny that it's always SM that gets blamed for TVXQ's busy schedule when it's mostly Avex who managed their activities in Japan.

  74. @crheem

    Like precious said, JYJ was more popular than Homin. Besides, at the time, SME reputation was going downhill with the lawsuit against JYJ (+Hangeng) since fans (+public?) opinion was against SME. Also, JYJ would concentrate their activities in Japan since they couldn't work in SK. Moreover, BoA was inactive in Japan & BoA + TVXQ were the only SME artists debuted in Japan. Correct me if I'm wrong, SME was also in debt due to failure of Karaoke business.

    Although Matsuura might take risky bet (if he already knew about CJeS CEO past), I'm sure he thought that he took the right decision profit wise. Too bad that he was wrong. Now, BoA+TVXQ aren't under Avex management (good for them^^~, would be less tiring from now on). I remember there was Sones who said that Avex drop JYJ due to SNSD success in Japan with their debut single. I wonder how true it is.

  75. Hi Precious!

    I've been a silent reader for quite sometime now. I appreciate everything you are doing. Just for letting us know facts and letting us know there is logic behind everything that you are informing us about.
    I am a relatively new fan, Jan 2011. I did some googling Lol and found out TVXQ was more than just two.
    After reading all of this and getting informed on what happened I am glad to say I love Homin. They are exceeding and just growing s artists and people. I am extremely proud of them for lifting themselves up and continuing doing what they love and that is music and sharing it with everyone.

    It upsets me to read certain comments on Youtube while watching the MV's but what frustrates me even more is the fact that some people will say "yes they are good BUT with the other 3 they would be amazing"

    They stand very well on their own, they are amazing now. I just wish people could see that but to each his own.

    Again Thank you so much! I hope everything is well on your side and take care:)

  76. @ Freya87
    There are opinions that SNSD actually saved SM with their success because after the lawsuit, SM's stock went down quite a bit, and they didn't have any revenue from TVXQ (obviously).

    I highly doubt that JYJ was dropped solely because of SNSD since JYJ were bringing in revenue for Avex. I think JYJ were actually doing quite well, and Avex did squeeze out as much as they can from JYJ before dropping them (DVDs tours etc).

    We would never know the true reason why Avex dropped JYJ, but I'm guessing that C-Jes wasn't working out for them.

    @ burritoslove
    Hey, welcome to the fandom!!! So you are the one of the new fan who didn't know TVXQ was 5 LOL. You are the lucky one who didn't have to go through the tough times and get to enjoy the better TVXQ from the start. :)

    Tell them TVXQ don't need members from another band LOL.

  77. Hello!
    I've been lurking here for a long time and it's my first time commenting. I wasn't really a fan of TVXQ before (but I've heard of them way back) until I saw their keep your head down video and I was awed by their performance. And so, I decided to check on them as well as their past music and videos. I was also curious regarding this lawsuit thingy because from what I can see they were pretty close as well. Was it greed (money is really the root of all evil) that they (JYJ) decided to be against their friends/members? Honestly, what they did was really low, they could have gone on with the lawsuit without destroying their relationship with HoMin, worse is that their families were also deeply affected. I really felt pity and respect for the two, for they were a lot who keep bashing them and yet they kept quiet through all of it. There is nothing wrong for them staying in SM. They were merely guided by their values and principles. And that is the difference between JYJ and HoMin. The two are humble compared to the other three who are quite flamboyant. May I add, that if they were not separated, HoMin were always overshadowed by the other three (seeing their past performances) but now, I get to appreciate HoMin’s talent more and more. It also serves as a blessing in disguise for them. To tell you the truth, I don’t hate nor like JYJ, but I absolutely don’t like what they did to HoMin.

  78. cont..

    Regarding the JYJ concert, I’ve seen some of the pics in tumblr. It was really awkward and I’m quite disgusted with them draped all over with forgive my word—sluts. One thing I really liked about K.pop is that it isn’t as vulgar compared to American pop. Girl and boy k.pop groups could be sexy and decent at the same time. And if they wanted to show their talent and artistry, there is no need for those slutty girls. It was just too low.
    I’ve also seen in a recent episode of strong heart regarding Yunho and his parents. That his parents were still working hard despite him being famous. It’s good to know that his parents don’t see him as a cash cow. And he also bought an apartment and a new car for his mom and dad. It really shows that he was raised well and is a good son. I see Changmin is the same as well, both of them were raised by good and loving parents. Even though he and Yunho are quite opposite in personalities, they do have same principles.
    Anyway, Precious, sorry for my rant and I want to thank you sincerely for making this blog. Keep up the good work and I can’t wait for your next update.

  79. @jaelette

    that was my thought exactly when I saw those pic...I mean their fans did not come to see that...I don't see any point or anyway that the 'act' can help improvise their performances..


    lol, of course I understand and I like snsd too~
    I must say as their fan knowing how you feel about them make me very happy and proud~
    thank you ^O^

  80. Lol Yeah Thanks Precious and now its onlymoving forward:D

  81. Well, of course there wasn't a 6.23 meeting. There is no proof. And if there were proof you know jcs rabid fans would have already posted it all over the internet/subway stations/buses and whatnot.

    I'm gonna sound extremely nasty, but God, you can't even compare the families, Homin's families are pure class, while the ones from the other 3 just look parasitic to me. Yeah, I said it.

    I still can't believe that the jcs parentals thought it was acceptable humane behavior to slander and accuse with backhanded tactics. So long as the $$$ from their "children" continues to come in, everything is a-ok, I guess.

    Meh, I sound so bitter.

    Thanks again Precious for an informative post. Hope you don't keep us waiting as much for the next ^^ I'm quite looking forward to read of the 'epic tale' of the shitstorm that went down on DBDN. Or whatever you want to tell us about :]

  82. Hi Precious! I only started liking HoMin this year (2011) as I only found out about them this year. Though I have of course heard about the name TVXQ in past years.

    But anyways, I really want to thank you for being so hardworking in research and revealing the truth for innocent-people-who-don't-know-what's-happening fans like me.

    Now I know why I always had a feeling of not wanting JYJ to reunite with HoMin (before I came upon your blog). I really hope HoMin will not contact with them too anymore, considering what kind of "good friends" they really are.

    And can you please please post more details about Yunho's depression due to this whole saga? Whether if it's really true..

    TVXQ hwaiting!

  83. @Ollin :
    "Well, of course there wasn't a 6.23 meeting. There is no proof. And if there were proof you know jcs rabid fans would have already posted it all over the internet/subway stations/buses and whatnot."

    OMG!! You make LOL! xDD
    You make a good point there~

    @ Precious
    Hi Precious! Happy to see u back :D
    Great post =)

    TBH, I ve been keeping away from news non-related to TVXQ and SM Family. I feel much better this way, coz I dont have to face rabid fangirls smearing stupidity right in front your face. But since I also active in twitter, sometimes news abt JCS also keep popping out in my timeline. ^___^;;
    But thank goodness, all this JCS news are overshadowed by the succeed of SMTown concert. I think if am korean, I will be very proud of SMT success in bringing their artists to be noticed by people all over th world! (Thou' am not korean, am very proud of them! =))
    I see tht alot of SMT's fandom all over the world demand SMT concert in their own country. This is just too awesome to be passed on.
    And SME is the first korean company, if am not mistaken, that can achieve this success. So overall, this success hopefully will change ppl perspective over SM's artists and ofc SME itself. :)

    As for JYJ fans, I think they just get too bitter because they're afraid that JYJ will get forgotten due to success of SMT. And I maybe dont have right to justify this, but yeah, am disappointed w/ JYJ's american concert. Thou' I can say confidently tht am HoMin supporter, I still hav soft spots for them, since I ve been fan for 5 of them since 5-6 yrs ago. So yeah~ seeing them walking FAR AWAY rly disappoint me.. :/ Do they hav to do it 'american' way to be accepted globally ? Even I'm pretty sure not all american artists are like tht.

    I just hope that SME still keep their K-Pop originality for their artists when they want to expand their business. Coz many artists seems has failed to notice this.. Its their korean way that make international fans attracted to k-pop in general.

    So in all, am happy to see TVXQ has re-build their strong ground in such a short time. No artists can revive this fast & do amazingly like they do.

    Once again, thanks Precious. I'm looking forward for your next post.

  84. Hi precious :)
    i am a new reader.. i am a tvxq fans since 2006. But when i heard them break up, i cried and cant even sleep thinking what is the actual cause of their break up. but when i read through your blog, and i know. now im in the right side.. hehe
    i'm changmin bias :) btw, thnx!!

  85. @ jarlette

    Great to meet another new fan! Well maybe they're trying to get more male fans? LOL Their concert is their own business, so I could care less.

    @ Ollin
    LOL, yes they'll litter it everywhere, and don't forget that they'll make a song out of it too. :D

    I am trying to post more often. :)

    @ Bell
    Is this post attracting new fans or what? LOL Welcome to the fandom!

    @ ayeopan
    Yes, SME is the first company in Korea to send their artists overseas and had a breakthrough success overseas. Current K-Pop artists owe it to SM and their singers (H.O.T., BoA, SES & TVXQ) for paving path to international market.

    Sometimes I wonder what JYJ fans would be doing if TVXQ didn't come back? I guess they'll be just bashing SM.

    @ mun hesan
    Glad to hear that my blog helped you. Lucky you were on the right side from the start. There are many "former" CJS fans who really had to go through a lot of pain after finding out the truth.

  86. LOL. I actually read all your posts (in a day's time) before I posted a comment (my first comment) at your latest post.

    Nice job! And continue to reveal more truths, haha!

  87. I came across this one just now:

    "Using the past tense to ask us about TVXQ.. It’s not that it’s a bad question. Maybe bystanders would ask this question (in this way). (But) why use the past tense? It makes us seem like we are not members of TVXQ. We only don’t have activities as ‘TVXQ’ because there are three of us.. We are still members of TVXQ."

    As said by KJJ in an interview. You can hear him say it also: www<.>youtube<.>com/watch?v=2B9VGQCAltw

    After reading the AKTF comments, I really felt bad for the fans who are being manipulated. Someone actually called him a traitor though, and the post was marked as spam.
    One more reason why fans must atleast try to read what's going on, from your blog.

  88. @Devika.

    LOL, LOL, LOL, Thank God I am smart like Changmin, haha poor stupid fans, I think I've just lost what little respect I had for JYJ, stupid boys, they know what they are doing, it's pretty clear.

  89. @Devika:

    Wait, that video is kind of old, it's from 6/12/2010, haha I hadn't seen it before although someone translated it a day ago, haha. They keep using the same strategy everytime they can. Boring. Thank you for the info.

  90. @sofly:
    Lol, I didn't notice the date.I saw this when it was making the rounds on Tumblr. Either way, yeah, they are using the same tactic (a la JYJ from TVXQ AKTF by JJ) today too.
    About the background dancers for the JYJ concerts, all I can say is EUGH.

  91. honestly i do not deny what he said,
    coz lawfully speaking,
    they are still members of DBSK...

    even though at this point of time,
    i do not want them to come back as part of DBSK...
    To me , now DBSK is only Yunho and Changmin and they have done well as a duo.

  92. Hey Precious! It's been a long time since I've last been on your blog, and I'm glad to see that you've updated! Thank you for this post :)

    Wow, lies stacked on top of lies. How surprising. I really can't wait to see what CJS and their crazy-ass fans come up with next.

  93. Hey Precious ^____^
    Wow, I was busy catching up all my stuff after one week of holiday in Paris and when I check your blog I get a big surprise! I’m so glad to see, that you have a bit time for us again and replied to all of your “fans’” comments. ;) Thank you so much for all your hard work.

    Actually I didn’t think that I can be surprised by anything the three do anymore, but the thing they did with Avex is just unbelievable. I heard about those rumors some time ago, but didn’t pay much attention to it. I mean even if they worked in different teams under the same label, I do believe it would be a bit hard to do so, but it just doesn’t justify to force Avex to let HoMin and SME down. This is too low, even for those three people and their team. And of course they knew that Avex would rather drop HoMin instead of let CJS go. At that time everyone knew that CJS were the better party to make business with. I really hope that the Japanese public and genaral music fans do see behind all those layers and see their true faces.
    And I’m really proud of myself to notice very early, even before the JYJ concert in Tokyo Dome thing came up, that actually Avex is everything fans accused SME to be.

    I hope so much that you could make a post about C-JeS and DNBN some day if you have a bit time. Both toppics seem to be very interesting. C-JeS because they have so many shady stories by now even though they are a very, very young company and to be honest, even it’s name is reason enough to wonder about this agency and DNBN is a quite interesting toppic because internatinal fans know so little about the biggest fancafe and all the drama regarding it’s admins and readers and taking side.

    Are there other important/interesting facts from testimonies we should know? Actually I was so sad when the last hearing was cancelled, I was looking forward to it so much. >.<

  94. @Precious: thanks a lot for the translation, it sure was a lot of work. And do u know anything about the progress of the lawsuit? havent heard anything about it lately. is there any court day coming up?

  95. @ pfau

    The posts are coming soon, and yes, they will be interesting. Eventually, I will translate all the court sessions.

    @ cutebabyboo

    The latest I've heard about the lawsuit is that SM reps requested some documents from the CJS side, and the court granted the request and ordered CJS to submit the documents. Then the CJS reps filed a complaint/appeal (don't know what the exact term is) to that order, basically saying they don't want to submit whatever the documents requested from SM side. I have no idea what kind of documents are requested. There are many guesses by the fans: docs related to Crebeau, contract w/Avex etc., but nothing's confirmed yet. Obviously those are documents disadvantageous to CJS's case. We'll see what happens.

  96. @Precious: thanks for your fast reply. Please update us with the progress if you have time. Thanks a lot about everything you've been doing.

  97. I still haven't seemed to learn that one should not tye out of frustration but whatever.

    The main source of my frustration is that International Cassies will never know everything that Korean Cassies know. Even Bigeast is in a similar postition as we are.
    Not to take anything away from Presious as it is obvious she puts in back breaking effort to provide these impressive and well supported articles. The public is only meant to know so much about what happens in the entertainment world.

    Because it is simply bussiness. Been a fan of TVXQ since 2007. Don't understand why new fans should not know about the 5 boys that set the foundation for the TVXQ that stands on stage today. Don't understand why JYJ can't take credit for the 6+ years they put into the group. They started as 5 people with a similar dreams and probably thought they would be together forever and what not. In the end they are still 5 very different individuals and being together foerever just wasn't in the cards for them. The name TVXQ is bigger that just the 5 members. It stands for something bigger and will continue to be associated with all 5 members.

    I appreciate sites like TrueTvxq and JyjFiles (sorry for the name drop) but OT5 fans stand where they are beacue they simply look at the situation from the surface. And I think there is nothing wrong with that. It is a positive eye-opening experience to see some of what brought about the situation that stands today however, I can't help but feel disheartened that when people know all the facts they feel they have to take a side.

    I was hoping people would see the underlying facts and understnad where both sides are coming from and how when you mix outsiders with your personal problems you get a huge mess (6.23). It just seems it has caused people to choose who they believe the victim in the situation is...

    I feel this is where most of the "delusional" OT5 and YJ fans are. Everyhting that happened, happened. However, we are fans of the band we see in concert and thruogh our computer screens. If people are criticised for only what we see on the surface then I don't understand fandom -.-

    Regardless of fansite reports and current behaviors of the members that many on both sides would see as manipulative. Its all bussiness and always has been. Friendship may stand the tests of time in some situations but money talks. No one can say what they would and would not do for money in any given situation.

  98. @ Chernai

    So you agree that cjs left because of money?

  99. @ Chernai
    I just wanted to describe a bit about the I just wanted to describe a bit about the International fandom. our knowledge is indeed very small compared with KCassies. that's why there needs to be some sites that discuss more about an issue that occurs with TVXQ. Precious only provide a source that he had. I think it's very good for international fans. since before the existence of this blog, I do not find a description of the reasons Yunho and Changmin did not demand SMent as has been done by the CJS

  100. @ Chernai
    we all know that TVXQ has 5 members. they worked hard to build the name of TVXQ. when people do not want five of them forgotten, why do they forget that they were originally only five ordinary people. not friends nor family. they are just ordinary people who auditioned for entry into SMEntertainment. why do they forget the services of SM as well.

    singer is a job. just like doctors, journalists, lawyers and others. job is a dream for some people. there are also people who think people working just to earn money. but not all. whether the doctor cures the patient only for money? not all doctors are like that. they earn money while looking for satisfaction to see patients smile again or else. as well as singer. work only for money is clearly different from working for money and honor.
    Yunho and Changmin is a human being before as a singer. they need the work and recognition from society. CJS after the prosecution case against SM. a lot of rumors about Yunho and Changmin. this is very bad for them to live. whether it should just ignore the rumors with no defense?. This is very unfair. please do not forget JYJfiles present long before this blog is present.

  101. @ Chernai
    I think everyone does not forget about the five of them. any new fans even know about it. I think OT5 too worried that the CJS will be forgotten. I think it did not happen.

    currently Yunho and Changmin, use TVXQ's name when they carry out their work as an artist. there is nothing wrong with this? they also helped build the name of TVXQ to be great. they never come out of the way as SM's artist. they also do not form a new group.

    after CJS sue SM, they signed with AVEX. they make a new album and perform concerts in Japan. why did not they wait for Yunho and Changmin? could they have known that Yunho and Changmin will not sue SM? this my personal opinion but I have confidence if CJS also need to live, need a job, need money, that's why they can not wait for Yunho and Changmin.

    I do not understand the mind OT5. they loved all the members of TVXQ, but why they do not care what happens to all the members of TVXQ. only because of the slogan, should the life of CJS and HM stop?

    in the real world, the friendship could have been broken. families can be separated. as well as fandom. because basically fandom is a collection of some of the individual sites. admins are humans too, they have a bias.

  102. @ Chernai
    I must say that there are more on the fandom OT5 profitable is the CJS. they have also JYJ TVXQ fandom fandom. the CJS in TVXQ. this is what I wonder. why until now fans of the CJS or OT5 are not satisfied with Yunho and Changmin? they always say "Always Keep the Faith" in their msg to them. I think this is not necessary to Yunho and Changmin. they do not go from TVXQ. wants HM out from SM? they will come out with CJS at that time, if indeed they want it. but in fact they remain with SM. I told this to the case that the slogan addressed to HM. how about the slogan addressed to CJS? whether the fans wanted the CJS to return to SM and disperse JYJ? only those who know.

    if fans do not want to find out more about why there JYJ and TV2XQ, they may only support the old TVXQ. and it actually supports SM. because of TVXQ's songs old songs are the property of SM as well.

  103. @ Chernai
    about YJ fandom, if they want to support Yunho and Jaejoong in fact nothing is wrong. but if using them as a couple in love. equal to agree that they are gay. if they really love partner. this is too painful. whether they have split up? love couples who have split up usually do not like the past. why fans do not care about their feelings. if fans do not think that they are still together, why they hurt each other. their words are no longer the same. Yunho said A and Jaejoong said B.

    The above are my thoughts on Fandom (Korea, Japan or International) and the Treatment of some fans who only see all the problems of the surface. a good thing to know about TVXQ deeper problem is that we are more careful when saying and acting. if the fans can be careful, then there is no problem to be OT5.
    note : not because as international fans we lack information. but because we ourselves are not willing to seek such information.

  104. @apooli

    Yes, and I'm glad they did.


    I don't think there are enough internet sources in the world that will ever explain why JYJ left and Homin stayed.
    But i am almost sure that JYJ knew Homin would never join them. Pride is something that men build their lives on. They left and finally were given freedom to do what they wanted. OT5 fans seem to get the most crap from homin and JYJ fans than other OT5 fans.
    Simply because they still like both sides and the individual sides don't like them.
    AKTF has changed in its meaing for everyone in the fandom. Some poor souls still want to see them together. Many just want to see these boys truly do what they love without anyone stopping them.

    The YJ fandom has some good memories for me. However, OT5. TVXQ and JYJ fans have all tried to slow down the momentum this group has.

    In the end you can never change the mind of someone who has their heart set on something.

    I think this summaries the entire situation. It is the foundation for sites like this one that fans flock to looking for support to their own theories.

  105. @Chernai:

    I’m sorry to butt in but somehow I can’t keep quiet anymore. ^^

    To be honest I don’t even understand what you are trying to tell us. What is your point?
    That we should not take sides because we never will know the entire story? Then what did you tell the so called OT5 fandom in fall 2009, when no one had any idea what’s really going on (contrary to the situation today, cuz now we know far more than then) but 99% of the fandom which is supposed to support all five members bashed Yunho and Changmin like there is no tomorrow? Did you tell them the same as you told us in your previous comment?

    Or do you want to pity all those OT5 fans who more or less keep on supporting all five members and get harsh words from one side or the other? Then again, I must remind you of fall 2009. As someone who’s fan since 2007 you should have seen the drama which took place in the fandom at that time. Did you visit sites like SYC or DBSKnights? So did you saw articles like those about HoMin’s and their dad’s statements? Did you saw the vulgar and disgusting bashing on these men and tell me: among those bashers, how many fans have you seen who tried to voice their opinion in favour of HoMin’s side? Let me tell you, among over one hundred we were not even five who did so and we were stamped as brainwashed idiots from dozens of “OT5” fans. Now tell me about getting crap from the other side.

    I really don’t wanna sound harsh but what I’m trying to say is that this is the world of K-Pop fandoms. Fans have very different opinions and often voice them out to others in a quite noisy way. I’m happy for you that you still manage to have faith in all five people we once used to love and that you are still a YJ fan and I hope for you that you don’t let other fans get this joy be destroyed. But as such one, especially as a fan for such a long time, you should have learned that every opinion in this fandom can be bashed by others and that there is no other way than give up and support your idols silently or keep on to fight for your beliefs and get crap from others as response.

    As you said yourself, you can never change someone’s mind. I wish you to not let other fans damage your memories of the good old days but also learn to deal with other people’s opinions and theories. ^^

  106. @ chernai,

    And do you also agree with the passive aggressive comments cjs made/make against homin and sm on twitter and their interviews further damaging their reputations? Do you agree with their lack of support for homin when they were being bashed extremely by fans? Do you support them asking avex to cut all ties with sm and all those who were signed with avex? Do you agree with the 6.25 meeting which was responsible for the bashing in the first place and calling homin traitors? Do you agree that they lied about leaving because of the contract when they actually left because of money as you state? I can go on and on but I'll stop here. I don't care why they left that's their business. What bothers me is how they treated their so called friends. They didn't care what happened to them after they left and kept lying about how they still care for them. They even sang that song W to them. What kind of friends do that to you and still love you? I don't know about other blogs but this blog informs us what happened/happens with proof and translations. I didn't look for a site to support my theory, I looked for a site that had proof and was not about bashing and name calling without anything credible to show for it. Your right in one point though no one will ever explain fully why cjs left and homin stayed but we have a little proof to show some of the reasons why. So don't put us all in the same box please.

  107. @ Chernal

    Obviously, you do not think that CJS did anything wrong, and using "we don't know enough" as an excuse.

    Many readers of my blog must be feeling that they've seen enough evidences to know what went on. Whether you ignore those facts or not is your choice, but don't try to lump all the readers of my blog into some sort of "comfort seekers".

    I'd like to believe the fans who read my blog are not here to take comfort or to get support on their bias, but rather they are here to find out what truly happened. If you read the comments, there are many readers who were YJ fans and were CJS biased, but they now support TVXQ after reading this blog, so your claim does not really hold water.

    As for OT5 fans, I personally do not have much issue with true OT5 fans who support both sides equally without any bias. I've even seen some fans who mostly agree with what I posted in this blog, but still choose to support CJS. That's within their rights, and that's ok since those fans won't attack Yunho and Changmin because they know who's in the wrong.

    But the reality is that many OT5 fans want TVXQ5 to be back, and their solution is for Yunho and Changmin to leave SM, totally ignoring their choice of staying with the company. They also mostly believe the lies fabricated from CJS fans, and blame SM for everything and continue to bash the company that created TVXQ together with the members. Yunho and Changmin never wavered in their support of SM throughout this ordeal, but it seems like that doesn't really mean anything to those OT5 fans since they keep bashing SM regardless of Yunho and Changmin's wish.

    Have you ever seen an OT5 fan criticizing C-Jes or asking CJS to go back to SM? I've never seen one, and there lies the hypocrisy. Many supposed OT5 fans only support all 5 on the surface, but they actually support CJS whether they realize it or not out of their selfish reason of wanting to see all 5 together.

  108. This comment has been removed by the author.

  109. @Precious

    Sorry I did not realize I was lumping people. Through my comment I kind of realized that I was saying alot of people that go around looking for facts about the past are comfort seekers. (I'm still not quite sure what I was trying to say in that first comment to be honest. Sorry pfau.)

    It was not my original intention but it is something I have come to believe. We all want to know the facts because we have beared witness to the hurt on both sides.

    JYJ have done a million things wrong media wise. (And bussiness wise but that's not because of contractual reasons). So have Homin. However, when it comes to money no one is ever in the wrong in my book. You can use examples like people in money laundering schemes and peole who do bad bussiness. Yes from a "moral" stance that may seem wrong. And you cannot define and confine someone to set morality or ethics. But bussiness is business.

    Plenty of fans never wish JYJ left in the first place. Fans that believe their complaining can bring back the group as 5 are delusional.

    I'm not an OT5 fan who wants them all on stage together. It would not be a genuine performance like what we are seeing now from both sides. I just don't hate any of them or think either side is wrong.

    We both have our generalizations abut what we have seen on the internet. But I believe most of the comments and actions we see are from the more outspoken fans. Many casual ones that probably don't care support whatever the 5 do.

  110. I was just reading the comments actually listening to music.

    I will say I am a new fan. Usually when you are curious about a new band, song or anything like that you want to find out more, where they come from and how they got started. Of course from there I knew they were 5 before they were two. I recognize what they did as 5 but that is left there, when they were 5.

    I've said this before and i do not know if it holds merit but it makes senses to me. If they wanted to stay together they would have. If they had the same vision be it for the sake of music or whatever else they would have stayed together. Obviously not because they are now two separate groups. That just is common sense to me.

    And just like in everyday life one cannot make judgments about how people are I think the same goes for the fans. One cannot just assume the new fans or international fans do not know. We google stuff too Lol.

    I agree with Precious, I came to this blog post just looking for something that made sense, facts and I received that from Precious. Everyone supports who they want. It is inevitable that people change with time. I think some people just won't accept that as much as it hurts. Friendships change and I think that is something we can all relate too.


  111. @chenai
    you're right, searching with google is not enough. fortunately I found this blog. at least I can find the data I need with my thinking.

    whether there is a belief that JYJ out of SM for freedom? may be it is just an excuse. or out because of money. It is also the notion of fans. or because the contract is unfair. could be just the reason?. whether there is a belief if JYJ gain freedom after being released from BC? I myself did not dare to conclude. we still do not know who CJeS. Why CJS choose CJeS as their agent.
    I think blogs like this are needed. not everyone can think of no problems in TVXQ. especially for fans of HM.
    what it OT5. whether their purpose? whether their goals are still the same as their original purpose? of all the existing fans, I am most disturbed by the presence of fans who claimed OT5 but in his heart has actually had a choice or have a bias. they can't be 100% hide the hearts intent. sooner or later will be seen.
    I have no problem with OT5 who really love the 5 people at once. they can not possibly say bad about the HM or CJS.

    pride is the most basic human needs. sometimes people can hurt each other just because of pride. whether friendships beyond a love of family? after becoming TVXQ are a company of their families, members and fans. but before becoming TVXQ. their families are father, mother, sister or brother.

  112. @chenai
    i mean: whether there is a belief if JYJ gain freedom after being released from SM? I myself did not dare to conclude. we still do not know who CJeS. Why CJS choose CJeS as their agent.

  113. fans need pride too. im proud being HM fans as long I believe they are not the one who broke TVXQ. this is very bias ^ ^. but i dont found any reason HM is the one who broke TVXQ. atleast im honest to my self.

  114. @ Chernal
    Let's just agree to disagree. Everyone have a different view/opinion of what went on and what was the cause of what happened. 

    Having been a fan since mid 2008, I've seen the boys stand on the stage as 5 and the  camaraderie they had being on stage together @ SMTown BKK. I have also seen how the 5 of them stood on the same stage and it felt like they were trying to put up a front that all is well @ Miroticon BKK. Call me over-sensitive or just a woman's 6th sense, but seeing them like that had broke my heart. It's all because I knew and saw how close they  once were...

    You could say that it's because I'm a Yunho fan and it's just my bias that I chose to take the side of DBSK. But trust me, there was a period of time I had blamed the whole world except JYJ for what happened... Yes, I even blamed HoMin and why they did not leave with the other 3 when SM was such an F-ed up company... But when I calmed down and thought it through, I realized that things might not be as simple as I thought. Knowing HoMin's characters, they would not choose something without reason.  So I went to dig for more information and came across this blog... I have never been more grateful to find all the information here with proof to back up everything that is being said, I can't say so for the JYJ biased sites...

    You might say that you love all 5 boys, who didn't...but at this point of time, I can only say that I loved the boys for who they were and what they did when they were 5... I honestly did not like the "pity me, I'm the victim here", play of fans' emotions by JYJ... At least HoMin stood by their decision to stay and did not want to appear as the victims, they came back as strong and confident individuals who chose to accept and respect their friends' decision... 

    In the case of OT5s, I would really respect them if they can remain neutral in this whole situation. But honestly, how many true OT5s are there left ?? In case u did not notice it, it was many of those who claimed to be OT5s who pointed fingers and gave DBSK hell when they appeared on programs mentioning just a tiny bit of what happened and how it hurt them. Its up to each individual which side he/she choose to take. U have your beliefs, I have mine. *cheers* 

  115. @ chernal

    Ok, so I get it now. You don't care about ethics or moral from the artists you support, and you don't judge them because you feel there's no way for you to know the hole truth. Fair enough, and again, that's your choice, and actually I'd rather have fans like you than some extreme fans spreading lies and hatred to cover up their artists' wrongdoings.

    As for OT5, as I said already, if they're truly neutral and support all 5 equally, no problem, but many fans who claim to be OT5's are not, and actually have strong CJS bias. Also there are delusional OT5 fans who still believe that 5 will get back together, and their relationship has not changed. Well, those are the OT5 fans who gets crap from both sides. I think it's about time they face the truth and realize what's going on.

    Again, true OT5 fans who support both sides without taking any sides, don't bash anyone, and don't try to shove AKTF in front of HoMin's face, I have no problems with them.

  116. hi :D
    i have been a silent reader so far, but i'd like to say thanks to you for all of the translation/info.
    and now i know why i always favor yunho since the first time i become a tvxq fan. such a dignified man. i think he really stick to his principle.

    about the other 3, actually even from the beginning i always have this badsense about the "angel" member. and i really think he's a good manipulator. but this is my opinion :D

    i can proudly say i'm a tvxq (yunho and changmin!) fan. coz i know that they deserve my support (LOL)

    oh precious, i want to know. why sm not ask yunho/changmin to be their witness(?) or sth? i mean if it's yunho/changmin ,the current member, then, idk, the chance to win is bigger?

    thank you again for the translation!
    you enlighten me, haha :)

  117. @ l4ur42008

    The lawsuit is between SM and the 3, and also it is about voiding/validating the contract so I am not sure if Yunho and Changmin needs to be involved in this. Plus, I don't think it's a good idea to get them to testify on behalf of SM. Can you imagine the backlash they'll get from CJS fans (ugh!), and also their image may take a hit also.

  118. I posted this question to you Precious in your other article but I meant to post it on this one ^^;;

    Recently it was made known that Yoochun and Changmin were recording in the same studio for their respective programs Miss Ripley and Come to Play. Apparently the MBC staff were nervous because of the two being in such close proximity to each other but the quote from the article, “The relationship between Park Yoochun and SM Entertainment might be slightly strained but it seems as though the members aren’t on bad terms with each other so it wasn’t too big of a deal.”

    I always wondered if this is true.

    I do hear it from JYJ members that there are no hard feelings, blah blah blah, and Jaejoong even said that he could text either Yunho or Changmin anytime but HoMin never really say anything about being chummie with the members of JYJ still. I'm honestly curious, what do you think Precious?

  119. @ Christine

    I did a search on that article and found a single source that posted it. Usually, news on the internet are regurgitated and posted all over the place, so I found that strange. Maybe that site posted it earlier than they were supposed to, I don't know.

    Anyways, I couldn't verify the truth to it, but even if the shows were recorded in the same studio, what did they expect CM and YC to do? Seek out each other and engage in a fistfight? It actually should be the other way, if their relationship was good, they would seek each other out and say hello or chat or something.

    About the half of the article was about YC not being able to appear on the entertainment shows. It looks like that portion of the article was the real reason to publish it. Everything else was really not news worthy.

  120. "...what did they expect CM and YC to do? Seek out each other and engage in a fistfight?"

    LOL my thoughts exactly!

    Throughout the beginning of the lawsuit and even now I wonder how Yunho and Changmin feel about the other three. Do they still consider them as friends?

  121. And also, is it true that SM is not allowing HoMin to speak to the JYJ members? I'd totally understand if HoMin just didn't choose to speak to them either... --;;

  122. @ Christine

    I cannot speak on behalf of Yunho and Changmin, but I know when a reporter asked Changmin if he had anything to say to the other 3, he replied "nothing". However you want to interpret that is up to you.

    As for SM not allowing them to talk to the other 3, that was the rumor that used to circulate around end of 2009, but I highly doubt it. SM was making efforts to get the 3 to come back so there's no logical reason to block communication between the members. If nothing else, SM would've asked the 2 to convince the 3 to come back. It's most likely another rumor fabricated by some to support the claim that SM is trying to divide the group into 2, which in itself is pretty ridiculous claim. Why would SM want to break a biggest band they had? Doesn't make sense.

  123. @ Christine

    I don't know if YH and CM considers them friends. I know if I were them, I wouldn't. It appears that YH and CM are over them now. Since the breakup, they haven't really talked about them unless they were specifically asked about them.

  124. Hey everyone.. I came across an interesting post in TVXQ's Daum gallery. It's a translation of a "brief" rundown of events from when news of the lawsuit first broke out to HoMin's comeback as TVXQ, along with a fan's "awakening" to the truth vs. JYJ and their fans' constant and inconsistent excuses. Precious, I hope you don't mind if I post the link here.. ^^;;

    This answered several questions I had (and was going to ask you Precious haha) and also had some info I never knew about. Such as the fact that JYJ was actually involved with CJes since November 2009, and Yoochun's drama Sungeungwan Scandal was even produced by CJes. (Honestly, what kind of distribution agency produces both music and dramas...???) And a partial transcript for the court hearing where SM and JYJ side discuss how JYJ and CJes required Avex to cut ties with SM. And a lot more.

    Sigh. I've been pretty indifferent to JYJ for a long time, but... reading that all at once kinda hurt, and I feel pretty taken aback and disappointed. Mostly for HoMin's sake, but also for fans of all five during this time. They were just misled and jerked around like crazy. Jeez.

  125. Btw, this is the masterpost that I got the link above from::

    Precious... just want to thank you again for taking so much time and effort to go through and translate this kind of material for international fans who might still be clueless and in the dark about sooo many things if it weren't for you. I truly, truly appreciate it. When I found your blog so many months ago, I hardly knew anything about the lawsuit or the cosmetics business or 625 or even how KCassies had been reacting to things this whole time, and I didn't attempted to search much into things because I was a pretty new fan (end2009) and could tell from the start that there was little to no reliable info out there. I had no idea how very long and involved this whole thing was and is.. So thank you for bringing it all out to us bit by bit Precious. ^^

  126. @biathanatos

    That's an interesting summary. Thanks for sharing^^~

    Please share with us if you find other English translation of the case. I'm very curious. Thanks ^^~

  127. @ Precious

    Thank-you for the time and energy invested to provide this platform for truth to reveal itself. You surely have done a great job; and I look forward to new updates that will shed more light on the reality that surround this whole saga.

    An age is called Dark, not because the light fails to shine, but because people refuse to see it. (James Michener) - I for one do not wish to live in the period of Dark Ages.

    I discovered TVXQ 3 months ago, so am honestly not emotional about the break-up; but, I am indignant over the way Yunho, Changmin, and their families are treated. On the other hand, I really appreciate the Duo's attitude towards this matter - they did not make war, but chose to grit their teeth, concentrated on polishing their skills, and bounced back stronger than ever.

  128. @biathanatos/@freya the link doesn't work & i've searched for it,if it's not too much trouble could you tell me what it says(I'm curious/nosey lol)thank you ^^.

  129. I think what brought about my original comment I felt would be too controversial to say in my very first comment on TrueTvxq. I hope people don't see this as an attack and can see where this is coming from.

    I will never make a connection of these "meetings" to the "personal opinions" people have about JYJ or TVXQ. Yeah hurtful things were said by people incredibly close to the members but comments were made on both sides. Regardless of who said what first. None of the 5 boys have said anything to counter what was said by their family because it was their family. (Personally, I wouldn't go to the media to counter something my father, mother or sister said. Fans are not worth it.) I have yet to see any national media care about this. Only fans which is strange. Unless of course I missed something...

    Subliminally I see people regard JYJ as CJS then make comments on CJeS and then make comments about the mafia? Is this because people really believe that or they just don't see CJS as a separate group under the name JYJ? CJES simply manages them. Not to the extent of SM who hand picks, trains, produces and manages their artists. I mean how dare JYJ threaten to leave SM and look at future prospects for continuing their careers with a management company suggested by Avex :O And lawsuits don't pop up over night. They take a LOT of preparation before media even gets wind of them.

    I think this is where people take sides. All the sites I have seen that state the facts have used similar, if not the same sources and reports. I don't see a difference between either side as of late. Regardless of the facts you provide, they are hard to be read as something you want fans to walk away from and "make their own decisions," when you have a clear agenda.

    I also see rumors about rumors about rumors that Junsu derailed the plans of other artists? This has nothing to do with anything. Yes it lead fans to dig deeper about potential break up problems but when mixed in with facts it looks like bias and is incredibly misleading. (OT. I also have problems with this because around the time of SM the B Jonghyun sounded like he was straining his voice to kingdom come. He has just recently started to sound better to me. It was sad to watch. I thought the timing of this group was well placed. Just man...... Bling Bling wasn't doing too well. But OMG Jino and Jay!! <3)

    I really had expected to come here and see an unbiased explanation to a situation that has not offered a coherent and official public explanation. I have yet to see this.

    Before anyone says anything about the "other side." They created their sites to take some of the heat off of JYJ's actions. I have seen translated news sources from primary media outlets (even though Korean government does have a strong influence on some of their media (the country has been a democracy for only 30 years or so)), I have seen translations on court cases. I just like it when facts and opinions are clearly separated.

    There is no truth to be revealed.

    Just someone please tell me what is going on in the public part of the case (legally and bussiness wise). I'm tired of reading about betrayal and manipulation. Manipulation = Marketing 101 (And why fangirls take an interest in Idols to begin with.) Appeal to people and BANK SOME MONEY FOR YO POCKET!

    I use "I" alot in this comment because this comes from personal problems "I" have. There may have been specific examples from this post however, the main point I stated comes from more than just examples in this post.

    However, being that this is a personal blog of Precious, I know my personal opinion holds no merit but when an article is open to comments, well :/

    I want a site capable of detached and objective reporting. Anyone know of one?

    Longest Comment I ever wrote tbqh. Suzieeq_luv (on twitter nd livejournal) Blogger seems to hate me more than ever now.

  130. @ Chernai,

    I'm trying to understand what you're trying to say but I don't. All I know is we are all guided by moral compasses that we were brought up or learnt along the way from different avenues in our lives.So we all have a different way we view things. That's all I can say to you.

  131. @Chernai

    I realized from your comments that you are pro-jyj, thinking that there is nothing wrong to earn money with all possible ways (money laundering isn't a crime???). OBVIOUSLY, you also haven't read the all information provided by this blog which are back up by the proof (I though most people want to see definite proof???). Of course there will be opinions since it IS a blog. If you really want to know, you will completely read both sides, not only one side and assume the rest.

    Have this blog create any rumors? If you believe this blog create rumors, point it out. Of course, some people will take side. Of course, not every one will be neutral. Don't enforce all your value to others because not everyone think like you. It's natural since we are humans.

    You said, "why fangirls take an interest in Idols to begin with"? Then why do you put so much interest in this case & tell fans what you are thinking? You are not making sense at all. You can just ignore the fandoms & all the news (except music since you said that's your interest) if they are frustrating you. As simple as that.

    Lawsuit doesn't appear overnight. True. JYJ consulted their lawyers few months before they filed it. 6.25 meeting was a secret meeting which wasn't supposed to be made public. So, why have JYJ had to defend their families in public for something which supposed never exists? CJeS simply manage them? What do they manage? There is suspicion that it is a dual contract (go to the link provided by biathanatos, the summary of what happen so far in English). Read every information this blog provide first, then talk.

    One more thing, I'll never support JYJ, ever. You are ok with what they are doing? Fine, that's your right. You don't care whatever they are doing (including attempting to destroy other people career) as long as they provide good entertainment? Fine, that's also your right. But obviously others care about that & you can't just tell them to ignore everything & just support. It's within their right because it's their money that they will spend. For me, I simply can't support people who hurt others intentionally for money.

  132. "One more thing, I'll never support JYJ, ever. You are ok with what they are doing? Fine, that's your right. You don't care whatever they are doing (including attempting to destroy other people career) as long as they provide good entertainment? Fine, that's also your right. But obviously others care about that & you can't just tell them to ignore everything & just support. It's within their right because it's their money that they will spend. For me, I simply can't support people who hurt others intentionally for money."


  133. @ Chernai
    It is fair to say that people believe what they want to believe base on their own reasoning; and it is natural to take sides when an opinion is formed - you have done the same. The crux of the matter is that most people are not idiots, we are pretty much the same - I am no more or less of an idiot you are.

  134. i guess i'm not the only one confused with Chernai's point. i don't even understand what you're saying with your original post, that we should all just look on the "surface" cos no one will ever know every little detail of this mess so let's just ignore what information is available to us?

    "Don't understand why JYJ can't take credit for the 6+ years they put into the group."
    >> nobody is erasing CJS from TVXQ's history. they will forever be a part of TVXQ's HISTORY.
    the problem is when people confuse what WAS with what IS.

    "I don't think there are enough internet sources in the world that will ever explain why JYJ left and Homin stayed. But i am almost sure that JYJ knew Homin would never join them."
    >> how can you be almost sure that CJS knew Homin will never join them but don't think it can be explained why Homin stayed with SM? it's not enough that they said they share SM's vision for TVXQ, and that they want to fully commit and fulfill their contracts?

    "So what if they were friends. Why should I care how they treated their friends over a bussiness deal?"
    >> huh??
    throughout this whole ordeal Homin have been labeled as traitors to their brothers. for ot5 fans everything all boils down to just how much value their friendship holds.

    anyway, about YC and CM's MBC recording, i think that news is kind of absurd because SM managers would've made sure to prevent these kinds of things from happening as much as possible to avoid talk and awkwardness. but if they did talk or were friendly or whatever then good for CM, it's good that he's open to communication to them at whatever level. if they didn't, then it's understandable, given CM's position in the matter. whatever the case may be, i trust CM to act according to his true feelings.

    @biathanatos thanks for the link, i think i saw a version of this in Korean the other day and was very curious about it.

  135. @ Chernal

    You wrote a lot, but your comment is all over the place, and it's really hard to understand what you're trying to say, and it looks like I'm not alone.

    If my blog does not satisfy your needs or is not what you thought it was, then you should go look for one that does suit your needs. Simple as that.

  136. The link doesn't work for me :( i've tried to type in the link in the search bar & get nothing,does anyone know how I can find the TVXQ Daum post? or repost the link or direct me on how i can find it please :)

  137. @ nicegirl221

    The link works for me. Click HERE and see if it works.

  138. @Precious
    the link works thank you :) I think my computer is just weird lol :D

  139. After reading it,I just felt really sad.I'm ot surprised at CJS & thier fans anymore.At first I was sypethetic to CJS when the lawsuit first started b/c korean speakers were giving info,after a few months I felt something wasn't right,they kept praising the guys.After I found out about 6.25 for the first time that's when I stopped believing everything I was told.If the 3's parents wanted to hold a meeting fine by me,but they had no right to talk about the other two.CJS fans condoning bashing nd looking down on others is what woke me up completely.They blame everything on "hotel girls",but the act/do the things others claim like spreading rumors.Those fans piss me off because the try to act like thier smarter & have all the facts while being rude and rabid w/thier noses stuck in the air.They claim to be openminded but are delusional and have the gall to say that about others.

    I believe w/the nature republic issue with Jaejoong fans & Yoochun fans it shows me thier not as united as they want us to think.Jae fans are used to him being the fave the center of attention,but that was when DBSK/TVXQ was five,they haven't realised he can't be that anymore cause SM was the one that made him the face of the group.

    I've always heard that Xiahpaws were viscious from various places?Does anyone know about that?If it's true thais together united we stand phase won't last long.Jaeharems have problems when Jae is no longer#1?I personally think that Junsu's mother seems more manipulative & the father seems like a yes-type man who does what she say,I might be wrong.

    They want to talk about karma.I didn't realize that making peoples life a living hell while spreading rumors meant good karma.I guess the rules change.

    Sometimes I wonder if any of the 3 look back & at least feel a little guilty for the thing that they've done and said also thier familirs they should be ashamed.When most of the "freedom fighters/advocates" realized they've been used especially the vocal/crazy ones I'll wonder what'll happen next.

    Like another poster said I hope that all 5 never cross paths again.CJS keep giving obsessed fans an open door(kind of)to thier lives,when these 3 want to shut that door & have privacy.I think all hell will break loose.Personally when that happens i'm glad Yunho & Changmin won't have to deal with that at all.Instead of the pity card these men came back with strength & determination.Some may not appreciate thier silence,but one day in the future many of thier will be former haters will look back and then appreciate thae fact that they didn't make them look like fools who talk too much.

    Sorry for the long rant-

    @Precious if this post bothers you,you can delete it.It was pent up emotions,& I didn't know I could type so much,

  140. @precious Hi it's Pippa! Thank you for another eye opening post, I meant to comment in the blog more, and this is only my second time^^ but its great to see new commenters coming onto your blog and taking it seriously and really reading what you have posted^^

    @Bia thanks for the link, long time no see^^

    And now for my rant, sorry precious i just have to get this off my chest^^

    I for one take morals very seriously, I'm a child carer and it is vital that i teach/show young children how to behave so that they can fit into society and don't grow up being selfish and spoiled or thinking that it is OKAY to do the kinds of things that JYJ, their fans and families have done. Leave for all i care, that's fine but I think CJS had NO RIGHT TO LEAVE THE WAY THEY DID. If you want people to respect you then respect other people. If you want to have your rights then let other people have their rights too.

    To try and destroy other people who have helped you through your life, have given you friendship and love and then also hurt the families and friends of those same people as well to me is unforgivable. I have been a fan since the start of January 2009 and i really wish that i had never met them back then but i did, it was different back then in 2009 because there was little or no help for Yunho and Changmin international fans after the split and i truly trusted and believed in all five. I was waiting for a blog like this one in English, but the last thing i was looking for was comfort, I supported all five of them, I even was stupid enough to ignore what jyj wrote on their website for their English album, even though i thought it was completely disrespectful to Yunho and Changmin, talking about them like they took the other two members along for a ride like a piece of luggage. Talking about TVXQ like it was all of the threes doing and no one elses. (They deleted that part off the website not long after it was opened but i remember it all too well) I remember crying reading what they wrote but I just swept all those feelings aside and bought it anyway and that is something i do regret, and i have finally decided to throw it away so i can have closure not because i hate the three of them.

    One thing i can not stand is being used and i feel used and betrayed by those three, but I don't even hate them or wish them ill. But i won't forgive them and so i only care about Yunho and Changmin now and they are TVXQ! and there are only 2 members now, there WERE five, but now they are 2 and i hope they always will be from now on^^.

  141. comment conti...By the way isn't it funny how some fans have the ability to count five people, but have trouble counting 2 ^^ There is no band called HOMIN of DB2K or TVX2 or what ever they like to call them, I only know a band called DBSK/TVXQ and they currently have only two members They are Jung Yunho and Choikang Changmin end of story.

    and for my last opinions in my second comment here and please note in my comments that I too use lots of I's in MY STATEMENTS, so this is simply my opinion only^^not anyone elses^^, I refuse to ignore what is right in front of me, and i whole heartedly believe this blog to be full of truths not lies and i'm pretty sure Mr Precious would have some sort of connection with those in Korea who were fully witnessing all these things happening to Yunho and Changmin caused by CJS and their families and fans (not just making up stuff out of thin air like some other people like to do^^), Korean Cassies who are TVXQ's fanclub members, not JYJ's, right now have no reason to shield Yunho and Changmin with lies because Yunho and Changmin did nothing wrong And Korean Yunho and Changmin fan's had no reason to do so back then either. So my heart goes out to them and more then for myself i am sorry they had to go through all that heart ache of seeing Yunho and Changmin suffer like that.

    My opinion on OT5 fans/jyj fans: Jaejoong, Yunchun and Junsu are the ones who hurt Yunho and Changmin! Either you can accept that or you can't, or you know that's how it is and you don't give a damn anyway as long as you protect your precious Oppas. As an OT5 I was seeking comfort, believing lies to hold onto a fantasy, a dream of what once was and probably never will be again, now as a fan of TVXQ and Yunho and Changmin only. I am now accepting reality, both the good and the bad and i am no longer being selfish and just thinking about my own desire.

    I am for lack of a better word, 'Awakened' ^_^!

    Thank you precious and i look forward to your next post.

  142. @Pippa_Star
    'what jyj wrote on their website for their English album, even though i thought it was completely disrespectful to Yunho and Changmin, talking about them like they took the other two members along for a ride like a piece of luggage. Talking about TVXQ like it was all of the threes doing and no one elses. (They deleted that part off the website not long after it was opened but i remember it all too well)'

    I'm sorry to ask you this but can you tell me what they wrote? I didn't know about this and I'm very curious to know what they said on their website~

  143. @jaemin The site doesn't exist anymore but all k pop was wonderful enough to post what was said on the jyj site^^

  144. @Pippa_Star

    thank you~ wow reading this makes all the emotion come back at full force...these guys are unbelievable...It's hard to even remember that they are the same guys that I've liked before...

  145. @jaemin I'm sorry to bring all the emotions up again for you, it happened to me yesterday when I looked at Bia's first link, its like every time you sort of get over it and move on, you find out more and the emotions start all over again. But the truth is important and so even if its emotional, i'll accept it^^

    @Precious Your blog is so important and i'm greatful for all your hard work and I hope it will continue to help fans realise what really happened and is happening. Thank you^^

  146. Thank you for sharing this blog.
    Sorry i wanna ask something, since i'm little bit late to know about TVXQ. I know them since Feb 2009, so i'm not following the news about it.
    All my friends whom Jaejae bias, told me that i must read about meeting 5:1. Can someone tell me what is meeting 5:1?

  147. @ nicegirl221

    Yup, that's the crust of this whole thing. If they wanted to leave for money? Fine, but to frame the other two members in that way? Despicable.

    I've heard that Junsu's fans are the most extreme even in Korea, and from what I've seen, it does seem that way.

    @ Pippa_Star
    Hi, welcome back, and thank you for the honest post of what you went through.

    JYJ's album intro sure reads differently after you realize the truth, doesn't it? (post-awakening ^^;). Yup, they had galls to announce that they were the 3 "main" members like Yunho and Changmin didn't mean anything to TVXQ.

    Oh BTW, I do not have any connection in Korea. Actually, I haven't even visited Korea since I came to US, but the internet is a wonderful thing, and with some research, I could find the info I have on this blog pretty easily.

    @ jaemin

    Yup, but fans were so blinded and just didn't see anything wrong with that announcement. Their fans probably really believed that they were the main members. It's too bad the tide has turned now, and it looks like those fans just cannot stand that "2 members who hitched a ride with the 3 main members" are doing so well, displaying their full potential. ^^; It truly shows that Yunho and Changmin were team players who gladly sacrificed their talent all along, taking supporting role w/o showing off what they could do.

    @ kochan-51244

    I'm sorry, but this is the first time I ever heard about 5:1 meeting. Is there a link that you can provide so I can check it out? I've never heard about such meeting.

  148. @ All,

    Wow. I'm really thankful to be part of this community. I have been trying to figure out
    what Chernai was saying and how appropriately to respond for several days now but just couldn't.

    I'm thankful you all were able to express exactly what I wanted to say. I hope you all continue voicing out the truth. I really think that because of this site, people have started to see what has really been going on and have stopped bashing Yunho and Changmin so much.

    @ Precious, Frey87

    I'm very late in thanking you (both) for the info about Avex's possible mindset when they dropped YH & CM/SM. It just proves how being ignorant of the facts can change the way you (wrongly) perceive the situation. I'm just glad it worked out for TVXQ and SM in the end. Is it possible that because BigEast already knew the details, they are not having a hard time fully supporting TVXQ, unlike the super biased fans in Korea or the clueless International fans?

    @ Chernai,

    " Friendship may stand the tests of time in some situations but money talks."

    "So what if they were friends. Why should I care how they treated their friends over a bussiness deal?"

    "However, when it comes to money no one is ever in the wrong in my book."

    "And you cannot define and confine someone to set morality or ethics. But bussiness is business. "

    Reading all your statements about money, I just felt extremely sad for you. Either you are very jaded or very young to think that money is more important than true friendships. I don't know the world you live in but I sincerely hope you do not have to go through what Yunho and Changmin went through at the hands of jj, yc and js all because of money.

  149. @ Chernai

    Since money is so important to u (even more than human relationship), I can see why u agree with them because u and JYJ have the same wavelength.

    "However, when it comes to money no one is ever in the wrong in my book."

    I guess killing people for money is not wrong in ur book too.

  150. (( It truly shows that Yunho and Changmin were team players who gladly sacrificed their talent all along, taking supporting role w/o showing off what they could do.))

    with these words you just Summarized the true stand of jyj them selves & their fans&some of ot5 who still refuse to wake up & smell the coffee all the bashing & the Outcry that still going on all the Denial in which they r living it is all continue because they cant except or even Acknowledge that tvxq really doing better with 2 members than the actual 5 !! seeing the one`s who stamped with the Described of the dancer & the screamer of the group who used to sing one phrase from the whole song showing Real unique talent every one seems in shock of how tallented yunho & changmin r they never ever dreamed that they well pull it off so well in fact they were just waiting for their comeback to be a big failure so that they can say yes tvxq cant be the same if jyj not with them but the shocking news for them is that they came back with huge success they even gone beyond that & proved that they can sing their old song alone without the 3 in very brilliant perfect way :) you can hardly say that the song missing any voices that how well they did,only with their successful comeback jyj melodrama began & we started to hear jyj pathetic winy tweets & their fans bashing & attacking in Brutally way to me i think all their actions Have only one explanation & thats is the word of Jealousy!! most of jyj fans r Trapped in Comparisons we all know how skilled & experienced sm r when it comes to showing off her Artists in very remarkable perfect image im not saying this out of my imaginary mind thats what i sense it every time i read the comments from the other side on tvxq video or even on others sites.. they dont dare say that tvxq now is awesome or their songs brilliant or even admire openlyabout it, they only end up to whine how perfect it will be if only the other 3 were with them we only see those comments on tvxq videos but never on jyj !!

    i wont lie & say i didnt love the 5 members back then but when the whole drama happened as much as i was lost knowing nothing about the real reasons of the breaking.. still found my self standing side with yunho & changmin not to me i think what ever the reasons r it wont be that important to risk 7 years of hard working & ur friends for. yes money is important no denial about that but greedy is not acceptable if it only was about greed i may understand them but to go so far & Destroy the lives of the one`s they claim before that they r like family to them that something i will never understand it!!

  151. @Precious ah when I said connections I just meant through like talking to Yunho and Changmin Korean fans through the internet, like through their Korean fan sites. Like if you needed to confirm facts or something. Making connection that way.

    The worst part about the album intro is that how i read it back then was correct and yet I just brushed it aside and I dunno thought maybe i was just interpreting it wrong, maybe i was mistaken and only a few ot5 fans had a problem with the intro and others just couldn't even see it and were like huh? Now I know i understood it perfecly well the first time =_=. To be honest it wasn't the only thing I brushed aside and I could have followed my instincts or my bias, but i didn't and i wish I had. I don't think Yunho or Changmin blames anyone for being fooled by jyj, but still I feel a little bit stupid for falling for their dirty tricks ^^.

    I really am interested to hear how you got involved in this, you aren't a lawyer, you weren't even a major fan of them and yet you are doing all this when I'm sure you have your own problems in life and work and yet.
    You seem to have a great sense of justice i think and we need more people in the world like you who go about righting a wrong the right way, not by putting others down just because you don't agree with them.
    I just love how you seem to have an answer to every person who comes in here and tries to tell you you are wrong, and write huge big comments to try and prove you wrong and try to seem like they are neutral. Your patience is remarkable ^_^.

    Sorry I swear i write more then i actually speak. When it come to dbsk i can't help it.

  152. I don't represent the JYJ fandom in anyway. I feel bad that by not hating them I have represented them in a negative light. But I am not their spokeperson. Their sucky PR people are. As a human being I felt what I felt and left a comment. Sorry?

    Unfortunately pro-jyj seems to have become a taboo word on the internet. Not only among Cassies. As well as OT5 I am learning.

    I have been a silent reader for so long. Didn't realize commenting was so hard. Whether this makes sense to anyone outside of my head idk. And I apologize that my way of thinking was so widely misunderstood and taken to such extremes. But it is a comment on everything I have witnessed til now. Not anything I wanted to argue over.

    No one has to support anyone they don't want to but I have just seen a lot of fuel added to the hate part once people load up on facts that fuel rumors. Not to be an attack on information sites. But the ammo it gives to angry biased individuals once they leave the primary websites is becoming hard to ignore.

    Sorry such a long ramble gained so much attention. I had no intention of taking attention away from the post. There was no set agenda for my comments. But I found out not many people agree with me. I don't know what that accomplished.

    The emotional attachment fans have with idols is creepy. So much so that they believe their idols are these everlasting friends and family. It is what makes Kpop fandom unique and thier artist approachable and so well loved. But the problems it causes down the road like bloody letters and death threats to girl friends. Scary stuff

    JYJ had every right to leave a bussiness deal if they wanted to. The relationship with the people that they left however is something I don't question. TVXQ remains a recognized and well recieved name.

    My only problem was just how certain people are with the truth. It can be true to you but JYJ and Homin AND ot5 fans alike have been leaving their respective sites and are preaching the gospel of TVXQ and its scary.

    People that leave you for moeny are not friends worth having. Here it changes the way you view the people that left. But for the fandom it has impacted them emotionally. Why must I accept and not accept the actions of some stranger. I just do or don't support them based on what I believe.

    Honestly, Sorry Precious.

  153. @Chernai
    I don't think it's bad to have a different opinion.I don't think most people would have a problem with pro-JYJ fans if the majority(not all but some) weren't so rude to others that don't feel the same way that they do,then most people who have a problem w/them now wouldn't.But the majority of pro-JYJ fans that many come across treat others that say something that they might not like as garbage,they also look down on non JYJ,or OT5'S sa stupid as well.These same people that ask others to have a heart or put themselves in JYJ's place,refuse to do the same for homin.They demand respect that they refuse to give to others,not just Cassie's,but thier also condesending to others such as any SM Town fanbases.

    I don't think anyone's bashing you,you're opinion I think confuses others somewhat.

    I personally never thought that I would feel any attachment,but this situatuion.How CJS/JYJ's families,and some of thier statements make many people feel like thier being wronged.These men are being condemned when all they did was stay in a company.If CJS cares,why not at least make the effort to ask these people to stop?,even if thier words would be wasted thier effort would be reconized.

  154. @ crheem

    I heard that Japanese fans do not take violating the contract and suing the company in good light. Also, Japanese fans already had access to the info I had, so most of them already knew who's in the wrong, so it really was no brainer for the bigeasts. The sales of TVXQ's new single just proves that.

    @ ranon

    I really think that CJS and their fans believed in their heart that Yunho and Changmin couldn't do anything without the 3. It looks like they just don't know how to handle the success of the TVXQ, and the fact their "oppas" are not doing well these days is adding to their extreme behaviour, and yes, I think "Jealousy" is right. They act so extreme, many non-fans are turned off by their behaviour. Many male "netizens" don't care about TVXQ nor JYJ, but they just despise JYJ fans.

    @ Pippa_Star
    Oh I see. Sorry for misunderstanding.

    Hey you are being honest and acknowledging your past mistakes, not an easy thing to do. I commend you for being true. :)

    I just made a post, and it explains how I got involved in this. What a coincidence LOL.

    @ Chernal
    I tried, but I give up. I really don't understand what you are trying to say. BTW, why are you apologizing to me? (very confused)

    @ nicegirl221
    I guess you understood what Chernal was writing about. I'm lost.

    CJS making effort to stop the fans? They seem to be adding fuel to the fire whenever they can. Just not going to happen.

  155. @Precious
    I think Chernai was writing about how people precieve someone supporting JYJ,what I replied to her was that I have no problem w/people supporting JYJ if they leave Homin alone.The rest of what he/she was saying i'm sorta lost.

    I wonder if JYJ fans try deminish how much bigeast really know cause they can't handle it.Bigeast know what's going on-I lost contact w/her,but I talked to a bigeast & she had said thier well aware of the situation-from her I found out about CJS/Avex cutting SM/Homin deal from her.She also said that some believe that some "Cassies" have an agenda so they don't believe the k-fans,the also believe that fans don't know everything either.

  156. Also forgot to add,I hate how CJS always have to start drama when Changmin/Yunho do anything.It makes me belive that thier not confident.I've heard from a few people on forexreals blog that in some of the comments that Junsu & his parents are very arrogant,I belive it holds some sort of truth b/c I come across those type of comments in diffenet places that have nothing to do w/each other.If it's true then I have a feeling that in the future when the lawsuit is over he's going to ditch the other two.If it comes to that I hope Yunho/Changmin don't take them back,even if they're critisized for it.

  157. @nicegirl221
    At least, I don't think Changmin will take them back. From the interview on February(?), I notice that he is quite angry with them. The trust isn't there anymore. Also, who knows whether JaeChun won't betray Homin again.

    Besides, Yoochun is an actor & I heard he is pretty good. He is also the one with less noise among the 3. He didn't join the twitter convo. Jaejoong is the one who should worry since he don't have activity outside JYJ (seems like he will have a drama, but who knows what's gonna happen). Nevertheless, I wonder when the lawsuit finish, Junsu will really ditch the other 2 since it's highly possible that the-3 will lose the case (so far SME managed to corner them) & they may need to pay SME high amount of money (can be billions) in case they lose. I mean Junsu might still need the other 2.

  158. @Freya
    Yoochun has his acting to fall back on,Junsu seems like he's doing the most out of the three,I do agree w/you on Jaejoong.If they were to manage to win I could see Junsu leaving them,some fans seem to think the other two holds him back.Some people I've come across have said that thier new music sounds more like Junsu & the back up singers.Something it's just a feeling that he'll burn his ties w/them even if he'll still need him,they'd still have to work together to pay back sm when they lose."You may have to work together,but you don't have to like each other"comes to mind.I've come acoss some of thier fans complaing that the smoking is ruining Jaejoong's voice as well as Yoochun especially w/his asthma.I just can't bring myself to listen to thier music.Jaejoong I think is too addicted to fame he tries to be as manipulative as Junsu,but can't pull it off.I almost pity him.Yoochun i'm glad that he's semi decent in this,so out of all 3 he's the one w/the better personality.
    I sincerely hope that they lose thier and thier fans arrogance can be brought down many notches.As well as getting the "slave"label off of Sm artist.Not just Homin,but other SM artist & thier fans have had to deal w/being called slaves & mindless supporters & a loss will show that it's just garbage being spewed.
    That Hyato guy should stop talking he encourages the whole"bigeast are being delusional mindset"as well as yunho/changmin fans are anti-jyj mindset"with his blog.One day people will wake up to see that these big name suppoters like that guy are just using them until thier no longer needed.

  159. Hi Precious, I've read the link Bia and you posted in comments above.
    And there's timeline where TVXQ's supporters awaken after reading the post from ex-DNBN admins... I've read about this before, but never encounter w/ the whole translation of tht post...

    Do u have any idea about tht post? :x

  160. i want to explain my situation fisrt before i write my opinion.
    i'm a jaejoong bias and i'm an OT5. I realize that i'm still in denial of the fact that they have separate their ways(HoMin and CJS) and i'm still hoping that they will come back as five but my denial didn't stop me from thinking logically about everything that's going on. my first bias is still jaejoong because i fell in love with his personality or maybe we can say his personality BACK THEN.
    I am actually a new kpop fangirls and i knew DBSK for only 5 months, but i have been watching all of their past variety shows, AADBSK, MV making, etc and also their new interviews, shows, performances, etc. I watched both the korean and japanese shows and up until now i'm still watching and searching for their past shows.
    I can really feel how much they changed and matured because i watched a lot of shows in just a short period and i just can't believe how CJS can betray HoMin like this, because from what i see they really love and treasure each other back then. They also said good things about SME continuously so obviously their break up is not because of their bad relationship nor the contract.
    I can't and won't blame them of being greedy for money because i believe every human being have their own greed on something and in my place this kind of stories is everywhere so i'm really used to that.
    what makes me angry is their lies, i hate how they become a two faced person and blame everything on HoMin and SMent.
    i'm really thankful to the one that makes this blog because even though my bias is jaejoong, i know in this lawsuit battle i have to be on HoMin side and you give me all the facts that i need.
    i know junsu and jaejoong are the most vocally stand out from the rest of DB5K, but i think JYJ's song are just not as good as DB5K's or we can say SMent songs. I don't even like any of JYJ's songs even though i'm a huge fan of Junsu's voice. They just sunk their singing talents when they walk out from SMent. They did improve on their acting talents but they are mainly singers not actors.
    basically i believe it's impossible for them to be as good as they are now if they are wasn't trained in SMent and they should be really thankful towards SMent.
    CJS have to pay all the damage they have caused on SMent and TVXQ name. i feel disgusted on how CJS promote their cosmetics business, it is just a disgrace for TVXQ's name and image.
    i still have a lot of opinions but this is all i can say for now.
    thank you for giving me the facts, i have always been a silent observer until i find all the facts.
    for now, i'm still going to be an OT5. i'm still hoping situation will be back just like it was before the lawsuit, i know it is stupid and almost impossible but no one can stop me to keep a fake faith.
    my bias stan now is like 30% DBSK HoMin 70% DB5K, there is no place for JYJ or CJS because CJS that i know before in DB5K is not the same as CJS in JYJ.
    It's really complicated and i'm really really thankful i have the space to talk about all this shit.

  161. @ Chernal
    I also discovered the phenomenon if some prefer to be OT5 to support the CJS compared as JYJ's fans. how TVXQ to be broken is very important for TVXQ's fans. reason it is difficult to be found from the HM. with their comebaack as TVXQ it proves that HM never leave TVXQ. but for CJS's fans that they initially have TVXQ's fans, it is difficult to accept that the CJS who broke TVXQ. coupled with the writings of JYJ Jaejoong said that JYJ of TVXQ. AKTF. some of CJS's fans still believe that they still love TVXQ and as if they were still TVXQ. fans do not have the confidence to become JYJ's fans except for new fans. they are very brave to admit and accept JYJ is.
    HM's fans not to hate OT5 before we believe them can support all member, I initially chose as OT5 before. but said that the presence of TVXQ is not real has hurt some of HM's fan. not much to comment as to the HM? It's not a suport, but a rejection.
    I feel your opinion is you do not believe Precious, because he was a stranger. I think it's not wrong. you're free to think like that. "Why must I accept and not accept the actions of some stranger. I just do or do not support Them based on what I believe." if such thinking is good for you, then do it.
    You are not representative of JYJ's fandom, but you love JYJ. then do it that way.
    im so glad Yunho and Changmin use TVXQ's name. because they have a right to use it more than CJS.
    TVXQ's name is very valuable. only people who release it, which would regret it. SMent, HM and CJS knows it too. fans also know that TVXQ's name is very valuable. when they think that HM gain public attention because it uses the name of TVXQ it is very true. but without the individual's ability, HM will not be successful as it is now. this is very surprising several parties. and there will be unhappy with this.
    hopefully you are writing a comment here not because you are not happy with HM because they use TVXQ's name:)

  162. @Deifilia
    "my bias stan now is like 30% DBSK HoMin 70% DB5K" i think this result is good too for HM. they wont ever try to make peoples forgeting TVXQ5. no matter what happen TVXQ5 is still a part of TV2XQ now :)

  163. Thank you Precious for this article. I was shaking my head the whole time and my forehead is sore from facepalming lmao

    thank you all as well to the links you provided. Sorry for being idiotic here but, what is DAUM and Galler? -- from that Cassie story of Awakening.

    I honestly didn't know what they (CJS) wrote in their english site..I didn't know they had one to begin with. WHAT IN THE EFFIN' HELL WAS THAT ABOUT?!!?!? I am seriously enraged. (>.<) I was indifferent before but after reading that... damn.

    There still can be excuses on why or how they would say such thing in public --- it might have been done by an irresponsible staff hence the deletion afterwards, but then again, shouldn't they approve of it first? *RAGES* Why or how they were able to say such things and do such things to their so-called "friends" is really beyond me.

    Somehow I am happy I wasn't aware of TVXQ then otherwise, I don't think I would have endured as much as you guys did. My heart goes out to Yunho and Changmin, their family and friends and the fans aswell. They went through a helluva lot. Having strong values intact and very strong support (family friends and fans alike) helped them cope with all these.

    I'm agnostic but I am a firm believer of karma. Out of all these, I only have one thing to say: KARMA IS A BITCH. I bet they (CJS) are feeling the effects of it now.


  164. @ girlpower

    Daum is a name of a portal site. Gallery is like a simplified forum where anyone can make a post as long as you have a Daum membership. Many TVXQ fans are at Daum Telzone TVXQ gallery.

  165. @Precious -- ahhhhh..okay. thanks! =D

  166. @all

    I know this is a random question but how is JYJ's relationship with their former labelmates? I ask this because I started to follow Junsu on twitter for kicks and I noticed he was following Eunhyuk of Super Junior. I wasn't surprised about that because they've been friends since they were younger but Eunhyuk (or any of the Suju members actually) are following JYJ O.o So...I'm just assuming they don't talk to their ex-labelmates either then... --;;

  167. Haven't been here for a loonngg while because my comments were badly written and embarrassingly written out of frustration tbh.
    That's why I apologized, I felt that I had offended some people.

    Every once in a while Eunhyuk mentions Junsu on his radio show. Recently some A-pink members came on and imitated Junsu and Eunhyuk said they sounded better that him :D
    Jaejoong and Hyun Joong went to go see Jessica's Legally Blonde musical last year I think.

    But no one has publically denounced or supported their relationships with JYJ.

  168. @sofly I remember a long time ago in x-man(around 2007) JJ actually said that he is hungry for popularity. Now I know that he really mean it.tsk

    @precious thanks for your posts :) really appreciate it :)

  169. Precious...
    Can I ask, why is SMent delaying the lawsuit
    That makes the guilty to the public
    So why??

  170. @ JJ Robledo

    SM is delaying the lawsuit? That's a news to me. Read this and see for yourself who's been delaying the lawsuit.

    It was CJS who were delaying the lawsuit all along, but now they're crying SM is doing it because their Japanese activity was suspended.

  171. @ Precious
    thanks for replying
    sorry about that

    i think its march this year, i read about the final decision but nothing happened because there was suppose to present a new witness but didn't show up right???? It can only read it as they definitely delayed it.

    Iam a guy, but this interest me... TVXQ is really a great group. Im curious whats the story and whats gonna happen. Honestly, who do you think will win??? After knowing about Hankyung, SM contracts really has flaws right, it can't be favored by the court. Only SNSD and Super Junior have not done something like this.

  172. @ JJ Robledo

    Ah that's what you were talking about. That was the only time that SM couldn't get the witness on time, and their reasoning was because the witness was the head of accounting and she was busy with end of the year accounting. The court still held the session to clear up some stuff without the witness, and the witness testified on the next session. Also, JYJ's representatives were notified and aware of the delay and never objected.

    It is not really unusual for the court sessions getting delayed for one reason or another. Just look at other trials and it happens all the time.
    SM does not have any reason to delay the trial.

    Read my posts on the contracts and it tells you what I think will happen with the lawsuit. I think there's 50/50 chance either side will win. BTW, Hankyung's contract was different than TVXQ's, especially the profit distribution.

    Besides SNSD and Suju, HOT, SES, Shinhwa, Grace, f(x), Shinee, Trax, and other bands never did something like this. HOT SES and Shinhwa all fulfilled the terms of their contract before leaving SM, and look at BoA. She's still with SM after all these years. Many ex-SM artists are thanking SM and show respect, and even Hangyung has interviewed that SM made who he is today.

    Only JYJ are on a slandering campaign against SM.

  173. @Precious
    i cant seem to construct my comments well
    i already read that article about their contracts
    now i understand that recording companies get their profit from album/single sales and artist get their profit more performance, concert, individual appearances, and commercials. I can say its a balanced. But what happens if your under SM and AVEX at the same time. TVXQ should have felt how popular they are and work much harder, but maybe complaining on their income.

    BTW, are those meetings important or What are the necessary things on the trial.

    I have thought of what happened to them (theory). Maybe being succesful in japan got into their heads(not just JYJ but also Homin), and they have discussed this among members where even yunho agrees, not just one time but several times (it could have started from anyone parents, fans, peoples,themselves etc). And a member ( preferably Junsu )must have thought about it deeply, that he even plan on things somehow or just in his head (applies to others too), because there were supportive comments comming from others. Thus, making a premature announcement from AVEX. Being with SM decreases their profit also. But whats important is when the Beauty Products Business that shouldve come from their parents. So someone introduced this business to their parents. I know how convincing a networking business. And then JYJ started to think of investing on it ( not just start of greed, but also becoming business minded). They started this business with their parents but HoMin didn't take part of it because they don't believe it.

    Did neither Yunho and Changmin got involved in this business?

    Beauty Products Business, Leaving SM and other things are all just part of their plan. I don't know what happened first but HoMin stayed silent when this all happened or someone convinced them to stay with SM. JYJ wasn't able to convinced the two. They would've still together if HoMin follow allong or they didn't started this in the begining. Its like being indepedent and the same time i can see them just like us working on a company (wanting to move out is natural). They should've have taught of their fans, or their group as 5. I respect all despite what happened. They all talented and a legendary group for Asia.

    This controversy is really intriguing.

    So when is the final court decision?

  174. I'm a new reader who came across your blog 2days ago via some comments on Continuetvxq.
    First of all, I wanna thank you for making the effort to present all the facts & doc link from original/3rd-party sources.
    You have absolutely no idea how mislead I was during the initial period after the lawsuit announcement & even retweeted blindly certain tweets that bashes SM with no effort spent on my part to verify the source and translation just b'cuz I placed trust in those sites & their admins to report those facts/news unedited.
    The fact that those sites are so-called OT5 made me a Yunho bias fan trust them even more b’cuz they are, as they like to call themselves, supportive of all 5.
    But the fact that when Homin & their parents’ statements came out, they asked readers to take it with a pinch of salt as they may not be authentic or simply instill the very idea that Homin were ‘forced’ to sign such doc. Yet they out rightly support & plead us to believe those bias written translation as the truth & that CJS are innocent as any baby would be of any wrong doings.
    I would still be a supportive fan of JYJ, despite not really liking their music, for old times’ sake if not for the excessive & hurtful comments JYJ stans made. It’s just a total turn off. And to add on, the ‘pity-me’ tactic is getting on my nerves too, too over-used to sound sincere.
    Before I read the comments from readers on your posts, I just had a hunch that JYJ’s tweets/what they said during interviews doesn’t really match with their actions, but didn’t really think deep into it. Even though it’s so very obvious to anyone with common sense to see that they’re saying one thing and doing another while backstabbing Homin with all their actions as JYJ (ex-TVXQ members? tours? Concerts? Albums?) while all the 2 members did was waited patiently on the same spot for them to come back.
    The most hurtful part has to be from 6.25 & bashing of Homin. I never knew such a meeting occurred b’cuz I stopped following lawsuit details after a while & also people are intentionally hiding the fact that it did happened.
    These bashing of Homin online & in real life are not just some random fan act, but a calculated move by the families & JYJ. This is real disgusting and I’ve lost all respect for the 3 even if they were the so-called ‘more talented’ ones of TVXQ.
    I can't help but think that even till now, JCS's parents may still be spreading rumours/instructing bias fans to flame Homin subtly like how CSJ is doing with their tweets.
    It may just be my wishful thinking but I hope this audio will be used as evidence in Court to aid in the hearing even though I know audio files may not be allow to be accepted as evidence in the eyes of law?

  175. Con't
    From reading the whole roadmap, what amazes me is the fact that these people have the intention/motive to leave SM right from the start. They planned & executed these manipulative actions to slander innocent parties just because they couldn’t let go the fact that not all are like them & maybe in a bid to sway public opinion just so their winning of the case would be higher.
    Some fans even have the cheek to say they have the rights to do so. Looking at certain POV, this may sound right, fight for your own rights, but what they fail to mention is that fulfilling/honouring what you’ve promised is also their legal responsibility & what’s right & expected of them that they must bear since signing the contract. It’s not like they’re not given the opportunity to request additional help with the accounting stuff or that amendments/improvements are totally impossible (based on the fact that their contracts have been amended 5 times).
    All in all, I’m too disappointed with the ex-members & their despicable way of exiting TVXQ to even want them to have anything to do with TVXQ/Homin anymore. Just leave them alone!
    Anyway, sorry for the long rant (>.<) but thanks again for providing a platform for ignorant fans like me to see what exactly is going on.
    Btw, is there any new development to the lawsuit?

  176. @ JJ Robledo

    I think your comment was in a spam, I just saw your post.

    Yunho and Changmin never joined the business, as matter of fact, neither of their parents use their children's fame for their own gain unlike the parents of the 3.

    Of course Avex gets a cut of TVXQ's Japanese profits, but that's not SM's fault. The way profit sharing works is that first SM and Avex divides the profit, then SM divides that profit between them and TVXQ. That's just the way it works, and that does not give the 3 rights to ditch SM and only work with Avex to gain more profit since SM invested their time and resources to make TVXQ successful in Japan. The reason TVXQ could get a deal with Avex was because of SM's prior relationship with Avex thru BOA, SES and HOT. (I believe Avex was HOT's Chinese distributor). So it is not right for the 3 to betray SM like that "after" gaining their fame with SM's help.

    @ evangeluv
    Thanks for the kind words.

    Yes, the so called OT5 sites' double standard is just too much. I don't think I've seen any of those sites actually support Yunho and Changmin. They only claim they're OT5, but in reality, they've only supported CJS.

    The thing is that it is impossible to support all 5 equally. To do that, you'd have to turn a blind eye on everything that's happened so far, and not support anybody at all.

  177. Only recently found this site, and I've commented on some of your other posts, so I thought to comment on this one as well.
    I noticed that in all the posts, most people who commented seem to be blaming Junsu's father the most for 'getting too involved' and such. I don't really think it's fair to blame him for that, since we don't really know what his true intentions were. Furthermore, I've noticed on other sites that a number of fans have been in turn blaming Junsu the most. So far(and I may be wrong), it seems to me that Junsu hasn't really done anything to receive this 'special bashing'.
    Another thing I would like to point out - I've been reading a lot of posts on other sites about 'Jaejoong wants to meet with HoMin again' and 'Jaejoong texted Yunho' and so on. I feel that this is really hypocritical of him; he dumped TVXQ first,and now he's posting all these things which may not even be true(not that I'm calling him a liar, but still) I used to really like Jaejoong(he was my second fav) but now, it seems more like he's trying to garner support and pity for JYJ, because more and more people are discovering the truth behind the story.
    Despicable much?

  178. i never liked junsu way before the split. i call it intuition but my first impression of him is arrogance. im shock people call him cute. just saying...

  179. after some research... i lost my respect for hero, micky and xiah... its not because they left tvxq but by the way they irresponsibly handled things after... maybe its because of their volatile personalities... maybe...

    after all the things they did and their fans did to yunho and changmin, i just love HoMin more and more.

  180. Honestly, I love tvxq as 5. I'm not a die hard fan so i don't really know about the break up issue until today. Right now i'm having a shock of my life. Before I know this i prefer JYJ as Jeajong was my favourite star in tvxq but now i'm totally confused. What happened between them? I thought they were friends on best terms. Why are they doing this to Yunho and Changmin? what have the done to received this? My heart ached so badly.. Dear writer of the blog, can you tell me more about this. I would like to know more...

  181. haha lol... this is so funny with the level of idiotic homin stans are. firstly, they are utterly biased in only homin's side of view ( oh yeah like how homin suffered and not jyj).. you 'precious' please try look at the views from both sides. as a jyj fan, I like tvxq (dou) because they were close friends with jyj before and I just can't believe you one sided idiotic stans are being manipulated by SM (primary causer for this mess). lies and evidence you say are stated from the court.. what else do you want to know ( BTW.. cosmetic issue was stared by SM as they stated it, all I want to say is jyj loves tvxq and that is why there is a jyj since 2010 because jyj would be using TVXQ right now due legal rights on the names member has and in addition the court is in jyj favour since 2009. jyj contacted and waited for them to leave sm until they realised homin had different plans and I respect that in which jyj felt really heart broken(junsu). lastly, it's been long enough for you to understand that sm is a M*****F***** due to their action up unitl dunno still going. you don't now how we and jyj are still going through as jyj sacrificed TVXQ and eventually benefitted everybody contracts while jyj are the ones taking the damage. just in case if the lawsuit happened in japan, SM would be destroyed by the amount of the cash hey had to pay but it was korea so they are one in a billion undoubtly fortunate to escape unlike avex. alright this will be my last comment on any tvxq article, hope you guys don'e hate or pread hate anymore because it will only hurt you and other people :)

  182. Hi,

    Thank you so much for the clarification from a Korean who writes good English. I took Korean classes, speak and write simple stuff... mostly, for travel when I go to Korea.

    I got to know TVXQ from "Love in the Ice", and then JYJ. I only know about the bitter story of the split up from the 'Nameless Song" rapped by Micky Yoochun.

    Some time later I saw a Youtube video on the split up - Yunho speaking, Changmin stood behind him and he cried his heart out. I was shocked and it must have been really bad for Changmin to be so devastated.

    I saw videos of Homin talking about their split up, and their comeback, the pain they went through. In the videos I saw, Homin did not say anything negative about the split. Yunho just said it is a waste as they were going to make it big in Japan had they continued as 5. Reason being they were working very hard in Japan. This is a positive thing to say, and no bad mouth the other 3 members.

    I am not against any one of them as I am in only for their songs, dance & concerts. I like Jae Joong and Changmin. I don't bash or take sides.

    I gave the whole thing some thought. After the split, JYJ started their activities (even with Lotte video) immediately. These 3 guys moved on quickly into their new lives.

    However, Homin were left shocked and on a limbo. Only came back 2 years plus later.

    So, looking at the whole thing, JYJ must have planned the whole thing from the start as they are able to start off immediately after the split, they have continuity. However, the other 2, Homin were shocked and were trying to recover.

    Looking at their world tour concerts (Tone to With), the making of the concerts, these 2 guys, Homin have my respect in the true sense of the word. They 'fell down' but they managed to 'stand up'. They hit rock bottom but they came back as better and stronger performers.

    Looking at their songs, dance & performances, Homin have taken them to a whole new level, world class. They have revived TVXQ and made it so much better.

    In life, there will be moments when we are thrown the curve ball. It is painful. It either makes us stronger or break us. It takes a whole lot of determination, strong will to survive and move on... the mindset.

    This is what happened to Homin. I salute them to be able to turn the situation around and come back so much better than before. This they have my respect.

    Cheers and thanks again,
    Joanne Lim, a Malaysian fan

  183. Hi,

    Just to add on. I saw the "Standby You" the last time they performed as 5, after the lawsuit. Poor Changmin was devastated, he tried to hold back and sing.

    Poor Yunho and Changmin as they were waiting for 2 years for the other 3 to come back. My heart goes out to them.

    Life goes on... they are much better now.

    All the best to them. :O)

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