Thursday, December 23, 2010

Why I started this blog...

I am a general k-pop fan who listens to many artists, and I am not a die-hard fan of any particular artist.

I liked TVXQ, and as a Korean-American, I was proud of their success in Asia, and had a great respect for their talent & music.

When 3 members filed a lawsuit against SME, that made me wonder why all the members didn't join the lawsuit together. It didn't make sense. If the contract was unfair like the 3 claimed, then why didn't the other two stayed with SME? Why couldn't they all agree on the actions to take together?

I began to suspect that this whole situation is probably not what it appears to be, so I went right to the source of the trouble and checked out the contract.

There are many interpretations of TVXQ's contract on personal blogs and fan sites, and they were all pretty similar. They all blamed SME and claimed the contract is a "slave" contract, but if that was the case, why would YunHo and Changmin stay and didn't join the other 3?

So instead of relying on those personal blogs and fan sites, I downloaded the contract submitted to the Korean Central court and read the contract submitted with the judgment transcript for the temporary contract injunction.

If any of the readers are interested and know Korean, or have a Korean friend who can translate it, here's the link to the Korean Central Court website's document. Click on the pdf file to download.

After reading the contract, I realized that most of the info on the web are twisted and misinterpreted on purpose to make it look a lot worse than it actually is.

So I decided to dig deeper and get as much information as possible to find out what really happened, and why TVXQ, arguably the biggest k-pop band in Korea, broke up.

There are vast amount of info that I've found, and they're mostly in Korean, so it's going to take a long time for me to translate everything, but I am going to try to provide as much info as possible.

What I've realized is that most information on the web are heavily biased towards JYJ, and what's available to international fans are limited to those blogs/fansites and unlike Korean & Japanese fans who have access to accurate info, international fans are only relying on wrong info.

The purpose of this blog is to let the fans know the TRUTH, and I am going to present the information I've found with as much explanations and with the sources if available.



  1. I love this blog, thank you so much for all the clarification. International fans are being manipulated by their fansites that they don't know the truth at all. I also posted something on livejournal telling people the truth as well.

  2. Hi, thank you for the kind words. I just started this blog, and I just took a baby step. There are tons of info I need to translate as you probably know already. :)

    We are still the minority in this, and I hope my blog can be a little spark to start the fire.

  3. Thank you again for taking the time to translate. All the things you wrote make a lot of sense. I will tell my friends to read in here. Happy new year!

  4. Yes, please let people know. I was really frustrated that there are so many inaccurate infos on the web especially for international fans, and that's why I decided to start this blog despite how lazy I am. LOL

  5. thank you thank you thank you!! im actually thinking the same thing why yunho and changmin didnt join the 3. :D. please provide us with more info!!! we are very thankful that we can understand about whats going on between sm and tvxq.

  6. Thank you so much for your hard work. I'll wait for your updates.

    happy new year!

  7. @cinderallaboy10

    Thank you!!! I'll do my best to update the posts.

    Happy New Year!!!

  8. Hi Precious,

    I just want to say I have learnt a lesson in this fandom, i have see people who are willing to lie to protect their idol and even to hurt another artist.

    Thank you, we really need to show people the facts. Then again the final hearing will be on the 18th this month, this mess could be over very soon.

    I think if someone manage to find the loophole in the contract, he can use it as valid reason to void a contract. But that doesn't mean the reason given is also what motivated them to file the lawsuit, it could be only an excuse.

    Thank you once again. Please share more info with us.

  9. @karenteh

    Is the trial on 18th the last one? I think there may be more sessions because there was only one witness' testimony, and I think SM requested a couple more witnesses. SM also requested at least one of the JYJ members to testify, and that request is still pending, so I'm not sure if this month's session is the last.

    More info are coming!!!

  10. Thank you very much for doing this for all of us.

    I had exactly same thoughts as yours when hearing JYJ filing the lawsuit.
    I mean, if the whole point of the lawsuit was because of the *slave* contract then why Yunho and Changmin, the two most honest and considerate members, did not join them? Gradually I realized JYJ had been doing nothing to keep DBSK as 5 even though they said things like "AKTF", "We're open to reconcile...", etc. They clearly know Cass want to hear that and they offer us nothing but sweets and lies.

    I hate this, but I think I've already lost faith in the 3 that left.

    I'm looking forward to more info from you.

    Oh I forgot to mention that I love Yunho and Changmin as ever. The new MV is so hottt (Who says Changmin can't dance?!!kkk)

  11. @ pumpkiepie

    Their new MV and songs are great!!! On hindsight, this may actually benefit HoMin in the end. Now they can show their hidden talents since they don't have to defer to other members during their performances.

    Their singing time will increase, and their dances will stand out more. YunHo's singing is underrated, and so is Changmin's dance. Many thought the "main" members are not with the band any more, but HoMin & SM has shown that is not the case!!!

  12. hello just stumbled upon your blog before i sleep and i totally agree with you. why would Yunho and Changmin stay if their contracts were "slave" contracts. others argued that they want to keep the name TVXQ alive then i asked so they (HoMin) are sacrifices? where JYJ is enjoying everything freedom, more profits etc? why must they be the only ones sacrificing. I admire HoMin for sticking with SM. Because withoust Sm there can't be any TVXQ. they were the ones who put them together, made them popular that even if i am not korean i know them.

  13. Yo tambien pienso igual que tu ...porque changming y Yunho se quedaron ... hay algo sospechoso y tambien pienso que la SM no es tan mala como dicen( bueno no se si me entenderas) but thank you very much !!:)

  14. Thanks for posting this. I also feel the same way, but since I was burned in disappointment I easily blame SME. I feel bad now for judging too fast. But after a while, I DO have some questions abt the lawsuit. Why Homin will stay in SME if its really UNLAWFUL. I ve been observing members personality for almost 5 years and am sure Homin r smart. And then... i really curious abt the truth. Luckily, stumble ur blog. It ll be precious insight for me to overlook the problems.


    Waiting your post.

  15. @ ayoepan

    Yeah, this whole thing is really a mess. Hopefully, this blog can clarify many questions everyone has.

  16. For all I know, you're being payed by SM to do this.

    Also, this situation reminds me a little too much of the 2PM/Jaebeom issue and we all know how JYPE manipulated a lot of things just like we all know what SM is capable off manipulating.

    It's not right of you to make JYJ out to be the bad guys, AGAIN! They have done nothing wrong, they wanted out and they're out.

    If the contract really was fair and all was glorious at SM, they wouldn't have started this shit! You make no sense, at all!

    Also, how are you gonna clarify the other slave contract issues SM has had? Hangeng? He's been proven right, you know? SM is a fucked up entertainment company and everyone that has the guts to say they're fair has some loose ends to them or are just fan-girling their life away.

    Also, I wanna point out that the FOREIGN FANS SUCK. How can you even think of speaking the words "Yunho and Changmin, the two most honest and considerate members" out of your fucking mouth? Do you know them on some personal level? How can you judge someone like that? What are the other three? Pigs that are lying in pool of dirt, and who have been lying about who they are and how they are for the past 7 years? You guys make me sick.

  17. @ dani-elle.r

    LOL. Thank you for being a great example of a fanatical JYJ fan.

    Whether I'm paid by SM (I wish I did) or not does not change all the facts I presented in my posts, and naturally, you are not bringing up any points from my post in your comment.

    2PM/Jay thing is different. Jay basically got kicked out of JYP, JYJ walked out of SM on their own.

    You're just ranting w/o any substance so I won't comment further.

    1. JYJ chose to leave SM for good...i bet they never had any intention of going back for the sake of money.

      tisk tisk..

  18. thank you for your effort!

    hoping to find more reliable infos about this fandom Epic in your blog.
    well,lets prepare urself for many biased comments! but if u do it righteously, don't be afraid with anything i am the one who ll be waiting for ur infos!


  19. Are your infos mostly consisting of contracts?

    Anyways, thanks for making this blog, I also want to know the truths about what's going on behind the scene since there's two sides of the story.

  20. Thank you so much. I really really appreciate your hard work. Reading through your blog makes my head spin :"). Looking forward to see your new post.

  21. @ classystar

    So far I've only talked about the contract, but I will be covering other subjects too. As matter of fact, contract is only a small part of the whole truth.

    Check out the "Roadmap to the Truth" page. It shows what's coming up next.

  22. @ doolally

    Thanks. No problem with hate comments. I can always delete them if I want to. This is my blog after all. :)

  23. I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to do this whole thing, for giving us the unbiased truth. We've been in the dark about the whole situation this whole time, it's such a breath of fresh air to finally have the facts straightened out, complete with evidence and discussion.

    I'm looking forward to your next posts, to understanding everything more. I also hope many more people learn about this blog, it needs to be spread!

    Thank you again! :)

  24. Sorry, been long time since I used google's blog and I been trying how to fix my profile picture (I changed my pic but it still kept my old one T.T). I didn't mean anything negative by deleting it, just hoping this re-post will have the new pic, again sorry for the inconvenient.

    hello, I don't normally commenting like this, but I must said I'm glad I found your blog. Like you said, as international fan, I've been relying on translation from all those sources (mainly Allkpop), but they leaving less satisfying and my more confuse than anything else.

    I'm not going to judge anyone whether they right or wrong, all I want is to UNDERSTAND what is going on and those articles and all the fan-wars are NOT helping me.

    I haven't read all of your posts yet, but what I read so far is very good analysis of the contract, and I'm sad that I good fooled by the other articles. Now I have a better understanding the contract thank to you, and I'll waiting for your future update. And thank you for doing this for us. It help me (and others people) a lots XD.

    love you <3

  25. @ Hotaru

    No worries, I deleted your removed post. :)

    I'm glad to hear my posts are helping you understand this situation.

  26. Never take this blog down. Thank you for shedding light on this very confusing situation. It will take me some time to pour over the information and data, but thank you for consolidating and analyzing everything. Its sad that some people dont know the truth..

  27. Just wanted to say thank you so much for doing this. The English fandom has long been in the dark about these things, so thank you for taking the time and effort to help us understand the situation better! More people should read this. Thank you!!

  28. A TVXQ fan recommended me this site. Thanks a lot for taking ur time to provide more non twisted information regarding TVXQ issue with us, international fans who don't understand korean.
    The fact that u're a general kpop fan makes me find u more credible.

  29. Thank you for starting this blog! I am so glad I found it just today! There's so much information here... It's so hard for me, a clueless international fan to get this side of the story? I have come across countless sites supporting, rather loudly, JYJ... so many things about SM, how SM is a media manipulator, which is why some of the Cassies are losing the faith (I do not call myself a Cassie), etc... come to think of it, maybe it is TVXQ supporters' sites which are less "noisy", preferring to support HoMin's side just by constantly posting their news.

    Initially I felt really hurt for JYJ. Even at that time, though, there's still a thought in my mind that they wanted more... that their greed led them to break the contract... but I thought it was justified if the contract was a slave contract.

    Over time, I began to feel as if that the members of JYJ were trying to milk the sympathy of the public! The things they say, on twitter, in interviews... On the other hand I was acutely aware that HoMin's side was quiet. I felt as if they themselves were manipulating the public's view. Then I saw comments on how not one of JYJ members showed up at court sessions, how they sort of owned CJes or something... my feelings in them began to shake. The worst of it all is when they say they're not happy with HoMin continuing with the name TVXQ. How much more inconsiderate can they be. I don't want to bash them and I hope I'm not... I hope that I'm just stating facts... but I'm really am quite angry. Feel so unfair for HoMin at that point in time.

    I'm really not anti-JYJ and I still enjoy their performances. They really are great singers.

    Over all, thank you for this site... I would never have known anything (not about CJes, the disgusting sheep placenta thing, or even HoMin's parents statements) if not for this site.

  30. @ to all

    Thank you for your support, and I'm really glad that my blog is helping the fans.

  31. I found out about your blog just now and I am so glad that there are people like you dedicating your own time and effort into letting non-Korean speaking fans be able to find out more about the facts that have been misrepresented by a variety of other sources out there. I support Homin completely and will continue to do so.

    Thank you once again for all that you've done!!

  32. hi their thanks so much for telling us the truth as truth !!! im Arabic fan so its difficult to me to know the what really happen

    and i was trying for so long to find blogs talks the truth and i finely found one i trust every word u write and im supporting tvxq as homin i don't hate jyj but i find what thy did wrong in some way

    ohhh can be greedy if ask u a fav!! can u plz translate our game !! i really really really want to the meaning of the song

    my respect for kuwait

  33. @ NodNoubt
    Hi, thanks for visiting my blog, and I'm glad it helped. I translated part of it as you can see, and I'll translate the rest when I get some time, but it's not gonna be for a while because I am concentrating with the blog. I got tons of stuff to translate. I hope you understand. :)

  34. how do u get all these information from? arent court cases documents and such meant to be confidential?? jus asking.. only discovered ure blog an international fan and really want to know the truth abt the whole situation as well...

  35. @ sumita_gurung19
    Civil cases are open to public. I've provided links on my posts and you can see the sources from the links.

  36. thanks for the reply... i am gonna read all ure posts with an open mind.. cos i want to understand it better.. i am a neutral fan and like u said i have come across mostly jyj baised blogs so ures will be a change!!u said in ure intro that u r not a major tvxq fan still u've put a looott of effort into this..for fans out there (including me).. its much appreciated!!!

  37. @sumita_gurung19

    Shouldn't the fact that Precious is NOT a TVXQ fan spell caution for you? The fact that he's putting in so much effort to translate documents and analyze everything in this case, while NOT being a TVXQ fan seems questionable.

    While curiosity in a case is not unreasonable, the fact that your facts and analysis and explanations all swing towards SM's favour is. What are your real intentions?

  38. @ Nikki
    But what really matters is if what I'm saying is right or wrong. Who I am is not that important, but you want people's focus to be elsewhere, don't you?

  39. It's just that I feel that if you say you're stating facts and want to tell the "truth" about the TVXQ case, shouldn't you at least argue both sides? A good "investigation" or debate covers all angles, not just the one angle which is convenient.

    You may want to ask me if I've read all your posts, which I have. Which is why I've come to the conclusion that you're not stating the truth, but the "truth" from your perspective because as you've said so many countless times, you're not denying that you're not unbiased. And that is where I'm having trouble with because you're contradicting yourself.

    You clearly state at the start that you've started this blog out of curiosity rather than because you're a fan of TVXQ5/TVXQ2/JYJ. But then as you start posting your facts, you lean heavily towards SM. And then you try to come across as being the sole voice of reason in this entire episode and pointing fingers that JYJ fans are disseminating lies.

    So it seems to me that you're using the backhanded approach of crying foul while you're doing the exact same thing. Except in this case, you're not HoMin vs JYJ but SM vs JYJ.

  40. @ Nikki
    I formed my bias after finding out the truth because the truth was so overwhelmingly against JYJ. From what I've found out so far, there's not much to argue from the other side. Also, most of my posts are rebuttal to the other side's claim. There are many other blogs fan sites that are polar opposite of my blog, and fans should have no problem reading both sides.

    You obviously are from the "other" side, but have you ever asked the same questions you're asking me now to the "other" sites?

  41. @Precious

    Actually, I'm neither side. I'm just a confused person who cannot find a side to side with. I love TVXQ songs but that's just that. I would rather much stay out of the mess because it is getting rather overwhelming.

    And I don't need to ask the other sites the same questions, because they are obviously JYJ fans who would obviously put out JYJ bias reports/news. But at least I know they are JYJ bias and know that they are subjected to their own opinions and I respect that.

    I'm asking you these questions because I can't quite figure you out. If you were HoMin biased, I'd be cool with that. But the more I read, the more I feel that you're not even siding HoMin but SM, which is rather peculiar.

    So you say the truth is so overwhenlmingly against JYJ, but how can you tell from documents alone which cannot paint the entire picture, which is why I asked in one of your posts, how do you know how the actual accounting is done, unless of course you happen to work for SM and have privy information? While you state that you have facts and truth, it is also a lot of speculation on your part.

    I'm not trying to attack you, but rather, these are just some of the questions that I have. And they are not JYJ biased as I just happen to look at JYJ and TVXQ as new acts starting out in the industry to save me the headache of having to bother with the scandal and all.

    1. You do have to remember that who actually made TVXQ? SM. technically SM created TVXQ.

  42. @ Nikki
    Fair enough. Then all you need to do as a neutral fan is to read both sides of the arguments and decide for yourself. If you have any specific question, I'd be glad to answer it.

    What you're failing to see is that in this situation, SM is HoMin. HoMin gave full support to SM, and even released a statement agreeing with SM on the reason for TVXQ's breakup. So when you bash SM, you are bashing HoMin at the same time, and that's why my blog looks pro-SM.

    There's not much to talk about HoMin themselves, because they really haven't done anything. They weren't in the business, they didn't file a lawsuit, they didn't sign with Avex on their own, and the only thing they did was stay put. What is there to talk about anyways?

  43. thankyou for making this blog T___T
    i'm tired of reading JYJ biased news too :(
    i want to know the truth, i'll keep stalking your blog ^^

  44. @ verachan
    You mean a banner for my blog header? Let me think about it. BTW, I wouldn't post your email address here especially if you support TVXQ. I just deleted your post for your protection. I hope you don't mind. I got your email so I'll contact you if I need a banner. Thanks for your offer.

  45. OMG i just want to say a very BIG THANK YOU to you for taking time to translate all the related article. as an international fans who don't understand korean, its very useful for us. THANKS YOU SO MUCH

  46. Hi! Just spotto ur blog.

    I normally gain the infos of the lawsuit from fans site and webpage about dbsk/tvxq.. I am actually searching for reliable webpage/site which would be able analyse and to actually gives accurate information regarding this matter. I am actually a die-hard fans of dbsk.
    But i cant accept the info i read so far from the fans site which obviously JYJ biased. Truth is.. I had a hard time on believing them. So much i want everything posted on those site to be true, but SME can't take all the blame just like that.

    And no.. Not really, I think, that what U posted here will kind of change my view totally in this matter. But I was trying to erm regain balance in this.. I'm not taking sides on any of them.. Minus my Fangirl side, I want to know the truth and the real pic of what exactly is happening..

    And thanks a lot for spending ur time in translating all the related articles.. And thanks for ur hardwork in giving us much more reliable infos on this matter,..

  47. thank you so much for all of ur investigation and ur iniatitive of it..
    I'm really really thankfull to you
    hope u won't get tired to reveal the truth, coz It feel so sad to watch HoMin thorugh this time
    I've sensed smthing wrong wth all the ambigues news about them,, they never speak up untill last jan, but they are the one who got the most bashing!
    It hurts so much..

  48. @ joongieforeva, Words From Me! =), aisha

    I appreciate your support. Thanks. :)

  49. Thank you so much for this blog! I found it last night and read through many articles hastily, but now I will take the time to read all of your blog entries more properly and let it sink in.

    I was one of those international fans who sensed that there is something wrong and rather sided with SM all the time, but most of the time I could only find arguments why I don't trust JYJ anymore, but I had no solid arguments why I side with SM. I hope you know what I mean, just because you doubt one side doesn't mean actually that you have do side with the other side, but I did so and never had much arguments why I sided with SM, it was rather because of a feeling and sometimes I even thought that I'm wrong at all. Reading your explanations finally makes me understand WHY I always doubted that SM is the devil.

    As an international fan I was aware at any time that most of the information we get are twisted or incomplete. However I really researched a lot regarding the whole TVXQ case and was pretty confident in having a good and neutral overview about it. ... When I found your blog I learned that I was horribly wrong, because in almost every point I only knew fragments of the truth, which were claimed by the fansites to be dependable information and looking at your blog which enlightens a side of the TVXQ case wich was not enlightened (in English language) before I am amazed how it is possible for int. fans at all to figure out that JYJ are not the angels they claim to ba and SM is not the bad one as the want to make us believe.
    But even without your respectable blog I experienced that the fandom is changing slowly, that more and more fans understand what is really going on.
    That is why I think this blog is so important, to give all those who try to find some truth behind all those layers solid arguments to make them understand the situation.
    (the example wich shocked me the most was HoMin's fathers statements, cuz I never before got to read this versions, but I will talk about it in the related post ^^)

    I think I speak for many fans if I say that I knew already many facts about this case but I did not got most of the relations between all those facts. Your blog gives us many explanations about how things are related to each other and it is quite amazing to see all these.

    What I tried to say trough this long comment is that your blog really, really is something so precious to us fans. Though I know it might be egiostic to ask you to not stop this blog, cuz it is obviously a lot of hard work I still have to say: Please, no matter what, do not stop to post these articles, we appreciate it so much. :)

  50. @ pfau
    Thanks. Comments like yours give me motivation to continue with this blog. :)

  51. Alright, this is late I know, but I feel like I need to say this. I came upon this site a while back in hopes of finding the truth about TVXQ(all five) and that there would be no bashing and I was sadly and clearly mistaken. I have read a couple of your articles and using observation and an open mind this is what you articles show or contain: there is information form different websites with translations that are somewhat helpful, there is big amounts of opinion, there is masked hatred within the comments and within the articles. Whether you like this or not but all the things you and your commenters say about the JYJ fans bashing HoMin and that they are stupid and in denial are just as bad as the comments that SOME JYJ fans make about HoMin. Now let me get this straight, I am a Cassiopeia meaning I am a fan of TVXQ, all 5 regardless. TVXQ is all five meaning that just HoMin or just JYJ does not equal TVXQ until you put them together. You guys are so hypocritical; You bash JYJ in a manner that you might think looks smart or come off as truth. It is sad and it breaks my heart as Cassiopeia that so many people like you are making matters worse by dividing. You get mad at JYJ for leaving and yet you or people like you are basically splitting the fandom. I'm not mad at JYJ for leaving and I'm not at HoMin for staying. Someday you guys will have to realize that they are grown men, they have their own life and make their own decisions and there is nothing you can do about it. Of course I would like to see them as 5 again but at the same time if it doesn't happen I won't be upset either because I love them all. I'm just trying to make it clear that you Homin haters or JYJ haters aren't making things any better even if you think you are you are wrong.

  52. @ rosalinda3457
    Then what you were seeking wasn't the truth, but "lies" to cater to your selfish needs. I'm sorry to tell you this, but the "truth" is not always rosy and beautiful like you want to believe.

  53. I originally was not going to comment on this but enough people have tried to use your "blog" as a basis of the "truth" that it's gotten to the point where I cannot take these claims anymore.
    Please fix the claim that you're providing readers with the TRUTH. "I hate this, but I think I've already lost faith in the 3 that left." You lost all credibility as an unbiased source of information when you said that. The JYJ/SME situation isn't in black and white. By saying you're giving out the truth, you're misleading fans and adding to the disruption within the fandom.

  54. This blog is awesome, you've posted a lot of inside information about the contract and company, as well as the actions both sides took. But I think you should stay NEUTRAL. Based on what I read(including the comments you replied), it shows that you're supporting HoMin's side, but not both. Since you said you liked TVXQ!, shouldn't you be supporting both sides? But it seems like you're putting the blame on CJS. Even some of my friends who are HoMin stans said this blog is kinda.... Supporting more on HoMin. As a Cassie's point of view, we should be supporting both sides. It doesn't make things you posted better if you only supports HoMin, 'cos bear in mind that CJS stans would have come across your blog too. And you don't hope that your blog will be taken down because of that, right? I just hope that you can change your way of writing to a more polite and neutral way. Since you're talking about the unknown information about the lawsuit, you shouldn't have prejudice towards any sides in order to reveal the truth =)

  55. @ g18
    Hi, glad you like the blog.

    As for staying neutral, I try to represent my posts in objective neutral way, but I don't try to hide where I stand on comments. That's just how I decided to do things here. I liked TVXQ, but that was as a general music fan, but not as a die-hard TVXQ fan, so if I didn't know about the lawsuit, I wouldn't be supporting any side.

    I am not trying to convince everyone, and it really doesn't matter which side I take because the facts I represent does not change, and I expect the readers of this blog to be intelligent enough to distinguish between my bias and actual facts presented and make their own decision.

    Also, another reason my posts look biased is because the facts and evidences I've found clearly support HoMin's cause, and it really is not right to change what I write just to make this blog appear 'neutral' and to appeal to both sides. As matter of fact, I would be deceiving the readers if I intentionally hide things to make my posts look 'neutral'.

    Even if I just posted facts, my blog will look clearly HoMin biased because the facts are overwhelmingly favoring HoMin. There really isn't any other way.

  56. @ Angela

    Change the title? What difference is it going to make? Are people using my blog just because of the title? So if I change my title, will the contents of my blog suddenly become credible? So for you, everything is false unless I claim that all 5 are angels? Please point out where I misled fans before making accusations against me.

  57. @Precious Knowing the difference between truth and bashing is something I don't think you'll never understand. What selfish needs do I have on here? Please tell me. You make no sense. You are trying to hard to defend something that doesn't make sense and is not true even though truth can hurt I and isn't always beautiful yes I know this, I of all people should know this. I'll make a couple of suggestions: change the title of your blog as it doesn't fit with your "true" intentions, If you are going to bash do it wisely and last keep an opened mind.

  58. @ rosalinda3457
    Excuse me? The difference between truth and bashing? Those two aren't even related.

    It is you who cannot differentiate between bashing and criticizing.

    You obviously do not want to see any criticism towards JYJ even when they are in the wrong because you are emotionally attached to them, but what you are failing to realize is that by being a bystander in this whole thing, you are hurting HoMin, and that is being selfish because you are turning a blind eye on the truth to satisfy your own need as a fan of all 5.

    I do understand you though. It's hard to break the belief one had for a long time. I don't know if you read everything I wrote, and if you didn't, try them and judge for yourself if what I posted make sense or not. If you already read them, then I guess you are not ready to accept the truth.

    Oh BTW, my intention is not bashing JYJ if that's what you think. If JYJ side didn't spread lies, then I wouldn't be spending time with this blog.

    You are out of line with your "suggestions".

  59. I. HAVEN'T. HEARD. OF. THE. 6.25. E-V-E-R. before I came here... I ... I knew something was up, since I saw a brief cut from "knee drop guru" (I think that's the name of the show) I just could not believe that CJS didn't told the other two about the legal actions they were going to take, it made no sense at all! so since them, I've been thinking, and at the same time avoiding the topic, it hurts. But you have your point here. Me as an international fan, can only trust on translators, and god, I think it's one of the must difficults thing to do. I've tried translating songs and it is tough. I also have headaches wondering if SM is the worst company , why the hell YH and CM are still in it? So you are right... the information I've gotten are not always the right one, are all disoriented and disorted, and so on... it just made me angry that people started to taking sides (this happened in the international fandom, late last year, I think) I just can't take sides, and even when I heard the whole true, I know I won't be able to. The point am trying to make out of this is that when Chanming, and Yunho revealed that they were going to perform under the name of TVXQ and people started to criticize them because of that.. well CJS went to MAMA as TVXQ and there was no problem... why they have to bash them because of that, even when CJS are JYJ now, they still are and always will be TVXQ members, for me. Personally I was also kind of hurt when I heard "TVXQ" at some SMtown fancam and only saw two of them, and it bothered me the fact that they were going to do it that way, you know am used to "TVXQ = 5 happy people". But am the type of person that can't just bash them. First off it was probably not even their choice to do so, and if it was they have the right to. Even if CJS are more popular or whatever.. CJS do not make the whole "TVXQ", again: TVXQ = 5. Anyway with their comeback and stuff, I am proud of both Changmin and Yunho. This thought just popped in my head: they are brave.
    Brave enough for deciding to appear on a stage as TVXQ with only two members -- am not saying that CM or either YH are capable of do such a perfomance, it's a huge change form 5 perosn to just 2-- and they have proved to be perfectly capable of doing so. I thought about all the burden they have to carry, all teh presure for trying to fill the 3 empty places, and how much they wanted to perform, and do their work, and so on. And right them was when hit me how much pain CM and YH must've felt, how much pain they are feeling.

    The worst of all this, Is that I didn't new about the whole 6.25 and the rumours, the bashing (this lasting just a little bit again, form knee drop guru)

    and little me didn't know how cruel can people be in this world.

    so please keep helping me understand this whole situation a little bit better. Am not even a native english speaker (as you may noticed above, with some grammar mistake...) and I really really want to know the truth.

  60. @ pichiruchi
    I feel your pain. It's pretty tough when you cannot get any reliable information.

    I didn't start this blog to make the fans to start bashing JYJ. I just want the fans to know what really happened, and hopefully it will stop unfairly blaming HoMin for this whole mess.

    I don't know how much of my articles you've read, but try reading all of them and try to figure out yourself what went on. Go to the "Roadmap to the Truth" page and read the articles in order, and you'll have much better idea of this situation.

    English is not my first language either (I make bunch of mistakes too), so no worries. :)

    Welcome to my blog. There's a lot to read, and I hope you can find the truth. :)

  61. dani-elle.r : Also, how are you gonna clarify the other slave contract issues SM has had? Hangeng? He's been proven right, you know? SM is a fucked up entertainment company and everyone that has the guts to say they're fair has some loose ends to them or are just fan-girling their life away.

    I really want to know your answer here. :)

    Nice blog btw. Keep it up. ^^

  62. @ kay anne
    The questions are already answered in my posts. This blog is actually not about the lawsuit. I have already stated that SM may lose the lawsuit, and I'm not trying to exonerate SM through this blog. My ultimate goal is to stop the bashing towards Yunho and Changmin and clear their names.

  63. @Precious
    Thank you!
    I've read all each one of your posts XD
    now I finally know:
    - why on earth CM and YH stayed with SM
    - That SM is not an evil (it's a company after all, and they have to make money and bla bla but they are not evil...)
    -FINALLY UNDERSTOOD ABOUT THE WHOLE CREBREAU FREAKING company ... it seriously went out of control! whe you used the publicity example with YH picture it was so clear and seriusly, it is even ridiculous that they sell the products by offering TVXQ goods, not even JYJ goods, my god... whats wrong with that people? don't they have talented songs????? it made me sooo madddddddddd.

    just one thing.. when i read CM's and YH's father statement I totally agree with them... even if this whole situtation wouldn't have turned this way, even if there were no lawsuit...

    why on earth would TVXQ want to invest in a cosmetic company in the first place =.=? I MEAN IT. WTF? it would be another whole diferent history if they were the image of a wellknown cosmetic brand, that would even be sweet! and they were high as the sky right there, why on earth ruin all that because of a cosmetic company?

    At first I thought like this: they were all 'kids' when they signed the contract, they wanted to achieve their dreams, and thats why anything SM would give to them, they would take it. Anyone would.

    Now, the point about all 5 having the same contract, and I didn't know about the changes they have made to it, and now I understood why it is that long, and I didn't read the whole contract, because I can't understand that much about legal stuff... OMG i dind't knew about the album sales.. so what really counts are perfomances and, well they deserve that pay.
    and CM and YH agrees because, well, they still are under SM...
    just why in the freaking earth JYJ did it? when I read your conclusion post regarding the cosmetic company... I am happy because I feel smart LOL

    JYJ making the lawsuit and stuff... at first I thought that it was good for them to do it. I assumed they wanted to be free artistically speaking, that they wanted to stop being promoted as a boyband and being promoted by their looks, and more because of the actual quiality of their music, songs, voices, perfomance.. I agree with that part (I thought this was the reason for the actual dispute) there must've been a time where SM rejected one of the boys ideas or something because of marketing, and simply because they know the bussiness.

    so now my only question is why in the freaking earth CJS and relatives were that freaking excited about the whole cosmetic thing (poor sheeps btw T.T but here in my country hair products with sheep lamb are quite common, I don't use them ._.) did they really, REALLY trow away TVXQ just because of that .. bussiness??

    and I also wonder what's going to happen either if JYJ wins, or SM wins, could you please tell me what the options are :)?

    the other things that confuses me. It's their rooms. Yes Yoochun's song (I don't know if you have any information related to it ...) or you actually understand the whole situation and can explain it to me lol. Also their tweets that created a lot of controversy, also .. everything!!!! Oh God is just, this has been hard to deal for me.Can money do such things???

    I don't want bash them, I wont, I love them to death. But when Yunho said in KDG (and I haven't watched the whole show yet =.=) I can't remember the exact words but he said somehting like he heard from others that the 3 were suing SM. Right there I knew that JYJ did wrong, that that was their actual mistake.. how can they do that without telling to the whole group? it is ridiculous!
    all this is killing me!!!! sorry for this long and confusing reply >.< still: thank you.

  64. @ pichiruchi
    Don't forget. There was no JYJ when they first started Crebeau. They used TVXQ's fame for their business without the company or HoMin's consent.

    There are many possibilities that can happen after the lawsuit is over, but most likely TVXQ as 5 is done. Only thing that will matter is whether CJS will pay for the breach of contract or not.

    I'll probably go over many of your questions in future posts. Stay tuned! :)

  65. ^ pay the breach contract fine plus damages for the irreparable damage made on SME's reputation maybe even HoMin's. IF they (JYJ) win.

    @Precious - Thank you for all these. It was very informative especially for a fairly new fan as I.

    I was initially a fan of one whom I found through kdrama (guess who xD), became a fan of the 5 then my heart found its way to HoMin. All that happened without any knowledge of the lawsuit. I'm a sucker for hard-core dancing/performances plus the fact that those kids grew to be fine-looking, to the point of perfection, fellows.

    Without knowledge is an overstatement. I did know it was about a "slave contract" but I just shrugged it off cos I thought it was LOL-worthy xD I mean, com'on..all employees think they are slaves of their employers/bosses/companies but aren't in reality. They just feel like they are because they are losing sleep, stressed, evil boss, low pay, etc. It is a rarity when you meet a person who absolutely adores his job, not his own business or sport or a celebrity, but his job. It's a universal sentiment of employees (^_^) Plus how can a public company like SME execute "slave" contracts when they are heavily regulated? Annual and Quarterly reviews are done by external parties not just to its finances but the whole operations. So........ X'D

    My interest spiked when I saw Knee Drop Guru. Someone at continuetvxq commented about their father's statements. It really surprised me that it reached the point that even their fathers released signed statements about it (cos I knew the lawsuit was between SME and JYJ. what does that have to do with HoMin's fathers, i thought) So yeah, I asked for a link and they gave me your site. No turning back after that ^_^

    I've read the translations of the highly controversial contract and profit distribution. I thought the claim was preposterous before I've read it......that still hasn't changed. Cos their contract was similar to mine and for sure many others xD yes, I also had that Breach of Contract clause. I ain't an entertainer. The profit distribution isn't the same but I've seen a lot that are similar. Nothing unusual. ^^

    Anyway, I haven't gone through your analyses and court transcripts, etc. I'll read those in a while. See more of my comments!

    Again, I thank you for all these. I love those two all the more now. <3<3<3

  66. @ girlpower
    Hi, and welcome to my blog!

    The truth is really easy to see as long as you have an open mind and have some common sense which you seem to have plenty. :)

    I hope you enjoy my articles.

  67. been sick for a long time and recently discover tvxq (group of 5) and realised they have dis-banded...sad :( no fanatical fan here. in actual fact i did a search of reason why they went their seperate ways, the 1st website was a bit too fanatical for me, terrible words used and somewhat threatening..scary..reminded me of a mag. showing how selena gomez was threatened by bieber fans on facebook/twitter..! i am glad i found your blog, someone who translate the transcript and leave the judgement to me ..thanks! it will probably take me some time to read all your work..but i think it will be worth it..since this is the 2nd blog i've read in my whole life..the 1st one only lasted a few minutes.. :D keep up the good work !

  68. Hello, I'm telzon galler
    You are treasure among TVXQ FAN.
    I love you!
    The language of truth is simple.
    and The shortest answer is doing.
    U-know and Max has already proved that only two of them are enough for their name TVXQ

  69. @ Dizzy
    Welcome! I hope you can have better understanding of this situation through this blog. Thanks for visiting. :)

    @ kke
    Hi, nice for you to visit. I'm glad I could help this fandom. :)

  70. @precious Hello, I follow your blog since February.
    I was really curious about all this situation.. Million thanks to you, you've opened my eyes

    I'm so proud to be fan of such great and honest people, TVXQ fighting!!

  71. hello! thank you so much for your effort, you really are precious. actually im on HOMIN's side from the startand im glad i am! just want to ask if we can write your blogsite in youtube. in keep your head down mv specifically, coz a lot of anti's never stop pestering us. maybe after posting your blogsite their, and they find out the truth it will change their perspective. so is it possible? thanks again for your hardwork!

  72. @ jairinealexa
    I have no issues spreading my blog. There are already fans posting my blog on youtube videos, and antis are already aware of my blog. I'm sure this blog is already on their blacklist LOL. My blog most likely won't change extreme antis because I suspect most of them already know the truth, but choose to ignore it for their agenda. Even so, this blog will definitely help fans who had no idea what really went on so yes, you can put it on youtube.

  73. thank you so much! there's this certain person attacking me on KYHD MV, she claimed to be a CASSIE but obviously she's a wookoppa. the truth is already right in front of them but they chose to ignore it. in a way i can understand them, truth really hurts LOL! anyway i'll be waiting for more of your post, thanks!

  74. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  75. If you're a bit curious about my opinion of your blog check this out (please feel free just to ignore the suggestion because the text it's a bit long, I admit).
    Sorry, I think you'll have to do a copy & go in the address bar

  76. @ Silesha

    Hi, I checked it out. That was a pretty good read. :)

    You got couple of things wrong though, I'm a 100% Korean living in US, and I'm a male. I'm actually not even a die-hard fan of TVXQ, and I am more fluent in Korean than English. JFYI.

  77. Hi,
    Sorry for the two mistakes. Specially the one about you being a girl. I'll maintain the comment (because I don't erase any comment I get in my texts) but I rectify the text. Anyway, your sex was based in what I wrote: "because their fans are I suppose about 95% girls". Well, you proved me that I'm wrong in that supposition. I'm so glad I'm wrong. But that explains what I though but didn't wrote: your way of thinking is to direct and different from the others. So I'm not that surprised that your a man. By the way: are you a lawyer? Because of the way you always put the two sides of a question, a subject. Or a news reporter. You intrigue me.
    Thanks for reading my post and commenting it.
    Kisses and hugs,
    Paula Benvinda
    P.S. sorry, but... I'm really bad at abbreviations. What JFYI means? Thanks

  78. @ Silesha

    No big deal. Majority of TVXQ fans are female, so before I told the readers, everyone thought I was a girl. :)

    I'm not a lawyer, but considering circumstances, I try to put as much evidences as possible. If I don't, some people will jump on me as lying, if you know what I mean.

    JFYI = just for your information

  79. Hi, I appreciate the effort you've put in to this. And I appreciate that you are trying to defend HoMin against some really stupid bashing on the other side.

    However, i don't think calling your blog, "The Truth about TVXQ" is the right name, as it suggests what you have presented is all-encompassing and absolute, which is quite misleading. What you have presented is your OPINION of the truth. Please don't take this as a personal attack, but you yourself have stated that you do not have a law background, so I really don't think you can call what you have presented the "truth". Though it is based off documents you have obtained from the court, documents can never present a completely accurate account of the situation. Life is not all about facts and neither is it all about emotions so it is only through the amalgamation of both documents and emotion that the most accurate picture can be painted.

    Also, both SM and JYJ have only released what they believe will help their case. There are many things the public doesn't know so I don't think we really have the right to judge who is wrong and who is right, which is why I am equally disgusted by those blaming HoMin and those blaming JYJ. In saying that JYJ is completely at fault (even though you don't explicitly state it, you very strongly imply it), you are also dragging yourself down to that level. I know that you are trying to rebut the stupid and baseless accusations that some 'JYJ fans' are making, but I don't think it is right to retaliate by pegging everything up against JYJ.

    I also don't agree with you saying that HoMin is SM. The fact that HoMin is under SM, and that SM has just lost 3 members of arguably its most successful group, makes everything rather questionable. I'm not saying HoMin is suspicious, but more that HoMin is not completely free from the influence of SM entertainment. However, I in NO WAY believe that any of this is HoMin's fault. However, saying that Yunho and Changmin are the more level-headed members is purely subjective and therefore baseless, as we only see what they present to the camera. None of us know them personally, and therefor do not have the right to make judgements on their character.

    Also, despite JYJ arguing against slave contracts or whatever, another of their main points was that there was a lack of transparency, as in they did not know whether what they received was the actual percentage that was agreed to in the contract.

    I'm not trying to hate on you, I'm just trying to keep it open :)

  80. I think you need to be very careful about calling this the "truth" because I think your blog, and other blogs such as JYJfiles are just as biased as each other (sorry).

    You are giving your interpretation of the truth, but so are they. I don't think ANYBODY has the right to claim what they are saying is the truth, because it suggests something absolute and I think JYJ are really the only ones who know the real truth behind all this. When you have a pre-conceived opinion, it is very easy to interpret the 'truth' to suit that opinion. Even though you say that you formed your bias after researching the situation, you cannot say that those presenting the opposite opinion didn't either.

    Even though I appreciate that you are retaliating against some claims made by some really really stupid 'JYJ fans', I think calling your bias against JYJ the truth, is just exacerbating the situation. It will only cause more tension.

  81. @ teehee

    First, I appreciate you expressing your thoughts about my blog.

    About the title "truth", you are putting way too much weight on that word. I highly doubt anyone would look at the title of my blog and automatically believe everything I say here is the "truth" without first reading the contents, comprehending them, and analyzing them themselves. I honestly don't understand why you are so concerned about the word. If you truly believe people would be affected by the title of a blog, I think you do lack some sense of reality, and just looking at things ideally.

    If you read any of my posts, most of the facts and evidences I'm using are not from the ones released from SM. I actually used many info released from JYJ, and also from the court, news articles (not from SM) etc.

    As for blaming JYJ solely, I cannot help it because all the facts and evidences I've found lead to that conclusion. Are you telling me I should lie about it despite what I've found? That would be plain wrong.

    BTW, please do not compare JYJ's fans with me. I never lied or misinterpreted the facts on purpose, and the other sides are doing that all the time to manipulate their fans. Read my posts and please point me to any of my interpretations are misleading or wrong, then we'll talk. Or bring any of JYJ fans interpretations of facts, and we can discuss about them. Just because my posts contains my interpretations, that does not mean they are not the truth. Unless you can prove me wrong on any points, it is not right for you to claim that I am not being truthful.

    If this blog caused more tension, then be it. It's a lot better than the fans being fed with lies and deceit with twisted info. If that's what you'd rather have, then I can agree to disagree with you.

    If you can stop the "other side" from spreading lies, then please make that happen. I will close down this blog if that day ever comes. I have stated many times that I wouldn't have started this blog if it weren't for the lies solely blaming Yunho and Changmin for this crisis despite the fact that it was JYJ who caused all this.

    I'm sorry to tell you this, but if you think you are taking high road by taking the "neutral" stance, then you are seriously mistaken. It's fans like you who permanently broke up TVXQ. Instead of standing up for what's right, you guys just played bystanders, giving more leverage to JYJ. If you read my posts, you'll understand what I mean. If you are not willing, then have a nice day.

  82. @ teehee

    Oh BTW, do you even realize that you are guilty of what you are accusing me of? Your pre-conceived opinion is preventing you from accusing JYJ of any wrongdoings, and you are going as far as questioning Yunho and Changmin's decisions to stay with SM. On one hand, you are saying it's not HoMin's fault, but on the other hand, you are saying HoMin's actions are from the influence from SM. Let's not be hypocritical here, shall we?

    If you truly believe what you say, then you shouldn't make any judgment whatsoever, including blaming SM for this since according to you, NO ONE KNOWS THE TRUTH.

    But you and I both know that's not the case. :)

  83. Well this is the problem with language isn't it? It's so easy to be misinterpreted and have your original meaning twisted around.

    The word 'truth' IS a very powerful with a lot of weighting. Even though they might not consciously go, "oh, it says 'truth' so I'm going to believe everything it says", there will be an unconscious incline towards it, merely because the word truth has been used.

    What I'm trying to say in comparing you with 'JYJ fans' is that they may not have purposely lied and misinterpreted the facts either. As far as anybody knows, they could believe they are doing exactly the same thing as you are doing - trying to provide a more accurate representation of the situation. There have been several statements where you said this whole situation basically boiled down to JYJ wanting to be able to run/invest in Crebeau. I think you need to listen to Yoochun's "Untitled Song" and read the lyrics. There's a lot of explanation going on in there. It gives a lot to believe that there was very good reasoning behind their decision to leave. Like I mentioned before, one of the main issues JYJ presented against SM was a lack of transparency. A long drawn-out build-up of emotion and resentment cannot be ignored as a legitimate reason to want to leave SM

    I NEVER questioned HoMin's decision to stay with SM. I completely respect that decision because I trust that there was good reasoning behind that too.

    I think you should address the issue of JYJ's claim of the lack of transparency within SM, and listen to Yoochun's song :)

  84. But criticising me for trying to be neutral about a situation I have no knowledge about except for what information has been released to the media, really just undermines your own credibility. You have said that you already have a bias, meaning that any new information you are investigating now is interpreted with bias, whether you consciously do it or not.

    My suggestion is, shouldn't you make a thorough investigation of the facts before posting up judgements?

  85. And you say I am not standing up for what is right. What is right is not prematurely accusing either side. I never blamed JYJ or HoMin and I never actually blamed SM either. I just said HoMin is not SM. Rather, HoMin is under the influence of SM.

    You seem very convinced that your claims are all completely accurate and the truth. However, you must remember that you know neither side personally, have only been able to base your interpretations from official documents, have no law background, and have not seemed to taken into account any of the personal statements of those involved. I'm not saying that you don't have the right to try and clear the situation up, I actually admire that you are making this effort. I'm merely trying to hint that you should not overestimate your own abilities and understanding. This whole situation is very gray and hazy, and the only people who have a black and white understanding of why JYJ left SM, is JYJ.

  86. I'm sorry if anything I said was offensive - that is not my intention at all. But opposing an opinion is often a very good way to get back to the 'truth'

  87. @ teehee

    You know what? You lost all the credibility you had as soon as you presented YC's song as some sort of evidence. It is amusing that you believe that a disgruntled former employee's song has any merits.

    Did you know that the 3 received advances from SM in 100's of thousands of dollars? Did you know that when the accounting is settled between SM and TVXQ members, they went over all the receipts and expenses before both the members and their parents signed the paperwork? Of course the net gain would be negative after the advances, and YC has galls to complain about it after conveniently leaving that fact out in his song.

    You can stay neutral since as you said you have no knowledge of the situation, but please do not tell me what to do since it seems like I have more knowledge than you do.

    BTW, the information I've gathered for the most of the articles I've written so far was learned BEFORE I started this blog so that was BEFORE I formed my bias. Obviously, you haven't read ANY of my articles, otherwise you'd know that my posts are mostly about the events that happened before I started my blog.

    If you haven't read what I wrote, you are not qualified to judge me in any way, I mean how can you?

    Like I said, since you don't know anything, then you can't even judge me either. How do you know if everything I say is true or not when you yourself don't know anything? How do you know if JYJ side hasn't lied purposely?

    I have my reasons to be where I am, and this situation is not grey or hazy, but it is quite black and white, which in my opinion, is quite rare in any kind of conflicts. I usually think that most things are not clear cut, but this case is one of the few exception.

  88. Oh and if you are going to use a song to prove your point, I suggest you read signed statements officially released to the public by Yunho, Changmin and their parents. I think those statements are far more credible than a song written without any specifics to avoid getting sued.

    In those statements, YH and CM specifically states that the problem with TVXQ was caused by the cosmetics business. They're being straightforward and direct with their statements.

    Who are you going to believe now?

    I suggest you spend your time correcting lies those JYJ sides are spreading. Don't you think that's more urgent than trying to stop me?

  89. Being silent reader for awhile...I want to really thank you for your blog...And i have a request..can you put
    (SM and Homin's usage of TVXQ name)AND
    {Another short post regarding TVXQ name} in the Roadmap to the Truth..
    Because some fans still arguing about it.

    Thank you so much for your hard work.

  90. Hi @Precious ... first thank you for answering my question...

    i just came across this ..someone at end of the forum claim she copy & pasted Lee Jung's argument but you deleted it..(if u have time read her argument as it's about you and the site,if you scroll down the link you will see it).

    hope this comment don't bother you,i'm going to deleted it tomorrow (if you see it before i come back you can delete it.)

    Thanks and sorry for bothering you again.

  91. @ Z27N

    That's a lie. This was the first time I ever saw that argument, I would've just answered it instead of deleting it.

    No it doesn't bother me. Thanks for letting me know about it.

  92. i'm very ..very sorry i have to correct myself

    she didn't say you delete ..she says that she "posted it 3 times assuming they monitor the comment section because my post didn't make it on there. But a while after she tried posting, someone elses comment, obviously a supporter, made it on there."( new2kpop ..Pages 13)

    you will find her post interesting because she challenging you personally.

    i just finished reading the whole forum and more staff TVXQ related(finally a holiday)..i am so surprised by so called OT5,are they for real ,they dismiss everything homin related or in favor of SM,i really lost all respect for them.

    Thanks and i will say sorry for bothering you again because i have time so you will see me alot.

  93. @ Z27N

    Maybe her posts went to spam folder, and she thought they were gone. I always recover them and put the back on. Either that or she is lying. I don't censor the comments unless one user spams same message over and over.

    If she (whoever she is) wants to challenge me, she can always post it here. I'm not gonna bother with registration and waste my time debating. I'd rather take a nap.

  94. @ Z27N

    Also about the rebuttals to my posts by one of the user on the link you posted, that has so many holes, maybe I will be inclined to refute that in the future.

    If I give one example, the 70% that TVXQ gets, she said I left out the fact that the profit is divided between Avex, SM Japan, and SM Korea like it's a wrong thing to do. Well, of course they divide the profit. I guess those people won't be satisfied until TVXQ gets 100% of the profit. BTW, SM has testified that SM Japan takes only 4-5% of the profit for the cost of doing business. So the cut Avex takes, SM doesn't get any of that profit either. SM Japan takes 4-5% which seems reasonable unless those people think SM Japan should work for free, and TVXQ gets 70% from the rest and SM Korea gets 30%, and I simply cannot see how that is wrong or bad for TVXQ.

    I guess some people just do not have a clue about how businesses are run, and the profit is supposed to be shared between partners.

  95. @Precious sorry ..i didn't visit for so long(when i think i finally have break new job appeared)..

    after reading your answer i decided not to remove my comment..Maybe those people will come and read it. can i contact you directly .. there is something i need to ask you.(only if it's .o.k with you)


  96. "There are many interpretations of TVXQ's contract on personal blogs and fan sites, and they were all pretty similar. They all blamed SME and claimed the contract is a "slave" contract, but if that was the case, why would YunHo and Changmin stay and didn't join the other 3?"

    hello, good day, im your new follower in your blog, im asian, Filipino actually, and it's hard for me to know the actual information cause i don't speak korean and i don't have friends who are korean, so i solely rely blogs like this, at first i don't want to read anything you post before cause i thought your one of those sites who seriously and strongly oppose HOMIN, there's a filipino cassie org website that in my understanding supports the 3... so i stayed away from that site... im reading from the start by the way for me to be acquainted from everything, you may wonder what's my point in pasting a paragraph from your post... simple.... I ALSO THINK AND WONDER OF THAT.... ^^ thank you and have a good day!^^

  97. Hi, I've started reading you blog. I'm nearly there in finishing it.

    Anyway, I am not too shocked the fact that there are a JYJ fan blog who has made some analyzable information regarding the break up.

    They claimed that Homin is basically the real traitor.

    I don't like blogging-wars. So I just leave this blog to you the creator of this blog.

    I am never going to be swayed by those accusation ever again. My firm is very strong after I'd read your posts. Thank you. :)

    I hope many international fans will read ur blog posts too.

  98. I do have one question, why didn't Homin ever raise his opinions about this issue?

    Why can't SM just tell the truth behind JYJ's intention of leaving SM.

    SM is really not the bad guy in this case.

    I'm shocked and very very appalled that JYJ 'framed' Homin. I think indirectly they did framed Homin. btw did JYJ had also participated in the 6.25 meeting?

    I'm still skeptical about the whole JYJ-Homin thing. Something tells me Homin is innocent.

  99. Hello;
    Well this might come now as a very late comment on this entry -and blog in general-(2 years late! Wow, congrats!)but I want to ask for permission for translating this whole thing into spanish, my native tongue; I would like to spread this valuable information across the Latin American fandom. I shall credit you of course, and link back to this site. Please and Thank You :)

    (If you want to, I can link you to the translations)

    1. Hi Ajax,

      Welcome to the blog. Please go ahead and translate it in to Spanish. Thanks!


    2. Hi! Sorry for the late reply, and thank you so much for letting me to translate it! It's still not finished, though, but here's the link anyway!

      Lots of thanks again! Hope you have a nice day!

  100. Hi Precious!
    Just wanted to tell you what a lifesaver this blog has been. It's really enlightened me so much, and I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to translate everything and analyse all the information for us.
    Your effort is greatly appreciated, and please keep up the great work<3

  101. Replies
    1. Sure. This blog was created for everyone to read. Thanks!

    2. Oh hey Precious! I read this a while back but happen to come by again and was surprised to find your msg.

      I actually just wanted to say thanks and remind you how much of an impact your work left, how much it helped Yunho and Changmin in the international fandom. I hope you are well. Best to you.

  102. Hello Precious,

    God, I thought you were female. LOL.

    Anyway, I know I am SUPER LATE but I just stumbled upon your blog. I was a TVXQ fan as 5, since 2009, yeah, when all their disputes were going on and I knew nothing. What I just knew was that SME was treating them as slaves using their contracts. It was such a heartbreak because I just found out about them and now they're breaking up. I actually thought that I shouldn't have liked them at the first place, 'cause they just broke my heart. :(

    Well, after all that, because I loved the 5 of them, I placed the blame in SME, even cursing Lee Soo Man in my heart, wishing him dead or worse. But I was slightly favoring HoMin that time because I always take sympathy to those who were left. Wondering why would JYJ decide to leave HoMin and break the Cassiopeia's hearts by splitting the group. There are so many questions I kept inside.

    And now I found this. I am not always online so it was really a gut feel to search for the break-up, after 5 years. My heart broke. My bias was Junsu and I just can't believe he can do such things (including Yoochun and Jaejoong). I was doubtful at first but after reading your posts, including the evidences you presented, my eyes were opened. And my heart broke again, this time for HoMin. I never knew they had to go through all those sufferings, from their friends.

    So I'm here to thank you, though I'm late. Thank you Precious. I am spreading your blog to my friends. But some don't want to believe me, even though they haven't really read your whole blog. Well, can't blame them, but I just wish they come to realize the truth someday. The same as your reason, not because I want to bash JYJ (but sometimes I do, not online though hehe), but I want to clear HoMin's name in this whole mess.

    KYHD album all made sense after reading your blog. :)

    Anyway, are you still continuing your blog? I hope so because I was really looking forward to posts regarding SM trying to stop JYJ from leaving. Well, I know you're busy, but I hope you'll find some time. More powers to you. You were a savior. :)

  103. Why do you stop posting in this blog?