Thursday, December 30, 2010

Brief explanation of the lawsuits

Many people know there is a legal battle going on between SM and CJS regarding the contract, but while reading many people's replies on various threads (youtube, allkpop etc), I've realized that most don't really know much about what's really going on, so here is a brief explanation of the lawsuit.

CJS claims that their contract with SM is unfair because of the long contract term and unfair distribution of the profits.

SM claims that their troubles were caused by CJS's cosmetics business, and the contract was fair.

List of trials/lawsuits between SM & CJS

Temporary Contract Injunction
July 31, 2009
Filed by CJS against SM.
Judgment was given on Oct 27 of the same year. The judge granted CJS temporary suspension of the contract until the actual lawsuit so they can continue on with their activities without SM's interference.
There was no judgment regarding the contract from this trial. Many thinks CJS won the case because of this injunction, but that is simply not true. The judge only ordered temporary suspension of the contract, but didn't rule on the contract itself. That is to be determined from the actual lawsuits listed below.

Lawsuit to validate the contract
April 12, 2010
Filed by SM against CJS
This lawsuit was filed along with the objection to the temporary contract injunction above.

Lawsuit to invalidate/void the contract
June 25, 2010
Filed by CJS against SM

You are probably wondering now why there are two lawsuits, and note that it was SM who filed the actual lawsuit first before CJS did. Interesting, isn't it? All these will be explained in detail on other posts. Above 2 lawsuits are being handled by one court as a single, parallel case. It makes sense since those two lawsuits are essentially the same. There were other related lawsuits between interested parties, so stay tuned! All will be explained.


  1. Now i see CJS actually filed the actual lawsuit only 8 months after they got their temporary freedom from previous ruling.

    After the court granted suspension of contract, CJS lawyer said they will file the actual lawsuit to void the contract AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, but apparently they didn't. It will be great if we can find the copy of news article about what CJS lawyer said.

  2. That info will be posted when I talk about the lawsuits. :)

  3. CJS? it stands for what? .__.?? I'm sorry if I sound dumb... I'm actually really new to all these... ^^''

  4. @ 小猴子
    CJS stands for ChunJaeSu (YuChun, Jaejoong and Junsu). The term was first coined by Junsu's father during 6.25 meeting. :)