Cosmetics Business

I went over the details of the contract, and it is time to write about the cosmetics business.

CJS claims they filed the lawsuit because of the contract, and SM claims it's caused because of the cosmetics business, so it's natural to check out the other side of the argument.

1. Introduction
Why Cosmetics Business?

2. Yunho and Changmin's statements
What did the remaining two members say about the business?

3. The statement released by Yunho's father

4. The statement released by Changmin's father

5. China Court's ruling
Did a China Court rule CJS is not related to the Cosmetics Company?

6. The Cosmetics Company's lawsuit against SM
Why was the lawsuit against SM dropped? Do you know the reason?

7. The statements and the Cosmetics Business

8. SM's issues with the cosmetics company
Why did SM interfere with the business? 

9. More problems with the cosmetics company

10. Crebeau Store
How did CJS's stores do business? 

11. Conclusion

Crebeau's lawsuit against netizens