Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Introduction - the Fan Sites

So by now, the readers should know why the 3 ex-members of TVXQ filed the lawsuit against SM to void their contracts, and where all those false information and the rumors blaming Yunho and Changmin for the breakup originated from, the 6.25 meeting. If you are a new reader of my blog, I strongly suggest you to read my previous posts, starting from here:

However, the 6.25 meeting alone does not quite explain how those rumors spread so widely among fans, and how all those one-sided information seeped deeply into the fandom. By the time CJS got the injunction judgment, temporarily freeing them from SM, the fans' opinion and even the general public's opinion was overwhelmingly in support of CJS. The support was extremely one-sided in such whn Yunho, Changmin, and their parents released signed statements expressing their stance, they were buried and ignored, and instead of their statements being heard by the fans, Yunho and Changmin were bashed viciously for not supporting the 3.

So what happened to the fans? How could they so blindly believe the lies without even verifying if they were legit?

We all know that CJS's individual fan site admins must've had a hand in that after participating in the 6.25 meeting, but it's hard to imagine that they could convince rest of the fans, especially the "All Fans" 올팬 (Korean term for the fans that support all 5, same as OT5. These days, Korean TVXQ fans define "All Fans" as the fans that support all the members of TVXQ: Yunho and Changmin, but the term is still used both ways depending who you talk to.)

It's understandable that fans biased towards CJS to believe those lies, but what about OT5's and Yunho, Changmin's fans?

That's where the role of major fan sites come in, especially the fan site that used to be the biggest and the most well known fan site of TVXQ, DNBN.

As most of the readers know already, DNBN was waving the OT5 flag on the surface until they officially announced their support of the 3, but they never actually supported Yunho and Changmin. So what happened to it? How can a prominent fan site that was active in supporting all 5 turned into a JYJ fan site so suddenly?

In this chapter about fan sites, I will talk about DNBN, and also talk about few other sites including the sites that support Yunho and Changmin.

The next post is coming soon!!! (I promise)


  1. Precious you such a troll... jk of course.
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  2. already wait for your new entry like thousand years!!! LOL

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  5. Thank you for the update teaser Precious. Looks like you're taking a page out of the music industry's book haha. But in all seriousness I will be very interested to see what you have to say about this matter since it is strange that so many people blindly followed JYJ's lead and not enough seemed to question the fact that only three left the group and two wanted to stay behind.

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  7. I like this kind of introductios, because they let us know what you'll be talking about next, and no changing the theme so suddenly ^^

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  8. @ all

    LOL, sorry about that. Do you guys want a "B" version teaser as well?

    I need the intro for the Roadmap, and that's what I'm sticking with. :)

  9. Finally an update! I've been waiting like, forever :)

    Tbh I can't even thank you enough for creating this blog. Really, thank you. I appreciate all the hard work you put in for the quest for truth and for us, my friend even went as far as to call you a superhero :)
    I've been wondering about DNBN for a long time since they seem to have shut down their site? anyways, I'm waiting for the next post. thank you again :)

  10. @Precious

    Only if it has amazing choreography. Or a really cool drama plot. Gotta start your comeback with a bang lol

  11. hello precious, i only just found out about your blog a day ago and i just spent the whole night reading all your past articles. but i'm so glad i read through everything cos your entries helped to shed some light on the doubts i had. i only started supporting tvxq this year and i was a yunho bias after watching his performances and more importantly because of the kind of person he is. his sincerity in the way he treats ppl and determination to achieve the things he's set out to do was evident in basically everything he did/said. so i obviously support the current tvxq but at the same time i was really hoping for a reunion cos right up till say 8 hours ago, i believed tvxq means the 5 of them. it really hurt to read about all the unnecessary bashing that yunho received for doing nothing wrong. but the way he and changmin handled it showed their superior calibre and my love for them has grown into admiration and respect. right now, i don't harbour thoughts of a reunion anymore cos i think yh and cm themselves are the best representatives of what tvxq stands for and i would much rather spend time supporting ppl who stick to their principles and stay firm and strong in times of adversity than waste my time living in denial. thank you so much for all your posts!

  12. @ chocolatery
    A superhero? LOL, that's a new one. :)

    DNBN is still there, but they haven't accepted any new members for a while, and I don't think there are that many active members left.

    @ treya_barton
    Nah, I just made a new post. Has the other thread reach 1000 post yet? Maybe I should've waited until it did. :)

    @ -qm
    You read everything one shot? LOL Yeah, this saga is so interesting, filled with twists, greed, betrayal, you can make a movie out of it. Welcome to my blog, and thank you for kind words. :)

  13. When I first heard about this blog a few months ago I was a bit skeptical. Like "Really?? For one, a site that's not supporting JYJ?" :D

    When I got here, I just had to copy paste everything according to the Roadmap into a word file, print & bind them, read them as my weekend reading.

    Now I can't be more thankful for choosing the right people to support. Yes, I believe we all hear about JYJ's greatness everyday now... Drama, musical, soundtrack, name it! But I'm glad that HoMin stay strong & stick to what they believe in, just doing their best.

    I'll keep coming back here to find out more truth *wink* Once again, thanks!

  14. @ Trieze
    Nice!!! I love convincing people who initially had doubts about my blog. It tells me that I'm doing something right. :)

    You printed out the articles? Wow, how many pages were there total? Thanks for reading the posts and supporting TVXQ!

  15. i'm a silent reader for 6month i think hahaha..
    really appreciate this blog! and i can share with my friend who like to arguing with me about the situation between JYJ and homin..

    and now, i have this blog..LOL hahaha thankyou precious..^__^

  16. Hi Precious. Today I was coming back home from JYJ Jaejoong FM in Ankara. I found your blog and read most of it on my way.I must admit that my opinion to Jaejoong has changed drastically. Im not a very avid fan of anyone and I know everyone makes mistakes. I know the flaws of my biases and accept them that way. I try to be objective.

    Your blog is really precious. You dont write your opinions but give sources and proofs. I really appreciate you.But why don't you update your blog anymore? Are you tired of fighting?? Please go on blogging

    1. @ bogigayo

      Hi, thanks for the kind words. I've been extremely busy with work lately(many 12+ hr days) and just don't have the time to update the blog. Once everything settles a bit, I will start updating the blog.

    2. Oh really? Okay Im looking forward to your next post. Many thanks for revealing the truth and illuminating us!!