Wednesday, August 17, 2011

[Video] The Story of TVXQ

Here's a video made by a fan at Daum Telzone TVXQ Gallery (her nickname is Maximum). I've been working on translating it with few other people, and we just finished it today. Besides the English version, there are Japanese, Chinese and (of course) a Korean version of the video uploaded on her channel so check them out. She's working on translating it to other languages, and many i-fans are volunteering for the task. It's nice to see the fans working together. :)

* Now she added the vids in French and Spanish translations as well. It is really nice to see all the fans working together to make it happen. :)


  1. its been a while after january and
    goshhh i'm cried my eyes out again today
    i can feel the pain and Still ..

  2. I am not an overly emotional person but this made me get a bit sentimental. How can you not when someone goes though hardships and see them succeed!

    Great Video! Thank you so much to the both you for making it! Will go in my favorites:)

  3. they r truly the hero`s the only one`s who deserve to carry tvxq name these two boys deserve all the respect in the whole world with their hard work & determination they stand so tall even with the whole bashing drama thing that hunted them & their families never for once felt hesitation to continue walking the path even with all the Obstacles and difficulties they had to face thank yunho & changmin for being so strong to get back much stronger than before with much determination to protect tvxq name & legacy & for believing in the fans who waited for you for so long ..

    thanx Precious for helping trans the video :)

  4. hahaha Precious i had a feeling you were going to translate this. thanks a lot! can't watch it right now but i'll probably cry my eyes out when i do later.

    sorry ot again but this Idolator article is about TVXQ but most comments i've read are about ex-members. *sigh* anyway really glad Idolator put them in the list.

    http : //

    would be nice if everyone would leave nice (and civil) comments.

  5. @Precious:
    Tearing up watching the video-how can one not empathize with what Yunho and Max had to endure-it killed me to know that while HoMin were languishing in uncertainty the three were forging ahead with fan meetings, endorsements etc-how do people become so cold and heartless...

    @cat1177-i saw the idolator article-only TVXQ has comments on it I think and of course i recognize the so called OT5's leaving comments about how disappointed they are with the article-I did leave a comment, don't know about civil, a bit factual may be ;-)

  6. Precious, once again, Thank you so much for your hard work :)

  7. @ all

    Glad you all enjoyed the video. Send your appreciation to "MaximumTV2XQ" @ youtube who made this beautiful vid. She's Maximum @ Daum Telzone TVXQ gallery. I only translated it. :)

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    2. Do you know what is the tittle of this song which Maximum put on this video, please? I forgot it :(

  8. Always having diffifulties in leaving comments here. I have been reading you blog since the very beginning but never be able to leave a comment.
    Really want to say thank you to precious, thank you for translatin this touching video. And a big big thank you for creating this blog.

  9. Thank you so much Precious for translating such a poignant video. It really expresses what TVXQ went through in a way that is touching. Maximum did a wonderful job putting it together, especially with the song choice, pictures, and video clips. I almost felt like I was watching an advertisement for a touching movie. It also avoided addressing JYJ too harshly so hopefully OT5s won't be turned off by it and will realize how strong TVXQ has been to get to this point.

  10. Thanks Precious for translating the video ^__^
    I just get teary watching the vids... its very beautiful~

  11. @ purin70
    Welcome and thanks for reading my blog! :)

    @ treya_barton
    I think this vid was really well made. To the point and moving at the same time. Maximum did a great job.

    @ ayoepan
    "passing a box of tissue"

  12. Thank you Precious for translating this video. After understanding the meaning of the words I realized that it such beautiful words indeed. Maximum girl is really talented fans. Thumbs up for her. I already thanked her through YT channel. This video made my appreciation and respect to Yunho and Changmin getting higher and higher. Guys you deserve it. TVXQ! Uknow Yunho and Choikang Changmin fighting!!!

    @Precious : Sorry off topic.. I just want to know your opinion/analyze about the chance of our beloved TVXQ would win Daesang @GDA this year. As I understand that there are many stiff competitors which did a comeback this year such as BB,Beast,SJ and the next coming SNSD (if I'm not wrong). I do hope that TVXQ could win the Daesang. That's why I just curious to know what's your thought about this. Thank you..

  13. Firstly, much thanks to Maximum for this vid & Precious for the translation.

    Indeed these two young men had worked hard to bring back the name TVXQ onto the charts after an almost 2-year hiatus; a feat to be sure. THeir comeback has been greeted with doubts but their talent and hard work cannot be deinied. They have proven themselves by their powerful vocals and performances again and again; and they keep improving with every performance. For them action speaks louder than words.

  14. @ noki_chan

    Sorry, but I am not too familiar with those awards so I don't know. I heard that TVXQ could win it, but I think it's too early to tell.

  15. Thank you for translating this wonderful vid. Looking that makes me wonder, how come I didn't realize how painful it was for YH and CM back then (and keep hoping for those 3 come back). Now I can't demand anything more, seeing how wonderful their comeback is. It is perfect with the 2 of them (of course, SM and their friends, families, fans play an important role too :))

    And thank u for making this blog. Your blog makes it easier for me to let the past go :)

  16. Hermoso video!! <3
    make me cry T_T

  17. thanks @Precious for the translation even be-for knowing whats its mean it touch my heart now its make me proud of them more and more

  18. Thanks again. When I see the clip I wanna cry

  19. I am not a very emotional person but when I first saw the raw vid some days ago.. emotions were already surging in me. And now that I've seen it (reran it a number of times already ^^) and understood everything in the heart was crushed and then towards the end...soared with so much PRIDE

    I have to be honest and say that I discovered TVXQ through one of the three...but for some reason, without even knowing anything about the chaos, my heart found it's way to Yunho and Changmin -- the current TVXQ. The more I found out about stuff, the more I adored them. The more I knew about how they kept mum throughout everything, the more I loved them. The more I knew about how they endured and didn't break but rather came out stronger and better than before and constantly improving, the more I become a proud fan/noona/auntie/mum. Looking back, I also learned that I should always trust my gut. ha ha ha

    Thank you Maximum for the vid -- the five minute vid summed up the things that happened to the two. Things that not many people knew because well, we know why ^^

    I have this habit of always watching live performances of their songs because it shows how epic they were. That performance in Kohaku was the first time I've watched a performance of Stand By U. I've never seen Changmin so dead --- and the vid was right, he was about to collapse. I've never seen Yunho's eyes so sad. I thought I was the only one who noticed that they didn't bow in sync and seems like they were savouring the cheers and that moment that would've been or was their last stage as five. That was the first time and the last time I watched and listened to Stand By U. But now, thanks to them, as they sang it with such happy voices, smiling albeit sweaty faces for aNation...I can listen to the song again ^^

    Thank you Precious for translating it for international fans like us. You're so precious, Precious. lol

    *goes to youtube to thank Maximum*

    you know what's makes this vid more beautiful? It's translated in 4 languages. The fans are one. I hope this reaches Yunho and Changmin. I hope it reaches the friends and families who stuck with them through the hard times. I also hope it reaches the other three ha ha ha

  20. I was really tearing up at the end of the vid. this really shows how Yunho and Changmis were feeling back then, but at the same time does it with elegance and class. Just like Homin themselves ^^

  21. I'd never heard Stand By U before seeing this video of their last performance. It was so painful to watch. Had seen many expressions from Changmin on video by then -- frustrated, patient, ecstatic and lots between, but never so hopeless. Being the youngest he's always had my heart; and the fact that he sang the very last note of their last song? Just heartbreaking.

    Saw the video a few days ago and it was powerful even without the translation, but now it absolutely slays me. Maximum did an awesome job, and so did you with the translation, Precious. Huge thanks to you both for the hard work.

    I love the fact that their a-nation performances are allowing a lot of us to finally enjoy the beauty of that song without all of the negative, painful connotations. They set out to make new memories for their fans, and I feel blessed (and excited!) to go along for the ride.

    *pressing Replay again* and taking a couple tissues with too! :-)

  22. @Precious : it's okay. Yes, i think u are right. It's to early to tell about it rite now because the award will be held around the end of this year. Anyway, thank you.

    As usual every video about Yunho and Changmin as current members of TVXQ always gets so many negative comments from people whose said are JYJ/OT5 fans. LOL..In my theory if someone gets so many antis/haters that means they have something great different from the others which makes others so jealous and uneasy. So..I want once again congratulate Yunho and Changmin for succeeded making TVXQ name being greater than before. Their comeback as TVXQ was so fabulous, elegance and sophisticated. Yunho and Changmin have something that we never realize before. They are charming & amazing! Also full talented artists. Whatever antis/haters said that they just used TVXQ's name for famous, they have no longevity in their career will just proved that the antis/haters are super duper jealous. LOL! Don't they realize that whatever words came out from their mouth will reflect to themselves. Sigh! I just hope we, TVXQ's fans never ever follow this rude attitude to other artists even we don't like them. We have to have class and elegance attitude like Yunho and Changmin. And I think everyone here has class, behave, mature and smart. Wow! I really love the TVXQ fandom rite now..TVXQ fighting!!! TVXQ fans (all cassies around the world, bigeast or just casual fans) fighting!!! Love you all..

  23. Aww, this video really make me want to cry. I'm happy and sad at the same time watching it.
    Sometimes, I tend to forget all the hardship they've been through, even now.
    And it sadden even more to see how some are so ungrateful.

    But I've made the choice to support them, until the end. I trust them and I believe they make the right choice.

    Anyway, I've helped translating the French version Here is it.

    And like Precious, it feel nice to see fans from all around the world helping Maximum with the videos

  24. @ bearacademy

    Ah, so you did the French translation, great job and merci! I already saw it. :)

  25. It looks like Spanish version is finished as well.

    Many thanks to all the fans who contributed in this project. It is really a heartwarming experience to see the fans from all over the world working together.

  26. @Precious and @all

    First of all, thank you Precious for helping to translated into English (cause most translators use the English translation to translate into their own language :D)

    I'm very happy to see the fans from all around the world comes together to contributed in not only this project, but other projects as well.

    "The Story of TVXQ" video currently being translating in Arabic, German, Turkish, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Russian. I'm so excited, can't wait to see more and more videos of different languages :)

    I hope more and more people would see and understand and appreciate the hardship Yunho and Changmin went through to get where they are now...

  27. Hi Precious and everyone. I've been a silent reader for a weak. i know this blog through some fansites in my country. To be honest, I think Homin should publish a memoir or an autobiography under their name to tell the whole story behind this scandal. Maybe it will be one of the bestsellers of the year. ^^

  28. @thanh truc wah agree with homin release their autobiography, maybe when they are not working in music industry anymore and have a good life with their family :D

    @precious i found this video on ctvxq :D
    thankyou for translating this video so more ppl can understand how we TVXQ supporter feel towards the whole situation ^^

  29. @ Hotaru

    You're welcome. :) I really thrilled to see that the English translation is used for many other languages, made my effort worthwhile.

    @ thanh truc
    I'd love to see that too, but I doubt they'll do it. Welcome to my blog!!!

  30. @verachan: i think the same as you. cuz korean society is not as open and free-to-talk as that of the western. TT
    @Precious: thank u so much for evrything. hugssss :X

  31. it's kind of amusing to read all the panty-twisting over this video in different languages rofl. i suppose hearing the words direct from Yunho and Changmin themselves is hard for some people to take...

  32. and what is all this 5-1 = 0 business. how very insulting to say that the 5 boys are worthless on their own. or does this only apply when it's Yunho and Changmin? tsk tsk.

  33. @ cat1177
    Yeah, it's really funny that so many are upset at this video that barely mentions CJS. I guess the truth hurts, or some don't even like mentioning this blog or something. I guess the vid touched the conscience of many people, and it's bothering them.

  34. as far as I know, the 5-1=0 (along with Yoochun's infamous AKTF) started around 2005(6) when the rumors of replacing Jaejoong broke out. It really isn't new, but with all the lawsuit fiasco was used again.

    at least that's just what I think, but I could be wrong.

  35. Hi Precious..

    I'm a silent reader who found your blog about a week ago. I've been reading EVERY entry you've posted ever since, albeit from the bottom up.. I wanted to comment once I got to the very last entry you've written ~which in this case is the latest post~ so here I am! ^^

    I'm a Yunho bias, and as a fan who love and admire him very much, watching the lawsuit take its toll on both him and Changmin really was excruciating.

    For me, not knowing why Homin didn't leave with JCS has been the most confusing and painful aspect of this ordeal. I had no choice but to believe the negative news pandered over and over again about SM. I knew there was something wrong somewhere, some things were not making sense.. but I had nowhere else to turn to for sound info. Honestly, for a while I actually feared for Homin's safety and state of mind because of all the slander and lies that have been skillfully spread about them and SM! :(

    You want to know the best thing to come out of this blog? I can actually argue in Homin's defense now! XD

    See, I have a younger sister who is Jaejoong biased, and although what I've come to understand from your blog might not be something she could easily swallow, I am slowly trying to get her to see the other side of things.

    She isn't irrational or volatile like many of the JYJ stans I've seen, so while I probably can't get her to think differently about her bias, at least now I can get her to understand why Homin made the decision they did, and why they could never be the so-called 'traitors' everyone said they were! ^^

    Thanks for everything so far Precious.. you have my respects! :)

  36. @ Sofie Shah

    Nice to see another new reader!!! Thanks for reading my posts, and happy to hear that it will help you defend HoMin, which is one of the reason I started this blog. I could see that there are many international TVXQ fans, but they really couldn't say anything in defense of the 2 because of lack of information. I'm glad to see that this blog is changing that and let the fans know the "this side" of the story that was intentionally hidden by the "other side".

  37. @ Precious

    First of all thank u for this blog , i'm an arabian fan , so imagine how hard it is for us to get informations , since almost all the fans who knows korean are on jyj's side sooo even ... . actually until now i had no idea about any of this even about the cosmetic company @__@ , i'm so disapointed about both jyj and their fans . at the begining when i knew about the lawsuit and everything i knew that there is something suspicious but i've never imagined that jyj could do such things to the current tvxq .

    so Precious i'm really thankfull to u

    if u don't mind i have one qs : did u read this ?? if u did what do u think about it ?? is it true

  38. @ zuuzza
    Oh, about that article, I am well aware of that, and I will cover that in the future. That article only shows the process of the investigation, but it doesn't show the result, does it? I wonder why some people chose to drag out an article from 2003 to translate, but doesn't choose to translate actually what happened to the investigation? That article looks pretty bad, but there are whole lot more to the story.

  39. @ Precious
    okay ^^ , thank u Precious again for your hard work , if u didn't create this blog i would have still blind and probably alot of the current tvxq's fans @_@ .

  40. @Precious,
    Is there any lawsuit update ? I'm very curious for the current status & condition of the lawsuit. As we know CJeS/JYJ end their contract with Prain, I just wonder what really happen to them.

  41. I read your comments and what is causing me grief, you are pathetic, please do something useful with your lives and stop talking the neighbor without being fully stating that what is said is true, it speaks of the few values you have, and as vile cowards hiding behind a screen to denigrate others. God gave you the power of understanding, use it for good!

  42. @ moniespio

    If only thing you are capable of doing is repeated personal attacks without providing anything meaningful, please stop commenting here. I don't have any problem with valid discussions even if it's against my views, but you are just throwing around garbage. You don't even make sense BTW.

  43. @ ochepin

    There's nothing new regarding the lawsuit. It's still in mediation. I'll update when I hear something new.

  44. @moniespio

    Like Precious said, you don’t make sense. Who are you addressing it too? Addressing to all of the commenters, Precious, or the entire internet? Be more specific, because when you say neighbor do you mean mine, yours, or all of us? Or maybe TVXQ’s neighbors? As for few values? Hmm…what values do have in mind? Pursue your happiness and not bother what negative consequences may have on others. Or maybe that you are too in fear that “understanding” you so easily stated, that it might come and bite you back with a vengeance. Btw, by your words, “vile cowards hiding behind a screen to denigrate others,” were you referring to yourself? As far as I know every one of us (including you) is behind some kind of screen or gadget in order to see this blog? Or am I mistaken, are you some sort of God that dictates what we should and shouldn’t do/see here? If you don’t want us to be behind a screen, you better find a place for us… I don’t think Precious would have enough room at his room to fit all 200+ (and growing) followers to discuss about our TVXQ. Finally, if you can clarify the confusion for all who will/have read your comment, it would be much “understood.”


    Meant to comment earlier, but still appreciated all your hard work, especially with your busy schedule to work on this (video sub & of course this awesome blog)! I watched this video so many times and loved it. Maximum’s video was already so touching, but with your sub, it made the heartstring even tighter.

  45. Thanks for the video.
    It was nice :)

    I have some questions that I hope you can answer, Precious/others

    Why can't the boys stay friends after the split? Why can't they stay in contact?
    I know other artists can split without breaking friendship. The suit isn't even between them. It's to the company. I don't really understand why unless the companies prevent them to get in touch with each other.

    If JYJ is manipulative, surely HoMin knows this. However I heard that the new song Back to Tomorrow is a message to JYJ as well. Why would they do that to someone manipulative? If you know someone is a bad person, just be civil / polite for appearances sake but they won't extend an invitation to come back. Why did they want JYJ to come back to them?

    Also, I heard/read the interview where Yunho said he didn't know about the lawsuit. I think that's a lie because they live together and all. It's not possible not to know. What do you think?

    Thirdly, what happens to the cosmetics business now? Is it flourishing / successful? i would like to know more because if they haven't done anything with the business then the cosmetics reason must not be true. If they've gone through so much sh** to run the business and then leave it alone it doesn't make any sense.

    Lastly thanks for the information in this blog. I do think to get the truth out you need to be impartial though. I see now that you've taken one side, and have taken one side from the beginning, seeing from your comments:

    "I'm glad to see that this blog is changing that and let the fans know the "this side" of the story that was intentionally hidden by the "other side" " and "Thanks for reading my posts, and happy to hear that it will help you defend HoMin, which is one of the reason I started this blog."

    Not saying you should defend JYJ, but I think with truth comes impartiality.

  46. Hi! It really is a beautiful video.

    About your questions.

    1) For me, 6.25 secret meeting.

    2) Maybe Toho is being manipulative too~

    3) I believe Yunho. And no, they didn't all live together, and anyway, living together with someone doesn't make you privy to all their comings and goings. Ex. spouses cheating.

    4) Re: cosmetic business. Dunno... Even if they wanted to promote Crebeau to make lots and lots of $$$, jcs can't, because that would validate SME's claims. It's really kinda funny.

    I think you could have got these answers already if you've taken the time to read all posts and the comments. It's all a very interesting read.

    Take care.

  47. @ Baba
    1. I know that there’re artists that could still become friend after their split but there’re others that don’t and hopefully time will heal all that. Your opinion is just an assumption and there’s no evidence that SM prevent them to get in touch. Don’t you ever consider the possibilities that they might not want to contact each other right now? After all these things that happened between them, I don’t find it strange.

    In my opinion, if JYJ wasn’t satisfied with SM and just suing SM without stressing or implying again and again that ‘SM is the enemy’ or ‘Homin are the one who betray them because they stay with SM’ I could believe that their friendship might be able to be mended quickly. However, like it or not, there’re already a big crack in their friendship now, their values and their beliefs; this split itself is the solid evidence of it. CJS wanted freedom to do their job and their business but Homin don’t want it, they believe in SM /Avex, they still believe and never regret their choice regardless of the consequences. Like I said, hopefully time will heal all that and they could move on to the way they choose.

    2. Again, this is just an assumption on your part that BTT is a message to JYJ as well since there’s no evidence. From all their interviews about TONE so far, they never once said that BTT is a message for JYJ; what they said is that TONE album is their feeling and gratitude that they want to convey to their fans; it’s a message for their fans that “it’s their way”. As far as I know, Homin only said this “CJS could comeback to TVXQ after they have settled their differences with SM” as an invitation for CJS to comeback. The question is would CJS want to comeback to SM since they regard SM is their enemy? Would you want CJS to comeback to SM?

    3. Why do you think Yunho is the one who lie? Don’t you ever consider that their friendship might have cracked at that time and they might never really talk to each other anymore; thus, it’s not really that strange that CJS might not want to discuss what they’re going to do with Homin since from the beginning Homin obviously don’t share their views on this matters. Who ever said that Homin want to file the lawsuit together but change their mind in the last minute? Obviously neither Homin nor their parents; they have never said that in person or in their official letters.

    4. I don’t know about their business cosmetic since I don’t follow their news very much but maybe it’s flourishing since they could buy luxurious apartments and other expensive things.

  48. @Baba

    I do not represent everyone but I just like to comment on some of the "questions" you brought up. English is my 3rd language so pardon me for not making sense.

    1) Also, I heard read the interview where Yunho said he didn't know about the lawsuit. I think that's a lie because they live together and all. It's not possible not to know. What do you think?

    I thought the same as you when I first watched that show. But you know what.. when I considered what happened in between AND when I applied a similar situation in my life, it is more than possible.

    I lived and worked with 3 friends for almost 5 years in a small apartment in a different continent. We spent almost every waking hour (at home and at work) together, even spent long holidays together. You would think, well, the people around us thought, we would know every little thing that the other friend is doing..dude, it isn't the case. Imagine my surprise when one friend asked us to go out and have drinks to celebrate because she passed a MAJOR licensure examination. I was surprised but the one who was more surprised was her roommate. Her room mate!!! Preparation for any examination is done weeks before, a MAJOR licensure would be done months before..we had no idea she was studying for it cos her work schedule was as crazy as ours and she was even updated with the kdramas we were watching individually..she actually had more in her bucket LOL To this very day, we are still baffled as to how she managed x'D well, she is a genius, but still.... x'D

    I lived with my family all my life before I decided to move continents. None of them knew I was doing preparations to move 5000 miles away until it was two weeks before my scheduled flight.

    Bottomline, if there's a will there's a way. If you don't want people to know, especially those you really wouldn't WANT to know the extremities of what you are about to do, you can.

    Now apply that same logic to your life.. am pretty sure there are some major things that happened in your life that your family or close friends or housemates wouldn't know. We as individuals choose what we want others to know. Our best friends know "everything" that happens to us because we TELL them. We can have secrets we can keep up to our graves if we choose to. Even husband and wives don't tell everything to each other.

    In their case, it's 3 vs 2. it is easier to keep certain things especially when 3 people are conniving to do so. Easier to ostracize. Take into consideration as well that during that time, they were already having problems. See their vids from mid 2008 to 2009. The rift was so obvious then. With that rift, it is easier to do certain things that the others wouldn't know.

    Remember what the 3 said about Yunho when he composed and choreographed Checkmate? NONE of them knew he was composing, recording, arranging and choreographing a song. Isn't that a major thing? He was disappearing at the time when they were all busy as hell, stressed and all..Yunho for sure was more stressed because of what his "surprise" and yet, none of them knew. Rewatch their vids, i think their couple talk vids in AADBSK3 (pls correct me if am wrong). See? HIGHLY PROBABLE.

  49. 2) Why can't the boys stay friends after the split? Why can't they stay in contact?

    Easy to point the blaming finger to the "companies", in this regard, SME.. but have you read the contents of the blog? Have you experienced being betrayed by your friends? have you read JYJ's jacket of what's that album where they called themselves the main TVXQ members? Have you also read and watched their interviews? Have you read the transcript of that 6.25 meeting? If you have then it would be easy to answer your own question wouldn't it?

    Classic example: OASIS. They are siblings. Bonded by blood. And yet they split and are in really bad terms. If that can happen to them, they why is it a surprise that a bad split can't happen to TVXQ?

    3) The suit isn't even between them. It's to the company. I don't really understand why unless the companies prevent them to get in touch with each other.

    Again, reread the interviews of isn't hard to find cos it is everywhere, even the major supposedly unbiased kpop site has it. Theoretically, it was just between them and SME but what did those boys do when they played the pity/victim-card? it became a game against, not just SME but their labelmates, the industry and most of all against those two "friends" who chose to stay.

  50. 4) but I think with truth comes impartiality.

    OMO. so true. I came here because of that ^^ but unfortunately, the more and more news came out from the past and interviews from TVXQ and JYJ, i've eventually switched sides x'D It's fairly easy to know which one side makes more sense, you know. The contents of this blog aside, just take their actions...the very first consideration to know who is more sensible: their consistency.

    The first time I came here, I was a big fan of Yoochun.. so naturally, the info I got came from his fansites and ofcourse allkpop. I didn't really care what were the reasons for the split because, come on.. most groups split. But the comments from those sites, JYJ's words in their interviews and tweets and the LACK OF information and articles about Yunho and Changmin became a red flag for me. Granted that from the start, i always thought the "slave contract" was preposterous but back then, for me it was all just a hunch. Another things was, based on the videos and interviews they had before..I never understood why Yunho AND Changmin allowed the split..they who said that TVXQ was their life. Yunho was the leader, the one praise for his trustworthiness and honesty on and off cam by celebrities and non-celebrities alike, and was obvious from the very start how much he valued the group (him choosing to perform whilst bleeding or nursing a major injury, etc.) PLUS Changmin who wouldn't take crap from anybody --- it would only natural be curious as to why, yes? From all the diggings, I saw a signed letter of Yunho and Changmin and their fathers, who's a lawyer and a teacher, dated 2009. Signed and published. In the midst of legal proceedings, these can be taken against them and yet they still chose to. Another red flag. A MAJOR one. Did you read that? There's an article here, if am not mistaken.

    Impartiality means translating full documents and not just selective paragraphs in documents that are easily available to the public. Impartiality means not taking everything at face value.. you question and then eventually, the truth will dawn at you. A person with an inquisitive mind has impartiality as his second nature, did you know that?

    I've read most, if not all, articles in Yoochun's fansite and links to other supposedly OT5 sites as well before I came here. While I was going through all the articles here, everything was falling more into place. I think what I knew from work and life experiences helped as well. Besides, this blog does not spoonfeed you or tell you "hey believe me what imma say is right the rest are bullocks yo"...Precious encourages you to read other fansites and then you can decide for yourself. Did you miss that part when you were reading the comments?

    Also, did you notice that out of all or most of the DBSK english sites, THIS is the only one that outlines what happened to the other side? Did you notice? I did. Back then, it took me a long while to find this site ^^

    whoops comment became an essay again (^.^#)

  51. I think girlpower has said everything I had in mind Lol. I love girlpower!:D

    Any who and the only thing I am going to echo from what she said is that what she knew from work and life experiences helped as well and it is true. I've had friends for years actually the same length that TVXQ had been together. Around 9 years best friends and so forth and then there comes a time where you no longer match? That is not probably the right word but the ideals or what made you friends in the beginning is no longer there because of whatever tends to happen in life. So for me it wasn't strange...the separation just why it happened and why Yunho and Changmin stayed.

    Also Precious encourages everyone to go outside of this blog and read other sites and blogs. So no one is chained to this blog Lol.

    My only thought towards BTT is that the song is just simply that. Tone is just a CD for everyone that loves them and that is pretty simple.

  52. Hello again!

    Thanks for the kind answers everyone.

    I'm not saying YH definitely lied, I'm just thinking it's likely. Probably because he was unprepared and it's easy just to avoid further questions.

    I think if JYJ was going to promote cosmetics they would've tried to get all 5 (just like the recording 6.25 trans. stated). It's more profitable, and the 2 would probably say no. To the point where they for example said, if you're not going to go with us, we're going anyway. Unless they hate the 2 and want to leave without giving the 2 a chance to leave with them. (I think this is not the case, but who knows).

    But definitely HoMin would know the 6.25 happened, since there're fans and everything. So if from nowhere else, they would know from the rumors and have time to confront the 3 of what's going on. My conclusion is 99% he would know about the suit (at least partially).

    Anyway, these are just little things. Other artists have misspoken things before or did more damaging lies. So it's not that I'm judging his character by that sentence alone.

    And no I don't think JYJ will come back to SM no matter what happens with the suit, since they've said so much about SM.

    I know the conclusions most people have here is that SM is not at fault here, but I believe all music giants have their tricks. Han Geng just won Just because a lot of artists are ok with their company doesn't mean the company must be nice to everyone.
    I know my ex-bosses are nice to me but could get really dirty to other employees. So for me I won't put it past them.

    I only read / search about things I want to know of so I may not read everything in this page / other fan sites. And even so, the stories don't match up. Even looking at facts, people and lawyers can interpret it differently. Personally I think 13 years is relative, not everyone can take that. You may think it's short considering this and that, but it also could've been done differently like in stages before they do promotion in some country.

    I know even in other industries people have signed contracts for only two years and while they're doing the term they realize they want out because the reality is different than on paper.

    I've also seen that Leeteuk and Eunhyuk seems to still be friends with JYJ, so that's a good thing hoping that they'll still be friends afterwards.
    Obviously, I do hope they will still be friends no matter what, although most people here may not agree after concluding that JYJ is a conniving team.

    I seem to talk too much! Ok.. out! Looking forward to Tone

  53. @Baba


    Apparently you did not listen carefully to Yunho and Changmin and jumped to your own conclusion.

    What Yunho have said is that he was shocked to know that the three FILED the lawsuit without any notice....There is a BIG difference between this and between what you have said.

    and about the 6.25 meeting...i guess you were not following TVXQ's activities at that time....that meeting took place DURING TVXQ's preparations for Tokyo Dome concert... Yunho and Changmin would never be able to know about it...and the trio filed the lawsuit immediately after it....

    I sincerely advice you to read CAREFULLY the statements that have been released by Yunho, Changmin, and their parents.

    and about JYJ returning to is not their choice..if the exclusive contract was proven to be valid they would be forced to that case..ONLY SME who has the choice to invalidate it.

    just appreciate what they are doing (musically)now (both of them) because thinking of the situation may sadden you and will not make you enjoy their hard work...

    I apologize if i offended you in any way but you must know that this is a legal battle and petitions may be a good weapon. so stirring fans' sympathy may help any side to put an extra pressure to win the lawsuit.

  54. @ Baba

    I don’t think Homin had time to confront the 3 about 6.25 secret meeting (even Homin fans don’t know or suspect about its existence and JYJ fans always deny its existence until the voice files become available); I’m not sure when the 6.25 voice files become available to fans (maybe Precious or others could help) but by the time Homin might or might not know about it (no evidence that they know about 6.25 meeting), the 3 have filed the lawsuit and the rumors have gone rampant bashing, blaming Homin and SM. The majority didn’t believe in Homin anymore, not even with their fathers’ and their official statements.

    No, I don’t think SM is completely faultless here; it’s a company after all, their main purpose is to maximize profits. All companies are like that and SM is no exception but it’s really unreasonable to completely blame or bash SM and Homin for the split when it always takes two to tango.

    Maybe you could tell me from your perspective; I don’t blame JYJ if they want to out from SM for whatever their reasons are but why they need to badmouth SM and Homin in particular? HangGeng want to out from SM but he never said bad things about SM and SuJu, he still feels grateful to SM until today. Could JYJ just go peacefully and quietly like HangGeng?

    Why JYJ parents need to hold that 6.25 meeting secretly and said all things about Homin when neither Homin nor their parents are there to defend themselves? Why JYJ still tweet all sad and miserable tweets now and then about Homin or TVXQ or TVXQ’s old songs when they are the one who choose to leave, fight SM and be JYJ in the first place?

    About the misspoken things and damaging lies; if JYJ said it 2 years ago and not anymore, maybe at that time they were still emotional or angry so I could understand that. But after TVXQ comeback, you could see that they still continue implying that Homin betrayed them from the Junsu “enemy” tweet. Now, I don’t understand why they do that.

  55. @baba

    Are you're trying to "prove" HM knew about the lawsuit before 31July2009, hence your argument is that Yunho lied about not aware of CJS planing to sue SM? (YH statement in Knee Drop Guru)

    Making assumption is a BAD HABIT practiced by JYJ fans, I suggest you do not follow their footstep.

    Considered the facts:
    1) HM didn't tell when they found out about the lawsuit.
    (refer to Knee Drop Guru and other interviews)
    Yunho & Changmin eventually learnt about the lawsuit in 2009, question is when did they find out? After CJS already consulted the lawyers? After CJS lawyer sent letter to SM on 24 JUNE 2009? You said HM definitely knew about 6.25 meeting, again when do you think they found out about 6.25 meeting?

    So, are you saying if HM knew the lawsuit before 31July2009 (a date when all the media published about CJS's lawsuit against SM), then HM are liar? Or more specific, Yunho is a liar? If SM already received letter from CJS's lawyer on 24June2009, how long do you think it took for SM to inform HM?
    Did HM say they didn't know it before 31July2009?

    24 June 2009 - SM received letter from CJS's lawyer
    31 July 2009 - CJS's lawyer made public about the lawsuit.
    (if you didn't get this info please read other articles in this blog)

    2) HM only said they didn't think of CJS would take the matter as far as suing SM. Did they say they didn't notice any problem? NO! HM already knew CJS were using Tohoshinki Tour in Japan to sell Crebeau in first half of 2009, both HM fathers were in meeting with CJS parents and SM CEO to discuss Crebeau issue before June 2009. (Note it was about issue of cosmetic business not about TVXQ contract)

    3) Eunhyuk and Leeteuk seems still be friends with CJS,
    so you are kind of hoping HM will still be friend with CJS?

    Question for you, if you were HM, your colleagues' parents (CJS's parents) had a secret meeting with some people(CJS fans) , gave precise instruction of how to spread lies and to shift all the blame to you, and this meeting was requested by your colleague. Do you still want to be friend with this person?

  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. @Baba

    Oh, about the cosmetic business thing. In Changmin’s father official letter (You could find purely the translations of Yunho’s and Changmin’s father official letter in this blog without any opinion from Precious). It said that the 3 did pressure them about this cosmetic business and leave SM with them like you said, Homin did say no to the point they feel stressed about it. I quote from Changmin father official letter that Precious translated:

    “After starting to have trouble with the company because of the cosmetics business, the three members began to exert tremendous pressure against the two members directly and indirectly to leave the company together with them. The two members were almost in emotional panic because they shared the room and traveled in the same car, and they were unable to say anything outside because of this situation.

    I had to swallow tears many times watching my son suffering in pain while quietly enduring it without saying a word.”

    So I really don’t find it strange if they don’t really share or talk about anything anymore at that time, they might have just ignore each other.

  58. God I just wrote a very long reply and the blogger crashed. Not happy.

    Ok. Knee Drop Guru. I think there's some possible lost in translation. The video I watched, YH said "I didn't even know until they sued" not "I didn't even know that they've filed the lawsuit" Note they have different meanings. Based on the first sentence, I asked the q.

    No I'm not trying to prove he's a liar.

    Yes I'm not familiar with their detailed schedule in 2009. So thanks for that.
    Someone asked me when they would've known about 6.25. I would've thought right after the fans/media start buzzing about the meeting.

    Re. accusations, I don't think they've been accusing HM anything. At least I don't see it that way. I don't care about the parents. Parents can be greedy and controlling. I only care about the boys? JS's twitter is not pointed towards HM, it's at SM from what I understand. Then YC's rap (which I need to point out that I didn't like) was also to SM not HM.
    No one can tell whether these are done with ulterior motives for sympathy or whether that's what they really feel. I don't think it's our right to judge in this case because it's very subjective. People can be whiney AND sincere.

    Yes, I agree it's their choice. They also admit that it's their choice knowing that harder days will come. I also acknowledge that making a choice doesn't mean you are happy about every aspect of the consequence. I left my country awhile ago and even though it is a choice that I don't regret, I still cry sometimes when I remember my friends.

    Also I saw some of the JYJ live videos and people still scream HM's name, it's not easy to be always reminded as well? Because no matter what they are still living under the shadow of the past.

    About the songs they made, I think since they basically can do anything musically in CJS, no one controls them on these things so they pour their hearts content without rethinking. LOL. While SM has professionals working on their image, so they know what not to do. After viewing the interviews, I've come to believe at least HM has a consultant / psychologist / senior helping them go through it. This is good (not condemning or nething)

    @11192006 (or others) I guess then the question to yourself is whether you would still support them if they get back together (even though 3 of them are conniving greedy people?). Or whether your opinion of HM would change if they change their mind and go out / accept these 3 guys back? I reserve my judgment of all 5 because I would like to be able to support them if that happens in the future. :) Besides if HM hasn't said anything against them, I won't. They surely know the 3 better than us.

  59. @Baba

    I am glad that you are open to discussions.

    oh, there is a very detailed outline for each event that took place (seeing the lawyers, 6.25 meeting, the lawsuit...etc) it is really helpful to notice how it was too sudden and even SME was surprised when the trio filed it ^^

    but I will not link it to you...if you were really interested in knowing it you will find it ;)

    try to read the statements again....all of them they will help you to get a clear idea of the situation. There were no full translations of the statements before but thanks to Precious you can read them...and to be honest I am not sure if you trust his translations but I do lol

    and the issue here is not that the lawsuit happened but how it did makes a difference knowing how it happened.

  60. @ Baba

    I don’t think media ever say anything about this 6.25 secret meeting though (correct me if I’m wrong). I think a person who attended this 6.25 secret meeting posted the voice files several months after the meeting and after the rumors generated from this 6.25 secret meeting have gone rampant. Even until now, there’re still fans who blamed Homin based on this 6.25 secret meeting. In my opinion, if there’s no this 6.25 secret meeting, the fanwars and the situation in the whole fandom wouldn’t become this bad and ugly.

    Yes, I’m aware that JYJ tweets could be directed at SM only and not to Homin; that’s why I said JYJ might be ‘implied indirectly’ not accuse Homin directly; but you know, fans are very sensitive and they could interpret JYJ tweets differently than what JYJ intended themselves. It doesn’t help that their tweets are quite ambiguous and could be interpreted in different ways.

    After JYJ tweets, more often than not JYJ fans would begin to say negative things about SM and Homin again; I think that’s because JYJ tweets are being interpreted quite similarly by JYJ fans and Homin fans ;) Sad or cry or whatever because you miss the old days is ok; but after these 2 years, JYJ should at least have learned to write more wisely and in straightforward manner in their twitter to avoid the confusion especially in this sensitive time so that JYJ won’t add oils to the already existing fire. I do hope CJS could be like Homin, stop being melancholy and move on since they have chosen their own path already.

    As for me accepting CJS as TVXQ again? I don’t really mind as long as Homin agree to it. If Homin choose to get out and join JYJ, hmm, let see, if they also start badmouthing SM / Avex, I would cease to support them since I don’t think SM, Avex and their staffs deserve to be treated like that after all their sacrifice for TVXQ’s success too and Homin shouldn’t forget that. If they go peacefully and respectfully from SM, I might still consider supporting them.

  61. Fair enough guys. I will re-read the statements. I'm sure the translations are alright. :)

    Tweets: I think by saying "I thought the five of us share the same enemy," is actually clearly saying it's not HM. Silly fans who interpret it any other way and try to exploit the situation. Otherwise the tweet would say "i thought you were not my enemy" or something along those lines. When YunHo replied/commented on this, I think he interpreted it / implied to the fans and me that YunHo perceived the twitter as directed to all the staffs not just the management especially the older ones (and possibly to him as well). Then others start to think that way too. Then JS replied with something like "brother, you know it's not like that.." as in saying YH has misunderstood.

    Obviously the other staffs like choreographers, makeup artists, etc would be angry with it (especially if they are old too.. Haha.) and think they fall into that category.

    I agree it's immature to just blurt out everything like that. It could be used against them.

    As for them leaving and owing SM, I think they will respect the staff even if they leave. But I also think they don't owe SM. SM Didn't really 'sacrifice'. It was a good business investment.
    LSM is a business man and it's a trade. TVXQ brought profit to the company, in return TVXQ got trained, etc. They also pay when they were training (YH having to do multiple part time jobs?). It's the same with any other company, or other industries.

    Anyway I think HM has accepted that their paths are different and move on. I don't think they will leave SM. So it's just hypothetical

  62. @baba

    well about the tweets, twitter as we all know is not the best way to exactly be expressing things like that. As in the way I take that tweet is if they shared the same enemy I am assuming from that phrase that they sure all had several concerns and who else to take it too but SM? Let's face it SM is not just LSM it is everyone in that company that makes SM work everything from the person cleaning that place everyday to the artists themselves. So I think that's why it was taken the way it was and it might have been why Yunho took it that way. So JS should just have worded that differently if he really didn't mean SM was the problem and the management itself but that would be kind of off because well everything is directed under SM so to each is own.

    I just wish the tweets would stop and just let it go. Each group has gone their own way. Time moves on for a reason.

    I like these conversations. Lol. Thank you for being open to all of the dialogues.:)

  63. @Baba

    If the fans could be like you, there would be no fanwars. "I thought the five of us share the same enemy," I think here JS said SM is the enemy. If you read the whole tweet though; other sensitive fans interpret it like this ‘SM is the enemy of them all; SM is evil; Homin is bad too for not standing up with their brothers to fight SM; Homin even work together with the evil to bash JYJ with their KYHD song; Homin is bad, don’t they see their brothers is hurting, how could they do that to their brothers and so on’ There are others who are much softer said ‘Homin didn’t mean it, it’s SM who made them do it, SM is the evil’ or something like that. Then it will start another fanwars between JYJ and Homin and OT5 fans.

    I don’t really blame those sensitive fans since JS ambiguous tweets could be interpreted like that too. According to you, even Yunho, SuJu members, BoA, dance choreographers (Gregory Hwang?) could interpret it differently than what JS intended and those people know JS personally for years; how could you expect sensitive fans to interpret JYJ tweets correctly especially if they write it in the ambiguous manner? That’s why I hope JYJ could move on or write more wisely and in the straightforward manner.

    Sure, SM is the company, the relationship between SM and TVXQ is a mutual agreement, a win-win situation for both of them. SM use TVXQ to generate profits; TVXQ use SM’s professionalism, brand name, connections to be famous, successful and they could get more income in the end. TVXQ’s members don’t owe SM financially except if they have advances from SM (I forget is it YC or JJ that have advances from SM).

    Aside from the members own talents, it is a fact that SM’s professionalism, brand name, connections helped them to be where they are today. Like Blacksunshinenl said SM is LSM + other shareholders + their whole staffs + their artists; well, this is East Asia, they mostly tend to think company as family that includes whole. Thus, if you badmouth SM, you badmouth whole (no wonder Yunho interpret it like that and those people get offended by JS enemy tweet). Therefore, in my opinion, they owe SM a respect. Just like a teacher, students don’t owe them financially but they owe them respect. I think at the very least they can do to show some respect, they shouldn’t badmouth SM. That’s why I like HanGeng attitudes more.

    P.S: I like this discussion too =D

  64. @Baba and @All

    Translation of Junsu tweet to/about Yunho/SM


    And in this interview, under the fourth picture in the second last paragraph before the next photo.

    Yunho personally responded in regards to Junsu's tweet and as usual he thought about others before himself.


    Btw The word lying and Yunho so do not go together ^^

    and JYJ's tweets are something i can do without -_-.

  65. @Baba
    you're way of thinking is certainly interesting.

    "But I also think they don't owe SM. SM Didn't really 'sacrifice'. It was a good business investment. LSM is a business man and it's a trade. TVXQ brought profit to the company, in return TVXQ got trained, etc. They also pay when they were training (YH having to do multiple part time jobs?). It's the same with any other company, or other industries"

    I'd like to know your full name because employees with that kind of thinking are the kind of people I can do without in my company or any company at that. Though there are alot of employees who think like that and take a guess where they are in the corporate ladder.

    Companies invest in their people because they see potential in them. The very least they can expect back is gratitude and loyalty. Thats why there's a higher reward for loyalty, isn't it? It is a two-way street. Geniuses still go to school to get further education. I've cursed my previous jobs for being a hellhole but I still acknowledge and grateful for the exposure because I know if it weren't for that I wouldn't be where I am now.

    Diamonds aren't as beautiful is honed to be as stunning as you see them in jewelries. You thank mother nature for the raw but you thank the corporations for cutting it and bringing out its beauty for all of us to gape on.

    All the five of the boys had pure/raw talent. However, they were handpicked from hundreds if not thousands to be TVXQ. Through the trainings they had in SME they were honed to be as great as they are now. There are alot of artists who are much talented out there but why aren't they as good, as popular, as marketable as TVXQ, Suju, SNSD and BoA? It isn't just about talent, it's also about packaging, work ethics, etc. BigBang and 2NE1 are also packaged really well, imho.

    I am not implying that SME doesn't have a dark side. ALL corporations have a dark side, even individuals have dark sides. I am not discounting that. All I'm saying is, SME's management and staff had a hand to make TVXQ they are now, the boys acknowledge is as well as their labelmates. Saying they don't is just naive.

    Also you got it wrong.. they were trained FIRST then they brought in money to the company.

    By the way, investments are "sacrifices" because there are risks associated with it, ergo, you can still lose from an investment. You only gain a high return from investments when it is well-managed. FYI.

    re JS's tweet: hmmmmm.... if Koreans, those who wouldn't be lost in translation like most of us here, took the tweet like the way you did..well, there wouldn't be a problem wouldn't it? But their interpretation was pretty much consistent with the clamor it made in the i guess, the meaning was pretty straightforward. If it was a direct call to further bash Yunho is debateable. but the fact that it was posted in his twitter where he is followed by tens of thousands of his fans who may take what he posted in that 140-word-limited message medium amidst the situation they were in was......well, imho, was a manipulative way to call the fan's attention.

    somehow i can't use my googleID

  66. At last i reach here.i went to see the videos in a few other languages and my native language as well.tsk tsk,people are fighting just everywhere.

    Regarding the video,i didnt see anything wrong and i dun understand why ppl will be butthurt abt it,leaving ridiculous comments and disliking the videos.since firstly,its fanmade.did anyone forget abt "freedom of speech" yo?its just a compilation of video cuts the author think is memorable while talking abt the story of tvxq.lastly(i only have 2 points),i see it to be a non biased video (okay,if people want to really squint at every single detail, then maybe the narration of the video uses more persuasive approach. but nothing as bombastic as what some other fans are capable of. and surely,what HM said in the interviews were not as attacking as “This can’t be true… I came to believe that the person was the enemy of all five of us, however now I think not all of us see it that way.Seeing how you express your gratitude to someone who was our enemy, makes me wondering… there must be a lot of things happened when we were apart for a long time. I’m getting tired.”(quoted from the link pippa_star provided.thanks so much!)

    I mean who in the right mind will spend so much time compiling videos and translating them just to bash people they dont like,right?

    abt SM and stuff,i fully agree with precious' stand, a contract is like a written promise.If they want to get out of the contract,they can just pay the penalty and pack their bags.till now i still do not understand why it takes so long for the lawsuit to be my ideal world,i will just ask them to pay for the penalty if they are really dying in SM.

    Owing SM or not(since it a mutually benefiting relationship),to me they shld still respect SM.its just like school teachers, they still earn money by doing their jobs.but along the way,we get the benefits of earning knowledge.for tvxq,they earned the dance and singing practices, the platform where they can showcase their talents and realise their dreams, and the well thought plans to boost their popularity.i mean there are many other good groups out there but without good promotional plan, they wouldnt to me,one can never fully pay back to their teachers, neither can tvxq. but i dun mean they should just rot in SM whatsoever if they do not like least feeling grateful and not discounting what they had done for u are good enough,but not everyone has the same principle,i relation is just the same as techer-student,just that its in much bigger scale,at least to me.

    lastly thanks a lot for posting this,precious and now i can peacefully wait for ur next post.and keep myself up to date.thanks everyone!


    OK, I rarely spazz in public like this but I just feel so happy for Yunho and Changmin. I hope Yunho's eyes at least got misty from this :)

    Thank you Precious!! There are so many people speaking out for Yunho and Changmin now. It's mostly because of your work!

    Thank you to everyone who are so patient to provide information to the ones who come here for answers. You all are so amazingly smart and informed. I learn so much every time I come here.

    Thank you to the new readers/supporters!! I'm so glad your numbers are rising.

    BOOO to all those news sites that haven't even posted the Tone sales numbers but thought someone having a sty infection was worth posting!!! :< BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  68. Ok, so here we go. There are many, many things I would like to say and I just hope it won’t get too unnecessarily long. Besides, I didn’t know exactly where to write this comment, for it is a general perception rather than a point about one specific thing.
    First of all, I must say this is an amazing blog full of detailed information and I truly thank you for that.
    I would really like both the rest of the readers and the author to be polite and understandable with me – the same as I am with you guys – for two things:
    First because you probably will find some (or many, who knows) English errors, since my mother tongue is not English.
    And second, because I’m a JYJ stan. And after reading 90% of the posts (I spent one whole morning LOL), I get the whole view quite clear, and I’ve learned a lot of things I didn’t know. But I’m still a JYJ stan. I must say, though, that I don’t exactly like the word “stan” for it seems that it implies your hate towards the other part, which it doesn’t happen to me.
    Why am I posting this comment? Especially to speak for quite many JYJ stans I know and let YOU ALL see that we are not a whole bunch of crazy people who simply hate Yunho and Changmin because they are not Junsu, Yoochun or Jaejoong. Mainly because we DON’T hate them. We may hate SM, but that’s another point.
    Why I keep supporting JYJ rather than HoMin even though I don’t have anything against HoMin and I’ve read this amazing blog full of information? Simply because I like them more, I’m more touched by JYJ’s songs, and voices, and performances, I’ve always supported Junsu and Yoochun rather than the other three altogether even though I’ve known DBSK after they split up. Besides, I don’t exactly like HoMin’s songs.
    I get the point about Changmin and Yunho not wanting to be on the same boat as JYJ, but life is not simple and it’s not either black or white, nor there’s only the bad guy and the good guy, for both sides can be blame on. So, JYJ had a lot of economic interests in the cosmetic thing, but also SM is known for not being the most permissive music company in Korea (we all know Hangeng’s case… I’m also a Hangeng supporter, LOL). And then, what’s wrong if they want to explore some other business? Somewhere you said it: “Isn't it ironic that 5 years after signing that resolution urging SM to keep the 13 year terms and the contract, 3 members of the band sued the company using that same contract as their excuse?”
    I personally don’t see it as irony, I called it change of mind, I called it grow up and realize you may not have the freedom to decide what you truly want if you are confined to a company for most of the rest of your life. And yet I also see that their interests may have been purely economic, that they might had simply wanted more money. But, hey, it’s their right to live the way they want, people quit jobs every day because the found another one where they get more benefits. It may not be fair to let Yunho and Changmin aside, but that’s their choices, the five of them.

    Somewhere else a comment said: “I know JYJ fans will rip you to shreds. Seriously, there are some crazy fans out there”
    The purpose of my comment is to let you PLEASE understand that fans can be too crazy everywhere and about EVERYTHING. JYJ has crazy stans, but so does HoMin, and Real Madrid supporters, and Obama’s haters. I just hope that common sense wins in Cassiopeias, JYJ stans and HoMin stans minds, and, although we will forever support our part no matter what, we also must try to understand the other part. Or at least, let them live peacefully.

  69. "I personally don’t see it as irony, I called it change of mind, I called it grow up and realize you may not have the freedom to decide what you truly want if you are confined to a company for most of the rest of your life."

    Then is it necessary to put down the same company that basically raised you from scratch? Nobody here blames CJS for changing their minds, or for wanting to work with a different company, we get that, whatever the reason is, they want out, we say let them leave.

    But then they made statements that not only put down the company and the people that has worked tirelessly for them for the past 8 years, they made tweets and statements that leads to excessive bashing toward Yunho and Changmin, and never once did they tell their fans to stop.

    I have no problem if you support JYJ, if you hate SM, but don't tell me it's okay to hate SM just because CJS had a change of mind and cannot keep to a contract they had signed out of their own free will. Don't tell me it's okay to hate on a company that feeds 700+ families just because your idols no longer agrees with them. We're all adults here, we understand the world of the adults, but I have to say I am a bit disappointed by all the juvenile behavior that is unfortunately shown by both idols and fans, that's all. If they had left but kept things professional, made no statement that could be used by crazy people to bash Yunho and Changmin and show sincere support in the people they have called brothers, then this blog would never have to exist.

  70. yo! Olaya! thanks for the comment. ^^ no worries about english, yours is better than mine imho.

    I personally don't have any problem with JYJ fans.. a very good friend of mine is a JYJ "stan"/"fan" whatever you guys are called but we remain very good friends and we really do discuss about the "issue" over coffee it gets heated though in a good way and without pulling each others hair in the end. x'D I don't shove TVXQ and my distaste for JYJ's actions down her throat nor does she do so with me. So I know for a fact that not all are cray-crays and TVXQ haters/hypocrites...those dominating allkpop, and twitter are least in the accounts I follow. x'D

    Anyway, your said you read 90% of the blog (imho that's already a lot) but you seemed to contradict that with the blurbs:

    "And then, what’s wrong if they want to explore some other business?"

    "I personally don’t see it as irony, I called it change of mind, I called it grow up and realize you may not have the freedom to decide what you truly want if you are confined to a company for most of the rest of your life. And yet I also see that their interests may have been purely economic, that they might had simply wanted more money. But, hey, it’s their right to live the way they want, people quit jobs every day because the found another one where they get more benefits. It may not be fair to let Yunho and Changmin aside, but that’s their choices, the five of them." said you've read 90% of the blog and even found it interesting, yet you missed the part where they (JYJ) were selling the cosmetics during their concerts, using their photos and stuff to endorse it and were called at by SME about it.. cos you know, obviously it isn't allowed...blah blah blah THAT doesn't include the fact that they included Yunho and changmin (obviously used tvxq pictures) without their permission as they aren't even involved in the business...

    also missed the part where they denied that they owned a majority part of the company and then proved in the end that they did... (pls correct me if am wrong here guys)..

    also missed the translation of the 6.25 meeting where the blame for the split was pinned on Yunho and Changmin...

    also missed the part where Yunho and Changmin were bashed as a result of that..and JYJ didn't even lift a finger to stop it. We know they can..didn't JJ just send out a message against suicide and lots of other things mostly through twitter?

    and many many many many more...

    You call those growing up? Dude, if that's the case then I don't want to grow up even if I am already a fully grown woman.

    True that they have the right to go on explore other businesses.. I highly doubt Yunho and Changmin doesn't have any of their own. The problem was when they used TVXQ to gain for it without permission from their agency..meaning it's illegal. As I said above, used YH and CM's pics (with them) in promotions for the cosmetics presumably without permission as well. Forced HoMin to join and then ostracized them when they refused (presumption but most likely happened), etc.

    It is true as well that they have the right to find greener pastures if they are unhappy. That's a fact of life.. I do that all the time. Getting out of SME was their choice. I respect it. Yunho and Changmin chose to stay, I respect that as well..why I support them for that decision is my prerogative but that's a different story. The problem was what they (JYJ) did before AND after the split..

  71. So in general, my problem with them was with what they did AFTER: emo tweets (so many lately..check their twitters), riding the popularity of HoMin, misleading the fans through press releases (re: pre-orders, etc.) and tweets (we are JYJ, no we are from tvxq---errrr...), deliberately talking down at Yunho and Changmin some vaguely (re: interviews, tweets) others directly (re: english site write-up), crying foul when they don't even submit their music for review and when they did and a song got banned cried foul again, playing the pity card - just look at some of their pics!, amoung other many many many things.

    I have no problem with their music. I don't like it and that's that. It's their actions that ALWAYS have a direct impact on Yunho and Changmin, who aren't even doing anything, are what I have problems with.

    Ah, i know there are alot of crazy stans. Bielibers are the worst but that's just my opinion. The thing is...we ARE living peacefully, imho. At least I am and those in my circle. I don't go bash JYJ in their videos or articles, etc. They are the ones going to TVXQ's videos and bash.. all we do is defend the boys in THEIR videos/articles. I don't see any problem with that, yes? When a burglar enters my house, imma defend it. When someone wants to take my lunch money, I won't just stand there and watch them take it. Simple.

    Also, nothing agains Hangeng...but he is what one of how many? Also he's Chinese. If you have lived and worked as a second/third class citizen in a culturally diverse environment, then you know what I mean. Difference in culture/upbringing is already alot in itself. Having said that, his case is like comparing apples to oranges, imho.

  72. @Olaya

    As I mentioned before, the issue here is not about the lawsuit but how it took place. Fans were a major role in it and that explains many events.

    But this is not the issue here ^^

    I thank your for your concert and I would appreciate it more if you shared this (your comment) with your fellow ''stans'' because they need to know it more than us.

    I guess both of us know how crazy and insane that side is ^^

    Again, thanks for sharing your thoughts here ^^

  73. @Hyeonmu I didn’t say we hate SM because JYJ changed their minds, it’s more that we may not like the way we perceive SM works. I’m not trying to say SM is the devil and the cause of all the problems in the world, but of course is not as saint and marvelous as you are all trying to picture it. Most of us, JYJ stans, feel that the three of them are more free (…more free? Freer? xD) to express their mind and do what they really want now that they’re out. That’s probably why they’ve slipped several not very nice thoughts. But, who knows what Changmin and Yunho are thinking if they were able to truly express themselves and not speak for SM? That’s, again, the way I see the company and yet of course I’m an outsider but so are you, so I don’t think any of us really fully understand how SM works.
    @girlpower I read all the things you mentioned, or at least most of the post about them to get the whole idea. Yet I keep my point of view since I was taught to not only read/watch/see a side, but to know the opposite version as well, as many subversions they’ll be, that’s actually why I am here on the first place. I haven’t read any of this information anywhere else and, since this is a blog too bias (and you cannot deny that) I rather read it somewhere else before assuming it’s true. I’m not saying you’re lying, I am definitely not, but you have to agree with me that people say what they want to read, and people will follow and read the posts that agree with them rather than also listen to what the other part has to say. That also goes to @pinkdreamer88. I would speak with my JYJ fans friends, but also I came here to ask you to be a bit more open and try to understand the motives of JYJ.

    This is so much like parents who got divorced and we are the kids who take part either way… u_u

  74. @olaya
    they are freer/more free that they made a song to diss a certain PSM. dude just because you're freer doesn't mean you have to be rude, just saying. and i've said this in twitter before, i feel secondhand embarrassment every time i listen to their song. they're so angry that they have to swear in every song and really, they can't even speak decent english so they better stop trying to be eminem or something.

    "But, who knows what Changmin and Yunho are thinking if they were able to truly express themselves and not speak for SM?"

    PLEASE STOP. they have said time and time again their feelings in interviews that you prolly didn't read because you're JYJ stans. they are not puppets just because they did not badmouthed SM. yunho and changmin knows more about the company than you do. you who listen to three bitter people who obviously had a grudge against the company.

  75. @Olaya

    At the end of the day, SM is a business, and no business will ever be a saint. I don't believe that SM is the greatest company in the entire world, but it surely knows how to run itself and make profit, which is what businesses do. I, too, think that the three are more free in what they do musically now, but who's to say that their new company, Cjes, is any better than SM?

    Yunho and Changmin have said themselves exactly how they feel about the company they're in now, and they're fine being in it. Yes we're outsiders, but Yunho and Changmin are not, so why do you have to doubt the words that come out of their own mouths? Every argument you throw out I can throw right back at you. How do you know that what JYJ are saying are what they truly feel? Why should I believe anything they say? If you can doubt that what Yunho and Changmin are saying are their true feelings, then can't I do the same with JYJ?

    By the way, I have seen and read about both sides of the story. And in both sides, of course you'll see a bias to whatever side they're supporting. I had no problem with JYJ filing a lawsuit and leaving SM, but the manner in which it was done as well as how they handled it did not impress me. I don't hate JYJ, nor do I believe that all their fans are crazy; I just don't like their music and no longer care for them anymore. And I would also like for some JYJ fans to do the same thing, too, and try to understand the motives of Yunho and Changmin.

  76. @Olaya

    "it’s more that we may not like the way we perceive SM works."

    And pray tell, where do you base your perception on how SM works? On CJS' statements? On the statements of JYJ's fansites? On news articles that are sensationalists? You must base it on someone's words because you just admit you don't know how SM works.

    I am an outsider to SM, no question about it, but like @hanabonamana and @plolabel has mentioned both Yunho and Changmin has spoke quite openly in interviews how they feel about SM entertainment, and they're fine with it. They're the insider, more importantly, THEY'RE LIVING THE LIFE. I know how it feels like working in a company, I know what it feels like to not like certain things in your company, but in the end, the good I receive outweighs the bad I have to deal with, and that is fine with me.

    "But, who knows what Changmin and Yunho are thinking if they were able to truly express themselves and not speak for SM?"

    See, this is the thing about JYJ stans or OT5 I have problem with. You assume that Yunho and Changmin hasn't been expressing themselves freely when they have been saying consistent things in interviews and music shows, with a smile and an easy laughter.

    I will ask this to you: What makes you think that the things JYJ is saying right now is truly what they feel? How do you know that all we see from the three isn't an act? After all, everyone claims that they are better actors than Yunho and Changmin, so how can you be so sure they are free and happy and does everything from deep down in their hearts and not speaking for CJeS or their family?

    In the end, we don't really know, do we? The only difference with me, I don't really care what JYJ says, as long as Yunho and Changmin doesn't have to suffer the burn from it.

    We all base our reality on the things we want to believe in. Just like most OT5 and JYJ stans choose to not believe things that Yunho and Changmin says or statements that doubts JYJ's credibility, as TVXQ's fans, we trust and support Yunho and Changmin in their decision.

    Why? Because I want to, and because I can.

    JYJ stans are free to believe what they want, you are free to judge Yunho and Changmin and SM entertainment according to your perception and your beliefs, but that means other people are also free to judge and perceive JYJ and their stans in the way we believe.

    And that's called being fair.

  77. Olaya

    And so you’ve read it and you should also understand why we do not support JYJ. This blog is biased.. of course it is.. and so is allkpop, jyj3, SYC. Like I mentioned in one of my lengthy comments above (which I wouldn’t really take it against you that you haven’t read..), I was a fan of Yoochun first so naturally.. I know ALL if not most of what they were saying or the fans perceive to be saying. I am here now because there was a lingering doubt with all the things they said and did. What you may ask.. their inconsistency and tweets. OMG those tweets particularly JJ and JS’s were the ones that really threw me off to the point that it affected my biasedness towards Yoochun. But that’s just me…like I said, my prerogative. THAT, amoung other things, are why I don’t support and respect them. I respect their decision but that’s it. I do not support what they have done and are doing.

    You haven’t read the information anywhere else because this is the only blog that translates it in English. Do you read Korean? It’s there..there are links to Korean sites. I bet Japanese sites also have them. Eversince the split, there have been a lot of selective translations and deliberate mistranslations. Just look at what’s being posted in allkpop and the mistranslations there. LOL Even with the grammatically insane google translate you can spot the mistranslation. I am not saying that this blog is 100% correct, I just trust this more than any other supposedly OT5 and allkpop. Why? It is consistent to what YH and CM have been saying and what I see them doing.

    What @Hyeonmu said is true.. none of us know who is saying the truth. Maybe YH and CM are being controlled. But what makes you think that JYJ aren’t putting up a show now? They sure fooled me in the supposedly “happy” days of the old TVXQ. How would I trust them now when they were the ones who said they were acting happy in those shows while YH and CM then had deader than dead eyes and their tongues caught by a cat? YH and CM suck as actors, everyone knows that..unless ofcourse they are only acting as sucky actors so that no one would notice that they are acting when they performed on stage with worried eyes or laughing and having fun at Music Japan. Man, that’s confusing and hard, imho. Again, I trust YH and CM more because they have been consistent to what they said before the split, especially after they matter how many times they are asked. What makes you think they are lying? Because it doesn’t jive with what the three are saying? Them who fooled me before and whose actions are inconsistent to what they are doing? Sure….

    None of us are saying SME is an angel company. No company is a saint and as marvelous as you think we perceive SME to be. That’s bullocks. LOL if you have been or are in the workforce you know that there is no such thing as a GOOD company, even churches and charitable agencies have dark sides. SME is a business. We, or at least most of us, understand how a business works. I, personally, know the hardwork done to support superstars (of the corporate world or not), I know the decision-making process, I know the sacrifices that need to be done, the hate you receive when you give one this rating and the other that or when you give them the pink slip and tell them not bother to come back the next day…you get the picture. That’s where I base my perception of SME.. not from what a few people say, particularly idols. Do I agree with their every decision? No. But I understand why it is done. Even before I discovered this site, I never once believed SME are slave drivers hahaha~~~because if they are then my (ex)companies and current company are devil incarnates. X’D

  78. @Olaya

    Before Homin's comeback I was an OT5, when CJS filed a lawsuit, I supported them, because it was their choice. When they formed a new group, I still supported them. At the same time I also waited for Homin's return. So after Homin's comeback, the thing that triggered my OT5 mindset to change was Junsu's tweet followed by JJ's tweet, I found it ironic how they finally started to mention Homin right after their comeback. I saw how these tweets created chaos and bashing left right and centre toward Homin, whom just returned after 2 years of silence. Ah! and then Homin responded to the tweet, which I thought would've calmed the bashing down because Homin were finally opening up, but I was wrong, that sent even more bashing towards Homin and started even more rumors, how Homin were puppets, threatened by SM. I mean what was going on, I thought it was between JYJ and SM, why were Homin being dragged into this mess when they literally didnt do anything! So from my perspective, the reason why Homin get bashed is all JYJ's doing, this was before I knew about 6.25 meeting. I just base my opinion purely, on JYJ's actions (not their fans, or parents) and how it affected negatively on their brothers and I did not want to support such actions even if they were my bias. So yeah, the reason why I dont support JYJ anymore is not because their fans. I can respect them as singers because they do have alot of talent, but I just cant respect them anymore as persons.

  79. @ Olaya

    "But, who knows what Changmin and Yunho are thinking if they were able to truly express themselves and not speak for SM?"

    From all of your POV, this is the only one that I strongly disagree with; like Hyeonmu said, maybe part of JYJ fans and mostly fake OT5 seems have this bad habit to assume Homin don’t have the free will to express themselves freely as long as they are in SM. They will come to conclusion even without a solid proof that Homin is lying or SM’s puppet. Just because JYJ are able to badmouth SM freely again and again doesn’t mean Homin have the same opinion as JYJ; JYJ couldn’t stand the situation in SM but Homin could. Is it that hard to understand the facts that Homin don’t share all CJS views including their opinions about SM?

    Every organization be it a business or politic or charity in nature have dark sides; even a person always has dark sides. No one here ever said that SM is an angel company; SM is just a company, so is Avex and so is CJeS ; what make you think CJeS could be any better or different than SM and Avex? What make you so sure that JYJ aren’t acting or being controlled by CJeS to say all the bad things about SM or Avex or society in their songs and twitter? For myself, I don’t believe that JYJ are being controlled by CJeS and I don’t believe Homin being controlled by SM either. They all are able to express their views or opinions freely and apparently they don’t share the same views. JYJ choose to leave coz it benefits them more and Homin choose to stay coz it benefits them more.

    About HanGeng case, actually I have no problem supporting HanGeng but not JYJ because from my POV, HanGeng has better attitudes during this whole lawsuit. When HanGeng filed the lawsuit, he had prepared to really sacrifice and let go of his past as SuJu and begin anew as HanGeng no more no less; he at least knows that to gain something you have to sacrifice something in return; he didn’t whine about that ‘something’ he has to sacrifice or the consequences that come with his decisions.

    He expressed himself clearly that he wanted to out from SM that’s it; during the lawsuit, I don’t remember HanGeng ever said or promote himself as ‘HanGeng from SuJu’ or whine about missing SuJu members or whine about SuJu old songs or about SuJu messages in their new album thanking SM and he certainly never badmouth SM in the twitter or public. Even though he filed the lawsuit and regardless of how he felt about SM, he still recognizes and respects SM for making him to be what he is today. He also knows to respect his other ex-members decisions to stay with SM.

    Since you said you have read Precious blog, may I ask you what is your opinion about 6.25 secret meeting?

  80. I wonder what is the outcome or progress of the lawsuit between SM and JYJ already ?

  81. i was just reading some old post and i'm sorry but all that passive-aggressive trolling by god so typical. i can't take it seriously at all especially with this:

    "If JYJ is manipulative, surely HoMin knows this. However I heard that the new song Back to Tomorrow is a message to JYJ as well. Why would they do that to someone manipulative? If you know someone is a bad person, just be civil / polite for appearances sake but they won't extend an invitation to come back. Why did they want JYJ to come back to them?"


    "but of course is not as saint and marvelous as you are all trying to picture it."

    a lot of us here are working adults and actually have a full grasp of what it's like working in a corporate setting and all the politics that goes with it. so NO we don't picture SM as heaven on earth. but nor is it the hellhole people (mostly youngsters) like to think it is. it acts just like the profit-taking corporation that i work for, and like all others out there. if i tell you all the shannigans the top management is pulling in my company i'd fill up this entire page.

    "But, who knows what Changmin and Yunho are thinking if they were able to truly express themselves and not speak for SM?"

    in what instance were Yunho and Changmin speaking for SM? i'd like to know.

  82. @cat1177 and @baba

    "If JYJ is manipulative, surely HoMin knows this. However I heard that the new song Back to Tomorrow is a message to JYJ as well. Why would they do that to someone manipulative? If you know someone is a bad person, just be civil / polite for appearances sake but they won't extend an invitation to come back. Why did they want JYJ to come back to them?"

    The keyword in that statement is 'I HEARD'. Yunho and Changmin has done many interviews talking about TONE, but NEVER ONCE THEY SAID THAT BtT was an invitation to JYJ.

    If you follow TVXQ closely, both of them did say they have no problem with JYJ coming back, BUT they will have to sort out things with SMentertainment first... which obviously is slow coming.

    Also, in the album, there's KYHD, which SOMEONE SAID to be a diss toward JYJ... then there's MAXIMUM with "Let Me Walk This Way", then there's DUET, which Yunho and Changmin said reflects their condition now.

    This is what I know. Yunho and Changmin said that the album is dedicated to fans. People out there are free to quote fanaccounts, and 'somebody' and 'cousin of the sister who has a brother in law that works with SM', I'll stick to quoting TVXQ, who are Yunho and Changmin...


    GREAT NEWS!!! TONE TOPS ORICON WEEKLY at 205,000 copies sold!!! First studio album to top Weekly chart!!! Pass the champagne!!!

  83. Congratulations to Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin on TONE breaking an 11 year record! They deserve everything.

    (Sorry to interject. Been silently reading here for quite some time now. But I had to say it here.)

    I've calmed down a lot from when I first heard the news. This is a breakthrough they probably didn't dare dream of... and there's nothing stopping them from climbing higher.

  84. This comment has been removed by the author.

  85. So when I was about to celebrate TONE great success, I stumbled with this:


    I really, really, really have no more words to say. JYJ completely lost professionalism, at least to me. Talking about your dreams? About how 3 of you dreamed of them at the same time? And begging for a contact resumption? To be frank, although I know Yunho and Changmin already said they had no problems with JYJ coming back to the group, doesn't JYJ feel ashamed after all the mess and squabbles and scandals they have created that negatively affected YH & CM? I'm fed up with them playing the victim card. I lost my last respect for them. Be straight to the point, JYJ - SOLVE YOUR LAWSUIT.

  86. @Olaya
    what great timing isn't it...lookey here, an interview from JYJ and that is but one of the...three?

    Another interview and thus another step backward for me with regards to respecting them. Dreaming of Yunho and Changmin. hahaha "Please let us meet them" hahaha seriously? and people believed that? I am hoping that those outside allkpop and their fansites used at least an atomic part of their brain to question that xD TVXQ's schedule isn't a secret. Those two are stalked like crazy. compared to ordinary citizens, he can do wonders as a celebrity. a very popular one as well..and the one they want to contact is a fellow celebrity in thw same industry LOL omg LOL imho, he just doesn't want to because he fears rejection OR he just wants Yunho or Changmin to approach instead. LOLOLOL and that just one of the many...ummmm.. wtfuckery(??)

    so excuse while I laugh at a corner.

    oh and there's also that interview where he said they ARE still members of TVXQ..legally yeah cos the contract still stands..but LOL did he forget that they filed a suit for nullification?! LOL just LOL

    200,000 in just one week. great news and am pretty sure the boys are ecstatic...last year, they never thought of being be able to stand on stage again with people doubting them and fans bashing them to the point that they thought they weren't loved...NOW, they are breaking their own records left and right. :-D I am a proud fan.

  87. @girlpower: I seriously LOVE reading all your posts. I can't stop rolling from laughing. And btw, are you the Mod on CTVXQ forum? I saw the same nick-name?

    I hope this interview will somehow help a few people realize how vulnerable and pitiful JYJ's tactics are right now. Seriously, I've never thought they would go this far. I remembered when they first started their lawsuit, I once respected them truly for their bravery and determination. But unfortunately, they just fall deeper and deeper onto a wrong path. And I wonder why it is always JJ that talks about YH & CM? May I ask Yoochun and Junsu if you still have any of your compassion left for YH & CM? I know JJ is the face of JYJ - like, a leader? - but his over-sentimental words are turning out to be counterproductive. Whenever I decided to read one of their interviews, it always took me a long time to finish.

  88. This comment has been removed by the author.

  89. This morning I just read an LJ post that someone just quit from being a TVXQ fan and choose JYJ. Simple reason: They're the most talentless and yet kept singing TVXQ5 old song knowing that they won't be able to deliver the same perfect performance. Their voice sucks, ruining the image of the old TVXQ.

    And for the first time since the break up I cried over the 2 left as TVXQ. I play music, I have singing lesson since i was in primary school till I was in college, so I know just how much of a hardwork they've been putting to return to the industry. And I never expect them to be perfect, they're only 2/5 after all.

    But how can people overlook all that and still think that they don't deserve a standing ovation? Whenever I thought about the past 2 years, I couldn't imagine how would the 2 felt being left and saw their so called "brothers" standing on stage enjoying the glory that they built together. And yet they're called the lowest of the low and traitors.

    In the end, I supported them not only as an idol. But two strong people who overcome hardships and storms with humility in silence. And that, deserves my standing ovation!

    Watching at the video above broke my heart first but then gave me a smile. As long as there are people who support them, they'll stand strong. And truth will be revealed. I'm waiting for that day.

  90. @grace
    yes. Dx omo..i hope i don't give them a bad name or something! Dx

    Think of it this way: that person is really an jyj stan who pretends to be an OT5 or TVxQ fan and wrote that article/journal whatever to stir the feelings of doubters, hoping that there are any. Unfortunately though, instead of stirring those doubters to their side, the journal just reinforced the support for what happened to you. Instead of believing what she wrote, it gave you a stronger sense to support TVXQ ;-)

    That person is just bitter that the songs they did as 5 sound good, if not better with just Yunho and Changmin. Personally, I prefer their version. It sounds more manly now. *winks*

    I really want them to release a 2011 version of SBU, Rising Sun and Toki o Tomete. SBU 2011 version would a nice second song in their winter album ^^ since it's like running full circle. The song is significant to them..last song they sang as 5 went through hardship then came back and now singing it as 2. Full circle. ^_~ /endsdaydreaming

  91. @Trieze

    if that person thinks all those things about Yunho and Changmin then they never were fans of the entire group in the first place, but just fans of the trio who happened to be in the same group as HM. so don't feel bad. the only people who say Yunho and Changmin are talentless are fans of the trio. we have eyes and we have ears, we know know the truth. they just need to say those things and spread them around to inflict more hurt on the 2 boys and all those who love them.

  92. @girlpower
    You're right, the JYJ stans makes me even more proud to be a mature fans of TVXQ. I also can't wait for them to re-release the old song in their own way. To be honest, I don't listen to the old songs anymore and count WHY as their debut LOL It's just me though :p

    Can't agree more :) I'm proud of ma boys!

  93. im so sad right now..
    can anybody tell me..
    is there any chance for homin to win end year award?..
    i dont felt right when i read bout the jyj album sales..
    i want our boys to win..bcoz they deserve it..
    i'll do anything just to see them standing on stage receive the awards and cry..
    please to ease my heart?

  94. @ladylynn

    Don't focus too much on the awards and the album sales. I agree that Yunho and Changmin deserves it, but I do think it's not everything in their career.

    Why should we be feel down with news of JYJ album sales? JYJ is JYJ, TVXQ is TVXQ. Yunho and Changmin are selling well, the support of the fans from all over the world is strong and they have great friends with them, too...

    It's perfectly fine to be worried about certain things, but don't let that negative feeling overcome the positive things in the fandom. Their great sales this year, their various performances, and most of all the fact that THEY'RE BACK, and THEY'RE HERE, standing strong.

  95. @Hyeonmu

    you were right..i shouldnt focus that much on the awards..but somehow..i just want peoples to aknowledge them as the most powerful group in korea based on the album sales..i want to prove to those stans that the number of the album sales meaning there is a lot of homin fans..

    but i forget for a while..there was a time when i desperately want them to be on stage after the hiatus..
    at that time..i want nothing..just that..
    i didnt even care how people will react from their comeback..
    im so sorry for nearly losing my reason now..
    i couldnt help but felt fustrated reading that news..
    i dont want peoples compare tvxq to jyj..
    and come up with bullshit speculations..
    well..i did read all those..and felt slightly hurted..

    but thats not gonna change my love towards them..
    i love them to death..and i just want them to be happy..
    anyways..thanks..ur words do help my heard felt eased
    lets just wait till the award ceremony..
    and i hope to see them standing at that stage..

  96. I'm incredibly grateful that you took the time to translate the 6.25 and to compile various facts on the entire TVXQ fiasco.
    But I'm less grateful for the way you stuff your opinion into the article as the absolute facts. Let's make it clear here that I'm neither against Homin nor CJS, I'm against the way you've formulated your opinion and the way you've preached it to the net. Right now, you're the Homin equivalent of those CJS mudslingers you take it upon yourself to look down upon. Yeah, you said you've gone through exhaustive research through Korean and English Articles. I wonder if you're aware that Korean journalism is notorious for having a disgusting amount of bias? And that fan articles are even more atrocious? And you're basing your claims off of selected pieces of that garbage? Yeah, you're basing your arguments on sources that have limited second-hand information. And you're passing that off as the truth.

    Let's make it clear that the public has no idea what's going on. Not you, not me, and not anyone who isn't directly involved in the issue. We're all eating second-removed facts here. What makes it worse is that this whole fiasco is a legality issue wrapped in a bigger morality issue. It's turned into a religion against religion fight, and you should know that there isn't an absolute right answer.

    The best way you could have helped the fandom was to translate the sound bytes and leave it for the people themselves to formulate their OWN opinions. Instead you've become some kind of fanatic "priest" who must dictate to the "believers" how to interpret this interview. You've become an activist, not a journalist--you're pushing an agenda, not just presenting the facts. And you pretend you're the absolute source. It's rather nauseating. You're just as bad as the CJS fansite leaders who tried to deny the interview.
    But it's okay, I see through you. In the end, you're just another screaming fanboy. Even worse, you weren't even a fan of TVXQ before this incident.

  97. @Austyn Jeong

    The only thing I have to say to you is this:

    If you can't handle what CJS and their families did to Yunho and Changmin please go somewhere else.

  98. @Austyn Jeong:

    Wow, you are rude, seriously girl/boy, show respect for this boy, its' easy, dont read his opinions, I didnt and guess what? I found 6.25 meeting morally wrong, if your parents didnt teach you well or you just dont learn, that's not Precious's problem, honestly, there is an audio and I even JYJFiles used the same translation, dont let JYJ make a fool of yourself, read the Court's ruling to prove Junsu's dad lied, read the contract to prove they lied, read about the rotation issue, read about Crebeau, read YH/CH and their parents letter, put every single date and fact that both sides claimed and you will know JYJ side dont make sense and they contradicted themselves, ask yourself why is that Yoochun's mom asked fans to spread comments in such way about YH/CH in their personal blogs when they said the objective was to CLARIFY RUMORS, which rumor exactly they were going to clarify asking fans to involved YH/CH names in a SM vs JYJ thing through personal blogs like stupid girls that they proved they are gossip about why is that YH/CH didnt leave and of course JYJ families said things about YH's solo activities and YH/CH changing their mids in a fr*** hour in advance to let them know that YH/CH are that kind of persons when solo activities were planned before and oh, wait!! wasnt JJ the first one to have solo activities?, oh please, you did buy it, well then be my guest so dont come here to insult someone else b/c you are not intelligent enough, yeah surprise us and invent another excuse for the lies and the petitions from JYJ families, until then, keep believing JJ crap, did you also buy it about Performace success museum? Oh boy, no words then :)

  99. @Austyn Jeong
    Another JYJ fan who come to preach, huh?
    1. Everyone entitle to their own opinion based on what they know/they find.
    2. This is Precious blog, so he can write whatever he wants. He can write his opinion in his blog. Who are you to complain about what he writes at his own blog?
    3. It seems you never read this blog properly & skim through information and select some writing to bash. Precious always say to look at both side & form opinion. Precious write stuff based on the evidence he found. You can even verify the evidence. People here are not as stupid as you think, just following without checking the fact. Precious is not a leader of Homin cult.
    4. Precious just feels something wrong to this fandom, bashing Homin to no end. So, he did research, found out that Homin didn't do anything wrong, started to write this blog to stop all bashing. If you don't like what he write, you can go away. No one force you to read.
    5. Is that so wrong to become a fan after appreciate the attitude of someone? Yunho & Changmin showed admirable attitude towards this ordeals. They are patience and forgiving. They don't badmouth those so called 'brothers' and keep quiet through difficulty even though those 'brothers' keep stomping them again and again. Those are admirable attitude. Precious become a fan after he knew that so he wants to help stopping the bashing to these 2 innocent admirable persons. Is that so wrong?
    5. You are the one who is nauseating since you condemn someone with your selective brain. What are you scared of anyway?

  100. @Austyn

    I understand everyone is entitled to their view and opinions. You see it the way you want too and so do I.

    I think I am smart enough to say what I do and don't believe in. Precious can have his opinons and so can everyone else that happens to come across this site. He obviously tells everyone to go outside of the blog and look for what you need to, whether that is going over to JYJ files or CJES. At the end of the day from whatever information you happen to gather, whatever conclusion that is, that is what you are going to believe.

    He never said he was the "source" either. That is something either everyone else believes or you have come to the conclusion.

    I can appreciate constructive criticism and questioning anything that is on here because it leads to a healthy exchange of thoughts and views but when you come in here demeaning people is not the nice part.

    As for journalism, your first sentence is wiped out by everything you just expressed. Journalism is a way to inform and audience. Whether you think its objective or subjective is part of being that audience.

    Again, interpretation is up to me. He can say what he believe but I think Im smart enough to listen and see whether I agree or not. It is part of debating, reading, and understanding. At the end of the day to each his own. People here have questioned just about everything and we have had discussions. We can all agree on a current fact and have different branches to our own debates.

    Ty for coming and expressing your ideas.

  101. Havent seen any new post or comments over 2 days so I just write to see if the blog still running (Yes Precious, you have many many and many silent readers like me, rarely join the chat but check this blog every ten mins :)

    By the way, our poor KBS is being picked on again. First, it's common sense for stations to avoid problematic artists. Second... are those fans goldfish? JYJ just threaten to sue KBS not too long ago and they expect the station to give welcome hugs and kisses? Just image your neighbor want to sue you the last day, then whine about not being invited to your house party the next day... like, seriously?

  102. @kawaiinu
    I agree,KBS probably don't want anything to do with them,why are JYJ and thier fans determined to go/be where they are not clearly wanted?I personally wouldn't step foot in a place where i'm disliked.

  103. @kawaii and nicegirl
    exactly, KBS was threatened to be sued by their management agency before? How can they expect KBS to welcome them with open arms when they know that a single misstep will mean a legal action against them? Add their fandom aggressive reaction to every thing supposedly unjust made against their oppas. Didn't they bombard the KBS President when they banned what's-that-song? Perriot? o.O DUH.

    *shrug* why so they easily forget alot of things?

    this might be a stupid question but I'm still gonna ask? Why are tey so keen with KBS? Aren't there other music shows in other stations like MBC, etc.? Or is KBS the all encompassing station in Korea?

    if they really really want to promote, can't they do a mall your of some sort? or is a mall tour too low for their status? o.O fanmeet? mini-concert? Point is, if there's a will, there's a way. They just look like pointing fingers now >.>

    @Precious - you fine, dude?

  104. @ Austyn Jeong

    I'm sure most of the readers who visit this blog are smart enough to distinguish between the facts I present and my opinions. If you don't like my take on this matter, then you have a choice to ignore it and just read the facts and translations I post. I know that there are many silent readers who do not agree with my stance in this matter, but still visits this site just to find the information that wasn't available elsewhere. I'd like to believe that alone is worth it for many international fans who otherwise do not have access to the info.

    Anyways, if you don't like what I'm doing, that's too bad, but I can't make everyone happy. At least you've read the 6.25 transcript, so I guess your visit was still worth it.

    BTW, TVXQ is not my religion. SNSD and f(x) maybe. LOL

    @ all

    Sorry for not updating the blog more frequently. I've been busy lately and didn't even have time to read the comments. Now I have to read 300+ comments I've missed.

    I'm working on my next post, and will post soon.

  105. @girlpower
    I think the only reason they haven't trashed the other two stations is b/c they have stayed silent.If they had made any statement there would be no doubt they'd jump on that.Thier fans probably think that one thier heavenly oppas walk through the door,the people of KBS will wake up and see the light while making apologies to them and thier oppas,since thier fighing for the industry don't you know lol.

  106. @kawaiinu

    Well, I think maybe it’s because some of JYJ fanatic fans think CJS are some kind of Gods who never do something wrong or entertainment industry’s freedom fighters heroes; so every artists in SM especially are the oppressed one and CJS are the only artists that are brave enough for speaking up. CJS is the poor one; they were enslaved by SM; betrayed by their so called brothers; their careers being blocked everywhere in music industry by SM, Avex, KBS and so on even if CJS have done nothing wrong. Thus, everyone that blocked CJS paths is the freedom oppressors that need to be sued and punished.

    CJS deserve everything; glory, praise, the right of using TVXQ name, TVXQ old songs, Cassiopeia name (even if it was all created and invested heavily by SM), to do whatever they want to do because CJS are freedom fighters or heroes or Gods or the most talented, pure, beautiful persons in TVXQ and maybe in South Korea too or all the reasons above.

    If those fanatic fans really think like this, I’m not surprised they did what they did because everything bad happened to CJS is never CJS or CJeS faults but always somebody else faults.

  107. Precious is back!!!! ;)
    Girls bring this boy out!!

  108. It's good to hear from you Precious again.

  109. @all:

    OMG, our Gods of the East, poor babies, no, JYJ you are so brave,KBS you mother father lol, j/k

    LOL, just lol
    "“If KBS respects the sanctity of the court’s decision, then please protect JYJ’s freedom to do their artist activities, as ruled by the court. We feel that this should be the true responsibility of KBS.”

    Does the Court's ruling has any word/power to force or even ask KBS to "protect" JYJ's freedom in this specific case?

    So the Court's ruling must be applied to all stations or just KBS? so now is the true responsibility of KBS to grant tv appearances in order to protect JYJ rights granted a provisional not even resolved in its whole injunctive relief ? how does that work? sorry, I missed that part in the Court's ruling, opps is it even there? lol and KBS doesnt have rights or what?, just JYJ in this scenario?

    JYJ can feel w/e they want but they felt the need to express they will sue KBS before, now they feel it's the true responsability of KBS to respect the sanctity of the court’s decision, oh please, they think JYJ's injunction is all almighty and even decide about a third party obligations and responsibilities in such way?

    The Court's ruling is related with JYJ and SM, did the Court resolved about KBS and its legal situation in this case?

    Sorry my rant :(

    Anyways, glad to hear from you Precious, hope you are doing great :)

  110. @Softly

    Again, I think it’s because of CJS deserve everything and it’s always somebody else faults. CJS always have the right to do what they want to do but anyone else doesn’t quite have the same right. Unfortunately~ I think KBS also has the ‘right’ to ban any group that couldn’t come to an agreement with KBS. If JYJ is banned, it isn’t the first group anyway; KBS has banned Big Bang until now. However, we don’t see YGE and Big Bang made a big fuss about it or threaten to sue KBS. Ohh, CJS and CJeS are the only courageous one to stand up and fight the injustice in the Korean entertainment industry; yes, they are very brave indeed =P

  111. I am sorry for ranting so early in the morning, but honestly I just don't get CJeS...

    Have anyone here read the article about how 'JYJ's absence from Year End Awards a serious problem'?

    OMG call the UN, we have a crisis on our hands. *rolls eyes*

    World Hunger is a serious problem, Greek Debt Crisis is a serious problem, China's slower economical growth is a serious problem. Not invited to Year End Awards is seriously no problem to anyone but them. They really love over-dramaticizing stuff it's so clear that the article is directed to young immature fans that will immediately react with an online petition or spamming KBS's inbox more than they already have about their obligations to the law.

    And of course CJeS has the ‘if there are requests for discussions from the networks, they (JYJ) have the intention of attending,’ speech to end the article.

    Sometimes I wonder if that agency is as clueless as fans about how the industry works.

    Do these people think just because they are managing JYJ, who rose to their fame as a part of TVXQ, all they need to do is sit back, chillax and wait for all these jobs to come pouring in? I don’t even work in the entertainment industry and I know that there is a reason every artists got an agency and every agency got their marketing team.

    Maybe instead of waiting for requests for discussions (and whining on news articles when it doesn’t happen), they could try APPROACHING these networks with a good intention to create a good working relationships. So far, what CJeS (and JYJ, unfortunately) has shown with their working partners is an attitude where ‘you better keep us happy because if not we will throw a lawsuit at you and sic our fans your way’. Business wise they aren’t exactly the best choice of partners, considering CJeS is a relatively new agency but already facing several legal problems and they really got no big names to offer but JYJ.

    And again with the “their first Korean album ‘In Heaven’ sold more than 300,000 copies”. SOLD… over and over again, they say SOLD. Not shipped to distribution centers, not pre-ordered by recording stores. SOLD. I personally haven’t seen this 300,000 on any chart (Hanteo right now is about 120,000) so I am looking forward for October GAON to see how much they’ve sold.

    @precious… HE LIVES!!!

    LOL… looking forward to your next post… and looks like the girls did bring this boy out XD

  112. I'm so happy i found your blog. I really appreciate all the work you've done.

    You really opened up my eyes. At first i wanted them to be 5 again, but now i'm hoping that won't happen. Yunho and Changmin are doing great.
    I first thought it was sad that JYJ couldn't appear on music shows and i should give them a chance. So i listened to their music, but i love HoMin's music more. Really... i'm so sad right now :(.
    I was very sad when Jaejoong/Jejung said on twitter he missed Changmin and Yunho. (My bias WAS Jaejoong) As a fan who knew nothing, i was a bit mad at SM. But i just couldn't understand why SM would treat them badly, i mean DBSK was number 1. Something wasn't right. And i was searching all over the internet to find some tips. And then i found people bashing on HoMin, saying that they've betrayed JYJ. I can't believe i almost thought that HoMin were the bad guys. Really... i want to punch myself. But i was getting desperate for information *sigh*.

    I respected both JYJ and HoMin. But now i've lost all my respect towards JYJ.
    HoMin forever <3.

  113. @ xbeautyprincess

    Welcome, and glad I could help. :)

  114. @ALL


  115. @gotdlookz

    I think your caps lock key is broken… oh wait, I guess you purposely abuse it to show how angry you are at everyone here… Yeah, we got the message loud and clear.

    I agree that it isn’t right to dish out accusations and bashing, but since you brought God into this, I will just say, yes, only God knows the truth, but that doesn’t mean He doesn’t want us to search for it. Faith isn’t trusting blindly, that’s foolish. Faith is having the assurance that what you know is true. How can you have faith without knowledge? How can you decide on what to do or who to support without wanting to look for any information you can find? How can there be truth without you knowing anything? You can’t know that sun rises in the east without knowing which direction east is.

    Is it confusing? Yes, definitely. But as you sort out all that you will find your “truth”.

    Everybody here went through the process of sorting through the facts, everyone here knows what is said by both TVXQ side and JYJ side, and everyone here had made a decision after facing all the confusion.

    Nobody is forcing anyone here to believe anything, but you came here trying to enforce your beliefs to everyone. If you are tired with all the drama, then ignore the comments. If you are confused with all the information provided then close your browser and don’t visit this site ever again. Before you ask others to change, try changing yourself first.

  116. @gotdlookz And why are you here and read if that's what you think in the first place? I don't get it. You're free to have your opinion and so is everyone here. So it really confuse me when you're angry at this site just because you think it's the same as other JYJ fansites.

    Tell you what, it's not the same. Cause @Precious never told us to believe in him. He's stating facts and it's up to us to believe or not. So that's the way you should behave yourself too. You're welcome to have your opinion but NOT to get angry just because you don't like what you read.

  117. @gotdlookz
    The fact that you were here and left a message and got angry also showed that you're not moving on. If you move on, you won't even take a look at this site, dear. LOL Just like I don't give a sh*t to any other JYJ fansites.

  118. i really wanted to cry right now.i asked myself,why n why n why??? why jyj behave like this???from the split happened,everything is good.but,after the split,,,at first i always thought about why they split??why homin stay??why jyj make such a desicion?but now that;s not the issue the issue is what cjes/jyj did after the split,??....thinking of it,really make me sad:( and i hope the lawsuit thing will ended soon...

  119. @Hyeonmu
    I'm sorry for my capslock before I guess I'm on my limit that day and can't control myself. I think it's rude so sorry again for that, anyways your right on what you've said and I totally agree with you but this world is full of lies, can make things right to wrong. Having some evidences can be found but the whole situation can't be, people can make stories and some may believe them some may not. You're saying that faith without knowledge is a foolish? Well in my point of view, faith is can't be measured by knowledge cause having faith is a strong feeling that a person can feel.

    Seeking for the truth is not only by the used of your eyes but also by your heart, cause even looks can decieved you. Yes, I admit that it's my fault for the first place cause visiting here is not helpful to me and I regretting it now (Grrr~ because of that unknown girl I got in here.) Anyways, yes I'm to tired of this but I just can't ignore it because knowing them is one of my happiness dayof my life and now that they apart it breaks me alot but also make me strong, stand and wait for them to be together. But what makes me hurt and mad the most is the people who once loved and support the five is not only apart but also the one who's ruining them, saying bad things etc. instead of making the both parties reconcile.

    Think what do you want to think about me, but no matter what happens I know one day they will be together again cause I'm always keeping my faith for them! Thanks for making your opinion Hyeonmu, I'm glad that you always support the Homin~ Hope you also vote for them in MAMA like I do.

    I'm here because of that unknown girl who post this site on akp, and I'm regretting it now. I know my behaviour is rude back then because of the capslock thingy and I'm sorry for that, I'm on my limit that day and can't hold my anger. Anyways, just like what you've just said, we're free to have opinions in this site and that was my opinion last time, you just have to take it or leave it. This is the site of the Homin and also SM so of course they will be favor with them! All fan sites has it's own biasness, like allkpop, jyj sites and so in this site. And saying that I'm not moving on, is not your business nor you also care right? But in this dbsk issue moving on is like making a choice who you want to support! So if moving on is to support and be an anti in one of them then I choose to not moving on, just support the both and not having a grudge to anyone like what other people do. But I'm glad that you support Homin, and hope you also vote them in MAMA~

    My apologies, to commenting in your site so rude. I must'nt have done that, sorry again. And your effort for this site, is truly amazing I really surprised about that even though I don't read it all. By the way this is the last time I will commented in your site. Thanks and bye! :)

  120. @gotdlookz

    I can't decide if you are being sarcastic or not, but I will believe in your goodwill.

    All I will say is this: your faith is yours, my faith is mine. Nobody here is asking you to accept this video as the only truth, but in return, you cannot say that this video is completely false. Like you said, everybody lies and we all believe in what we want to believe.

    Hope you continue supporting the boys in your own way. Just don't tell me how to show them my love.

  121. yunho,the only person i can trust,i mean lying is not suit with a person like him.i'm not yunho's biased,but jae's biased.but,why my respect to homin is more than jyj? u guys know the answer,,jyj lost my respect but i dont hate them and i dont think i can.thanks again,,precious,,but,,i've been waiting for ur new post for a long time.i mean a truly new post..

  122. aigoo, i need another post, this is the best drama i ever watch..precious i want a fan meeting with all homin shipper and you..haha that would be a fan of ur blob, i come here everyday to check for some news. keep the good work and fighting!!!

  123. There are more news about the lawsuit. A quick update first, maybe? :)

  124. i wanted to say a lot of things to PRECIOUS.. but first... THANK YOU!!!!!

    i've just started reading your previous posts (i still have a lot to catch up with) but so far i am so grateful that this blog exists to defend YUNHO and CHANGMIN and to express the feelings of silent tvxq lovers. YUNHO and CHANGMIN are the real true TVXQ:)

  125. I used to feel sad that there are so many JYJ supporters out there that they are not getting as much cheer/support but realised that TVXQ just happened to have a lot more silent type fans so I guess its okay, they not really need the uncouth, brutal and offensive types. This video really touches me and hope they'll have plenty achievements and successes in whatever they wished to do. These guys truly deserved it. There are only 2 gods now and the true king of SMP

  126. Thank you, very interesting article
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  127. This video is very sad.. T_T
    I have a question. What the title of song in that video? Thanks

    1. The title of the song is how can I from TVXQ's kyhd album.

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